FOL Week!

Just realised FOL actually meant “Fuck Our Lives”, but not in my dictionary! Haha! It means Full Of Love here ((:

Was feeling so exhausted after the “Chingay marathon” + work that I hardly feel that the weekend even existed! And it doesn’t help that I woke up from a painful eye, again!

I mentioned that during the Batam trip trip, I had a pump in my right eye causing some pain which went on and off~ I thought it was gone for good but somehow it appeared again, but on the lower lid this time!

Decided to finally go see the doctor and it’s been so long since I last had someone accompanying me to the doctor! I have always dreaded going alone because somehow it just feels more scary x.x

Lunch while waiting for my turn! So many people having eye problem? Hmmmm. Anyway, was granted permission to eat curry and hence, I finally got the chance to try the yummy chicken rice with curry! Hehe!
 photo 20150302_121420_zpspsmdvc03.jpg

The diagnosis turned out to be an eye infection aka the legendary “bak zum”! The one that the old folks say you get when you peep at people in the toilet -_- I did not!!!

But of course I know that’s just a bullshit myth and the real cause is more of eye makeup being washed into the eye plus perhaps heatiness (luckily I already had my curry!! :P )~ Thank goodness it was nothing serious, although the doctor did mention that if it gets worse, I may have needed to go for an eye operation! >.<

Was given 1 day MC and then it was 7 hours of snuggling in bed~ Can’t believe it was 7 hours! Was it really 7 hours?? A day just passed by like that :(
 photo 20150303_190543_zpsawefgzmg.jpg

I seriously can’t remember much of what happened for the rest of the week except that I was busy finishing up my round’s episodes before I could help out with Ally’s, since she was on leave~ And I thought I would finally be freed from this project once she’s back to take over, but who knows the EP requested for me to re-edit instead! -CRYYYYYYY!!!-

Oh I think this was the week that I caught Fifty Shades of Grey too! Already wrote my review here, so shall not comment further~

Managed to go for a swim one of the days after work as well, and thank goodness my eyes did not get further infected by the extra-salty water! =X

Saturdate with second movie of the week and also the last on my wanna-watch list – Ah Boys to Frogmen!

It was quite funny; I enjoyed it, but all the hardcore advertising is such a turn-off!!! I mean I have never seen product placement being so hardcore seriously…Zzzzzz.

Dessert Bowl after that before heading to MINDS~! :D So long since I last been here! Cause it’s always full house so I always didn’t didn’t get to eat my favourite durian mousse!
 photo 20150307_144135_zpsswqwokfb.jpg

 photo 20150307_144150_zpspgt3joko.jpg


 photo 20150307_150653_zpssx9xexze.jpg

Miniature Mahjong!

 photo 20150307_150636_zpsipt2mc0j.jpg

Looks so real and detailed!

Finally back to project again after all the Chingay rehearsals and we taught the residents how to make medals this week! The usual dinner after that and then Mac for chit-chat; no card game this week because the owner was not present..haha!

With le new volunteer!
 photo 20150307_212116_zps8tr3xhy9.jpg

And then the topic of the night was probably this imitation of my Han Wei! Hahahahahaha! It all started with Jason commenting that Janelle looks like HW, so they got us to “reenact” this photo so as to put side by side for comparison. They even drew the heart on Janelle’s shirt so that it has the same pattern as HW’s! LOL!!!


Do you think they look like???? I think Janelle is too chubby and fair to be HW :P 不像不像!

Cam-whore session with my mighty selfie stick! :D
 photo 20150307_212206_zpszeslfeqo.jpg
 photo 20150307_212245_zpstli1kwiu.jpg

 photo 20150308_223235_zpsj6omcir2.jpg

Gifts from Europe!!!

