Mama’s Day Dinner!

So it was the end of staycation and back to “sai kang”😦 First week at Kranji camp again and we could finally have proper markers to do our formations! Here we go again~ All my 心血 in this paper, yet I have participants telling me they lost it just minutes after I gave them! Sigh. It really pains me sometimes when they don’t seem to know how much effort and midnight oil you have burnt for all these…
 photo 20160508_172200_zpsiqqlnev2.jpg

But anyway, too bad 老天爷 doesn’t wanna help us and started raining~ Only managed to do like 2 formations before we were up at the stuffy hall again to practise dance steps. It was quite a short practice due to Mother’s Day celebration and all, so soon I was also off for my Mothers’ Day dinner!

We brought Mamemo to Woodlands Waterfront for dinner (because everywhere else is full) and at least I believe it was her first time there. But Vic and Sis were both still very full from their lunch, and I’m also not a dinner person, so we only ordered a few dishes. Just a simple dinner (:
 photo 20160508_193530_zpspcqodsz5.jpg

The cheeky boy giving Mother’s Day flower to 外婆! He held it in such a funny way xD
 photo 20160508_201450_zpsrlfq7xq3.jpg

 photo 20160508_201456_zpsbeibqvji.jpg

Heavy cheeks!

 photo 20160508_201601_zpsibgmh2sv.jpg

One for Mama!

Getting extra cheeky when he’s shy~
 photo 20160508_201607_zpsyffyacj6.jpg
 photo 20160508_201602_zpsvc7x7thq.jpg

Hug and kisses from the biggest bully of Mama!
 photo 20160508_201605_zpshddbglry.jpg
 photo 20160508_201604_zpsgjb9uibz.jpg

吹海风-ing with Mamemo and Sis after that!😀 I don’t even remember when was the last time we had a moment like this~ Or did we ever had? Hmmmm.
 photo 20160508_202518_zpscnth2z3m.jpg
 photo 20160508_202511_zpsis57cpuf.jpg

Starting the new week with a new supply of my favourite banana milk again! Hehe! This time round my smuggler is Yinning!😀
 photo 20160511_090627_zpsutjsy4a8.jpg

And finally, finally, finally caught Civil War! Everyone was raving about it and about Chris Evans’ biceps that made me really excited to watch it! Well, it was indeed pretty excited and funny, but maybe because it was so highly-raved, I was expecting something even more…haha~ Oh well, it was good enough though; the biceps were also good😛

It’s the month of May again which means it’s Lyn’s birthday month! That also means it’s time for TCC again! Hahaha! (It seems like we are only there during birthday months =X )
 photo 20160509_194202_zpsl4vlqa4h.jpg

 photo 20160509_194224_zpscequgqgk.jpg

Truffle mushroom again!

 photo 20160509_194211_zpspmlrhfqj.jpg

The must-have mushroom bites!

 photo 20160509_195501_zpszbs4uij2.jpg

Breakfast set!

 photo 20160509_194711_zpsgv78d1wn.jpg

My portobello mushroom (:

It was an unexpectedly short dinner due to indecisiveness, leading to an Aries’ impatience VS a Taurus’ short-temperedness~ But in anyway, the birthday girl just ain’t very fated with TCC because she always gets sick when enjoying her birthday month discount =/

So impromptu visit to the pasar malam in Toa Payoh! I bought 10 tutu kuehs even though I was actually kinda full from the dinner~ I just didn’t wanna miss the chance of having the generous auntie’s tutu kuehs! I think she remembers that I’m the girl who went all the way to Ghim Moh pasar malam to support her! Hehe!
 photo 20160509_213439_zpsx5lkgncl.jpg

Lunched alone on a Friday because I had some errands to run and I had a sudden craving for pasta! I don’t like to lunch alone anyway so eating at a less crowded place makes me feel a little better ._. But it was a wrong choice of lunch because I could feel the indigestion right away and it lasted all the way till yoga class at night! Argh. I seriously need a stronger digestive system…
 photo 20160513_142454_zpsyxa7v9rm.jpg

Brunch on Saturdate – tom yum pasta and kong ‘bak’ pau!❤
 photo 20160514_121538_zpsjdzlqol7.jpg

I live every moment, I laugh every day, and I definitely love beyond words. Do you? (:
 photo 20160514_121054_zps1bi8tiz6.jpg

It was a precious Saturday for running errands and for quality time! And I had my tutu kuehs again just because my remaining ones were gone the next day when I woke up! I am always feeling thankful and blissful that whenever I wanna eat tutu kuehs, I will be teleported there, no matter how far (((:
 photo 20160512_191807_zps6tt3drgv.jpg

Quality 3 hours of K-session before dinner at Fika!😀 It’s not my first time there because I had my farewell lunch with Uncle Y and co there, but it’s my first time trying the mushroom crepe!
 photo 20160514_200049_zpspnlkb8du.jpg

Simply, simply LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! It’s so nice that I could actually finish it! But I didn’t wanna have another indigestion problem especially when my system ain’t working very well these days again~ Took half away for lunch the next day! This way I can enjoy it for both days! Hehe!
 photo 20160514_200137_zpsttsqii6g.jpg

Wasn’t looking forward to Sunday at all and wasn’t looking forward even more to the practice at Kranji Camp. I don’t know if I used to feel this way, or is it all these added responsibilities are killing my passion slowly. I used to look forward to dance, but now I am so busy every practice that I hardly get to…

It doesn’t help to be stuck in between difficult participants who try to add fuel to the fire. It’s really difficult to strike a balance between being nice and being strict anymore. The moment you get stern, you get negative remarks. You reprimand someone for not listening to instruction, you are being said to be not compassionate enough on a Mother’s Day.

I’m not the one involved directly this time, but it still feels shitty to be stuck in between when I am clearly on the ‘being strict‘ side. I usually rather be the 坏人 for the sake of the whole performance, but now that I became the 好人 and have to listen to all the rants and peace-make, it’s even more tiring. Trying to get your participants to listen is hard enough, trying explain to them our stand on why we have to be strict and stern at times is even harder. They can go on and on about welfare and it makes me sick. Really sick. You tell me you are just a volunteer, then what am I? Am I not???

