Mamemo’s Birthday!

It’s been some time since le loveboy came over and I’ve definitely missed him! Sis went to get cake for Mamemo’s birthday celebration so I had to babysit the big baby and we had a mischievous Sunday morning together!

We were playing with my phone camera again and the naughty boy refused to let me be in the shot D:
 photo 20150628_121336_zpsv7eiy3bw.jpg
 photo 20150628_121341_zpsautnbnav.jpg
 photo 20150628_121342_zpssuassu6g.jpg

The attack of the little monster!
 photo 20150628_1213460_zpspstroorx.jpg
 photo 20150628_121357_zpsxjpd7fqw.jpg
 photo 20150628_121359_zpsjsxnkg6q.jpg

He insisted on taking a shot of his mouth -_- I don’t know why~
 photo 20150628_121446_zpszixv80eb.jpg

I think he wanted to show the effect of him “biting” the camera, so I told him this is how you show the effect of a bite…hahaha!
 photo IMG_20150628_131754_zps8trozibl.jpg
 photo 20150628_121514_zps0aek48mg.jpg

And then he started telling me about lots of flies gathering at his window this morning…

Isaac: This morning the window got many many flies!

Me: Huh?! Flies??? Why got many flies?

Isaac: I don’t know… I bath already, why the flies still come? -gives sad face :(

Me: Really got bath? I smell~ *sniff* Hmmm…very smelly, the flies came to bite the smelly baby!

Isaac: *walks away from me with grumpy face* 你讲骗话,I don’t like you.

LOLOLOLOL. This is the first time he said he doesn’t like me, ouch, but HAHAHAHAHA! So funny! He said it again when I disfigured his picture to this state xD

So now he’s gonna shoot me!
 photo 20150628_130651_zpsckdwhmej.jpg

 photo 20150628_130655_zpsc4qezt0w.jpg

Bang bang~!

As usual, the greedy boy couldn’t wait for the birthday cake so he finally woke 舅舅 for the celebration!
 photo 20150628_140039_zpslap2irui.jpg

 photo 20150628_140315_zps1zxrmq6a.jpg

Singing his 3-language birthday songs again! :D

 photo 20150628_140323_zpsjajuviez.jpg

Super fat and cheeky smile! :P

 photo 20150628_140329_zpsj5k4eju7.jpg
 photo 20150628_140356_zpstrsenkel.jpg
 photo 20150628_140401_zpsz0j9d05u.jpg

Making wish with 外婆~
 photo 20150628_140400_zpsoml7e3pd.jpg
 photo 20150628_140359_zps3t0kw5te.jpg
 photo 20150628_140410_zpss65ypaq1.jpg
 photo 20150628_140418_zpsgycwfnc5.jpg

Went over to Nad’s place after le loveboy left for his nap because she invited us over for homemade smoothie~!!! :D
 photo 20150628_162146_zps1be06gwd.jpg

Every time she has a new gadget (e.g. waffle maker), which this time round it’s a ice blender, it tempts me to get one too! Hahaha! Cause the berries smoothie is so yummy!!! <3

A pity I had to rush off as I have a durian date with Kai Bin & gang! It’s our very first time eating durian together and more importantly, it’s the first time Chii Hian is driving us!

I was still having migraine from the previous day so I was sleeping in the car most of the time but I still heard some of the funny conversations in the car like how bad Shuning gives direction from the GPS…hahaha! Her prompting duration is less than 3 seconds – “Ahhhh~ Turn left now!” xD
 photo 20150628_183400_zpshohaghbz.jpg

Thank goodness we still managed to reach Geylang safely, though we spent some time guiding Chii Hian through parallel parking. 3 licence holders (Limin, Chii Hian & I) but all suck at parking…LOL.
 photo 20150628_191326_zpsk9pkvtl5.jpg

Excitedly brought the girls to the same stall where Lyn and I ate that day because the durians were really worth it, and to my horror, they have doubled the price to 3 for $20 instead of $10!!! The ones that are 3 for $10 now are the really small ones that were selling for $2 each that day! Arghh! Totally 杀人放火!

