Yacht Show & 大大家’s Birthday!

Got invited to the Singapore Yacht Show by Lyn at Sentosa Cove because she has got spare tickets~ As much as I have been dying to go on a yacht, the idea of a yacht show didn’t excite me as much because it sounds like an exhibition for the high-flyers who are interested in purchasing a yacht =/

Well, it was indeed a high-flyers’ affair… Look at all the Lamborghinis lining up!
 photo 20140413_144146_zps8c6a10a6.jpg

I even met this man on the shuttle bus who thought I am Korean and he started giving out namecards and flyers. Later on he even asked if I am interested to invest in some overseas resort -_- Probably I do look like some rich man’s daughter and therefore it looked more like I invited the little girl in cartoon tee along with me to the show instead of the other way round! LOL!

Yea one of these is mine, you don’t know meh?
 photo 20140413_144140_zpsf6c7c622.jpg

It was super duper scorching HOTTTT and we finallyyyyy found the registration counter after walking a long way under the hot sun! Everyone who enters the yacht show must have an entry tag for scanning~
 photo 20140413_153943_zpsa0583362.jpg

But somehow the exhibition was more like a car showroom, with all the expensive cars being exhibited =/
 photo 20140413_144929_zpse826045d.jpg

 photo 20140413_144947_zpseff02180.jpg

 photo 20140413_145611_zps87169002.jpg

Batman-lookalike motor boat???
 photo 20140413_145155_zps55b6658f.jpg

Finally we were seeing some yachts but it also meant we were back under the freaking hot sun! x.x
 photo 20140413_145729_zpsc8c3ff04.jpg

My initial reluctance to attend the show was because unless I get to go up on one, I see no point in walking around looking at the yachts which I can easily do it any day at Keppel Bay~ But there is a chance in going up on one, so I agreed on it. Just that most of them require appointment in order to go up to visit (usually for those who are interested in buying the yacht only), so we could only see see look look :(
 photo 20140413_150332_zpsf6561f1e.jpg

Scouting for one that we can go up~
 photo 20140413_150705_zps12df6987.jpg

Looks a bit like a bigger version of pirate ship =/
 photo 20140413_151157_zps1159cd89.jpg

And then we finally found one that we could go up! So I finally fulfilled my wish of being on a yacht before I die (except that it’s not moving)…hahahaha!

Didn’t expect it to be so spacious inside!!! =OOOOOOOOO
 photo 20140413_152400_zps462af42b.jpg

One of the many bedroomssssss!
 photo 20140413_152443_zps6fd94eda.jpg

Like a Queen Bee~
 photo 20140413_151923_zps877f07ad.jpg

View from the yacht!
 photo 20140413_152012_zpsda91ca79.jpg

Rushed back for our second NDP practice and finally we were learning the actual Chinese dance steps! There was supposedly no audition needed for past participants but somehow we still went through one…Zzzzz.

After so many years of experience, even Lyn hates and feels mad nervous whenever there’s an audition! It’s just so “humiliating” to have so many pairs of eyes staring at you dancing! And it doesn’t help that Steven 老师 was staring at me and giving me that “You better do a good job” look againnnnn x.x

It’s different from being watched on the stage because it’s a MASS display and people can hardly see you or single you out, unless camera zooms into you of course. Yea so the audition is just something that makes you so nervous, paranoid, self-conscious, and then blank out. Can’t dance properly under such stress!!!

The exhausted cute couple lending each other’s back to rest! Haha!
 photo 20140413_194923_zps2204c73b.jpg

Sweet reward after practice – Antoinette! :D
 photo IMG_20140413_203843_zps8ca0c6f2.jpg

Gift from Perth from Lyn’s sister!!! So touched that her Sis actually thought of me and bought gifts for me even though we had only met a few times! The hairy bee seems like a replica of someone xD
 photo IMG_20140413_214830_zps2d173baf.jpg

The end of a drama denotes the start of another~ Officially embarking on our new drama project! I’m so gonna miss 最爱是你 x.x
 photo IMG_20140416_112011_zpsc8abe370.jpg

Indian rojak for lunch because I wasn’t that hungry yet, but I wanna go lunch :P
 photo IMG_20140415_130444_zpse6d589da.jpg

The siao char boh came into my room to write last minute invitation cards before our outing -_-”
 photo 20140415_151158_zps99c90803.jpg

