Gardens By The Chance!

Chock Full Of Beans again this week but this time round I finally get to see the 3D art drink!!! :D

 photo 20141115_102412_zps0cc2dbdb.jpg


 photo 20141115_102607_zpscf634c55.jpg

Even the butt is detailed and cute!

 photo 20141115_101825_zps85521d9a.jpg

I stayed loyal to my Rilakkuma but requested just the head this time! Hehe!
Rila in love~

 photo 20141115_102437_zps271d6c61.jpg

Beary happy day! ((:

 photo 20141115_103908_zps5db412fa.jpg

End product – “I’m sinking! Help me~~~~~~~”

 photo 20141115_104059_zps04759285.jpg

My end product – Pau-shaped Rila x.x

Saturday was burnt with work again, all the way at Gardens By The Bay!
 photo 20141115_121144_zps513fb714.jpg

 photo 20141115_121141_zps5914e61e.jpg

When the weather is still fine~

The super rare day I am, or rather, I have to be in jeans…Zzzzzz. SO HOT PLEASE!!! How do everyone stand wearing jeans every day?!?!
 photo 20141115_122654_zps14e5f88b.jpg

Went to shop and slack in MBS Shoppe after the stupid 1-hour briefing (waste time only!) and because everything is so atas there, we ended up slacking on the couch instead of any cafes~
 photo 20141115_142019_zps896bf6fb.jpg

 photo 20141115_142933_zps0a10e212.jpg

TWG macarons!

 photo 20141115_143030_zps41f7d5e5.jpg

Rose Tea & Chocolate Earl Grey!

 photo 20141115_145650_zps2326c152.jpg

Back to the garden!

The registration started all of a sudden when we were back from the washroom and it was 2 hours plus of non-stop goodie bags distribution~ Not too hectic to handle but just that we didn’t get to sit :(

 photo 20141115_175456_zps26ce289c.jpg

Dinner time!

Had a super rush dinner (but quite a good one) before we were off to help out for the super hectic food distribution!!! So chaotic with so many food choices with flimsy bento boxes and with disgusting “zup” flowing out from the bento sets! At the end of the 1 hour plus Diner Dash, our hands were all sticky and oily! Damn disgusting! And it was so tiring somehow…Zzzzz.

 photo 20141115_191818_zps8befa9b3.jpg

Finally cleared the super long queue! @.@

Had nothing much to do after that as the guests were all catching the movie screening~ A pity it was drizzling, so the big screen and picnic idea was completely wasted!

Took a stroll around the place and was amazed by how beautiful the Skytrees look at night!!!!!! I kept exclaiming to Chii Hian, so much that she actually noted down on her phone to get my boyfriend to propose to me there in future! LOL!!!
 photo 20141115_200727_zpsc92e488e.jpg
 photo 20141115_200704_zpsbe57e3e6.jpg
 photo 20141115_201559_zpsc79f764d.jpg

After taking the above shot, I was like…

Me: Chii Hian! 有没有 feel?! 有没有 feel?!

CH: 什么 feel???

Me: Postcard 的 feel!

CH: 有啦,有啦~

LOLOLOLOL. And I just went on exclaiming and praising all my shots…hahahahaha!!!
 photo 20141115_201029_zps8d0710ee.jpg
 photo 20141115_200919_zpsf285cd71.jpg
 photo 20141115_201808_zpsff53ef68.jpg
 photo 20141115_201841_zps49b6a6ee.jpg
 photo 20141115_201911_zps8393cefc.jpg

 photo 20141115_200801_zps081fba2a.jpg

Mystic feel!

 photo 20141115_201712_zpsdfbb5b2b.jpg

梦幻 feel!

At the end of the event, the staff were giving out leftover snacks from the goodie bag and the 2 of us hesitated for a long time before going over to take, cause I am paiseh! Hahaha!

