Starting the day with my Korean banana milk again!
 photo IMG_20150420_091431_zps5e4ywlla.jpg

But this time round it’s the light version (:
Trying it for the first time, thanks to Chii Hian again, but I still prefer the normal one! Hehe.
 photo 20150420_090355_zpsgwj1fdea.jpg

More gifts from Korea & China! Thank you Chii Hian and Kai Bin <3
 photo 20150420_225846-1_zpsf7da2kwi.jpg

 photo 20150421_203218_zps7fxuixyx.jpg

Operated on the one I hug every night </3

It was supposedly the last week for my round’s re-edit, so Miss AP can finally kiao kah and happily eat her ice-cream on my comfy sofa! :P (Switched to the bigger suite because my cozy suite’s air-con is not working~)
 photo 20150421_152628_zpsheyq1tvj.jpg

 photo 20150420_160309_zps99hnryjz.jpg

My companion at the bigger suite.

Director’s treat on the last day~! I was so surprised when he invited me for dinner last week and I even told him that he’s the first director to treat me! Haha! So honoured, even though it’s his habit of treating the crews after wrapping a project ((:
 photo 20150421_170705_zpsgzmda9kg.jpg

The glutton AP ordered so much food to try even though they just had lunch 2 hours ago! We went for an extra early dinner because we had nothing to do while exporting…haha! Thank goodness I did not have my lunch!
 photo 20150421_170049_zpsvowxqqqc.jpg
 photo 20150421_170145_zpscz2rpqtj.jpg
 photo 20150421_170252_zpskpimofby.jpg

With the cute director, who is also the EP of《阳光列车!》We had a debate over whether Han Wei looks better now or back in his 方老师 days~ I still prefer him now! :P
 photo IMG-20150421-WA0007_zpsiqkpuhso.jpg

Oh did I mention that the siao char boh is back in team ever since I was back from my trip?! So S.H.Y has finally reunited again and we would be having our first audition! More details to be revealed only if we passed the audition…HAHA!
 photo IMG-20150421-WA0008_zpsljt0q3b8.jpg

Occasional long lunch on the not-so-busy day~ Ice-cream crave satisfied! :D
 photo 20150422_145429_zps5xe3a5jo.jpg

Finally tried NamNam with PPGs! Not bad! Now I can understand why there’s always a queue~

Ah Chew Desserts after that with endless chat again! (:
 photo 20150423_224815_zpsjdp6ejcn.jpg

The same place but a different lunch! I think I have mentioned before that I am a fan of Quesadilla and I definitely did not expect to have it here! Super niceeeeee mushroom soup too! *Slurppppp!*
 photo 20150424_135905_zps0sjnbtem.jpg

Had a long rant and I guess it was an accumulative one that I have been 憋-ing in my 肚子, because I had no one to rant to. So the moment I had the chance to rant, they all came out all at once, like a volcano eruption!

Quite a chill week at work before our next new drama starts, but not so chill on my personal schedule~ Had so many meetings to attend; upcoming MINDS outing meeting, formations meeting T.T

 photo 20150422_205236_zpslisidc3f.jpg

Chilling out after meeting 1

 photo 20150424_222515_zpsdjyily4w.jpg

Chilling out after meeting 2

Didn’t expect that I would have time to catch Avengers but I did! Witty, funny, cool, handsome; I like it (:

Off for MINDS and the comm were teaching the residents the dance steps for the upcoming camp, so now I have another dance to learn! FAINT~ I hope I don’t get confused ._.

Late night cycling with buddy after hanging out with the volunteers and it was such a breeze cycling with my new bike! Yes! I’ve gotten a new bike as I wished for because buddy decided to grant my wish as a belated birthday gift! Hehe! He also got one for himself so that we can go on more frequent cycling sessions together now! :D
 photo 20150426_000625_zpsinrrezmi.jpg

 photo 20150426_124952_zpsn0wxlkew.jpg

Lunch before NDP; my long-missed (:

 photo 20150426_132838_zpsuas5rqjv.jpg

Dessert after that! Super FULL!

Reported early as usual to revise the dance steps and it’s the third week but I’m still not 100% familiar with the steps! Felt really, really stressful to dance in front of the trainers and it just felt worse than our usual audition, which has more people dancing together!

I wasn’t sure of the steps at some point and it doesn’t help that I was feeling so, so, so nervous with all the eyeballs on me. Carol 老师 came to talk to me after that followed by Steven 老师, and they both encouraged me to be more confident. I felt so damn like crying.

