Burst Days!

It has been a pretty busy week at work because it’s the final week of edit for MMIL! Barely had time even for lunch because my only “free time” is lunch time, which is the time I can use to clear shit from stupid Malaysia Airlines. Shall touch on that on another post cause it’s gonna be lengthy.

But it has been a more fulfilling week~ Sometimes my fulfilling means doing something meaningful, while sometimes it just simply means living life to the fullest and not wasting a minute of it 😊

 photo 20170314_111603_zps3ayps3oy.jpg

Trying to stay positive amidst of all the shit.

Was really feeling terribly screwed by Malaysia Airlines that I decided to cheer myself up with a good light dinner~ To make up for the missed lunch too!

 photo 20170314_200709_zps5dmqykyb.jpg

Foie gras again 😍

 photo 20170314_201237_zpspwc3ufee.jpg

Jap food are ❤ but 💸

Off to party with the directors, APs & PAs! Finally a karaoke session with them! It was K’s farewell cum wrap party for everyone’s individual project~

 photo 20170314_221801_zpszrthutfn.jpg

Spent more time laughing than singing because they are all drama people, so super drama!!! I realised you indeed need to be very drama and 爱演 in order to direct a drama! Makes sense too 😂

 photo 20170314_222717_zpsmgpt3wg5.jpg

 photo 20170314_222108_zpscbuwjmkj.jpg

First and last time hearing Miss K sing~
Her voice is so nice!!!

 photo 20170314_222939_zps8sfmrnyx.jpg

Mr Director cum drama king!

Along with his full-of-shit buddy, Director Khoo (the one who has been sending me cards and photos of Hanwei pretending to be him 😑😑😑), they form the 健财二重唱! Just imagine two super crappy persons together~ Oh gosh. Everyone was rolling their eyes off yet getting very entertained by them at the same time…hahaha!!!

I think they really sang this song just to insult each other! 😂

I really think 小苹果 is such a disgusting song! And look who’s singing it! LOL.

Drama King 大展歌喉 with 霍元甲~
 photo IMG-20170314-WA0013_zpsdx42b44b.jpg The best news for the week![/caption]

 photo IMG-20170314-WA0015_zpshrhk19if.jpg

We did it again!!!
I knew our item was awesome 😊

 photo IMG_20170314_184853_754_zpszevsutmb.jpg

Upcoming war in office~

Have lots of birthday discounts this month so decided to make full use of them! This is the period known as burst days to me cause you will keep having birthday meals + birthday discounted meals…hahaha! Started off with Harry’s first!

 photo 20170315_203144_zpsze88rrjg.jpg

 photo 20170315_203151_zpsnzwxcies.jpg

Chilling time~!

 photo 20170315_203155_zpspn5bkx8h.jpg

Making up for another skipped lunch~

Private screening this week – The Nice Guys, starring Ryan Gosling! 😍😍😍 Love his humour! He’s such a natural! HAHAHA!

Decided to share my TCC birthday discount with le volunteers since I might not be able to use both the 50% and 30% in time. They were so delighted with the 50% off! Hahaha! Everything becomes super worth it~ Tried many new dishes too!

 photo 20170317_194842_zpspfnxmo2e.jpg

 photo 20170317_195226_zpsxknkgtg3.jpg

 photo 20170317_195936_zpsru1kttvy.jpg

Ordered dessert but got a surprised cake instead! I think cafes and restaurants need to have some “birthday surprise management class” because the cake was served with candle unlit at first 😂 It’s not the first time I encountered staff spoiling birthday surprises! Hahaha!

 photo 20170317_204421_zpsxxzuyzim.jpg

But appreciate it nevertheless! The cake was so niceeeeeee~! And it’s my first birthday celebration this year! Not looking forward to turning 28 but looking forward to the cakessss 😝

My wish is linked to my trip, definitely. Need a lot of luck for no more screw-up! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

This is the dessert that I chose – Dome Surprise!

 photo 20170317_204720_zpsayeltfss.jpg

It’s a new item in the menu and it really caught me by surprise that I started exclaiming at the end of the video! Hahaha!

Wasn’t expecting it to melt at all and this is actually something that I had been wanting to try!

 photo 20170317_204900_zpsoymg5j1r.jpg

So cool! With ice-cream hidden inside some more 😍 We finished it up in like a minute~

 photo 20170317_204903_zpseitthse9.jpg

Off to Harry’s again to use up another birthday discount voucher!

 photo 20170317_214033_zpsmpc8veky.jpg

 photo 20170317_213953_zpsu4exbr1d.jpg

So happy that they have Midori Sour on request!

 photo 20170317_214631_zpsh3o6vwcl.jpg

I did not touch the nachos this time 😐

 photo 20170317_231830_zpsbtbbit2b.jpg

Happened to be St. Patrick’s Day!

Was hoping to see the Shagies band at Claymore outlet but sadly, they are not there anymore~ The band played songs that I hardly hear of because all oldies 😭 Was more entertained people-watching again because this is an interesting outlet…haha!

 photo 20170317_225921_zpscstembhc.jpg

Thank you for the birthday celebration + meal + all the positive ions! 😀 My 正能量!

Dragged myself up on Saturday for high tea with Ah Lyn~! It was actually me who has been wanting to try L’eclair by Sarah Michelle after my director raved about it, but I didn’t know who would go with me. Then it crossed my mind that I have a friend who is obsessed about FOOD! 😆

Look at all the pretty éclairs!!! I have tried their éclairs previously when le pig brother brought some leftovers home, but it was overnight éclairs so it wasn’t fair to judge.

 photo 20170318_110210_zpsjkvyvqgy.jpg

Our matcha latte! I was complaining to Lyn that her flower looks so nice while mine looks like a dick/middle finger pointing at me 😩

 photo 20170318_111335_zpsaq8qwesp.jpg

To be honest, I am not an éclair person actually (I prefer cakes), but their high tea set looks too pretty to resist!!!

 photo 20170318_111009_zpsjraksjjj.jpg

I have always wanted to go for such high-tea with petite cakes and pastries to enjoy some tai tai moment! I think this is like my first high-tea session?

 photo 20170318_111025_zpsobynahsl.jpg

Soooo pretty that we couldn’t resist snapping from all angles and I think the couple beside us was wondering when we gonna start eating…LOL!

 photo 20170318_111040_zpsjzhywska.jpg

 photo IMG-20170318-WA0010_zpsz24tbhwi.jpg

Snap and snap and snap 😂

Top row – Foie Gras Pâté (Foie gras!!!! YUMS!) // Truffle Egg Mayo (Super niceeeee!) // Tomato & Basil Bruschetta (Eeeee~ Cause we both dislike tomatoes! LOL!)

 photo 20170318_111107_zpsgu3ytc1u.jpg

Middle row – Lemon Meringue // Banana & Walnut // Ispahan (Rose, Raspberry & Lychee) // Butterscotch (I think???) // 66% Dark Chocolate

 photo 20170318_111137_zps91dyjoah.jpg

Last row – Roasted Mushroom Vol Au Vent (for mushroom lovers like us!) // Signature Chicken & Bacon Pie (Not bad~ But not WOW) // Smoked Salmon Dill Mousse Tartlet (This is really something unique! Like having real smoked salmon but in mousse version~)

 photo 20170318_111129_zps04qokgnw.jpg

We saved the éclairs for the last but by then, all tasted more or less the same somehow…haha! None of them left a deep impression in me because I actually like the savoury bites more…hehe. But if I have to choose, I personally like the 66% Dark Chocolate éclairs the most followed by the lemon meringue~

 photo 20170318_111121_zpse7umrhb5.jpg

I love high-tea because everything is so petite and I get to try so many items! My favourite kind of meal! 😝

 photo 20170318_1111580_zpsrpe1sskh.jpg

But it was a bit too early to call it high-tea because we booked the 11am slot 😅 So it was more like a brunch for us~

 photo 20170318_111348_zpspo1bfusy.jpg

Still not done snapping! HAHAHA!

