苦B 记

The new week started off as a rainy one, and it was such an unexpected rain that got me stuck on the way to work! It was so near yet so far, because the rain was not very light so I couldn’t dash through 😣

Stood there waiting for the rain to get lighter while worrying if my client as reached… Then this uncle sitting nearby suddenly asked, “要雨伞吗? 给你咯。” And he pointed to his umbrella on the table. 😲 So touched by his kindness and generosity! He’s a cleaner working nearby if I am not wrong, cause he was wearing that neon green vest.

Promised to return him the umbrella during lunch time and he told me to just put back at the table. So so so kind!!! But I am really blessed to always encountering such random kindness 😊😊😊 Such a life saviour!
 photo 20161121_124412_zpsn1lrixck.jpg

Movie of the week was Fantastic Beasts! Nice but I still think Doctor Strange was nicer; le pig brother thinks otherwise. Maybe it’s because I always get confused when I watch Harry Potter movies. I like them, but too much wizardry stuff and I have not read the book before, so there are a lot that I can’t figure.

In case you can’t see the small text, it says, “who stole the pregnant lady cherry from the fridge :”””””( Never steal pregnant lady food again if not she will bite….” And yes, that temperamental crazy preggie is back!!!
 photo 20161123_140455_zpsdxxp1dwu.jpg

Miss cafe exploration so much!!! Going vintage this time~ Actually it’s a bicycle-themed cafe, but this vintage car is way more beautiful! 😅
 photo 20161123_201737_zpsebtrhio0.jpg

Bicycles everywhere in the interior, which reminds me of Wheeler’s Yard! There were even bikes hanging right above me and I was wondering if they might fall anytime 😐
 photo 20161123_195137_zpsa6pxuhw3.jpg
 photo 20161123_201642_zpsypfrwymy.jpg

Mona Lisa rides too??? 😱
 photo 20161123_201702_zpsl07gympo.jpg
 photo 20161123_201713_zpsorx8gj8p.jpg

So happy to see that they have my ice-cream sandwich there! 😍
 photo 20161123_193458_zpseredamqi.jpg

They don’t have an extensive menu, so it’s a dessert day~ Not that I mind; dessert anytime (except when I am full)!
 photo 20161123_193436_zpsbpqs4pxw.jpg

Managed to grab these on the first day of launch in SG! Still my favourite flavour so far 😊
 photo 20161124_101745_zpslujcvf0g.jpg

Supermarket-shopping on Fridate; window-shopping for me~ Met 傻B, 二B, 苦B and 跩B! Super cute!
 photo 20161125_191401_zpsun2jwbgu.jpg

And I made friend with 苦B in the end…
 photo 20161125_190702_zpsmftmppab.jpg

 photo 20161125_210628_zps2ex3h9gz.jpg

Checking out Hokkaido baked cheese tart!

Ended the night with tutu kuehs and super nice kaya balls and Nutella balls! It’s so difficult to find nice kaya balls these days – used to have one in AMK Central like 15 years ago~ Nutella ball is a new try and I love it!!! 😋

Long-awaited plan was scrapped so went down to town early to support the residents at Children’s Charities Association. Needed to help Limin get hold of the items she wants too! 难得 she 这么有心要 support (but got no time to go down) 😙
 photo 20161126_111941_zpsfxyv83c4.jpg

I think our stall has like the prettiest setup! Kudos to the volunteers who came down early in the morning!
 photo 20161126_112955_zpsbtzfdl1i.jpg

The weeks of hard work by the residents  (and volunteers) 😊 I bought something to  show my support too!
 photo 20161126_113122_zpsgpnfsnkn.jpg

And in the end, I won the lucky draw first prize… which led to a ‘big hoo-ha‘. Dislike!
 photo 20161126_115813_zpsxkonulc9.jpg

I mean it’s my first time winning a lucky draw; I never had luck in such thing, if you don’t count Facebook contests. Yea but this win makes me realise that my heart ain’t as big as the others after all 😕 Aiya, but in the first place, who would buy a damn S$1.7k kettle???
Anyhow, a better idea of the various project groups! But come and join TH please! 😛
 photo 20161126_120311_zpsorvcwkok.jpg

Guess who I spotted?! I even dug on the picture we took with her at Starbucks to show her! She was damn surprised but couldn’t recall where was it taken, until I told her…hahaha! So prettyyyyyy 😍
 photo 20161126_114840_zps6g3iksg3.jpg

Wanted to try the highly-raved-by-colleagues 九鲜 Taiwanese dessert badly, so I decided to drop off halfway to get it! With a scoop of durian! Perfect!
 photo 20161126_142457_zpsyguxdjnf.jpg

Spent the remaining hours before K at the library, because it was pouring outside… And it was freezing inside! But I had a good Jodi Picoult read with me, so it was fine~

K-session with le volunteers~! It’s been a long time since we last sang together and I even managed to invite the 歌王 – ASH!!!

Not this one lah 👇 This is 深情王 – YC 😅
 photo 20161126_203750_zpsc7eiaeyh.jpg

I have been yearning to hear the 歌王 sing again ever since I first heard him at TH Anniversary 4 years ago! To the extent that ever single time I see him at project, I will ask him to sing for me, but of course he did not lah…hahaha!

So honoured that he accepted my last-minute invitation! And I actually recorded almost every song that he sang 😂 Cause YH has his singing in his phone and I’m jealous! Hahaha! I wanna hear 歌王’s singing anytime too!

This is one of his warm up songs – 只对你说~ I realised he sounds extra nice when singing JJ’s songs!!!

Another warm-up song – Piano! I was like why your warm-up songs all so 高难度 one?! 😱

Another nice song – 你不知道的事!

I requested for 爱如潮水 because that’s the song he sang during TH Anniversary that got me 😱😱😱

A song from my Sis’ generation – 遗憾~ I have never tried singing this before but it’s a nice song! Especially after the 歌王 sings it…hahaha!

