Eat, snap, shop!

It was a lazy Friday because I had chiong-ed finish my stuff on Thursday and new rushes only came in at the later half of the day~ Had a slightly longer lunch as one of my colleagues wanted to get some pies from Windowsill~

It’s Ping’s first visit there so she was rather amazed by the interior! Took a few shots for her which I thought is quite niceeee but she didn’t like them because cannot see her face clearly -_- She’s the real cam-whore lor!
 photo 20140725_144024_zps96173f8e.jpg
 photo 20140725_144156_zps5fb70533.jpg

Sometimes the overall feel is more important :P
 photo IMG_20140725_231449_zps28e10d5b.jpg

Slacking in Ally’s room with Mimi!
 photo 20140725_185901_zps25389cb1.jpg

And this is Mimi’s hip boyfriend – Momo!
 photo 20140725_185643_zpse3895cb7.jpg

 photo 20140725_185634_zpsec6b35eb.jpg

Never judge a race by its colour xD

Met up with Kai Bin & co for 1-for-1 TCC meal! We ordered 4 mains to share because we were still intending to head over to EWF for fries and dessert! The girls were craving for them after our last visit there…haha!

 photo 20140725_202756_zpscdd5d81f.jpg

Seafood aglio olio!

 photo 20140725_202724_zps4b0d7bdf.jpg

Creamy mushroom pasta!

 photo 20140725_203418_zps8125257f.jpg

Spring chicken which looks different from the menu~

The last was baked rice but the picture is blur =/
Moved on to Orchard Central for our EWF but before that, Chii Hian wanted to use up her Orchard Gateway vouchers that she got from the selfie contest. The first 1000 people who took a selfie with their gigantic “fashion-inspired, pop-art benches” and post on Instagram get to redeem a $10 voucher!

Chii Hian encouraged us to try our luck as well since the last time she redeemed, they barely hit 1K. So I chose this matching red shoe for my top! Haha!
 photo IMG_20140725_212006_zps6cd4f738.jpg

And ta-duh~! We were indeed only the 500+th people redeeming! But since the contest ends this weekend, the voucher expires this weekend as well and we had a hard time trying to spend our $10 voucher! Hahaha!
 photo 20140725_213209_zps46035541.jpg

Not to mention that it was already close to 10 and most of the shops were closed or closing by then, so we really had very limited choices. We all shared the same thought that for once, we have money that we find it so hard to spend! =X

In the end, all of us spent the vouchers in Watsons – one of my favourite stores! But even so, I still had a hard time deciding what to buy! Nevertheless, I was the one with the most loots in the end, making full use of my $10 plus $3 which I topped up…hehehehehehe! And all the stuff I bought are what I will definitely need! :D
 photo 20140725_231842_zps087ba213.jpg

Finally off for our EWF fries and Nutella tart, followed by selfie-spam with Chii’s selfie stick! My third time using in a week!!! I thought it’s really common now but we still attracted some attention raising the selfie stick in the middle of EWF…hahaha!

 photo IMG-20140725-WA0015_zpsec789ac7.jpg

Limin has joined them for short hair once again!

 photo IMG-20140725-WA0013_zps0767ad69.jpg

Everything with Fries!

 photo IMG-20140725-WA0010_zps17588b7c.jpg
 photo IMG-20140725-WA0009_zps22b83af1.jpg
 photo IMG-20140725-WA0014_zpsd163cd04.jpg
 photo IMG-20140725-WA0012_zpsb0792678.jpg

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

HOT Flow Yoga!

The preggie lady was craving for all kinds of fruits these days and we happened to see this huge Taiwan mango for $5!
 photo 20140724_173904_zpsa8109803.jpg

The above picture may not do justice but look how big it is compared to my face!
 photo 20140724_174008_zps6456adb5.jpg

I randomly held it up to my ear and went, “Hello?
Then Ping turned around with a shocked “Huh???” because she thought who I was saying hello to, and she just burst out laughing at my silly act upon realising! Hahahahahahahaha!
 photo 20140724_173952_zps0da4a96b.jpg

After cutting! One piece each like this was enough to make us fulllllll~
 photo 20140724_174451_zps39fd165a.jpg

Off for hot yoga with the girls~! It’s Tiff’s first time doing hot yoga (she has tried the normal one before at least) while Lyn’s virgin try on yoga itself! We were keeping our fingers crossed that she wouldn’t faint halfway in the 40°C hot room! Hahaha!

 photo 20140724_201055_zps0ff43cc6.jpg

Before our Hot Flow Yoga!