 photo IMG-20170318-WA0006_zpsvqm5avji.jpg

 photo 20170318_111510_zpsdp3xaz2w.jpg

I look more like I am scolding the pastries when it was supposed to be an excited look 😳

 photo 20170318_111513_zpsbopbhiar.jpg

I think this Smoked Salmon Dill Mousse Tartlet deserves a solo shot because it’s too beautifully-crafted! And I am really amazed by how much it tastes like smoked salmon!

 photo 20170318_113144_zps0237lanj.jpg

Okay, I think part of the reason why we did not have much impression of the éclairs’ taste is because we spent more time playing with them than eating 😂 All thanks to Lyn who came up with the idea of using the rose thingy on the Ispahan éclair to mimic the emojis!

 photo IMG-20170318-WA0015_zpsu06xkco3.jpg

 photo 20170318_120113_zps1eesdrkr.jpg

I think the staff at the cashier was amused by us too 😳 We were laughing so much because my tongue kept getting shorter and shorter as it melts!

 photo IMG-20170318-WA0017_zps726zh41e.jpg

 photo IMG-20170318-WA0018_zpsdmir0lgb.jpg

 photo IMG-20170318-WA0021_zpsvblb8arl.jpg


 photo IMG-20170318-WA0014_zpsqgzvunnl.jpg


 photo IMG-20170318-WA0019_zpssdhekic2.jpg


The high-tea was surprisingly filling, even for Lyn, who hardly gets full. She claimed that it’s because we kept talking and all the air got into our stomachs 😐

Went to shop for winter stuff after that because I just realised that my trip might turn out to be a winter trip and I feel so unprepared now! I hate cold!!! Argh. Winter wears are all so damn expensive and I am glad I have friends who are digging out all their winter wears to lend me! Still gotta buy some stuff like winter leggings and etc 💸💸💸

Finally bought a proper camera bag at only 20 bucks! Such a steal!!! Everything else is like more than $50 so I was so delighted when I spotted this cheap one! And it’s the perfect size, perfect compartments and perfectly simple! I was telling Lyn I would buy it even if there’s a hole…LOL! Like just take my moneyyyyy

The 2 wanderers, both with unconfirmed plans since the previous night, finally got our plans confirmed after much wandering. Can finally leave childcare liao! And in the end Lyn changed her plan to my plan 😂 Off for more desserts! Oops.

 photo 20170318_163723_zpsnssfigjb.jpg

 photo 20170318_163700_zpsacvaxz97.jpg

Brownie with ice-cream!

 photo 20170318_164919_zpswnsmitln.jpg

$7 ice kachang 😱

Oh I did something super duper embarrassing here. I was asking the staff about some food items at the cashier when I mindlessly tried to open the black menu on the table. My gaze was on the 3 staff, but my hand was trying to open the menu. Then I was like thinking, “Why this menu so heavy and difficult to open ah???

When I finally looked down, it was a laptop, not a menu! OMGGGGG! It seriously looked like a menu from far, those black leather covered menu!!! Imagine my embarrassment with 3 staff + my dearest friend staring at me, thinking, “WTF is she trying to do ah???” AND NOBODY TRIED TO STOP ME! KNS

Really wanted to dig a hole and hide 😭😭😭 Why I always do such blur and paiseh thing…Zzzzzz. Luckily the staff all burst into laughter instead of accusing me for trying to steal someone’s laptop or what. 超丢脸的!!!!!!!

I think she’s revenging on me for laughing at her instead of helping her when she fell in the toilet at Batam (still funny…HAHAHAHA), that’s why she didn’t try to save me 😢

 photo IMG-20170318-WA0025_zpsu6fetzoy.jpg

Turning myself into a glutton for a day because I’m out with Little Miss Glutton!

 photo IMG-20170318-WA0026_zpsb2bxuinq.jpg

Went to get more winter stuff and I think I’ve got everything pretty much covered! I hope? I don’t wanna freeze to death like Titanic 😖 Just hope my non-waterproof shoes can survive the snow~

 photo 20170318_201136_zps23iosue7.jpg

Imagine the amount of sugar consumed today 🙊

Off to Timbre+ to spend the remaining Saturdate with some music and drinks~ First try on Jim Beam Citrus Highball! Nicer than I thought, cause I imagined it to be bitter it the whiskey.

 photo 20170318_213650_zpsg0xvfsfj.jpg

The Malay band impressing everyone with the hokkien song – 我问天~

It wasn’t the usual Wednesday band with the hot dancer. But this auntie has volunteered to dance and became the highlight of the show! I am just curious if she was actually drunk or not 🤔

Ping turns 30!

Had one of the most boring week because I went home right after work for 2 days! One was planned and one unplanned, because yoga class was cancelled at the last minute again…Zzzzz. That’s why I dislike last minute stuff! Could have planned something else to make full use of the time if I had known earlier 😒 

Maybe 老天 knows I really need to finish up my itinerary planning soon, so gave me more time to do so. Hmmmm. But 1 day at home is enough! I still like going out more~ To try new places or even just exploring them! But explore liao of course must try it some day also, if not no point exploring 😜

 photo 20170307_194921_zpsy5zygfqu.jpg

Like this green mango salad!
Spicy and sour, both my favourite 😊

 photo 20170307_195432_zpsma5f4juh.jpg

Like the beancurd too!

 photo 20170307_195428_zpsfnzfvzio.jpg

Dumpling was not bad too~

 photo 20170307_194915_zpsgk2gke42.jpg

The only thing I didn’t like is this sesame paste noodle! 
Got peanut smell!!! 😖

My angmoh-pai colleagues were talking about “Good Morning towels” and Ping and I, the 2 cheena poks were like, “What Good Morning towels???” It turned out that they were talking about this! We both call this the funeral towel 😂😂😂

 photo 20170307_203929_zps4nwqiwed.jpg

Private screening this week – Sing! Quite amused and also surprised by the choice of movie…hahahaha!!! I guess kids movie never goes wrong~

Ping’s birthday lunch! Finally tried a proper meal at Box N Sticks because everytime they go, I won’t bear to splurge on the set lunch; will only order side dish or nothing~  

 photo 20170309_141102_zpscvrzqzgw.jpg

Can resist sashimi now but not resist mentaiko!!! ❤

This 傻婆 don’t know real surprised or act surprised one, ask me when I got the cake 😏 It was in the fridge since morning!

 photo 20170309_174727_zpsojhy07ne.jpg

Happy 30th to my crazy half-sister! From schoolmates to colleagues, and both my jobs 都是你帮我找到的 😚 Thank you for the opportunity to continue to irritate you! Hahaha! And of course thank you for all the guidance, always generously sharing your knowledge.

 photo 20170309_174730_zpswscur69b.jpg

 photo 20170309_174742_zpsy3z7d5ua.jpg

 photo 20170309_174928_zpsrjloiue7.jpg

Wonder what is it like to turn 30… I asked a guy friend this question some time ago and he said he was actually looking forward to it 😱 

I think it’s different for girls… Turning 30 to guys is like finally reaching a maturity level, or maybe not, but for girls it’s pure ageing and wrinkles and auntie and all 😭 I really gotta cherish these last 2 years of 2X~

Caught Kong Skull Island and although I had wanted to watch Dog Purpose more, this actually turned out pretty good! Always feel so sad for King Kong during King Kong films… Though I know I will also run when I see one 😂 He’s still cute in his own way! 

 photo 20170310_1402030_zpssbtzifyp.jpg

After monthssss~

 photo 20170310_140148_zps9uohzl1v.jpg

Yummy assam laksa! 😍

Friday night was spent with yoga and the almost full moon~ You see, even this week’s Friday night was not very happening 😔

 photo 20170310_190026_zpsylpftuhf.jpg

The highlight was probably finally crossing the border on Saturday! Had not been in JB for so long that my SIM card can’t even be used now 😭 Wasted RM38 buying another… Must really make it a habit to go in once every 1-2 months like last time!

