Old Habits (:

This weekend wasn’t packed but still quite awesome because I spent it with my loved ones~! Had a good start waking up with Mac breakfast right beside my bed, delivered by the pig brother while I was sleeping ((:
 photo 20140913_101434_zpsd3c4a0c0.jpg

But I can never finish the whole breakfast set on my own actually~ And thank goodness I did not finish it, because I had an impromptu Saturdate after that! :D
 photo 20140913_101446_zpsdb53a96b.jpg

 photo 20140913_125506_zps166bb593.jpg

Because some old habits never change (:

Exploring yet another vintage cafe for the first time~
 photo 20140913_120811_zpsbee5f941.jpg

The owner must have spent a bomb because he really has lots of antique collections!
 photo 20140913_120752_zpsb786a9a8.jpg

 photo 20140913_120953_zpsfaea1255.jpg

Old school clocks

 photo 20140913_121151_zpsc9369343.jpg

Old school stuff

 photo 20140913_121046_zps40835cd1.jpg

All school movies?

 photo 20140913_121033_zps86092077.jpg

Old school cupboard

 photo 20140913_121548_zpse520fa6a.jpg

Old school sewing machines as tables!

 photo 20140913_120930_zps9fe76c32.jpg

Not so old school but cute~

 photo 20140913_122029_zps7bc177fc.jpg

Portobello sandwich! :D

Ended off with my favourite rum & raisin ice-cream! Okay, I realised I have too many favourites for ice-cream flavours…hehe. And I do agree that this is a lil‘ too sweet~
 photo 20140913_124249_zps18cb7ec7.jpg

Back to one of the 老地方 but in the day this time – first time, in fact. Day has its own beauty and night has its own tranquility, but either way, it’s been some time~
 photo 20140913_133813_zps20c98744.jpg

Did lots of crazy stuff; koalas, flashing, all the nonsensical stuff as though it’s overseas! It indeed felt a bit like Bintan though… How I wish~ But I do miss such craziness! Such YOLO and feeling-like-21-again feeling…hahaha~ Appreciate this short but sweet quality time ((((((:

Back to rest before heading out again to GRUB for dinner with my love girls~!
 photo 20140913_193442_zpsb4e8aafd.jpg

 photo 20140913_200512_zpsc8e50802.jpg

And yes, I just couldn’t get enough of Portobello!!!

 photo 20140913_193914_zps9a6df391.jpg

Super nice mentaiko fries! :D

 photo 20140913_210205_zps69727ef7.jpg

Dessert – chewy brownie with ice-cream!

Yinning joined us at Nad’s house because she had her yoga class and we started our house party rolling again! :D By then, I had finished ranting about the whole Vietnam trip, from day 1 to day 7 to Nadine and Xiao Qian! Hahaha! I think I am scaring everyone not to go Vietnam…oops~

Had our first bottle – Elderflower wine, courtesy of Nadine again! I was so determined to contribute something this time round as well so I brought along my Moscato and some tidbits! (:
 photo 20140913_223504_zps9c486714.jpg

Introduced the girls to the Charades game that Dasmond introduced at the wrap party and we had so much fun playing!!! Hehe! So much laughter that it came to a point when we laughed till our stomachs were all cramped! Hahahahahaha! Too many epic moments!

*Yinning guessing 成语 - 德高望重*

Us: Okay, second word is … what is the opposite of 矮?

Yinning: 高!

Us: Okay, so something 高, something, something… Errrrrr what is the opposite of 轻?

Yinning: 蓝?

Us: *burst out laughing and laughing!*

She thought we meant the colour – 青 and it’s so funny that we were laughing so hard till we couldn’t explain to her what’s going on, until she took a peep at the answer and burst out laughing too! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I was like, in the first place, why is blue even the opposite of green?!?!

So the A+ student started saying that she thought we meant some colour wheel…FAINT!!! We called her the A+ student because there’s a category – A+ Student that we tried and the first word was – Ammonia, then she just blurt out, “Oh~ NH3!

We were just stared at her with that “WTFFFFFFFF” look because all these formulas are soooo foreign to us by now and yet she just blurted out as though it’s ABC!!! My goodness. Indeed our elite student after all. Oh but we gave up on that category eventually. Hahahahaha!

 photo 20140913_223439_zpsa21adad1.jpg

Leftover fries, tidbits, durian mooncake and drinks over charades! <3

 photo 20140913_234112_zps80de817b.jpg

Second bottle – super nice Bottega Moscato!!!

Despite being tired, cause it was already past 1am, we couldn’t have enough of such quality time with each other! So we opened the Moscato that I brought as our third bottle! Hehehe! Why is time always passing so fast when we are together!!! :(

Had to trouble small eyes (Nad’s boyfriend) to come and send all of us back in the end because it was really late and he claimed that he’s nearby. It turned out that he came all the way from town area just to send us back before heading home, which is in the west! Really sweet of him~

Visited the dentist on Sunday because it’s something I had been procrastinating. It’s supposed to be 6 months regular check for everyone, but I think the last time I went was more than a year ago, cause I really hate going to the dentist!!! >.<

Each time I go, I need to muster so much courage so I would rather do everything in one appointment and get it over and done with! Needed to fill 2 cavities but luckily the dentist is quite nice, so the pain was still bearable. Just that I realised when I have too much things in my mouth at the same time or open my mouth too wide for a long time (plus I’m nervous), I will feel like puking.

So when the assistant actually put something else in my mouth apart from saliva suction tube that has already been in my mouth, and the dentist started preparing to do the filling, I had like 3 different equipments in my mouth that I actually got up making the puking sound.

The dentist joked that it’s the assistant’s fault but when it happened the second time, he realised how sensitive my mouth is and told the assistant to remove whatever that’s in my mouth. So embarrassing! Thank goodness I did not really puke~ I remember the same thing happened in primary school and I even puked out my kaya bread during the dental visit because my appointment was right after my recess and I was also sooo soooo soooooo nervous x.x

Rest of the Sunday was spent with another loved one – my pig brother, who was fixing up my nano block for me! It took him more than an hour and I just can’t imagine having the patience to sit down for so long, figuring where these tiny pieces (that look all the same) belong =X
 photo 20140914_152533_zpsbe31c115.jpg

 photo IMG_20140914_165612_zps4b0bcbc5.jpg

Completed!!! Hehe!

