James’ 1st Birthday!

So my Saturday night continued to buddy’s house, where I spent the whole night playing with this cutie pie!😀
 photo 20160423_193908_zpsop13z8gs.jpg

I had been longing to see him ever since the first time I played with him. Back then he was still the chubby smiley baby, but now he’s already a walking toddler, celebrating his 1st birthday! Not as chubby anymore, but still adorable~
 photo 20160423_200050_zpslsmmz9mx.jpg

The reason I wanna attend the party was purely so that I can meet this 稀客 again and take all the cute pictures of him…hahaha! So get ready for the spam😛 Opening my pressie! Hehe!
 photo 20160423_200517_zpscjcfkfnv.jpg
 photo 20160423_200558_zpslmzqou4h.jpg
 photo 20160423_200530_zpsrnnts21l.jpg
 photo 20160423_200544_zpsc81giho5.jpg

I think kids just have fun tearing stuff xD

Bought him a 2 in 1 piano + telephone because I remember buddy telling me that he loves to play with the house telephone! Now he can have fun playing with his own telephone!😀
 photo 20160423_2012460_zpsyttgikw7.jpg

 photo 20160423_201247_zpsnqsluure.jpg

Legendary 口水王, ever since baby! Hahaha!

 photo 20160423_201102_zpsk2sfcnbm.jpg

Happily pressing away~

 photo 20160423_201244_zpsrouvwajo.jpg

Oh those heavy cheeks!

And then it was time to give out the 红鸡蛋 to the guests! The greedy boy kept wanting to eat the egg himself and ended up with red lips…LOL!
 photo 20160423_201614_zps9n7q3n5t.jpg

He looks so delighted giving out the eggs!
 photo 20160423_201617_zpshv4x6umt.jpg

So handsome and cute ❤_❤
 photo 20160423_201644_zpsemcmu09z.jpg
 photo 20160423_201645_zpseb921bk6.jpg

Caught a cute video of him giving red egg to Queen! Still such a 笑佛~

Then finally, the cake-cutting time!
 photo 20160423_204909_zpshq9o8i1c.jpg

I think he was quite loss when everyone gathered around him. But he sure enjoyed that attention!
 photo 20160423_205054_zpsvatcpv4l.jpg

With Daddy & Mummy!
 photo 20160423_205155_zps38e2has1.jpg
 photo 20160423_205203_zpsizh90tqf.jpg
 photo 20160423_2052030_zpsqz2ccgx4.jpg

I think it’s just difficult to take a proper photo of kid + cake. Because they will always be more attracted to the cake than camera! xD
 photo 20160423_205241_zpscwrcwot9.jpg

 photo 20160423_205249_zpslkpxc46f.jpg

Gong gong look~

 photo 20160423_220231_zpsjctzv81k.jpg

A selfie to end off! ^v^

Off to Sis’ place for stayover and to babysit babysleep Isaac while they were out for movie~ Haven’t had time for my loveboy for so long! Bought a new toy for him while I was in JB and we spent the next morning building it together! Hehe!
 photo 20160424_095622_zpsydgz1lej.jpg

We built a playground!😀

Off for NDP practice but of course, not before having a good lunch first! After much brainstorming and detouring, finally settled for Cafe Salivation for a sinful meal!
 photo 20160424_124416_zpsomlu7fln.jpg

 photo 20160424_124428_zpslhao2hcu.jpg

My very first lasagne! (:

 photo 20160424_154849_zpsjbhjn97r.jpg

Working off the calories~

But before I could join in the dance, I had a more important mission which is to hold my own “audition” and pick my star members. It was really a tough one because I have quite high expectation…hahaha! Cannot have any mistake one😛
 photo 20160424_155635_zpsgtr0jscu.jpg

It was a longer practice this week because we didn’t have tea break in between. The last 2 hours was spent under the hot sun and I provided special service with my USB fan!😀 Best buy ever!!! Hahaha!

Impromptu Mahjong session after the smelly practice and I thought I would donate money again, but I won 5 bucks! Yayyyyy~ Never lose 就 happy liao! Hehe! This is call 知足常乐~!

It was a slightly more busy week this week but yet it also felt like a pretty short one. Maybe time just pass faster when you are busier. 但忙归忙,still have to find time to relax! Decided to catch a movie on Monday and use up my birthday voucher!