Writing mine in front of me some more! Tsk tsk!
 photo 20140415_151214_zpsbc77a9c0.jpg

And I even taught her how to tie the ribbon…LOL!
 photo 20140415_151948_zpsdf617243.jpg

This year’s red bomb together with Bangkok gifts from Sheng Shiong because the shopaholic ran out of money to buy gifts for us! LOL!
 photo IMG_20140415_154346_zpsff54f7c6.jpg

After much postponing, the bitches finally met up! And because we had not met for so long, we missed everyone’s birthdays and end up the poor Siew Siew gotta celebrate for all 5 of us! Hahaha! Thank you for the sweetness! <3
 photo 20140415_203015_zpsfa876f27.jpg

January – April babies! xD
 photo IMG-20140415-WA0012_zps71572c66.jpg

So funny to see so many people celebrating birthdays together! Hahaha!
 photo IMG-20140415-WA0003_zps238946fd.jpg

Making wishes together! Hehe!
 photo IMG-20140415-WA0005_zps78b0ab4a.jpg

Miss Imitation (because she’s addicted to imitating people lately!) trying to imitate Siew Siew by wearing her 乌拉博士 specs!
 photo 20140415_202152_zpsee77eafe.jpg

Finally a successful full attendance outing after much postponing!!! :D
 photo IMG-20140415-WA0018_zpsbc5a1424.jpg

My birthday parcel finally arrived!! But I was not at home so I got it sent over to my nice neighbour’s house (:
 photo IMG_20140416_223240_zps67ea456f.jpg

Belated pressies from Joanjoan and Chienny! Teehee~~~
 photo 20140416_223734_zps32933ac1.jpg

And my pig brother is finally back!!! Goodies from Japan & Korea! :D
 photo IMG_20140417_2005031_zpsb4fb1aaf.jpg

He didn’t wanna get me my favourite banana milk initially because he ran out of space by the time he reached Korea, but he still squeeze them back for me in the end! Hehehehehe!
 photo IMG_20140417_200549_zps6d36d9b6.jpg

And he even got me a pair of Lee Min Ho socks! LOLOL!!
 photo IMG_20140417_200912_zps3e1c6ec6.jpg

Captain America movie date on Thursday before I left for my long weekend getaway! (((:

It’s not bad, pretty exciting~ But I think I still prefer Spiderman, Batman and of course Wolverine <3 _ <3 as compared to Captain America xD

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Keppel Night <3

Everyone was in such “holiday mood” after the party the previous night! Seriously, parties on a Thursday night is such a bad idea~ But luckily I had a good Friday night to look forward to! :D

Tried Pita-Pan Mediterranean meal for the first time and there is so much to say about their service! Not being able to remove certain ingredients for me, fine, it’s not their fault. But I paid to add extra ingredients (mushroom and egg) and was served as side dishes instead of having them added into my dish!

I mean why would I wanna have a hard-boiled egg and a bowl of mushroom served separately right??? And when asked if they could cut up the egg for me, the reply I got was, “Oh, you can smash it up yourself with a fork“. Thanks. I think I can cook my own meal too.

Thankfully, the chill-out session after that kinda salvaged everything because it was at an unexpected and also one of my favourite place now! I never thought my impression, or rather, memory of Keppel Bay would change for the better but of course I am so glad it did ((:

First time visiting Prive waterfront bar!
 photo 20140411_212015_LLS_zps975cdf27.jpg

Comfy sofaaaaaaaaaa~!!! Lying under the moonlight, enjoying the drinks; such a good Friday night!!! <3
 photo 20140411_211952_LLS_zpsee38dfab.jpg

View from our seat! The pretty Keppel bridge~
 photo 20140411_211601_LLS_zps297378f4.jpg

Berry Mojito & Lychee Mojito (:
 photo 20140411_212516_zps5f7b5d25.jpg

Short night walk after that..hehe! So in the end I got my wish of dinner + chill + 海风 all happening in one night! :D Happy girl~
 photo 20140411_230658_LLS_zps8fd74f69.jpg

Doriyaki from Doraemon! <3
 photo IMG_20140412_114930_zps8bc88884.jpg

Back to MINDS on the next day and we brought the residents out for our annual bowling match! I was in-charge of one of the groups and hence, I was carrying the bag of bus fare~ Yes, we brought them to take public transport! (:
 photo 20140412_133150_zps6c7fc3f9.jpg

Actually it wasn’t a challenging task to bring them on public transport, but just that I need to have like 5 pairs of eyes instead of 1, cause I have lots of wanderers in my group!