And after the 1-hour of torture – half dead! Hahahahaha!
 photo 20140724_212729_zps2e0d877c.jpg

I think it’s not my first time doing hot flow class but somehow it’s quite a very different experience because the first half of the class was more on stamina; it’s 3 sets of repetitive moves at super fast pace so you gotta keep moving into different positions, up and down, up and down repeatedly in the hot room! Definitely sweated a hell lot!!!

Thank goodness I have tried most of the moves before so it wasn’t that difficult for me to catch up with the pace. Just that sometimes it’s so fast that I would miss out some steps and be in different position as the others…hahaha! The 2 girls on the other hand were slowing down towards the end because it’s really super fast paced! But at least they did not give up! (:

The second half of the class was the usual endurance kind where we gotta hold in different positions for some time. The poses got more and more difficult towards the end that my jaw literally dropped when the instructor demoed the last pose, so did Lyn’s…LOL. And when the instructor tried to correct her and push her to her limit, she said she thought her bones were gonna break…HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Definitely a super shagged class! I still enjoy the first half of the class more because I hate endurance training! Will always be shaking like mad in the various positions…hahaha! But of course fast-paced class has its bad as well, which is you don’t know if you’re doing it correctly or not cause it’s too fast =/

The shagged AFTER pictures with the 2 red faces! LOL.
 photo 20140724_212912_zps17feb222.jpg
 photo 20140724_212858_zps2ddaa222.jpg
 photo 20140724_213521_zps15038964.jpg
 photo 20140724_213201_zps1eacd945.jpg
 photo 20140724_213158_zps71a68fcf.jpg

 photo 20140724_212953_zps2706175f.jpg

JU-ON preview~

Nevertheless, still glad that the girls survived the class!!! I remember my first time doing hot yoga, I kept wondering when will the 1 hour be up! I bet the girls felt the same way! Hahaha!
 photo 20140724_212841_zpseaf5b7ff.jpg

But I still love the feeling after the whole sweaty session! Soaking wet top and shorts; it just feels so good~!!! :D
 photo 20140724_213628_zps71c2b8df.jpg

Good job, girls~!!!
 photo 20140724_213704_zpsc258b3ec.jpg

3 more classes to go, we can do it!!! :D
 photo 20140724_213707_zps47228a03.jpg

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

Parents’ Guide wrap!

Monday surprise on table! Just because I have been looking for cheaper dried cranberries for my cereal ((:
 photo IMG_20140721_102019_zpsc16cbcf6.jpg

Finally had some time to sit down on my couch and read some magazines because I was rendering something that would take forever! Somehow everyone’s attention went to the “sex siren” words -_-“
 photo IMG_20140722_113723_zps69a1b274.jpg

Met up with Mommeyyyyyyy the previous night and she wanted to get me this, but I told her that I already bought and it’s in office so ta-duh~ An excuse to take selfie as evidence! :P
 photo 20140722_111625_zpsd92a489d.jpg

It was the official last day for the 2-episode variety programme we had been working on and although 2 episodes sounded like an easy task, it still took us a couple of weeks to complete. Yes, each episode of programme on TV contains so much hard work from so many people but people hardly know~

 photo IMG_20140722_193421_zpse53e4d49.jpg

Last day of seeing this cutie pie on our screen~!

Anyhow, we decided to have a self-declared wrap party! And since our first outing with the nice AP was to sing K, we had our “last” outing the same way! Hehe! My 2 crazy K-buddies~
 photo 20140722_230623_zpse8723e9d.jpg

And after 3 hours of Ally’s “我不要唱了 (it’s her style; she only sings half a song for each song…LOL) and constipated high-pitch emo songs, we ended the night with selfies and more selfies! :D Second time using the selfie stick!!!
 photo 1406042923474_zpsde0e8819.jpg
 photo 1406042930658_zpse15d3cc1.jpg
 photo 1406042945672_zps01fb7358.jpg

I think Miss Hulk has found her talent – making the ugliest face…LOLOL! We didn’t realise how 丑 were they until Ally and I were browsing through the photos in the train and we burst out laughing!!!
 photo 1406042925659_zps6f7b6970.jpg
 photo 1406042929253_zps82b0f8cd.jpg

Don’t be deceived by her not-so-feminine look though, cause she has really been sweet and she even gave us a farewell gift with a handmade card! Awwwww~ Really touched by her sweet thoughts and effort!
 photo IMG_20140723_004106_zps611b96e2.jpg

Thank you for all the care, sweet treats, nagging and kind words! Throwback picture from last week~
 photo 1405677630902_zps7b6101ee.jpg

Back to the new drama again and although it has been fun working with Miss Hulk and the funny EP, I still miss drama!!! Haha! Cause dramas have more emotions involved, like when it’s a sad scene, you would feel like crying along, and when it’s a comedic scene, it would make you laugh so naturally that sometimes you don’t realise! I like stuff and people that bring me laughter (:

And in every drama, I will usually have a favourite character~ So for this, it’s none other than, HER!!!
 photo 20140723_115758_zps41f6a00e.jpg

I didn’t like her initially after seeing her in other shows but we totally fell in love with her in this! Whenever there’s laughter coming from Ping’s room or mine, it’s usually her scenes…hahaha! She’s really cuteeeeeeeeeeeee~
 photo IMG_20140724_170305_zps2bc0a730.jpg

Finally back for Balaclava‘s ladies’ night once again!
 photo IMG_20140723_223303_zps284b6ba0.jpg

The most attractive thing apart from the damn good live band is of course their 50% off drinks :P
And after coming up with a story for Xuannie’s flyaway lip balm, I came up with another story inspired by our drinks – Absolut Bitch, Absolut Stress and Sex On The Beach! The inspiration is almost instantaneous; it’s basically this bitch feeling so stressed that she ends up having sex on the beach…HAHAHAHAHAHA. I am so talented, I know~
 photo 20140723_210522_LLS_zps54d00754.jpg

Photobombed by many hands -_- And the flash = small eyes.
 photo 20140723_230055_zps9ea2660e.jpg

(via firebones.tumblr)

(via firebones.tumblr)

NE 2 & Flor!

Reached 1 hour late on purpose and yet the practice still did not commence until like 40-50 minutes later…Zzzzz. By the time we hit the field, the sun was blazing. I swear I felt like a turkey in the oven, and everyone was enduring the hot sun, all for the night’s show. Yet they were some cowards hiding somewhere instead of coming down to practise, and those are the ones who are always getting lost during formations. One word – DESPISE!!!!!!!!!!!

It was another super tiring practice that really drained all energy from us~ Super hot, super sweaty, super exhausted. But I guess we really needed the practice, that’s why BS 老师 was trying so hard perfecting our performance. He has always been a very “忍一时风平浪静,退一步海阔天空” person to me, yet he threw a really huge temper at 2 students, I think the reason is clear why. Even Leng Leng said she has never seen him so worked up before…hmmmm.

Anyhow, off for NE2 and finally took a picture with Mr Dimple again in full costume this time! It’s damn funny because he missed me on the bridge the previous time and this time round, he almost did again because we were referring to different bridges! -FAINT!- Super gong one!!! Thank goodness he spotted me and came down…hahaha!
 photo 20140719_192259_zps7ade3094.jpg

I even helped him photoshop off his vampire teeth in this shot because he got too paiseh from all the aunties’ gossiping, saying that we look alike and etc so he smiled awkwardly -_- To me, aunties and gossips come hand in hand, so I never really bothered.
 photo IMG_20140719_215308_zps7a0780a0.jpg

In the fugly wig, ready for NE2! I refuse to take picture with anyone in this ugly thing by the way! No! Never!
 photo 20140719_193929_zpsd97c1cce.jpg

Quite excited for the show because I am having guests again~! I didn’t have any last year because I ended up giving my tickets away, so I am happy that I have “supporters” again this year :D Almost missed the chance of taking pictures with them because there was suddenly a new rule of exiting from the back this week, but luckily they managed to come down!

 photo 20140719_203556_zpsd5ec4f1e.jpg

With the silly couple! :D

Was disappointed with the blur picture so we took selfies!
 photo 20140719_203621_zpsbfe9b39b.jpg
 photo 20140719_203622_zpsdfcaabd9.jpg

 photo 20140719_203704_zps9e70b9ca.jpg

Trying out my fugly wig! HAHAHA!

I was still no satisfied with the pictures and kept trying to find someone to take for us again~ I mean how can I just let them go like this! Luckily Lyn and Tiff happened to pass by…haha! Much better shot! :D Thank you for coming, my loves!
 photo 20140719_203728_zps9514eecb.jpg

Candid shot taken that I couldn’t even recall what conversation we were having! But Queen actually remembered!

Queen: Eh! 明年的票我也要!因为是在 stadium~

Gui: 你以为 Vivian 只有你一个 friend 啊?!


 photo 20140719_203753_zps936313ae.jpg

(Don’t ask me why am I eating my own hand -_-)

Another supporter – Nat! He actually waited for me to take pictures with me as promised! And it’s my first time using the selfie stick aka monopod! So cool please~ I want one too!!! Hahaha!
 photo 10567510_10152671829164416_705384228_n_zps92428460.jpg
 photo 10528083_10152671829124416_467135138_n_zps549602e2.jpg

Overall it was quite a satisfying show this week. I don’t know about how the entire show looked but at least on my end, I did not make any mistake and also did not spot any aunties making major ones (though some still standing in wrong positions -_-).

More importantly, I did it without my formation paper! Usually even if I can remember my positions, I will still hold this “talisman” in my hand just in caseeeeee I screw up halfway, but this time round I forgot about it and I did not even realise! Haha!

Sunday was spent with le loveboy cause I hadn’t seen him for so long! Definitely misseddddddddd him and his puffy cheeks! And those chubby legs, the incessant baby talks, the cheekiness and just everything!

But before that, decided to make a trip down to Flor to finally put my voucher into good use before it expires! Haven’t been able to find someone to “help me use” the voucher and I figured that Sis and that ultimate cake-lover could be helpful~
 photo 20140720_124040_zps72e85166.jpg

Excited to try the cakes because they are highly-raved by food bloggers, Ping and even APs who went there for shoots recently!
 photo 20140720_164904_zps7f7a505c.jpg

The cakes I chose are all the recommended ones or those being voted in hungrygowhere. The Royale topped the votes and I like it cause it tastes like strudel! :D
 photo 20140720_162452_zps32cd540b.jpg

Strawberry souffle was also one of the popular choices and I chose it also because it looks like the kind of strawberry shortcake that Isaac will like. But it’s actually a mixture of cheesecake and normal cake; not bad, just that I was expecting it to be even better, given the rave. Still miss One Caramel‘s the most :(
 photo 20140720_162625_zpsb2c0fa4f.jpg

Another that I chose was the Mango Pie, as recommended by ladyironchef. The mangoes were yummy, but the base itself turned out a little disappointing because there’s a layer of burnt-looking area on top (I thought it’s chocolate initially) and I don’t know if it’s on purpose or what, but it tasted bitter =/
 photo 20140720_162544_zps9c69e9db.jpg

Last but not least, how can one ever miss out on their signature ice cheese tart! But since I am not crazy over cheese or cheesecakes, I was kinda skeptical as to whether I will like the tart. So I bought the maple flavour one instead of the original and it turned out super nice! Sis and I love it and I think it’s the best choice amongst all others :D
 photo 20140720_163440_zpsd896267f.jpg

Selfie with the loveboy! Don’t you just feel like pinching his cheeks?! xD
 photo 20140720_142341_zps1b23144f.jpg

But that was the only successful one, the rest turned out like this -_-“
 photo 20140720_142645_zps5433fb59.jpg

You can see how much of a terror he is! He was trying to snatch my phone and when it finally landed in his hand, he started dialing from my emergency contacts -________-|||
 photo 20140720_142632_zps3de63206.jpg

His new-found hobby is to roll around me like I’m a dough under the roller -_- But just nice cause I’m pretty good at rollin‘ around in bed…HAHAHAHA! So when my rolling skill outplays him, he started hiding in his “shelter“! I guess this is the only time you’ll love a monster.

 photo 20140720_142425_zps7b687caa.jpg

The picture that spells CHEEKINESS.




 photo IMG_20140715_134800_zps77e19006.jpg

The must-have at Blisse because I was craving for durian so much!!!

 photo IMG_20140716_133345_zps9524f14d.jpg

Lunch with Buddy, who came all the way down for me the Long House duck rice!

 photo IMG_20140716_210618_zpsdd170c54.jpg

Super happy to find caramel pudding ice-cream in SG!
Though a little more expensive~

 photo IMG_20140717_140940_zps0464f05a.jpg

Finally had my duck kway tiao!
Duck again, but mock one this time~ Still YUMS!

 photo 20140717_211646_zps38fed22c.jpg

Swimming session to clear both our minds!

Tempted by these $1 durians on the way back and I decided to buy 2 back! I don’t usually buy durians on my own because I am scared of getting conned, since I don’t know how to choose. But whenever I ask my mum to get, she would come up with tonnes of excuses and I figured that no one’s ever gonna fulfill their durian promise to me and my durian wish except for myself!

I loveeee $1 durians because even if I get conned, it’s just $1~ But they turned out to be pretty good!!! Fleshy, small seeds, sweet, 香 and they are not even the mini size kind; 1 of the durians is even the size of those 1 for $5 or $10 kind! Super worth it!!! Hope they still have next week…hehehehe~

 photo IMG_20140718_143151_zps1c23bee9.jpg

 photo IMG_20140718_161700_zps5c7a369d.jpg

Twelve Cupcakes from client again!
From new drama director this time! (:

I was damn amused when my HongKee EP is rather skeptical about the cupcake because he’s on a diet and seldom eats such stuff…

Me: 很好吃的!

EP: *in his Hongkee accent* 什么来地啊??

Me: Cupcake lor! 很好吃的~ 你没吃过吗?

EP: 没 “七” 过 eh… 我不 “七” 这种东西的。。*tastes a bit of the cream* 哇,死啦!真的很好 “七” leh…

Me: *LOL*

EP: 好 “七” 的东西都会害死人地。。。

-After like 10 seconds and I turned around again, his whole cupcake was gone!!!*

Me: *exclaimed* HUH 你吃完了啊?!?!?!? 你一口吃完的啊?!?!?!?!

And he smiled to me awkwardly…hahahahahahaha!!!

It was the deadline for a few projects that Friday night, including the variety programme I am working on, so the office was exceptionally crowded and noisy even after knock-off time~ EP and directors from new drama came in as well and they opened a bottle of red wine, so 我有口福了!Haha!

 photo IMG_20140718_180227_zps8c57949f.jpg

The awkward moment you “cheers”-ed with your boss when you’re still at work~

 photo IMG_20140718_190109_zpsc9443838.jpg

And the bosses continued opening a few more bottles…

Missed the annual La Senza lingerie stock-up with the Na-sisters due to OT but joined them for dessert since I hadn’t seen the girls for a long time! So nice to see them having sisterly chats over dinner (:

Walking past Emerald Hill makes me miss No.5 Martinis so so so so so muchhhhhhhhhh! Gonna promise myself a trip there real soon!!!

(via heytherecupcakee.tumblr)

(via heytherecupcakee.tumblr)