But first, made a visit to the Fortune of Wealth for some good luck first! (:
 photo 20160425_185506_zps6j849avb.jpg

It’s actually my first time walking around the fountain and touching it! But a pity I didn’t have time to buy any 4D after touching it…haha~
 photo IMG-20160426-WA0013_zpsnd36gpk7.jpg
 photo IMG-20160426-WA0028_zpsd3kscgk1.jpg

 photo IMG-20160426-WA0031_zps6pquyxw4.jpg

Thank you, my dear photographer ((:

Watched The Jungle Book which honestly speaking, wouldn’t be my choice of movie if not that my voucher is expiring and there are limited free listing movies. But it actually turned out pretty nice and justified the good reviews! Not the kind of really kiddy movie that I had imagined~

 photo 20160426_084834_zpsqsvzd06m.jpg

My sunflower is on its way!!!

A throwback list when I was trying to jot down all the stuff that I don’t eat, because many have called me a fussy eater, so I’m just trying to prove that I’m not~ It’s not a lot right??? =X
 photo 20160426_084640_zpsudzejwer.jpg

Finally tried Patisserie G! Walked past it a dozen of times and could only look at the cakes lovingly~ This time round I finally decided to step in!😀
 photo 20160426_185845_zps8lst5e6b.jpg

Very nice and also beautiful chocolate mousse cake with alcohol inside! Love it!
 photo 20160426_185737_zpsmxcpdjle.jpg

Off for the real alcohol session at Paulaner! Not the same band this time, but still the same love for this place (:
 photo 20160426_214612_zpsr3dfpgbs.jpg

 photo 20160426_194307_zpsbqfurtcg.jpg

Tequila Sunrise!

 photo 20160426_194236_zps2pwkpjp5.jpg

First try on their pizza!
Not bad, but still prefer thin crust…hehe.

Thursday wasn’t my day because the whole world was throwing a tantrum at me, even the server. All our computers were hung and it doesn’t help that it was the day client and I were racing against time…Zzzzz. But also “thanks” to that, boss granted us all half day on Friday, because the server problem just couldn’t be fixed. Yep, so extra long weekend for us! Woohooo~

 photo 20160428_203000_zpsyfzdrnwj.jpg

The only good thing about Thursday.

 photo 20160428_203055_zpsa3hvkdux.jpg

Ice-cream sandwich; my weakness.

P.S. Finally cleared all my backlogs! FUCKYEAHHHHHHHH!

Belated Birthday Meals!

Started the new week with souvenirs from Japan again!!!
 photo 20160418_170943_zpsjfz2i36m.jpg

This time round it was from the super sweet Uncle J~ Really sweet of him to have saved a box for us! And he even bought a belated birthday gift for me! Hehe! Crashed his office space table over at lunch time because he’s super near us now! Definitely miss our dear lunch kaki! ((:
 photo 20160418_171157_zpsiiqlmxaj.jpg

Long-awaited Marche dinner with Kai Bin & Co! 6 girls with busy schedule, and we finally, finally fixed a date~ It was Kai Bin’s turn to decide the eating venue and she “stole my idea” when I mentioned about craving for Marche during our previous meetup! Tsk tsk. Hahaha! But thanks to her, I finally satisfied my crepe craving! xD
 photo 20160419_194023_zpsr9w2shq7.jpg

And because the girls ordered some pork knuckles, the closet 酒鬼 – Kai Bin revealed her true self and suggested getting a beer! This marked the official first time we are drinking together! Haha!
 photo 20160419_195437_zpsoy4qq8re.jpg

Have always loved the interior of Marche (:
 photo 20160419_220802_zps2aftmn7u.jpg
 photo 20160419_220702_zps2hpljcmb.jpg

And as expected, the girls had a belated birthday celebration for Kai Bin and I!😀
 photo IMG-20160421-WA0004_zpstnc6mgus.jpg

 photo IMG-20160420-WA0003_zpspykj4nir.jpg

Yayyyyy got birthday “cakes” again! Hehe!

 photo IMG-20160421-WA0001_zpsqq0ti0r9.jpg

Happy Birthday to 两个很不一样的 Aries! xD

And because Kai Bin always finished her wish before mine and even peeped at me during my wish-making last year, I kept peeping this time to see if she’s peeping at me! LOL.
 photo IMG-20160420-WA0005_zpsq50o7l66.jpg