Like if my attention is fixed on one, the next moment another will be secretly wandering off! But thank goodness I have other volunteers to help me of course (:

Successfully reached the bowling place!
 photo 20140412_151136_zpsb631876e.jpg

Guiding the residents to bowl~
 photo 20140412_161430_zps64d6b39d.jpg

But of course not the standard way! xD
 photo 20140412_161435_zpse97f9c98.jpg

Although they are not pros in bowling, you can still see the sadness in their faces when they “lokang“~
 photo 20140412_160536_zps0f41b5f6.jpg

Prize presentation! Every group got a prize of course! Haha!
 photo 20140412_165531_zpsdf7c3d91.jpg


Cheers to the successful TH outing!

Puffy cheeks like me!
 photo IMG_20140412_171710_zps8bcff439.jpg

Throwback photo of dessert after first NDP practice~ Yes, it has started again! Finally! :D
 photo IMG_20140406_202550_zpsfed3c07f.jpg

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(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

Wrap cum Farewell Party!

Monday to Wednesday was almost non-existent because I can’t remember what happened now. Probably nothing much except for coming back early to feed the fishes while my pig brother is away in Japan + Korea for 2 weeks plus~

The week only became more interesting when we had yet another wrap party (but this time round our own company’s and not client’s)! Actually we weren’t very much involved in the projects that were wrapping up, but we were there for the farewell of our 2 dear colleagues cum lunch khakis x.x

Party was held at somewhere in Haji Lane; we had the whole 2nd storey to ourselves!
 photo P1010874_zps54e30d28.jpg
 photo 20140410_201033_LLS_zpsf8059703.jpg

So it was a night of free-flow drinks (again), music, cam-whore, cam-whore and more cam-whore~
Oh and Mexican food that food-poisoned me =/
 photo P1010840_zps2f2e5810.jpg

Mingle session~
 photo P1010843_zpsd752fbee.jpg

Dream kitchen…muahahahahaha~
I’m kiddin’ You can’t make good drinks without a good bartender.
 photo 20140410_203126_LLS_zps5ed847d6.jpg

Double shot of Butterscotch! <3 <3 <3 *on cloud 9*
 photo 20140410_201018_LLS_zps046e1d4d.jpg

Cam-whoring with boss’s camera all night long!
We were officially the most hardworking staff amongst the rest because we were still in office when everyone else had reached long ago! Haha!
 photo P1010844_zpsb2713d48.jpg

Ping’s artistic shot~
 photo P1010846_zps410e2e0f.jpg

Our little boy colleague whom we like to bully xD
 photo P1010842_zps8bb32077.jpg

Selfie with colleagues from the other side too! Yes, we have 2 companies – Production & Post-production~ Like what my boss would say – we are same father but different mothers…LOL.
 photo P1010849_zpsa0777f88.jpg

Mega selfie! xD
 photo P1010850_zps86514006.jpg

The remaining lunch khakis now :(
 photo P1010845_zps06814b08.jpg

Second round – Jägerbomb! And then I lost count of what else I drank~ Haha!
 photo 20140410_203152_LLS_zpscf9196de.jpg

With one of our in-house producers! This picture caused a controversy because we were talking about how our innocent-looking Alicia (centre) always managed to give an unintentionally-seductive look! LOLOL.
 photo P1010870_zps3bccf8fe.jpg

I don’t know why but the bosses ordered Tequila shots all of a sudden~
 photo P1010876_zps48d1a033.jpg

And they made a farewell toast to our 2 “departing” colleagues~
 photo P1010880_zps4f299c97.jpg

Uncle J’s reluctant look because we all know how bad Tequila shots taste! LOL!
 photo P1010879_zpsa08910d2.jpg

But of course they were spontaneous as always (:
 photo P1010881_zps9ba70437.jpg

Everyone downing the shots! In the end I also kanna one and it really taste terrible.
 photo P1010910_zps23f022cb.jpg

Uncle J getting high??? LOL.
 photo P1010869_zps2e381751.jpg

With Ali! At last it’s not a seductive look! x
 photo 20140410_215345_zps4b4bafcf.jpg