Was stuck in the human jam + traffic jam for close to 2 hours or more? Usually only the human jam is bad, but this time the traffic jam was worse due to school holiday, which I usually try to avoid~ 

Finally some food! 😋 Ordered side dish because I wanted to save my stomach for other food~ I love the assam fish but it’s so little for its price –CRY!!!– 

 photo 20170311_133924_zpsjbvkfjab.jpg

Not full, so spring rolls next! Hehe

 photo 20170311_145202_zpsxgfnxt5c.jpg

LOL tee becoming a trend in Malaysia after the Kim Jong Nam murder 😐

 photo 20170311_1438590_zpstulmozso.jpg

Bought new dresses…WEEEEEE~! Only S$5 each, double WEEEEE~ Haha! Got a sweatshirt to fight the cold trip(s) too! 😊Shopped till I was broke because I forgot to change ringgit~ I think I bought more clothes than food this time…hmmmmm

 photo 20170311_143459_zpsh0pozosy.jpg

Sis’s start-up idea 😂

The journey back was pretty smooth and fast, partly because it was before 7pm. Wasn’t expecting my Saturday night to end so soon… 都是 pizza 惹的祸! 😠 But I think even a stroll at nearby park would have pleased me more than such an obvious that’s all I am here for.

 photo 20170311_201717_zps7nwyupcv.jpg

Favourite ice-cream flavour – rum & raisin!

Sunday badminton with le volunteers again! I won more than I lost this time 😝 But winning or losing really doesn’t matter to me! I just like to play~ That’s why when Jenelle said, “多一分我们就输了 leh!” I was like, “可是我没有想赢啊~” Hahahaha! Hopeless.

Rushed off for appointment at Jurong West! It’s time to rebond my hair again but I always dread travelling all the way there 😧 So damn far! Thank goodness my hair always can last for 1.5 year before my next appointment~

Luckily YY the saviour has got promo code for Uberpool and I got a ride there at only $7.30! Reduced my 80mins journey to half! Superrrrrr worth it! Like just take my moneyyyy~~~~ 80mins journey is like wtf. We need shinkansen in Singapore! Hahaha!

Always will take the opportunity to walk around the west side a bit after my appointment because 难得 I am there and since I am already all the way there, must not waste the trip! I like how big Jurong Point is and how Jurong East has got soooo many malls to walk! 走完一个又一个~ 

 photo 20170312_194239_zps4lqllewh.jpg

Full moon~

Shuning’s Big Day!

First wedding of 2017! I even kept the dress from my Black Friday buys just for this day 😊 My first choker dress! Also my only one~
 photo 20170305_100455_zpsrggfwsea.jpg
 photo 20170305_100448_zpswzosucnv.jpg

I seldom take OOTD shot because I seldom have new clothes to flaunt. Also because I seldom dress up…haha! So will be spamming a lot of my faces today because 难得 I do so! 😅
 photo 20170305_100522_zpshgkuezv2.jpg

Had a hard time deciding which bag to carry, because the bag affects the shoe that I gonna wear too. It was between flats and this heels, and in the end, 3 straight flowers – heels! Yes, my life is dependent on coin-spinning because I hate decisions 😂
 photo 20170305_100600_zpsbgba3lqi.jpg

Set off early to pamper myself with a good hair wash and blow at Little2Bosses! It’s actually part of the spa Christmas gift and I decided to use it for this big day! 😊

I wanted to try blowing it a little curl this time but in the end I still chickened out. Really ain’t too adventurous on hair! Haha! But part of the reason is also because the hairstylist is a bit auntie kind and doesn’t look hip enough to do a good job, so I decided to go for the safer way 🙊

But I always love how my hair looks after a salon visit! They always blow it so nicely that I can never do it unless I have another pair of hands maybe. Hate blowing my own hair in the first place!

Volunteered to help advertise because I paiseh to go for a free job 😅
 photo IMG_20170307_084825_zpstl8t2lyk.jpg

 photo 20170305_114017_zpsyk6796ck.jpg

OOTD again in the lift!

 photo 20170305_114404_zpsbotxfipw.jpg

And selfie in the toilet 😂
Love how on point my hair is!

Off for Shuning’s wedding and I was there early because I wanna take photos with the bride! 😍 But she was still busy with makeup~

I heard she did most of the art design and decorations at the reception. She has always been talented in art and design and I love what she had done! Super chio, isn’t it?! Gonna hire her for my wedding!!! Hahaha!
 photo 20170305_120814_zpsuoyjchgg.jpg
 photo 20170305_120840_zpsgiyh1pbw.jpg
 photo 20170305_120829_zpstvwekrou.jpg
 photo 20170305_120821_zpseqtqtmbl.jpg
 photo 20170305_121519_zpsbknaojha.jpg
 photo 20170305_120934_zpsllxhjwrc.jpg

 photo 20170305_152007_zps56mthfe7.jpg

My signature message! 😝

This was done by her too! My photo doesn’t do justice because of the lighting behind but it’s so pretty!
 photo 20170305_120901_zpsl5hwmuux.jpg
 photo 20170305_120909_zps3ig4mpbl.jpg

Took this to suan her because there was no more food left at the cocktail reception and I was famished! 😂 Next time write 请少吃 okay? Save some for me! HAHAHA.
 photo 20170305_121553_zpsv0ts9uhh.jpg

Spotted our Daiso props!!! Hahaha! That $2 really fully-utilitied 😁
 photo 20170305_121935_zpsiglloryt.jpg

With our recycled props! Hehe! Missing of Abby because she’s still having her confinement. 双喜临门 amongst us!
 photo IMG-20170306-WA0005_zpsjb2hw3eg.jpg

Oh Chii Hian’s front camera is set to default 三连拍 by the way 😆
 photo IMG-20170305-WA0003_zpsyb5vfduk.jpg
 photo IMG-20170305-WA0002_zpsr5jkst8y.jpg

 photo 20170305_122003_zpsxg5wumdh.jpg

Cute paper bags!

 photo 20170305_122126_zps7imiyy5q.jpg

Another pretty corner!

 photo 20170305_123105_zpsgnzfqayk.jpg

When you don’t get to take with the real couple yet 😂

 photo 20170305_151502-01_zpsqc9mmiz9.jpg

What suits me more than a slate!

Featuring Kai Bin’s flamingo pouch that she is proud of! Cause it’s by the same Pathlight student who drew the pouch that Ho Ching was carrying 😄
 photo 20170305_123248_zpsv7lo5qsv.jpg

The last time I saw Kai Bin in dress/skirt was secondary school by the way! 值得一照!
 photo 20170305_123252_zpsxjs7agcp.jpg

A group photo with the couple! 😜
 photo 20170305_122848_zpswu0v1tgm.jpg

Then the groom finally appeared, but not the bride! 😭 Really waited too long till we decided to get the room key from the groom to raid the room! Definitely gave Shuning a shock when she came out from the bathroom in her FBT short…HAHAHAHA.

Luckily she had not changed into her gown yet so we still managed to take a picture with her in her kua! 😁 终于拍到了!!!
 photo 20170305_124358_zpsq14iivwn.jpg

But we were still not satisfied because we wanna take one with her in gown too! Haha! Super greedy~ We were like delaying her the whole day because her schedule is super packed! Every minute someone is rushing her 😐 Luckily we grabbed every opportunity to take photo with her! Haha!

Inspecing her 洞房窝 while she was changing~ Don’t quite like the purple theme. Not very romantic leh.
 photo 20170305_124445_zpss2tedgtx.jpg

 photo 20170305_124736_zpsyn7p0og8.jpg

Pretty flowers spotted!

 photo 20170305_125016_zpskvuh83ko.jpg

Transformed from traditional girl to princess!

Had a super rush photo session with her! So pretty, of course must take!!! 😍
 photo 20170305_125144_zps4v3dturc.jpg

Still can’t believe this blur sotong is gonna be someone’s wife with effect from today! I used to tease her by 十指交扣-ing with her and she would be so shyyyy~ Always giggling away and struggling off, saying it’s ticklish and all 😆 I remember I even told her, “以候你有男朋友怎么办?” Hahaha! Cannot even hold hand liao. But look at her now, 出嫁了!