Hope to celebrate many more birthdays together! ((:
 photo IMG-20160420-WA0002_zpsovkyzmmc.jpg

Actually we got to choose our own ‘cake‘ and of course lemon meringue was my pick!
 photo 20160419_220916_zpsyryhvzed.jpg

Everyone was a little surprised by Kai Bin’s choice of cake because prune tart just doesn’t sound like an appetising dessert…LOL! But it’s so Kai Bin I think! And it was actually not bad xD
 photo 20160419_220900_zpscjgt80cj.jpg

又有礼物拿咯~! Korea & Japan souvenirs from Shuning and Kai Bin respectively!!!
 photo 20160419_223554_zpslpmpu9ci.jpg

Belated birthday angbaos!😀 One from PPGs and one from Kai Bin & Co!
 photo 20160419_224006_zpsufhnfpet.jpg

Got to know that there’s pasar malam in Ghim Moh through the Facebook page again and so it was tutu kueh time again! Hehe! Bought like FIFTEEN this time round because ten wasn’t quite enough for 2 the other time. 15 is not a lot right? It’s just like 7.5 each? ._.

Anyway, the auntie is so generous with the fillings!!! So in love with her! And her tutu kuehs of course! Hahaha!
 photo 20160420_214014_zpssdpayftc.jpg

Skipped yoga for an impromptu dinner with Mr Ow and Yinning on Thursday because the latter is so busy flying lately, so it’s hard to catch her~ I was in sloppy outfit because I wasn’t expecting to be going out, hence I requested to meet at more “secluded” places…LOL.

Had Sushi Tei at Gardens as my belated birthday meal!😀 I realised whenever I am asked to choose a dinner place, it will usually be Japanese cuisine because they have more ala carte choices~ I seriously can’t eat a proper meal for dinner!
 photo 20160421_202936_zpsvtgaildi.jpg

 photo 20160421_202045_zpsl7cks2nm.jpg

Long time since my last sake! (:

 photo 20160421_212640_zpsvejbxlzd.jpg

Desserts despite being very full again~

Friday night was spent for NDP meeting and I ended up doing my “homework” there, because I know I will not have time to do at home! (I am hardly at home! ._.) Yea so it was back to 眼花缭乱 + tired eyes days doing up all the 168 positions D:

 photo 20160422_231730_zps4sgoalec.jpg

Chillax time after all the hard work!

 photo 20160423_004707_zpssvsnx9fo.jpg

Friday nights should be pretty like this~

Checked out a newly-discovered pasta stall for Saturday brunch and I think it’s my first time having pasta in a hawker? Not bad! Quite a satisfying meal~
 photo 20160423_114333_zpsmfhjygue.jpg

Oh the unsightly thing on top is actually pancake roll! Even though I was already planning to get my tutu kuehs from the pasar malam beside, I couldn’t resist buying the nostalgic snack. My dad used to buy that for me whenever we visit the hawker near Tekka market and the roll just brings back much memories! It’s so hard to find it now; most pancakes are the round or slice kind but not rolls anymore. I know Jollibean has similar ones but I mean the traditional kind like this😦

 photo 20160423_140419_zpsjrzwui10.jpg

After pasta + pancake roll + 3 tutu kuehs

Back home early to do some gardening before heading to buddy’s nephew’s birthday party!😀 Shall cover that in my next post~ Meanwhile, please pray for my sunflower to bloom soon!!!
 photo 20160423_171451-1_zpsyijalgom.jpg


Starting Monday morning with my favourite soon kueh! It’s so good that it’s always sold out! Went down early in the morning to grab 2 of them~ With 1 packet of chilli for each soon kueh😛
 photo 20160412_1112521_zpsaulm6iko.jpg

Went down to Wala Wala again to support the cute drummer! Hahaha! It wasn’t my idea okay~ Enjoying the first band first because good things must wait xD
 photo 20160412_2040481_zpsnr644bt7.jpg

 photo 20160412_2005211_zps5dviqcxa.jpg

Munchies & drinks!

Ordered the same jalapeños stuffed with cheese and I never knew jalapeños can be that nice!❤ On the other hand, fries/wedges/potatoes always make me so bloated ._. *burppppp~*
 photo 20160412_200529_zpsqwvlwcko.jpg

Finally the next band came around and I think the cute drummer caught me staring a couple of times. HAHAHA. I was just admiring his drumming skill~
 photo 20160412_231555_zpsqa5asjyy.jpg

Now you have a reason to visit Wala on a Tuesday! xD
 photo 20160412_231559_zpsyk2dlbbp.jpg

Promised Ping a video of him drumming away, because we both like drummers!

Met up with PPGs again for a proper dinner because the previous meetup was too short and impromptu! My first time at Rakuzen and Nad picked most of the dishes because she is a regular there!

The recommended salad~ I like it so much that I ate like half!
 photo 20160413_200515_zps5yyj3hnu.jpg

Tamago, sushi and quite a number of other sides to share! Somehow I didn’t capture all of them…oops.
 photo 20160413_200225_zpsgsosjppc.jpg
 photo 20160413_201713_zpsgwaxnxbn.jpg

Nad even brought a good red wine along! Although red wine definitely does not go well with Japanese cuisine, it was still a nice one on its own (:
 photo 20160413_212030_zpsy0kwlcit.jpg

And thanks to Nad again, we got complimentary desserts even though we were all damn full already! Hahaha! I think it’s one of the rare times we all resisted finishing ICE-CREAMMMM! They are really nice!!! But we are just way too full~
 photo 20160413_212857_zpshwdxl6ma.jpg

My favourite banana milk all the way from Korea again!😀 I am really blessed to have friends not only remembering that I like them, but even brought along newspaper for their trips just so to wrap the milk and keep them cool during the flight! So touched by their thoughtfulness! Thank you Shuning this time round❤
 photo 20160413_2259070_zpszpas20k1.jpg

Suddenly felt like doing this before and after thing with half of my face makeup removed! Hahaha! Right is without makeup and left is with. I know lah… Can’t tell from this picture but the main difference is dark eye ring and eyebrow~
 photo Photo on 11-4-16 at 10.25 pm_zpstg5pspph.jpg

 photo 20160414_135041_zps8yykscvz.jpg

香椿 pasta – 好久没吃了! ((:

 photo 20160415_152529_zpsxwar4gcn.jpg

Souvenir from client! So sweet!!!

Had a sudden craving for my tutu kuehs again so I came up with a random idea of trying to google for pasar malam locations! It turned out that there really is a Facebook page where pasar malam lovers share the locations of ongoing pasar malams!!! Hahahaha! Gonna love that page from now on because right away, I was teleported to Tampines for my tutu kuehs ❤_❤
 photo 20160414_201945_zpswoyizsjl.jpg

Finally tried the ice-cream rolls as well! It’s popular at pasar malams these days but I never got to try~ Since my stomach had some space, I decided to give it a try! Yum yum!😀
 photo 20160414_201924_zpsdy8vfvay.jpg

Faster eat, we still have one more place to go~” ❤_❤
And then I was teleported to a cafe bar tucked under the blocks of shophouse –  Burp Kitchen & Bar!
 photo 20160414_214626_zpsmcrxnrju.jpg

 photo 20160414_212007_zpsyxwwn4ek.jpg

Lychee Caprioska & Tiramisu Cocktail!
Guess which is mine???

As much as I am always having a sweet tooth, tiramisu cocktail just sounded like insomnia to me. So mine is this sour pick instead!😛
 photo 20160414_211833_zpsq2u58ro2.jpg

Tried the salted egg yolk tofu fries and OMG it was so niceeeeee~ I admit that I am a big fan of salted egg yolk stuff so I hardly dislike any salted egg yolk dish (unless they give me too little gravy). But this tofu fries just tasted so much less sinful than potato fries (less bloated too) and more importantly, they are so generous with the gravy! So shiok~~~!!!
 photo 20160414_212418_zpsaqo2s3k6.jpg

So the 3 musketeers hit JB again and my main aim apart from stocking up Vitagen, is this! Mille crepe cake, checked!😀 But of course still not anywhere close to Lady M‘s standard~
 photo 20160416_124526_zpsnqwiekak.jpg

Did some shopping in City Square and I was the empty-handed one again ._. But 没关系 because we still have 1 more destination to cover! Off we go to Sutera Mall!
 photo IMG-20160418-WA0008_zpstfwcyd8y.jpg

Despite having a very full lunch, we just couldn’t resist RM1 ice-cream! RM 1 you know?!?!
 photo 20160416_162900_zpsv4gispkz.jpg

Finally bought stuff and ended up with 大包小包 again~ Done with shopping, off for dinner! The place we wanted to try was closed, so we went back to the same shop where the tom yum soup was damn shiok~ But who knows, the staff said they are closing too! –CRY!!!

Almost missed our last chance of having a proper dinner! Luckily with the mighty power of 3 x 可怜 faces, the boss sitting outside rekindled our hopes by asking the lady boss if we could still order takeaways, and the lady boss decided to take us in as the last few customers for dine in! YAY!!!

Even though this super spicy (but super shiok) Tom Yum soup made Lyn and I rushed home to lao sai, it was totally worthwhile! No regrets for a burning ass! xD
 photo 20160416_212158_zpsxz8dbc0l.jpg

Sundate with my cute participants! It’s our first week doing formations at the field and I was afraid that they would forget their positions the next week, hence I snapped a picture of them! Hahaha! I am glad the 17 of them that are under me have been cooperative so far (:
 photo 20160417_170619_zpsp7uebmmm.jpg

Finally explored Creatures after practice and rewarded ourselves with the signature durian cake!
 photo 20160417_195925_zpsurmtzqmu.jpg

Apparently, one piece wasn’t enough, so we ordered a second one! Hahaha! It’s the only thing we could afford, cause laksa costs 24 bucks there O.O
 photo 20160417_200759_zps7xqxtcje.jpg

Went for a cheaper dinner over at Swee Choon after that and we had a dim sum feast! ^^
 photo 20160417_204748_zpscr8efqwl.jpg

Goodbye, Pringles.

 photo 20160404_103147_zpswwew9sle.jpg

Japanese goodies from le colleague! ^v^

What do you do when you have an abnormally big candy on a boring Monday? Cam-whore of course!!! xD
 photo 20160404_112131_zpsx1xnelz2.jpg
 photo 20160404_111950_zpsmtgoqv5c.jpg
 photo 20160404_112950_zpsyu1xpl41.jpg
 photo 20160404_111845_zpsjoouvztb.jpg
 photo 20160404_112412_zpskcczpuad.jpg
 photo 20160404_113202_zps4b3kswgf.jpg

 photo 20160404_112928_zpsdnjmllj8.jpg

Random ‘artistic’ shot of the ceiling~

Extreme hunger is a good excuse for a sinful meal!😛 It’s been some time since I last ate curry okay~
 photo 20160405_131822_zps6ajh4sjk.jpg

Caught Long Long Time Ago 2 and although it felt like it was a “squeezed outrojak – anyhow piece together to make a part 2, I was still touched by some parts. Still very angry at the ridiculous brother – Mark Lee in the show, but also thankful at the same time that I don’t have such asshole brother.

Guess my Sis would feel even more from this sequel since there was a part that focused on the eldest sister’s sorrow. Also the part that made me started tearing~ As much as I had hoped to have younger siblings (because I like taking care of people), I do know that I am very blessed to be the youngest (:

Caught Batman VS Superman as well the previous week, which I forgot to mention, and I still find it ridiculous as to why they wanna fight against each other -.- Guess they are just trying to squeeze the most out of superheroes movies. Still enjoyed some of the excitement, just find the plot too …

Anyhow, no more otah, so N.O.M as replacement! I have been craving for cakes anyway after I have no more birthday cakes to eat! Hahaha!
 photo 20160404_205028_zpsatkywpxp.jpg

 photo 20160406_142406_zpsr3clxlpi.jpg

Milk & Honey yogurt after meal!

 photo 20160405_090034_zpsltavozhx.jpg

Le pig brother’s love ((:

Brought our coffeeshop lunch up to our air-conditioned chilling area in Pictures because there were no seats plus it was a really hot day! xD
 photo IMG-20160407-WA0006_zpspf9oj7eu.jpg