Guess who is this siao char boh?
 photo P1010902_zps2153aae6.jpg

We simply loveeeeee playing with our hair! xD
 photo P1010890_zps7b64c6a9.jpg

I thought I did not take any solo pictures with Uncle J but actually I did! Just that it’s not so glam and I couldn’t even remember when this shot was taken! LOL! Well, at least I did take a picture with him before he left…hahaha!
 photo P1010918_zps1bb7667e.jpg

We are all gonna miss this gentleman cum 姐妹 of ours so so so much!!! :( You know while we were chatting at the bar area during the party, he even automatically carried some chairs over for us to sit! And when we looked over at the other side, we could only shake our heads at the little boy who is happily eating and shaking his legs on the stool~ Sighhhhhhh.

He is really the 二十四孝好男人 to the extent that after buying us breakfast on his last day the next day, he even washed up our utensils for us!!!!!! Awwwwwwwww~ We girls are so gonna miss having him pamper us! LOLOLOL!
 photo P1010920_zps22e7903e.jpg

Of course apart from his gentlemanly virtue, he has also been like one of my nicesttttttt colleagues! Always helping me whenever I encounter problem since my first day of work~ And every time I approach him with a problem, even if he doesn’t have a solution for me, he would stop his work and Google to search for me! :’(
 photo P1010919_zps69da2af4.jpg

Lunch khakis + the producer! :D
Something’s wrong with Alicia’s pouty mouth again…hahahahahahaha!
 photo P1010916_zps4fa6ce41.jpg

我们是 S.H.Y (See. Huang. Yang)! One of my toilet inspirations! xDDDD
 photo P1010906_zps7d4e8719.jpg

Love this picture! :D
 photo 20140410_214122_LLS_zps3c272079.jpg

Taking our album cover shots…LOLOLOL.
 photo P1010926_zpsd3a828cc.jpg
 photo P1010922_zps0260ac20.jpg

And that failed look-backward shot…HAHAHAHAHAHA!
 photo P1010924_zps8df3a8bd.jpg

YHS~ We never actually stood in the correct positions because See doesn’t like that first position’s angle :P
 photo P1010927_zps6b0d45b2.jpg

Emo shot by Ping!
 photo IMG-20140413-WA0010_zps34e8a4ee.jpg

Now it’s the guys’ turn to pose! ROFL!
In case you’re wondering, they are 100% straight! Well, at least for Uncle J; I can vouch for that…hahahahaha!
 photo P1010930_zps00a48879.jpg

Continued to cam-whore outside the pretty alley!
 photo 20140410_230934_zps3f5b704e.jpg

Ping’s model shot taken by yours truly!
 photo 20140410_231030_LLS_zps0a1c6484.jpg

Modelling for Ted Baker xD
 photo 20140410_231151_LLS_zpsd238f6c9.jpg

Did I mention before a number of clients have said that we both look alike???! DO WE?! Because even Facebook once grouped our photos together in that auto-tag mode! -____-”
 photo IMG-20140413-WA0009_zps121ebf63.jpg

 photo IMG-20140413-WA0012_zps2acdd7ca.jpg

But one thing for sure, we are both equally SIAO! Whahahaahaha~
 photo IMG-20140413-WA0008_zps4c57a362.jpg
 photo IMG-20140413-WA0007_zpsce94b58c.jpg

From 6 to 4; you guys gonna be missed!!!!!!!!!
 photo 20140410_233021_zps991f8681.jpg

Had a hell of a night lao sai-ing and puking in the middle of the night -_-”
I thought I was gonna die~~~

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(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

Singapore Youth Festival 2014

Claypot noodle lunch! Lots of veggies <3
 photo IMG_20140331_132153_zps397de017.jpg

IPL appointment before meeting Joanjoan and Chienny! Zap zap 无毛了!
 photo 20140402_194505_zps280262c3.jpg

Thank you my 2 cute friends for the Itacho meal and the pressies! Hehehe! It’s not a bad idea to have “shopping” listed as your birthday gift and you can buy whatever you want! More to come in the mailbox! Happy girl :D
 photo 20140402_224616_zps49036b39.jpg

Stocked up because I have been camping for the long-awaited offer that Yinning mentioned and it’s finally on now! Quite a good replacement for Long Flat!
 photo IMG_20140404_210415_zpsf944c645.jpg

