Aussie Day 10 & 11 – Mcinnes Farm!

10 September 2016

It has come to our last full day of the trip! Lots of packing to be done, because we bought too much Smiths chips and Tim Tams 😂 Look at just our Smiths craze alone!!!

You can imagine how much worse the Tim Tam craze was because we keep seeing new flavours at different supermarket! And also different offers 😣 Like “OMG I bought $X yesterday! So cheap here! Maybe I should buy more to balance out the losses.” HAHAHAHA.

Forgot where was this breakfast from, but I think the early birds went out to get for us 😅 Smoked salmon omelette? I don’t even remember what is it!

Off for our long road trip to visit Mommeyyyyyyyy and Wayne!!! She’s the main reason for this trip, so I was definitely looking forward to this day! Missed her sooooo much ever since she moved to Aussie! 😔

Stopped by a few places on the way to het house, starting with my world – Honey World! 😅

Live bee show! I’m that huge bee! 😝

Honey-tasting and shopping!!!

Bee items everywhere 😍

Even the toilet sign! 😂

Busy testing the different honey~ 🍯

Got this honey drink! 😋

No money, no honey, literally 😂

Oh the shop has this annoying parrot that keeps repeating, “Hello! What’s your name?” 😄

The queen bee is with honey-shopping!

Off to our next destination – Byron Bay! It’s a beach highly-recommended by Mommeyyyyy, but too bad we didn’t go to the lighthouse part, which is like the highlight of this beach 😅

Perfect weather for the beach! Glad to have the sun after a whole rainy day~

娘娘驾到~ 😆 Karen, the mum-to-be, received lots of TLC (tender loving care) from everyone!

Le husband also 服务周到,helped her change to her beach shoes 😊

Super in love with the blue sky!

Sexy lady~

Emo lady 😂

Spotted a funny dog digging shellscrape!

The sand is so damn fine and soft that maybe the dog really didn’t mind sleeping inside 😅

Me, myself & I~

Great weather for suntanning!

And there were some girls doing topless tanning… Literally an eyeopener O.O

Love the rocks! They look so natural and pretty!

Top of the world!

招牌动作 😝

Found some beautiful sea shells!

And then we spent a whole lot of time rewriting and rewriting these names… Because they kept getting washed off by the sea water! 😆

Stressful to finish writing all 9 names before the water comes…hahaha!

Messy but still readable~

Miss Perfectionist was not satisfied, so she rewrote again 😱 And some names got cut short this time! LOL.


Right before it got washed away again~


The girls were shagged after writing the names for so many times, while the dog was shagged after all the sand-digging 😅

Back shots! Got 《那些年》 feel? 😛

Artistic captures by Eric 😅

Leaving my footprints behind! Goodbye Byron Bay, for now!

Awwwwww~ 几羡慕一下!

Karen is not the only lucky one. Leng Leng got personal assistant to WASH LEG for her some more! 😂

Did I mention that there are so many dogs at Byron Bay??? Kept having to siam the dogs because most of them are big ones 😐

Finally, off to the Mcinnes Farm~!!! 😀 My very first visit and I fell in love with it!

Not only do I finally get to see my siao char boh Mommeyyyyyy, we also had fun playing with the chickens!

Looks scary when all of them start attacking you for the food! 😅

I only dared to look at them from the other side of the fence…HAHAHA.

Leng Leng trying to catch the chicken~

Lyn caught one! Look how happy she is 😂😂😂

I also finally pluck up the courage to carry one, for the sake of a photo…hahaha!

I tried feeding the chicken too! But just one because I am scared of too many pecking at the same time…hahaha! Quite scary and a little painful the way they peck on your hand, but quite therapeutic 😆

Mommeyyyyy and Wayne left the eggs there for me to collect!!! 😍😍😍

So cool! Fresh eggs from the nest!

Masie giving the puppy look~

She’s pretty cute but I’m still a bit scared because she’s pretty active 😐 I’m even more scared of Moe though; big black dog = 😖😖😖

Apart from the animals, the farm also has home-grown fruits and vegetables! Blooming the tree right here is the lemon bush!