可惜不是你 by YC, can skip lah. LOL. Just kidding~ Recorded it for his 深情 look 😆

The highlight of the night was probably this song – 飚高音, because it’s the most ridiculous song I have heard! A song by Namewee so no doubt the MV is like a comedy~ I think JH used up all his energy on this song, but we were all very entertained by his song selections…LOL. 娱乐王!

Requested a duet by the 歌王 & 歌后 before the latter left! 歌后 Jocelyn’s voice is super nice too! Presenting to you – 你最珍贵~

And I requested 歌王 for 2 more JJ’s songs – 修炼爱情 and 她说 because he really makes his songs sound extra niceeeeee! Like free JJ concert…woohoooo~ But I still wanna go for the real JJ concert! It’s my birthday wish/bucket list since years ago to attend a concert at least once in my life 😔

Another song from my Sis’ generation – 心有独钟! I think it’s my first time hearing someone sings this and I love it now! Gonna try singing it next time~

The final song by the 歌王 was a duet with the 好胜王 – 千里之外! I think 好胜王 felt super defeated for the night 😂 歌王 machiam 费玉清上身 please! 太棒了!!!

Sundate with my loveboy again~! It’s been quite some time since I spend an entire day with him. Went cycling first – the family bike kind again, with the little king just sitting there asking, “要到了没有?” While the 3 of us do all the work 😓 Ain’t he supposed to be the one who needs some exercise?! Hahaha!

In the end when we finallyyyyyyy reached Bedok jetty, it was closed!!! –FAINT!– So we cycled all the way back again~ Long time no wefie together! Playing with the flashlights that I koped from K the previous night 😛
 photo 20161127_172055_zpsrcpnu0nz.jpg
 photo 20161127_172057_zpscdddkjpt.jpg
 photo 20161127_172003_zpsbgskqdlz.jpg
 photo 20161127_172054_zpsnxio9oy5.jpg

 photo 20161127_172059_zpsyrelynon.jpg

Monster evolving!

 photo 20161127_172102_zpsj8c2fu86.jpg


Apparently, this little one has got a talent for singing I think! He learns songs real fast and he even knows how to sing 草蜢! Might not be the exact lyrics but the tune and everything is there! Like you can tell what song it is at least~ And he picks it up just by listening to his Ah Ma’s radio 😱 Can go sing K with Yiyi often next time liao! Hahaha!

🌝 Mini Moon 🌝

Have been pretty busy lately, at work and also socially 😅 The only time I am left to blog is in the train on the way to work~ Shall combine 2 weeks’ worth of stuff into this post because I don’t know when is the next time I’m free to blog again!

 photo 20161107_135359_zpspvclncx5.jpg

Finally tried the bibimbap – noodle version! 😋

But it kept me full even till yoga class and I started to feel unwell after the Hot Basic class… Started to feel the abdominal pain at 11+pm and I thought it was because I exercised while still feeling bloated, so there was some indigestion going on. Decided to go to sleep because sleep usually solves everything, but ended up waking at 2+am, in pain.

The pain was something that I had never experienced before (I think?) and it comes and goes. So although the pain was a piercing sharp pain, at least it was not the continuous kind of pain; it came in a cycle, and it came in a wave. Like you can feel it when it’s coming, because it’s a gradual wave, like someone stabbing you slowlyyyyyyyy. But the pain was really sharp when it reached the greatest magnitude, making me unable to fall back to sleep!

Was tossing and turning the whole night, trying all sorts of ways to alleviate the pain, but po chai pills, 如意油 and even pooping did not work at all. It was such an unusual pain that got me really paranoid, making me think of all the worst scenarios from gallstones to stomach cancer. I was even thinking of taking a cab down to the A&E! That was how bad the pain is!

In the end I succumbed to Panadol and it helped for like 2 hours. So I managed to sleep for that 2 hours. The pain still came back after that, though less frequency, but I still insisted on going for a checkup to make sure I am fine. I can’t live a life wondering what might be living inside me you see.

 photo 20161108_112434_zpss9brl7sn.jpg

Hate needles!!!

I don’t think the doctor’s lame diagnosis was accurate at all, because the medicine did not even stop the pain, though he said it will. So I just lived with the pain the next few days, since it happened less and less frequent each day~ The diarrhoea was pretty detoxing too, so I didn’t mind. My conclusion is food poisoning, though I still don’t know what is the real cause. But the symptoms just seem like food poisoning.

Well anyway, life still goes on even if you are living in pain, so my social life gotta continue of course! Haha! I mean since I feel the pain lying in bed, and I also feel the pain when I go out, so I would rather go out and have some life. If not 不痛死也会闷死 😐

 photo 20161108_191646_zpsx2byspvn.jpg

Hello, original O’bean!

 photo 20161108_191559_zpsxtyxgqmy.jpg

The REAL O’bean soy milk!!! 😋

Bought a yam cake before dinner because I was expecting a queue, and I was feeling in need of sugar after a day of diarrhoea~

 photo 20161108_191451_zpshygxwclr.jpg

Movie of the week was Doctor Strange and I think it was pretty good! To be honest, I had no idea who is Doctor Strange prior to this movie because I am not Marvel fan. But after watching I think he’s pretty cool and the movie was also really enjoyable! Pacing was good; not any part that will make you feel like falling asleep. Like they spaced out the excitement really well I think (:


Went for free Piloxing class again but this time I have a partner because Miss President finally made an appearance! The one who jio-ed me for these free classes but always did not turn up 😓 Another super sweaty and tiring 1-hour workout! Super shiok~!

Attempted to discuss for the upcoming trip but it didn’t seem like the night was fruitful nor did it end well. Few days ago Mommeyyyyy was texting me about how I am good at planning trips and all. I told her I am good at it but I don’t enjoy doing it. I do it only because I have no choice; I don’t wanna be stranded on the street or get lost.