Tau sah piah all the way from Pontian!
你拜清明的啊???” LOLOL. Thank you lah!
 photo IMG_20140406_120625_zpsf9cad71f.jpg

Saturdate brunch~
 photo IMG_20140406_122815_zps0636e800.jpg

Impromptu invitation from Queena to catch the Singapore Youth Festival outdoor band (aka military band) competition at the Indoor Stadium! This is like my first time watching it live and I was looking forward to see our Deyi band perform again!
 photo 20140405_135333_zps17373743.jpg

Back in school days, we always get to see the performance during Teachers’ Day, National Day or whatever special occasion but I never got sick of it! Cause it’s always so cool to watch them and they have really been a glory of our school.

The stadium was crowded with students and being surrounded by these little juniors made us all feel so old! Hahaha!
 photo 20140405_133546_zps960ec466.jpg

Can’t believe we are at least 10 years older than them?! I thought Sec 3 was just few years ago! x.x
 photo 20140405_133552_zps3e7a7c24.jpg

The first school to perform was Ping Yi Secondary School~ They belong to category which has a smaller band size (<100 people).
 photo 20140405_142007_zpsb1a12958.jpg

Hmmmm no offence but in my opinion, their performance is not up to competition standard =/
 photo 20140405_142747_zps4962996d.jpg

Another from the smaller group category is Springfield Secondary School~
 photo 20140405_143604_zpsffeebefb.jpg

Not a bad performance for a small band, but I still prefer watching bigger band sizes perform because they can form nicer formations and all!
 photo 20140405_143937_zps7e8c6a54.jpg

Next is the bigger band size category (>100 people) and the first to perform is West Spring Secondary School. Their performance is titled Colours and it left an impression on me because I like their colourful item! (:
 photo 20140405_145010_zps40c88bd6.jpg

Love the colourful flags that brightened up the performance~
 photo 20140405_145014_zpsc13b3f34.jpg photo 20140405_145017_zps94bcf4d2.jpg

No doubt they got the Best Visual award! Well done!
 photo 20140405_145147_zpsae99fde0.jpg

Next up is Bowen~
 photo 20140405_151914_zps0aa466dc.jpg

They used to be one of our competitors, but they did an okayyyy show this time…hmmmmm.
 photo 20140405_151557_zps41955b4a.jpg

Finally it was Deyi’s turn! The enthusiastic student leaders were cheering their lungs out as the band moves in~
 photo 20140405_154454_zps51581c06.jpg

Standing up to welcome the glory of our school!
 photo 20140405_154501_zps13186ca4.jpg

Mr X teacher (new teacher; not from my batch) waving the school flag vigorously~
 photo 20140405_154621_zpsee80747f.jpg

The band size is so much smaller as compared to our days! I was kinda shocked but got to know from Queen that the CCA has lost its popularity over the years due to its strenuous and hectic training schedule =/
They trained really hard I tell you~
 photo 20140405_155227_zpsa5b795aa.jpg

Watching them perform really reminds me of our NDP performances! The formations, the steps, the memorisation, that nervous feeling, that “1 mistake and everyone’s able to spot you” self-reminder, and of course, that passion.
 photo IMG_20140405_155523_zps7d47bcee.jpg

I guess that’s why when asked why didn’t she jio the rest of our Clique, Queen replied that I’ll be the only one who is interested! Haha! Because I understand this passion and I’m proud of them for having it! Despite the tiring and long trainings under the hot sun, they were all into it just for this day! And while others may say this is stupid, we all share 1 thing that others won’t understand (:
 photo 20140405_155610_zps470d7bbe.jpg

As a band senior, Queen was so so so nervous for them that she couldn’t sleep the night before! And when the drum major dropped his mace for the third time, I must admit that our hearts kinda sank… We were all feeling nervous for him too! But of course he’s still damn cool, just that I think no one beats our year’s drum major – Yi Qian!
 photo 20140405_155709_zpsc1d731f7.jpg

Despite the few failed attempts, we still continued cheering and showing our support of course!
 photo 20140405_155925_zps650ae65c.jpg

And it was still a splendid performance put up! Well done, Deyi Military Band #DMB !!!
 photo IMG_20140405_160602_zps07ca6547.jpg