Fresh from the tree too! 😀

Another pet at home – Lucky, who has moved to heaven by now…

Finally preparing for our BBQ dinner! 😀

Look who’s the real alcoholic! 😱

To feed all the carnivores 😆

BBQ time~!!!

The Aussie chef at work~

It’s clear who’s doing the work and who are just watching 😝 I never liked being in front of the pit! Maybe because I am too used to the guys in Clique cooking for us and we only have to help to eat…HAHAHA.

What a spread!!! 😍

Thank you Mommeyyyyy & Wayne for hosting us! 💖💖💖

Wanted to chill the Moscato faster but didn’t expect the freezer to be so cold here 😱 So fast become ice liao~

Enjoying cookies made by Wayne! Being typical Singaporean, we even dabao some for the flight the next day 😂 Actually it’s because we were all super full from the sumptuous meal…haha!

And then another round of dessert treat! 😱 Really pampered us like crazy~

Presented our card and gifts to the husband-and-wife-to-be, because we couldn’t be there for their big day, which is 1 week later~ We kinda fixed our trip date before they fixed their wedding date.

Reading our blessings with the lighting man’s help 😂

Initially Mommeyyyyy was a bit sad and upset that we couldn’t make it for her wedding, because I know she really hope we can be there. But I wrote a long letter (which I included in the card) to explain that even though we can’t be there, it’s still because of her that we chose Aussie to visit instead of anywhere else. We all hope to be there too and our hearts will be there for her. We will be equally happy for her no matter what.

She was moved to tears by the letter and I believe she can feel our blessing for her when we were there. She was really happy to see us and I can understand why. I can’t imagine having to reside so far away from my family and friends. But of course, all these are gonna be worthwhile. She has found her soulmate and we are all happy for her! (((((((:

Especially me and all those who know what she had went through… It’s like this strong woman finally found someone whom she can lean on for the rest of her life. She has finally found the happiness that is rightfully hers! So so so happy for her even though my late night hangout cum drinking partner is gonna be so far away now. I will always remember the things she has done for me and how she has always been there for me when I needed a companion the most 💖

Yum Seng in advance to the couple!

So many funny expressions from the photos 😆

Some photos before we make our 2-hour drive back~ So gonna miss her!!! Both of us teared when we were hugging each other goodbye… There’s just a special bond between us and we both know we gonna miss the time together ❤

The long drive back was super dark because there don’t seem to be many street lamp in Aussie somehow. Quite scary especially when you don’t know when a kangaroo is gonna hop out.

Finished our last bottle on our last night! Gonna miss all my $5 Moscato!!!!!!!!!

11 September 2016

Woke up super early in the morning because our flight is like 9am and we still gotta return our car and etc. Ate this at the airport but I can’t remember what is it now 😅

Going back home! Goodbye Aussie and I will be back soon! I actually quite like the place because everyone is just so friendly there!

And after 8 hours plus flight, we are back home from our 2 weeks trip!

Famished us having our late lunch at Soup Spoon! Miss the olive fried rice 😍

RKT have retreated back home 😅

The reason for our overweight luggages!!! HAHAHA. All the Tim Tams and Smiths chips! And waves chips! 😋

This trip has been a good bonding session for NDPeeps but at the same time, it has been a pretty tiring trip I would say. The itinerary doesn’t tire me that much, since I am used to such itinerary and I am the one who planned most of it, but it’s the unexpected things like weather, different interest, different stamina and etc that made it challenging 😅 I would think the best travel companion is either one who is willing to plan everything, or one who is willing to just follow.

It’s never easy to travel in such a big group, but I do like our nightly sessions by the TV, drinking and chatting. Also making breakfast for each other and etc. We definitely had lots of fun and laughter this trip, but if I were to plan another trip for such a big group, I might think twice. Not everyone knows the challenges behind planning a trip, let alone it’s for 9 pax. Really takes everyone’s effort to compromise to one another; lots of give and take.

Prior the trip I was really worried that some of us will not even be friends anymore after this trip, because it happens all the time. 相见容易相处难-living together under one roof will definitely have some form of disagreement or displeasure. Everyone has their own way of doing things or even the way they sit on a sofa (I like to sit with my legs up). Yea…but I think we had managed to survive through all these and be accommodating towards one another. They aren’t that bad travel companions actually, just that I was shagged after planning this one…haha! Maybe a short one next time because I would still love to travel with them again! 😀


Aussie Day 10 – Mount Tamborine!

10 September 2016

Supposed to be another theme park day today for Dream World but the weather was kinda bad the whole day~ Furthermore unlike Movie World, we couldn’t find any discount for the Dream World tickets, which are like AUD 85 each 😱

So majority decided not to risk wasting the money, given the weather. Of course Lyn was so so so disappointed~ I think Dream World was what she was looking forward to the most for the entire trip, cause the most exciting rides are there 😐

We decided to go on an free & easy day instead, driving to Mount Tamborine to explore and stopping by to look see look see~ Not a bad idea too, as long as I don’t have to plan…HAHA. But first, a little tour around the house again while waiting for each other to get ready…

The pool that we never got to use 😐

Didn’t even get to sit on the sun chair because it’s wet from the rain! Rain rain rain…booo~

View from the back of the house! Not bad ya~ Like a tiny beach 😊 Can imagine sitting there at night with wine!

And our mighty transport driven by our mighty driver who never gets tired!

Set off for Mount Tamborine and we chanced upon this place on the way, so decided to stop by for some photos~

View is not bad from high above! And air is so fresh too!!!

Too bright to keep my eyes open @.@

Hello, bee!!!

Mickey’s 写真 time again! 😆

And somebody drive until siao again…

Next, we chanced upon a vineyard!

Where the goodness are made~ 😋

Had wine-tasting! But I’m still not a fan of red wine, so don’t know how to appreciate; only know how to drink 😛

Hell yeah! HAHAHA.


Witches Falls Winery!

Looking little beside the tree!

Finally I don’t have to be the one navigating or looking at map!!!

Then it was lunch time~! Just randomly settled in this cafe!

Fish & Chips!

Look at the lemon meringue!!!! 😍

Road trip means drive, stop, eat, drive, stop, eat~ Chanced upon a pie shop and decided to get an apple pie!

Then chanced upon a fudge shop and we decided to get some fudge! 😆 Turns out too sweet for our liking but the greedy us bought so many!

Really curious how this would taste 😱

Got our fudge and time to carry on our road trip!

Finally reached the waterfall part but because it was still drizzling and it’s so damn muddy everywhere, I decided not to trek down with the rest~

Look at my shoes!!! 😭

Found a nice garden instead!

So long!!! 😱

The secret garden!

Reminds me of O’Reilly, because it’s also so beautiful inside! Like a nice brunch cum wedding lunch venue! 😊

I think there was indeed some event or wedding going on~

It was a rainy cold day so we just wanna snug up in the house and have a cozy meal together! Off we went to the mall to get the ingredients and also stuff for the BBQ the next day! 😀

Chef Chan and his assistants!

Cooking pasta and mushroom soup for us! YUM YUM~!!!

Lyn and I were also busy preparing our Portobello mushrooms with cheese! 😀

Ready to 开动了~!🍴

Our simple but very 温馨 dinner! Because we are like a big family eating together and I like that! 💖

After-dinner activity 😅 It was really a chillax day!

The 10th person living in the house! So big 😱😱😱

Aussie Day 9 – Movie World!

9 September 2016

It’s theme park day today and we were all dressed up for Movie World~! 😀 Can see that RKL already tried their best to 配合, even though Peanut and Doraemon are not DC characters…hahaha! But 6 out of 9 of us have Superman top! Quite surprising~

After about 45 minutes drive, we arrived at our destination! Lots of wefies as usual 😛

The Superman team!

LET’S GO~!!!

They say Movie World is more of a photo place whereas Dream World is more for rides~ So be prepared for another photo-heavy post 😅 Doesn’t this remind you of USS?

Vintage cars~ Need a Marilyn Monroe dress to fit the theme…haha!

And speaking of her, here she is! That’s not 尿急 okay… It’s the Marilyn Monroe’s signature pose 😛

The Superman show happened to be going on but errrrr… The Superman not very handsome leh.

Finally going for the rides that Lyn had been waiting for! Haha! Initially I said I just wanna come here to take photos, because I have come to the age that I stop enjoying all these rides 😐 Still kanna dragged up in the end x.x

And this was our first challenge – BATWING Space Shot! 😱😱😱

I think shooting down(跳楼机)is scarier than shooting up though~

Next up – Superman Escape!

But first, the Supermen and Superwomen gotta take photo with the logo! 😛

Kinda forgot how was the ride, but I think the Green Lantern Coaster was scarier? It’s supposed to have the “Steepest Drop in the Southern Hemisphere” 😱 I wasn’t traumatised by it but I’m good with just one try…hahaha! I think Leng Leng and Lyn went back to take again after their lunch~

Another roller coaster that we took – Arkham Asylum!

Sounds scary but crazy and it indeed looked a bit scary because your leg is dangling out kind!


I remember Tiff was so nervous to take this ride so I tried to console her by saying, “It’s okay, the worse is just die only.” Then she was like, “THAT’S NOT HELPING!!!!!” LOL. Oops. Not very good at calming people down 😂

Walking around for more photos! 😀

命苦 😪

I forgot why I even took photo with this random hut..haha!

And look who we spotted!!! 🐰🐰🐰

He was so so so friendly, letting us take 34812178 shots with him!!! 💖

And right before he left, he even posed for our wefie with him! Super cute Bugs Bunny!!!

Well, that’s all folks! 🎶🎶🎶 Still can remember the tune whenever this is shown after a Looney Tunes cartoon…haha!

Forgot if we took this Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster, but I think we did. Think it was still okay, that’s why I couldn’t remember much~

Reunited at our usual meeting point and off for Batman show!

This little boy is so cute! He seems to be having some serious conversation with Batman…hahaha! I think Batman asked him why is he wearing a Batman shirt with Green Lantern cape 😂

All the characters get jealous of each other there and this 三连拍 tells it all! Humourous Joker teasing Mr Chan about his Superman shirt…hahahahaha!!!

And he forced him to zip it up first! LOL!

2 x Jokers! They got the same eyebrow!!! Hence the same crook face 🙊

Joker: Everyone who wears a Superman shirt is a Loser 😆

Was so happy to spot Tweety and I ran over to take a picture with her! But she kinda pushed me away with her arm as you can see from the pic –CRY!!!!– Must be a racist prick inside! Totally spoiled my childhood impression of Tweety 😭😭😭 Bugs Bunny’s so much friendlier!

Heading off for lunch! 🍴

Everything’s kinda expensive there, as expected~ And it’s all the unhealthy food again 🙊 How to not grow fat in Aussie???

Then it was time for one of the highlight – the parade! Also one of my favourite part 😀

Hello again, friendly Bugs Bunny!

And here comes all the DC Superheroes and heroines!

The Catwoman was whipping her whip so loudly and I kept jumping at the sound of it 😖

I love watching all these parade!!! 😀

The cute Looney Tunes characters dancing away!

Trying to take a picture with them without getting pushed away 😐

But I think none of the characters can beat this little Superwoman here! She’s SOOOOO CUTEEEEEEEE~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was shy initially when I asked for a photo, but she still smiled to the camera eventually! MELTTTTTTT~~~~ I hope you grow up to be a WONDERful woman! Hehe!

The sky was getting dark and we were quite done with the theme park too, so we decided to head off~

Spotted another cute kid posing  with his Batman cape 😄

Goodbye Movie World and thank you for the good time! Off for shopping at a mall near our apartment I think? Can’t remember the name of it.

Condom Kingdom 😱

Another bottle for the night! 😜
I miss the dirt cheap Moscato there!!!

Dessert and wine over movie on the comfy couch!

Aussie Day 8 – First Hot Air Balloon Experience!

8 September 2016

Yayyyyyyyy~!!! Finally the day that I had been waiting for! I planned this to be on the second day of Gold Coast because it’s my highlight of the trip and I didn’t want anything (weather and etc) to ruin it! Like even if it rains and we can’t take off, at least I will still have a few more days…hehe.

The transport came to pick us up at like 4am? I remember it’s just freaking early and I barely slept. That explains the hideous face in all the photos later on…hahaha! But it’s all worth it!!! It’s my first hot air balloon experience and I was freaking excited! So worried about the weather too; I hate disappointment.

Thank goodness the weather was pretty great and we arrived at our launch site at about 6 plus? Look at the huge Koala hot air balloon!!!!! OMG~ Making me all egg-citeddddddd~!

But that’s not our balloon~ Ours is the one in the background, still in the midst of blowing up…hehe. A wefie with all the cui-looking haven’t-wake-up faces 😂 Oh R&K are still in dreamland because Karen was pregnant by then, so she couldn’t take the ride with us.

Our balloon is getting bigger and bigger!!!

And soon… IT’S UP~!!! 😀

Boarded and ready for take off! Mad excited even though my face only says “I wanna sleep” 😝 A little nervous too because there’s still some risk for hot air balloon, given all the accidents that happened before. But everything must still try at least once!!!

Ready to see the sky of AUSTRALIA~! Weeeeeeeeeeeee~~~


Goodbye Koala balloon!


Super love the view from the top! It’s so amazing! Even though it’s mainly pasture, you can still see little houses, farm animals, lakes and so on! Not to mention, the air up there feels so fresh too!!!


Catching sunrise high up above the sky! 😍

OH and I purposely brought this dress to wear for this day! HAHAHA! It’s my first JOURNEY on a hot air balloon and I am loving it! 💖💖💖

Quite scary to keep hearing the fire blasting beside you though 😐

But it’s amazing how this big balloon can bring all of us up in the sky 😊

Our handsome “pilot” doing his check 😆

Us – looking more awake now 😂


The journey lasted for 30 minutes and although I ran out of things to shoot (because it’s all green), I never ran out of things to see. Bird’s eye view is so interesting~ Like a giant looking a miniatures 😅

Zooming into the details!

Spotted the other balloon!!! Will be real pretty if there are like lots of them flying in the sky together~

I think I took a pretty nice shot for him! He should reward me with another free ride! 😝

Cloud and more cloud!


Attempting an emo shot! 😆

Mickey’s 写真 time again! 😆

Know how to make Lyn a murderer? Drop the Mickey down from above! HAHAHA.

Bought a pair of these Koala shoes for 宝贝 and Lyn bought a pair for her Mickey too -___-|||

Mickey and her crazy owner!!!

And another equally siao Kor…

With the crazy duo!

Slowly descending~~~

Oh once again, super love my Canon win because I can zoom into all the little houses from above! Can you spot the animals too???

I so wanna ride a hot air balloon again!!! The experience has kinda increased my standard for a proposal…HAHAHA. But the downside is I won’t have all my close friends to witness it 😦

Group shotssssss before our ride ends!

With the friends we made during the ride 😅 Lucky boy got his first hot air balloon experience at such a young age!

Everyone got out of the basket but the 4 of us were told to stay! I have no idea what’s going on but I think they need some weight to hold on to the basket or something. But it was quite scary that Kelly and I started screaming because we were like overturning! Didn’t help that we were at the front, so we kinda felt the 180° “rollercoaster” more 😂

Another group shot before we finally get out!

Went into the huge balloon for some shots before it was being deflated!

With our crew driver! He was responsible for driving the truck over to wherever we land to pick us up 😀



Took some time and lots of manpower to deflate the balloon!


牛粪 found 牛粪!!!💩

Finally done packing up and ready to move off!

We were also being “loaded” up the truck because we need to get to our bus! Haha!

And that marked the end of all our first hot air experience!!!

A big THANK YOU to Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast for the enjoyable ride!

But that’s still not the end of our morning experience! The package we booked comes with a champagne breakfast at the beautiful O’Reilly’s Grand Homestead & Boutique Vineyard!

Greeted with a glass of champagne each upon reaching! 💖

Cheers to our awesome morning! 😀

O’Reilly’s really pretty by the way! Love the setup and everything there! Such a nice place for brunch~

Time for FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had a short stroll around the place after our breakfast~ Really hope to be back to this pretty place!!!

Back to the apartment to reunite with R&K before heading out for shopping at Pacific Fair!

Then off for my solo exploration again~ Passed by some beauty spots during the 1 hour walk back to the apartment… The people there are really friendly! Totally not racist at all. I met a few while walking and they just randomly smiled to me, nodded to me, or even asked, “How are you?

This is my favourite shot of them all! So flawless and beautiful! Really envy those living here!

Finally back to the apartment to unload stuff and was famished! Grabbed a noodle to accompany me for my stroll to the beach~

Chanced upon this tram thingy~ Should try taking it to the outlet malls next time!

Finally reached the beach after much navigation, which ate up all my battery.

Hello sun, sea and sand~! 💖

I swear the sand is so damn soft!!!

Waiting for the sunset (:

Did not really see the sunset 😦 The sky just turned dark and the night became extra chilly~

Made my way back but ended at a cafe nearby instead. The place was rather empty and I was the only customer 😐 So the staff started talking to me and even recommended me some places to go. Nice chap!

But I was kinda hoping he would leave me to enjoy my cake and hot chocolate 😐

Some caramel cheesecake thing I think. Too sweet for my liking and I didn’t finish it.

Finally back home with some help and we had another bottle for the night!

Then supposedly some Jacuzzi fun with the girls but no matter how many times we washed the tub, the water still came out dirty 😱 So sad that we didn’t manage to use it in the end, but we definitely had much fun laughing at each other’s failed jijimjilbang! HAHAHA!

Back to have our normal shower instead and this is how much insecurity the bathroom window gives me after the first night’s discovery 😒

Aussie Day 6 & 7 – Outlet Shopping & Hello GC!

6 September 2016

Last day in Sydney and it was free & easy day for all!!! Which kind of made it one of my favourite days because I was finally free from all the responsibilities of timekeeping, planning, navigating, meals, mood and etc etc etc!!!!!!!! 🙆

Endless list. It’s really pretty tiring being the organiser of the trip, and it doesn’t help when there are added responsibilities and expectations. So yea, finally a day I didn’t have to please everyone and can just please myself with my favourite activity – SHOPPING~!!! 🛍🛍🛍

Definitely must have another scoop of Messina gelato before leaving for Gold Coast! 😝

Me, myself & gelato ☺

Off I go~!

Green Square for outlet shopping!

Going solo again!

Got lost as usual, but I didn’t mind because I like roaming around freely like that~ Don’t have to care that I’m leading the wrong way because the only person I need to be responsible to is myself! 😀

COTTON ON!!! One of my favourite shops 😛 But in the end I only got a basic for myself and a pullover for Lyn~

Not much loots from the outlet shopping because mostly Aussie brands, so they are all still like AUD50 and above after major discount 😐 Chanced upon a cafe and decided to take a break from all the walking!

Just chill and play with camera (:

Kelly spotted!

Met up with Mr Chan for more outlet shopping in Parramatta! Cause he’s the only one interested in shopping while the rest had went for seafood, sightseeing, clown and etc~ I remember travelling + walking a longgggg distance to get there so all the shops were closing soon by then 😐

But glad that Mr Chan still got his loots! Much more than me lor! Mine stayed at whatever I got from Cotton On~ The jacket in the bag was not a loot but what I brought out, so actually my plastic bag was very empty 😅

Famished after all the shopping without having any proper meal! Stopped by Krispy Kreme for some donuts first!

Spotted while walking the longggg way back to subway station!

I forgot which station we alighted for dinner but it was some Korean town of Sydney; lots of Korean food there! Settled for some Chinese food because we had enough of western!

So oriental!

The soup was super shiok for such cold weather!!!!!!!

Spring rolls 😍

This was damn damn damn shiok that I remember even though I was super full already, I couldn’t resist trying to finish it up!!! 😋


Back to reunite with the rest and had our last bottle in Sydney! 😀

Sydney’s collection!
(I think we threw some though)

7 September 2016

The last morning view of Sydney~!

Went out to get brunch with the rest while waiting for our shuttle service to come! Nice graffiti spotted~

Imperfect hair though x.x

Gonna miss this street!!!

Brunch place that we passed by many times!

Got our brunch (and for the others)! 😁

Back to the apartment to get ready to load up~

Here comes Lyn and Kelly, along with our shuttle service from their hotel! The little container behind for the luggage is so cute 😅

Spotted in the ladies 😆

Goodbye Sydney and hello Gold Coast~!!!

