CNY 2015 Batam Trip – Day 1!

This year’s CNY escapade was to Batam again~! Though we all know that there’s nothing much there and I have been there like 3 times last year, it’s the cheapest getaway we can find involving a country that doesn’t celebrate lunar new year…haha! It’s the company that matters most of the time anyway (:

Cam-whoring in the ferry with awesome girlfriends!
 photo IMG-20150222-WA0002_zpsgixcualv.jpg
 photo IMG-20150219-WA0031_zpsqnp2fq4p.jpg
 photo IMG-20150219-WA0030_zpsska5p5vx.jpg

And the 2 hiao char boh decided to put on their shades to hide their tired eyes~ Unfairrrrr! Cause my right eye was kinda swollen with a painful small bump (I don’t know why) and my 大小眼 is damn obvious in some of the pictures! T.T
 photo IMG-20150219-WA0033_zpstnsr6mmb.jpg

Miss Wan disturbing our photo again -_- The eye size difference is quite obvious here!
 photo IMG-20150219-WA0029_zpsvump1bjk.jpg

Arrived at our hotel – Pacific Palace after a 45-minute ferry ride + 5 minutes cab ride!
 photo IMG-20150220-WA0004_zpsiyquxqve.jpg

 photo IMG-20150220-WA0000_zpseqzuhlqx.jpg

Our neighbours at 616!

 photo IMG-20150220-WA0005_zps4mzuehb6.jpg

Our room – 617!

We almost changed room, or rather, we did change room after seeing 2 small cockroaches (1 dead 1 alive) in the wardrobe!!! So we were changed to the room opposite the 2 ladies’ instead and 5 minutes later, we saw a small cockroach crawling on the wall!!!!!!!! WTFFFFFFFFFF.

So we decided to change back to our original room and got the cleaners to clean up the wardrobe, though they could only find the dead one by then…Zzzzzzz. On the subsequent days, we spotted like another 2 cockroaches in the bathroom and apparently, the ladies’ room next day also has these tiny cockroaches! ARGHHHHH!!!!!

Seriously disappointed with Pacific Palace Hotel this time because it wasn’t like this the previous time we stayed with Anna!!! I actually quite liked the interior of the hotel but after this experience, I doubt I will wanna be back anymore. Guess I am going back to Harmoni One for my next trip!

Despite the paranoia of having cockroaches around, this is a mandatory bedroom shot, with me photobomb-ing this time :P
 photo IMG-20150222-WA0040_zpsiyxmvhec.jpg

 photo IMG-20150222-WA0001_zpsmqmggj7v.jpg

Heading out for lunch!

Mad mad mad hungry and I insisted on eating Ayam Penyet because the previous time Kai Bin and Co tried it, it was for dinner and I was too full to try! Haha!
 photo 20150219_144551_zpsynpzsfl6.jpg

Shopped around Nagoya Hill after that before heading for our long-awaited massage! Okay, it was our long-awaited one except Lyn’s, because she was reluctant to strip for the massage…hahaha! But in the end she conformed since all of us chose the “Stressless Full Body Massage“~

The poor little girl was obviously so nervous that she kept asking me what are the procedures! Quote of the day – “This is not stressless massage at all. Cause this is so stressful!!!” LOLOL!

The massage wasn’t as shiok as we expected since they focused more on legs instead of shoulders and neck, which are most of our problem areas~ But still so much cheaper than doing it in Singapore so yea, it’s a must-do in Batam!

Went for our favourite supermarket shopping after that and we shocked the 2 seniors with our tibits war…hahaha! I kept trying to stop myself from buying so much because out of sight out of mind when it comes to junk food, but I still unconsciously ended up with a big bag! T.T

Back to hotel early because we had a surprise CNY dinner in the hotel which we didn’t know of until we were checking in! It’s buffet style with lohei as well! Yay~! Had my first lohei just on the first day of CNY! :D
 photo 20150219_202107_zpsfrcwegu6.jpg

Mother hen preparing the lohei while we tried to come up with 4-character words, if not it will become her version – @#$&!
 photo 20150219_202121_zpsl6rhyteo.jpg

Cam-whoring with my selfie stick!
 photo 20150219_202538_zpsblhsiwv9.jpg
 photo 20150219_202539_zpsrvgndeoo.jpg

We were all too full to finish the lohei but as usual, Mommeyyyyyyyyy was busy clearing it while saying she’s full…LOL.
 photo 20150219_204501_zpshfcosu1u.jpg

 photo 20150219_204504_zpse8uskgpl.jpg

Yes, very full xD

Gathered in the ladies’ room for our party night but we were all too full!!! So Lyn and I ended up gluing our eyeballs to the TV instead…hahaha! Re-watched so many nice movies there including this one – The Girl In Pinafore! Can’t believe it’s been 1 year plus since I first watched it~ Felt like it was just a while ago =/
 photo IMG-20150219-WA0014_zpslm6zqk8j.jpg

Our drinks for the night!<3 my cranberry vodka!!! And it’s only like $1.30?! Wish I could smuggle some back!
 photo IMG-20150219-WA0015_zpsdztn1nzp.jpg

 photo 20150219_215721_zps8r2tgiod.jpg


 photo IMG-20150219-WA0016_zpsfplzpd4r.jpg

Lovely girlfriends! <3

 photo IMG-20150219-WA0022_zpsblxdune5.jpg


 photo IMG-20150219-WA0026_zpssnvynjli.jpg

The Alcoholics

Back to our room and continued watching TV till like 2am (which is SG 3am)!!! Pretty tired but couldn’t help it, because it was one of my favourite comedies – The Millers! I kept giggling and LOL-ing like an idiot especially because I knew when all the jokes are coming up, but poor Lyn was too sick (with flu) to really be bothered by my 自-high-ness! HAHAHAHA.

 photo 20150220_003619_zpsaouumpxk.jpg

The scene that left a deep impression in me! xD

Valentine with Chingay!

This Valentine’s Day was mainly spent on running errands and rehearsing for Chingay, so there’s minimal time for any celebration since the latter already took half the day :(

 photo 20150214_115533_zpsyz5jtnh5.jpg

Yummy lunch!!!

Did some shopping before heading off for rehearsal~ How does it feel to see your colleague on a non-working day? Stressful!!! They were filming for some Chingay-related programme and I was in it! So stressful to dance with a camera in front of you, seriously! >.<

 photo IMG-20150214-WA0009_zps5zjuenwl.jpg

With my pretty colleague from the other side!

As expected, there were changes after last week’s full-dress and now our dance looks so mundane -.- Rehearsed it through a few times before we left for F1 and I decided to skip my dinner this time after last week’s experience~ More time for cam-whoring that means! :P

 photo 20150214_1822310_zpsagvecnlg.jpg

Mandatory annual picture with Mr Brown! xD

 photo 20150214_182311_zpslbtzahkl.jpg

With the nicer background! (:

 photo 20150214_182324_zpsb12rmfi5.jpg


With the Meizzzzz!
 photo 20150214_182334_zpsaw3ysyug.jpg
 photo 20150214_182341_zpsiv8hm9bs.jpg

 photo 20150214_182401_zpsb37krcv7.jpg

Under One Roof! (((((:

Wefies with Pris and Chii as well! :D
 photo 20150214_182503_zpsicv83s9k.jpg
 photo 20150214_182514_zpsk7gvtizr.jpg

And then while walking around, I bumped into Ah Eng auntie!!!!!! Good to see her 从出江湖,performing again!
 photo 20150214_183828_zpszhdnvvml.jpg

 photo 20150214_183421_zpshcsunpdp.jpg

Pretty tree!
(Forgot if I took a picture of it last week…hehe~)

 photo 20150214_183258_zpsfcoi4it0.jpg

Flower dresses!

 photo 20150214_192242_zpspumzftfi.jpg

Meow Meow lighting up!

 photo 20150214_213538_zpsjwrobgbz.jpg

The pretty tree after light up~

 photo 20150214_192838_zpsi2gdenux.jpg

Under the tree!
Couldn’t find the tree with the bees :(

Still left with a little time after the rehearsal to have a mini Valentine’s Day celebration~ Many places were closing by then, but thank goodness I still managed to have a good dinner!

 photo 20150214_233911_zpsgfr6ox54.jpg

Dinner? :P

 photo IMG_20150214_232138_zpswjac2pl1.jpg

Singapore Sling & White Sangria!

 photo 20150214_232959_zpsslye9bso.jpg

In a cheesy mood! <3

 photo 20150214_233135_zpsvniklepl.jpg

Margherita pizza with duo cheese! <3

While hesitating whether to order the pizza, the staff actually asked if I’m a big or small eater and I said small. So she kinda doubted that the pizza will be finished. But it turned out so damn nice that it was soon wiped out!!! I even ended up eating all the tomatoes from my slices which I usually don’t! Super nice, which was a good way to end off this Valentine’s Day!

 photo IMG_20150214_100556_zpsw7l2ianv.jpg

In my world, Brown belongs with Brown (:

But of course I am still super touched to receive this limited edition Brown & Cony plushies with the handmade card!!! Cause it’s limited edition and many people didn’t manage to get it, which makes it super 有心~ Super touched!!! ((:
 photo 20150215_021554_zpsnjbmk9zc.jpg

So in summary, it was a simple, but definitely a much better Valentine’s Day than last year! <3
 photo IMG_20150215_030123_zpsmzg8pf7z.jpg


Despite being a busy week, I had a fair share of time de-stressing as well! Had an impromptu dinner session with PPGs at Ichiban again and we celebrated Nad’s birthday in advance!

Finally got the excuse to try Chocolate Origin and OMG~ It’s so so so so so so so niceeeeeeeee! Simply orgasmic and almostttttt comparable with Rive Gauche‘s!
 photo IMG_20150213_094436_zpsgo8mrsgj.jpg

 photo 20150212_212141_zpsl5levgjx.jpg

Happy Birthday to our dearest Nad Nad!!! <3

Thank you for always being so sweet, buying us snacks from different countries!!!
 photo 20150212_212307_zps4xluworb.jpg

Another one to turn 26 and it will be my turn next T.T
No wonder our topic has drifted from BGR to BTO~
 photo 20150212_212315_zpsbim4ethy.jpg

Despite having the cake, we still wanted to try the tempura ice-cream and I think it’s my first time trying? Not bad, but too full to eat much =/
 photo IMG_20150212_213159_zpstfbxerwy.jpg

Headed over to Nad’s house after that because we couldn’t bear to part so soon but yet we didn’t know where to go…haha! Endless chit-chat over wine and Choya again! If only we all don’t have to work the next day x.x

 photo 20150213_132904_zpsh74yvxll.jpg

In the mood for noodle instead of brown rice! Hehe~

 photo 20150213_132919_zpsdpglnnfs.jpg

Olive is always <3!

Friday with le volunteers at Nickeldime Drafthouse! Didn’t know of this place even though I pass by the area often~
 photo 20150213_215627_zpshrgwdfd7.jpg

Quite cool interior, but we took the outside seats since we are quite a noisy bunch in general xD
 photo 20150213_215643_zpszyqgkulx.jpg

 photo 20150213_235747_zpszvflumkl.jpg

All about beer!

 photo 20150213_235208_zpsyxqs86tj.jpg

Or maybe some burgers and pizzas as well?

Since I am not a beer person, I had white wine as my starter drink before trying this Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar~ It’s not bad; not too gassy but I still couldn’t finish it without sharing with Mr Mah!
 photo 20150213_211517_zpsusq56kbo.jpg

 photo IMG-20150213-WA0008_zpsukzivmfv.jpg

Chillin’ the stressful week away~

 photo IMG-20150213-WA0007_zpstyziapyt.jpg

1-for-1 fries!

 photo IMG-20150213-WA0010_zpssfdwglaf.jpg

Some pizza which I don’t know what it is =X

 photo IMG-20150214-WA0002_zpswfl1xtb9.jpg

金龟 Friday night!

 photo IMG_20150213_013459_zpsaglxmxom.jpg

Letterbox surprise is always the best! (((:


Overdue pictures that I missed out from last week! One of the highlight of the week whereby we finally took our first step in helping Chii Hian for her extreme makeover~ After she has made the effort to do something about her hair, I think the next step is dressing!!!

Checked out New Look first and we managed to find a few pieces for her to try~ This long skirt is pretty nice but doesn’t suit her because it makes her look like kampong girl =/
 photo 20150202_202813_zpsnpdoqbtj.jpg

Next we have a plain top beautified by accessory, paired with a skinny pants. Not bad, but can find better pants to brighten up the whole look~
 photo 20150202_205431_zpszogs0sd8.jpg

Absolute no because she looks like a flasher ready in action.
 photo 20150202_210051_zps90di8hzx.jpg

I quite like this red romper which I chose for her because I think given her tanned skin tone, she needs brighter colour to make her look less dull. Even found a nice necklace to go along! But she finds the material too smooth and it’s not suitable for work…Zzzzzz. How can someone just have only working attire in the closet?!?!?!
 photo 20150202_212011_zpsqicdecfp.jpg

This dress was one of the first that I picked for her and coincidentally, Shuning and Kai Bin had also picked this for her! Yea so this was one of the pieces that she got eventually~
 photo 20150202_210528_zps531gkwr5.jpg

But none of this is the most perfect piece in my opinion; the most perfect one which made ALL OF US screamed was this mint colour romper, which I forgot to take a picture of! Because we were busy trying to convince her to get it since we really think it looked damn damn damn good on her!!!

I even told her frankly that I have never seen her so pretty before but the 主角 strongly objected just because it’s sleeveless -_- In the end, we insisted on buying that along with the grey dress above since it’s our birthday present for her~ Just hope she wears it because it’s really not easy to find a suitable piece for her. We only managed to shop in one place and everywhere else was closed by then…

Another missed-out-picture from last week’s cycling VS rollerblading session with Siew Siew!

This week has been a busy and wall-banging week as you can see the EP literally banging her head against the wall in the midst of a phone call~ Can’t wait for this haunting tiger project to be over! >.<
 photo 20150210_125910_zpsiltw5l46.jpg

Managed to go off early for a pampering Wednesdate before I got pampered in return for some sweet treats~! :D Was sad to learn that the Little Prince cafe near my office has ceased operation before I get to visit, but at least I get to visit this Little Prince Creamery!
 photo 20150211_205944_zpsbc6offad.jpg

 photo 20150211_202503_zpsx78j5oyc.jpg

The interior is pretty and cute!

 photo 20150211_202620_zpstptbjtnr.jpg

Familiar drawings from The Little Prince book! (:

 photo 20150211_202511_zpswgtd67tm.jpg


 photo 20150211_205903_zpsj8vwu1ic.jpg

Cute Little Princes!

 photo 20150211_202536_zpsn3duc1av.jpg

Drawings of Little Prince book on the wall

 photo 20150211_202946_zpsmh3j4bxt.jpg

Pop-up version of The Little Prince book! :D

Waffle was so-so but quite like the ice-cream! <3
 photo 20150211_204318_zps3pmiq4bb.jpg

Chingay 2015 Full-dress Rehearsal!

After missing it last year, I told myself I don’t wanna miss performing again this year!!! So even though we were a bit disappointed with the costume (I wore this before 4 years ago :( ), I am still glad to be a performer again this year! Along with 2 newcomers – Chii Hian & Pris! :D
 photo 20150207_162102_zpsr8cir8dm.jpg

Reached early to practise on our own before we practised round and round again with the rest~ I am usually more “hardworking” for Chingay because the audience are right in front of you! It would be so embarrassing to dance wrongly! >.<

Arrived at the F1 pit and I thought this was our float!
 photo 20150207_182001_zps7kgbowym.jpg

But no, our float is so much nicer!!! Not being biased, but the 3 of us think that our float is really like the nicest amongst all already~
 photo 20150207_182025_zpsn307x1zx.jpg

Dinner time~! Regret eating because I almost wanted to puke when dancing halfway -_- Because I shouted and ran so much!
 photo 20150207_183233_zpskusxbukw.jpg

Walked around to take photos since we had plenty of time before the rehearsal commenced~ I think our costumes match our float so much!!!!!!!! Ugly costume also became nice luh!
 photo 20150207_184856_zpsrcrt5exo.jpg

 photo 20150207_185316_zpsobinxhmo.jpg

This thing is always within our JAS “package”! :D

 photo 20150207_185356_zpsa65rpv4s.jpg

The mandatory shot every year! :P

 photo 20150207_185142_zpsqj8kfyqc.jpg

Strolling under the breezy weather~

 photo 20150207_185138_zps6vvxxva4.jpg

Beautiful sky!

I thought this is our prime minister but it’s not! It’s just some random dude representing the 建国一代…hahahahahaha! But it really looks kinda like Lee Hsien Loong!!! At least I did not guess Lee Kuan Yew like Karen…LOLOLOL!
 photo 20150207_185503_zpsamft6w8w.jpg

 photo 20150207_190357_zpsvc7cgf3h.jpg

With the legendary ROSE-lyn! xD

 photo IMG-20150210-WA0004_zps1bmkdztz.jpg

Always a joy meeting old friends!!!
More pictures next week! :D

Chii Hian commented that this float looks like it’s Maplestory-themed…hahaha! Even has got mushrooms!
 photo 20150207_192737_zpsp9i5ac9t.jpg
 photo 20150207_192747_zpslyziqx64.jpg

 photo 20150207_192318_zpsblqawjey.jpg

Vintage cars!

 photo 20150207_193340_zpsnviomd9f.jpg

A ride in my red hot car, anyone? xD

 photo 20150207_193114_zps5tcfk07j.jpg

With the car owner but a pity it’s super blur!!! :(

 photo 20150207_222515_zpsc2dfytxq.jpg

Glowing tree~

Super bored while waiting and waiting for our turn! And we were group number 20! -CRY!!!!-
 photo 20150207_194955_1_zps8cz8nrhh.jpg

Always the nosiest, but always most enthusiastic and in-the-mood group! ((:
 photo 20150207_194414_zpshbpy7kz1.jpg

The drummers are really, really cool by the way! And they never seem to get tired somehow!!! Super 佩服!
 photo 20150207_201511_zpsfpjiyufb.jpg

 photo IMG_20150207_234518_zps3pvm7jr2.jpg

Cookies from Sid! :3