Because of her shyness, she used to be very dao in class, especially to the guys. So they used to say she has a black face…hahaha! We were in the same class from Sec 1 to 4! This was taken when we were in Sec 3; I insisted on holding my own birthday party because I never had one before 😂 I love having parties since young, you see!
 photo party_zpsjg5mbq3s.jpg

We took tonnes of neo-prints together because that was the trend back then~ This was probably also Sec 3. So glad that we are still keeping in touch till now! Just missing of our prettiest Serena 😅
 photo biG reUniOn_zpsr5odtit6.jpg
 photo aBseNce makEs hArt foNdeR_zpskh4qw68r.jpg

This was definitely Sec 4 because we were all wearing our class tees. Have we changed much? Our friendship hasn’t changed a bit though! 💖 We have more than 15 years of memories together by now!
 photo cls tee_zpsfwk60ity.jpg

Congrats, our dearest friend! Glad that you have found a weirdo like you! Hahahaha!
 photo 20170305_125200_zpsz9n4hn9k.jpg
 photo 20170305_125204_zpsgq7wfdye.jpg
 photo 20170305_125214_zpsv2n9ow0h.jpg
 photo 20170305_125219_zpsfz9wpvkg.jpg

抢新娘咯~! 😝 Spot the sneakers under her gown by the way! She’s setting the latest trend for all brides – 走 comfy 路线…hahaha! Her friends realised it immediately because they were discussing about her height before march in…LOL.
 photo 20170305_125339_zpsymqrskk9.jpg

I am the 爱美不要命 kind, but she has always been the more lazy kind that will choose comfort over heels.
 photo 20170305_125340_zpsgizljgvy.jpg

Not satisfied with my solo shot just now, so I die die wanna take another! 😝 今天不拍就没机会了~
 photo 20170305_125359_zpsysgrlkgs.jpg

She’s always easily star-struck, but today is the day she can feel like a super star! 😀
 photo 20170305_125631_zpssrk9bz3r.jpg
 photo 20170305_125634_zpsqwbax07m.jpg

With her “twin“! Doesn’t the guy look so much like her?! 😆
 photo 20170305_125824_zpsmsmtrtg6.jpg

Taking wefies when she was supposed to be preparing for first march-in already! And we were also supposed to be seated too…oops~
 photo IMG-20170306-WA0009_zpsetfvcio3.jpg
 photo IMG-20170306-WA0010_zpsxzf2e2bz.jpg

Finally a proper group photo with the couple!
 photo IMG-20170306-WA0011_zpsc7xwkh1v.jpg

Got a selfie stick as door gift! Just nice Sis needs one~
 photo 20170305_130335_zpskiayfsmr.jpg

First march in! I was recording video but halfway my phone died and the video was not saved! 😭
 photo 20170305_131733_zpsqxa3rpun.jpg
 photo 20170305_131735_zps3js4tpcq.jpg
 photo 20170305_131738_zpsxhdhiulv.jpg

We were supposed to throw flower petals as the couple walks in because we were seated near the door. I told Kai Bin to throw all her vengence on Shuning for her years of bullying and she really did! Except that she got the target wrong and the petal got stuck on Nick instead 😂
 photo 20170305_131744_zps5z596kx9.jpg
 photo 20170305_131749_zpspnkwpnki.jpg
 photo 20170305_131757_zpsllpr9thv.jpg

Managed to witness her solemnisation! The solemniser is a bit weird; super serious for a moment and tried to be humourous the next moment 😐
 photo 20170305_132007_zps4xfsmifh.jpg

The petal was still stuck there!!! Hahahaha!
 photo IMG-20170305-WA0004_zpspz4jzv8h.jpg

Nick kept stuttering during his wedding vow…LOL. Must be damn nervous~ Too bad I did not catch it on video!
 photo 20170305_132919_zpspcmdrgzr.jpg

Only caught Shuning’s cause I thought she will stutter too…HAHAHAHA. But she did not luh~

Officially Mr & Mrs Yeo!
 photo 20170305_133846_zpsscpnjy0n.jpg

The moment that we were all waiting, because it’s really rare to see them kiss! 😝 This is probably the only chance!
 photo 20170305_134011_zpshmub9dte.jpg

Another moment that we were all waiting for – time to eat!!! Super duper hungry~~~
 photo 20170305_142134_zpskuaiyywx.jpg

 photo 20170305_134628_zpsdgxldukt.jpg

Starter! My favourite!
Get to try a variety~

 photo 20170305_135906_zps86pokyrc.jpg

Shark’s fin!

 photo 20170305_141159_zpskhp13jpi.jpg

Nice herbal chicken!

 photo 20170305_142225_zpsnqabqvax.jpg

Pomfret fish!

And that was all the dishes we took photo of because after that, we sneaked out again to snatch the bride in her next outfit! This is the pretty gown that we all agreed on!
 photo 20170305_144107_zpsi9xgwucz.jpg
 photo 20170305_143552_zpszxu7ssms.jpg
 photo 20170305_143605_zps0lpogy1a.jpg
 photo 20170305_143920_zpskcqbnxgs.jpg

The groom was very sad because no one wants to take photo with him; everyone only wants the pretty bride…hahaha! But you closed eyes leh!
 photo 20170305_143737_zps1lh5t7cz.jpg
 photo 20170305_1437470_zpsyhrs4l5o.jpg

Forgot where did Kai Bin go~ But 时间紧迫! Gotta take every opportunity to snap a picture!
 photo 20170305_143527_zps6kqwkbad.jpg
 photo 20170305_143858_zpstrbfkqei.jpg

Preparing for second march in!
 photo 20170305_144703_zpsbcmkxihh.jpg

My first time seeing her looking so glamorous! 😊
 photo 20170305_145110_zps7ymptcfa.jpg

 photo 20170305_145421_zps8i9vssdj.jpg
 photo 20170305_145451_zpsqmwx7ggw.jpg

The yum seng toast~ I miss the champagne!!! Hahaha!
 photo 20170305_145731_zps1jvwsuo5.jpg

Selfie again in toilet! 😝
 photo 20170305_151854_zps52swswdh.jpg

Borrowed Chii Hian’s phone to retake the wefie with the bride because I wasn’t satisfied with the one taken on my phone. But the bride was so busy rushing out to say goodbye to the guests and I missed my chance!

Wefie with Limin instead! 😄 Since the phone was in my hand, might as well make use of it..hahaha!
 photo IMG-20170306-WA0008_zpsuexkkq3p.jpg

Shuning used to call us the 敏丽二重唱 cause we were always singing away behind them in class! And we did it again at her wedding; we kept singing the pop songs together 😂
 photo IMG-20170306-WA0012_zpsyi7qyxhd.jpg

Finally stole the bride again before the guests started coming out! Hahaha!
 photo IMG-20170306-WA0013_zpsydkuwqpw.jpg
 photo IMG-20170306-WA0015_zpszfeundsh.jpg

Have a blissful marriage, you weirdo couple! 💑 It’s not easy finding someone who doesn’t mind you sticking disgusting shit on him…LOLOL.
 photo 20170305_161143_zpsqegjb3j5.jpg

Rushed off for next event – Uncle Mak’s housewarming! Yes, it was another marathon Sunday~

Bought durians over as gift because Uncle Mak said he doesn’t need anything and told us to buy durian to share. It turns out that he doesn’t even eat durian! Luckily Jia Jia and May do, if not we would really be buying for ourselves 😐

 photo 20170305_173653_zpszpptnjaj.jpg

I like golden phoenix because of the small seeds!

 photo 20170305_174050_zpsrrdw4fmj.jpg

Of course I like MSW too but can get too gelat~

 photo 20170305_173521_zpsb1fmqtnt.jpg

Meringue door gift baked by Jia Jia!

 photo 20170305_1758570_zpsl5bxxyew.jpg

She made yummy crème brûlée too! 😋

 photo IMG-20170305-WA0011_zpsv5er7meq.jpg

Happily indulging in our durian feast!