Arrived in Gold Coast after a 1.5 hour flight~ Took the car rental company’s shuttle service to the rental place and got our transport for the next 5 days! 😀 Mr Chan finally got to drive again after 6 days…hahaha!

Did a super thorough check with all 9 of us inspecting 1 van, taking pictures and etc 😂 Because I read online reviews about some rental companies scamming people with little scratches not caused by the driver~ So it’s always better to check and check when renting a vehicle!

Managed to load all 9 luggage up 😱

Took us a while before we finally found our Airbnb apartment!

We were all definitely in awe the moment we stepped in!

Swimming pool at the side the moment we entered the gate, but we did not use it at all because it was too cold 😅 Plus the water didn’t seem very clean~

Look at the spacious living room! And mind you, this is just one of the TWO living rooms in the apartment!!!

There’s even pool table just behind the kitchen! (Realised I missed the kitchen shot 😐)

Off to check out the rooms! There were more than enough bed for everyone and I choped this room because:
1) I was lazy to carry my luggage up to level 2
2) I quite like the bedsheets (there’s yellow! Yes, sometimes I choose rooms by the bedsheets 😅)
3) I didn’t wanna share bedroom so I chose this single bed one while the others went for the big beds!

Mr Chan got himself a room for himself by the pool too~ But the bed sheet is ugly 🙊

Common bathroom at level 1, which I later realised that one can see through from the bird glass! 😡 Feel so insecure after that and I had to cover it up with newspapers!!! What a stupid design!

Think I missed out on R&K’s nest because they were having their private moment and I didn’t wanna disturb them 😅 Off to upstairs to check out more rooms!

Another spacious kitchen! Yes, there are 2 of everything! 1 upstairs, 1 downstairs~

Dining area that fitted 9 of us just nice 😀

The other living room that I mentioned! We spent most nights here because it’s more spacious and comfy 😊

This was Tiff and Leng Leng’s room I think~

Comes with Jacuzzi tub okay!!! 😱

And a separate shower~

Eric got a room for himself too! Male privilege~ My privilege was because I planned the trip 😛

This was Kelly and Lyn’s room! Got the same bed sheet as mine 😆

And their room also came with en suite bathroom and another Jacuzzi tub!!!

With open view some more~ 几爽一下!

Overall view of the 2-storey apartment!

And this was our HOME for the next 5 days! 😀 Definitely the biggestttttt home I ever had…haha! Super love it!!! Even Leng Leng was stunned by how big the house is! HAHAHA!

Off we go for dinner and shopping~!

Reached, parked, but didn’t know how to pay for the parking 😂 Took some time to figure out that we will be needing a lottttt of coins to keep renewing the parking!

Was walking around the Surfers Paradise area looking for dinner venue when we chanced upon this Italian restaurant~ We gave it a try and found out that they only opened like few days ago! Lucky us, one of the first few to try 😁

Having our first proper meal in Gold Coast! 😋

It’s a family restaurant and all their pizza dough, pasta etc are freshly handmade! The boss even gave us free appetizers to try! 😀

Free salad too!!!
So generous! 😊

Yummy mushroom pizza!
This one not free of course 😅

Our damage for the night~ Oh yah…the food in Aussie are all pretty expensive, but the portion is always very big. Not very suitable for people who just like small bites like me 😣

With the friendly restaurant owners! Awesome food~!!! 👍

The night started to get colder as we were near to the sea. But it wasn’t the end of the night yet because we still had the Beachfront Market to visit! 😀

The white stuff are all sea gulls 😱

The market was crowded and it was definitely not easy to keep all 9 people together at the same time~ Different people wanna see different things too, though the stalls sell mostly handmade stuff plus some souvenirs.

Cute bee bag spotted!

Got attracted by some performance…

I remember my hands were starting to ache while taking this video 😐

Off to a mall nearby and we almost bought the whole supermarket! HAHAHA. And this was just batch #1 of our Gold Coast loots 🙊🙊🙊 More to come~!!!

Surrendered to my room after a hectic day! Savouring my few hours of freedom and solitude, like finally~ Oh reason #4, I love the huge mirror!!! Hehe!