I don’t know if it’s because it’s weekend that’s why the prices are increased, but it was definitely not worth the price. So we decided to walk down to see other stalls and eventually settled on one that is more reasonable~

The seeds are much bigger though, which means less flesh, but at least it’s still quite good, just not as shiok as that day :(
 photo 20150628_194106_zpsrydrtdzh.jpg

Work hard, eat hard

Impromptu idea to visit the Geylang Serai pasar malam on Monday night! I had been wanting to go again ever since I went 4 years ago and I’m happy that I finally get to…hehe!

Bought like the nicest tutu kueh there and a pity I forgot to take pictures of the 10 of them! Hahaha! The coconut filling is so generous that I regret not getting another 5 (or 10)! :P

Light dinner became a big bowl of laksa & a Lion’s Mane mushroom burger! =O
 photo 20150622_205357_zpsqe5pnq7l.jpg

Managed to go off early on Tuesday because I finished my work! But there was still additional practice over at Padang so I ended up spending that extra hour pasting markings on the ground to aid in our formations~

Did not have time for dinner as a result and by the time I was feeling hungry, there was no more dinner left! –CRY!– Usually I don’t need dinner but somehow I was feeling pretty hungry that day and my legs ended up going jelly when I was running the circle formation! Partly also because the circle has seriously become so big now because the markers are much further apart! >.<

 photo 20150623_213308_zpsqvr6tjbk.jpg

The Minions!

 photo 20150623_213316_zpswqltfixh.jpg


There was so much to accomplish in a night than I had expected and by the time we finished “tidying up” the last few formations, we were left with no time to do the very last formation again :( I thought we would be able to complete that!

But there were so many absentees from the past weeks that we have to find them the correct position so that wasted quite some time too. Could tell that 老师 was super stressed up too as he was scratching his bald head when we were running behind time~

Though disappointed that we are still not able to complete that one last formation, I’m glad that at least after all the touch-ups, the formations are neater now and everyone also has a clearer idea of where to stand.

SEA Games lanyard from a thoughtful participant! She saw me holding my pass every week (because I have to refer to my formations inside) and decided to bring a lanyard for me! ((:
 photo 20150624_090816_zpsogeuad4g.jpg

 photo 20150623_213255_zpsiyy0b1nr.jpg

The walkie-talkie that I feel awkward using -.-“

 photo 20150624_135453_zps3vne1sve.jpg

Nasi Lemak for lunch!
Kept me bloated the whole day =O

 photo 20150625_135617_zpsbhcaxuw8.jpg

The safest order (:

 photo 20150625_211439_zps31wu98yu.jpg

Geláre waffles after Zumba! :D

Finally used up my vouchers that are expiring this month and they really really have good waffles!!!
 photo 20150625_211412_zpswjaqw5a2.jpg

 photo 20150625_220459_zpsahvxj1kp.jpg

Free giant macarons from Robert Timms!

 photo IMG-20150625-WA0023_zpsxjgvxhqj.jpg

Look how big it is!

 photo IMG-20150625-WA0025_zpsijie7bb4.jpg

It’s too big even for 2!

Ah Lyn’s sister came to watch our Zumba class and so we brought the cave girl out as well! Can’t believe that was her first Geláre! =O
 photo IMG-20150625-WA0018_zpsgyaq4lnq.jpg

We happened to buy the same shoe except that hers is kids’ size and it’s so mini and cute!!! Hahaha! I look like a BFG (Big Foot Giant) beside her~
 photo 20150625_222012_zpsv72g33cg.jpg

 photo IMG-20150625-WA0026_zpsob5jwbci.jpg

Wayyyyy too sweet for my liking >.<

Had an exhausting Friday night – both physically and mentally – and my heart almost wanna pound out. Sinful lunch after a night of Choya and snoring~!
 photo 20150627_124129_zpso7ne9qtq.jpg

I was so exhausted that I can really just sleep anywhere…Zzzzz. Decided to stay in the car to sleep while the others are doing the markers again and I could just go in when the official meeting starts, but who knows my phone was in silent mode and I missed all the messages!

Imagine my horror when I woke up to an empty field! I was like, “OMG~ Why no one informed me about the meeting???” But actually everyone did – my phone was spammed with messages but just that I was pigging out x.x

Woke up to a headache and I could hardly all the thousand and one changes…Zzzzz. Seriously hate all these changes even though I know it’s inevitable. It’s just that we have trained so hard and now because of all these changes, our efforts are futile and it’s also demoralising that we are left with almost no dance steps at all except for clapping and clicking! :(

I was trying real hard to memorise all the changes so that the team can depend on me, but at the same time I was also too exhausted to~ Could hardly wanna move much or chup much once we reached Suntec, leaving everything to Eric because all I wanna do is to sit down and sleep!

Blessed that I’m always the first to cross the mind to share this energy food! Totally needed some sugar rush! ((:
 photo IMG-20150627-WA0004_zpse48w5yne.jpg

As expected, the changes caused everything to be a little messy because even we are still unsure of them, since we only know it hours ago~ But it was already better than I had expected, given the walking-zombie state I was in as well.

With my new friend who is Ah Lyn’s old friend and our new participant! :D I don’t know how my hair still managed to look quite neat but this photo definitely doesn’t justify how “dead” I was actually feeling…hahaha!
 photo IMG-20150627-WA0007_zpsgcqkihw1.jpg

The real sweaty me after the show! :P
 photo 20150627_211246_zpstsn4c8qc.jpg

Rewarded ourselves with the new Starbucks orange crunch drink after an exhausting day! :D I don’t know why I had a sudden craving for it~ I think I just needed sugarrrrrrrrr!
 photo 20150627_220125_zpsstnah4ts.jpg

Back to my hideout for sleep! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


Caught 2 movies in a week and the first was Jurassic World!

I have watched the 1993 Jurassic Park umpteen times, no thanks to having a brother. In other words, I grew up watching Jurassic Park and have enjoyed it, so I was quite excited for Jurassic World!

I don’t know why Mr Director LC would call it a flick because it was definitely more like a horror movie to me! Hahaha! And the “ghost” is none other than that big dinosaur because you don’t know when it’s coming out and when it does, it starts eating up people!

I think I used to scream for Jurassic Park as well; I’ll be telling my brother like, “Omg omg~ The monster/gaga is coming out!!!” But that’s also because I am enjoying the “excitement” of it :P Nevertheless, I think I still have more feel for the original film~

 photo 20150616_134211_zpstuhnzab2.jpg

Best soup ever! Always so tasty <3

Zumba class with Ah Lyn and then we had an impromptu idea to go for durians~! We were actually deciding on cafes to go to but I know the little girl has been craving for durians, so even though I just had my share on Sunday, I didn’t mind having it again…hehe!

We bought the 3 for $10 ones and the person offered us 1 free if we were to get another 3. I hesitated because I wasn’t confident on finish 7 durians, so we bought 3 first. And that was enough to make me this happy!!! :D
 photo IMG-20150618-WA0024_zpsk9yr3jl1.jpg

Then the girl decided to just get that 4 more (including the 1 free) since it’s super worth it. Yep, so in the end we had 7 durians in total that night!
 photo IMG-20150618-WA0020_zpsy17bk2z0.jpg

 photo IMG-20150618-WA0015_zpsuk0wqkil.jpg

Excited over our durian feast~! xD

 photo IMG-20150618-WA0021_zpsjl0il64y.jpg

Happily digging in -YUMS!-

The durians were pretty good even though they were only less than 3 bucks each! Yellow flesh, really sweet and many small seeds which means thick flesh!
 photo IMG-20150618-WA0012_zpskzyuiclv.jpg

But because of all the small seeds, the dirty-minded Lyn started giving them names -.- And the durians started to all look very obscene somehow!
 photo IMG-20150618-WA0027_zpscwcf1yx3.jpg

 photo 20150618_215345_zpsodjtrcka.jpg


 photo 20150618_215407_zpsnxkp0qzh.jpg


 photo 20150618_215529_zpsvqel0yw2.jpg

“Playing” with her durian

And after the 5th durian, I really gave up! Despite my love for durians, I always get so bloated eating them, that’s why I had no confidence on finishing 7 in the first place!

Yet I always have this bad habit of wanting to try every of the durian, that’s why I always tend to open up all the durians to try before finishing one…haha! So I had like 1-2 seeds each from the last 2 durians before throwing them to Ah Lyn :P

 photo IMG-20150618-WA0013_zps7x3ctpfc.jpg

Satisfied face!

And then it was revenge time for ALWAYS snapping unglam pictures at me when I am eating durian all these years!

The disgusting girl was playing with her phone while eating her durian and at the end of the night, her phone was covered with durian! YUCK! Ultimate durian lover -_-|||
 photo 20150618_215641_zpstxnoyqzy.jpg

Licking the durian off her finger because her phone couldn’t detect her durian-coated fingerprint to unlock the phone…ewwwwwww~
 photo 20150618_215646_zps6mcdsxj7.jpg

 photo 20150618_215710_zpsnfapslm7.jpg

Finger-lickin’ good

 photo 20150618_215635_zpszocgmwcc.jpg

Embarrassed after being caught in action!

 photo 20150618_215557_zpsbajze3hi.jpg

Gobbling up!

 photo 20150618_220556_zpsoywwahxo.jpg

Her fetish for “sharp” durians -.-“

 photo IMG-20150618-WA0025_zpssqs5untb.jpg

Give up face…LOL
“I really cannot eat anymore!”

Caught the Minions movie as well and it was actually the appreciation night for Chingay helpers, but because each person can bring a guest, I was invited as well! Hehe! :D

I was looking forward to it because watching the trailer at the MRT stations always makes me laugh to myself, but there was some bad reviews that I heard before watching~ And indeed it was not as nice as the prequels, it was more of just cute, and I mean really, really cuteeeeee ❤_❤

 photo IMG-20150624-WA0000_zpsbj5940bi.jpg

With the NDPeeps again~! <3

 photo IMG-20150624-WA0001_zpse9kwuv9n.jpg

Handsome professional procrastinator???

 photo 20150621_224106_zpsmhx2s6zd.jpg

Cutest! :P

Had to report like really early for practice this week because we were going to Padang for combined rehearsal and yet there were so much more to brush up on~ So headed out for an early brunch before visiting my shop!
 photo 20150620_101758_zpsehfc20dj.jpg

 photo 20150620_101824_zpsrawgqlis.jpg

Bee’s Cake!!!

 photo 20150620_102140_zpsw6p7nsta.jpg

Please support my shop! :P

Reported slightly late because I refused to do what’s not within my responsibility. Yes, I am okay to help when I was first approached to be AGL, in fact, I am usually eager to help whenever help is needed. But there’s a fine line between helping and being taken advantage of and the latter is something that I hate the most. Like HATE. So at times like this, I see the need to protect myself, my rights, and the rightful responsibilities that we were first told of.

As expected, it was a mission impossible without proper manpower and preparation and in the end we had to practise on crooked markers, making the formations messier than ever…Zzzzz. I knew it would have been a waste of time and effort because it wasn’t something that’s supposed to be completed on the day itself in the first place. Preps, preps and more preps – that’s what I kept emphasising on.

 photo 20150620_144607_zpspsbg6df1.jpg

Dance rehearsal while waiting for the field to be ready~

 photo 20150620_192118_zpskavimhdp.jpg

Off to Padang!

The only free time I had to snap some pictures was when we were waiting for our turn to perform~ The rest of the time I was like a shepherd doing headcount for my sheep for 389347394938 times, nagging reminding on this and that, making sure all my sheep are okay and etc.
 photo 20150620_191934_zpsbgzks8u1.jpg
 photo 20150620_192056_zpsbguna6wc.jpg

It was our first time on the Padang stage so everything was quite a mess, I would say. Cause past years we would have practised a few times on the actual performing ground before the combined rehearsal, but this year we didn’t have the privilege to and the first time we are up there is also the first time we are doing the actual performance.

So there was no chance to get used to the 2m markers distance (it’s seriously so much longer!) and no more chance to get the participants into correct position should they run wrongly, cause we only had 1 shot and that’s it. Yea so everything was messy from entry point (we went in late) till exit (went out the wrong way and too slow!), so I was glad when additional practice was announced because we seriously need it!

But it has been a long and tiring day for everyone~ I realised I hardly had the chance to sit down the whole day and my legs were starting to get 酸 at the end of it! Off to recharge at the same cheesy place with the same super cheesy pizza :D Somehow I just naturally head towards that particular restaurant because I remember the pizza is nice…hehe.

 photo 20150214_233135_zpsvniklepl.jpg

Recycled photo because I forgot to take! =X

JB with the JB clique on Sunday and it seems quite some time since I last crossed the border~ The rate has been pretty good lately and I finally had the chance to go in again! :D Curry fish head for lunch as usual but I did not eat much this time because I was getting all heaty this week, so I saved rooms for other stuff instead!

Durian shaved ice after we just had a durian ice-cream! xD
 photo 20150621_155657_zps5hcvtm0i.jpg

I quite like Osmanthus jelly after I fell in love with Hong Kong’s Tim Ho Wan ones, but this was of course not anywhere near the standard =/
 photo 20150621_155940_zpsinejprek.jpg

Decided to have a haircut there since Billy has closed his shop and I don’t know where to cut my hair anymore :( So just nice Tim and Jeong both wanted to cut his hair, we decided to leave Lyn waiting and cut together! Hahaha!

 photo 20150621_171427_zpsbe8ylmcj.jpg

No major difference, as usual :P

 photo IMG-20150621-WA0010_zpshh8vcfwb.jpg

Flasher spotted!

 photo IMG-20150621-WA0009_zpsyi5v29re.jpg

Close-up shot taken by Lyn -_-“

KBuffet with NDPeeps!

Last week of practice at Kranji Camp! Set off early to have a good good lunch before the fight is on! Happy that I be back to places where I used to frequent but don’t have that many chances to visit now (:
 photo 20150613_114106_zpssar9wyej.jpg

And finally had my 鱼翅拉面~! The previous time I wanted to eat, the uncle forgot to soak the “鱼翅”, but thankfully there was still left with 1 bowl for me this time!!! Hehe!
 photo 20150613_114140_zps8zgs3vgs.jpg

Off to another long-missed place – Phoenix Park! Used to dislike the place when I was working there, but now it feels good to be back~ Though it’s saddening that the old office ain’t there anymore, and doesn’t seem like there’s any bit of remnants left either :(
 photo 20150613_123649_zps0omaqz7j.jpg

Anyway the real motive of revisiting this place is to explore this new cafe – Boufe! Apparently it’s a damn popular brunch place despite its inaccessibility, and it was full house…boohooo~ Full house usually means no dining in, but not gonna leave without trying one of these! :D
 photo 20150613_122647_zpsxu6xkoc6.jpg

And the verdict is? Superbbbbbbbb! If the dessert alone is so good, I really can’t wait to try the brunch!!! Definitely gotta be back to dine inside the pretty cafe! <3
 photo 20150613_123358_zpsz9jrildv.jpg

Still had some time and also some space in the stomach left :P, so visited one more long-missed place and tried another long-missed dessert – my 流氓冰~!!! Finally, finally, finally get to eat it again after more than a year! Teehee!
 photo 20150613_133139_zpsnrleh4uy.jpg

The weather over at Kranji camp wasn’t very good again but thankfully, the rain had stopped by the time we started the practice~ But we still had limited time to do our formations since it’s a combined rehearsal!

So every time we hit the parade square, we really just wanna grab every minute and start on our next formation right away. But we always have to wait for other groups to get ready and etc aka the SOP before we could start (which till date I can’t quite comprehend).

When we were finally ready to begin on our formation, this time we were told to do it group by group, beginning from the front row. That made us the last to be able to start! Eric couldn’t understand why too, and he was pretty eager and insistent on carrying on on our own, ignoring the instruction, since it really saves so much more time doing it at the same time than to take turns; not forgetting the fact that we are racing against time.

I wanted very much to do so too, but the last thing I really want is having that “Why didn’t you guys follow instructions given” thing backfired at us again, so I persuaded him to just wait till it’s our turn, and he reluctantly obliged too. But what really pissed me off was when it was finally our turn to do, we were being asked if we are done minutes after we just started! Because why? Time is running out! And was that our fault to begin with?!?!

I was so so so annoyed and somewhat regretted for stopping Eric in the first place. Deep in my mind I was thinking, “WTF?! We just started! How is it possible for us to be done?!” And I wish I could say that into that damn walkie-talkie.

So, so, so pissed! But I know I have to focus on finishing the formation first because that’s still the priority. And in the end 老师 had to come over to help us because suddenly the whole world is waiting for us instead. Haa! That just made us seem so inefficient because we could have done it on our own – we had everything planned, we just weren’t given the time to do so. ARGH. So damn pissed whenever our time is being compromised.

But putting that aside, I am glad that we managed to finish up to only 1 more formation left to do! :D Nevertheless, I think we are still behind schedule and need more practice to tidy up everything! Can’t wait to hit Padang~ It’s gonna be my first year there!

Had a fulfilling Sunday cooking lunch for le pig brother before heading out! Finally cooked my macaroni & cheese and Japanese curry (not in picture)! (:

And then in return, le pig brother really went to buy durianssssss that I bugged him to buy for me!!! Hehe! I am finally eating durian as well!!! It’s like I waited the whole year for this durian season to come and when it finally come and I don’t get to it, I feel so sad~ Haha!
 photo 20150614_142431_zpsf9jx2y7l.jpg

Emoji-digging with Ah Lyn before our K-session! I was actually digging for the ❤_❤ one but I couldn’t find it :(
 photo IMG-20150614-WA0009_zps2ricnfig.jpg

 photo IMG-20150614-WA0012_zpszx13w501.jpg

Cheeky face!

 photo IMG-20150614-WA0010_zpswfchts56.jpg

“I love you~”

 photo IMG-20150614-WA0011_zps8qhdc5bi.jpg

“Sorry I don’t -.-”


My customised Coke from Ah Lyn!!! :D

Off for our K-buffet with NDPeeps~! It’s been some time since I last sang with them and although it’s not the first time, I still feel kinda shyyyy singing in big group! Haha!
 photo 20150614_192404_zpsdv7jgpne.jpg
 photo IMG-20150615-WA0010_zpsfq6rpuji.jpg

What makes this K-session different is that it came with buffet, so even for people who don’t sing like Lyn, you still have something to do :P
 photo 20150614_182051_zpsiyj5o4ql.jpg
 photo 20150614_182127_zpsczerrrfe.jpg
 photo 20150614_182108_zpsgktcscp4.jpg

It’s my first time going for the K-buffet because I am really not a fan of stuffing myself with food to make the money worth~ And in the end, we really ate so much that I was so, so, so full!!!
 photo IMG-20150615-WA0014_zpsh9r5kczi.jpg


Eating while singing!

 photo 20150614_203903_zps550n0wmx.jpg

Miss Organiser showing off her K-POP songs *clap clap!*

 photo 20150614_203949_zps8nfydruu.jpg

Super 深情 one! Hahaha!

Ending the Sunday night with group picsss! :D So glad to be bonding with them again because I haven’t got many chances to this year. Every practice I will be busy with discussions or formations, no longer have as much time to mingle with them, especially during all the waiting times whereby we used to sit together and chat~ But will try to do so!
 photo IMG-20150615-WA0012_zps5nsolcwk.jpg
 photo IMG-20150615-WA0011_zpsqruo5jck.jpg

 photo IMG-20150615-WA0013_zpskx453sy9.jpg

NDPeeps <3

 photo 20150614_215751_zpsfpsb0hie.jpg

Enjoying the breeze and beautiful lighting (:


Missed a movie review for last week~ Caught SPY which was quite funny and light-hearted; some plot, character and lines were somewhat familiar though…hmmmmm :P

 photo IMG_20150610_090400_zpsiruisi4w.jpg

A fat bee visited the cacti! ❤

 photo 20150608_135901_zpsmlkrkpku.jpg

Green curry which colour looks like poster paint mixture, but not bad! (:

 photo 20150608_203810_zpsywqthpj0.jpg

Debut of my shoes! ❤❤❤

 photo 20150608_203745_zpsiuc0fkfa.jpg

Cycling time~!!! :D

Cafe-exploring day! Explored PS Bistro & Bakery; affordable price with good taste!

 photo 20150609_193028_zpsypwxtlwg.jpg

Mushroom pasta with nice black pepper fragrant (:

 photo 20150609_193017_zpsytjupu8c.jpg

$2.90 brownie with ice-cream!
Melting because the blur queen forgot her phone x.x

 photo 20150609_194602_zpsbrdxmfcd.jpg

Dessert again after dinner!
Second ice-cream of the day! Hehe!

And then the third came when exploring Lickers :P

 photo 20150609_201612_zpsbqkbpyha.jpg

 photo 20150609_201621_zps7oeyltko.jpg

 photo 20150609_201755_zpsry76a2l8.jpg

Strawberry Milo & Honeycomb!
Super big scoop, super worth it!!! #fatdieme

 photo 20150609_220236_zpsaudwohgd.jpg

Long nostalgic stroll ending with turtle-watch (:

 photo 20150610_134706_zps4i30pxns.jpg

Finally back for some healthy brown rice again!

 photo 20150610_210248_zpsuua5ayu3.jpg

Back to enjoy the beauty of CHIJMES~

 photo 20150610_210324_zpsqenfyl8z.jpg

Really like the ambience there!

 photo 20150610_213009_zpsnfpx5ok5.jpg

Applebees’ again for 1-for-1 Margarita!!! :D

 photo 20150610_212856_zpsowlxj3rk.jpg

Long-missed spinach dippppppp!!!

 photo 20150611_140400_zpsyrd4xtod.jpg

The current #1
Somehow tasted better when fed, but still nice ((:


Had my heart set on this the moment I saw it!
Die die must squeeze in!

 photo 20150612_133319_zpsyfu624kk.jpg

Ugly Barney spotted at City Square

 photo 20150612_133328_zps7by85m4i.jpg

Look how badly the girl is crying! LOL.
Because Barney is monster.

 photo 20150612_211759_zps9agrs2vr.jpg

Friday night @ Paulaner ((:

 photo 20150612_204617_zpsak3wzegc.jpg

The standard order

A pity the band is no longer the same one and this new one is obviously not as good :( So sad of such a major change after being finally back again~ This probably lessens my chance of being back to this 老地方 further, but I’m secretly hoping that the old band will still be around at least during the weekends.

 photo 20150612_123203_zps6zfiutae.jpg