Sadly, Alicia wasn’t at her best for both shots because of the photographer’s impatience😦
 photo IMG-20160407-WA0007_zpswx9rssqn.jpg

 photo 20160407_165352_zps80yqs6lg.jpg

Recent splurge!
If only strawberries are cheap~

Bought some fruits for the Uncle downstairs too! He was always there to say goodbye to me almost every day after work, but lately he is not outside his shop anymore. Got to know from his staff that he has hospitalised😦 Made a card for him too, since there isn’t any bookstore around~ Hope Uncle can get well soon!!!
 photo 20160407_151052_zpsp4lfgvyw.jpg

Friday was spent meeting up with ex-colleagues from Sentosa – Daniel and Herb~! Can’t believe it’s a decade since our Sentosa days?! OMG~ Had Japanese food again and it was a great catch-up session with the 2 chaps! Forgot to take a photo together so here’s a photo from 10 years ago! Hahaha!
tt's dAnieL n mI copy

That’s the half-Korean Daniel who used to bully me a lot! Tsk. Decided to put a pig head on my face in the end because I still cannot face how I used to look. LOL. I hope I won’t feel as disgusted in future looking at my current photos ._. Anyway, our next meetup’s gonna be Korean! Looking forward!

Finally had my long-awaited Tom Yum noodle! It was postponed since the Saturday I was having stomach flu, followed by fever and etc and 我终于等到了!!! It wasn’t as thick as the one I had, but a shiok enough replacement after that has closed down~
 photo 20160409_102216_zpsdx0xiqws.jpg

Off to MINDS and since I arrived pretty early on this rainy day, I was asked to be one of the group leaders. We were supposed to choose our own members aka the residents, but the other leaders decided to make it into a popularity contest and let the residents choose us instead! LOL.

I admit that I had zero confidence in the “contest” since my attendance is pretty irregular ._. But luckily I still saw residents running over to me…yayyyyy! Hahahahahaha!

Off for dinner and a short card game with the volunteers before I left for my overnight Mahjong session~ Brought 好料 over from Lola’s Cafe! Because I was craving for cakes/desserts again! HAHAHAHAHA.
 photo 20160410_013125_zps7cinajfa.jpg

Very shagged session; lost😦 Worse still, felt like everything wasn’t worth it at all the next day~ Tired like mad.

Decided to go for K-session after practice and we were so lucky to get this VIP room!
 photo 20160410_225207_zpsyzsgqs3g.jpg

 photo 20160410_225203_zpsbmqro9cr.jpg

Photo-bombing at a whole new level -_-“

For only $10 nett each, we got free flow drinks and snacks (supposedly ice-cream too but the machine was spoiled😦 ), 2 hours of singing and this huge room with huge screen and even pool table (but without the balls)…hahaha!
 photo 20160410_225133_zps54d5dk6p.jpg
 photo 20160410_225126_zpscpequkms.jpg

Reason being – of course because we are VIP lah!😛 It was definitely pretty shiok to sing in front of the big screen because I have the tendency to move around when I sing somehow, so with the big screen I won’t miss the lyrics anywhere! LOL.
 photo 20160410_205448_zpsqhz86p9z.jpg

 photo IMG-20160410-WA0020_zpsbu0ulsre.jpg

Why must wefie when I singing -.-“

 photo IMG-20160411-WA0001_zpskmtnbhqy.jpg

Proper wefie!

 photo IMG-20160411-WA0000_zpsmeel3sf8.jpg

不舍得 leave after 2 hours~ Hahaha!

 photo IMG-20160411-WA0002_zpsdmbxmiew.jpg



Day 2 of turning 27 was spent on having an unfruitful meeting. Supposedly I thought it’s gonna be a productive one, discussing about formations and all, but it felt like a waste of my precious birthday week. And the feeling was mutual, amongst those seated around me.

It was already a major turn-off when the very first question shot to us was – What else can you guys do? (What other duties?) It felt like this question came about because we mentioned during the retreat about the duties that we shouldn’t be doing, in order to have a smoother training. Like for example, time spent taking the second attendance can actually be very productive time for us to focus more on the formations, especially when we know that we were racing against time last year.

I refused to even answer that question because it’s one that I hate the most. By asking such thing, it already shows how much you “appreciate” what we have done. You are already thinking that we asked to remove some duties from our workload so that we can shake leg everyday. You already think that we aren’t doing enough. If not, why ask what ELSE can we do???