Yea I wish people know how tiring it is to plan trips and how much I actually dislike doing it. Trying to Google map all the directions and checking proximity one by one is not fun at all, I can tell you. It’s really so damn tiring having to take so many things into consideration – safety, proximity, reviews, cost, time and etc. And it didn’t help while I was trying to make things more cost-efficient and at the same time, time-efficient, it was said to be unnecessary.

I like to take things into consideration because I don’t wanna waste time being stuck on the street when you clearly know that’s what that is gonna happen. I don’t wanna waste money watching the fare meter ticking away when this could have been avoided. Hence I rather take all these into considerations before making any decisions, and that’s what planning a trip is all about, and I thought everyone would be on the same page. But apparently, such considerations were seen as thinking too much or unnecessary.

I would rather be seen as thinking too much than having to decide everything. “Anything” and “no objection” are the friendliest and easiest answers, but they are also the ones that make peoples’ lives the most difficult, because to be frank, they are not even an answer at all, because they don’t help at all. So when is it my turn to be a follower instead so that I can throw all the decision-making to someone else? And it’s also easy to comment on what is unnecessary to think about, because what’s difficult is the stuff that are necessary to think about.

The long-awaited break cum super mini getaway~ First time trying Horizon Ferry, as recommended by Sis! Indeed bigger and much cleaner! Finally tried Grand iHotel too! Exactly what you need for a good break – Clean room, big bed & bathtub 😊

 photo 20161112_125150_zps6bmdcw0n.jpg

 photo 20161112_125125_zpseexuj0nv.jpg

 photo 20161112_125217_zpswwlbexq0.jpg

Bak kut teh & hor fun after exploring the vicinity of Nagoya~

 photo 20161112_153428_zpsdo2kwylp.jpg

 photo 20161112_153359_zpscdytgwgk.jpg

Happiest find – limited edition Crème Brûlée & Tiramisu Magnum!!! Superrrrr yummmyyyyyyy pleaseeeee~!!!

 photo 20161112_181344_zpshzvi4lcl.jpg

 photo 20161112_212213_zpspiimvog4.jpg

Lazy night!
My “homemade” mushroom soup compliments the meal! 😛

 photo 20161113_172015_zps0spk8a4d.jpg

Durian puffs!
Because no more kiwi mango durian ice 😔

 photo 20161113_182430_zpsngnlxmtc.jpg

Exploring BCS!

 photo 20161113_182455_zpsgaijbxtg.jpg

SUPER LOVE THIS $1.80 豆苗!!!💖

 photo 20161113_182451_zpsiyfbvr34.jpg

Spring rolls!

 photo 20161113_182756_zpsp8kocm61.jpg

Pandan chicken!

Started a brand new week after enough nua-ing~ Had the rush-est project ever – exporting at 2pm for airing at 8.30pm…Zzzzzz. This is not my style of working 😑 Dislike rush job or last-minute stuff! Was really keeping my fingers crossed that the episode doesn’t get rejected. 真是皇上不急太监急~

Had a simple date with Running Man and also survived another Hot Flow class 💪 Impromptu O’bean meal again before chilling out by the sea!

 photo 20161117_211942_zps18rw5pet.jpg

 photo 20161117_223512_zpsc2jyorzx.jpg

Super moon???

The preggie was craving for 麻辣香锅 but Ally was reluctant to travel so far. So the siao charboh ran for boss’ car to ask for a ride 😂 How daring! Go so far still dare to ask for ride. Pregnant woman’s privilege I guess~

Selfie in the yellow van! 🚚 Off we go for our 麻辣~!

 photo 20161118_124254_zpsasbtyfi6.jpg

Don’t judge me okay, very long never cam-whore liao hor 😶

 photo 20161118_124256_zpse5fmmkfw.jpg

I was in a 麻辣香锅 mood but as compared to Swee Choon, I would prefer this 😛 It gets cheaper each time we order! But I felt like we took more this time? Hmmmmm….

 photo 20161118_130717_zpssail6spr.jpg

TGIF with Kai Bin & Co and OMG~ Abby’s tummy has grown so much since the last time we met! So nice to touch…hahaha!

We had Marché again because I think everyone likes the food there in general, so no one will have any objection. Maybe except me. I do love the food there, but we always ended up with a feast and I was telling the girls if I eat with them everyday like this, I might turn anorexic/bulimic some day…hahaha!

2 starter breads + caesar salad + 2 crepes + 2 rosti (no photos because I don’t like potatoes) + 1 pork knuckle 😱😱😱

 photo 20161118_201317_zpsl2opbwer.jpg

 photo 20161118_201305_zpsabtftfyp.jpg

 photo 20161118_201311_zpsgbsee1l4.jpg

 photo 20161118_201336_zpsyaoavgxv.jpg

 photo 20161118_201321_zpswxwms3sh.jpg

纯粹 from Taiwan~!!! I chose the green tea one immediately because I am not a coffee person 😐 Chii Hian said she only managed to find ONE green tea latte after searching all the 7-11s, so she had not tried it before too! 几感动~

 photo 20161118_205015_zpsusloniui.jpg

But we still opened up and try each others, so verdict is green tea latte is the best, followed by maybe Oolong? Cause I prefer tea! But the worst is white coffee! Too milky and smelly! I forgot Mandheling is the better one or Sumiyaki, but I think it’s the latter.

 photo 20161119_165108_zpsyz5ue71h.jpg

More goodies from Taiwan! Hehe!

Table for 7! 😛 We gonna have another pax for our outing soon in a few months’ time! It’s a GIRL! Yayyyyyyy!!!

 photo IMG-20161118-WA0008_zpsoxyfzsgd.jpg

Brunch before Chingay practice! When nothing on the daily menu suits you, Tom Yum noodle never goes wrong 😋

 photo 20161119_114010_zpsl25ij9km.jpg

I always look forward to the practice! Can’t wait for our regular weekly practice so that we can really brush up on the steps. But I think we did pretty well this week; managed to catch most of the steps (thanks to 大师指导 😏), just need to practise more to remember~ Sometimes when the music gets too fast, the actions get jumbled up again. Gotta practise till once you hear the music, you know the step, like 关着眼睛也会跳~

 photo 20161119_184639_zps6pug83ug.jpg

Reward after practice!
Because I was still thinking of my kiwi mango durian ice 😅

Mahjong night again and thank you lady luck for staying with me once again; won 70 bucks this time 😬 But still haven’t recoup back! Every time I win, I will not consider it exactly as a profit but I will be counting how much more then can recoup back my huge losses instead~ I was really so broke that time! CRY!

Finally hit JB with VJC again~! Was the last time we went in together really 7 years ago?! 😱 Managed to go in pretty fast and settled for a Taiwanese lunch! So happy to see my 豆苗 in the menu!!! Although it’s S$3+ and not as nice as the S$1.80 one of course~

 photo 20161120_124841_zpsrx8rzhtk.jpg

 photo 20161120_125335_zpswzyjo2ux.jpg

In a dumpling mode lately!

Took them on a tour around City Square since Joanjoan had not been there since the revamp~ All our favourite shops are gone now😦 But chanced upon a nice photo-taking area!

 photo 20161120_133323_zpssnxhbten.jpg

 photo 20161120_133530_zps53qnbwom.jpg

 photo 20161120_133342_zpssh7iaa6s.jpg

Forced to be my model 😂

 photo 20161120_133455_zpsmraaxons.jpg

Kanna forced back~
Awkward hand position!

 photo 20161120_135342_zpsgze8mmi2.jpg


And because of this quote, I was so broke at the end of the day 😭 I seldom feel broke when I’m there, but I really did not expect that I will spend S$200 in a day! Should have brought more ringgit…

 photo 20161120_143557_zpsjcw6irwz.jpg

Mojo’s Japanese cheese tart!

After trying her cheese tart, I was saying I might wanna buy a couple back later on. But later in KSL, I got attracted by another new tart stall, and I went for the Mao Shan Wang durian tart right away! Even though Joanjoan’s Japanese tart was more Instagramable, I think the durian tart was more YUM! Too bad I was broke in the end and could not afford another one 😭😭😭

 photo 20161120_170347_zpsmicfneco.jpg

Managed to have this for dinner after asking Joanjoan to exchange my S$2 for Ringgit 😅 It’s my favourite taro! But I forgot that they like to slice it so big over here! Must remember to ask them to slice smaller pieces next time!

 photo 20161120_191100_zpsadfkpgem.jpg

Luckily I splurged on these before I was broke! It’s another new cafe and Joanjoan said it’s famous in Korea!

 photo 20161120_190515_zpssgf1jmy0.jpg

Suckers for cakes!😛 Every time I’m there I can’t help but smuggle some sweet treats back because cakes are so expensive in Singapore! These were my afternoon tea snacks at work for the next 2 days…haha! The passion fruit cheese cake was nice! The chocolate cake has got peanuts on top so it’s kinda ruined.

 photo 20161120_190055_zpsg9wi8hul.jpg

I wanna bring more money to buy again next time!!! 😁😁😁

Isaac’s Concert 2016

It’s coming to the end of another year and le loveboy had his mini concert again! Last year I took the second row to prevent the props on stage from blocking my video view and Isaac did not manage to spot me, so this time I decided to sit in the first row with Sis! We even managed to sit on the correct side that the boy will be positioned for every performance, because we managed to catch a “sneak” preview (by sneaking in) 😅

I think the props were recycled from last year but they added bees!!! Funny-looking bees though 😂
 photo 20161106_144731_zpstuyiwvo3.jpg
 photo 20161106_144743_zps0cwqclmr.jpg

Item list! It’s really fast to see that last year we were camping for all the items for PG2, but this year Isaac is K1 already! Next year will be K2, followed by Primary 1! 😱
 photo 20161106_145009_zpss0xd6jmf.jpg

The first group that performed was the K2, with their 左三圈右三圈 exercise song~ That’s why they were dressed in pajamas! Haha!
 photo 20161106_151145_zpsi28spgi7.jpg

This year I only took photos/videos of the performances that are cuter or more interesting so that I can focus more on le loveboy! Last year I spammed too much photos and videos that I had a hard time blogging them 😐

Sis said Isaac was crying again before going for his performance, because of stage-fright or something. I was still afraid he might end up bawling on stage like some of the younger kids. In the end the fatty boy came out for his first item, looking a little nervous, but gave a wide smile and cute fatty-hand wave upon spotting us, right in front of him! 😊😊😊 We are his no.1 confidence booster!
 photo 20161106_151507_zpscqggmzu4.jpg

His first item – Skip To My Lou was so cute!!! He gets to do all the extra actions at the start of the song and because of his round body, his movements look so constricted and cute! 😂
 photo 20161106_151520_zpsosjj1tym.jpg
 photo 20161106_151544_zpsxhaduwdk.jpg
 photo 20161106_151645_zpsmjs4eeke.jpg
 photo 20161106_151646_zpssmzrukue.jpg
 photo 20161106_151536_zpsptivgakd.jpg

This was probably my favourite item of the night because he did such a good job + I like this song + I bet he likes it too cause he was enjoying it! 😊 Best performance award!

 photo 20161106_151731_zps9vepejo6.jpg

Such a good job, our fat baby!

The next cute item was by the PG1 & PG2~
 photo 20161106_151956_zpstevffyoa.jpg

Their faces were painted as little mice because they were performing 小老鼠! Haha! So cute!
 photo 20161106_151923_zpskjzb08lv.jpg

Cute enough to deserve some camera storage space on my phone 😁

Fast forward to Isaac’s next item – Burung Kakak Tua and he turned from the smart boy with tie to a parrot this time! At first I thought it’s a chicken, but later Vic googled and told me Burung Kakak Tua means parrot! I was still wondering why there’s no “ayam” in the title! LOL!
 photo 20161106_153215_zpsuw7gpxzy.jpg

Super cute actions! Would be cuter if it’s a fat chicken, isn’t it! 😂
 photo 20161106_153218_zpsequpj6lp.jpg
 photo 20161106_153339_zpshahjbaek.jpg
 photo 20161106_153416_zps0ar0qldy.jpg
 photo 20161106_153424_zpswfiqj0ou.jpg

Everytime he finishes an item, I would go to the front of the stage of snap some cute photos of his outfit! Can’t wait to pinch my fat chicken!
 photo 20161106_153429_zpsihajsdcq.jpg
 photo 20161106_153433_zpsybxd9xs0.jpg
 photo 20161106_153437_zpsvznvzlds.jpg

Cutest outfit award!

Next item was the PG 1 & 2 again! And they too, transformed from mice to a mini zoo! Actually I don’t know why they are so many different animals when the title of the item is Monkey Dance 😅
 photo 20161106_153741_zpsn10ayrhu.jpg

Fast forward again to Isaac’s third item – Do Re Mi! But it’s Mandarin version 😅 Quite interesting! And of course cute~~~
 photo 20161106_154708_zpss5iqzesx.jpg
 photo 20161106_154709_zpsd0difuca.jpg
 photo 20161106_154756_zps4bbh5bks.jpg

A pity the outfit for the item doesn’t compliment him at all. The shirt looks way too tight for him, revealing his chunk of fats! 😂 But we all know that it’s not the shirt that is too small for him but he is too big for the shirt! Hahaha!
 photo 20161106_154841_zpsb75ldrse.jpg

Can tell that he has lost a bit of patience to perform by this item, so he did not really focus. Danced wrongly a few times but he was so quick to change at his first mistake! 👍

Fast forward again to his last item – 不倒翁! When he first told me he is performing this item, I thought he will be the round 不倒翁 to be pushed by others 😂😂😂 But it turned out to be a song item!

By this time the kiasu Yiyi has camped right in front of the stage to capture more shots of him 😛 It’s the last item anyway and all the parents were doing so! I waited till the last item at least~
 photo 20161106_155821_zps1dnpii0n.jpg

It’s the ugly “hot-air balloon” tee again 😐 Really looks like a rag on him~ And I was telling Sis the balloon almost turned 3D if it was lower! LOL. Super fat!!! *pinch!*
 photo 20161106_155952_zpsdl4okloq.jpg
 photo 20161106_155853_zpskgwxckyl.jpg
 photo 20161106_155859_zpsrckjkgcc.jpg

The part that he does this action is quite cute 😍
 photo 20161106_155930_zpstrqoekcn.jpg
 photo 20161106_155858_zps3suytzbp.jpg
 photo 20161106_155831_zpski8q1jhe.jpg
 photo 20161106_155932_zpsguxwsnkg.jpg
 photo 20161106_155933_zpslvj9mjyg.jpg

And he gets to partner his ex-crush’s sister! 😂
 photo 20161106_155936_zps4oabdj44.jpg

Spam-shots before the curtain closed!
 photo 20161106_1559500_zpsb9orra0s.jpg
 photo 20161106_155951_zpsmj4kuidw.jpg
 photo 20161106_1559510_zpsn73qdqgl.jpg

I truly think he did a better job than last year! So I think he will be even better during his final year next year 😊

The K2’s last performance was dedicated specially for their parents, and the teachers made a fantastic choice of choosing Because You Loved Me for the girls!
 photo 20161106_161959_zps8wkbebhl.jpg

The boys sang another song but I think it’s not as touching as this. I think if I’m the mother confirm cry when listening one! What a brilliant choice! Wonder if I will cry during Isaac’s graduation next year! 😅

 photo 20161106_161038_zpsxsvhdcu7.jpg

The graduates of 2016!

The finale where all the students from different grades came out to dance along to the Happy Song again!
 photo 20161106_163116_zpsbxecqhd8.jpg
 photo 20161106_163115_zpsxgkyfaru.jpg
 photo 20161106_163214_zpstxnplvwq.jpg

Same finale song as last year but the kids seem to love the song! Try spotting our fat boy 😛

Goodbye, Mr Ling.

Had a relatively busy week but I guess that’s good news too. At least I am not project-hopping and can focus on one that I have figured out the client’s style or preference.

Anyhow, had a pretty good lunch amidst of the busyness~ There are times in life when you felt like – This is one of my best choices in life! And this feels like that! Hahaha! Love 枸杞子!:D
 photo 20161031_134912_zps1fuqiarl.jpg

Went for a 3-hour K-session at the fully-revamped Manekineko~ Probably the last time for 3 hours K since they gonna change the price pretty soon😦 For once I have got less songs…hiak hiak!

 photo 20161102_212501_zpsoocneubg.jpg

Even car goes for eyelash extension now!

Caught Monster Calls and the reviews seem promising, but made me pin high hopes on it. But didn’t turn out as great as I had expected leh. Was a bit too draggy until I can’t feel much of the sadness or touching part anymore. Maybe I am more of a romance person than fam-mance? 😐

Checked out Timbre+ once again after the movie but this time round it wasn’t for free show!😛 Super love my passion fruit cider!!!
 photo 20161102_215803_zpsdql0c9jm.jpg

It was the same drama-mama band because it’s Wednesday again! The female lead did not sing as many songs this time, probably because she had sung the first few sets already. But they were still so rock, so high!!!
 photo 20161102_225033_zpsi0urtfxe.jpg

Hyping everyone up with Zombie!

 photo 20161102_223000_zpsvqoghdhv.jpg
 photo 20161102_222926_zpsrhxs4xix.jpg

And they got so high that the funny male lead started his drama again, climbing onto the chair to dance! Haha!

A pity they did not manage to do all my song dedications this time, but at least they sang my Yellow!😀

Le colleague is back from U.S after weeksss, with LOTS of chocolates!!! Not all for me lah, eat until diabetic meh. But I figured that most will end up in my tummy since I am the only chocolate fan in office! HAHAHA. #fatdieme

 photo 20161104_101253_zpslgh43wp4.jpg

Is my turn coming? 😔

 photo 20161104_135049_zpscjrm3jgl.jpg

炸酱面 still nicer, and only half the price 😩

Woke up with an extremely hungry tummy after a strenuous Hot Stretch class the previous night~ Had the nice carrot cake to kick off the Saturday but not full enough 😐 Yet you can’t order too much because it’s too oily for my weak digestion, so the usual portion is good enough.

But that’s good also, saved some space for dessert! TEEHEE~! Supposed to be Creamier but it was not opened yet. Got attracted by the pretty cakes next door at Niche Savoureuse instead!!! Sorry Creamier, but I can’t resist pretty cakes.

All the cakes there are so Instagrammable so I just gotta keep snapping from all angles before digging in!😛 Such a pain to eat with me…HAHAHA!
 photo 20161105_113628_zpsswogzh5e.jpg

TOO CHIO ISN’T IT?! I think we gotta give some credit to whoever who put in so much effort to create such beautiful cakes right?
 photo 20161105_113638_zpsibx45ksz.jpg

Lychee Bed of Roses to start off! Nice texture with lychee bits inside! A bit too sweet at the moist cake layer, but I am still okay with that 😁
 photo 20161105_113702_zpsuqqbz8nj.jpg

Next, the signature Black Diamond! I can’t resist glossy chocolate and this reminds me of the super nice glossy chocolate cake at Boufe! What’s more, it’s alcoholic! With some brandy cherries inside 😍 Super satisfied now!
 photo 20161105_113728_zpsw5lc5ryg.jpg

 photo 20161105_120012_zpstjggqco4.jpg

Pretty in pink!

 photo 20161105_120021_zpsfdhd9jfz.jpg

Never knew there are such pink baby breath!

Off to the east for Chingay practice and I was so lost since it’s been like ONE MONTH since the previous time I rehearsed! Missed once when I was in Kukup, and they didn’t have practice on the remaining Saturdays~ Just when I was saying the steps were quite manageable during the first practice, it got so damn fast and complicated now! 😫😫😫

I almost considered going to the slower-pace group with the “senior citizens” since I was afraid that I can’t catch the steps. But thankfully I decided to stay on and try with more rounds of practice! Managed to have a better grasp of the steps after the 3-hour practice~ Only left with one part that I still can’t catch – the hand swing! Argh. Why must swing so many times? I have coordination problem! Looking forward to practise more and more and more!!!

Headed down to support the Purple Parade at Suntec after the practice. It’s my first time joining the annual event! Sadly, most of the volunteers were done by the event by then and the residents had mostly gone off too. Only managed to catch a few of them.
 photo 20161105_174458_zpsyw3ek0rb.jpg

Insisted on buying the food coupon as a form of donation but ended up having a hard time finding things to buy, because most of the stalls had sold out their food and were done for the day! 😭 First time got money but don’t know what to buy. Settled for some mediocre sushi and a cup of Starbucks iced tea that I waited 10 minutes for.

Not satisfied with the sushi and I was also getting hungry after the dance burned up all my carrot cake and cakes. Went for the Korean stew because I was in a mood for spicy food! It’s been such a long time since I ate this in food court; used to have it so often with Uncle Y and Reiko~
 photo 20161105_182428_zpsodiahmxj.jpg

Asked for extra spicy and the chef was really out to kill me! This is the amount of chilli padi I dug out from my soup 😱 Okay lah, is I kay kiang. But super shiok please!!!! Even though it took me almost an hour to finish and everyone was waiting for me…hahahaha!
 photo 20161105_185458_zpshsdmkqnh.jpg

Headed off to attend Mr Ling’s funeral – one of the staff at MINDS who passed away recently due to cancer. It was really sad enough when I learned that he got diagnosed, because he’s like one of the nicest person I know, and within just like 1 week, I got to know that he had left us.

Although I had never worked with him before or have any close interaction, everyone in MINDS or even from various other VWOs would have known this great man, because he had done so much for not just the residents, but many other community services .

I first got to know him when he added me on Facebook, I accepted because many of the volunteers are mutual friends with him, so I figured he must be someone from MINDS. Later on during some of the events and projects, I did meet him and we managed to recognise each other, because of Facebook. He is always so friendly, always carrying a smile, always busy but always still stopping by to say hi to the residents and us. The residents were always happy to see him too, always shouting, “Mr Ling! Mr Ling!” when he is spotted.

When I first got to know the news that he is unwell, my first reaction was – Why him? He’s such a kind person, why him??? 

But I guess that’s the thing about reality. Life is never fair. There’s no such thing as 好人有好报 because sometimes even the kindest person can suffer a fate like this. So no matter how many karma points  you have earned, it wouldn’t really “save” you from anything.

Of course I am sure Mr Ling didn’t do all these for the sake of karma points, he genuinely helped and cared for these people. He has definitely touched many lives and been a great inspiration to many. So I wanna believe that there’s another place far far away that needs a great man like this, that’s why he had been taken away…

Anyway, the volunteers were discussing about whether we should let the residents know about it. Most of them agree that we should. But I have always felt that ignorance is bliss, at least for them. Maybe I still feel like I wanna protect them from this harsh world and cruel reality. Maybe I just hope they can always be happy by not knowing anything 😔

 photo 20161105_232908_zpsmcryqdeq.jpg

Korea goodies from Mojo and 太阳饼 from WC! 😍

One Day

Had a good lunch to kick off the new week and I am so delighted to see the 擂茶 auntie back! One reason is because that means she has finally went for her leg operation and no longer have to bear with the pain~ Another reason is of course because I can finally eat my 擂茶饭 again!😀
 photo 20161024_134313_zpsi1kfu1zf.jpg

Went for Hot Basic class and it was conducted by a fellow yoga-mate this time~ Not bad, but maybe Master’s way of pushing to train our endurance is better 😅 Love-hate relationship actually…haha!

 photo 20161025_202330_zps2mrpxdru.jpg

Rainy Tuesdate @ FIVE

And then it was an alcoholic Wednesday too, because it’s BYO wine Wednesday!😀 Finally can have my nice white wine again!!!
 photo 20161026_190341_zpsir5u7rzw.jpg

I’m really not suited for fine-dining~ Made so much noise with the utensils! The fork was so big, so difficult to use 😐
 photo 20161026_190717_zpsjbe9pryc.jpg

Missed the picture of the quesadilla, but overall the food is good! Too bad the food is kinda expensive, if not I wouldn’t mind frequenting it to enjoy all my wine~ Anywhere else that has such BYO wine thingy???
 photo 20161026_192850_zpspgix1npi.jpg

Dropped by Timbre+ for the first time! But it was really just dropping by since I just had a bottle of wine 😅 Finally checked it out at least! Sound system is pretty good and the band for the night was awesome too! The female lead singer’s voice is simply impressive!
 photo 20161026_215843_zpskzbpxhwg.jpg

Ended up staying for a few songs without ordering anything…HAHA! But the whole concept feels a bit like 7th month getai anyway, so I think there are people who really just grab a seat to watch the performance without ordering anything.
 photo 20161026_214725_zpstxp1b1rb.jpg

First they sang 海阔天空 when none of them is Chinese.

Then they sang a really passionate version of Secret Love Song, which is like my current favourite for English song! Definitely cannot leave before finishing the song right? 😆
 photo 20161026_220055_zpskshf4grq.jpg

And then they got even more drama that the funny male lead started dirty-dancing! Hahaha! Probably the most entertaining band I have seen!!!

Was intending to skip lunch since I gotta leave early for class at night, but then a 稀客 came, so I couldn’t reject (because he is a petty ass). Finally had my Swee Choon lunch though! So happy that they have decided to operate lunch hours too! I am not a dinner person so I could only eat a little whenever I go there last time~

Anyway, this was what I ordered before the pig came…
 photo 20161027_123720_zpstmdu6erb.jpg

And this was what happened after he arrived! These were not all by the way 😓 Couldn’t even finished luh!
 photo 20161027_124458_zps7gwg9gmk.jpg

Went for free class again! But this time round it wasn’t Piloxing, it was some fitness class which I thought would be like Zumba, but no, it was quite boring. The dance steps were rather simple and slow, hardly even sweat! And most of the songs were Malay songs, which I don’t know, so the dance naturally won’t be as enjoyable as dancing to popular hits or common Zumba songs.

 photo 20161027_210028_zpszozwncw4.jpg

Awkward smile because a lot of passerby…


My eyes, after doing a whole day of syncing (without proper audio)

Caught a really good Thai movie on TGIF and I think it’s so worth the weekend ticket price!

Saw the trailer once and I actually thought it will be like the usual Thai romance-comedy, which has more comedy than romance. I was also afraid that it would turn out like May Who, which really puts Thai romance-comedy to the ‘lame‘ category. But it turned out that I cried a bucket because the romance factor is 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟!

I definitely did not expect it to be such a tear-jerker; thought it would be light-hearted and all. But the comedy part was not much so the focus was mainly on the romance part, which is really really sadddddddddddddddddddddd. I was couldn’t help it and let my tap go loose… And even after the movie, I just felt like going home to 大哭一场,like really really just let it all out – something that I like to do especially after suppressing for a long time sometimes.

It’s really sad and it’s really something that I would wanna watch again, maybe in private; I will make sure I prepare a box of tissue this time. But yea, I really like it. And somehow I didn’t hate Denchai for deleting the video and erasing her memory forever, cause like him, I know 现实是残酷的,and her reaction after the confession clearly tells that she’s the 现实 kind. Furthermore she only fell for him because he was there at her lowest point, but her heart was originally someone else’s. Nevertheless, I was still hoping that there will be the revelation at the end of credit to show that she recalled everything and they got together… 😔

Had an unusual start to Saturday; so unusual that even my mum didn’t buy my share for breakfast. Thank goodness I have stocked up pizza in fridge!!!

Finally dragged myself out to collect my parcel only to realise that it’s Deepavali, so the post office is not open! ARGH! For those who don’t know, our AMK Central post office is damn far one, so imagine walking all the way there under the hot sun only to realise that…Zzzzzzz.

The only perk was – spotting the Milo truck! Hehe!
 photo 20161029_143659_zpsopgzolwi.jpg

Never thought I would be able to drink this again since I thought the queue would be crazy. But there was no queue, surprisingly! Too bad the Milo didn’t taste the same as primary school sports day; not as gao 😕
 photo 20161029_143804_zpsjdrlsf5m.jpg

Off to Gardens to dispatch off my very last batch of Aussie goodie! Wanted to 顺便 have my durian mousse but suay enough, it was closed for company retreat –CRY!!!!!!Wimbly Lu‘s rootbeer cake as replacement instead~ But really lah, the one at the original outlet is much nicer!
 photo 20161029_155617_zpsaliygwaz.jpg

 photo 20161029_165529_zpsvmalkxcs.jpg

Making up for the unsatisfactory rootbeer cake! 😜

 photo 20161029_165550_zpsxmnmfcr9.jpg

They have one of the best rum & raisin!

Anyway, my Chienny so cute, keep asking me not to go because she doesn’t like her new workplace~ But I had to go because I had got Deepavali outing with le residents!

 photo 20161029_175305_zpscyt68kuv.jpg

My first Hippo ride!

All thanks to Lynn’s company for sponsoring and bringing the residents out to see the Deepavali lighting! ((:
 photo 20161029_175718_zpsygi2cbif.jpg

 photo 20161029_175345_zpslck6imt9.jpg

Yes! Please follow us!!!

Took so many cute photos of the residents enjoying the breeze and upper deck view, but too bad I can’t post them~ But they were pretty excited to see all the malls and etc! I think more excited than seeing the lighting itself…haha!

 photo 20161029_200613_zpsdmxgd7na.jpg

Volunteers from Ciseern Design!

 photo 20161029_1940512_zps4dmxxae0.jpg

Resuming the ride after toilet break at Flyers!

We thought it’s pretty cool to be up on the bus with open upper deck view, can wave to everyone below us, but this Gourmet Bus stopped beside us and there are people actually dining inside the bus?! I never knew there’s such a bus! Looks pretty cool inside too!
 photo 20161029_194624_zpskjwf1822.jpg

And finally, we came to the highlight of our trip – Little India! But I feel that the decorations are all quite repetitive so I kept shooting the same thing. The residents enjoyed the atmosphere though! And also the curry smell 😂
 photo 20161029_1959032_zps26swmazw.jpg
 photo 20161029_195942_zpsaocaa1is.jpg
 photo 20161029_195915_zpsy3ee43ra.jpg
 photo 20161029_195857_zpszfxag8dk.jpg

Tutu kueh and beancurd after the outing! Was definitely hungry after a whole day without proper meal…
 photo 20161029_214904_zpsmy6ypndt.jpg
 photo 20161029_221418_zps1fdboiza.jpg

Had an epic Sunday starting with Lyn coming over with her new epic hairstyle to cycle 😐 Managed to borrow buddy’s bike and he even pumped the 4 tyres for us! Awwwww~ It’s really not easy to cycle this bike and I was wondering if we would even reach Thomson. I even warned Lyn that 15 minutes on this bike feels like 1 or even 2 hours on the bikes at ECP. I don’t know why too, but I always get damn tired after like 15 minutes. But I guess both our hunger pangs pushed us to continue and after an exhausting ride, we finally reached Habitat Coffee!
 photo IMG-20161030-WA0030_zpssa0a0y2s.jpg
 photo IMG-20161030-WA0034_zpsvpkjmjdh.jpg

Chilli crab spaghetti, as recommended by buddy! It was AWESOME!
 photo 20161030_144439_zpsprszh3qz.jpg

The scrambled egg set with extra ingredients we couldn’t decide on the eggs and we are mushroom-person, but I didn’t like the mushrooms 😣😣😣
 photo 20161030_144916_zpsio28u9pa.jpg

The epic occurrence started right after our brunch, when we were discussing about our upcoming trip. Actually it was more of a stupid occurrence. Basically we couldn’t decide on the flight timing so I decided to spin a coin, and before I could catch the coin, it went straight underneath the fridge 😭😭😭 There goes my $1!!! And the thing is I have a 5-cent and a 10-cent in my wallet too, but I kay kiang chose my dollar coin –CRY!!!!

Continued our journey to Bishan Park where Lyn probably wanna curse and swear at me very much for bringing her onto the steepest slope! LOL. I felt like dying after that slope too. So so so damn tired!!!

The must-come place whenever I cycle here! Hehe!
 photo IMG-20161030-WA0037_zpsapteed03.jpg
 photo IMG-20161030-WA0036_zpsmfbgfqvr.jpg
 photo IMG-20161030-WA0035_zpsmakvrzhc.jpg
 photo IMG-20161030-WA0039_zpsfsj4quco.jpg
 photo IMG-20161030-WA0040_zpsdbpkufsf.jpg

And for 27 years of my life, this is my first time to really learn how to swing 😐 I like to swing but I never quite know how to swing myself high enough; I always depend on people’s pushing. Yea so Lyn was teaching me how to kick on to the sand (like a horse) to “push” myself backward and up higher but I just couldn’t catch. So she kept saying, “Kick!” each time I swing, until I ended up sending sand flying all over her instead! LOLOLOLOLOL!
 photo 20161030_170254_zpsri5tuiv6.jpg

The moment was simply Oh Shit! + shock (to see the sand flying over) + hilarious!!! We just held on to our tummy and laughed for a good 5 seconds before doing something about those sand! LOL! The poor girl was sitting innocently on the swing, with sand all over her epic hair and body 😂😂😂 This is why I foresee many people will give up on teaching me things…hahahahahahaha!

And that was just the start of our epic Sunday, apparently. The next epic thing happened when we were returning the bikes back to my house and suddenly the lift stopped halfway between a level! We both got shocked because I had never been stuck in a lift before, and we were like fuckkkkkkkkk.

Thank goodness the lift started moving again and opened at the level, so we quickly ran out of it instead. Decided to carry the bikes 2 stories up because we didn’t know how cranky the lift is – it has been a bit cranky lately and we didn’t wanna be stuck again. Yea so I was trying so hard to carry the damn bike up the stairs while Lyn had already carried hers up by 1 storey. Then when she ran down to help me, she accidentally missed the step and sprained her ankle! Like OMGWTFBBQ! How drama can it get!

So I was like oh shit oh shit oh shit. I told her to stay there while I carry the bike up and get help to carry her up also 😐 But the persistent girl insisted that she can still walk, and thank goodness at this moment le pig brother happened to be going out and took the stairs down! So he saw us and helped me carry the bike up~ Super drama day, seriously!!!

Dinner at O’bean to satisfy the soy bean milk crave! But it was quite disappointing because the standard at the original outlet is definitely better 😕 But price is much cheaper here too luh

 photo 20161030_185559_zpsc3ruek8g.jpg


Ended the night with Mahjong again and although I did not 自摸 as many times as the last week, I still won quite a number of rounds consecutively, so considered pretty good luck! 44 bucks, ka-ching~! May the luck be with me, always!