Went Sis’s place for stayover because I had to babysit the babyyyyy the next day! Vic has got his bike rally so Sis needed someone to look after Isaac while she showers and etc~ I didn’t mind since that only means Yiyi & Isaac’s bonding time~! :D
 photo 20150308_095033_zpskvhynrxd.jpg

Look who the camera caught for terrorising my phone!!! Hahaha!
 photo 20150308_095342_zpspdsj9nnb.jpg

Wefies wefies and more wefies! Isn’t his big face so adorable?! *pinch!!!*
 photo 20150308_095421_zpss8z2mprv.jpg
 photo 20150308_095426_zpst7dk2gka.jpg
 photo 20150308_095423_zpsju4gjd4j.jpg

Showing him the dual-cam function!
 photo 20150308_095744_zpsgktzuv9c.jpg

Then I got him to help me take a shot and this was what he took -_- And then he just 敷衍-ly said, “这个可以啦~ *passes me back the phone*
 photo 20150308_095829_zpsar3hibec.jpg

He actually knows how to take a proper photo because he has taken for Sis before! So I got him to try again and this was his shot! Haha! Not bad right~ Just that I’m looking damn cui with my naked face >.<
 photo 20150308_105442_zpstnpcmfwh.jpg

Favourite shot of the day! <3
 photo 20150308_095537_zpsarrxxst6.jpg

Played Playdoh with him and I guess only Sis and I were really enjoying it! The boy was only interested in mixing different colours of plasticine and destroying our products! Hahaha!

Pororo by Sis and Piggy by me! I am really quite bad in Art and Craft, so I am proud of my piggy already! xD
 photo 20150308_115619_zpsj61qypzs.jpg

Started the brand-new week with my favourite eggplants!!!
 photo 20150309_135141_zpsbap7kizp.jpg

And finally satisfied my urge to sing with an impromptu K session! :D
 photo 20150309_205035_zpsgts21fa5.jpg

Singing my heart out~~~ Super shiok feeling!
 photo 20150309_224252_zpshlam2lgg.jpg

Trying Tom Yum dry noodle for the first time; love it!!!
 photo 20150310_125514_zps5p0wev5e.jpg

Received this from one of the APs saying that it’s from my secret lover~ For a moment I thought it was her wedding invitation! But it’s not!!!
 photo 20150310_144058_zpsbvhesn30.jpg

It turned out to be someone else’ invitation card being recycled into this! I totally burst out laughing when I opened it! HAHAHAHA! And neither do I have to guess who is it from! Cause it’s the same person who used Han Wei’s photo as Christmas card!!! xD
 photo 20150310_144046_zpsfb2y5y3i.jpg

Despite it being amusing, I am really amazed by the effort that he even added flowers on it! So basically it’s pretty much like a handmade card! Hahaha! Though the flowers made it look a little inauspicious, 但很有心, and totally made my day! *thumbs up!*
 photo 20150310_144119_zps1zgxaghb.jpg

PPGs’ Staycation @ Studio M!

28th February – 1st March 2015

So as I mentioned, I had a staycation with my girls right after the final Chingay parade; my very first staycation!!! :D Rushed down to Studio M to join them since they had been waiting the whole day for me!

We were definitely ready to party hard because look at the amount of alcohol contribution, for just the 4 of us! Hahahaha!
 photo 20150228_235735_zps0yenrmbv.jpg

We had a free upgrade for the room since it was part of Nad’s birthday privilege but it still look rather small than what we expected~ I wonder if there was really an upgrade and if there was, how small would the original room look! =O
 photo 20150301_003317_zpszzlhutr4.jpg

But I like the 2-storey concept whereby there’s a stairs leading to our bed on the second level! (:
 photo 20150301_115903_zpsrfepe7as.jpg
 photo 20150301_115921_zpsjxl18a84.jpg

The girls awaiting for me to start the party since I was the last to reach hence last to shower and etc! Haha!
 photo 20150301_003333_zpsz5j88w2p.jpg

Lots of junk food awaiting too! xD
 photo IMG-20150304-WA0042_zpsbybzid07.jpg

The Queen of Alcohol mixing our drinks for us!
 photo 20150301_023513_zpsv78gugeo.jpg

Decided to try lychee Choya since the Martini we had tasted weird, so we had lots of lychees left that were meant for our Lychee Martinis!
 photo 20150301_024049_zpsdrryu233.jpg

It was a night of drinks, snacks, ultra-spicy cuttlefish, Dai Dee & endless chit-chats about exes and who’s after who~ All the way till 4am and how I wish we could stay up all night long! But I was already feeling damn tired after a night of partying the previous night x.x

Furthermore, I had to work the next day! -CRYYYYY!!!- Really regretted for being so “siao on” and also 心软 for agreeing to help! Seriously didn’t know how I survived this exhausting weekend~