No one actually answered the question in the end, simply because WE ARE ALREADY DOING WHAT WE CAN DO! Let me do a rough timeline of our weekly 4-hour training from last year:

2.30pm – 4pm (not included in the 4 hours): Trainers, group leaders & assistant group leaders arrive for discussion.

4pm – 5.30pm: Learn new dance steps, which we need to learn as well since we are also participants. (No proper time for briefing until we asked for it.)

5.30pm – 6.30pm: Dinner break (but most of the time we will still be busy with discussions amongst ourselves)

6.30pm – 7.50pm: Formation training aka in a frantic mode trying to finish arranging all 80 members in our individual groups to their various positions. If you have all 80 of them listening to you and obeying what you have said, good for you! But most of the time, you will probably have people who just cannot understand what you say (while others can, somehow), or people who think that their little presence or misalignment wouldn’t affect much, so they choose not to understand what you say. On top of that, don’t forget you need to remember and practise your own positions as well, because again, we are also participants, I emphasise.

7.50pm – 8pm: Debrief as a mass group about next week + squeeze in second attendance marking after that and you can pretty much imagine a whole bunch of aunties & uncles at a temple on CNY eve, waiting to 插头炷香。They will be surrounding you in all directions, shouting their names for their attendance to be marked, so that they can be the first to go off.

So the question in my mind was – What else do you want us to do? And which other time are we supposed to squeeze that duty in??? You wanna cut short training, but you want us to do more within this even shorter time, doesn’t make sense, does it?

And on top of those above, we also had meetings after work almost every week just to discuss and do all the homework for the coming weekend. Were you even there to witness that? I really cannot stand it when people say that we haven’t done enough when we had put in so much effort! I have attended every single meeting on time, scheduled all my trips to after 9 August and attended every single practice last year. I have done everything I could to help my group from teaching dance steps to burning midnight oil to finish up their individual positions, and yet I have not done enough. I could have been sleeping that 1.5 hour off instead of reaching early every practice for discussion. I could be going out with friends instead of attending the weekly meetings. So all those were not effort? It is very sick of people to constantly be seeing what others have NOT DONE rather than what they have DONE.

Bonding is not gonna help control the punctuality of our group members. We can only emphasise and emphasise, and anything more than that, we will be getting complaints that my group leaders aren’t understanding enough blah blah blah. Or even, a shout into your face, “People need to work one leh!” Again, were you there to witness that? I know there will be people saying I used to be able to do this and that, why can’t you guys? Is there any difference from saying that we are incompetent? I don’t see that as any form of recognising and appreciating our effort either. Well, all I can say is, well done then. But don’t forget that it’s only our second year doing these, so one simply cannot compare decades of experience with this.

I have said before last year that I didn’t accept this role because it’s an honour; it clearly isn’t. Neither did I ASK to be in this. I only ACCEPTED it because I really hope we can reach the standard of my 2004’s performance, because it has never really been a 100% satisfactory show for me so far in these 5 years. It’s not the choreographer’s fault or that the trainers did not train well, but it’s mainly the difference in age group (we have older participants hence we cannot expect as much) and the “strictness level“.

Back in school, our training attendance affects our CIP hours, but over here, missing one practice doesn’t really have a significant impact, except to your group leaders who had done their homework swee swee, hoping that everything would go smoothly. But your empty position didn’t allow that.

Back in school, any mistake will get us scolded and even punished. We will be asked to redo and redo again. As much as I always believe that practice makes perfect, but can we do that here? No. Why? Because the teachers and trainers have higher authority than the students. Teacher say, “Sit“, we sit, “Stand“, we stand. But over here, we say, “Sit“, you get replies about knee problems, cannot sit. We say, “Assemble“, you see people still hiding under the shade, people still equipping themselves with 273902792312 sun-block gears, people telling you they need to go toilet. So what can we do??? Any form of scolding will become a complaint, let alone to implement any form of punishment. By asking them to redo too many times, you will risk having complaints like, “Later we heatstroke how? How can like that? Sun very hot leh.