Thank you Uncle Mak for having us so that I have the opportunity to eat durian again! Hehehe! It’s been so long since we last saw Jia Jia too!
 photo IMG-20170306-WA0001_zps8kvn4ps3.jpg

Had an impromptu Mahjong session with Uncle Mak since he went all the way to bring the Mahjong table back to us~ Luckily I chose not to play with money because I did not even hu a single round! Zzzzz. It was a suay day to begin with, kanna scolded for double-confirming things 😓 Don’t know but never ask also kanna, ask to make sure also kanna.

Anyway it was my first time playing with Hongkee! Uncle Mak was surprised by some of our Singaporean-mahjong rules because it might be different from Hong Kong mahjong. Had a good time laughing at Jia Jia 😂





And the suay-ness went to the extent of kiap-ing my own finger against the spoiled chair seat and chair leg… Sigh. 不痛不痛,我不痛。
 photo 20170306_091449_zpsu9jbcdiy.jpg

Art-Zoo SG!

Shall summarise these two weeks in one post because it’s March now – the busiest month of the year for me!

 photo 20170220_192219_zpsez8iijdr.jpg

Mahjong craze even in supermarket~

Lugged back 3 bottles of Moscato from the Warehouse Club because I could finally buy them without membership! Yay~!!! 🍾 Bought cheap snacks and other stuff; I love supermarket-shopping! Hehe!

First 九鲜! Not my first of course~ But the greedy me was excited to introduce so I got two – my favourite fruity jelly and the signature NineFresh. Cannot finish in the end 😐
 photo 20170220_210620_zpsx7uf50aq.jpg

Looking 丰盛 but actually these are overnight supper that Mamemo bought for le pig brother and the latter donated to me for lunch~ Yay! Saved another 4 bucks for lunch! 😜
 photo 20170221_133215_zpsonyss6py.jpg

Because two red bombs in March plus upcoming trips, so must 省省省 😂
 photo IMG_20170228_212519_500_zpsgzviparo.jpg

 photo 20170222_191415_zpscqwiokcv.jpg

Lychee Rose from Platform 1094!

 photo 20170222_201934_zpsmjkwvzhs.jpg

Ban mian!!! 😍

Waking up to these blooms ❤ The roses really bloomed so beautifully!
 photo 20170223_001959_zpskshjkxko.jpg
 photo 20170223_085008-1_zpsunizoozo.jpg
 photo 20170223_085029-1_zpsbbkdsnwy.jpg

Went for free class again and it’s my first time trying out body-toning class! More tiring than I had expected 😧 Totally felt like the Gudetama on my shirt after that~ Hahaha!
 photo 20170223_201743_zpsa49ucxah.jpg

Bought this for office because it’s all coffee capsules! I need some hot chocolate and green tea latte 😏
 photo 20170224_101906_zps97frmx5t.jpg

My cute client thought green tea latte means green tea + latte (coffee) and she excitedly made one. Then she was like  “Not very nice leh.. The green tea smell covered the coffee smell. I cannot smell coffee.” LOL! That’s because there is no coffee inside!

 photo 20170224_103034_zps2wm6a2y2.jpg

Feeling like a patient~ But it’s all part of ageing! 💪

 photo 20170224_162210_zpshniuxg5a.jpg

Chateraise tea break!
But mille crepe shouldn’t mix with sponge cake 😔

 photo 20170224_201518_zpsratyp9ar.jpg

That sudden Thai Express crave 😏

 photo 20170224_201019_zpsz7kpsqwo.jpg

Tom Yum soup!
Used to be spicier, now it’s saltier.

 photo 20170224_201543_zpshqbrfx65.jpg

No more taro in menu! Luckily still have this beancurd 😋

 photo 20170224_201554_zpswge2jgeh.jpg

Beancurd again 😅

Private screening this week – the highly-raved Hacksaw Ridge! It was good, but seeing so many deaths in a night … plus the Orchard Central fatal incident 😖 Kinda traumatising.

Finally had a good Saturdate brunch again and finally going back for some “simple food” again! 😂 Super hungry so it became a feast!

 photo 20170225_122711_zpsxgvgjluz.jpg

Mushroom soup 😋

 photo 20170225_123935_zpsothev0x1.jpg

Vegetable tempura! 🖒

 photo 20170225_123239_zpsy8ahoqqb.jpg

The not-so-simple lunch~ 😏

And this is one of the thing that I actually wanted to come back for! The concept is like Chizza but wayyyyyy better than KFC’s! Lasted me for the whole day cause I dabao-ed half of it 😅
 photo 20170225_125114_zpsfy45rdql.jpg

Off for Farmart outing with le residents~! 2 months ago I was being roped in to help plan this outing, but I really didn’t expect to be the one taking charge on the day itself 😑 Really expecting to be just helping out~

Had some debates going on due to this incident, but at least the residents enjoyed the outing, which many volunteers agreed. To me that’s the most important thing. But of course I’m not the one who is responsible for answering the sponsor all the questions, so it’s easy for me to say 😐 It’s a good learning process though.

 photo 20170225_152528_zpsc5h6qfyy.jpg


The heavy downpour kinda screwed up our plans a little, but it wasn’t a major change. We had an interesting classroom time with the humourous Uncle William. He made the educational session so much more fun!

 photo 20170225_163215_zpsox0vj7vh.jpg

Sorbet suitable for diabetic residents!

And then it was animals-interaction time! The residents got to feed the cute animals! 🐐🐰🐹
 photo 20170225_170119_zpsensnj6f1.jpg
 photo 20170225_165622_zpsftgazs03.jpg

This cute resident was so scared to feed the goat but she was happily feeding the rabbit later on 😂 I guess size does matter.
 photo 20170225_165824_zpse95if5jq.jpg

Too bad they did not manage to catch the parrots’ performance which I was hoping to see again too! Haha!
 photo 20170225_170704_zpsvmivbd3l.jpg

Looks as though it’s smiling! So cute!
 photo 20170225_170641_zpss2lsdkkf.jpg
 photo 20170225_170638_zpsiimtkjgb.jpg

The journey back wasn’t a smooth one because the driver went on the wrong direction TWICE. In the end we reached later than the bus that came 30 minutes later than ours 😑

 photo 20170225_195047_zpslwndf6gp.jpg

Shopping for jacket!
Hmmmm…to buy or not to buy~

 photo 20170225_221219_zpsss3f69yp.jpg

Favourite tau huey again!

Had a marathon-Sunday again, starting with badminton with le volunteers! I actually miss playing badminton but they are always playing in Hougang area~ 难得 finally come to my 地盘 😂 I thought I would be slacking most of the time since everyone is quite pro and I am the only amateur one. But kannatrained‘ by 师兄们 and sweated so much! Quite shiok~

Super paiseh to have 砸场 though cause everyone was playing the professional way, while I was like super lost – either confusing people or kept missing shuttlecocks that were supposed to serve to me 😂 Pity everyone who has paired with me! Either gotta work super hard or gotta suffer their rare losses..hahahaha!

Great workout!!! Thankful for everyone’s patience in trying to coach me, even though I just wanna have a friendly “match” aka 打爽的~ But not everyone was friendly to me. Can tell from the pictures who is always bullying me 😏
 photo IMG-20170226-WA0013_zpshxheyfgs.jpg
 photo IMG-20170226-WA0014_zpshzvactd0.jpg

 photo 20170227_003222_zpsqcgmfm5b.jpg

The aftermath 😐
Cause the racket kept hitting me!

First time trying Workbench even though it’s so near to me…haha! Loading back the calories lost with this salted egg yolk chicken pasta 😋
 photo 20170226_145452_zpsfy9xqp8y.jpg

Rushed back home to shower before rushing out again to meet my mentees! FMS has started a mentorship programme and some time ago, my lecturer had asked if I am okay to be the students’ mentor.

