Hunger Games!

Chillin‘ on a Monday again after a second visit to the EXPO food fair!
 photo 20151123_214923_zpsqz8rc3bq.jpg

 photo 20151123_215217_zps1fnjet2i.jpg

Mushroom craze <3

I think I have a very low tolerance for ‘ai mai ai mai‘/婆婆妈妈 people because I’m the kind that I wanna eat means I wanna eat, I don’t wanna eat means I don’t wanna~ I wouldn’t be like, “I wanna eat but … *think of 893749723 reasons not to*” -_- And most of the time the reasons are greatly affected by others (e.g. no one’s eating). I like people who are in control of their own lives, in short.

 photo 20151125_134839_zpsurr6tjnv.jpg

梅菜 for lunch! Love it!

 photo 20151125_203201_zps4eegw0rw.jpg

菜脯蛋 for dinner! Love it too!

 photo 20151125_203314_zpslvoelej7.jpg

The satisfying dinner! :D
The salted egg yolk pumpkin is yummy!!!

Rushed off to catch The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2!

To be honest, I’ve only caught the very first Hunger Games movie and I missed all the rest, then now I’m watching the last! Hahaha! Forgot a lot of stuff by now but still able to enjoy the excitement of the movie (:

Perhaps I am not able to feel as much of the emotional part because I did not go through the middle “journey” with them, but makes me wanna catch all the prequels! The incentive would be a comfy sofa and a good snuggle…hehe!

 photo 20151126_001006_zpsg83enuoj.jpg

My new digital weighing scale from Santa! xD

Rewarded ourselves with a good lunch because it’s Frrrridayyyyyyyyy! But sadly, we all agreed that the expensive lunch wasn’t as filling as our $3 – $5 market lunch~ Haha! Which explains why this hungry ghost is spreading butter hungrily on my bread which I don’t want and she rejected initially, but still ate it in the end! :P
 photo 20151127_140902_zps53qlbj71.jpg

Finally checked out Workbench! :D It’s in AMK yet I had never been to it until I was tempted by a friend’s Instagram photo…hahaha! How to resist such yummy-looking lava cake?!
 photo 20151127_194909_zpsbebqacbm.jpg

Super flowy chocolate lava with caramel biscuit ice-cream <3 Awesome!!!
 photo 20151127_195058_zpsl1thxdnf.jpg

Enjoying the night view at high up! (:
 photo 20151127_205401_zps0tgbl2ch.jpg

Nostalgic place with silly memories…hehe! Remember I stood there for a really long time, refusing to talk~
 photo 20151127_205313_zpskp8n9ia8.jpg

Happy and fulfilling Saturdate with lots of good food and then lots of good wine :P Was so hungry and wanted to be the first customer of O’bean, but who knows they were not ready for business yet! They actually stated that they open at 10am and yes, they are open, but there will only be food from 11am onward…Zzzzzz.

Tutu kueh to chiam si tong first~ So happy whenever I see pasar malam!!! :D So much 椰 some more!
 photo 20151128_111109_zpsx8bdr6gs.jpg

Finally back to O’bean for the first meal of the day and I was confident that I could finish everything this time because I was so famished! Hungry since the previous day’s not-so-full lunch x.x
 photo 20151128_114102_zpsv8ne3nu9.jpg

 photo 20151128_114125_zpskka51qed.jpg

酸辣 “pork ribs”!

 photo 20151128_114119_zpsca8w9iqy.jpg

Braised platter!

 photo 20151128_114112_zpskvqozsgz.jpg

Egg with sausage porridge!
Surprisingly nice!!!

 photo 20151128_114108_zpsadzaq9n8.jpg

My 酸辣 noodle for the very-hungry tummy!

Indeed finished everything! Hehe! But so so so full after the sumptuous meal (:
Time for some shopping to digest! Went for some wine warehouse sales and left with a carton! I only got 2 bottles; wouldn’t mind getting more if I have got space to store! I need a wine cellar at home…hahaha!

More shopping at Chinatown Point and I ended up with 1 more bottle from Wine Connection! OMG~ Indeed a wine shopping day. But I got attracted only because of the name, and it turned out to be pretty nice!!! Gonna go back to get another :P
 photo 20151128_223248_zpsghut0b7k.jpg

 photo 20151128_154254_zpskzy1er2y.jpg

Délifrance peach tartttt <3

 photo 20151128_162330_zpsnuprj3x3.jpg

Lychee Rose ice-cream from Seriously ice-cream xD

Somehow the time passed really fast and it was soon the end of Saturdate~ Off for a meeting cum my virgin visit to Queen’s new house! It’s been some time since I last met the Na-sisters and they made me feel so welcomed ❤_❤

Na-sister: Vivian, what do you wanna drink?

Shrine: Why nobody asked me that?

Na-sister: You can only eat a grain of rice later.

(At dinner)

Na-sister: *served me some food* This is only for Vivian, not for you.

Shrine: . . .

Hahahahaha!!! Seems like Shrine has made enemies everywhere~

Was supposed to discuss the major details of the big day but I was down with a terrible headache. Couldn’t think properly but thankfully the meeting still went on and we managed to discuss pretty much everything that we wanted to. Had fun digging through the childhood photos of the 5 Na-sisters too! xD

Had some wine and ta-duh~! My headache was gone! Told you I am born to be alcoholic. Just like Shrine is born to be a comedian.

 photo 20151128_234719_zps4krjiycs.jpg

Hiding his double chin.

 photo 20151128_234740_zpswuegs80j.jpg

But I caught him with triple. LOL.

Off to Wonderland now!!! :D

Back To School! :D

Monday at Timbre again! Same Timbre, same band, same pizza! :D It was to “celebrate” our Mahjong loss by pooling the fund together for a meal! Yes, that was the “good cause” that I mentioned ._. Very optimistic good cause…hahaha!
 photo 20151116_200305_zpsm3jka1pr.jpg

 photo 20151116_200248_zpselxoacpo.jpg

Mixed berries, lime & apple cider again!

 photo IMG-20151119-WA0000_zpsbgl0yrwy.jpg

Portobello Mushroom <3

Requested for the mushroom pizza to be “wetter” this time because it was kinda overcooked the previous time, and this time it tasted great! Strong fragrance of truffle oil (:
 photo 20151116_200141_zpsebv7pwlw.jpg

Ordered like a boss and thought we still could order a lot more but after adding a pasta, we were left with not much from the fund! Hahaha! Guess we really 把钞票看得太大了~

Requested for some songs from a week ago and the band was surprised by the song dedication because the female lead mentioned something about she likes to sing 想你的夜 and I purposely chose that…hahaha! Even sabotaged a fake birthday girl xD
 photo 20151116_204917_zps0wmywflq.jpg

 photo 20151117_234101_zpsyskrfyoz.jpg

Gifts from Malacca! :D

And more gifts from Malacca~!!! Macarons and Mille Crepe cakes, all my favourite! Hehe!
 photo 20151117_090610_zps8etabebh.jpg
 photo 20151117_090621_zpshjvymj0q.jpg

 photo 20151117_090556_zpswwxzvimk.jpg

Rum & Raisin flavour some more, double like!

 photo 20151118_171606_zpsza70ft3s.jpg

Red wine from alcoholic client while editing! Haha!

Patronised the same place for the third time but it seemed like each time it’s a different cafe! Haha! Got a good deal with the 50% off cakes! :D
 photo 20151119_205902_zpsuz8jspi3.jpg

 photo 20151119_205746_zpsyob3h3cf.jpg

Chocolate Truffle
Thick and good! YUMS!

 photo 20151119_205805_zpsqdsljlxl.jpg

Not enough alcohol :P

 photo 20151119_210242_zpsfx6aoivr.jpg

Thick and nice mushroom soup!

 photo 20151119_210704_zpsrzig66mp.jpg

Portobello mushrooms again!

But these caused a major ‘debate‘ which eventually led to a long-lost HTHT~
 photo 20151119_210727_zpsjg1qzawl.jpg

Although the conversation has more of a negative impact, I’m still positive and glad that it happened because at least I got to hear the 心声, like literally. It also makes me cherish and be even more appreciative for all the sacrifices.

But in conclusion, I still think it’s true that when you truly love someone, you will want the person to be happy, even if it’s not with you. As in I wouldn’t really wanna see someone I love suffering or not being happy when being with me, that’s kinda torturous for both. So I would rather see him being happy with someone else than to be unhappy 原地不动。The least everyone deserves in life is pure happiness, that’s what I believe. Hmmmm.

Went for Hot Stretch class again and I must say that I am starting to love it! But I used up all my energy and didn’t have much left to hold my bridge, so it collapsed pretty soon…hahaha! Supposed to head to town after class but my slipper snapped halfway!!!
 photo IMG-20151120-WA0021_zpsafqa4kfq.jpg

Mad embarrassing because it happened in the midst of changing train at Raffles Place and I was rushing to the opposite platform to catch the train, but my slipper flew off and I missed the train! Guess everyone saw it and were laughing at me for not catching the train…CRY!!!

Limped my way over for the next train and I didn’t know how I was gonna board the train -.- Could only use my toes to “kiap” the slipper across the platform gap and it definitely looked awkward….Zzzzz. In the end, I decided to be very 潇洒, took off the spoiled slipper and alighted with 1 foot bared!

Wanted to wait for buddy and Gui, who were in town, to help me get new slippers, but eventually I walked with the bare foot up to the control station in town, IN TOWN, I emphasised, and managed to find a pair of slippers shortly after I tapped out. Finally ended my embarrassing night >.>

The shops were closing by then and the guys were desperately looking for a dining place because they were famished~ Recommended them to Chir Chir Chicken because Limin highly-raved about it! Haha!
 photo IMG-20151120-WA0023_zpsnfzfn7l0.jpg

Started the Saturdate with a slice of Nutella Mille Crepe! :D
 photo 20151121_101528_zpswumoun21.jpg

Followed by a nostalgic journey back to school!!! I was so excited to go back partly because of the food, and also because I had missed this place so much! It’s been years since I last visited and I am so happy to be able to come back again ((((:

I’ve always liked re-visiting an old place, walking through the paths I have taken before and sharing all the interesting memories of each corner :D

 photo 20151121_113149_zpsnml59e7w.jpg

The admin block with nice sandwich!

 photo 20151121_113308_zps400w1bcm.jpg

Convention Centre which I’ve only been to a few times for major events (:

 photo 20151121_112906_zpsqrmkpnga.jpg

The study area with occasional entrepreneurship bazaar~

 photo 20151121_113408_zpsamgrs8rr.jpg

The steep slope up to our block that we all hate…

The nostalgic Block 52! But so so so sad to see that the building is under renovation! :(
 photo 20151121_112353_zpsybiavmcf.jpg

 photo 20151121_104629_zpsn49fhbvk.jpg

FMS! (:

 photo 20151121_104812_zpseg08ppp5.jpg

Back to school!!! <3

Went up to explore but a pity the studios and suites where most of the memories are were out of bound, because there were no students at all on a Saturday! Unbelievable~ Would really love to re-visit the whole place to see what has changed and what not…


The signature corridor where we filmed at a few times!

 photo 20151121_105210_zps1wnky6dr.jpg

Top view of the canteen where I had been to for less than 5 times =/

Everywhere looks a little different except this little corner outside the lift, where we used to discuss projects at (:
 photo 20151121_105645_zpshu5cwc2p.jpg

 photo 20151121_105636_zpszmb1d0yj.jpg

The same painting is still there!

 photo 20151121_105816_zpsvxcq9972.jpg

Staff office where we rushed to submit assignments!

 photo 20151121_105826_zps6vsh14pr.jpg


 photo 20151121_110023_zpsbsvuhqwj.jpg

Proud Alumni of FMS :D

Off for lunch at Makan Place, which was only built in our final year~ But it’s the nearest eatery to our block, so it still held some memories for projects discussion and occasional lunch (:
 photo 20151121_112339_zpsi4qoul4f.jpg

Actually Makan Place was the main motive for the day’s visit, but sadly, what we wanted was not available after a long wait! :( It’s only available on weekdays so I doubt I will ever get to try it…booohoooooooo~

But looking on the bright side, despite the hiccups on the food, as well as disappointment of not being able to visit the rooms, I’m still glad to be back after at least 5-6 years! And I just chanced upon a post from back about the stuff I missed about school, so thank you for bringing back these memories ((:

Ending with a shot with Block 52 in the school-magazine-cover-girl-wannabe pose! LOL.
 photo 20151121_112440_zpsdfchpn1h.jpg

Off for my second Chingay practice and just when we are finally having a grip on the steps we learned the previous week, we were taught more challenging steps! This time round I could hardly catch because there were too many turnings involved and I am confused when to turn! OMG~

Doesn’t help that we have been transferred to the Happi group now (cannot wear Kimono…CRY!!!) and the steps are much more challenging than the Kimono group’s, which is more gentle and slow x.x

 photo 20151121_161727_zpsx1cnkiss.jpg

夜来香 cheng teng after practice!

And from west to east, to the food fair in EXPO! :D
 photo IMG-20151121-WA0003_zpshxsbh3bq.jpg

Didn’t buy much because I was still feeling full from lunch~ But the more I like to walk when I am full, so visited Robinsons fair after that too! Wanted to play bowling because I wanna see if it’s really the absence of my specs that affected my score, but too bad everywhere was full =/

Requested for a stroll by the beach instead and it was such a cooling night after the rain! Then settled down for an impromptu chilling session by the sea…hehe!

 photo 20151121_215109_zpsi73wnuzt.jpg

Miss my Midori Illusion!
So little places have it!

 photo 20151121_223451_zpsbd6mx1lw.jpg

Under the moonlight (:

Woke up early on Sunday for badminton session with le volunteers~ I was rather reluctant to go but Mr Mah specially bought the famous Haig Road market tutu kueh to lure me, and I agreed because there were only 3 people initially -_- Who knows the turnout rate suddenly became so many!

Started to regret going after I spent at least 20 minutes walking up and down, round and round, trying to find the damn back gate to enter the school! It didn’t help that even my GPS was bringing me the wrong way! Was really pissed off with myself and the sun and everything else because the sun was sooooo hot and I was sweating like crazy and it felt like I have had my exercise already -.-”

It was a total waste of my sleep time and at that point of time, I really regretted going and wanted to just go home instead! Zzzzz. In the end, I had to make such a bigggg round just to finally reach the gate! Guess everyone could feel my aura (which I hardly showed to them) and tried to cool me down~

Left with less than 1 hour to play but I kinda fully-utilised it. Still, I’m not gonna go back to that school anymore because I’m angry with its stupid gate location :@

 photo IMG-20151122-WA0006_zps9fpickf8.jpg

When 3 become 11~

Everyone tried to 灭 my aura by even suggesting to eat in AMK…hahaha! And because of this, I finally get to try the famous Soi 19 wanton mee!!!
 photo 20151122_142129_zpsihztfcsk.jpg

The queue moved quite fast and ta-duh~! Here’s my Bangkok style wanton mee!
 photo 20151122_143634_zps95mocubu.jpg

 photo 20151122_143556_zpsviqz68li.jpg

Not bad, for one who is not a fan of wanton mee (:

 photo 20151122_144219_zpsldibk99k.jpg

Dim sums to share!

Christmas Mood!

Chillin‘ out on the Monday that felt like a Friday because it’s public holiday eve! :D Usually I don’t look forward to public holiday, but this time round I was~ Hehe.
 photo 20151109_211005_zpsillaycrz.jpg

The same nice and unique drink + Apple Ciders Honey <3
 photo 20151109_205837_zpszsakjyzr.jpg

 photo 20151109_210931_zpstg2neyhe.jpg

Mushroom pizzaaaaaaa!

 photo 20151109_211017_zpsddk6kvmg.jpg

A little too dry though =/

 photo 20151109_205223_zpspbjvtv2r.jpg

Live band singing all the songs I dedicated! :D

Current favourite song! ((((:

Deepavali brunch! Finally tried my Tom Yum hotpot!!!
 photo 20151110_114357_zpsifoxrf8q.jpg

Brewing in progress~ But maybe it’s a bad idea to have that in the morning; had stomachache during Mahjong session later on x.x
 photo 20151110_114853_zpsh9lqqsea.jpg

Lost another hefty sum again and though it’s not the most, it’s pretty close to the other time~ But at least the fund is for a “good cause” this time round…hahahaha! Still, ouchhh!

 photo 20151110_195418_zpsxliowykw.jpg

Trying out Double Scoop! (((:
Very strong Ferrero flavour…YUMS!!!

Miss the privilege of escaping from the train crowd~ Managed to reach office more than 30 minutes earlier and lucky me, a parcel delivery was waiting for me upstairs when I reached! Hehe!
 photo 20151111_093108_zpsxjhy08uj.jpg

 photo 20151112_141146_zpsworowfr6.jpg

Sinful lunch :P

 photo 20151112_175508_zps1ktcwrcy.jpg

The nostalgic 眼镜糖!

 photo 20151113_135033_zpsyy749mrn.jpg


Met up with Kai Bin and gang at Cedele! After giving away my toasts and avocado (because I don’t like them), I was only left with eggs and salmon T.T
 photo 20151112_201931_zpsinpjuboi.jpg

 photo 20151112_205114_zpsvywfi4ib.jpg

The self-proclaimed “complimentary” cakes =X

 photo 20151112_205035_zpsifvpqezt.jpg

Eggless truffle! Probably my favourite at Cedele!

 photo 20151112_205012_zpsx8iynd4x.jpg

Sea-salt Caramel cake was way too sweet for my liking~

Came up with the idea of playing “Who is the first to make the cake fall” and cake-eating became extra fun somehow! But also stressful…LOL.

 photo 20151112_201644_zpsebtso9w0.jpg

My first dream-catcher from Shuning! :D

 photo 20151112_204351_zpscyuckbyd.jpg

Even Abby brought random goodie bags for us with nice snacks inside! Hehe! So cute~

We wanted to take photos with pretty Christmas trees but they were all not ready yet. Found one that was still under construction outside Robinsons and we just made do with it! xD
 photo 20151112_222347_zpsrc997op5.jpg

 photo 20151112_222338_zpso9ce8fql.jpg

It’s a mushroom treeeee~!

As you can see, we had a really hard time taking a wefie without a selfie stick! Our 6 big faces covered a large part of the Christmas tree most of the time and it’s like every time one of our faces will be cut off! LOL.
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0059_zps0xhnfwib.jpg
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0058_zpsw9o9x2nq.jpg
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0055_zps2oxbhumc.jpg
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0052_zpsjrtyeuoh.jpg

Managed to squeeze 6 heads in but can’t see much of the tree! xD
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0048_zpskpztzpva.jpg
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0050_zpsdhmhl58v.jpg

We really tried and tried all sorts of angles, tried different arm lengths, different distance and etc! Hahaha! Trying very hard for a good shot~
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0044_zpsdf4pna4p.jpg
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0041_zps0hvcslrd.jpg
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0038_zpsbtmfohu1.jpg
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0031_zps53vma9t2.jpg
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0027_zpsfnchhnoa.jpg
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0026_zpsik89zbei.jpg

 photo IMG-20151113-WA0037_zpsqawa0lco.jpg

Candid nostril shot.

 photo IMG-20151113-WA0036_zpsull4cdqn.jpg

After some of them gave up…LOL

 photo IMG-20151113-WA0035_zpsro3ja7f9.jpg

Shuning photobombed and blocked Abby!

 photo IMG-20151113-WA0033_zps8qx0cmhb.jpg

鬼脸 shot~

 photo IMG-20151113-WA0047_zpsls4rxgmy.jpg

Selfie is easier! :P

 photo IMG-20151113-WA0010_zpsowhkjzti.jpg

With Abby!

 photo IMG-20151113-WA0008_zpsitabfdyv.jpg

With Chii Hian!

And finally, we found a good angle that can capture our 6 heads + the beautiful Christmas tree! :D
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0025_zps8rgs2bac.jpg
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0016_zps6vgk65wn.jpg
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0020_zpsetyrb6yx.jpg

Friday night was spent enjoying a shiok shiok Hot Stretch class and I am getting closing to being able to do a split now :D Hopefully I can really do it like how I managed to do bridge now~

Started Saturday morning with a bowling session! Did terribly though D:
 photo 20151114_104232_zpsb8xblrqt.jpg

Improved for the second game but still not as good as last week when I played with Isaac! Maybe it’s the morale running low, or maybe it’s the lane~ Or maybe it’s really because I wasn’t wearing my specs this time! xD
 photo 20151114_111752_zpsxc8nyg72.jpg.

Very bad score for the third game too x.x
But at least I enjoyed it! Hahaha! Don’t wanna make it into something stressful that I wouldn’t enjoy anymore~

 photo 20151114_122202_zpsmabzuuw3.jpg

Mango & Durian crepes! :D

 photo 20151114_130839_zpscpbyzx4s.jpg

Super shiokkkk Tom Yum mee sua!!!! <3

 photo 20151114_154256_zpskqqv4uhj.jpg

That occasional tau huey crave~

Back to MINDS after another long hiatus due to the haze project cancellations + renovation~ Though I only made it for the second half of the project, it’s still good seeing everyone again! Residents and volunteers! (:

Mr Mah banned me from his car but ta-duh~! Another “chauffeur” happened to come by and we just hopped on without asking! LOL!
 photo 20151114_185835_zpsrzpghi0p.jpg

And Janelle bought tutu kuehs for us!!! :D
 photo 20151114_192021_zpsesob5mv5.jpg

Off for the Triple-D session with the nurses and Clique and it was bride-to-be – Germain’s idea to “relive” our younger days before she gets married~ But somehow I think as we grow older, we naturally grow out of that “chiongster mode” and we just aren’t as crazy anymore..haha!

They order 2 towers of beer for the night and a bottle of Chivas because I am not a beer person. But I am also not a hard liquor person, just that I prefer that to beer. Still prefer my sweet fruity cocktail or wine though!
 photo 20151114_213425_zpsuqf3zdgb.jpg

And speaking of that just reminds me of my heartbreak~ Cause I actually brought 2 bottles of Moscato from home, since Germain said they allow that initially, and I carried it along with my to MINDS and throughout the night…

But upon meeting Shrine, Gui and Queen, Germain informed that I won’t be able to drink my wine there. So I was complaining to Shrine about how heavy the bottles are and he offered to give me a hand. But within 5 minutes after I passed him, my wine were gone forever x.x

Not that he drank them all, but he did a really stupid stunt that caused the bottles to be offered to 土地公~ We were crossing the road and he was telling me how good my bottles are as self-defence because if someone attacks, I could just … and before I could help him finish his line, I saw my cooler bag containing the 2 bottles flying across the road.

I swear we were all in shock when that happened and I watched my bottles fly right in front of my eyes and landed on the ground! I could only shout Shrine’s name because I couldn’t believe he actually really swing my cooler bag just to demo how I can use it as a self-defence weapon!!!

Everyone laughed at his stupid stunt (I didn’t know to laugh or to cry) and he also realised how stupid it is eventually. Because who on earth would swing such a heavy bag and not think of the possibility of the handle snapping off, which was exactly what happened!



I was in shock yet feeling so so so 心痛 for my wine, and 1 of them was purchased from Nadine! I had been looking forward to try it because the girls raved about it and I just didn’t have the right occasion to try it yet. Thought tonight will be but T.T

Shrine was feeling damn bad throughout the night obviously, but I wasn’t angry, and I can’t be because he was doing me a favour by helping me carry~ So I tried to explain that I was just really looking forward to try the bottle but it’s all gone now before I could even take a picture, and I felt it’s damn wasted! But somehow the more I explained, he just felt more guilty, which wasn’t my intention! LOL.

Sigh~ The scene of my cooler bag flying right in front of my eyes just kept playing in my mind after that… Really feel so 心痛 and wasted!!! But anyhow, still gotta enjoy the night since it’s been really long since all of us gathered~
 photo 20151115_004456_zpss1x2gyt1.jpg

Did not drink much though, only drank the most when we played our signature Death Circle and Si Kai set the stupid rule of “every time any guy gotta drink, the girls will drink instead“…Zzzzzz. Really kept drinking after the rule was set and no doubt we also kanna the ‘Death Circle glass‘ eventually. But thank goodness we used our 美人计 to get some random guys to help us drink up that disgusting glass of Chivas on the rock -.-”

Nobody really got drunk at the end of the night, which is kinda rare, except that Alice was slightly crazy after Germain’s brother kept disturbing her with the drinks…haha! Spent more time singing and enjoying songs instead; guess this age is more of chilling out than chiong-ing~ Nevertheless, it’s a nostalgic night, especially thinking back on our crazy days! 我们的少年时代!xD

 photo 20151115_231530_zpsim4xtros.jpg

One more added to my Brownies collection – Brown in bee suit! :D

 photo 20151115_145614_zpseywmmjxt.jpg

For Paris.

Spent the Sunday accompanying buddy and Shrine for shopping in town, because the latter wanted to get shoes and we shopped from ION to 313~ The 2 guys left me waiting in the middle of Robinsons while they shopped and suddenly I understood how guys felt when waiting for their girlfriends to shop -_-”

 photo 20151115_200754_zpsgynkbmde.jpg

$4 each sushi

 photo 20151115_204526_zpshpxzhsru.jpg

Christmas display outside Gateway!

 photo 20151115_204547_zpsgjffx8bx.jpg

Looks much prettier after the colour changed (:

 photo 20151115_211336_zps7fmagqen.jpg

Giant tutu kueh!

 photo 20151115_210221_zps6mrxfg01.jpg

My only motivation to go to town – Lady M!!!

Thank you Shrine for satisfying my craving because he still felt bad over the bottles xD
 photo 20151115_210402_zpscpoeeagd.jpg

 photo 20151115_210428_zpsfo6ofys0.jpg

Layers of goodness! <3

Isaac’s Concert 2015!

After merely 3 hours of sleep after the late night Mahjong, I woke up to accompany my little prince for bowling! He has been jio-ing me to play with him since weeks ago but it’s always either the lanes were occupied for tournament, or I wasn’t free~ So this time round I have to fulfill his wish! (:
 photo 20151108_115450_zpskt1nmqix.jpg

 photo 20151108_115454_zpseerbybur.jpg

With his orange ball!

Bowling on his own after Vic guided him a few times~
 photo 20151108_103257_zpsdzgffigf.jpg
 photo 20151108_103258_zpsy6g3phlo.jpg

And we realised that he likes to do this pose whenever he watch his ball roll down the lane! Like a boss~ Hahaha!
 photo 20151108_103304_zps5il45l2i.jpg
 photo 20151108_104035_zpsafmbzckg.jpg
 photo 20151108_103942_zps2olhgjbz.jpg

Wanted to take selfie with him but I forgot to zoom out -.- (My front camera is spoiled, that’s why I can only use the back camera :( )
 photo 20151108_103755_zpspcuyr2hy.jpg

By then he has lost his patience for another takes~
 photo 20151108_103830_zpstafpk7pb.jpg
 photo 20151108_103831_zpsyjkgu76t.jpg

I won him for the first game and he wasn’t very happy…hahaha! Because he was winning initially until he started losing his patience again and anyhow played xD
 photo 20151108_110517_zpswrdywhmi.jpg

But he caught up again in the second game with the help of Vic! Haha! Happy boy again~
 photo 20151108_115413_zps59be6lnf.jpg

Sis: You got no strength to hold the ball yet leh… No muscle~

Isaac: But I am good (in bowling)! *proud*

And then he said to me, “Maybe you should use my orange ball, then you can be good like me” xDDDD

It was a busy Sunday because the bee had to fly back to AMK to meet the president aka Shi Min, who asked for a rare meetup! It’s so rare that I just had to rush back no matter what and then rush off again for Isaac’s concert~ Short but good catch-up session discussing about human’s sensitivity…hmmmmm.

Off to attend my loveboy’s concert and of course Yiyi’s gonna show support this year as well! :D How can I miss my cheeky boy’s performance (:
 photo 20151108_180101_zpszdibala4.jpg
 photo 20151108_175736_zpsimnsupk2.jpg

This year’s concert was held at a proper auditorium in a civil service club, so there is proper stage and all~ Even met an old NDP-mate whom I had not met for so long! She happened to be the niece of Isaac’s teacher and was helping out at the reception :D

Isaac is PG2 this year so he performed 3 items! Or 4, to be exact~
 photo 20151108_183706_zpsulzkxmxy.jpg

Took the higher row on my own because I wanted to catch the full view and not get blocked by the props, whereas my super-excited Sis was determined to have the first row, of course…hahaha! The concert started off with the graduation ceremony, and that’s Isaac’s crush from last year! Apparently, he has new target now >.>
 photo 20151108_181223_zpstejaze2b.jpg

Then the graduating batch put up a performance of Miley Cyrus’s The Climb and I was surprised because this isn’t really a kiddy song!
 photo 20151108_181714_zpsvzulyfwy.jpg

But they 笑场 shortly after and the whole concert was pretty funny because of all these bloopers xD
 photo 20151108_181801_zpsx98xta2h.jpg

They ended up shouting into the mic because I think they remembered their teachers saying, “Sing loudly“, and they sang really louddddddd~ LOL.

 photo 20151108_182150_zpslndrmn2g.jpg

The little emcees! :D

 photo 20151108_182332_zpsxqzzghvi.jpg

Mr Sun by the youngest group!

Cho~ cute one!!!
 photo 20151108_182403_zpsudbwzddp.jpg
 photo 20151108_182408_zpskijacntr.jpg
 photo 20151108_182532_zpssxvd8fop.jpg

Time for our sunshine to make his appearance! :D
 photo 20151108_183017_zpsoe71zl4v.jpg
 photo 20151108_183019_zps3gnl2lm1.jpg

He didn’t seem nervous and was still posing for Sis! Too bad I was sitting a few rows behind so he didn’t spot me from the stage~
 photo 20151108_182650_zpswetklamy.jpg

Performing I’m Gonna Catch You!
 photo 20151108_182753_zps66lcyhpp.jpg
 photo 20151108_182755_zpsy1dyz51h.jpg
 photo 20151108_182709_zpsam4eplur.jpg

He wasn’t making funny faces, the expression was part of the song…haha!
 photo 20151108_182847_zpstsxfgque.jpg
 photo 20151108_182937_zpszodsmq0t.jpg
 photo 20151108_182904_zpska6la10z.jpg

Looking shy after the performance xD
 photo 20151108_183017_zpsoe71zl4v.jpg
 photo 20151108_183019_zps3gnl2lm1.jpg

He looks like he was really enjoying this performance! :D

Then the hip-hoppers!
 photo 20151108_183321_zpswknu9gie.jpg
 photo 20151108_183410_zpse0nicztu.jpg

Followed by an Indian dance by the K2 again!
 photo 20151108_183814_zps6ewrf7jw.jpg
 photo 20151108_183954_zpsd21zqh0d.jpg

Quite entertaining! And it featured both of Isaac’s crushes from last year…hahaha! (Yes, Isaac likes 姐姐s)

Then it was Isaac’s turn to perform again! Geared up in ducky costumes for 丑小鸭~
 photo 20151108_185043_zpshehtxqry.jpg

And here comes the ugly duckling!
Yes! Isaac was the “main lead” so he made a later appearance than the rest…hahahaha!
 photo 20151108_185108_zpsh8mmw4hr.jpg

It’s really funny because Sis was so excited when the teacher called to say that they have changed Isaac to be the main lead because he can dance very well and has volunteered to take on the responsibility of being the main lead… But in the end Isaac told us it’s because he’s too fat to fit the yellow ducklings’ costumes! LOL!!! Kids are just so honestly hilarious xD
 photo 20151108_185402_zpsgdiujvyh.jpg

But at least he was a happy duckling! :D
 photo 20151108_185221_zpsftkn2fpo.jpg
 photo 20151108_185452_zpsfmy6exr1.jpg
 photo 20151108_185457_zpskbwnwolo.jpg
 photo 20151108_185519_zpsmeln48c9.jpg

He was kinda distracted by then so he didn’t do all the actions, but still cute, my fat duckling! <3 (The fat duckling wanted to try dancing like a swan at the end…LOL!)

A continuous performance of 两只老虎~ If you hear the crying in the video, it’s because there was this Indian girl who cried during every of her performance ._.

The K1 performing 小水壶, which explains why they are posing like a spout~
 photo 20151108_190010_zps56me38a3.jpg
 photo 20151108_190127_zpsayuoskqj.jpg

And then they turned into little army for my brother’s favourite childhood song – 只要我长大!
 photo 20151108_190143_zpsdmrjw8b6.jpg

Isaac’s crushes performing 老师早, in the shouting way again xDDDD
 photo 20151108_190740_zpshejrkrsv.jpg
 photo 20151108_190807_zpsrbkeggl6.jpg

The cute little bees!!! Okay, they were actually performing as some bugs but I choose to believe they are bees~ So cute!!!
 photo 20151108_191134_zps1w1ydylp.jpg

Isaac’s last performance was a long one, and he was acting as a little dog! :D
 photo 20151108_191524_zpsnlkb7yji.jpg
 photo 20151108_191539_zpsxudpc5q9.jpg

The teacher gotta keep coming out to help them because the kids were all getting distracted by then…hahaha!
 photo 20151108_191819_zps9mlfbnjg.jpg

The kids are supposed to take turns to make the sound of the animal they are representing and it was a long way before it was Isaac’s turn, so the boy got distracted again and started his cheeky acts~
 photo 20151108_191838_zps7vob8b7d.jpg

The teacher gotta hold him back because he kept running to the mic to say his funny stuff like, “Gotcha!“, which I believe he learned from the end of the first song – I’m Gonna Catch You -_-”
 photo 20151108_192046_zpscbmrhs0b.jpg
 photo 20151108_192104_zpsghflqwa2.jpg

Finally his turn to woof!
 photo 20151108_191938_zpsscee5340.jpg

Although the whole performance felt like a rehearsal because the kids were distracted and the teacher was having a hard time controlling them, I think Isaac sang the clearest amongst the other animals during his turn! :D

Didn’t take many photos after that because my phone was running out of memory~ This was a performance by the Chinese Speech & Drama group and these two look like a little couple xD
 photo 20151108_193150_zpsoj6rjips.jpg

Last but not least, a skit put up by Isaac’s sweethearts again, with his no.1 crush as the narrator…
 photo 20151108_193518_zpstgtb5n2v.jpg

And his no.2 crush as Little Red Riding Hood!
 photo 20151108_193702_zpsec7o1oxa.jpg
 photo 20151108_193743_zpsmy0huoge.jpg
 photo 20151108_194027_zpskdk81yfu.jpg

Overall I think even though this ain’t the most professional concert I’ve watched, in fact it’s full of NGs; teachers were roped in at last minute; it felt like a rehearsal at times, it was still a very entertaining one! This is a stage for the kids to enjoy themselves and have the excuse to be hyperactive, and I could tell that they were all happily doing so! (Okay, except the one crying~) Yea so I think that’s more important for this concert than to be expecting a “professional” or no mistake one (:

Proud of my mischievous baby nephew of course! I remember just last year, he was still crying badly before the rehearsal and holding on to me, refusing to let me go out of the room~ But this year he did not cry at all and was seen happily dancing away! Big brave boy now! Hehe! :D

 photo 20151108_210027_zpslxtrkk8p.jpg

The very rare and precious Sundate ((((((:


Finally crossed the border again to stock up my necessities! Went in late this time round and surprisingly, there was no traffic jam nor human jam! Managed to get most of the stuff I want and conquered the whole KSL~

 photo 20151101_183916_zpsyhqrij8c.jpg

Booby cushion, anyone? :-1

Actually I was kinda surprised that we finished the mall so soon this time! But we spent some time waiting for food, buying this and that back so in the end it was still like 10pm by the time we left…haha!

 photo IMG-20151102-WA0001_zpsnd8buadv.jpg

The don’t-wanna-selfie day

Didn’t feel like I’ve bought a lot but I still ended up with 大包小包 again! x.x
 photo IMG-20151102-WA0002_zpsr9peqybl.jpg

Met up with Mr Owwwww and had a short catch-up session over at Brewerkz! We gave him a treat as well for his upcoming birthday and even though he doesn’t need us to treat, it’s a 饮水思源 kind of 心意~ After all, he used to treat us very often when we were still schooling or just started working (:

Finally tried the highly-raved Honey Butter Chip from Korea! Thanks to Nad Nad for the delivery! It’s apparently always sold out in Korea or something~ Not like the best chip ever but I like it for its unique taste; sweet and buttery smell (:
 photo 20151102_233854_zpsz9wuri1x.jpg

Souvenir from an old primary schoolmate! Touched by his kind gesture for even remembering me! (‘:
 photo 20151102_233714_zpssbz7nu7l.jpg

K-session on Tuesday and we smuggled in a yummy chocolate mousse cake! Hehe!
 photo 20151103_203751_zpsqnkwla5l.jpg

So chocolatey and nice!!! <3
 photo 20151103_203820_zpssqgignnn.jpg

Didn’t have such a good mid-week and wasted a night roaming because of some very stupid stuff~ Dislike!!! Went for Hot Fusion class for the first time and I didn’t know what to be expecting. But now I know – aching thighs @.@

 photo 20151105_183916_zpsuihb8zlr.jpg

Tutu kueh delivery!
吃了 tutu, 嘴就不嘟嘟 (((:

Night cycling with Trinity to clear my mind and even though I was the one who suggested, I started complaining that I’m tired after like just 200m? Cause I started feeling the aches from the previous day’s yoga class on my thighs!!!

So throughout the night I complained that I’m tired for like 12937802373 times and kept stopping every now and then in the middle of the pavement to take breaks… Seriously shagged out!

Me: *cycling halfway* I’m tireddd………….

Gui: Just keep going~

Me: But I’m tireddddddd…… I’m going to stop. *brake immediately and rest in the middle of pavement*

Gui: What?! -_____-||| You seriously nonsense leh! *got no choice but to stop with me*


The guys kept bluffing motivating me that there’s a resting point in front and so on to keep me going, but every single slope, no matter how gentle, is killing me! In the end, we finally reached the fitness corner where we took a long break and I started doing my yoga stuff…hahaha!
 photo IMG-20151106-WA0013_zpshi55bpcu.jpg

Continued on our journey and it was another tiring route with multiple stops before we finally reached Mac~ Tried their lemon tart! Like the filling but the crust can be better =/
 photo 20151106_223742_zpsjbokkqzp.jpg

Masking time~! Finally followed the trend of weirdo mask…hahaha! Mask all the way from Japan! It’s damn ugly though xD
 photo 20151107_003045_zps4jlmvtki.jpg

Re-visited a place with much bad memories and fear… Or maybe it isn’t fear but more of discomfort. Just a place that I didn’t feel at ease and makes me really paranoid. Like there are eyes everywhere kind of feeling.

Resumed the Saturday with a VIP and we went Pasir Ris Park for a stroll! A pity I had to leave for my practice, so it was a short time together :( But a precious and happy one! <3

Off for my very first Chingay  practice and it was an important one to me because I was given this chance to be there. I almost couldn’t be part of the performance this time round because we submitted the application late, and they were full by then! Thank goodness Mickey-san actually called the in-charge, who is his friend, all the way from Japan and helped us put up a few good words so we managed to get in!

Super touched by his kind gesture because although I have known him for many years now (since my first Chingay), we haven’t been that close to the extent that we will meet up for tea or anything. It’s only our annual meet-up at Chingay and occasional chats on Facebook. Yet he went that extra miles just to help me, after knowing my disappointment and he said he just doesn’t want me to be sad! Really really touched and blessed with a friend cum 救星 like this (((((:

This year I have so many who are interested to join with me, so we managed to form our own group with 12 people! People from everywhere – NDP, friend, friend’s friends and friend’s sibling! Haha! Hopefully they will enjoy the culture as much as me!

Speaking of culture, this year’s dance is a bit more cultural than past years, in my opinion. It’s kinda like 民族舞 and I’m not so used to it! The steps are not that difficult but the music is really fast this year, so still struggling a bit and having tangled legs~ Fun nevertheless! :D

Mahjong session again till 3am! *zone out mode* I was winning after the first round, but lost and donated some fund again in the end~ This is really bad for the wallet in the long run x.x


Pine Garden cakes again!