They said that I actually know the steps but just lack the confidence, but how am I supposed to feel confident in something that I am not confident in?! Argh. Then Steven 老师 added that at least he can see that I am trying very hard, unlike some others, and that made me wanna cry more T.T

I am touched by them always being so nice to me and the more I feel like I have disappoint them. Like I just can’t catch up with the others and not able to dance in my own world like they do. I will always be conscious of myself when I’m dancing and doubting myself with the steps!

I am someone who is always checking if there’s chilli stuck on my teeth, so there’s just no way I can not be conscious of what others’ thinking or whose eyes are watching :( That’s why I can never dance freely when I am in the “limelight“, knowing that the eyeballs are easily narrowed down at me and my mistakes.

So while everyone seems to be dying to be in the core group, I am dying to stay in the mass group because when I was dancing outside with the mass, I could do it! That’s why I didn’t even bother learning the core group dance with the rest because I know it will only confuse me further when I’m not even 100% confident with my current. And Steven 老师 finally understood why I said I don’t wanna be in the limelight because he saw my performance outside. It’s only when I’m with the rest then I can do my best.

I am starting to catch the dance more and just wanna keep dancing with the music! I was even surprised when 2 hours passed so soon and it was already dinner time! Thought I could practise more~ Hope I can still remember the steps next week as well! >.<

Reward after the continual dancing!
 photo IMG-20150426-WA0016_zps1fwqk462.jpg

I was supposed to be not hungry! But I ended up finishing the carrot cake x.x

PJJ’s Birthday!

I think I have advertised for the Korean banana milk so much that even though I still can’t get my lifetime sponsorship from Binggrae, my friends around me will always remember my share whenever they go to Korea!
 photo 20150416_091043_zpsg7cehyhn.jpg

The super bloated ramen lunch~ Regret having one bowl on my own! There’s so much MSG that I was feeling like a thirsty hippo the whole day…Zzzzzz.
 photo 20150417_130553_zps4tji7bdh.jpg

 photo 20150417_161235_zps3ixsldem.jpg

Director’s sweet treat! :D

Celebrated PJJ’s birthday at 12-storey high in the midst of their stairs training! They were training for the upcoming Mt. Kinabalu trip and we attacked with a surprise, all planned by the birthday girl’s sweet fiancé!
 photo 20150417_200002_zpsdv2nwdzc.jpg

 photo 20150417_195718_zpsi8ucya4u.jpg

Cake’s ready!

Camped there for a long time and the poor partners-in-crime had to climb so many rounds with the birthday girl before it was finally time for the surprise! Hahaha!

 photo 20150417_201738_zps9f6rosmo.jpg


 photo 20150417_202127_zpseseln2xt.jpg

Pretty nice view there! (:

And then finally, the moment came!
 photo 20150417_202755_zpsbjl6lptf.jpg

The most unglam birthday surprise ever! Hahahahaha!
 photo 20150417_202900_zpshk28o1vr.jpg

And maybe also the most failed one because PJJ appeared right in front of us without any notice and the birthday candle was not even lit! LOL. These were taken during take 2~
 photo 20150417_202908_zpsgoiizmpl.jpg

 photo 20150417_203110_zpsly3jf4tv.jpg

Happy Birthday Pauline Jie Jie! :D

 photo 20150417_203159_zpscmtyv53u.jpg

One of the many lovebirds in TH!

 photo IMG-20150418-WA0001_zpswnznkiy5.jpg

Back to stairs training! :P

Received a surprise Facebook message from Edmund (my no.1 blog stalker fan) the moment I got home, asking if I wanna join them to Chi Hwei’s house. I was definitely taken aback, since the last time I saw all these primary schoolmates was probably more than 2 years ago? And it’s super impromptu! Hahaha!

But I still decided to be spontaneous since it’s really a rare occasion that I’m invited and also it’s a Friday night~ Met up with Edmund first and he immediately started clarifying that he doesn’t hate me and etc, asking if I feel awkward…LOL. I wasn’t awkward since I don’t like to hold grudges; I get angry fast but I forget things very fast too, so I really wasn’t awkward until he asked and was so busy explaining himself xD

Joined the rest at Chi Hwei’s house and it was nice seeing all the old friends, especially Momo! We played “I have never” and thank goodness it wasn’t as sensitive or awkward as I thought…hahaha! We were all busy gossiping about old schoolmates after that and because we were so busy and enthusiastic about it, a conflict broke out which resulted in a sour end to the night…sigh~

Coincidentally, a conflict broke out after the birthday celebration earlier on too, so I witnessed like 2 conflicts in a day, and both on a happy occasion. But the conflict actually made me see the other side of these old friends – the less playful but mature side of them. Seeing how Chi Hwei actually “counselled” Edmund actually surprised me with how much he has matured and changed from the impulsive beng-ish boy in class to a really tolerant person today (:

And I don’t regret going because I really enjoyed and was happy seeing all the familiar faces! Just hope the matter can be resolved over time because it was a really, really silly argument…hahaha!

JB trip on the next day and it was an extra happy one for me, because it was a promise finally fulfilled, and that meant a lot to me. Ate so much and shopped so much! :D But could have bought more if Lyn did not suan that I have to go in to every shop…tsk.


许留山 but mangoes were wayyyyyy below usual standard! :(
Look how black they are!


Super yummy nacho cheese mash potato!
WHY SG KFC NO HAVE! #suckerfornachocheese

Then right after the dessert and mashed potato, we bought a crepe =X
It’s like everything we see we wanna eat!!! Hahaha! I should stop hanging out with glutton!

 photo IMG-20150419-WA0001_zpseutarrqq.jpg

Free cotton candy!!! Teeheeeeee~!

Shopped the whole Sutera Mall and someone spent 1-HOUR in the fitting room~ But happy that everyone bought something at the end of the day! :D Cause I will feel sad whenever I didn’t have any loots.


Finally it was dinner time!

 photo 20150418_203424_zps3tsjfwsq.jpg

One of the best Tom Yum soup I had!
Super duper nice!!!

 photo IMG-20150419-WA0008_zpsncvnmedz.jpg

Aren’t they cuteeeeee?!

 photo 20150419_000051_zps8plhbpjx.jpg

Chilling back in SG~

Had the second NDP practice and we already started discussing on formations~ Starting to feel the stress on top of the dance steps, but I am grateful for the guardian angel who at least saved me from hell days. I know there will always be someone watching over me, but as much as I am thankful for that, I also know that I will have to be on my own some day, or maybe from now onwards. Nevertheless, I will still try to be more of a help than burden to my attached group leader.
 photo IMG-20150419-WA0014_zpscm6xtre7.jpg
 photo IMG-20150419-WA0009_zpsabg6r7fd.jpg


Have been lagging behind for so many posts that I don’t know when I’m gonna have time to start on my Europe posts =/

Back to MINDS for the first time since I’m back and we had our annual bowling outing with the residents! Did not take many photos because as expected, my partner was nowhere to be found until close to dinner time, so I had to take charge~

It was freaking cold there and I was busy hopping around! But touched by the lil‘ 雪中送炭 hot Milo act! And touched by my sweet resident who gave me lots of love too!!! She drew for a few of us and she said she would remember my share because I am pretty…HAHAHAHAHA. So cute one!
 photo IMG_20150411_154751_zpsljvnslqp.jpg

 photo IMG-20150412-WA0001_zpszxskehr3.jpg

Everyone’s got a prize! (:

Went for my first NDP practice for the year too after missing the previous one~ But this year is kinda different from the previous years because of a different role. As much as I wanna stay as just a participant in my heart, the responsibilities are weighing on our shoulders that we can no longer be like before.
 photo 20150412_201624_zpsws1ndy11.jpg

The only advantage is that I get to skip the annual audition, which is the part I hate the most. Apart from that, there are actually more disadvantages than advantages for now. Firstly, we gotta wear that ugly green shirt, which already differentiate us from the rest. Secondly, when we were first asked to help out as AGL, we were only told that we would be helping out the main group leaders for formations. But on our first week, we were told that we have to learn the dance in advance and teach the rest as well!

Dancing has never been my forte despite my passion for performing. Even Mommeyyyy had commented a few times that I can sing, but not dance. Whenever I am questioned why I join NDP year after year, my answer is always because I like to dance but I AM NOT GOOD AT IT, so NDP gives me a platform to do what I enjoy without being judged or stressed upon. But with this new role, it is an entirely different story now.

I am a super duper slow learner and not forgetting to mention how bad my memory is; my colleagues know best. I usually take a longer time to pick things up than others because of this and so even for every year’s NDP, I may be able to catch faster than the aunties, but I am still lagging behind as compared to many others! It usually takes weekssss for me to finally remember the steps, let alone getting them right, so having to master so many steps in the advance reporting time of 1.5 hour is totally a mission impossible for me. Dancing is a talent to me, not a skill that you can just master overnight!

I am not even a dancer and it is just ridiculous to imagine myself teaching it. I don’t mind guiding people, but I usually do it only when I am confident enough, just like I like to teach but I only teach subjects that I am confident in. And right now, I am totally not confident with the steps at all! Yet I have to be standing in front of the auditionees, guiding them steps that even I can hardly remember, and probably confusing them with my countless of mistakessssss.

I am still struggling so hard and the last thing I wanna hear is really people saying things like, “Even trainers also don’t know“. I’m glad I wasn’t the one who got this insult, but I know I will hear it sooner or later and I am already dreading it.

I’m afraid the stress level would kill my passion bit by bit and make me look less forward each week~ I also don’t get to hang out with the rest because I have other responsibilities now other than being just a participant and the only time I get to see them was during dinner break, or sometimes not even that.

I am still eager to learn, but the amount of responsibilities that came before we could even learn is pretty much different from what we were told initially. Nevertheless, I will still stick to my kiang tio ho, mai kay kiang principle and only help when I can. I would rather be seen as “skiving” than to be teaching the wrong thing or confusing the others and then get backfired.

Was actually mad tired after a continuous 5 hours of dance, but I felt bad that I barely spent time with the girls the whole day, so I joined them at Bugis for llao llao! Take it as rewarding myself after a tiring day! (:
 photo IMG_20150412_225321_zpsne0r9yyy.jpg

Re-edit for Super Senior continues and then it was chilling time with the APs after work~!

 photo 20150413_195952_zps61ncnvcq.jpg

My 3rd egg dish of the day =X

 photo 20150413_203234_zps1ndwqtgz.jpg

Shared Ally’s nice fruity beer!

 photo 20150413_204326_zpsnuwfn62w.jpg

My Jacob’s Creek~

Me, Ally, my AP aka buddy’s good friend, my ex-director aka the “secret lover” who always give me Han Wei’s photos as cards -_-“, and new AP who is an Hong Kong actor’s son! Shall not reveal who but handsome right~ 电死不少女生了哦。。。hahaha!
 photo 20150413_212356_zpsxlswcwfj.jpg
 photo 20150413_212336_zpsvoi2r5xd.jpg

 photo IMG-20150413-WA0006_zpsvgiq7pee.jpg

Cheers to more dramas together! (:

Had another birthday treat and this time round from Mojo and Chienny! To save the hassle of thinking of where to dine, we decided to go back to Sumire Yakitori House since the food is nice!

 photo 20150415_194413_zps11sue0tj.jpg

Best cabbage ever.

Ordered pretty much the same food as the previous time because we already know what’s nice~
 photo 20150415_195526_zpsmilj0kdu.jpg
 photo 20150415_195822_zpss05wma31.jpg

 photo 20150415_201144_zpsc8dnrjz7.jpg

Chienny’s fluffy udon again!

Wanted dessert but this milk pudding was way too milky for my liking :(
 photo 20150415_203640_zpsbn7svyn2.jpg

Thank you for the angbao-sponsor for my swimsuit! Hehe! Speaking of swimsuit, Chii Hian and I were busy with our swimsuit-scout from Queensway to Chinatown to AMK, but to no avail~ Couldn’t find anything we like and all the swimsuits are really expensive these days! Sigh!

 photo IMG_20150414_195902_zpscp5scapf.jpg

Couldn’t resist; misses.

Jet Lag

As much as I was really happy to be back to work (yes, call me crazy, but that’s how much I love my job), it was an horrendous week suffering with a major jet lag!!! Tossing and turning, not being able to fall asleep, then waking up in the middle of the night wide awake after you have finally fallen asleep; seriously no joke. I was basically still living with a GMT+2 body clock, feeling mad sleepy in the day and energetic at ungodly hours…Zzzzz.

Attended the first NDP meeting of the year on my first jet lag day, because I will be helping out more than just performing this year~ I didn’t even have much appetite to dig on the buffet like everyone because I just felt like puking the whole day somehow -_- Apparently, nausea is indeed a symptom of jet lag! I was like the first to get full and all the girls at my table think I am weird, because they were still hungry despite 8275161927 rounds. FAINT~

So it was a night of eating > meeting. Or maybe it was meant for bonding. I do hope the few of us bond well and can work well together, because the last thing I really want is to get into any conflict. I agreed to help only because I can learn more, and the sense of achievement will also be greater knowing that I will be more involved this year.

 photo IMG-20150406-WA0009_zpsygnvga8t.jpg

The new AGLs

 photo 11095243_10153300670837664_5742056205563261839_n_zpsit2qszdo.jpg

Joining the 幕后英雄 aka 台下伟人

 photo IMG-20150406-WA0013_zpseij40ivf.jpg

Spot me!

Endless wefies even after we left and that was also when my selfie stick got spoiled! –CRY!!!!:(
 photo IMG-20150406-WA0005_zpsdvktuiqv.jpg
 photo 11149357_10153276304564587_1450557289866450217_n_zps7rdg7ypc.jpg
 photo IMG-20150406-WA0007_zpsx5grxlyk.jpg
 photo IMG-20150406-WA0004_zps6ge6jx6c.jpg
 photo IMG-20150406-WA0011_zpsllbtluhc.jpg

So, I was basically like a walking zombie the first 3 days when I was back, and it doesn’t help that I had director coming in for re-edit for our new drama! Yes! It’s supposed to be “NEW” drama because I thought we just wrapped for Tiger Mum?! So imagine my shock when I received the news that the directors are coming in the very same week when I was back.

I barely edited that drama because I was stuck with TM and by the time I was done, it was my trip so everything was done by my dear colleague instead. Tried explaining to the client that it would be better for my colleague to do the re-edit instead since she edited like 85% of the 8 episodes? But client didn’t seem to get it and insisted on sticking to me, so I had no choice but to take over~

Thank goodness the director is kinda nice and easygoing! The AP is also a good friend of buddy! But I was trying so hard to keep myself awake during the edits because it was time to sleep on my body clock… So the first week I was just trying to tire myself out with activities like cycling and swimming with Gui so that I can sleep at night!

Just nice this bestie of mine wanna get rid of his expanding belly, so I found myself a good exercising partner whom I can chat non-stop with and also work out! :D We rode all the way from Bishan Park to my favourite reservoir at Lower Pierce and it was mad tiring! Cause my bike is spoiled and I was riding all the way with a punctured tyre x.x
 photo 20150408_210943_zps1jlsrzbu.jpg

Quite scary as it was almost pitch dark inside! But had such a good HTHT along the way that we have not had for a long long time! Swam the next day and I was his motivator, because he told him not to give him any chance to rest…hahaha! I think he regretted saying that, because I am not lenient on such thing~ Which is good too because in a way I am motivating myself to keep swimming too! (:

Finally got my appetite and body clock back bit by bit and I couldn’t wait to try all the food that I miss!!! Seriously, I missed the local food so much because all I had was pasta, pizza and fast food in Europe :( So I had so much cravings when I was back!

 photo 20150410_125905_zpsxpiwpoo4.jpg

Craving #1!

 photo 20150414_134539_zpse4a1ff4a.jpg

Craving #2!

Craving #3 was my 雷茶饭 which I forgot to take a picture before I gobbled up and #4 was of course my prata!!! But it was cold and unappetising-looking, so no picture as well~

My favourite food during my trip was probably the gelato there but that doesn’t mean I am sick of the ice-cream here! Hahaha!

 photo IMG_20150410_211109_zpszqlhdpxe.jpg

Häagen-Dazs! <3

Birthday Celebrations! (Part 3)

Counting the number of celebrations I had is not because I wanted to show off or anything, after all I’m not someone who wanna have lots of friends, I just need a few true friends~ I wanna document them down just to remind myself how blessed I am (:

So 6th celebration was with Kai Bin & co over at Five & Dime! Last year I celebrated my birthday there as well with Shi Min but I didn’t mind going again because they have nice food and interior!
 photo IMG-20150316-WA0008_zpsnpvrqrrs.jpg

 photo 20150316_200814_zps4d0fn2wc.jpg

Smoked duck maki!
Quite special, I like it! (:

 photo 20150316_204509_zps6ne9gv5g.jpg

Combined celebration with Kai Bin again! :D

 photo 20150316_204515_zpsxc4nbckr.jpg

Nice lemon cake; much nicer than it seems!

 photo 20150316_204521_zpsaygyziss.jpg

The must-have salted egg yolk molten cake! <3

 photo IMG-20150316-WA0022_zpsz5wndd3v.jpg
 photo IMG-20150316-WA0018_zpsnkjic5pv.jpg

 photo 20150316_204604_zpsvgt8olky.jpg

Seriously can’t remember why I was pouting =/

So yea I started making my wish before Kai Bin…
 photo 20150316_204607_zpslptncb3n.jpg

Wishing together…
 photo 20150316_204609_zpsajhhbubv.jpg
 photo 20150316_204612_zps6a1kavgs.jpg

But when she was done, I wasn’t done yet as usual!!! LOL!
 photo 20150316_204617_zpsowk0baxq.jpg

Which reminds me of last year‘s celebration, the same thing happened except that she was posing to the camera while I was still wishing instead of looking at me! Hahahahaha!!! Sorry, I am always greedy with my wish :P
 photo 20140318_211101_zps63c6e483.jpg

But my long wish caused some disaster this time and this is the screenshot of my epic reaction in the video! LOLOL. Seriously epic!
 photo IMG-20150316-WA0011_zpsxlshacwy.jpg

And it’s damn funny that Limin was constantly chanting in the background of the video asking us to quickly blow the candles, yet I was totally absorbed in my wish that I had a major shock when I saw the thing burning! ROFL!

Trying our best to put out the fire xD
 photo 20150316_204620_zpsfy6zlvrd.jpg

 photo 20150316_204645_zpsh4qgrqwv.jpg

Poor deco!

 photo IMG-20150316-WA0016_zpszqpdsqcs.jpg

Miss this!

 photo 20150316_210910_zpsvi9kefwy.jpg

Thank you girls for contributing to my trip!

Group pictures!
 photo IMG-20150316-WA0014_zpswvtbkpzq.jpg
 photo IMG-20150316-WA0013_zpsjirkveul.jpg

But not enough~ More selfies with my mighty selfie stick! :D
 photo 20150316_205947_zpst4qyjq88.jpg
 photo 20150316_210009_zpssnlxgicb.jpg
 photo 20150316_210031_zpsdk4slout.jpg
 photo 20150316_210034_zps5d2ar3mc.jpg

 photo 20150318_100730_zpsamnrcdew.jpg

Soundly asleep! xD

 photo 20150318_124626_zpsvmglnisc.jpg

全家幅 with new members! Hehe!

Trying all ways for a candid shot :P
 photo 20150318_130523_zps9vwmetf3.jpg
 photo 20150318_130906_zpsbcqm7h5b.jpg

 photo IMG_20150316_141124_zpsd0e2vp0a.jpg

Finally tried the hot stone rice!

 photo 20150317_2107031_zpsljp1ds1q.jpg

When heat pack collection came with a mini surprise!

 photo 20150317_210834_zpsrfq2krah.jpg

A 9th lil’ sweet thought ((:

 photo 20150318_135737_zpsrcfgkrr3.jpg

Finally tried the bibimbap too! <3

Sweet token of appreciation from Thapa’s Sis! For helping her to deliver 5kg worth of stuff to Thapa! Hahaha!
 photo 20150318_190102_zpscku0wsso.jpg

 photo 20150318_203920_zpsipbt9a8m.jpg

Lady M treat from buddy as promised :D

 photo 20150318_203857_zpsm3braib2.jpg

Finally had it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 photo 20150318_203844_zps2aswhyhq.jpg

New chocolate flavour!
Super nice too! OMG~ *drooling*

 photo 20150318_204107_zpsw7d8d5an.jpg

Eggs Royale; always my favourite!

A last farewell lunch before I leave~
 photo 20150319_144259_zpsrewitaf3.jpg
 photo 20150319_144043_zpstdyyf74w.jpg

Squeezing out the last bit of quality time; watching planes fly past the sea before it’s my turn to be up there~
 photo 20150319_211951_zpsn4j1j3od.jpg

 photo 20150320_173135_zps7ryyqu1l.jpg

10th and also the last celebration right before I fly

 photo 20150320_173149_zps1z0sdxjw.jpg

Thank you, my lovely colleagues <3

Rushed off to the airport right after work and I really couldn’t wait to leave. Finally cleared Tiger Mum, which I had been heavily involved in because Ping was not around to take charge this time. I had to take over to do the transitions, AE graphics and all, everything that I pretty much suck in.

Not to mention that this was also the only drama so far that I was involved for 14 episodes’ edit/re-edit; that’s like more than half the drama! So it was really a long journey for this project and I really really felt a tremendous weight off my shoulders! It’s really time for me to take a break from these stressful 3 months without Ping. And like what J said, “去了那里就不要想这里的东西了”, which was exactly what I wanna do. To take a break from everything.