So sick of all these that I actually shrugged in front of everyone when Eric enquired me about something. Simply because I really can’t seem to be bothered with anything anymore. We have tried so hard but we don’t get the result that we want, it makes me don’t know how to continue this anymore. I also wish I can joke around with everyone every practice, but that is if everyone cooperates in the first place. Yet simple things like “DO NOT BRING THE UMBRELLA PROP HOME” cannot be obeyed. To think that we are all adults, I felt truly disgusted by such inconsiderate behaviours.

It all boils down to selfishness in the end. I don’t have umbrella and it’s raining, so I use the prop to go home even though it’s not my property. I want to faster go home, so I will skip the redundant debrief and go take my stuff first. I don’t want to be under the hot sun for so long, so I shall take my own sweet time to come.

It really disgusts me so much that I don’t know how to communicate with these people anymore. I just wanna go back to dancing and not having to talk to anyone anymore, let alone deal with them. ARGH. I hate human beings.

Lyn’s 25th @ Studio M!

Even though it’s a short work week, I was looking forward to the weekend already!😀 But still gotta enjoy each and every of the remaining days before the weekend comes! Hehe!

Went to Café Insadong to enjoy the 1-for-1 bingsu offer! There was no queue, surprisingly, but we still waited quite some time for a seat, and waited even a longer time for our bingsu -_- I thought it was a really good deal since bingsu is pretty expensive, but totally wasn’t expecting to wait like 1 hour for it!

We are not fated with the mango bingsu somehow, so opted for the Oreo one and the signature Makgeolli (rice wine) one which the staff recommended. She said it’s more fruity, hence a good replacement for the mango bingsu, and it’s not bitter. NOT bitter, I emphasise.

But upon our first try, all of us cringed. It’s BITTER pleaseeeeee, and it definitely tasted weird with all the fruits. The bitterness of the rice wine just doesn’t go well with the fruits at all, and yet this bingsu alone is already $19.80 –CRY!!!– Total disappointment and regret for not ordering the Baileys one T.T
 photo 20160504_210321_zpsgqk1fqj1.jpg

Thank goodness the Oreo one was still okay… But it tasted kinda normal and I think the Oreo crumbs are not generous enough. Somehow I feel that my first bingsu try at Bibing cafe is much nicer😦 Generous topping and there was even nice brownies inside! This Oreo one is just too … mainstream. Sigh. Wasted time and money~
 photo 20160504_205751_zpssfxkteww.jpg

Off for drinks at Burp Kitchen & Bar again!😀 But alcohol-free okay~
 photo 20160504_221339_zps2ftykggl.jpg

I was more looking forward to the salted egg yolk tofu fries actually  ❤_❤
 photo 20160504_221554_zpsn0o6gia4.jpg

So, it was the birthday month for Taurus babies and le pig brother happened to be one stubborn bull. His thoughtful friends had actually wanted to surprise him with a 4G phone (because the caveman doesn’t have one) and I was also excited that he’s finally gonna have Whatsapp too!
 photo 20160505_000654_zpsz6lgmgzt.jpg

But the stubborn bull doesn’t appreciate it because he doesn’t like Xiaomi phones and refused to use it -.- We had a small debate over this because I think appreciation matters more than the gift itself, but he thinks otherwise. Maybe being realistic is good sometimes, but I still prefer being having more empathy, at least it feels more human. Zzzzz.

 photo 20160505_103118_zpsab8u7r5c.jpg

Yummy lemon tart for breakfast! (:

Had a long lunch on Friday because we were waiting for the EP to come view some clips~ Even went to Ah Chew Dessert for some durian mousse! Hehe! But in the end we were kanna flown aeroplane by the EP -_-”
 photo 20160506_143823_zpsclouc2i2.jpg

Friday night was spent with le volunteers at Starkers again! Yinning joined us too since she was looking for activities for the Friday night~ She was once part of MINDS anyway, so she knows a couple of them. In fact she was the one who brought me in (:

Ordered Sex On The Beach again and I was given this red drink, which didn’t taste like what I had previously. Luckily I took photos that time and realised that the drink is supposed to be orange!
 photo 20160506_202256_zpswiqpm1he.jpg

Now this is my correct drink!😀 Love it!
 photo 20160506_202921_zpsukjkyozp.jpg

Uncle Felix getting very emo with the songs from the live band xD
 photo 20160506_220457_zpsqmpofkjt.jpg

Oh he gave us some Chinese riddles and I was the first who managed to solve most of them! Somehow that surprised him very much -.- So insulting…tsk. I do use my brain when I have to okay, like for academics. Most of the time I am just too lazy to so I will follow blindly blur-ly.

And finally, it was the long-awaited weekend! My much-anticipated Saturrrrrdayyyyyy~!!! And it all started off well with an awesome brunch! When was the last time I had prata? ❤_❤
 photo 20160507_120807_zpsx3o77ntu.jpg

Then off to Studio M to start off the staycation that I had been excited for the whole week!😀 It was actually an impromptu idea to book a room to surprise Lyn for her coming 25th birthday and even though it felt a bit like a wedding proposal plan (LOL), it was actually my initial plan for my own birthday this year~ But since I did not manage to fulfill it, I decided to plan it for her! Hehe!

A pity I was so busy that I totally forgot to take a picture of the entire room!!!!!!! But it’s actually exactly the same as the room I had during my staycation with PPGs here~ I managed to  get a photo of the bed on level 2 though…haha! Totally miss the big comfy bed already!!! x.x
 photo 20160507_173708_zpsqnhjyon0.jpg

 photo 20160507_140439_zpsnz3ltd7m.jpg

Decorations done!

 photo 20160507_155306_zps9eemxjyk.jpg

Snacks ready!

 photo 20160507_164120_zpseyajc7dm.jpg

Alcohol plenty!

It was really quite hard to fix a timing that everyone is available because it happened to be the Mothers’ Day weekend~ Nevertheless, everyone tried their best to make it and also arrived earlier than the birthday girl to prepare! In the end the birthday girl was 30 minutes late and made everyone waited! Hahaha!

But also luckily she was late, so she was too flustered to really suspect anything. She still thought we were going to a cafe until I blindfolded her with my hands in the lift! xD

 photo 20160507_163255_zpsgiicvfh8.jpg

The look of surprise!

I think the plan was pretty successful! Hehe!

 photo 20160507_163421_zpsrw3kzngr.jpg

Happy Birthday, little one! =D

 photo 20160507_163334_zps6ooptll0.jpg

And may your wishes come true!!!

So happy when Leng Leng chose to get the Lana Cake Shop‘s chocolate cake! It was supposed to be my birthday cake too for this year but I didn’t get it😛
 photo 20160507_163602_zpswwakghuf.jpg

Happy NDPeeps!😀
 photo 20160507_162412_zpsuqlvlmkk.jpg
 photo IMG-20160507-WA0045_zpsi2fqrd5k.jpg

 photo IMG-20160508-WA0005_zpsei5c7nof.jpg

With the birthday girl!

 photo IMG-20160508-WA0013_zpst3kfcjrd.jpg

大头贴 meh -_-“

 photo IMG-20160508-WA0012_zpsfmqy6hrg.jpg

3 x 臭皮匠,win 1 x 诸葛亮!

Oh did I mention how much I love the 落地窗?Loving the big wide view!😀
 photo 20160507_173912_zpsdhnrprei.jpg

 photo 20160507_175112_zpsmefgzdrd.jpg

Ronald, 不要做傻事!

 photo IMG-20160507-WA0046_zpsnqdx4c5t.jpg

Trying out the pirate game xD

 photo IMG-20160507-WA0039_zpsdw5ivpen.jpg

Always getting geeky with Eric around~

Snacked, chit-chatted, drank, snacked, and more snackssss ._. I think we all got full from all the snacking eventually! Hahaha! A pity they are all not really drinkers, so they only managed to finish 1 bottle of Moscato~

Went to explore the pool area after everyone had left, since I did not have the chance to visit during my previous stay. It’s so beautiful! Too bad it was only a 1-night stay, so I did not bring my swimsuit and did not really have time to swim too.
 photo IMG-20160507-WA0031_zpsexdmyptc.jpg
 photo IMG-20160507-WA0030_zpsmtcc4zwt.jpg
 photo IMG-20160507-WA0025_zpsuxbhccer.jpg
 photo IMG-20160507-WA0024_zps5yvp561o.jpg

Chilling areas~
 photo IMG-20160507-WA0027_zpsrdhosenm.jpg
 photo IMG-20160507-WA0023_zps8yb4gdr6.jpg

 photo IMG-20160507-WA0028_zpsiq0avmmn.jpg

In love with Studio M hotel!

Back to the room to nua! View from upper level! So much snacks remaining D:
 photo 20160507_204537_zpscfsqlgnn.jpg

The birthday girl was not feeling very well so I have even 1 less kaki to drink😦 But I was still thirsty to have some since I was really looking forward to the drinking part…haha~ Decided to open 1 more bottle of Moscato and it took us great effort to finally open it! Felt like we just gave birth, twice.
 photo 20160507_211112_zps1pbtorbp.jpg

Drinks in bed and stayed up till late night to watch lame Hong Kong movies xD
And then soon it was check out day already…boohooooo~ Time passed to fast!!!

 photo 20160508_104051_zpsnuh2zfue.jpg

Very full hotel breakfast, again =X

Their buffet breakfast choices are quite limited as compared to overseas hotel, but at least they extend their breakfast hours till 11am on weekends, so at least you don’t have to wake up at ungodly hour.

 photo 20160508_123350_zpsbybsxcea.jpg

One last look at the view!

 photo 20160508_110634_zpskwk8ziqw.jpg

Can even see Singapore Flyers!

Can’t bear to check out! And totally reluctant to go for NDP practice because I was still in staycation mood~ I wanna stay in my comfy room! I don’t wanna go ulu pandan Kranji camp D:
 photo 20160508_122837_zps9yrlmqqz.jpg
 photo 20160508_122845_zpssuw4wi6d.jpg

Labourious Malacca Trip!

Day 1

Went on a short getaway during the Labour Day long weekend with my girls before my next flight trip~! Decided to go budget so we opted for the coach instead of plane and it turned out to be a major mistake! =O
The last time I took a coach was like 5 years ago and it was also to Malacca~ But I think I had forgotten the ordeal of the 4-5 hours ride, which I definitely got reminded again after this trip.

 photo 20160430_081855_zpsgtwuw5ub.jpg

8.30am @ Queen Street Terminal!

 photo 20160430_091239_zpsvkpzreeg.jpg


All ready for our trip together again!😀
 photo 20160430_082903_zpsfryqxdct.jpg
 photo 20160430_082927_zpsno3tyqdl.jpg
 photo 20160430_083012_zpsu4jt3yyg.jpg

But never did we expect that after 4-5 hours, we were still stuck at Malaysia’s custom!!! We were supposed to have reached Malacca by then but the traffic jam was so bad that we only managed to reached the custom at 1pm plus! And it didn’t help that the human jam was equally bad and inefficient. Holy cow!

I only managed to catnap a bit because I’m really not the kind that can fall asleep easily on a moving vehicle (unless I am really really really tired), so you can imagine the ordeal I was going through during the journey. And it took us another couple of hours before we finally reached Yong Peng for some foodddd!

 photo 20160430_154732_zpslygft2s6.jpg

My friends on ads!

 photo 20160430_155657_zpsmos2djf9.jpg

Hot yummy mushroom & char siew 烧饼 from Limin!

Despite finishing ALL the snacks I brought (so I was practically eating non-stop), I was still hungry somehow! Got myself some nice beancurd which tastes very much like Lao Ban‘s!😀
 photo 20160430_160135_zps4uwlghw8.jpg

And then it started raining heavily, which means the traffic got even worse…
 photo 20160430_162336_zpskyy4lodn.jpg

So guess what time we finally managed to reach Straits of Malacca? 6.30pm! 10 FREAKING HOURS!!!!!! It was definitely way beyond our expectation because we didn’t know it would be more than double the travel time! So in the end our 3D2N trip was only left with 2D2N😦 In fact, we only had 1 full day there because our coach back was in the noon~

Checked in and heading to our room! Ours is located at the 19th storey, which is part of the premier floor, which means more atas!
 photo 20160430_200401_zpsnwykvkyf.jpg

We had absolutely no complaints about our room at Hatten Hotel because it was spacious and beautiful! Most importantly, clean and strong wifi! Haha!
 photo 20160430_185329_zps27489oyc.jpg
 photo 20160430_185433_zpslamqvtwc.jpg
 photo 20160430_185423_zpskqmwcnen.jpg
 photo 20160430_185303_zps022s70ex.jpg

View from our room! ^^
 photo 20160430_185800_zpskh1m7rbj.jpg
 photo 20160430_185730_zpsagtoyiv7.jpg
 photo 20160430_185734_zpsn03wafrc.jpg
 photo 20160430_185739_zpskx7nkvw0.jpg

And I requested for my extra bed to be placed right beside the window so that I can wake up and go to bed to this view ((:
 photo 20160430_191133_zpsdnl8w4h9.jpg

Did not have much time to waste anymore so off we went for dinner! Wanted to bring the girls to try the zi char that Lyn recommended but the queue totally scared us away~ After 10 hours of coach ride, I think none of us wanna be stuck in the queue anymore ._.

Was in a dilemma of walking to Jonker Street or to wait for the hotel shuttle bus, which is another 45 minutes later. In the end we opted for the latter because everyone was pretty exhausted already.

 photo 20160430_205940_zpsojq5vn4z.jpg

The signature clock tower~

 photo SAM_5450_zps09isunj1.jpg

Super crowded Jonker Street!

It was so damn crowded that it’s kinda difficult for you to stop to get something. We still did, nevertheless, and lost each other in the midst, but of course we reunited in the end.
 photo SAM_5456_zpssu6tx5gl.jpg

 photo SAM_5453_zpszk0xipu3.jpg

Hungry me getting some street food!

 photo SAM_5454_zpsyiq0vi1f.jpg

Cheese sausage & quail eggs!

 photo 20160430_212840_zpspkohojh9.jpg

No tutu kueh but found putu piring!

 photo SAM_5464_zpsucwrzrsq.jpg

Interesting “egg” ice-cream!

Limin fed us very well by coming back with something new each time she disappeared, so I actually got quite full eating all the shared food~
 photo SAM_5462_zpsezb3krnl.jpg

The girls’ appetite kinda scared me too because I was like so full already but the food kept coming!
 photo 20160430_214544_zps6izefy1g.jpg

End of Jonker Walk! (:
 photo SAM_5471_zpsk9odzabc.jpg

Made our way back but not before dropping by the famous Geographer Cafe first!
 photo SAM_5480_zpsvpka635h.jpg

It’s the chill out place that Chii Hian was excited to visit because she did not manage to do so during her trip here few months ago~
 photo SAM_5482_zps91kmzgjs.jpg

With live performance too! (:
 photo 20160430_234640_zpsyphjovq6.jpg

But we were given the indoor seat which I think we didn’t mind, since we were all in need of some aircon~ We were still able to watch the “live” performance through the screen!😛
 photo SAM_5485_zpswm7r7kxc.jpg

 photo 20160430_230734_zpsfgplcjcj.jpg

Second time drinking together! Hehe!

 photo 20160430_230647_zpspyyfemfv.jpg

Happy that they have my Midori drink!

Kai Bin and Abby’s huge glass of beer~ Definitely reminded me of the days with Mommeyyyyy!
 photo 20160430_230708_zpshoeyp9vd.jpg

 photo 20160430_231109_zps5gory105.jpg

Giant head and giant beer!

 photo 20160430_231040_zpsor1qnhjb.jpg

Taking a sip~

Limin was the only one with a mocktail, but still can do some photography with the beer right? xD
 photo 20160430_231215_zpshguaglc8.jpg
 photo SAM_5498_zps6v8jtbuo.jpg

 photo 20160430_234423_zps8yacch7u.jpg

With the red face Kai Bin after some beer! Hahaha!!!

Had no choice but to walk back to hotel because the 8.30pm shuttle bus was the last~ Thank god for GPS, I managed to get the girls back safely! And it wasn’t as far as we had thought, so we figured that we could just walk there again the next day instead of accommodating to the shuttle bus’ timing (:

 photo 20160501_011733_zpszipwsid9.jpg

After an exhausting day! Good night!

 photo 20160501_011657_zps17pkbyt4.jpg

The view I slept with~

Day 2

Woke up 1 hour before the end of breakfast! Why do hotel like to have their breakfast timings so early @.@
 photo 20160501_093840_zpsfku1lsax.jpg

Anyhow, according to Chii Hian, who had stayed here during her recent trip, our breakfast was served at a different level from her previous trip, because she wasn’t staying at the premier floor. So supposedly, ours is more atas, but Chii Hian actually said that the food at the “commoner” floor is better =/
 photo 20160501_094140_zpsjwexshqn.jpg

Nevertheless, we had nice view while enjoying our breakfast at the rooftop lounge! (:
 photo 20160501_101358_zpsyudvriys.jpg
 photo 20160501_094845_zps2kkolbj6.jpg

Not as much food choices as compared to our Batam hotel, or maybe we just came down too late~
 photo 20160501_094840_zpsi7vmtvmr.jpg
 photo 20160501_094128_zpsxkmge0vo.jpg
 photo 20160501_094851_zps4cnqnlg8.jpg

View from level 22!
 photo 20160501_102230_zpszaqnh7vv.jpg
 photo 20160501_102133_zpspc0r2fe7.jpg
 photo 20160501_102203_zpsspkr1b50.jpg

A pity we did not have enough time to enjoy our hotel pool in the end😦
 photo 20160501_102150_zpsz3iue3mq.jpg

Group photos!❤
 photo IMG-20160501-WA0011_zpszfopf8gz.jpg

Oh there’s even sea view! xD
 photo IMG-20160501-WA0018_zps7oyutr2a.jpg
 photo IMG-20160501-WA0013_zpsb4e1rgri.jpg
 photo 20160501_102357_zpsld2smdec.jpg
 photo 20160501_102926_zpsl5hgogjd.jpg

The girls after a full breakfast! Some of their appetite is really scary, especially Chii Hian, who went for a few rounds even though she claimed that she’s not gonna eat too full so that she can enjoy more food at Jonker Street ._.
 photo 20160501_102447_zpsnarix6ie.jpg
 photo 20160501_102501_zpsbk7kz22l.jpg
 photo IMG-20160501-WA0009_zpswb82pvlm.jpg

So yep, off we went to Jonker Street again! This time round it’s to the day time Jonker, without the street stalls and all, since some of them had not been to before. Dropped by this area where I know Chii Hian the ultimate cam-whore would wanna take some photos! Actually I had also taken pictures here 5 years ago…hehe.
 photo 20160501_122059_zpstw3ig61k.jpg

I posed with her because she doesn’t like to take photos alone😛 But catch the 3 photobombers!
 photo SAM_5513_zpszamuuugr.jpg

 photo SAM_5518_zpslx5hhmnt.jpg

Got《衝上雲霄》 feel? xDDD

 photo SAM_5516_zpsjsruuwlk.jpg

A proper picture with the aeroplane!

 photo SAM_5522_zps8nzfrdeq.jpg

With the fire engine now!

 photo SAM_5524_zpszbnbrv8g.jpg

I seriously don’t know what weird pose I was doing -_-“

 photo SAM_5527_zpsgsdvfobh.jpg

I think I was meant to do this but lean on the wrong side…LOL

Last but not least, with the train!
 photo SAM_5505_zpswoortsov.jpg
 photo SAM_5507_zpsrqi3x9se.jpg

Remember a superhero tried to stop a train in a movie? Well, we did it too!😛
 photo SAM_5529_zpsjweu4ehw.jpg
 photo SAM_5530_zpszluulwgc.jpg

 photo SAM_5533_zpsxisss9q0.jpg

Chii Hian pole-dancing???

Group photos with the fire engine, aeroplane and train!😀
 photo IMG-20160503-WA0021_zpsbx99v9xw.jpg
 photo IMG-20160503-WA0002_zpsp5iopodu.jpg
 photo IMG-20160503-WA0008_zpss4yyuxmq.jpg
 photo IMG-20160503-WA0009_zpsznwo2xpy.jpg
 photo IMG-20160503-WA0023_zpshpie9agk.jpg

The iconic red building – Christ Church Melaka!
 photo SAM_5537_zpsazbwrdvs.jpg
 photo IMG-20160503-WA0030_zpshgauhwno.jpg

I remember this river because I think I took photos here before!
 photo SAM_5539_zpsurzebc6n.jpg

Jonker Street in the day was as crowded as night; slightly less human, but lots of cars because the road only closes at night~ I don’t really fancy the daytime Jonker because there’s actually nothing much without the street stalls, and it was so damn hot…OMG! The girls got tempted and got themselves a USB fan too after seeing me with one! Hahaha! Seriouslyyyyy hottttttt.
 photo SAM_5590_zpslrhfnpee.jpg

We managed to find some treasures though, like this freshly-made ondeh-ondeh that we waited quite for! Because they are handmade! Hot and nice!!!
 photo SAM_5542_zpsylmzcu19.jpg

Oh it was really so hot that the girls kept buying drinks~ It’s like after a few stalls, they would get a new drink to share. So much that I got really bloated after drinking all these sugary stuff. Of course I would very much prefer plain water to all these, but it seems like it’s solely my preference =/
 photo SAM_5544_zpscvknqbng.jpg

And this was one of the drinks they bought and it got me “irritated” and naggy each time I see these 3 bottles -.-”
 photo SAM_5562_zpsnqpzu6k2.jpg

The thing is we had already had lotssss of drinks prior to this but Chii Hian and Limin were attracted by these 60’s fruit tea (which very much taste like our normal Pokka fruit tea ._. ).  And they decided to get 3 bottles because it’s cheaper -.- But the 3 bottles lasted us till the last day in bus because we couldn’t finish them!!!

I refused to drink them because I really never had so much sugary drinks in my life before. So until the point when we were checking out, the girls were still pushing the remaining drinks to each other, because nobody wanna bring home. So moral of the story: You don’t save RM2 by buying 3 bottles, you waste RM6 for buying extra 2 bottles that you don’t want/need -_-|||
 photo SAM_5559_zps5buzfkoi.jpg

Apart from the crowded Jonker Street, the famous eateries were all super long queue too~ We didn’t even have time to queue for all those chicken rice balls and etc, but we did queue for the famous Jonker 88. We spent quite some time queuing there and apart from conquering the queue, you gotta camp and wait for tables as well. Zzzzz.

 photo SAM_5545_zpsufi4cax9.jpg

The legendary Jonker 88 chendol!

 photo 20160501_134904_zpsozvv8he7.jpg

Chendol #2~
Looks different but it’s the same chendol.

Even though it’s really famous, I’m still not a fan of chendol because coconut milk is on my hate list, so I chose the durian ice-kachang instead (:
 photo 20160501_134555_zpsw8ccfyzh.jpg

I was still full from breakfast but Kai Bin got tempted by the assam laksa, which is also famous there, so we ordered one and share~ Indeed very nice!
 photo 20160501_135111_zpsqet2q6ir.jpg

Spotted a funny long bee!😀
 photo 20160501_131247_zpsap5gk5v4.jpg

 photo SAM_5567_zpsvprufn0b.jpg

With my bee friend, photobombed by Kai Bin!

 photo SAM_5573_zpsatyykaai.jpg

With the Mamee monster!!!

 photo 20160501_144129_zps2m4zsftb.jpg

So nostalgic! So happy to see him! ^v^

If you don’t remember, he is actually the character from our childhood 20 cents Mamee snack and there’s a museum of him there!😀
 photo SAM_5580_zpssri7ujhg.jpg

Kai Bin was missing because she was buying instant noodle from the Mamee museum, which in the end she realised was a rip off =/
 photo IMG-20160503-WA0041_zpsr93kgege.jpg

Ended our sweaty Jonker trip with souvenir-shopping at 三叔公!Then headed back to hotel to unload our loots before we were out again in no time because we only had less than half a day left! D:

Loving this view of the hotel~
 photo 20160502_103317_zpsdtgyhcxg.jpg
 photo 20160501_160910_zpstc5rqatu.jpg

Went to the sky lounge first to enjoy our complimentary welcome drinks first because we were too late to do so the previous day~ Super shiok to have icy cold fruit punch after such a hot day!
 photo 20160501_161626_zpsgpizauzf.jpg

 photo 20160501_161747_zps1ta63qno.jpg


 photo IMG-20160503-WA0046_zpspbuusx6m.jpg


Then finally it was shopping time! There were mainly 2 malls there – Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota Parade. Our tour guide – Miss Chii Hian told us that Mahkota Parade is a better place to shop, given her experience from previous trip, hence we started off with that.

Again, we split into 2 groups to speed things up and Abby and I were rather looking forward to the shopping! But after finishing 2 levels, we were like, “Why like not many shops selling clothes here ah?” In the end, Chii Hian explained that her definition of “better place to shop” is that it’s EASIER TO FINISH, because the mall has NOTHING MUCH!!! Faint~!!! Trusted the wrong tour guide -_-|||

Nevertheless, we each managed to get a few stuff from the Daiso there to console ourselves~ Then off we went to check out the nice mille crepes at Nadeje that Lyn bought for me during her 2 trips here! But once again, I got turned off by the queue!!! Zzzzzz. Felt like Hong Kong trip, queuing everywhere we go.

 photo 20160501_192433_zpsvzz89shj.jpg

Yet tempted by these cakes x.x

The girls got tempted as well and we decided to takeaway a few pieces to try~ Who knows when it was finally coming to our turn to order, they screwed up all the back orders and had to clear them first before they could serve us!

At first we were told that it would take 10 minutes to clear, so we waited, or rather, Kai Bin and Limin waited while the rest of us decided to head over to our dinner place – Old Town Coffee first in case there’s also a queue. But the 10 minutes prolonged to at least another 30 minutes and even the most patient Kai Bin got pissed! The whole wait from the point we started queuing till we finally got the cakes probably took close to an hour >.>

Enjoying the cakes while waiting for dinner to be served! Hehe!
 photo 20160501_201331_zpstnegygog.jpg

Who ask me to be a sucker for mille crepe cakes, which happen to be so damn expensive. So when there’s much cheaper option, the more I can’t resist!
 photo 20160501_201432_zps61i0nnpg.jpg

Only had some small bites for dinner because I was still full from the breakfast + all the drinks. Shopping is more important than eating! Hahaha! Rushed off right away from the girls to conquer the other mall, which is so much bigger and has so many more shops to shop! But only left with 2 hours D:

I had already “aimed” some shops when we walked past in the afternoon, so the first I chiong-ed to was Padini! In the end I stayed till the shop closed, and so did the girls, who had joined me after I told them the store is having a major SALE!!! Glad that everyone bought stuff there and  a few of them even got broke because of the sale! LOL!

For once I am the richest amongst all during an overseas trip! Usually I will be one of the first to be broke and have to borrow money from the rest. Thank goodness I frequent JB, so I had changed more than enough money and managed to be the loan shark this time!😛 Although I was also broke eventually on the last day after I had lent all my money away…hahahaha!!! But at least everyone managed to get what they like, that’s more important! Hehe!

Ended the long day with a good massage and even though it’s not really cheap as compared to Batam, at least it’s still cheaper than Singapore and we needed one anyway~ Had my very first foot scrub there too! A little painful but totally worth it after you can’t stop touching your legs xD
 photo 20160501_223858_zps8l0an89t.jpg

I wouldn’t say it was a good massage and I wouldn’t recommend it either. It’s not that anything bad happened, but the quality of massage was just not up to my expectation. All my problem areas were not really fixed and even though I do feel more relax after that, I think it could have been better. And I think the massage only lasted 45 minutes even though we paid for the 1-hour one >.>

No ginger tea nor anything after the massage either. In fact Shuning commented that they were a bit unprofessional because her masseur wanted to massage her head right away after massaging her feet, without washing hand. Zzzzz. Don’t deserve any tips of course.

Back to our room to join Kai Bin and Limin for our party night~! Our initial plan was to head up to the sky lounge to enjoy some cheap cocktails, but since some were broke from the shopping, we decided to go even more budget by getting drinks from the supermarket! xD
 photo 20160502_002346_zpsuhcypjmg.jpg

 photo IMG-20160503-WA0054_zpseu38acwo.jpg

While waiting for the bottle opener…
Look who’s the millionaire! Hahaha!

 photo IMG-20160503-WA0053_zpsv8wxojth.jpg

With our drinks! (:

 photo 20160502_004348_zpsiavwc2xi.jpg

Yay! Cheers again~!!!

Before the trip, we were excited about drinking together. In fact, we mentioned about getting drunk together. But in reality when it finally came to the trip, we were simply too exhausted to even drink. LOL! We were all like falling asleep while drinking @.@

Day 3

And very soon, it was the last day of our trip😦 Had my huge breakfast again that’s gonna last me for another 10-hour ride?
 photo 20160502_095833_zpshpiisemf.jpg

Spent the last 1 hour plus going our separate ways to shop again and I’m glad that my determination brought me back to Padini again – I found the shoes that Sis wanted in her size! I was like digging and finding, going back again and again to the shelf to double-triple-check for her size but couldn’t find. Luckily I went back on the next day to try my luck again!😀

Managed to do a quick browse around the mall but did not really buy anything. Did not manage to finish the mall either nor visit my H&M as it was time to gather back to the hotel~ In the end, all the 5 shopaholics were late and I was the only one who came back hotel on time!!! 3 of them even shopped till the checkout time then came back….Zzzzzz. No discipline…hmfp!

Found our coach shortly after we checked out but somehow after it has past 1 hour from our departure time, the bus was still stationary! The driver seemed to be waiting for some other passengers and so we wasted an extra hour there…Zzzzzz. All of us were keeping our fingers crossed that the journey back wouldn’t take as long, especially me, whose mille crepe cakes only have a lifespan of 8 hours! T.T

In the end, it was indeed shorter, by 1 hour. Zzzzzz. 9 hours of coach ride back including the extra 1 hour of waiting! Thank goodness my cakes survived! But Malacca seriously needs to build an airport~


Welcomed by the sweetness of Shuning’s beau!

It’s super cute and 有心 please!!! And even though Shuning only stays like 1 station away – Lavender, he still insisted on coming all the way from Tampines to fetch her and even offered all of us a ride! 加分!!!(:

James’ 1st Birthday!

So my Saturday night continued to buddy’s house, where I spent the whole night playing with this cutie pie!😀
 photo 20160423_193908_zpsop13z8gs.jpg

I had been longing to see him ever since the first time I played with him. Back then he was still the chubby smiley baby, but now he’s already a walking toddler, celebrating his 1st birthday! Not as chubby anymore, but still adorable~
 photo 20160423_200050_zpslsmmz9mx.jpg

The reason I wanna attend the party was purely so that I can meet this 稀客 again and take all the cute pictures of him…hahaha! So get ready for the spam😛 Opening my pressie! Hehe!
 photo 20160423_200517_zpscjcfkfnv.jpg
 photo 20160423_200558_zpslmzqou4h.jpg
 photo 20160423_200530_zpsrnnts21l.jpg
 photo 20160423_200544_zpsc81giho5.jpg

I think kids just have fun tearing stuff xD

Bought him a 2 in 1 piano + telephone because I remember buddy telling me that he loves to play with the house telephone! Now he can have fun playing with his own telephone!😀
 photo 20160423_2012460_zpsyttgikw7.jpg

 photo 20160423_201247_zpsnqsluure.jpg

Legendary 口水王, ever since baby! Hahaha!

 photo 20160423_201102_zpsk2sfcnbm.jpg

Happily pressing away~

 photo 20160423_201244_zpsrouvwajo.jpg

Oh those heavy cheeks!

And then it was time to give out the 红鸡蛋 to the guests! The greedy boy kept wanting to eat the egg himself and ended up with red lips…LOL!
 photo 20160423_201614_zps9n7q3n5t.jpg

He looks so delighted giving out the eggs!
 photo 20160423_201617_zpshv4x6umt.jpg

So handsome and cute ❤_❤
 photo 20160423_201644_zpsemcmu09z.jpg
 photo 20160423_201645_zpseb921bk6.jpg

Caught a cute video of him giving red egg to Queen! Still such a 笑佛~

Then finally, the cake-cutting time!
 photo 20160423_204909_zpshq9o8i1c.jpg

I think he was quite loss when everyone gathered around him. But he sure enjoyed that attention!
 photo 20160423_205054_zpsvatcpv4l.jpg

With Daddy & Mummy!
 photo 20160423_205155_zps38e2has1.jpg
 photo 20160423_205203_zpsizh90tqf.jpg
 photo 20160423_2052030_zpsqz2ccgx4.jpg

I think it’s just difficult to take a proper photo of kid + cake. Because they will always be more attracted to the cake than camera! xD
 photo 20160423_205241_zpscwrcwot9.jpg

 photo 20160423_205249_zpslkpxc46f.jpg

Gong gong look~

 photo 20160423_220231_zpsjctzv81k.jpg

A selfie to end off! ^v^

Off to Sis’ place for stayover and to babysit babysleep Isaac while they were out for movie~ Haven’t had time for my loveboy for so long! Bought a new toy for him while I was in JB and we spent the next morning building it together! Hehe!
 photo 20160424_095622_zpsydgz1lej.jpg

We built a playground!😀

Off for NDP practice but of course, not before having a good lunch first! After much brainstorming and detouring, finally settled for Cafe Salivation for a sinful meal!
 photo 20160424_124416_zpsomlu7fln.jpg

 photo 20160424_124428_zpslhao2hcu.jpg

My very first lasagne! (:

 photo 20160424_154849_zpsjbhjn97r.jpg

Working off the calories~

But before I could join in the dance, I had a more important mission which is to hold my own “audition” and pick my star members. It was really a tough one because I have quite high expectation…hahaha! Cannot have any mistake one😛
 photo 20160424_155635_zpsgtr0jscu.jpg

It was a longer practice this week because we didn’t have tea break in between. The last 2 hours was spent under the hot sun and I provided special service with my USB fan!😀 Best buy ever!!! Hahaha!

Impromptu Mahjong session after the smelly practice and I thought I would donate money again, but I won 5 bucks! Yayyyyy~ Never lose 就 happy liao! Hehe! This is call 知足常乐~!

It was a slightly more busy week this week but yet it also felt like a pretty short one. Maybe time just pass faster when you are busier. 但忙归忙,still have to find time to relax! Decided to catch a movie on Monday and use up my birthday voucher!

But first, made a visit to the Fortune of Wealth for some good luck first! (:
 photo 20160425_185506_zps6j849avb.jpg

It’s actually my first time walking around the fountain and touching it! But a pity I didn’t have time to buy any 4D after touching it…haha~
 photo IMG-20160426-WA0013_zpsnd36gpk7.jpg
 photo IMG-20160426-WA0028_zpsd3kscgk1.jpg

 photo IMG-20160426-WA0031_zps6pquyxw4.jpg

Thank you, my dear photographer ((:

Watched The Jungle Book which honestly speaking, wouldn’t be my choice of movie if not that my voucher is expiring and there are limited free listing movies. But it actually turned out pretty nice and justified the good reviews! Not the kind of really kiddy movie that I had imagined~

 photo 20160426_084834_zpsqsvzd06m.jpg

My sunflower is on its way!!!

A throwback list when I was trying to jot down all the stuff that I don’t eat, because many have called me a fussy eater, so I’m just trying to prove that I’m not~ It’s not a lot right??? =X
 photo 20160426_084640_zpsudzejwer.jpg

Finally tried Patisserie G! Walked past it a dozen of times and could only look at the cakes lovingly~ This time round I finally decided to step in!😀
 photo 20160426_185845_zps8lst5e6b.jpg

Very nice and also beautiful chocolate mousse cake with alcohol inside! Love it!
 photo 20160426_185737_zpsmxcpdjle.jpg

Off for the real alcohol session at Paulaner! Not the same band this time, but still the same love for this place (:
 photo 20160426_214612_zpsr3dfpgbs.jpg

 photo 20160426_194307_zpsbqfurtcg.jpg

Tequila Sunrise!

 photo 20160426_194236_zps2pwkpjp5.jpg

First try on their pizza!
Not bad, but still prefer thin crust…hehe.

Thursday wasn’t my day because the whole world was throwing a tantrum at me, even the server. All our computers were hung and it doesn’t help that it was the day client and I were racing against time…Zzzzz. But also “thanks” to that, boss granted us all half day on Friday, because the server problem just couldn’t be fixed. Yep, so extra long weekend for us! Woohooo~

 photo 20160428_203000_zpsyfzdrnwj.jpg

The only good thing about Thursday.

 photo 20160428_203055_zpsa3hvkdux.jpg

Ice-cream sandwich; my weakness.

P.S. Finally cleared all my backlogs! FUCKYEAHHHHHHHH!

Belated Birthday Meals!

Started the new week with souvenirs from Japan again!!!
 photo 20160418_170943_zpsjfz2i36m.jpg

This time round it was from the super sweet Uncle J~ Really sweet of him to have saved a box for us! And he even bought a belated birthday gift for me! Hehe! Crashed his office space table over at lunch time because he’s super near us now! Definitely miss our dear lunch kaki! ((:
 photo 20160418_171157_zpsiiqlmxaj.jpg

Long-awaited Marche dinner with Kai Bin & Co! 6 girls with busy schedule, and we finally, finally fixed a date~ It was Kai Bin’s turn to decide the eating venue and she “stole my idea” when I mentioned about craving for Marche during our previous meetup! Tsk tsk. Hahaha! But thanks to her, I finally satisfied my crepe craving! xD
 photo 20160419_194023_zpsr9w2shq7.jpg

And because the girls ordered some pork knuckles, the closet 酒鬼 – Kai Bin revealed her true self and suggested getting a beer! This marked the official first time we are drinking together! Haha!
 photo 20160419_195437_zpsoy4qq8re.jpg

Have always loved the interior of Marche (:
 photo 20160419_220802_zps2aftmn7u.jpg
 photo 20160419_220702_zps2hpljcmb.jpg

And as expected, the girls had a belated birthday celebration for Kai Bin and I!😀
 photo IMG-20160421-WA0004_zpstnc6mgus.jpg

 photo IMG-20160420-WA0003_zpspykj4nir.jpg

Yayyyyy got birthday “cakes” again! Hehe!

 photo IMG-20160421-WA0001_zpsqq0ti0r9.jpg

Happy Birthday to 两个很不一样的 Aries! xD

And because Kai Bin always finished her wish before mine and even peeped at me during my wish-making last year, I kept peeping this time to see if she’s peeping at me! LOL.
 photo IMG-20160420-WA0005_zpsq50o7l66.jpg

Hope to celebrate many more birthdays together! ((:
 photo IMG-20160420-WA0002_zpsovkyzmmc.jpg

Actually we got to choose our own ‘cake‘ and of course lemon meringue was my pick!
 photo 20160419_220916_zpsyryhvzed.jpg

Everyone was a little surprised by Kai Bin’s choice of cake because prune tart just doesn’t sound like an appetising dessert…LOL! But it’s so Kai Bin I think! And it was actually not bad xD
 photo 20160419_220900_zpscjgt80cj.jpg

又有礼物拿咯~! Korea & Japan souvenirs from Shuning and Kai Bin respectively!!!
 photo 20160419_223554_zpslpmpu9ci.jpg

Belated birthday angbaos!😀 One from PPGs and one from Kai Bin & Co!
 photo 20160419_224006_zpsufhnfpet.jpg

Got to know that there’s pasar malam in Ghim Moh through the Facebook page again and so it was tutu kueh time again! Hehe! Bought like FIFTEEN this time round because ten wasn’t quite enough for 2 the other time. 15 is not a lot right? It’s just like 7.5 each? ._.

Anyway, the auntie is so generous with the fillings!!! So in love with her! And her tutu kuehs of course! Hahaha!
 photo 20160420_214014_zpssdpayftc.jpg

Skipped yoga for an impromptu dinner with Mr Ow and Yinning on Thursday because the latter is so busy flying lately, so it’s hard to catch her~ I was in sloppy outfit because I wasn’t expecting to be going out, hence I requested to meet at more “secluded” places…LOL.

Had Sushi Tei at Gardens as my belated birthday meal!😀 I realised whenever I am asked to choose a dinner place, it will usually be Japanese cuisine because they have more ala carte choices~ I seriously can’t eat a proper meal for dinner!
 photo 20160421_202936_zpsvtgaildi.jpg

 photo 20160421_202045_zpsl7cks2nm.jpg

Long time since my last sake! (:

 photo 20160421_212640_zpsvejbxlzd.jpg

Desserts despite being very full again~

Friday night was spent for NDP meeting and I ended up doing my “homework” there, because I know I will not have time to do at home! (I am hardly at home! ._.) Yea so it was back to 眼花缭乱 + tired eyes days doing up all the 168 positions D:

 photo 20160422_231730_zps4sgoalec.jpg

Chillax time after all the hard work!

 photo 20160423_004707_zpssvsnx9fo.jpg

Friday nights should be pretty like this~

Checked out a newly-discovered pasta stall for Saturday brunch and I think it’s my first time having pasta in a hawker? Not bad! Quite a satisfying meal~
 photo 20160423_114333_zpsmfhjygue.jpg

Oh the unsightly thing on top is actually pancake roll! Even though I was already planning to get my tutu kuehs from the pasar malam beside, I couldn’t resist buying the nostalgic snack. My dad used to buy that for me whenever we visit the hawker near Tekka market and the roll just brings back much memories! It’s so hard to find it now; most pancakes are the round or slice kind but not rolls anymore. I know Jollibean has similar ones but I mean the traditional kind like this😦

 photo 20160423_140419_zpsjrzwui10.jpg

After pasta + pancake roll + 3 tutu kuehs

Back home early to do some gardening before heading to buddy’s nephew’s birthday party!😀 Shall cover that in my next post~ Meanwhile, please pray for my sunflower to bloom soon!!!
 photo 20160423_171451-1_zpsyijalgom.jpg