Finally it was bed time and it’s the first time in our 16 years that the 4 of us squeezed onto a bed together! <3 But first, the mandatory bedtime photos first! Hehe!
 photo IMG-20150304-WA0036_zpsy0su0ecz.jpg
 photo IMG-20150304-WA0037_zpsoagnockw.jpg
 photo IMG-20150304-WA0035_zpsywgblulu.jpg
 photo IMG-20150304-WA0039_zps19rcwdxm.jpg
 photo IMG-20150304-WA0040_zpsanc6wyle.jpg
 photo IMG-20150304-WA0038_zpsp0qpnxym.jpg

Conclusion: Nadine is the best with bedtime photos expressions! Hahaha! So reluctant to wake up the next morning for check-out :( So so so reluctant to go for work too!!! But luckily I still had time for a brunch with the girls before going~

Last cam-whoring before check-out!
 photo 20150301_121748_zpsqeff5xfe.jpg
 photo 20150301_121641_zpsn1na2kal.jpg
 photo 20150301_121643_zpsc5zi3hj7.jpg
 photo 20150301_121817_zpsy66zwnux.jpg

 photo IMG-20150304-WA0041_zps3oosbi8b.jpg

PPGs <3

Had brunch nearby at Spathe Public House, as recommended by hungrygowhere~ Nice place! But pretty pricey for a brunch… hmmmm.
 photo 20150301_125829_zpsvh72busw.jpg

 photo 20150301_124736_zpsoqljcmxv.jpg

More bottles???

Ordered one breakfast set to share, along with two waffles, one savory and one sweet! (:
 photo 20150301_125727_zps848s3lny.jpg
Some roast chicken waffle, which is not bad on its own! The waffle is kinda redundant since it gets soggy~
 photo IMG-20150304-WA0047_zpst2oxohvg.jpg

We were pretty excited to try the red velvet waffle because it just looks so aesthetically appetising! But it turned out way too sweet for our liking >.<
 photo 20150301_130243_zpsyhwoyh4n.jpg

Off for work and it was a continuous 7 hours of standing on the sales floor with 1 hour of dinner break in between! I actually wasn’t hungry but I still had something in Paris Baguette just so that I could have a seat!

Mad tireddddddd~ Ultra lack of sleep plus legs getting 酸 :( Used to be able to stand for 11 hours full shift! But it’s the 人情 I have to return for all the staff-priced Braun Buffel wallets I had gotten from my cute ex-colleagues x.x

All 3 of them even gave me angbaos! Hehe! I used to work for them during poly days but they still remember me after so many years! This time round they really really needed help so I didn’t bear to reject~
 photo IMG_20150301_172601_zps6jeryzrv.jpg

Couldn’t wait to finish work and finally go home for a rest! It’s one day I appreciated even more the luxury of having someone to fetch you after a tiring day of work~ Seriously seriously thankful for it!!! It’s something I really appreciated and will never take for granted ((:

Chingay 2015 Parade 2!

28 February 2015

The weekend was practically a marathon of Chingay, staycation and work! So exhausting that I didn’t even feel like it existed! But at least it was a good one ((:

Saturdate before Chingay! Yummy Portobello made with <3
 photo 20150228_123736_zpsqzlpvwwx.jpg

 photo 20150228_122411_zpsbbplrmur.jpg

Eyes on you~

Someone’s first llao llao! Heehee! Thank goodness it was a positive review, if not I would have to finish the whole cup on my own! But thank you for satisfying my craving too (((:
 photo 20150228_133524_zpsocy0bc9x.jpg

Silliest joke of the day! xD
 photo 20150228_133124_zpsgw6wmwdz.jpg

“What’s that??? *pointing to the brown crumbs*”

“Caramelised cookies~*

“Oh… I thought is pork floss…”


Off to JAS to prepare for Chingay and I decided not to go so early since the girls were coming in late too~ But still managed to put on the annual face paint (and hand paint) that I didn’t have chance to for parade 1! :D

Didn’t have time to rehearse and off we went to F1! But I really ain’t as worried this year about rehearsing, cause I pretty much know the steps once I hear the music…haha!

 photo IMG-20150228-WA0014_zpsgl01fddi.jpg

Ready for our final parade!!!