I didn’t think so much about it and just agreed. It turned out that the toughest part was actually to find a suitable time to meet up with them! Haha! But I totally understand their deadlines and all, cause I had been through it 😆

I was expecting a short meetup cause I didn’t really know what to talk about. But in the end we chatted for 3 hours, with them sharing a lot with me about what happened in school and all. I never thought I would be so comfortable chatting with them! Thought it might be kinda awkward for all since it’s our very first meetup~

It’s nice to reminisce about school days and also share a bit of what I went through, at the same time, finding the similarities of what we had all been through 😀 The different kind of schoolmates ranging from boasters to free-riders. The same lecturers that are still teaching now too…haha!

It’s interesting how all 4 of them have different characters – one is a Mexican who is confident but humble. One who prefers to be a listener but is secretly processing what we are saying in his mind. One who is more chatty and would make sure I am with them when they drift off to their inside jokes. One who is a bit dramatic when she talks and claims that she dresses until very la sup 😂

Gonna meet up with them again next semester! I hope by their final year, they would still wanna be video editors 😅 It’s too early to judge now because I wanted to be a scriptwriter during my first year, but look what I turned out to be? Haha~ Anyhow, rushed off to help Mommeyyyyy run some errand before I finally ended my long Sunday!

Swee Choon lunch with Shrine! Hate eating with pigs. Tsk. Was so full for the entire day!
 photo 20170227_133612_zpsvswlvmpw.jpg

Durian waffle at Sin Lee Food! To curb the durian crave temporarily~
 photo 20170228_201206_zps1sxjxmm5.jpg

Overall it’s nice, with real mao shan wang durian, but this is probably the most expensive waffle I had. 18 bucks 😱
 photo 20170228_201230_zpsg4y9ynhq.jpg

 photo 20170228_212930_zpse4riwcch.jpg

Because it’s Tuesdate! 😍

Finally a good chilling session with good music to take off all the stress at work~ I had such a bad nightmare along with a bad headache the previous night after editing a whole day of Suria programme!

My mind just couldn’t stop editing in the sleep and it was damn scary! I had it before but this is the worst and longest experience! It’s like the mind is on auto-edit mode and no matter how I tried to stop it, it wouldn’t 😖 Editors’ woes.


Long time no 偷拍,so 趁机拍 more! Hehe!
 photo 20170228_231213_zpscgxwafdh.jpg

 photo 20170228_230803_zpsjsex4cul.jpg


Actually, I am not surprised if he knows that I have been secretly snapping at him luh. He caught me so many times with my phone…hahaha!
 photo 20170228_231328_zpsbgblnx3m.jpg
 photo 20170228_231351_zpsfrc6nbny.jpg
 photo 20170228_231421_zpsfbuwrzjk.jpg
 photo 20170228_231455_zpsvu14a9kq.jpg

 photo 20170303_101825_zps7penjwuv.jpg


 photo 20170302_155230_zpsbzikntsn.jpg

Posted this in the day, experienced it at night.
Caring how much is one thing, but who should be caring is another.

 photo 20170303_185410_zpsak42rg6r.jpg

Satisfying the durian crave with real 金凤 durian this time! 😋
Cause Sunday is a long wait!

Finally 麻辣香锅-ed too! All the sinful stuff that I should be avoiding for Shuning’s wedding~ Cause I don’t want pimples to pop! Haha! But I think it’s more pricey than my usual ones, considering that there’s no meat. Hmmmm. Super shiok though! 👍
 photo 20170303_195514_zpstz9u3nfj.jpg

Checked out the new mall – Our Tampines Hub and I love their public movie screening concept! Not a bad idea to nua your Friday night away~
 photo 20170303_215551_zpslj60abzi.jpg

 photo 20170303_214331_zpskywqdspr.jpg

Blackforest with alcohol!

 photo 20170303_223627_zpswh3zedao.jpg

Marking an end to the TGIF 😊

Had half the Saturday to settle stuff for upcoming trip~ So much left to be settled that I can’t stop worrying every day. I’m glad that I am clearing them bit by bit each day. Off to check out Art-Zoo!
 photo 20170304_160927_zpsixgf2q72.jpg

I was looking forward to visit because I saw many bee-themed stuff! And everything looks so cute there! But sadly, it’s not free and I didn’t know until I was there 😔 Apparently, a lot of people thought it is free too.
 photo 20170304_160310_zps9tstoaxm.jpg

Could only take photos from the outside~ This is my favourite!
 photo 20170304_160957-1_zpspzkl3w65.jpg
 photo 20170304_160647_zpsozgnaayw.jpg

Bee-themed giraffe!
 photo 20170304_160614_zpsf1jfrojz.jpg
 photo 20170304_160950_zpsrl9plaee.jpg

Hello Art-Zoo! Goodbye Art-Zoo too 😦
 photo 20170304_160713_zpsp876iuhl.jpg
 photo 20170304_160832_zpswxiofjax.jpg

Caught Logan and it was niceeeee! The usual exciting superhero movie, but with a touch of 温馨~ It was a pretty long movie though.

 photo 20170304_204120_zpsfvg6m1q3.jpg

First meal of the day – yummy mushroom soup to end the night! 💖

Shuning’s Hens Night!

Had my very first hens night experience and it was for Miss Loo, who is turning Mrs Yeo in 2 weeks’ time! We had actually booked a room at Hotel Clover Jalan Sultan to surprise her 😊

But I think she was feeling more scared than excited cause I bumped into her the night before the hens night and she kept asking what we are gonna do to her 😂 I told her we gonna hire strippers and I wasn’t lying after all! HAHAHA.

None of us had any hens night experience except Chii Hian, but organising one for Shuning is extra challenging because she’s one of my many super shy friends! But you know how hens night is supposed to be wild and crazy 😐 I know it’s weird how loud and crazy I am but most of my close friends are shy-屁s (Mojo, Wei Chien, Kai Bin and etc).
Anyhow, Kai Bin and I headed over earlier to check in and also to get Chii Hian’s birthday cake~ The hotel is pretty near my office, so it felt a bit like going back for work…hahaha! But it’s also very near to Shuning’s house, so I think it’s sadder for her to have a staycation within walking distance from her house 😂

It’s a 2-storey hotel with nice and cozy interior!
 photo 20170219_130105_zpsyubcgy3g.jpg

Checked in! The room is not exceptionally big kind but it was good enough! There is enough space for us to get together, which is the most important thing.
 photo 20170218_132802_zpsjyblri11.jpg

Clean bathroom on the right once you enter the room~
 photo 20170218_132818_zpsrxa2f5uu.jpg

Like Studio M hotel, the beds are located upstairs, which mean technically this hotel is 2.5 storey 😅
 photo 20170218_132913_zpsnzahzxc9.jpg

The reason why we chose Hotel Clover, as recommended by Kai Bin, is because they have 2 big beds to accommodate us. Perfect for gatherings and hens night!
 photo 20170218_132937_zps5cijsihn.jpg

Preparing before the bride-to-be arrives!
 photo 20170218_132927_zpsumxhenvk.jpg

Got these DIY props from Daiso for our photoshoot and I think the girls totally made full use of the $2!
 photo 20170218_142555_zps1ftew1jq.jpg

They even cut out the prints on packaging to decorate the container and the wall! 🖒 Indeed well-trained as the class committee back in school days! Haha!
 photo 20170218_143515_zpsuosml9w2.jpg

What’s party without snacks! Sponsored by yours truly; finally have the chance to share my stocked up junk food at home 😅 I think my masquerade mask adds on to the party feel~
 photo 20170218_144826_zps5fa1aush.jpg

The artistic team busy with the wall decoration while I was busy eating my cup noodle brunch 😅
 photo 20170218_142430_zpstzniyjnp.jpg

Kai Bin the art director and Limin the talented artist!
 photo 20170218_142409_zpscrcvpcuv.jpg

In the end they 偷工减料 because Shuning was arriving soon and they decided to change the 5-character ‘party‘ word into 2 Chinese characters – 派对 😂😂😂
 photo 20170218_144856_zps3wnygsoy.jpg