Next was another of our strong competitor – Tanjong Katong Secondary School~
 photo 20140405_161030_zps1bd7a9b5.jpg

In my honest and unbiased opinion, I think they did quite well, so I wasn’t thattttt surprised or disappointed when they won the Best Band.
 photo 20140405_161243_zpsfc2b34bb.jpg

Oh did I mention that their drum major is a female? But she threw the mace at pretty safe heights =/
 photo 20140405_161748_zps2bbcfd3c.jpg

Last but not least – Bukit Panjang Government High School~ They had a creative and unique start of the performance by reenacting a war scene.
 photo 20140405_162711_zpsbfb86e45.jpg

Not a bad show, but nothing that spectacular I would say~
 photo 20140405_163023_zps09ddf6f5.jpg

At least they left an impression for being the most “drama” group!
 photo 20140405_163527_zps0aefc715.jpg

Result was announced according to order of appearance and we all think that the panel of judges are trying to be rather ‘fair‘ this year. At least no schools went back being too disappointed because everyone kinda won something and if not, got a Certificate of Distinction (aka Gold)! Haha! And yes, that includes Deyi!

Apart from the COD, we also got Best Music and Best Drum Major (Kai Wen) awards!!! Although we did not win the Best Band award, at least it was quite a happy ending already because DMB is back to Gold standard (we got Silver 2 years ago and they were mad disappointed) and we got like the most awards compared to others! Hahahaha!

All in all, it’s still lots of hard work, sweat and time from each and every student (plus teachers and alumni) standing here. So thank you for the good show, everyone!!!
 photo 20140405_172756_zps737adee6.jpg

If anyone’s keen to catch Deyi’s performance~ Can’t find one that has both good quality and good angle; the best is still watching it live ;)

Ending the night with “sour” legs! Hadn’t cycled for so long!!!
 photo 20140405_213845_LLS_zpsa0dec457.jpg

And the glutton who just had dinner an hour ago was hungry again~ So when he said he’s going to grab something to eat, I was expecting something small like curry puff or what. But he happily came back with a plate of rojak and he was so delighted because it costs him only $3 -________________-|||
 photo 20140405_214529_LLS_zps9da8f9e9.jpg

WJ’s goodies from Japan! There was this inside joke last year when Shrine asked him for his birthday present and WJ, who just came back from Taiwan at that time, gave him 2 太阳饼 and said, “There! Everyone gets 1 but birthday boy gets 2!” I could still remember Shrine’s speechless reaction…LOLOL. Yea but thanks to that, yours truly got double this time too~! xD
 photo IMG_20140406_002405_zps89ea6fcf.jpg


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Birth Day!

Back in Singapore to spend another half day of my birthday here! :D It wasn’t like a celebration but more of quality time spent exploring yet another cafe!
 photo 20140330_192011_zpse816c851.jpg

Vintage theme seems to be a popular choice for many cafes nowadays~
 photo 20140330_191555_zpsb54b3484.jpg

The olden days stuff found at every corner of the cafe! Including an old school TV!
 photo 20140330_192006_zpsa953034c.jpg photo 20140330_202230_zps7121c591.jpg

A collection of antique cameras~
 photo 20140330_211855_zps1da439ad.jpg

Old school hair steamer!
 photo 20140330_192701_zpsfdad8031.jpg

Old school ice-kacang maker~
 photo 20140330_211810_zpsaca9639e.jpg

I miss seeing this outside our studio back in school! Haha!
 photo 20140330_211837_zpscfda0524.jpg

And even the menu is a slate booklet :D
 photo 20140330_191917_zpse796b88a.jpg

Pink drink with nice pink ice-cream!
 photo IMG_20140330_193310_zpscb17f88d.jpg

Veg pizza over rounds and rounds of daidi and “strip poker” -_-”
 photo IMG_20140330_193805_zpsd58c51c1.jpg

Since it was my lunch plus dinner, I was quite hungry so I still had space for dessert! Cute Mickey pancake that reminds me of Disneyland!!!
 photo IMG_20140330_203320_zps77e745b1.jpg

I even asked if the pancake is really in the shape of Mickey before I ordered! LOLOL! *embarrassed*
 photo 20140330_203433_zpsf0c54917.jpg

A short and simple birthday spent this year~

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(via loveyourquotes.tumblr)