(via hj-story.com)

(via hj-story.com)

Our “Adventurous” Vietnam Trip – Hanoi (Part 2)

I am so dreading to finish up this last post of our trip because I have been ranting to different groups of friends about this trip that I am tired of repeating…hahaha! But for the sake of memories, here is the last part of our suay stories~

29 August 2014

Got woken up super early by the damn sun because there was no curtain in the room! Zzzzz. I thought I could have a good sleep with the church chimes away from us now but who knows x.x

 photo 20140829_084914_zpsa823f943.jpg

View from our hotel!

 photo 20140829_084945_zps1b609c60.jpg

Level 8

Went down for our hotel breakfast as usual and the dining area of the sister hotel looked a bit like the safari =/
 photo 20140829_092301_zps545c4e08.jpg

 photo 20140829_093821_zps3cd8f3fa.jpg

Phở again! :D

Spent the remaining morning checking out the hotels nearby because the girls didn’t wanna stay at Splendid Jupiter for another night~ We even almost stayed at a haunted hotel!

What happened was most of the hotels around us are fully booked, yet this particular one has got many rooms available. I got kinda skeptical so I raised out to Yinning and it turned out that there was indeed a review saying the hotel is haunted, but because all other reviews were good, she decided to ignore it.

After checking out that “haunted” hotel, we all got skeptical as well because the hotel really seemed pretty empty! I mean the rooms were nice, but after that review, the oriental theme also made the place looked a bit eerie =X

Checked out another hotel – Impressive Hotel and the rooms were okay for us~ But after booking 2 rooms, we realised that the other room that was given to us consists of 2 single beds instead of the same double-bed room that was shown to us earlier on…Zzzzz. Well anyway, beggar can’t be chooser, so here is our room for our THIRD hotel in Hanoi (after joining the 2 beds together)~
 photo 20140829_113451_zpsd81689d6.jpg

Finally nua-ed enough and started our day! Part of the reason why we were so nua for this trip is also because we really didn’t know where to go with the addition of another 2 days in Hanoi (due to cancellation of our cruise).

Went for massage in the end since we missed it on our second night~ And because we wanted full body massage, we requested for all female masseurs, since we were informed that we gotta remove our top and even bra for the massage. Yet when we were about to go in, the staff actually asked if we are okay to have 2 male masseurs. We were horrified and shouted, “Noooooo!!!” at the same time and they somehow managed to make arrangement for 6 females.

During the massage, I kept turning to make sure that my masseur wasn’t changed halfway or something. Felt damn uneasy! I can’t believe they would even suggest having male masseurs massaging us when the massage is done on our bare back and it’s not like we have anything to cover the front either! -_-“

Anyway, it wasn’t the best 90 minutes massage we had, but good enough for the price. Time for shopping now~!

We really dread walking on the streets of the Old Quarters anymore – not because we cannot adapt to undeveloped countries and all, but it’s more of the people and traffic! Felt like we gonna die anytime on the street either by being robbed and raped or knocked down by a bike or car! Just felt sooooo uneasy and unsafe walking around there! And it’s not like the police gonna help if anything happens to us.

So Yinning actually did some research and found a shopping mall with big supermarket! :D Ahhhhh supermarket~ My best friend!!! We were all so excited to get away from the “rural area” and breathe some civilisation!

 photo 20140829_145906_zps0da9e1c5.jpg

Hello Big C~! :D

 photo 20140829_145913_zps45ded1d7.jpg

Yes! They celebrate mid-autumn too!!

Couldn’t really find much food there so we actually settled in Pizza Hut! It’s kinda funny that we came all the way to Vietnam for pizzas~ Hahaha!
 photo 20140829_153253_zpsb8645958.jpg

Nothing much in the mall so we headed straight to our main destination – the Big C supermarket!!! It was the place that we spent the most money because we hardly bought anything in the Old Quarters area! There is just nothing to buy there -_-“

So delighted to see all the snacks and local delicacies that I could at least buy some back to 交代~ Bought mostly tidbits though. Then we saw durianssssss!!! HUGEEEEE durians!!!
 photo 20140829_165024_zps93271778.jpg

 photo 20140829_164944_zps8159bbcb.jpg

See how big it is?!

 photo IMG-20140901-WA0004_zpse275c817.jpg

And definitely damn heavy!!!

Shopped so much that we had to run to the bank to change some Vietnamese Dong because the supermarket doesn’t accept USD! And my basket is none other than the one filled to the brim…hehehe! Even bought 2 Vietnamese mooncakes back to try!
 photo 20140829_172109_zps4cc3dac7.jpg

Chilled for quite a while at a coffee place where the girls had their Vietnamese coffee before heading back to our hotel~ Our plan was to visit the police station again to collect our report, so before going, we actually asked the hotel staff (the one from our new hotel) to help us call the station to check if the report is ready.

But somehow after the call, the staff told us that she couldn’t help us and we were all puzzled as to what’s so difficult in checking the status of the report. It seemed like a yes or no thing to us yet she looked very 为难 to help us. We kept pushing her to help us because we were afraid we couldn’t communicate with the English-illiterate police again, until she finally agreed to go to the station with us instead.

When we reached the station, we realised that it’s not that she’s reluctant to help us, but it was the officer that is reluctant to help us, hence she really couldn’t do anything! It was a different officer from our first visit and this old man just refused to help us no matter how long the hotel staff pleaded for us.

We did not know what’s going on at first because we couldn’t understand their language, but the officer just kept chasing us off with hand signals and yelling at the poor hotel staff till her eyes were kinda red! So she just kept apologising to us saying that she can’t help us.

The girls were confused and continued to explain that the other officer had already taken the statement and told us to come back to collect the report, yet the stupid man just continued barking at the poor staff the more she tried to explain and help us. And he just refused to move an inch or make a single call to check about the report!!! Instead, he started watching his television while all 7 pairs of eyes were staring at him, waiting for the report!

Then he started making hand signal and saying something like he hasn’t had his dinner yet and wants to eat, obviously hinting us to “buy him a meal“. We did not do so of course, so he asked the hotel staff where we are from and when he knew that we’re from Singapore, he gave that dirty “Oh~ Rich brats” look, looking at us from head to toe.

In the end, we were told to come back again after his shift because he just kept insisting that it’s none of his business! Zzzzzzz!!! So that was the suay thing for our night and I felt damn bad towards the poor hotel staff, so I told the girls to let the matter rest and just come back later.

While walking back to our hotel, the staff looked very much upset by what happened that she started ranting to me about the police there.

Staff: This is what I hate about the police here! They will not help you unless you give them money.

Me: Oh so he refused to help us just now because he wanted us to give him money???

Staff: Yes! That’s why we seldom go to the police station for help… Because of them, Vietnam cannot develop!

Me: *silent as I felt her yearn for a better Vietnam*

Staff: Are the police in Singapore like that too?

Me: No… In Singapore, every thing we call the police.