Done with the simple banner upstairs too!
 photo IMG-20170220-WA0006_zpsviwzoq6p.jpg

Ready to welcome the bride-to-be! 😀
 photo IMG-20170220-WA0003_zpstpluzpri.jpg

Chii Hian had given her step by step instructions on how to walk here via pictures of the streets along the way~ And ta-duh~! Here she comes!
 photo 20170218_145912_zpsp7tmbtfz.jpg

Our very shy bride-to-be 😁

She said she has been wanting to try out such 2-storey room and she finally did!
 photo 20170218_150032_zpsyr8np5lb.jpg
 photo 20170218_150208_zpsgrpv61cp.jpg

But she wasn’t in the room too long before we dragged her out to kick off our first activity – photoshoot! Again, she didn’t know what’s going on and kept trying to see our phones and guess we are heading to 😓 It’s meant to be a SURPRISE!!!
 photo IMG-20170221-WA0008_zpsivsg3g3d.jpg

Arrived! Let’s take a wefie with the ceiling reflection first 😁
 photo 20170218_155049_zpsx5izave1.jpg

And here’s where the girls had chosen for the photoshoot – National Gallery Singapore! It’s my first time here (:
 photo 20170218_155023_zpsemowonbt.jpg

A fake group photo to distract Miss Loo before our guest photographer made his appearance!
 photo 20170218_155922_zpsg4r39qsw.jpg

Yes, we hired a photographer for our photoshoot and he is none other than the groom-to-be – Nick! Hahaha! The sad thing about being a photographer – you gotta work for your own fiancée’s hens night and get paid only 2 packets of M&M! 😂

Time to get the bride-to-be dressed up! Hehe!
 photo 20170218_161629_zpsqivilh50.jpg

In the end we kanna questioned by the staff a few times because of the props. They thought we are doing a wedding shoot here without permit 🙄 You got see people wear like that for wedding photo before meh? Zzzzzz.

Photoshoot for Suki!
 photo 20170218_170755_zpsmdpivqno.jpg
 photo 20170218_171045_zpsefjtmyr2.jpg
 photo 20170218_173743_zpsf7jpdt7b.jpg

Moving outdoor the the photo shoot! Finally we can see the dome~
 photo 20170218_172121_zpsh3xm041p.jpg

All the photos are still with Nick, who is probably busy with the wedding preparations right now. But here is a sneak preview!
 photo IMG-20170221-WA0004_zpsrwmljhgv.jpg

Actually the photo shoot is more for us (the girls) but we took the opportunity to take some for the couple too and even some maternity shoot for Abby! 😄

 photo 20170218_175532_zps17cn1jdd.jpg

Photoshoot for myself 😛

Done with the shoot and off to Clarke Quay for dinner! We had mexican food at Chillis 😋 I like! Too bad they don’t have jalapeños cheese~

Chii Hian’s favourite refillable nachos! Hahaha! I ordered it for the spinach dip actually 😅 Still miss Applebees‘ more!
 photo IMG-20170219-WA0073_zps7fetyazv.jpg

Some super salty chicken that we didn’t like 😐
 photo IMG-20170219-WA0072_zps42bvw41h.jpg

I seldom like to order ribs because they are always full of bones and little meat. But I think Chillis has pretty good ribs with lots of meat! Even better than Tony Roma‘s, in my opinion~
 photo 20170218_191808_zpsgh9fji0u.jpg

Their flatbread aka pizza is pretty good too! Overall we had a pretty good dinner! 😊
 photo 20170218_191827_zpss1ibfvud.jpg

Now it has come to the time that Shuning has been dreading 😂 She kept saying she’s not full yet and still wanna eat, just because she wanna avoid the wild night that we have planned for her…hahahaha!!! 总是要面对的..hiak hiak hiak~

As the bride-to-be had guessed, the dares were all planned by me. Even though I had zero experience in planning hens night, I kinda know how wild can it get. But I also know we can’t have something too wild for our shy girl(s), so I actually did do a milder version with helpline somemore okay! 😂

I had planned 5 dares for her consisting of kiss, dance, strip, guess and mannequin challenge, and she was supposed to pick 3. So sad that she did not pick the kiss one in the end! Hahahaha! I think she was quite lucky to have picked all the easy ones~

Look at her shy and reluctant face as she was asked to pick her first dare! 😂
 photo IMG-20170219-WA0046_zpsk6jqvz7t.jpg
 photo IMG-20170219-WA0040_zps8hg7p0lh.jpg

The revelation! Ta-duh~!
 photo 20170218_202637_zpsbtsimbcl.jpg
 photo 20170218_202607_zpstqrd5nc4.jpg
 photo 20170218_202621_zpsuxadpzag.jpg

I was so sad that she picked the easiest one that I didn’t want her to!
 photo IMG-20170219-WA0047_zpslbqapjae.jpg

I thought of this because I have the impression that she likes to watch 蜡笔小新 too and she knows how to do this. Later on I found out the reason behind my deep impression – it’s because she did it before during a forfeit in school!!! HAHAHAHA!

But Shuning actually felt that this was the most difficult dare amongst the 3 that she picked. Because she is really shy to do the dance in front of strangers! She may like to do weird stuff but only to those who are close to her 😂

She did not dare to approach people and I think the girls had helped her a lot in finding the right target! In the end, it took her only like 2 or 3 tries before she found this Hong Kong girl, who excitedly said she thinks she can guess it, and she really did!
 photo IMG-20170219-WA0043_zpsbjgeuxra.jpg

Time for the next dare! She was really scared when I told her the 大象 dance was the easiest one 😂 Cause she thinks that it’s very tough!
 photo 20170218_2042090_zpsaxbxoi8m.jpg
 photo 20170218_204216_zpsemo2zsjk.jpg
 photo 20170218_204224_zpsjxcjngbm.jpg

Finally some real wildness! 😝
 photo IMG-20170219-WA0042_zpskdixqb3b.jpg

And again, it turned out so much easier than we had expected! We had advised her to target on angmohs or those fit-looking guys, because Singaporean men are too 爱面子 already, so they wouldn’t do it unless they have a really good body to show off.

The first group that she approached was some foreigners in their 40s. One of them actually didn’t mind flashing his belly, but it was the wife who disagreed 😐 I think Shuning managed to hit the right target at her second try, on these 2 handsome angmohs.

They were super steady! Look at what they replied when I told them they gotta remove their tops. They were like, “Oh just the top?” Like as though they had expected to remove more; we sure won’t mind that 😂

Really lucky that she managed to find such spontaneous people so easily and they happened to have good looks and good bodies! Can’t help uttering out, “Nice body“…HAHAHA. Told ya there will be strippers 😉
 photo 20170218_204823_zpsuotfsbew.jpg
 photo IMG-20170218-WA0016_zps765jmrrw.jpg

The last dare was also quite easy – easy in the sense that it’s not anything wild; just guessing she gonna be Mrs what. But I guess Yeo is not such a common surname after all, because it wasn’t easy for people to guess correctly within the 5 tries.

Anyway this was the dare that she used her 1 helpline. The initial dare was to find someone with the surname “Yeo” and say, “Welcome to the Yeo family” to her. Similarly tough, but this is more 海底捞针 than the one with 5 tries~

In the end, this was the dare that took her the longest! She approached quite a number of people and none could guess the surname correctly! But thank you to everyone who had stopped by to help 😊
 photo IMG-20170219-WA0053_zpszcfgrn8q.jpg
 photo IMG-20170219-WA0055_zpsmebjdxy0.jpg
 photo IMG-20170219-WA0050_zpss4kklhzm.jpg
 photo IMG-20170219-WA0052_zpsniidlce6.jpg
 photo IMG-20170219-WA0056_zpso3dqwd9a.jpg

In the end, we pang-chance and it was this couple that guessed it after more than 10 tries 😅 But it was not over for the bride-to-be! Cause I had arranged a special performance for her…muahahaha~

While Shuning was busy with her dares, I was busy coordinating with Nick to update him when he can appear for his surprise performance! Though Shuning had been suspicious that Nick might be appearing again, she definitely did not expect this public performance! This guy managed to escape the public proposal (he proposed at home!) so how can let him marry our Shuning so easily 😝

Look at Shuning’s funny reaction! I think it’s a mixture of shy + embarrassment because Nick did a terrible job…hahahaha! Totally not the standard that I had expected! And my pink mic didn’t work well for him because he didn’t point it in the right direction 😩
 photo 20170218_212909_zpsc2stp8z0.jpg
 photo 20170218_212911_zpshw00vzoo.jpg

I have always thought that having a guy sing for you publicly is something really romantic and touching. But I really wasn’t expecting him to be looking at the YouTube video on his phone and singing from it! 忘词 so many times some more! –FAINT!!!