After taking…

CH: Eh! I want the chicken one! *change*

Me: I want the cheeseball one! *change*

Staff: Just now act shy act shy don’t wanna take, now still choose ah?!


 photo 20141115_210625_zpsf716032a.jpg

Our goodie packs…hehehehehehe~

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

Movie Marathon!

 photo 20141107_103718_zps24d23bd7.jpg

Another of Nicholas Sparks (:

And also caught the long-awaited movie – Best Of Me from one of Nicholas Sparks’ books which I’ve read and loved! I remember it because of its sad ending, and as usual, the book is always better. But I still enjoyed and like the movie quite a lot ((:


Because sometimes, you can’t turn back on time.

Favourite Starbucks drink to keep me throughout the show! My first Venti size Starbucks :D
 photo 20141108_100727_zps8c64ea28.jpg

Saturday was spent at MINDS as usual and this week we taught them how to make fruit salad! I was busy running around from table to table stealing ingredients for my group…hahaha! And I thought the mixture of thousand island sauce with jam is kinda weird but the residents seem to like it a lot~ They all almost licked up the bowls! Hehe!

After that was teaching through games – taught them about RULES~ One of the rules we emphasised includes no hugging or other body contact other than handshakes and high-fives, but right after the project, 1 of the female residents hugged me goodbye -_- Just when I thought we had taught them well…
 photo 20141108_172927_zps01e903f3.jpg

Anyway, super good news to share! I finally found a restaurant willing to sponsor the residents and volunteers’ dinner for the upcoming camp!!! :D It’s my first year joining them for this annual camp so I really wanted to help as much as I can~ Guess my hard work paid off after all and there is still 好人 in this world! Just keeping my fingers crossed that they won’t back out at last minute >.<

Second movie of the week was the highly-raved Interstellar, with the volunteers!

It’s an ultimate mind-blowing film, so much that my mind went chaotah in the midst of it because there were so many physics and scientific info to process!!! But no doubt it was a very good movie – the plot and all, just that I felt stupid after watching…hahahaha! Had to read up Wikipedia to fully understand  all the little details! Science, is just not my thing~

The 3 musketeers went out for cycling session on the fine Sunday but after less than 30 minutes, we stopped by St. Marc for drinks and light bites! Haha!

 photo 20141109_174929_zpscf726325.jpg

My must-have @ St. Marc!

Cycled all the way to Changi again and it took us more than 2 hours this time, because we had to cycle back from the cafe as well~ Actually I think the guys could have reached much earlier but somehow my bike is moving way slower than theirs no matter how hard I pedal -_- I really think it’s because my bike wheels are smaller as compared?

Well anyway, I decided to just relax and enjoy the breeze in the end and let them wait for me…hahaha! Dinner at Changi Village before heading to Chock Full Of Beans again! :D I’m like addicted to the cuteness of the drinks that I must go each time I am there! Hehe! So I demanded to go prior the cycling trip because I know they will always back out in the end (due to the queue or too full or etc).

 photo 20141109_211246_zps3abe5a90.jpg

Cuteness overload!

I requested for Rilakkuma again but in bee suit this time! xD
 photo 20141109_211132_zps65f10a30.jpg

 photo 20141109_211125_zpsf38efc6b.jpg


 photo 20141109_211429_zps5e27df45.jpg

VivianBee with RilakkumaBee! :D

Chose Chopper for Shrine because that’s his favourite character!
 photo 20141109_211059_zpsfefc2312.jpg

Shrine: Will the person think we are referring to the real chopper knife???

Me: *when ordering* Can you draw the Chopper? Not the knife ahhh…

Staff: I know… The One Piece one right?

Shrine: You didn’t have to emphasise -_-”


 photo 20141109_211336_zps90ad9fc7.jpg

1 dark chocolate cake

 photo 20141109_211155_zps7c2c623b.jpg

2 cute drinks

 photo 20141109_213557_zps0b6aec6c.jpg

And 3 musketeers! :D

Third movie in a week – Gone Girl, again~ Same thoughts, same feeling; I still think the woman is crazy.

Been craving for Pine Garden’s cakes especially the Black Forest and I finally had them! Delivered to my doorstep <3 Thank you, “my boss“!
 photo 20141111_001731_zpsd7b1acb6.jpg

Nana’s Green Tea with the Mr. this time since we didn’t get to try it the previous time~ I taught him the best way to eat sushi is to stuff the whole thing into your mouth without judging or fear of being judged because that’s how you get feel the fusion of the ingredients melting in your mouth! Slurp! Hahaha!
 photo 20141112_202738_zps9b6da730.jpg
 photo 20141112_202813_zpseadc4bba.jpg

軍中樂園 after that and I didn’t really know what is it about but I just wanna watch because of Ethan Juan, and I like Taiwanese films in general (:

As warned by Yixuan about the slowness of the movie, I was kinda prepared for it so I didn’t find it especially slow. Yea there were times when I was shouting in my mind, “Cut!” “Cut!” “Cut!(in terms of editing) but I think I still prefer films having enough time for character development to those that are too choppy and convenient. This way I actually feel more for each of the characters, because I know their background stories better. Anyhow, it’s quite an interesting film; didn’t know there’s such “service” back then!

 photo 20141112_140556_zpsa45e125b.jpg

Sumptuous lunch!
Finished every bit of the curry! <3

 photo 20141114_134722_zps1a95ceae.jpg

Another good lunch ((:

 photo 20141114_201005_zps7de95aeb.jpg

Craving and the best alternative for llaollao, which I have yet to try!

Survived my first week of Ladies Nite and I have many many many many many more weeks to go~ But it’s still not as bad as <<摆家>> because at least I enjoyed the noisy girls talking about makeup and fashion, and my producer is nice! Just that my schedule is really packed every single day now and I’m really keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t have to come back on Saturdays as well! >.<



Parcels!!! :D

Received so many parcels this week starting with 2 on my desk on Monday morning! Hehe! It’s not useless stuff but really stuff that I need and found them cheaper online (:
 photo 20141103_102154_zps2dbc2130.jpg

Woke up with an impending sore throat and just didn’t feel like swallowing any solid food~ Had cheng teng instead in hope that it will help with the throat but I ended up puking everything out in the late noon! It’s not the cheng teng’s fault but more of lack of sleep, leading to a bad headache and hence the nausea…happens, so yea =/
 photo IMG_20141103_132844_zps71f5362e.jpg

I’m quite used to such headaches but the thing is I was so looking forward to the Standing Sushi Bar outing with the girls at night!!! I didn’t wanna cancel it because I’ve been waiting for someone to accompany me for the sashimi promo and I finally got the chance!

So even though I wasn’t in the right condition for raw food or having the best appetite, I still went ahead and had 15 pieces! Hehehehehehe~ Suddenly the appetite just came back xD
 photo 20141103_202654_zps4d6b9f4f.jpg

 photo IMG_20141103_210552_zps04b2de06.jpg

Jeju gifts from Kai Bin! :D

 photo 20141105_143753_zps12c8235d.jpg

New! ((:

 photo 20141105_223125_zpsb819cbd7.jpg

Going back to childhood! HEHEHE~

Finally met up with Mommeyyyyyyyyy after like 3 months or so and finally gave her her birthday treat as well! Decided to visit Tony Roma’s again because I think she will like the ribs there, and indeed! :D

 photo 20141104_210730_zpsc02d2f6a.jpg

And my turn to buy her a drink!

 photo 20141104_210704_zps7384101b.jpg

It’s quite gigantic but the pictures ain’t doing justice~

 photo 20141104_200544_zpsd3387061.jpg

My Mojito!

 photo 20141104_201451_zps1e8801d8.jpg

Same ribs as last week!

Spent the next 2 days working out after all the good food! Went for hot flow yoga again but this time round it’s a different instructor – a female one. Still soaked in sweat at the end of the session, but I felt that I can manage her class better~

I think the Indian yoga master is way too high level for me that every week I have to hold on tightly to the railing when walking down the long flight of stairs to the MRT, cause my legs may give way anytime! Really turned jelly I tell you! So at least this week was better; stretched and worked out, but no temptation to take cab home…hehe.

Thursday was weekly Zumba and we arrived in class wayyyyy too early that we ended up cam-whoring! Starting from feet first xD
 photo IMG-20141106-WA0012_zps973fb5be.jpg
 photo IMG-20141106-WA0023_zps1f994106.jpg
 photo IMG-20141106-WA0020_zps320250bc.jpg
 photo IMG-20141106-WA0015_zpsfbe7ce5e.jpg

 photo IMG-20141106-WA0028_zpse36b7508.jpg

Class photo!

 photo IMG-20141106-WA0013_zpsa7d99bfd.jpg

Awkward heart -_-

Shuning actually wanted me to help out in forming the heart shape, so I used 1 hand while holding the phone in another… Then I was like, “So who’s going to press the camera -_-” Hahahaha!

 photo IMG-20141106-WA0016_zpsf8a608e8.jpg

Much better now!

 photo IMG-20141106-WA0019_zpsce0131a7.jpg

London bridge is falling down~

 photo IMG-20141106-WA0018_zps867a97fd.jpg

Fall down le! D:

 photo IMG-20141106-WA0022_zps708cbc58.jpg


 photo IMG-20141106-WA0021_zpsba8df3e1.jpg

Sad dimples~

 photo 20141107_144246_zpse9db9dcc.jpg

More parcels and my long-awaited pillow case!!!!!!! <3

 photo 20141107_223550_zpsc15ff507.jpg

Kumakuma is happy too! (((((:

 photo 20141107_223720_zpsf78e3382.jpg

Soooooooo cuteeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeee!!!!



預言 by Jane.Yishin

The week didn’t start well because of people who push their luck, people who try to squeeze you dry and the kind of people that I hate. I will not give in to unreasonable request because I am not that 18-year old intern anymore, I will only strive to achieve as much as I can, even if that means sacrificing my lunch break once again.

 photo 20141027_144751_zps916c16f4.jpg

A decent olive rice once again, finally.

 photo 20141027_163917_zps1aeded32.jpg

Thanks to the lunch delivery, at least I managed to eat something, though it took me 2.5 hours to finish it as I edit.

 photo 20141027_190941_zpsbc5efcbb.jpg

With desserts as well; can’t be more thankful.

 photo 20141027_213443_zps4d41385a.jpg

Weekly Zumba!

I’m glad that this time round they sweated a bit more after heeding my advice of “Just keep moving!:D
 photo 20141027_213530_zps9ccfeb37.jpg
 photo 20141027_213501_zps1917798f.jpg

 photo 20141028_135915_zps26a67e5e.jpg

No eggplant is a good excuse for some sinful popcorn ‘chicken’!
Verdict: It actually tastes better with rice than noodle! So I was wrong all this while~

 photo 20141028_202749_zps8cf9c92c.jpg

Finally get to try the famous Tanjong Pagar ramen!

Everyone was so damn full because no one wanna share with me >.> You see lah!
Anyway still can’t find any ramen that is on par with Japan’s 無敵家! D:

 photo 20141028_205054_zps5e24ac54.jpg

Cute cupcakes from Butter Studio for the cute birthday girl!

 photo 20141028_205134_zps4c0f3095.jpg

Happy belated Birthday, Siew Siew!

 photo 20141028_205225_zps23bb6048.jpg

The last to turn 25 when we are all turning 26 soon T.T

Ever since Applebee’s closed down in Singapore, I have been craving for the spinach dip and I finally satisfied it! Though not as good because this is cheese > spinach, it’s still pretty nice! The best alternative we could get already ((:
 photo 20141029_200625_zps3a5d2a21.jpg

 photo 20141029_210425_zps1d8680a7.jpg

Fleshy Tony Roma ribs~

 photo 20141029_221147_zps44faaffb.jpg

欢迎光临! -_-”

Had 2 days to slack before the new variety project starts and although it’s good news that we are getting variety project again, which means clients may have been saying good words about us (I hope so!), I am still dreading the next 4 months :( Cause I know I am most likely the one taking the project and that will mean goodbye to OTOT – Own Time Own Target drama schedule and hello to the real OT…as in overtime!

I know I may be more suitable for variety programmes but I still hate this fact. Hate having other people in my room and hate having to deal with humans! Sigh!

Decided to leave early and go for the 7pm Hot Stretch yoga instead and I know it’s gonna be tougher than Hot Flow, but I didn’t expect it to be thatttttt tough! I don’t know if the spot I was standing was too hot or what, but I felt like I was dying just 15 minutes into the class. And I almost couldn’t make it through the 1 hour D:

Friday night with Mr Teacher at Hoshino Coffee! He actually couldn’t decide between Nana’s Green Tea or this so we decided to each queue for one! LOL. Can’t believe we really came up with such crazy idea!

Tried this french toast after overhearing the person queuing behind me commenting that it’s the highest voted must-try dish! Made the right choice cause even the food critic said it’s nice! xD
 photo 20141031_205551_zps523ae69c.jpg

The night is still young so I brought the mister who has been living in the well to explore Emerald Hill! No.5 was so so so happening with the Halloween party that even I was overwhelmed, let alone him! Would have been a crazy night if my girls were there!!!


“有 leh! I don’t know how long it has been since I last hang out in a place like this. That’s why I should hang out with younger people like you more!”

Hahahahaha!!! I love it when I make people realise there’s actually so much more out there than a routine life. Especially those who haven’t been living their lives to the fullest. So just nice he is lacking of a life and I am always eager to help one explore more of life~ I think I should be the ambassador of LIFE itself!

 photo 20141031_223106_zps2e87894d.jpg

Halloween @ No.5

Anyhow, No.5 was way too crowded and I couldn’t find Mr Manager either :( So we decided to try out Cuppage area and that’s when we came up with the impromptu decision to sing K instead! Cause we can have both side of the world – drink and sing as well!
 photo IMG_20141101_022008_zpsa0a95206.jpg

 photo 20141101_000005_zps8d96cb74.jpg

Cheers to another K buddy~! :D

And we actually sang all the way till close to 3am! I don’t know it’s the system or what but we were both somehow very tired and 喘 the more we sing~ But haven’t had such a good Friday night for a long time and I am glad to be able to make someone’s day as well (:

Had an awesome weekend as well starting with a good Saturday with the residents and volunteers! We taught them how to make bag tags this week and remember the resident that I mentioned who loves Superman a lot? He even did this extra artwork on the sponge after getting fascinated by my Superman tee! xD
 photo 20141101_163647_zps858fb90d.jpg

He actually told me to stand there to be his model but he can actually draw it by memory. Cause he always draws it so well that I think he can even do it with eyes closed! Even I can’t draw one by memory, so I am always proud and impressed of him!
 photo 20141101_164320_zpsbd90869e.jpg

Makes my day! (((:
 photo 20141101_164419_zps50410f5c.jpg

Brought the residents out for a short ball activity before project ends and then we had our TH camp meeting~ It’s my first year helping out for their camp after missing it all these years and I hope I can still play a part this time in the midst of my busy schedule!

Meeting lasted all the way till past 7 so we had late dinner followed by a shorter card game session in AMK. Bumped into an ex-resident working there and it’s surprising that I still remember him very clearly from 7 years ago. Although we had a hard time declining some of his requests (e.g. Facebook, contact number and etc), it’s still good to know that he has been doing quite well all these years. 我们都老了~

Sunday was with loveboy starting with our morning date at ECP! :D We rode the big family bike for the first time and luckily I could still barely fit into the front row (meant for kids)! Haha! So the both of us get to enjoy the breeze and didn’t have to paddle while Sis and Vic were panting away xD
 photo 20141102_110001_zpse874dee9.jpg

In the midst of our 1-hour ride~ He’s like giving a smirky act cool face! So funny! (Look at the shagged Vic behind~)
 photo 20141102_110920_zps8dab93b2.jpg

Brought le boy up to the Amber Beacon tower because he kept bugging me to bring him up~ I had been wanting to go up to there as well and I didn’t expect that my loveboy would be the first to go up with me! Hehe! But I just read that the tower is actually haunted!!! =OOOOOO
 photo 20141102_114618_zps0010882e.jpg

 photo 20141102_114620_zpsd4239684.jpg

Our lovely date <3

Photos from 2 weeks ago at the Jacob garden! So happy that the 洁癖 boy is finally adapting to the sand! He used to hate them so much that he refused to play at playgrounds with sand -_- The next step is to really get him into the pool!
 photo IMG-20141101-WA0010_zpsf147a9fa.jpg

 photo IMG-20141101-WA0009_zps2abda584.jpg

With our sand castle! :D

 photo IMG-20141101-WA0005_zpse3e94c48.jpg

Cheeky boy insisted on adding the pail on top -_-”

 photo IMG-20141101-WA0002_zpsa08db54b.jpg

Refused to look at camera again :(

Anyhow, sharing a nice song that is by a local talent. Heard it from a documentary in office and it attracted us all to the suite because it’s just too nice! Really love it! But too bad it’s not available in K~ Almost made me tear up when I watch it with the sad documentary…感触良多。。。Shall share the really nice documentary if I have the chance.

Oh and happy Halloween everyone!
This is the reason why I don’t really celebrate Halloween – sometimes it looks more like the 7th month.
 photo IMG_20141101_024908_zpsb9294f1b.jpg

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


Burnt Out Weekend

 photo 20141023_203112_zps3602df80.jpg

First Love: A cheaper alternative to satisfy Lady M’s craving!

 photo 20141023_203225_zps255fe50c.jpg

Original, Oreo & Matcha (:

 photo 20141023_203253_zps429bf771.jpg

Though still can’t beat Lady M!

 photo IMG_20141024_114110_zps5036d8b7.jpg

<3 my cute socks!

 photo IMG_20141024_104238_zpsbad9f9de.jpg

Breakfast :(

Starting on a dairy-free diet (except for nacho cheese, which is way too irresistible!) because I did a research after this irritating pimple decided to reside on my face for so damn long and I read about how bad milk is for the skin!!! So no more cereal with milk in the morning! And that also means many hungry mornings D:

Apparently, I’m not being exaggerated as I’m not the only one who read about it! I told a few of my friends and they told me they are trying to stay away from dairy products because of that too! I know mine is just like 1 or 2 pimples, but pimple to me used to be RARE!!! And even when it pops out, it usually takes just a few days to go off on its own, but now it always takes forever! So 1 or 2 is enough to freak me out or annoy me, let alone having to sacrifice my breakfast.

 photo 20141024_163159_zps0258b9f9.jpg

I know sugar is bad for pimples too, but some sweetness is irresistible.
Thank you! ((:

 photo PhotoGrid_1414333566233_zps583cef8b.jpg

After enjoying much of its cuteness! xD

It was a super slack Friday because we all finished our stuff pretty early and were basically dead bored. Decided to gather Mimi’s friends for a “family photo“! :D

 photo 20141024_181237_zpsf7ff47e3.jpg

Mimi (mine), Finn (Ally’s)
Raindoo (Ping’s) & Jake (Ally’s)!

 photo 20141024_182034_zps704141f5.jpg

Ping’s candid version!

 photo 20141024_194748_zpscc065b88.jpg


 photo 20141024_195609_zps2e7d9bdb.jpg

Yummiest Korean pancake!!!

Entire Saturday was burnt with 13.5 hours of work; it’s really the entire day minus sleep and travelling! I don’t even wake up so damn early for my own job, but for the sake of expanding my savings………………. x.x

It was actually a reputable company’s D&D event so it’s a mega event held at MBS, involving 6000 guests, almost all the ballrooms of level 3 for cocktail reception, two level 4 ballrooms and one HUGEEEEEEEEEEEE level 5 ballroom for the dinner!
 photo 20141025_110812_zpsd2460bd4.jpg

And I really meant HUGEEEEEEEEEEEE! Should have taken a panoramic shot and you’ll be as overwhelmed as me!
 photo 20141025_100554_zpsd33ae940.jpg

We had plenty of time the whole day because the D&D only started at 5pm, so I really don’t know why they want us to report so early. But as long as we get paid, I don’t mind~ So we basically slacked the whole day off with a couple of errands and briefings occasionally. Most of the time we were just sitting around, waiting for things to do and waiting for time to pass. We even went shopping for a while! Haha!

 photo 20141025_123249_zps933d5b24.jpg

Before light up!

 photo 20141025_141907_zpsab540972.jpg

Mini Cooper as lucky draw prize! =O

 photo 20141025_110825_zpsc0af3b3a.jpg

Touring around like a sua gu~

 photo 20141025_110851_zps2f5fae4b.jpg

Such beautiful light!!!

 photo 20141025_114824_zpsce698ce0.jpg

The not-nice lunch =/

 photo 20141025_104624_zps70cd4f13.jpg

The mandatory shot!

 photo 20141025_104636_zpseee6fd31.jpg

With my working partners for the day!

 photo 20141025_104716_zps30180a07.jpg

Full of <3! :P

And yes, we just slacked all the way till dinner….
 photo 20141025_162618_zpsffc6a4e6.jpg

 photo 20141025_162430_zps34bea69a.jpg

Light up! Time to work!

Oh the whole morning I kept telling Joanjoan and CH that I wanna do carpark redemption and I hope I get it because that’s the easiest job with least human interaction and Joanjoan and I really got it!!! Super lucky! HEHEHEHE!
 photo 20141025_165551-1_zpsc3d43f6e.jpg

Too bad CH couldn’t join us because they only needed 2 persons at the counter :( But she was assigned to do registration, which is not so bad too! And again, Joanjoan and I spent the whole night slacking off at our counter…haha!

Of course there are people coming to get the complimentary carpark tickets from us, some begging for it but we only have to give to those with the balloted carpark vouchers, explain to those who don’t have, and answer some other enquiries. Surprisingly and thank goodness, everyone was quite understanding and nice, so we didn’t face any difficult ones demanding for the tickets (:

And our busiest time was probably that 5 minutes before the dinner officially started, when a flock of them just came in to redeem and I almost couldn’t tear the tickets in time! I was like, “Joan! 救我!” Hahaha! Because I was the one nearer to the entrance so everyone naturally came to me first! Luckily I had Joanjoan tearing the tickets for me while I do the exchange of the voucher for ticket!

Then for the rest of the time, we only had occasional guests coming to redeem, so most of the time was quite slack~ That’s when we started have all sorts of weird cravings – Pocky, 64% chocolate macarons, savoury food and etc! Hahaha! In the end, we succumbed to our cravings and hunger and went to get some snacks! xD

That’s how bored we were~
 photo 20141025_203957_zps15a6980c.jpg
 photo 20141025_203953_zps32ca1b89.jpg
 photo 20141025_204009_zpsd2012b46.jpg
 photo 20141025_204007_zpsd657398b.jpg

And look at the amount of parking vouchers we collected for the night!!! Though we still had like 300 over complimentary tickets unredeemed at the end of the day =/
 photo 20141025_205055_zps34c5400a.jpg

Ended the night with much exhaustion and some wine because the lucky me happened to bump into Nadine’s friend, who was there for the D&D! Muahahahaha~ Too bad he came really late, when I was already leaving, if not those drinks could have perked me up! But at least technically I wasn’t drinking at work then! :P

Sunday was burnt off for training as well~ It was actually a “refresher course” for us, who have already went through the training, so I thought we would be there to really “REFRESH” our memories, but who knows it’s actually a next level for us! -CRY!-

I was the first to finish each time but if it’s not for 老师’s enlightenment, I really wouldn’t realise how something so complicated can actually be quite easy! I really need his eyes to see “out of the box” T.T
 photo 20141026_164743_zpsfce42ee3.jpg

 photo 20141026_151038_zps787042f0.jpg

Break time!

 photo 20141026_151043_zps1343b55c.jpg


And the cafe-hopping continues! :D
 photo 20141026_195009_zps9659b524.jpg

 photo 20141026_195202_zpsb1fe0773.jpg

The Coffee Daily

 photo 20141026_195111_zps89c2e575.jpg

Super old school!

 photo 20141026_201127_zpsa5e6e6fd.jpg

Baked macaroni with mushroom: Overcooked!

 photo 20141026_200943_zps7a104bed.jpg

Premium brunch set: Okay-ish

 photo 20141026_204002_zpsec603b49.jpg

Waffles with ice-cream: Crispy but no waffle smell, and don’t you think the waffles are a bit too black???!

So the verdict is: The only good stuff were the ice-cream (minus the waffles)! Hmmmmm… But I still don’t mind exploring (:

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)