Again, why? Because they are not students. They are mostly adults who have eaten more salt than you have eaten rice. They are protected by human rights and whatever rights and you won’t want complaints from them. Because any form of complaints from them will somehow be seen as being disrespectful, ill-treating, poor welfare and etc from a government body. So how do you expect the same kind of standard if you know that you do not have the authority in most things? Let alone we are just a small fry, by the way.

So I have learnt to just keep quiet and do whatever I can. I don’t owe it to anyone; my aim is only to make this performance better. It may not be the best that I want, but at least I have tried. I don’t need to answer to anyone about what more can I do, neither do I need to make them see how much we have done. People who appreciate you will do so without you having to waste a single breath. People who do not appreciate will probably never, period.

Thank you for reading my lengthy rant. I guess the more you age, the more long-winded you get. Well anyhow, back to the post-birthday stuff! Finally had some time to snap a picture of the pressies I received! 有心了 ((:
 photo 20160402_121712_zpsfibnbqab.jpg

I think as we grow older, presents become more like a 心意, rather than a prrrrrresenttttt~ So gifts have been converted into angbaos or a simple meal, which are also a form of 心意。 I remember I used to love receiving presents so much that during my 21st surprise party, my Sis even told everyone that present is a must! LOL! So embarrassing~ Not that I don’t like presents anymore, but I do understand the difficulty in finding something that one likes/needs. So I would rather angbao than receiving something that I don’t like/need. As we age, we just get harder to please as well. Hahaha!

Another birthday treat even though my birthday is over! Yay! Thank you Miss President for my first MOF meal! xD

 photo 20160402_133927_zpsoivhpr32.jpg


 photo 20160402_134623_zpsci9gyswk.jpg

Yummy salad!

 photo 20160402_135821_zpscg0ugvne.jpg

Aburi is loveeeeeee~!!!

 photo 20160402_135816_zpsjic54gzh.jpg

Got full even before eating these sushi ._.

We still had other dishes which I forgot to take picture. But it was a very full Saturday~ Off to MINDS but it was a short project because we had our annual general meeting after that, where we give out certs to the volunteers and also have a handover session to the new chairperson (:

Headed over to Plonk for a mini celebration after dinner! Got a treat from the old chair and new chair…hehe!

 photo 20160402_204510_zpssl1p4kgj.jpg

My super nice Strawberry Adult Slushie!

Chit-chatted and then learned a new card game – Pig Pile, but I wasn’t picking it up fast enough. Then off for supper/dessert, which is the must-have every time we are in Serangoon Gardens – DURIAN MOUSSE!!!❤
 photo 20160402_231735_zpsi9mxnv2e.jpg

 photo 20160402_231605_zpsi8v2h6td.jpg

Can never resist! YUMS~!!!

Had a very 惊险 practice on Sunday because it’s gonna determine my fate for the next 5 months. Had to resort to drawing lots in the end because Eric’s group is too popular, or maybe the others are not as. And…

 photo 20160403_133954_zpszuilbbvc.jpg


 photo 20160403_152606_zpslirviovo.jpg

Eric has been promoted to my boss this year! xD

Wefies during briefing cause we had already seen the slides during the meeting~ Steven 老师’s frown seems like he’s judging me for my super random wefies! Hahahaha! Anyway of all people, I still think Steven 老师 is the best encourager!!!
 photo 20160403_152624_zpss9i0swib.jpg
 photo 20160403_152625_zps3qqizrdb.jpg

 photo 20160403_184721_zps5wmus2ut.jpg

Super 大白兔奶糖 from Eric!

 photo 20160403_190902_zpswgniwrtl.jpg

Ice-cream after practice!
So long since my last Tom’s Palette!

Japanese food for dinner again! But the difference is this is the super nice vegetarian one which I usually 不舍得 eat because it’s too expensive~

 photo 20160403_202231_zpsxzazpv6t.jpg

Thick and nice mushroom soup!

 photo 20160403_202913_zpsjxcieo3a.jpg

MUST-HAVE Portobello mushroom!!!

 photo 20160403_202305_zps9xujhwe4.jpg

Gyoza but there’s smelly 香菜 inside; no like~

 photo 20160403_202243_zpslntrnt3i.jpg

Something a bit healthier – Agedashi tofu!

Highly-recommended the Yaki Udon because it was so nice and shiok~! Not as much chilli this time but still nice (:
 photo 20160403_202251_zpszgwappan.jpg