Staff: Yes, I think in Singapore, the police protect and take care of you all. But over here, we take care of the police. If we want them to help us, we need to pay them. So only the rich people go to the police…

It felt really gek sim hearing what she says and that’s when I realised how much we had been taking the safety and the police in our country for granted. I had always thought that the progress of a country is very much due to the reluctance in accepting changes in the people’s simple daily lives, but the fact is there are some who very much want to change how lives are, just that it’s not within their control.

Well anyhow, while waiting to go back to the station for the third damn time, the girls decided to grab some spring rolls since we had not have dinner yet. I wasn’t in a mood for oily food, so I decided to check out this cafe that we had passed by several times because it’s pretty near our hotel and I had been wanting to visit.
 photo 20140830_215325_zpsd403329c.jpg

The cafe – The Met kind of stood out on the street because Old Quarters is full of street stalls and all, so it’s quite eye-catching to suddenly see a modern cafe there selling cakes and macarons! As much as I love street food, I would really rather chill at this cafe than to walk any further on their streets.

 photo 20140829_222418_zpsf90fb767.jpg

Pretty interior!

 photo 20140829_215722_zpsb3bb512a.jpg

My mango cake! ((:

 photo 20140829_221956_zpsd1ae9181.jpg

Macaron in a foreign country again!

Finally went back to the police station again – this time, on our own because we felt bad to trouble the staff again. We only asked her to help us book a cab because even though it’s not very far, we just don’t feel safe walking on their streets so we wanna avoid that as much as possible.

After dropping us at the police station, the cab driver reluctantly agreed to wait 5 minutes for us to collect the report, but he left after less than 3 minutes! Zzzzzz! Really can’t trust all the people there, except for the really nice hotel staff. It seemed as though they are the only good people, plus the tour guides we met during the trip.

Well anyway, the useless officer had indeed knocked off and a much younger one had taken over. We passed him the note that the hotel staff had very kindly helped us written in Vietnamese earlier on to aid us in explaining the story to the police.

After reading, the nice young officer took a paper and started writing his questions to us in English. We replied to him in the same written form and so the whole conversation was a silent one – just via Q&A on that piece of paper. Well at least even though he can’t speak English, he can still write in proper English and most importantly, would bother to do something!

He asked if we can come back to collect the next day morning but we explained that we are leaving for a 1-day trip. So in the end, he said we can come back after our trip and collect from these 2 particular officers. Really so grateful to him and thankful that we finally met a nice police officer!!!  Although we still did not manage to get the report after 3 visits, at least we could feel things getting settled instead of being shoved off without an answer.

Halfway through the Q&A, there was actually another old officer that stepped in and he also looked rather friendly, but also over-friendly. He was obviously drunk, from his red and overly-smiley face, and when he saw us, he happily signaled for us to sit down and wait. Then he sat right opposite us staring at us, happily smiling to us, as though he had never seen 6 girls together at the same time before.

It definitely crept me out and for a moment, I couldn’t figure out having a fierce officer handling your case is better or having that one opposite you that looked like he’s gonna eat you up anytime is better. Thank goodness everything was settled pretty soon and we left the station empty-handed, but with an idea of what to do next.

As it was already past 11pm, we couldn’t find cabs anywhere, so we decided to walk back with the help of Google map. Most of the shops were closed by then so the streets weren’t that bright, and there were still people drinking on the streets, youngsters gathering and creating a din.

As much as we felt unsafe walking on the poorly-lit streets and couldn’t wait to get back as soon as possible, we couldn’t remember the way very well and had to keep taking out our phones to check the map, which is also dangerous!!! So imagine how unsafe and uneasy we felt. It was really quite a disturbing walk back that I wouldn’t wanna do it a second time. Thank god we managed to get back safely eventually after losing our way for a while.

30 August 2014

So as we really didn’t wanna stay in Hanoi for so many days, our hardworking organiser – Yinning had researched for some day trips that we could consider and we settled on a 1-day trip to Hoa Lu and Tam Coc eventually! As long as we can get out of Hanoi, I am fine with anything! (:

Woke up super early for the trip because it takes like 2 hours to reach Hoa Lu from Hanoi. Managed to catch a little bit of sleep before we finally arrived at Hoa Lu, which is also former capital of Vietnam!
 photo 20140830_110049_zpsaf8ed795.jpg

But once we got off the bus, we were surrounded by a group of Vietnamese aunties selling their traditional hats – Nón lá! I was rather overwhelmed when they started putting the hats on our heads and asking for money, and when we removed and returned to them, they would just keep putting it back on your head!!!

I felt kinda irritated by their acts that I had to really keep RUNNING off to avoid them! I had the hat put on my head for at least like 3-4 times and I swear that if I continued standing there, they could just put like another 20 times on my head and I was really, really damn annoyed by it already!!!

To me, the more you force me to buy something, the more I won’t wanna get it! When someone kindly rejects you and has already said no to you several times, you don’t keep trying to force people physically this way! I mean I know they are just trying to earn a living, but not at the expense of people’s happiness right?

And even after 3 of them bought the hats from them, they continued to chase and pester the other 3 of us to buy! HOW ANNOYINGGGGGGGGG!!! Yea so it wasn’t a good start for me and that definitely worsened my impression of the people there.

 photo IMG-20140901-WA0009_zpsc3ad5524.jpg


 photo IMG_0556_zps0cb9456e.jpg

Group shot!

 photo IMG_0557_zps418643cd.jpg

At Hoa Lu!

But that was not it. As in the hat nightmare was not completely over.

We got the tour guide to help us take the above group shots and guess what? This Vietnamese auntie suddenly took out her DSLR and snapped a picture of us as well, even though we refused to look into her camera. And next thing we know, she had printed out 6 copies of the picture for us and started chasing after us to buy!

She really followed us almost throughout the temples tour, stood by the side as the tour guide was explaining to us the history, then started “attacking” us with her aggressive sales once we were moving off to another place! It’s damn freaky! Like you thought she’s gone for good, but once you stepped out of the temple, she would suddenly pop out again to ask you to buy her pictures!!! I was really like, “Whutttttttt?! She’s still here?!?!

Then again, the girls took pity on her and bought 1 copy, but she continued to pester us to buy the remaining 5! Why would we need 5 copies of the same picture when we are not even looking into the camera and we already have our own group shot?! No one asked you to take in the first place, let alone printing them out, so why pester and annoy us instead of letting us enjoy the trip!!! Arghhhhh!

The tour guide did not help us because I think he is pretty much used to it. In fact, he did warn us about these vendors selling stuff when we were in the bus, but he did not mention that it would be so aggressive. He said we could just say no, thank you to them if we don’t want, but it doesn’t seem like it now >.>

Anyhow, off to visit our first temple – Temple of Đinh Tiên Hoàng. Đinh Tiên Hoàng was the first emperor of Vietnam and the temple was to honour him. We visited the temple of the second emperor as well – Temple of Lê Đại Hành and the tour guide told us the interesting stories of these 2 kings.

Did not take any pictures inside because I was lazy plus I don’t know if it’s okay to take pictures in a temple, even though it’s allowed. But I did take some shots outside!

 photo 20140830_110847_zps2ecabeb8.jpg

Before entering

 photo IMG-20140901-WA0012_zps56847c08.jpg

Modeling time!

Nice sceneries while walking to the temples~
 photo 20140830_110123_zps35e0d3dc.jpg
 photo 20140830_110127_zpsd0960d04.jpg
 photo 20140830_113743_zpsc7b63d3c.jpg
 photo 20140830_110153_zps5722e35d.jpg

 photo 20140830_115422_zps4a093618.jpg


 photo IMG_0562_zpsbde365ce.jpg

Water buffalo!

Setting off to Tam Coc for lunch!
 photo 20140830_121626_zps6ea35f72.jpg

It was quite an awful buffet lunch that I ended up wasting so much food -.- Plus I kept finding like food flies in my food! Zzzzzz.
 photo 20140830_125104_zps63bbcf75.jpg

After lunch was sampan ride to visit the 3 caves! That is also what Tam Coc means – 3 caves! We were looking forward to it since we missed our kayak at Halong Bay so a sampan ride may be able to make up for it…hahaha!
 photo 20140830_133818_zps8698b002.jpg

 photo 20140830_133846_zpsd10feafc.jpg

Another favourite shot (:

 photo IMG-20140901-WA0010_zps54d953fe.jpg

Boarding our sampan! :D

 photo IMG-20140901-WA0013_zpsbf5fbd07.jpg

Ready to go!

 photo IMG_0590_zpsbbdbdbfc.jpg

Row row row the boat~

I wasn’t expecting much from the ride because I just wanted to try being in a sampan, but the scenery turned out so beautiful!!! So impressed that Yinning and I couldn’t stop wow-ing away~
 photo 20140830_134733_zpse25b9c7a.jpg
 photo 20140830_134753_zpsf3c293a2.jpg
 photo 20140830_134651_zpsf4fa69cd.jpg
 photo 20140830_134702_zpsc9001ae0.jpg

 photo 20140830_134808_zpsf309786d.jpg

Our nice rowers who is always smiley!

 photo 20140830_134845_zps1b889e3b.jpg

Selfie with our rower xD

I did try to row the sampan and OMG~ It’s damn tiring! But very good exercise for the arms!

 photo 20140830_134929_zps46bc9c73.jpg

Selfie with the scenery!

 photo 20140830_135052_zps4198fa84.jpg
 photo 20140830_135000_zps860fe847.jpg
 photo 20140830_135124_zpsa004812b.jpg
 photo 20140830_135128_zps50be096c.jpg
 photo 20140830_135308_zps57dc7d83.jpg
 photo 20140830_135418_zpsa05eced5.jpg
 photo 20140830_140246_zps79019467.jpg

Rowing with umbrella because it was super duper HOT!!!
 photo 20140830_135453_zpsf7b7aa75.jpg

 photo 20140830_135329_zpscb9f2408.jpg

Simple life

 photo 20140830_140427_zps041c56d6.jpg

Heading to our first cave! :D

 photo IMG_0634_zps482089c7.jpg

So cool~!

The cave is like pitch dark so no pictures of the interior. Headed to our second cave but just when Yinning and I were enjoying the scenery on the way and saying our trip has finally taken a turn for the better, it started pouring all of a sudden!!!

Despite having an umbrella, shared with Yinning, we were so drenched from head to toes! It’s the kind of drenched that you can feel the weight of the rain water soaked in your clothes as you walk. But the funny thing was, I actually kinda recovered from my flu (though developed a cough instead) after that rain…haha!

Looked super 狼狈 after that and also did not take any pictures because of the rain. That marked the daily “suay” incident for our 5th day x.x

 photo 20140830_144234_zps8367c68c.jpg

With my wet hair and clothes after the shower!

 photo 20140830_144254_zps6cfc4e86.jpg

Selfie with the rowers again! xD

After passing by the third cave, we gotta make a U-turn to go all the way back again. But because all the sampans were making the U-turn there, many boats were stuck there for a while and there would be vendors selling food and drinks to you.
 photo IMG_0641_zpsb318c410.jpg

They would even ask you to buy for your sampan rowers but we didn’t because we were already informed by the tour guide that we need to tip the rowers 2 USD each. We were still lucky because we managed to get off easily, but not the case for 2 of our mates.

I was disgusted even more after hearing their stories of how their rowers actually ganged up with the vendor to FORCE them into buying the food and drink for them by refusing to make the U-turn and the vendor was also holding on to their sampan, refusing to let them leave!

They had not choice but ended up buying 1 biscuit and 1 drink for their 2 rowers, because if not they wouldn’t wanna move the boat, but the biscuit was soon gone without being eaten (obviously returned to the vendor) and the rowers also refused to open up the drink to drink! It was obviously a ganged up scam with the vendor to cheat their money on top of the tips! So so so disgusting!!!

 photo 20140830_135523_zps943c5567.jpg

On the way back!

Sunny again after the heavy rain! That’s how temperamental the weather was throughout our trip. Super hot for a moment and heavy rain at the next >.>
 photo 20140830_135812_zps08557627.jpg
 photo 20140830_135758_zps206b066f.jpg
 photo 20140830_140751_zps65d20ade.jpg
 photo 20140830_144330_zpsa6e69fc8.jpg
 photo 20140830_150759_zps5355f57f.jpg

It was so hot that Yinning and I couldn’t wait to get back. So we took turns to row the sampan since our female rower stopped rowing after a while at the start of our ride, so it was only left with her husband rowing. I swear we used up so much arm strength, overtaking so many sampans before we finally reached the shore, as the first! :D
 photo 20140830_151234_zps63bb5e59.jpg

 photo 20140830_151338_zps0d0ef55c.jpg

My sampan partner!

 photo 20140830_151212_zps6603dab0.jpg

Waiting for the rest~

Next up was cycling! I was quite looking forward to it because usually my trips are shopping and sight-seeing, but trying out leisure activities in a foreign country can be quite fun too! Well…at least not until I realised that we are actually gonna cycle in the village instead of a park!

I totally freaked out when cars and bikes kept zoom-ing past me and I swear for the first 3 minutes, I wanted to cry lor! Firstly, I’m not so used to the bike because I always choose the same model bike in ECP. Secondly, the only time I had really cycled out of the park was on pavements and not on the road with cars!!!

I lost control so many times whenever I see a vehicle that I had to keep stopping because I only feel safe to cycle when the road is cleared. And I kept saying I don’t wanna cycle anymore and if I can just wait for them somewhere because it’s really damn scary cycling on the road!

But all of them were so far ahead and I was the only one left behind, so I had no choice but to keep catching up. Thank goodness there were less cars further up and I was also getting hold of the bike. Managed to catch up with them and enjoyed the session~! :D
 photo IMG-20140901-WA0007_zps68791bd7.jpg
 photo IMG-20140901-WA0008_zpsd9de3bd1.jpg

And because it’s a village area, there are animals grazing around but too bad my phone was not with me, so I only have these pictures from my mate~
 photo IMG-20140901-WA0006_zps3ccbf487.jpg
 photo IMG-20140901-WA0011_zpsd177d9c9.jpg

 photo IMG-20140901-WA0005_zpsb97dd632.jpg

With the cute duckies!!!

In the end, the cycling session that didn’t start out very well turned out to be rather fun!!! :D It’s quite an achievement that I’ve cycled on the road for the first time~ Hehe!
 photo IMG_0654_zps89b1dc8e.jpg

Oh but it started pouring AGAIN halfway and we were drenched for the second time! Zzzzz. So we didn’t make it till the end but quickly U-turned back instead. Cycled super fast because the road was cleared, until I was blocked by a group of cows on the road…faint~!!! And I thought vehicles were my only threat -_-“

 photo 20140830_160653_zpsb775c949.jpg

Trying on my mate’s Vietnamese hat!

 photo 20140830_160754_zps108ab04b.jpg

I look more like some samurai than a Vietnamese villager -_-“

Made our way back and because we needed to go to the police station in time to collect the report, we told the driver to increase his speed because he was driving at 30km/hr throughout the day! But we were told instead that if he wanna increase speed, he gotta take the expressway and we gotta pay around 10 USD for their “ERP“!

I was skeptical initially, sorry but after all the scam and dishonest acts of the people here, I find it hard to trust. But in the end, it was true that the toll is that expensive (we saw the board)! There was hardly any other cars using that expressway simply because 10 USD is obviously a big amount to them, yet they built this “expressway” not so that it would make life easier for the citizens, but to earn the ridiculous toll! Zzzzz!

Anyhow, since there were no cars, he could really speed and shortened our travelling time. But when we hit the busier roads again, which was already close to night time (plus it was raining again), Yinning actually witnessed a bike accident right in front of us!

I didn’t see it because I was trying to sleep, but she saw how the motorcyclist was knocked off by a car and he “flew” a little up off his bike before landing on the ground. Thank goodness he wasn’t going on a high speed, so it was not those epic accident. But he was still agonising on the ground while holding on to his leg, and no one actually stopped to help him, everyone just drove past him :(

Back to Hanoi and the tour guide was nice enough to accompany us to the police station to be our body guard cum translator…hahaha! It was the same nice young police officer there and he still remembers us, so he went to take the report without us saying and everything was done in a minute! Despite being our FOURTH visit to the police station, this was the fastest one, and we finally, finally got the report!!! (:

Moved back to Splendid Stars Hotel as planned originally, because we were also supposed to come back here after our 3D2N in Halong Bay~ After trying so many hotels in Old Quarters, we still love Splendid Stars the most!!! So good to be back with our big 6 pax room!
 photo 20140830_183358_zpsa12984f1.jpg

With a heart shape waiting for us some more~ xD
 photo 20140830_183347_zpsc49eec1c.jpg

 photo 20140830_191350_zpsab02d917.jpg

The newly-wed…LOL!

Since it was our last night of the trip (finally~), we decided to use up our money and treat ourselves a good meal to make up for the shitty stuff that happened every day during this trip! Haha! But before that, we took our last chance to take some shots with the nice pregnant hotel staff that accompanied us to the police station for the first time and whom we had also became friend with! :D
 photo IMG_0672_zps9383318c.jpg

 photo IMG_0674_zps9f94ad80.jpg

Our first Vietnamese friend – Hannah! (((((:

She’s only 2 years older than us and she’s so cute, excitedly adding us on Facebook right away…hahaha! May she have a smooth delivery next month!!!
 photo IMG_0671_zps6b17ffca.jpg

Oh then there was also this super duper shy male staff there that is always smiling and nodding to us politely and shyly every time we requested him for something (e.g. extra pillow, fruit juice order and etc). Then he would quickly “run away” from our room as though we might drag him in and eat him up! LOLOL.

Yea so when he came to deliver our blanket and left shyly as usual, I made a casual comment to the girls that he’s really shy and that is somehow cute. Because of that, the 5 of them ganged up to start matchmaking us!!! FAINT!!!!!!!!!!

It turned really awkward in the end when even Hannah knew about it and kept trying to pull strings for us! And that also became the best entertainment for the night because the girls couldn’t stop talking about it and fantasizing about what could happen between us -___________-|||

So after requesting a picture with Hannah, we also requested one with the shy boy (that was before Hannah knows about the gossip -.-“) and he was really shyyyyyy that he kept refusing! Hannah said it’s because there are 6 of us – all girls and he’s the only guy! Hahahahahaha!

After much persuasion, he finally gave in and the girls went crazy, insisting that he should sit beside me! So he awkwardly squeezed into the seat where Hannah was sitting and because it was kinda squeezy, he didn’t know where to place his hands and he was just all awkward and shy!!! Kinda funny~

Then all of a sudden at the count of 3, 2, 1, he just suddenly pluck up all his courage and decided to put both his arms around CY and I! Yea he totally doesn’t look like he’s shy here, but you should see how he scurried off from us in less than a second super shyly right after the pictures!!! ROFL. It was so so so hilarious that we all burst out laughing!
 photo IMG_0675_zps37ed7a19.jpg

And that was also the last time we saw him…HAHAHAHA! Poor little boy~
 photo IMG_0676_zpsae6db19a.jpg

Anyhow, after some research, the girls chose The Moose & Roo Pub & Grill as our dining place because it was highly-recommended, though on the slightly more expensive end.
 photo 20140830_205808_zps850b844b.jpg

All the people in the restaurant were westerners and we seemed to be the only Asians, apart from the staff. Yes, we were there for some western food because we had enough of Vietnamese cuisines~
 photo 20140830_195558_zps73308f5d.jpg

 photo 20140830_200553_zps54d70c02.jpg

Western spring rolls? xD

 photo 20140830_201759_zpse2039aa0.jpg

My quesadilla which everyone thought is quite nice too! ((:

Wanted to check out their night market which is only available on the weekends but after seeing the crowd, we dropped the idea. I think we weren’t that enthusiastic about visiting anymore after the first 2 nights anyway =/

Had a hard time getting a cab though, because many roads were blocked due to the night market. I was so reluctant to walk all the way back even though it’s not that far, because it was really, really crowded and I can sense all the pickpockets awaiting!

In the end, I tried my luck by going into a random hotel and asked the staff for help to call a cab. Viola~ They were nice enough to help us! Hotel staffs are always the nicest ((:

Finally got our cab but who knows when we were nearing our hotel, the road was very much congested that we were stuck for a long time at the same road! The driver was getting frustrated as well and we were feeling bad for wasting his time as well, so eventually he asked if we wanna just walk back and we agreed.

It was quite crazy because imagine the usual traffic is already crazy enough but on this day, it was like 3 times worse. Cars were hardly moving but yet bikes were busy squeezing their ways through, not giving us any chance to cross at all! Then at the same time, we have to be careful not to be too close to any bikes in case our bags are snatched…Zzzzz.

Finally made our way back and the initial idea was to chill at the same nice cafe aka our favourite place now, but it was getting late and I was also quite disturbed by the crowd just now and how we walked back the previous night, so I suggested dabao-ing instead~ The girls were sharing my sentiment so we were soon back to our comfy room with our desserts! :D
 photo 20140830_224556-1_zps9488ee9f.jpg

 photo 20140830_224705-1_zps21471f06.jpg

Lemon cheesecake! (:

 photo 20140830_224353_zpsd4a9c18e.jpg

And macarons treat from Yinning!

Enjoyed our last hotel breakfast to the fullest by ordering my nice fried noodle again!
 photo 20140831_100758_zpsdfd3eeeb.jpg

But because I wanted to eat scrambled eggs as well, I requested for some scrambled eggs for my noodle but who knows they decided to just make me the whole scrambled egg breakfast set!!! So I had 2 sets of breakfast in the end but I couldn’t finish of course x.x
 photo 20140831_100331_zps0e412af8.jpg

Ordered some snacks to share as well including their traditional non-fried spring roll! Everything is free by the way, so it was really a sumptuous brunch to last us for the day! :D
 photo 20140831_102727_zps57e839ef.jpg

Had some time to kill before our flight in the noon so we decided to go for a foot massage first~ This time round I got a male masseur but since it’s just the feet, I didn’t mind so much. Somehow he was very much interested in my dead skins / peeling skins from all my blisters that he kept removing them for me while massaging -___-“
 photo 20140831_114636_zpsfcd6e63a.jpg

Went back to our hotel to wait for the transport to pick us up to the airport and I decided to try my luck to find back my bee ring that I had left in one of the hotels we moved to~ Tried asking at Splendid Jupiter and taduh~ It was indeed there!!! Hehe! Luckily I went back to ask about it!!! :D
 photo 20140831_125739_zpsf4c6f5a0.jpg

Reached the airport pretty early because given our suay-ness, I wanted avoid all the risk of missing our flight and having to stay in this place for another day! Haha! Got our hand-written boarding passes~
 photo 20140831_151428_zps7097c15b.jpg

 photo IMG_20140831_160908_zps9efd80b8.jpg

Couldn’t wait to go back!!!

 photo 20140831_183852_zps4138780c.jpg

Sunset. Supposed to look really beautiful without the reflection.

And that more or less summed up our unfortunate yet adventurous Vietnam trip! Adventurous because we actually survived, given the traffic, the safety, the police and all. I wouldn’t say it’s a real bad trip, because Vietnam has been a place that I wanna visit for quite some time, just that after this experience, it may not be soon before I revisit again~ Haha!

It’s still all experience and memories, so no regrets! Most importantly, I had made 5 new friends (including Hannah) through this trip and they really made this trip so much better! All the adventure, crazy moments and laughter that we shared – they will be remembered ((:

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

Life Is Beautiful Wrap Party~!

Continued with the war week and war time usually means no time to eat my cereal breakfast and sometimes lunch too~ But got a kind donation one morning! Hehehe~ Very nice chocolate chip muffin! :D
 photo IMG_20140911_130810_zpsccfd67b1.jpg

Got invited to another wrap party and it’s for the current drama project that we’re working on – Life Is Beautiful! It was held at Bugis+ again but this time at another bar – SHOW Club~
 photo 20140911_191333_zps957f39b8.jpg

 photo 20140911_191559_zps72fad865.jpg

Nice interior with stage!

 photo 20140911_191542_zps26f0be90.jpg

Mini buffet!

 photo 20140911_191750_zps265ea227.jpg

Beer party starts now~!

But we were considered the early birds and it was rather awkward, until the crowd started flowing in and our favourite character in the drama – Yahui also came in! We were so elated to see her that we shouted, “嘉嘉~!” when we saw her instead of calling her real name! xD

Told her how much we love her in the show and she was very sad that everyone loves her 嘉嘉 (the character) and not her…hahaha! But honestly, it’s because of the show that I started knowing her and liking her. Plus the way she speaks is so much like how she is in the drama that I felt like I’ve met her personally in the show before! Haha! She’s such a friendly person by the way! (:

Then Dasmond came and asked why we are all so “low“, so he suggested playing some app game – Guess The Word that is like Charades. It indeed got us all very hyped up!!! Hahaha!
 photo 20140911_201647_zps399f44c8.jpg
 photo 20140911_202026_zps1fb1c69e.jpg

Even the VIP – Ling Song jie, who is always being mentioned and thanked during almost every Star Awards, also joined in the game! So spontaneous! :D
 photo 20140911_202235_zpsf0e0b95a.jpg

 photo 20140911_202741_zpsbbc0e73e.jpg

Li Zhen jie’s turn!

And because the category we played was Singapore actors/actresses, all the bitchiness and gossips started coming out from the mouths of different cast and crew! “嘴巴很大的!” “胸很大的!” “现在脸不一样的那个!” LOL.

Quote of the night:

Me: 你的名字有在里面吗?

Dasmond: 有啦!我是红的 okay!!!


A glimpse of our noisy round of charades! (Not the noisiest one though) xD

 photo 20140911_193803_zpsf2c37582.jpg

The funniest director, but also the most “dangerous” one…hahaha!

The cam-whore session started and we quickly jumped on the bandwagon to take a picture with our favourite 嘉嘉!!! She even did her signature pose in the show for us…hahaha! So cuteeeeeee please! xD
 photo 20140911_204722_zps2dada489.jpg

Transformed back to Yahui! Still cute!!! Hehe! :D
 photo 20140911_204741_zps444eee6d.jpg

 photo 20140911_2049560_zps204c27e9.jpg

With our favourite character!

 photo 20140911_205400_zpsfac36cb3.jpg

With our favourite 监制!:D

The 监制 that is always so patient and appreciative towards us, and the 统筹 (production coordinator) that always organise such awesome wrap parties~! It’s my second time working with them so far (first was 最爱) and they are really nice people to work with/for! (((:
 photo 20140911_205246_zps975d246e.jpg

Finally found the chance to take a picture with Ming Jie as well! Hehe! 有没有帅到~~~~~
 photo 20140911_211117_zpsa8958a17.jpg

Selfie with his long arm as selfie stick! Hahaha! It’s our second time meeting him because he had previously came to our office to view his scenes to check on his own performance, but I missed the chance of asking him for a photo xD
 photo 20140911_211245_zps154c7dcd.jpg

More selfies~! :D
 photo 20140911_211151_zps33e2945a.jpg
 photo 20140911_211220_zps45e8e1d3.jpg
 photo 20140911_211153_zps08f48416.jpg

Was trying to take a shot for them but more and more kept joining in! Hahaha!
 photo 20140911_212706_zps29835a73.jpg
 photo 20140911_2127090_zpsea0dbf6c.jpg
 photo 20140911_212712_zps50d21121.jpg

 photo 20140911_212807_zpsf8b8a1a6.jpg

Selfie with the very 红 Dasmond! :P

Really hope they win the Favourite Onscreen Couple award! Their 默契 is really superb and they are just soooooo cute together! So much fun editing their scenes! xD
 photo 20140911_212606_zpsf7215283.jpg

 photo 20140911_212611_zpsf91e7a5a.jpg


 photo 20140911_214055_zps0548bfd4.jpg

Before party

 photo 20140911_214040_zpsefc5c051.jpg

Party starting~

 photo 20140911_213721_zps9417fc2f.jpg

Party started!

 photo 20140911_215225_zps86b30afe.jpg


 photo 20140911_215226_zps5f1f7bf8.jpg

Because Life Is Beautiful! (:

And as the party got more and more high~~~

The wolf evolved!!! ROFL.
 photo 20140911_204659copy_zps107a652d.jpg

 photo 20140911_204702copy_zps7957609e.jpg

Poor girl must be traumatised…hahaha!

Waited a long time before we finally took a picture with Pierre Png because he was seated way inside~
 photo 20140911_221521_zpsc7216b24.jpg

Had a chat with him because it’s our second drama project with him as male lead and he had actually heard about us ever since 最爱是你 from the EPs! ((:
 photo 20140911_221545_zpsc84f2375.jpg

 photo 20140911_215828_zps705647e4.jpg

Band of the night! xD

Special performance by Ming Jie & Ian!

 photo 20140912_001522_zpse19c0d21.jpg

The real live band of the night~

The party got more and more high as we all immersed in the music! Got dragged to stay by the 酒鬼 director who came late and I had soooo much beer as a result! I’m not a fan of beer at all because it makes me damn full but that was the only available :( Luckily towards the end when I felt really bloated, I could use my helpline – “I don’t wanna drink liaooooo~ I tell my brother ah!” Because some of them know my brother as well :P

Was supposed to wait to go off with Miss 统筹 but eventually I was tired and I realised that she would be the last to go off since she’s the main organiser! Sneaked off with the APs in the end and we were all dreading work the next day…haha~

But definitely had fun at the wrap party! They are all a fun-loving bunch and awesome people to work with! :D Group shot koped from Yahui because mine was too dark~ Oh I was sitting so right in front because I went to pass my phone to the photographer -_-“
 photo IMG_20140912_091306_zpsf42727ac.jpg

I still wanna post mine cause XMJ was sitting beside me!!! HAHAHAHAHA.
 photo 20140911_203947_1_zps648d035a.jpg

收工咯~!!!But again, 我们还没有 x.x
Anyway, Life Is Beautiful only premieres next year but do support when it’s out okay!!! You will love 嘉嘉 like we do, I bet!

(via thezodiaccity.com)

(via thezodiaccity.com)

“I like Yiyi”

Woke up early on Sunday for my first bowling session with my loveboy~! :D The boy is getting sticky to me that he actually asked me to carry him once he got off the car! Thank goodness I made it up the flight of stairs; this boy thinks he is still that 6kg baby. But I ain’t complaining because I like him being sticky to me ❤_❤

 photo 20140907_110658_zps5ca6b972.jpg

Bowling time~!

Oh I didn’t know the kids’ lane actually has bumpers at the side which means they will never kanna the “long gang“! OMG~ I think I need that too! LOL.
 photo 20140907_110700_zps2f03cc1c.jpg

Soon he got bored (as usual) and didn’t bother seeing how many pins he hit…hahaha!
 photo 20140907_110922_zps9923943a.jpg

 photo 20140907_111341_zps278837e4.jpg

Throw & go~

 photo 20140907_113317_zpsa7057459.jpg

Check out my cute socks! xD

 photo 20140907_111421_zps0470df1a.jpg

Selfie with le cheeky boy! <3

Despite the photo turning out blur because of his hyperactive-ness, I loveeeee how his chubby cheek takes the shape of the ball! *pinchhhhh~!*
 photo 20140907_111420_zps3a61ae9b.jpg

He chose his own lunch venue because of the free toy cars -_-“
 photo 20140907_130849_zpsa540ff1b.jpg

Then he requested for selfies with me on the way back! But I know he always bluff me one x.x
 photo 20140907_133407_zps31241711.jpg

Trying to take control of my phone again -_-“
 photo 20140907_133359_zps8c1240f7.jpg

 photo 20140907_132942_zps3cf78558.jpg

Cheeky monster!

 photo 20140907_132954_zps780aa501.jpg

Big talkative mouth that can talk non-stop!

 photo 20140907_133450_zps05d6e3ee.jpg

Trying to act 樱桃小嘴 now~

 photo 20140907_133504_zps5317a0c7.jpg


 photo 20140907_133506_zps5215f4e6.jpg

Mimicking his face in the previous pic! xD

 photo 20140907_133453_zps9104d755.jpg

Cho~ cheeky face!!!
(Don’t you love his double chin?)

It was the usual afternoon nap time and he was willing to give me 2 of his 臭臭 for nap! Though it’s his 2 least favourite ones, at least he agreed to share with me! He is usually very, very stingy with all his things and was never willing to spare anyone any of his things, let alone his precious pillows~ But this time he willingly passed them to me! HEHEHEHEHEHE!
 photo 20140907_175541_zps42a203c3.jpg

Dinner after nap at the nostalgic place! (:
 photo 20140907_183008_zps3f12b402.jpg

Remember standing here for hours just enjoying the breeze and looking at our neighbouring country~
 photo 20140907_183138_zps722b9953.jpg

 photo 20140907_192950_zpsf9823715.jpg

The lil’ prince in his trishaw carriage~

Hope to be back soon for the same breeze, the same privilege.
 photo 20140907_192842_LLS_zps45862983.jpg
 photo 20140907_193734_LLS_zpsbefb05db.jpg

 photo 20140907_202412_zps3a1a031a.jpg

Dessert @ Daily Scoop!
Look who’s drooling xD

Best thing of the night – loveboy said, “I like Yiyi~” for at least 3 times in the whole day!!!!!!!!!!!! And he even wanted me to go home with him and sleep at his place (even though I was already at home)awwwwwwwww~ Hearts such stickiness and possessiveness! ❤_❤

 photo IMG_20140908_204734_zps779f56ce.jpg

Caramel custard pudding! :D

 photo IMG_20140908_223430_zpscc99dca9.jpg

Gifts from Batam! Hehe!

 photo 20140909_122417-1_zps0f8b6d08.jpg

All-time comfort food (:

Impromptu decision to catch 《等一个人 咖啡》because I really don’t wanna miss any more movies.

It was soooooooo 白痴 and lame but it actually got me laughing the whole show! Oh I totally didn’t catch the poisoned nipple part! But after I got it, I just burst out laughing for a whole minute…hahahanahaha!!! Guess guys would get it more -_-“

The ending was touching, though I have guessed the twist halfway. “每一个人, 都在等一个人。
Thank you 九把刀 for always making me 哭笑不得! (:

Haven’t PhotoBooth-ed for a long time! Hehe!
 photo Photoon2014-09-10at2206_zps41528fa1.jpg
 photo Photoon2014-09-10at2207_zpsa554584a.jpg
 photo Photoon2014-09-10at22064_zps5eadc61e.jpg

 photo Photoon2014-09-10at22072_zpsf58c66c5.jpg


(via quotesandimages.com)

(via quotesandimages.com)

The Lil’ Sweetness

It had been a busy week being thrown between two projects that I really had a nightmare about Singapore river. Shots of the project kept floating in my mind; it’s like my mind is worrying about this river project while my heart is worrying about drama~ Miss my drama :'(

In the midst of doing Singapore river, drama AP came in to pass me this red wine! “监制给你的。他说不用用杯了, 直接喝。” Hahaha! Not sure if it’s the effect of drinking on an empty stomach, I was actually feeling giddy after I finished the bottle! =/
 photo 20140901_183253_zpsfefd1b7f.jpg

 photo 20140902_133349_zpsaccd6b24.jpg

Lemon Meringue pie for lunch because I was full from the nice potato salad from Sis! (:

 photo 20140902_210922_zpsb755c48a.jpg

Abby’s farewell again~
(Sinful fondue!!!)

Finally checked out Little Wimbly Lu! I am glad that they have decided to open another more accessible outlet at MyVillage!
 photo 20140902_221813_zps0ffafff7.jpg

But I still prefer the beautiful interior of the original outlet~
 photo 20140902_225244_zpsad5bf3ba.jpg

 photo IMG_20140902_223225_zpse685455a.jpg

Finally tried their waffle and it’s indeed niceeeeeeeee!!!

My must-have root beer cake! But somehow tasted different when not served in the usual glass :(
 photo IMG_20140902_223840_zpsd789cf8a.jpg

Lemon meringue again! Haha! Too bad I was really full~
 photo 20140902_222812_zpsbfad4fc7.jpg

 photo 20140904_133222_zps4086991a.jpg


 photo 20140903_150529_zps2fbd21dd.jpg

Best rainbow cake I’ve tried so far (:
Thank you, my sunshine <3

Impromptu JB trip with Ah Lyn to get mooncakesssss! And look who I bumped into! Haha!
 photo 20140906_133248_zps14c3b31b.jpg

Jammed till we were both hungry~ Finally settled in Nando’s for a shared meal because I wanted to save my stomach for other food too! Hehe!
 photo 20140906_151411_zps99dbdbab.jpg

There was 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo exhibition going on in City Square so there were Doraemons everywhere!!! :D
 photo 20140906_164208_zps80529550.jpg

We didn’t buy the ticket for the exhibition but we still managed to catch a good glimpse of the cute Doraemons!
 photo 20140906_164912_zpsd97b83b7.jpg
 photo 20140906_164544_zpsc63abb01.jpg
 photo 20140906_164503_zps809f23a2.jpg
 photo 20140906_164933_zps9f195081.jpg
 photo 20140906_164956_zps9680809f.jpg

 photo 20140906_164710_zps0bbe5b34.jpg

Simply cuteeeeeeee~

 photo 20140906_163850_zps19b06d70.jpg

Even has the house that looked so much like the cartoon!

 photo 20140906_164038_zpsbb48cf2a.jpg

Spot the time machine drawer~

Did you know?
Doraemon’s original paint colour was yellow. His colour changed after getting his ears gnawed off by a robot mouse. This caused him develop fear of mouse and slip into depression on top of a tower, where he drank a potion labelled “sadness”, which augmented his depression to the point where, as he wept, his yellow paint washed off, and his voice deepened. (via http://doraemon.wikia.com/wiki/Doraemon)

 photo 20140906_170948_zpsd5adfe9d.jpg


 photo 20140906_164235_zpsb27c5e11.jpg


There were game booths around as well but they all looked so tough for you to win a prize!
 photo 20140906_160121_zps4062d6f1.jpg

But aren’t they cuteeeeee?!
 photo 20140906_160136_zps84f6f8e9.jpg

 photo 20140906_160007_zps292825da.jpg


 photo 20140906_160309_zpse6518957.jpg

Pink Doraemons!

And guess what’s Lyn’s loot? A big bread!!!
 photo 20140906_163559_zpsd5833a6b.jpg

Not a normal bread but a memory bread! :P
 photo 20140906_163634_zps50a20db2.jpg

 photo 20140906_184631_zps0fdb18c2.jpg

Disappointing yam pudding drink~
Miss our ShareTea!

 photo 20140906_194443_zps9197a55d.jpg

Finally had space to try the Asam Laksa!!!
Shiokkkkkkkk~ But got my nose running x.x

Got back with bagsssss of loots and our cute mooncakes! Spent like S$100 each in total =OOOOO
At least I got myself something too – a cheap tee and a cheap skirt! Hehe!
 photo IMG_20140907_001150_zpse72564bd.jpg

 photo 20140907_001305_zpsba18f214.jpg

Mao Shan Wang Hello Kitty!

 photo 20140907_001356_zps71a12d50.jpg

But my mooncake doesn’t have Hello Kitty on it! D:

 photo 20140908_172643_zpsca17f7f5.jpg

At least the Doraemon one still has its face on ((:

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)