To think I gave him 1 month to prepare…tsk tsk tsk. Definitely did not pass my standard! Who ask you to choose such 高难度 song in the first place 😑

The super shy aftermath 😂
 photo 20170218_213013_zpseqz6z57n.jpg
 photo 20170218_213006_zpsx38e89ig.jpg
 photo 20170218_213008_zps6np7gzeg.jpg

But the performance was really too disappointing for me to let the groom-to-be off so easily! So his brothers, who were there to give him moral support, got dragged into putting up another performance with him 😝
 photo 20170218_213406_zpskuwkst4h.jpg
 photo 20170218_213436_zpsxxepkfxx.jpg
 photo 20170218_213415_zpsfosfnjxo.jpg

Still looking at the phone to sing, but at least their One Call Away was much better than Nick’s solo item…hahahaha!

好啦好啦~ Since the bride-to-be has given her approval to the performance, I shall let you guys off 😆
 photo 20170218_213454_zpsex1dozm8.jpg
 photo IMG-20170219-WA0070_zpszrrw37pp.jpg

Shuning warned me to be careful of my hens night, but little did she know that the idea of having a hens night was initiated by Chii Hian! I was just throwing in ideas for the activities…whahahahaha~ Now you know who to revenge on 😂😂😂

 photo 20170218_215215_zpsmgetxnm0.jpg

Definitely standing out in her OOTD!

 photo IMG-20170219-WA0068_zpsmte2un73.jpg

Heading back after a long day!

 photo IMG-20170220-WA0011_zpshicwgv1y.jpg

Brother Paul & Sister Paul!

They two have the most inside jokes because they used to be inseparable back in school days! Like every time someone mentions Kai Bin, they will bound to mention Shuning; they are just like twins!

Shuning and Kai Bin used to sit beside each other for Sec 3 and 4, while Limin and I sat side by side, right behind them. So we always witnessed how the mischievous Shuning irritated Kai Bin every day, by hiding her pencil case, playing pranks on her, scaring her and etc…hahahaha!

This was her scaring Kai Bin with a penknife, taken by Shuning herself!

This was Limin as her victim, but she very 配合😂 I must say that this girl really enjoys doing all these weird stuff, even until now! LOL!

We have so much memories together! More than a decade old worth of memories! 😊😊😊
 photo IMG-20170220-WA0012_zpsxrpc5yw1.jpg

You may now kiss the bride! Weeeeeeeeee~
 photo IMG-20170220-WA0004_zpsxcc2f0n4.jpg
 photo IMG-20170220-WA0010_zps9hsct2zt.jpg

Plenty of group shots together before Mummy Lim needs to go home~ Despite being due in like 2 weeks’ time, she still dragged herself around with us the whole day! All for this friendship! 💖
 photo IMG-20170220-WA0016_zpslxwsg747.jpg
 photo IMG-20170220-WA0001_zpsfsogkbvm.jpg
 photo IMG-20170220-WA0018_zpsgtto8nc1.jpg

Showering her with lots of love before she’s officially taken!
 photo IMG-20170220-WA0015_zpsqxk2uqer.jpg
 photo IMG-20170220-WA0020_zpsmq0fk1a6.jpg

We were supposed to stay up till late night to party over Moscato and snacks, and also ask Shuning some pre-wedding Q&A, but Chii Hian ended up going to bed before 12am! 😱 To think she was the one who planned the schedule till 3am, and now she can’t even last till 12! Hahahaha!

We decided to join her in bed at 1+ to wake her up! Some wefies to try out different phone cameras~ The worst ones are taken by my phone… Ever since the repair shop replaced my front camera, it has been taking ugly shots 😦
 photo 20170219_010831_zpsdfse0yzd.jpg
 photo 20170219_010837_zps9pyspt8d.jpg

With Chii Hian’s phone~
 photo IMG-20170219-WA0058_zpscqbrhvv8.jpg
 photo IMG-20170219-WA0057_zpsxyk0ntn8.jpg

And with Shuning’s phone!
 photo IMG-20170220-WA0021_zpsikrxvaco.jpg

Had our Q&A session in bed, covering topics from first kiss to first sex 😏 But not gonna share anything here because everything in bed goes to bed!

The next day was dedicated to Chii Hian! Celebrated her birthday in advance with the famous Swiss roll! I think it’s gonna be a memorable after-shower surprise 😆
 photo 20170219_105729_zpsf4tonxwz.jpg
 photo 20170219_105732_zpssbydpfvn.jpg

I think I was surprised once after shower too by Clique and it was a bit awkward to have your hair still dripping water and most importantly, to take photos with your nude face! Please don’t ever surprise me after a shower, people! 😂

 photo 20170219_105837_zpsfgjkoiqx.jpg
 photo 20170219_105824_zpslbd7xrvr.jpg
 photo IMG-20170220-WA0008_zpsuvvuh22w.jpg
 photo 20170219_105840_zps5p7ubdal.jpg
 photo 20170219_105813_zpsrzcyaz30.jpg

 photo 20170219_105947_zpsldqrtdtq.jpg

Must be one of the sexiest birthday celebration…hahaha!

Back in bed again to nap because we had requested for late check-out! 😀
 photo IMG-20170219-WA0059_zpsphxufnxa.jpg
 photo IMG-20170219-WA0063_zpsa3itcv0s.jpg
 photo IMG-20170219-WA0062_zpswdqzebfu.jpg
 photo IMG-20170219-WA0065_zpsaqmetdjv.jpg
 photo IMG-20170219-WA0066_zpshcwsb5of.jpg
 photo IMG-20170219-WA0067_zps3jnhz8ke.jpg

I really dozed off and woke up to this sight – Kai Bin getting ready for her revenge. Cause Shuning threw a pillow down at her the night before and she was trying to 以牙还牙 now! The two of them can never stop irritating the hell outta each other 😂
 photo 20170219_122648_zpsyxolmcxp.jpg

Clearing up the leftover snacks and Moscato! 😝 How can I let there be any leftover alcohol right~
 photo 20170219_110553_zpsx0hfdagb.jpg

Checked out! Thank you Hotel Clover for the comfy stay!
 photo 20170219_130337_zpsmb9safcl.jpg
 photo 20170219_130329_zpspmqm67ss.jpg

Off for lunch and it was Kai Bin’s turn to decide where to go~ She chose this chicken rice and steamboat place in Golden Mile in the end which I never knew of. Apparently it’s quite popular. The food is okay but the steamboat is a bit pricey for that limited variety of ingredients.
 photo 20170219_132007_zpsi7tw6t1y.jpg

And that marked that end of our hens night! 💖 Always thankful that I had chosen Deyi instead of St. Theresa Convent (my initial choice) and met these awesome girls! I really don’t know what I would be like now if I had ended up in a girls’ school…hmmmm.
 photo IMG-20170218-WA0019_zpsiivdv0un.jpg

Back home and out again shortly for some cheap thrills!
 photo 20170219_174647_zps5diypfyn.jpg

Ended the night with an impromptu Mahjong session (at least it was impromptu to me) and lost again, as expected 😦 My luck this year just ain’t suitable for gambling at all! The total loss could have been spent on a good meal with some Midori Sour D: