photo IMG_20140715_134800_zps77e19006.jpg

The must-have at Blisse because I was craving for durian so much!!!

 photo IMG_20140716_133345_zps9524f14d.jpg

Lunch with Buddy, who came all the way down for me the Long House duck rice!

 photo IMG_20140716_210618_zpsdd170c54.jpg

Super happy to find caramel pudding ice-cream in SG!
Though a little more expensive~

 photo IMG_20140717_140940_zps0464f05a.jpg

Finally had my duck kway tiao!
Duck again, but mock one this time~ Still YUMS!

 photo 20140717_211646_zps38fed22c.jpg

Swimming session to clear both our minds!

Tempted by these $1 durians on the way back and I decided to buy 2 back! I don’t usually buy durians on my own because I am scared of getting conned, since I don’t know how to choose. But whenever I ask my mum to get, she would come up with tonnes of excuses and I figured that no one’s ever gonna fulfill their durian promise to me and my durian wish except for myself!

I loveeee $1 durians because even if I get conned, it’s just $1~ But they turned out to be pretty good!!! Fleshy, small seeds, sweet, 香 and they are not even the mini size kind; 1 of the durians is even the size of those 1 for $5 or $10 kind! Super worth it!!! Hope they still have next week…hehehehe~

 photo IMG_20140718_143151_zps1c23bee9.jpg

 photo IMG_20140718_161700_zps5c7a369d.jpg

Twelve Cupcakes from client again!
From new drama director this time! (:

I was damn amused when my HongKee EP is rather skeptical about the cupcake because he’s on a diet and seldom eats such stuff…

Me: 很好吃的!

EP: *in his Hongkee accent* 什么来地啊??

Me: Cupcake lor! 很好吃的~ 你没吃过吗?

EP: 没 “七” 过 eh… 我不 “七” 这种东西的。。*tastes a bit of the cream* 哇,死啦!真的很好 “七” leh…

Me: *LOL*

EP: 好 “七” 的东西都会害死人地。。。

-After like 10 seconds and I turned around again, his whole cupcake was gone!!!*

Me: *exclaimed* HUH 你吃完了啊?!?!?!? 你一口吃完的啊?!?!?!?!

And he smiled to me awkwardly…hahahahahahaha!!!

It was the deadline for a few projects that Friday night, including the variety programme I am working on, so the office was exceptionally crowded and noisy even after knock-off time~ EP and directors from new drama came in as well and they opened a bottle of red wine, so 我有口福了!Haha!

 photo IMG_20140718_180227_zps8c57949f.jpg

The awkward moment you “cheers”-ed with your boss when you’re still at work~

 photo IMG_20140718_190109_zpsc9443838.jpg

And the bosses continued opening a few more bottles…

Missed the annual La Senza lingerie stock-up with the Na-sisters due to OT but joined them for dessert since I hadn’t seen the girls for a long time! So nice to see them having sisterly chats over dinner (:

Walking past Emerald Hill makes me miss No.5 Martinis so so so so so muchhhhhhhhhh! Gonna promise myself a trip there real soon!!!

(via heytherecupcakee.tumblr)

(via heytherecupcakee.tumblr)

The Storm

JB trip with Chienny and Joanjoan on Sunday to celebrate the latter’s birthday and also shop for her own pressies! Spotted some really cuteeeeeeeeeee 蜡笔小新 plushies and couldn’t resist taking some pictures! I used to love him a lot and I still enjoy watching his cartoon now~

 photo 20140706_150622_zpse6190037.jpg


 photo 20140706_150635_zpsf05fefc5.jpg

Chua sai

 photo 20140706_150627_zps59f5625b.jpg

Favourite – Hurrrrrr!

 photo 20140706_171048_zpse2814f12.jpg

Finally tried the durian ice-cream! But still crave for real durian :(

 photo 20140706_185026_zps5ca1883c.jpg

And finally had my 許留山 again~

 photo 20140706_185117-1_zpsd30281ab.jpg

Always too full for it but managed to squeeze down this time!

Brand new week and brand new shit. Work was okay; it was the last week with the crazy drama APs and I reckon that the office is gonna be quiet for quite some time again before the new drama reaches the final stage where directors start coming in again.

Monday morning started off with this siao por coming into my room to chit-chat with me and when I finally turned around, I saw her sitting there, holding on to a kettle and cleaning the inside of it while talking -___- Now I really know why they say women can multitask the best!!!
 photo 20140707_101515_zps00b244e7.jpg

Lunch at Fortune Centre again and explored Indian cuisine this time! No egg prata so the BOMB is my new-found favourite!
 photo 20140707_142803_zpsd6ca2c34.jpg

 photo 20140707_142813_zps645f46d8.jpg

Indian rojak~
Super filling!!!

 photo IMG_20140707_162158_zps604471ba.jpg

Definitely brought a big grin to my face (:

Catching the episode that I edited at bud’s house and annoying Gui and bud with the lines because some are still stuck in my head! “是谁逼谁啦~~~” Hahahahaha!
 photo IMG_20140707_213629_zpsecf45423.jpg

 photo 20140709_124934_zpsc3a5ebf0.jpg

Variety AP’s treat again! *blessed*

 photo IMG_20140711_114406_zps5913e61e.jpg

And the pig head drama AP enjoying her last day here…

End of one project marks the start of another~ The previous one hasn’t been smooth and has not really come to a complete end actually. Nevertheless, hope this new drama is smooth and fun!

 photo IMG_20140711_113114_zps907f898c.jpg

Light happened to be shining on Ep11 script…
11:11 *wish*

First NE show but I did not take any pictures except for capturing the sweet moment of the cute couple~ He actually prepared her costumes for her and even helped her to put them on! ((:
 photo PhotoGrid_1405433313697_zps2c5a67f1.jpg

Wasn’t quite satisfied with the performance mainly because of the horrifying moment when I spotted this auntie in green costume standing amongst all the Malay performers in blue costumes during their Malay highlight! I was seriously horrified that I kept shouting for her to move away from them and I missed my own dance steps…Zzzzzz.

I really don’t understand how can one not realise that you’re obviously the odd one out amongst those in extremely different costumes! And she actually said she was busy looking on the ground for her marker that she did not even realise until I told her! ARGH!

I know I told the aunties that if they can’t find their markers in time, please stop running around and just dance at where they are so that it would be less obvious from the top. But I wasn’t expecting anyone to really be randomly standing anywhere, at least stand somewhere within your own group right?! 气死我了!

And it’s even more infuriating because they never listen, plus it affected my own performance too. Felt that I have disappointed Steven 老师 because he still told me to dance well before the show :( Sigh. Shouldn’t have cared. Arghhhhhh. But I cannot just don’t care! Double arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Anyway, hopefully the next performance and the remaining few would be really good. It hasn’t been a good week but I’m still trying my best to focus and give my best for everything I do. Just please let this shitty week be gone for good. May the storm be over soon. Please.

(via quotesandimages.com)

(via quotesandimages.com)

CR 3

Had been craving for a good brunch and finally fulfilled that on Saturday~ Settled for Group Therapy after doing some research on good Eggs Benedict; just nice it’s one of the many places in Tanjong Pagar that I have been wanting to check out.
 photo 20140705_120058_zps4a1a005c.jpg

 photo 20140705_125527_zpsd7751087.jpg

Group Therapy

 photo 20140705_125538_zpsda4b8e62.jpg

The interior

 photo 20140705_121113_zps20ec86b7.jpg

Not thattt cozy or spacious but the food make up for it!

 photo 20140705_122715_zps161b548a.jpg

Delighted with my much-craved Eggs Benedict!!!

This is like their signature that (yes, I did lots of research!) so I was telling Lyn that she would regret not ordering the same!
 photo IMG_20140705_124249_zps0879b233.jpg

But it turned out that her scrambled eggs with croissant was not bad too (though mine still better)~ Just look at the amount of eggsssssssss given!!! =OOOOOO
 photo 20140705_122636_zps79ae8dd4.jpg

Off for NDP and we had rounds of practice at the field before heading over to the platform~ Added a new wave dance at the end and it was enough to exhaust us. I can’t believe the repeated wave itself is much more tiring than the various dances.

Anyhow, it was the first week that I finally put on the ugly costumes…Zzzzz. But I still don’t regret getting into the Indian group because all the other costumes are ugly too I have tried Eurasian and Malay for the past 2 years~ Now it’s left with Chinese costume! But I doubt I would ever wanna try =/

 photo IMG_20140705_184213_zps09dcd5a9.jpg

I think the nicest thing is my own floral shoes, though a big mismatch.

 photo 20140705_183705_zpsb8629d18.jpg

Ready for CR3!

Oh it’s also the first rehearsal with audience! Standing in the first row again is not funny, but luckily all I see is blurry patches of lights. And guess who was the first to catch my performance this year!
 photo 20140705_202624_zps7db3bca8.jpg

 photo 20140705_202726_zps77db41e5.jpg

With TCC & Van!

 photo 20140705_203012_zps8ba00c71.jpg

And they gave me a balloon rose! :D

So delighted because it’s my first “flower” after a performance! Haha! But most importantly, it’s the words of encouragement and appreciation that make my day~ A simple “加油” or “Good job” always means so much to me.
 photo 20140705_204931_zpse263060c.jpg

 photo 20140705_203123_zps7d0422c5.jpg

Impromptu blurry pic with the Malay girl~

 photo 20140705_223958_zps29b4d740.jpg

Eggs again after rehearsal! =OOOOOO

 photo IMG_20140705_231446_zps034d8315.jpg

All-time favourite.

 photo IMG_20140705_143817_zpsaaada7ec.jpg

Sweet KL gift from Jia Jia!

 photo IMG_20140705_234114_zpsd184a944.jpg

Spurring me on for the remaining performances!

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The Happiness Of War

Had a relaxing 2 days before war officially started on Wednesday! The war of re-editing with Executive Producer, which is also like the final stage before the drama starts airing~

Had the luxury to explore more eateries in Fortune Centre and found one that has 鱼翅拉面! Oh makes me miss my Holland V one even more! Too bad they ran out of that so I tried their olive rice instead! :D
 photo IMG_20140630_170854_zpsd51a1aed.jpg

Not bad, quite nice too! Even shared the same table as Lin Xiang Ping and I was do tempted to call her by the name in the drama that we’re working on right now! xD

Overseas gift from boss! Now I have more key-chains than chains to hang them on…hahaha!
 photo IMG_20140630_132619_zps52d58f36.jpg

Caught the latest Transformers and am I the only one feeling that it’s getting worse with each sequel??? Like it’s becoming a “branding” now; everyone’s going after because it’s cool and etc and not because the plot is good.

The plot was really mediocre in my opinion – wayyyyyy too much coincidences which I really hate. I think the main aim of the movie is just to show how coooooool the different robots are, especially the new ones and that’s it. Oh and the explosions, how can we miss out on that.

Spent the last day of my freedom watching drama – not any other drama but our current drama! Haha! Was helping Ping check her episodes so I decided to just watch through them~ So gonna miss this cute face! :P
 photo 20140701_120738_zps737bbc54.jpg

Back to the same restaurant that we had not been to for some time and so glad that the taste is still all the same! (:
 photo IMG_20140705_113308_zpsbe4320e9.jpg

War officially started on Wednesday but it wasn’t as bad as I thought actually! We managed to finish 2 episodes in a day, which is really a record-breaking achievement for the EP! Haha!

I think I am damn lucky because her good mood kinda helped a lot as well~ During Ally’s round, the EP was sighing all the way and even banging the walls! LOL. Ping warned us beforehand not to be affected, so I tried to stay as positive as possible and helped to lighten the mood (:

I was basically singing randomly every now and then, cracking jokes along with the director who was sitting in and playing with my Minion (-_-”), oh and going gaga over my Han Wei!!!

Me: Don’t you think his (Han Wei’s) reaction is so cuteeeee? ♡_♡

EP: Now I know why this episode overrun! Must be you left all his shots longgggg longggg~~~~

Hahahahahahaha!!! I was so crazy over him until she couldn’t stand it and started referring him as “你的可爱的” now xD

In the midst of all the stress trying find the best way to present the various scenes, my room was still always full of laughter every now and then :D I even laughed when I made a small mistake which caused the actor to suddenly disappear within 1 frame and the EP was like, “自己弄错还笑自己 leh! -___-|||” LOLOL.

I think in the past I would be really stressed up and upset with myself for making such mistake, but now I have learnt to 看开 in the sense that it’s not a huge mistake or anything unsalvageable, so I would rather laugh at my silly mistakes and avoid making them again than to be demoralised by them.

Simple date after the war! Explored a new cafe which is in Ang Mo Kio and yet I didn’t know about it~
 photo 20140702_210320_zps685bb2be.jpg

 photo 20140702_203115_zpsec07e4a4.jpg

Spideeeeeeee web~

 photo 20140702_203055_zps27dfac9e.jpg


 photo 20140702_204715_zpsd34ef9ad.jpg

Gave up on my Pine Garden’s for these!!!

 photo 20140702_204531_zpsab53243a.jpg

Blueberry cheesecake & Chocolate Royale <3

Continued the war on Thursday and despite starting only at 2pm, we managed to clear another episode! Off for extra practice at the platform but I think we waited more than we practised -.- Got our prop for this year which is a cloth “prata” so everyone was busy practising the spin. My spinning skill is kinda inconsistent but thankfully I don’t have to spin so much! Haha!
 photo 20140703_200129_LLS_zpscd624431.jpg
 photo 20140703_200141_LLS_zps51c11bf8.jpg

This year our concept is like a coffeeshop so when you spot any stalls being pushed out in front, that’s our item! Fancy some hor fun? :D
 photo 20140703_204612_zpsfcca2d74.jpg

 photo 20140703_204750_zpsef238a58.jpg

With the real stall owner – Anthony! xD

Friday was a more stressful day because it’s the start of re-editing another director’s episodes so the progress wasn’t as well~ There were a few times we were stuck on some scenes, not being able to find a solution to “salvage” them, but there were still laughter and happy moments of course…

Like when the new variety programme AP popped by with a box of Twelve Cupcakes for us!!! :D
 photo 20140704_143628_zpsf66ee3ce.jpg

I was just saying they look yummy the previous day and I got to eat the very next day! Hehe! I think they taste nicer when it’s a sweet thought from someone and especially when it’s from client (:
 photo 20140704_143652_zps55f20b60.jpg

She even got me this Korilakkuma dust cap after knowing that I like Rilakkuma! Hehe!
 photo IMG_20140705_093913_zpsbb7d0b8a.jpg

In the midst of fighting our war, the drama APs and variety AP were having a discussion outside. And when we finally break for the toilet (we usually hold our bladder as much as we can during war x.x)

Me: *open door* Wah! 为什么每个人都在这里???Gathering 啊?!

Variety AP: 大家都要抢你。。。

Me: 抢我???

Variety AP: 我的 client 有 some changes, then 我的监制想要你帮他弄。可是你 next week 有 drama.

Me: Yah…我应该被抢不过~ *LOL*

This is probably why I love my job, because this is where I can really feel my importance ((:

Finally got to eat our cupcakes while the EP was back to office for a short while! Haha! Took the chance to cam-whore because we there’s an Instagram contest and we wanted to win more cupcakes!!! Hehe!
 photo 20140704_155907_zps36c01d5d.jpg

 photo 20140704_155912_zps57976069.jpg

With my crazy drama AP! <3

Was checking the roller credits when I saw this!
 photo 20140703_184219_zpsda94c74a.jpg

Me: Aiyoh! 不用这么客气啦!连我家人都谢 xD

APs: *LOL*

Me: 我要拍下来!难得 leh…

EP: 真是受不了你!!!

LOLOLOL. Of course it’s not for me! 但严肃的 EP 也因这样,笑了 :D

Friday night turned from a drinking night to a simple ice-cream night because we flew the director’s aeroplane~ It’s not a bad way to end the work week; need to conserve energy to continue the war next week! But no matter what, I will survive!!! *insert muscle emoji*

 photo IMG_20140704_205732_zps440eb86f.jpg

My Christmas Horlick! (;

 photo 20140704_214438_zps2198279a.jpg

Colourful self-decorated cups!

(via picsandquotes.com)

(via picsandquotes.com)

Taiwan 2014 – Day 8 & 9 – Hello Kitty Cafe

16 May 2014

Started the day with yet another caramel-pudding flavoured stuff – pudding milk!!! :D
 photo 20140515_232137_zps10c636b6.jpg

It’s super nice too!!!!!!! Omgggggg~ Missing all my caramel pudding stuff already D:
 photo 20140516_110054_zps13e2217a.jpg

Today’s itinerary was no more sight-seeing but mainly shopping! Since it was the second last day and I was still not satisfied with the amount of loots I had, I was looking forward to splurge all my remaining money in Wufenpu! If Platinum Mall is the Bangkok paradise for females, then 五分埔 shall be the Taipei paradise~!

But before that, we had to stop by this cute paradise first! xD
 photo 20140516_122104_zps2805e5ea.jpg

 photo 20140516_122033_zpsb117bfb1.jpg

Hello Kitty cafe!!!

 photo 20140516_122043_zps8adc5ed3.jpg

So pretty please!

 photo 20140516_122054_zpsf709d815.jpg

All the cakes are so pretty too!

 photo 20140516_123217_zps3c1f3005.jpg

A peek into the cafe~

 photo 20140516_123308_zps79365720.jpg

Hello Kitty & friends!

 photo 20140516_134155_zps2b1e7402.jpg

With my cute friends! :D

 photo 20140516_123314_zpsdc0dcb5d.jpg

Such cute kitchen!!! Awwww~

 photo 20140516_123235_zpsb0333b37.jpg

Pretty sofa!

 photo 20140516_124048_zpsaa17b22d.jpg

Already looking so comfy, isn’t it?!

 photo 20140516_122325_zps4d4f0371.jpg

Table nicely set up! (:

 photo 20140516_122321_zpsc0fd8ef1.jpg

Hello Kitty menu!

 photo 20140516_122453_zpsdac9e958.jpg

Even coasters are Hello Kitty!

 photo 20140516_123245_zpsebef94de.jpg

Hello Kitty ceiling!

 photo 20140516_124126_zpsc6fd90ff.jpg

Pretty pretty ceiling!

 photo 20140516_122501_zpsf08e68f5.jpg

Hello Kitties everywhere~

 photo 20140516_122723_zps2cddc653.jpg

Yes, the waitresses actually had to dress up like that!

The cafe has a minimum spending of NT 300 (S$12) each person which I thought is quite ridiculous because if you’re there purely for desserts, it’s quite impossible to hit with just one. Furthermore they have a 1.5 hour maximum dining time, and all these rules do not even exist in Korea’s Hello Kitty Cafe! Zzzzz.

Yea so because of this, Mommeyyyyy kept saying I gotta take like 100 pictures in the cafe to make up for it…hahaha! Which is why, I was even cam-whoring in the washroom! xD

 photo 20140516_123807_zps7773b6f0.jpg


 photo 20140516_123634_zps90e6853c.jpg

Dream sofa!!!

 photo 20140516_124016_zps321350d9.jpg

With the cute menu! <3

 photo 20140516_130015_zpsec68d5df.jpg

And cho~ cute coasters! :D

 photo 20140516_124522_zps00513ee0.jpg

Then, even cuter desserts & coffee mug!!! *MELT*

Because we were planning to have lunch at 胡须张 after this, we were only there for desserts~ But I don’t usually order drinks outside, so I had to order TWO desserts instead to hit the minimum spending x.x

 photo 20140516_124552_zps8b3f20f8.jpg

June’s crème brûlée tart!

 photo 20140516_124600_zps3698601b.jpg

My mango tart! YUMS!

 photo 20140516_124727_zps8ff223cb.jpg

And ultra-chocolatey tart!!!

 photo 20140516_124752_zpsc9374d1b.jpg

Isn’t it so cuteeeeeeeeeeee??!

Managed to stuff both tarts down into my stomach but we were both too full for lunch after this! And I still had 3 cute Hello Kitty heads that I couldn’t bear to stuff down x.x
 photo 20140516_131950_zps57161976.jpg

 photo 20140516_132153_zps90f565fa.jpg

Kitty-eater! MEOW!

 photo 20140516_130337_zps185f9970.jpg

Endless cam-whore after!

 photo 20140516_130846_zps2c3ddae0.jpg

With the cute friends!

 photo 20140516_134212_zpsa62aead6.jpg

Cutesy pose~

 photo 20140516_130743_zpsa1b42028.jpg

Pinky world~

 photo 20140516_130607_zpsff57a972.jpg

The humongous seat!

 photo 20140516_130619_zpse0cfab19.jpg


 photo 20140516_133759_zps2e7fc306.jpg

Dragged Mommeyyyyyy to help me take pictures in the ladies! xD

 photo 20140516_133734_zps5935e263.jpg

In my paradise <3

 photo 20140516_134050_zps13169adc.jpg

Isn’t the kitty-shaped sofa so cute?!

 photo 20140516_134547_zps991828be.jpg

One last picture!
Taipei Hello Kitty Cafe – checked! :D

Finally off for shopping! Love to shop shop shop after 吃饱饱! Hehe! Travelled few more stops down to 五分埔 and started combing the place! We already found loots in our first shop and it just went on and on~!
 photo 20140516_142218_zpsfb476208.jpg

Mommeyyyyyy kept saying no more shopping for her because she’s afraid that her luggage will overweight plus she had bought more clothes than me for the past few days, but after seeing all the really cheap clothes, she just couldn’t resist and we ended up with bags after bags of loots! xD

I seldom shop in Singapore because the things are overpriced to me, so every overseas trip is like a chance to stock up my clothes and revamp my wardrobe! :D My last time really “stocking up” was Bangkok trip so this was definitely a super shiok and also my most shiok shopping day in Taiwan!

Oh did I mention that all my loots are only between 100NT – 200NT (4-8 bucks)?! HOHOHO~ I loveeeeee cheap clothes because then I can use the same amount of money but buy MANY!!! Hehe!

 photo 20140516_165824_zps1935c971.jpg

One of the shirts we spotted…hmmmmm.

Spotted the mee sua uncle that Ping told me about pior my trip and despite not being very hungry, we still bought 1 bowl of mee sua to share! Ping highly raved about this motorbike uncle’s mee sua when we were arguing about Ah Zhong mee sua being nice or not~
 photo 20140516_161337_zps819f4bff.jpg

Indeed, after trying this, I realised Ah Zhong mee sua is nothing much. The Taiwanese actually don’t like Ah Zhong mee sua and I guess it tasted so heavenly to us back then because it was cold and it just felt super shiok to have that mee sua! Haha!

But this is really super niceeeee! With lots of 料 inside~ So everyone, please look out for that cute mee sua uncle going around 五分埔 on his bike! We actually spotted him once we stepped into 五分埔 but we were way too full to eat, luckily we spotted him again later! :D
 photo 20140516_160219_zps7cf42c82.jpg

Me: 我们一直在找你,还好你又出现了!

Uncle: 下次你们可以打电话给我 *points to his delivery hotline on his bike*

Me: 好啊!下次我们从新加坡打给你,你要送来噢!xD

Continued shopping and shopping and 五分埔 just felt like another never-ending Chatuchak~ But I wasn’t tired at all, instead, poor June was the one being dragged on and on by me for several hours of non-stop shopping…hahaha! I think this was the day she realised how a shopaholic I can be! Usually in Singapore, she’s the shopaholic and I’m the companion, but that’s because SG things are so expensive!!! =/

Yea so we finally called it a day at 五分埔 even though we had not finish the place~ But June was getting hungry and I was already super satisfied with my loots, plus we still have Raohe night market to cover! Hehe!

 photo 20140516_181549_zpsbb737363.jpg

Lanternssssssss at a temple nearby~

Did not get to have 胡须张 during lunch so we had it for dinner instead! I made it a must-try for this trip not only because 卤肉饭 (braised pork rice) is one of Taiwan’s local delicacies, but also because during the previous trip, we gave 胡须张 a miss as TCC was having tummy upset, so this time I just had to try!!! :D
 photo 20140516_192655_zpscab44ea5.jpg

 photo 20140516_192603_zpsd4a5edc7.jpg

The famous 胡须张!

 photo 20140516_190733_zpsbdfa2ea3.jpg

With the side dishes!

 photo 20140516_190757_zpsa15a177c.jpg

Indeed living up to its fame!!! :D

Set off for our last stop and also our last night market – Raohe! It was of walkable distance from 五分埔 but we still had to ask around a few times before we finally found the place (:

 photo 20140516_194434_LLS_zpse2ccf492.jpg

Beautiful temple beside!

 photo 20140516_194549_LLS_zpseff46a51.jpg

Hello again, Raohe! :D

Raohe is not a very big night market – just two long rows of shops so it was quite easy to shop, just that it was rather crowded and June was so happy after we finished the whole lane, but I reminded her that we still had to U-turn to shop the other side of the lane! xD

Did not buy much clothes there because Raohe is more of a food place I think, but I still managed to get like 3 pairs of shoes there! Whahaha~ That made 8 pairs for this trip, but 1 pair is for my Sis! And did I also mention that my shoes are all within NT200 (S$8)?!?!?! TEEHEE~

Oh I was so happy to find this “tang yuan” thing again because I was so disappointed when I didn’t see it in Ximending!!! This is one of the street food that I miss the most and have the deepest impression in! Although it’s not colourful like before, the taste is still the same! Hehe! MISSSSSSSES!
 photo 20140516_200641_LLS_zps02a4e1b8.jpg

 photo 20140518_002555_zps74971be8.jpg

Happiest buy for le loveboy!

Went back to start packing because it’s the last night of our trip~ Almost had a hard time squeezing everything into my luggage! :P
 photo 20140517_000756_zpsc2ae8e66.jpg

17 May 2014

Woke up much earlier on the last day to fulfill my promise of having breakfast with TPQ, who just arrived in Taipei the previous night~

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Heading out!

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Take a selfie first :D

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Mac breakfast with my pudding and milk!

Headed back to reunite with Mommeyyyyyy for check-out and luggage deposit before we headed to fulfill her last crave for the trip – beef noodle! The shop is just opposite our 民宿 and there was already a queue before the shop was even opened, so we figured that it must be good~
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Luckily it didn’t take us too long before we got in!
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It turned out to be our most expensive beef noodle ever because I did not know how to read the menu so once I saw 牛肉面, I chose that, but what I chose was actually the premium 红烧牛肉面 which costs NT300 (S$12)!!! Luckily it was indeed very nice, but I was too full to finish after the breakfast =/
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Collected our luggage and Super girl 要回家咯~!!!:D

Grabbed a cab to get to Taipei main station before taking a bus to the airport~ In the end, our Scoot flight was delayed for like 40 minutes! Zzzzzz. Invested all my remaining Taiwan currency on a new bottle at duty-free! Hehe!

Overall this has been a fulfilling trip because I visited places for the first time and fulfilled many things that I had been wishing to do. Although it wasn’t the best trip, I still enjoyed and managed to cover most of my itinerary! (:

For those who are interested in my itinerary, I have uploaded to my Google drive again so you can retrieve it there – https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByzYd62RZ-o3WFdGZFFKdWxmcGc/edit?usp=sharing

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)