With my group this year! I couldn’t form my own group this year since we were lacking of 1 person, but these aunties and uncles whom I have known for years agreed to let us join them! (:
 photo IMG-20150301-WA0010_zpssbe5iu1v.jpg

Finally took the desired photo that Lyn wanted to take with Uncle Tan!
 photo 20150228_184843_zpskkgg848s.jpg

Same positions as 3 years ago! :D

 photo 20150228_184709_zps7plgkoek.jpg

Nice shot with Uncle Tan!

 photo 20150228_184928_zpsgfisu1w2.jpg

AKA our lollipop Uncle! :D

 photo 20150228_184958_zpswotgkgvo.jpg

With my most helpful assistant! Hahaha!

Skipped the dinner and went around with my selfie stick to cam-whore instead! It’s the last day and I hadn’t been taking enough pictures!!!
 photo 20150228_185539_zpsiligrynr.jpg

 photo 20150228_185358_zpsmfwmxzpe.jpg


 photo 20150228_191702_zpsmobjplpg.jpg

Selfie as requested by Mr Black! :D

 photo 20150228_185505_zps62w8gppx.jpg

Wefie-ing and people around just joined in!

Just the 3 of us! (:
 photo 20150228_185433_zpsrmav9xnv.jpg
 photo 20150228_185452_zpswosiy264.jpg
 photo 20150228_185442_zps8w2gam9t.jpg
 photo 20150228_185450_zpsvcqjrcq9.jpg

With my teammates from last year! Surprised that most of them still recognise me and I was like, “Wah! You still remember me ah! =OOO
 photo 20150228_185627_zpszw0cq5jl.jpg

Finally found all my pretty dancers for a picture!!! Starting with Kelly first!

 photo 20150228_190045_zpschfxr6ti.jpg

Lyn’s face spells jealousy…ROFL

 photo 20150228_190051_zpshu36kddi.jpg

With the 2 NDP seniors!

 photo 20150228_190117_zps5yodxott.jpg

And my favourite Steven 老师!

 photo 20150228_190342_zpsf1ixzdbc.jpg

With the super busy sai kang warrior!

Did a prank on her last week by queuing up as one of the participants from her group to collect the flower prop from her… Everyone took and go, took and go, but when it came to my turn, I was like, “I don’t want this.” So she changed one for me without looking up, then I said the same. She changed it once again and I rejected again, then she finally looked up at me, glaring, ready to scold, until she realised it was me! LOLOL!

Found my 2 pretty ladies too! Had been looking for them for the past weeks!!! But each time I reached, they were already out for their show x.x
 photo 20150228_190616_zps7curx3sy.jpg

 photo 20150228_190531_zpsvbzcguwq.jpg

With the pretty siao char boh #1 – Jenny!!! <3

With Auntie Pok whom I went Batam with (Anna’s mum)!
 photo 20150228_190826_zps55h5wtci.jpg

 photo 20150228_190954_zps3xx4w3bp.jpg

With the pretty siao char boh #2 – Anna!!! <3

 photo 20150228_191429_zpsboltokzk.jpg

Surrounded by 3 pretty gardens! :D

 photo 20150228_191957_zpsx47lig6o.jpg

With Karen!

 photo 20150228_192050_zpsxxhxgscr.jpg

A wefie together! Hehe!

 photo 20150228_191842_zpsfh89ehro.jpg

NDPeeps! <3

 photo 20150228_192121_zpsj9khexqd.jpg

With BS 老师!!!

 photo 20150228_192852_zpstucanbxx.jpg

With Ah Eng auntie again! :D

Really cam-whored so much that I kept hitting people with my selfie stick, because I didn’t wanna keep shortening it then extend again~ Hahaha!

 photo 20150228_194513_zpsjgs4o4kn.jpg

With Chii Hian!

 photo 20150228_194818_zpshixxiuui.jpg

With our float!

 photo 20150228_194904_zpstbw13ts5.jpg

With the vintage car!

My 2 partners for this year and it’s both their first year with JAS! (:
 photo 20150228_192940_zpsnak97vyi.jpg
 photo 20150228_194831_zpsx2f6lg4q.jpg

 photo 20150228_194559_zpsct5bbfzu.jpg

Flower girls!

 photo 20150228_194653_zpsdurpbt6i.jpg

With Mickey-san! :D

And because he commented that I look the same in all the shots, we did this funny face shot! Hahaha!
 photo 20150228_194704_zpspwaomd1w.jpg

Almost missed the chance of taking with another of my favourite group leader – Lily!
 photo 20150228_1955430_zpszppx1rhe.jpg

 photo 20150228_195340_zpsjebb3ain.jpg

One last look at our pretty float!!

The parade went quite well but again, it didn’t feel like it’s our actual and final parade! No excitement from the past nor lump-in-throat feeling~ I just felt extremely tired and sleepy instead that I was napping at a corner before the show! Hahaha!

Managed to catch the pretty fireworks from not-the-best-view but still beautiful (:
 photo 20150228_215319_zpsozkq67wd.jpg
 photo 20150228_215320_zpsfmnqvhvx.jpg
 photo 20150228_215316_zpscpud1cyx.jpg
 photo 20150228_215333_zps5zmrkhkj.jpg
 photo 20150228_215352_zps3massipd.jpg
 photo 20150228_215353_zpsk2wmfvil.jpg
 photo 20150228_215355_zpsii0khu4o.jpg

Had our usual 庆功宴 after the show but because we have many more people this year, it was held at F1 itself instead of JAS ballroom~ I was hoping it will still be an awesome party like past years but it wasn’t :(

We only got a bento set (which is not very nice) and lots of beer.No more buffet and feast like I told the girls! The hype was no longer there as well and we didn’t stay for long~
 photo 20150228_220243_zpsjbosiijw.jpg

A mandatory photo with my favourite Japanese friend before I go! Looking forward to seeing you again next year!!! ((:
 photo 20150228_222630_zpsnlc9qml3.jpg

Off to join the girls for staycation and it was another night of party! Seriously too old for this – as in partying for 2 consecutive nights, but I was still excited because it’s my first staycation!!! Finally one :D

Chingay 2015 Parade 1!

27 February 2015

Loading energy for the night! :D Thank you for satisfying my craving!!! Hehe!
 photo 20150227_134451_zpssb8ecmen.jpg

Didn’t have that much time to go around taking photos again because I did not take half-day nor go down to JAS this year before the parade~ Could only make use of the waiting time to take a few snapshots!

 photo 20150227_195752_zpsidatntvi.jpg

With my handphone security guard #1!

 photo 20150227_204205_zpskytg9kch.jpg

With Chii Hian!

 photo 20150227_203927_zpsqwfoy0cn.jpg

Didn’t get to do the face paint as well :(

 photo 20150227_204059_zpsy5ymdkpv.jpg


 photo 20150227_204020_zpssmyrbge7.jpg


 photo 20150227_203909_zpsfluukuo5.jpg

Ready to go!

 photo 20150227_210500_zpsbkr5oehp.jpg

Moving off! :D

Realised I haven’t commented much on our performance so far for the past 2 full-dress rehearsals~ I guess I have adopted the “Just have fun!” attitude by now, especially I am not standing in the first row this year! So I am less stressed up about making mistakes…haha! Not that I have made much mistakes actually; this year’s dance is pretty simple.

But I do feel that the audience somehow feels less 热情 with each passing years. Especially during the NE show, some students looked so “forced” to be there, some busy using their phones, looking all uninterested in the show. Of course there were some more enthusiastic schools cheering away for us too (:

Off to the River Angbao after the show which I had already planned to go while waiting, and Silvia and Jenelle happened to jio too! So they actually waited for me since like 7 or 8+ even though I already said I could only stay for a while! *几感动~*

 photo IMG-20150304-WA0015_zpsfzkmoljr.jpg

Hello 财神爷!

 photo 20150227_222221_zpsgmi7p4hh.jpg

With Silvia and the overexposed 财神爷!

The last time I’ve visited River Angbao was when I was still a kid, so it’s been at least a decade or two and I had been wanting to go again for the past few years! I always have the impression that it’s damn far away, but it was only the night before when I passed by then I realised 滨海湾 is actually where the floating platform is! xD
 photo 20150227_222405_zpsymii1yyw.jpg

This is home; this is where I belong every 9 August!
 photo 20150227_222303_zps9rzn4n0r.jpg

 photo 20150227_223052_zpsfv8gir9n.jpg

The beauty of Singapore

 photo 20150227_223140_zpslw5dhtpi.jpg

Group photo! :D

 photo 20150227_222538_zpstcmtm94n.jpg

The 2 goatees of different generation~

 photo 20150227_222806_zpsdqwscbef.jpg

My snake!

One of my deepest impressions of the River Angbao is taking photo with my zodiac! This was taken probably when I was around 5-7, so it’s actually been 2 decades!!! #lookingdamntoot

Can’t believe I am back after 20 years! ((:
 photo 20150227_222735_zpstq2k5e2t.jpg

 photo 20150227_222926_zpsbzu6kfai.jpg

At our kampong!

Pretty tree! Had the urge to actually put on my matching costumes and take a picture with it! Hahaha!
 photo 20150227_223338_zpswofn2mt4.jpg

 photo 20150227_223448_zpsc49bfofx.jpg

My 2 nice volunteer friends! (:

 photo 20150227_223409_zpssz9bcnbz.jpg

With Silvia!

 photo 20150227_223527_zpstrbbqfpt.jpg

With Janelle!
(Just his nickname :P)

Then they brought me to this wishing well where there are 5 different bells, each representing a different wish. You have to throw to hit the respective bell for your wish to come true! Pretty interesting! I had never tried something like this before, but I was also not confident with my aiming skill at all D:
 photo 20150227_224325_zpspqa0qzmv.jpg

Tried so many times and ended up using all of Janelle’s coins but I only managed to hit the board of 心想事成 and not the bell :( But at least I hit the board, so still can make wish right! 即使知道愿望总是不会实现,但还是很尽心的许…hehe~
 photo IMG-20150305-WA0001_zpscvvkuk4a.jpg

Rushed off after a while because the night is still young and it’s party time~!!! Had been craving for my Peach Fruitini for the longest time! And definitely missed the place so much! <3
 photo 20150228_000105_zpsbfcash8e.jpg

 photo 20150228_000520_zpsqywqyhqb.jpg

Fries + pizza + a hole
Sorry, was too hungry! xD

Great World Cabaret with 大喜!

Back to work after the long long weekend but I didn’t feel much of the Monday blues! Cause I had quite a good start of the week (:

In fact, I think I feel happier now than before CNY~ Just generally feel better adopting the Que Sera Sera mentality once again, accepting whatever that may come. Probably also because it had been a busy week, with 3 days burnt with Chingay! So every day of the week was like packed with something :D

Spent the first day visiting 2 places in a night to 拜年, starting with Ping’s! Finally meeting baby Dylan again after so long!!! Such an adorable koala bear but too bad he got grumpy soon before I could take a picture…hahaha!

The next day was an exciting and memorable day~ Exciting because I am gonna catch a Broadway show for the very first time and I have always been interested to watch one, if not for the pricey tickets! But the super lucky me actually got 2 free tickets from my client!!!
 photo 20150224_193027_zpsew5dj46s.jpg

What happened was I was having re-edit with the EP when she let out a big sigh upon receiving an invitation to Great World Cabaret‘s gala…

EP: Aiyah…invite me on this date again! This date I already got a dinner to attend leh *sigh!*

Me: *kaypoh* What’s that?

EP: Some play but I cannot make it… *shows me the poster*

Me: Wah…looks nice leh~ Why you so good, always got invitation for all these? I help you go lah! *JOKINGLY!!!*

EP: Really ah?! You wanna go??? Okay! I help you ask!


And she really managed to reserve a pair of tickets for me!!!!!!!! I was really just joking and totally didn’t expect that I would really be able to attend the gala! Mad happy and excited! :D

The show was held at RWS theatre and it was my first time there! I mean, I didn’t even know they have a theatre there!
 photo 20150224_193203_zpsz1v788wl.jpg

We got quite a good seat too; quite centralised (:
 photo 20150224_194726_zps6mradyti.jpg

 photo 20150224_194751_zpsxyho0hez.jpg

Quite a big theatre!

 photo 20150224_212431_zpshm7eb42o.jpg

Waiting for the show to start

The show lasted for about an hour and I can say that I enjoyed every minute of it! The first part with all the songs and dances already captivated me so much, because I really love watching people dance! Not to mention they are all so professional, making me wanna be on the stage dancing along with them! :D

There was also like mini fireworks during the show which surprised me! Reminds me of the Disney shows I watched in Hong Kong! Pretty spectacular, I would say! Too bad I didn’t capture any photographs during the show because I was busy enjoying and also I didn’t know if photos are allowed or not~

Saw a number of celebrities attending the gala, including 周崇庆, Selena Tan, Nat Ho and etc. Before the show, I was still saying that I don’t feel that excited when I see local celebrities somehow, unlike if it’s Lee Min Ho or Ryan Gosling…

Me: I really can’t think of anyone that will make me feel very excited leh…

And then guess who I met after the show? My 大喜哥!!!!!!!!
 photo 20150224_214101_zpsxhjdzbqm.jpg

I swear that my heart just suddenly beat so fast when he was right in front of me and I just watched him from his back! I guess I just didn’t expect to see Chen Hanwei at a Broadway show!!!

I admit that I wanted a picture with him badly but because in our line, it’s kinda unprofessional and embarrassing to go starstruck, so I refused to ask! I just kept watching him walking around, walking away, then back, then past me, then away, just secretly watching nervously… Fearing that he’s leaving, yet having zero courage to approach him for a picture! Hahahaha!

Then when he walked away, I really thought I had missed my chance and I just accepted it nonchalantly, but actually he had not leave! So after much pondering and stalking, I finally, finally dashed into the place where he is to ask him for a picture!

He agreed right away in his used-to-it tone (Hahahaha!) and ta-duh~! I could sleep in peace that night! So glad that I asked in the end, if not I would probably regret my whole life! All thanks to my forever-Superman who kept pushing me to go, giving me endless supply of courage!!! (((((:

Had company lunch on Wednesday and we had a VIP! He simply looks like a cute ball of flesh!!!
 photo 20150225_115855_zpsrstjibaq.jpg

 photo 20150225_115815_zpsc7syucwi.jpg

Little koala so soundly asleep!

 photo 20150225_124306_zpskdwp5tjy.jpg

Taking the chance to take a selfie with him! xD

 photo 20150225_134500_zpsb6agmnhp.jpg

Lohei time~!

 photo 20150225_141304_zpsjhbz2x1y.jpg

Big lobster! =O

 photo 20150225_145036_zpsbgidtaxr.jpg

With the long-missed Ping!

 photo 20150225_145030_zpsdanrti1v.jpg

Monster attack!

It was a quieter reunion meal as compared to last year, since it was dinner VS lunch this time~ But still a relatively big group with a few new members, some whom I have not met before yet (:
 photo IMG-20150225-WA0011_zpsozwul61j.jpg

Finally squeezed out time to start catching all the movies that I listed on my to-watch list too! And the first was 冲上云霄!

I admit that I am just watching for the sake of Louis Koo, since I haven’t watched Triumph In The Skies‘ drama. But I did hear that it’s a really nice show, that’s why I was hoping that the movie would be nice too.

Hmmmm…it turned out okay-ish~ As in it wasn’t mediocre, just that it seemed more like a few beautiful TVCs put together rather than a movie. Neither does it have much to do with pilots or the drama itself =/

There are some parts that are sweet, some that are cute, but the stories just don’t gel together. Like it’s produced for the sake of producing. But some shots are really pretty and sweet, making you go awwwwww~

 photo IMG_20150227_111810_zpstb0ay42q.jpg

Duckie missing its owner – Ally, who’s in Taiwan!

Rushed down after work for the last full-dress rehearsal of Chingay and look who I met!!! Mickey-san!!!!!
 photo 20150226_195543_zpsq3twsjwb.jpg

If you have noticed, he is one of my biggest fans in Facebook, always liking my pictures…haha! So, so, so happy to see him again this year because he wasn’t involved last year! I have known him since my first year with JAS and it has always been a pleasure seeing each other again after 1 year! It’s really like old friends meeting by now (:

I thought I wouldn’t be seeing him again this year but he actually made an impromptu decision to fly over to join us! Just that this year, he wasn’t playing the guitar nor any instrument, he was just purely helping out as markers and etc.

But I think he still prefers playing the instruments; he couldn’t help but started playing the drum along with the drummers on the float! Haha! And he could just follow the beats right away without having to rehearse! Just see how much he is enjoying! :D
 photo 20150226_200929_zpsujsl2guk.jpg

Didn’t take many pictures because by the time I arrived, the parade was about to start~ Though we still waited a longggggg time before it’s our turn. Used the time to play Charades with Chii Hian and Pris and I can’t believe Chii Hian said Potong is a fishball brand!!! ROFL.

 photo 20150226_201320_zpspoa09tns.jpg

Never sick of our pretty float (:

 photo 20150226_233842_zpsqn0vbsj2.jpg

Finally, finally got what I have been wanting!!! <3

 photo 20150226_223249_zpslhov4yo4.jpg

See you soon (: