Chingay 2017 – Parade 2!

Wasn’t the usual Saturday but I tried to make it one to look forward to by satisfying my crave! Thank you Joanjoan and sister for accompanying me for lunch at Saveur 😚

 photo 20170211_133040_zpsyqsliemt.jpg

Bee tea for bee from Mojo monster!

 photo 20170211_133924_zpskclbbfiu.jpg

Can ignore the painting and words~
Only took it because I like the ❤!

Started with mushroom soup and I like it! Kept ‘ummmmmm‘-ing each time I drink 😂
 photo 20170211_134115_zpsqioxph7t.jpg

The signature pasta which is like a must-have at Saveur~ But I think their standard dropped 😔 Not as nice as last time… I used to love it a lot!
 photo 20170211_134526_zpsuw7h1png.jpg

And finally satisfying my foie gras crave!!! It’s a weird craving because I just suddenly had this craving (for the very first time) one fine night and started searching for cheap and good foie gras, which is why we ended up at Saveur..haha!

We shared all the other dishes except for this foie gras, which I insisted on having one myself 😋 It’s both Mojo and her sister’s first foie gras experience and they love it! Hehe!
 photo 20170211_134217_zpsvsw9vp7n.jpg

The mains weren’t very impressive; the duck confit was not bad but wasn’t the best I have eaten.
 photo 20170211_135012_zpscpsgq8yr.jpg

And we all felt that the sea bass seems to be lacking of some gravy…hmmmmm. It’s just a seasoned sea bass with some potatoes; not much taste.
 photo 20170211_135132_zpspmjpizmj.jpg

But since it’s a food porn day, we gotta feed the camera well before feeding ourselves! Training to be food bloggers 😝
 photo 20170211_135152-1-1_zps3n2jxkzn.jpg

Our dessert – salted caramel lava cake came in a weird presentation and we were figuring out the best way for a picture while the ice-cream was melting rapidly 😂
 photo 20170211_142238_zpsezo8tuvl.jpg

This was the angle I found but still not very fantastic~
 photo 20170211_142257_003_zpszgo47qij.jpg

So I told the girls to poke the cake so that the lava can fill up the empty space on the plate…
 photo 20170211_142609_zpsxz7ftu15.jpg

But it looked disgusting somehow, like a toilet bowl in need of some maintenance…LOL! Officially failed food bloggers!
 photo 20170211_142707_zpshpmzfuhc.jpg

It was a really full meal, making us really lazy~ Luckily the sisters had booked a room along the same street, so we could nua all the way till reporting time!
 photo 20170211_145243_zps7qjcx8by.jpg

Having fun cam-whoring while Peilian was busy checking in! Hahaha!
 photo 20170211_145640_zpsejx9p5ua.jpg

Ambassador of Hotel Kai! Machiam I am staying also 😂
 photo 20170211_145753_zpsvjzvukps.jpg

Went up to check out the room and it reminds me of the hotels in Hong Kong…hmmmmm. A bit like capsule hotels. It’s really small so I couldn’t even take a full view of the room…haha! Can only take parts of it, but the hotel believes that small is more 😊

 photo 20170211_150405_zpswh3wfyxe.jpg

Shelf with smart concept to save space!

 photo 20170211_150359_zpsynuwgatw.jpg

Right beside the shelf is the basin~

No full view of the bed either because I didn’t have enough space to take one even after attempting to take from the bathroom! 😅
 photo 20170211_150436_zpsowkcuxls.jpg

It’s a double-decker bed though (they have 1 big bed kind too), with 1 TV for each bed~ But the remote control can only control 1 TV, which means you still gotta fight over the channel! 😂
 photo 20170211_150504_zpsqedalpmh.jpg

Despite the space constraint, Peilian was very satisfied with the room and in fact loves it a lot! Both of them kept saying the beds and pillows are really comfy~ Mojo even dozed off a while I think!

 photo 20170211_151216_zpsy7k994hi.jpg

Guess what’s this?!

Can’t believe I was having so much fun with their rubbish bin 😂😂😂
 photo 20170211_153302_zpssumdvkma.jpg
 photo 20170211_153306_zpsjndswmrm.jpg
 photo 20170211_153408_zpsvshp9cvj.jpg
 photo 20170211_153353_zpsbrl3pt4f.jpg

Peilian really loves the room so much that the Little Miss Grumpy’s mood was completely lifted! And she started saying that she likes me and that I am allowed to shower with her…HAHAHAHA!!! I was like, “But I am not comfortable with it!” 😶😶😶

Really still feel uncomfortable about being naked in front of anyone (except maybe your own boyfriend)! I was telling them how horrified I was at the Korea sauna where all the ladies were walking around naked. I think I am the only one not comfortable with it because both of them are 101% fine with that 😖

Nua-ed till we finally dragged ourselves to JAS for one last big day~ And off to F1 pit in smelly tee! 😝 Makes it extra meaningful for this year’s performance!
 photo 20170211_180349_zpsxfswvwse.jpg

Skipped the dinner again because it’s the last day for pictures!!! I hadn’t even taken any photos with any float except my own~

Spotted some familiar faces and I decided to photobomb! 😄
 photo 16602686_10154937873906774_1066213743389609916_n_zpsit2inqlo.jpg
 photo 16649249_10154937915976774_2515213756772884912_n_zpsknkujhn5.jpg

 photo 16681960_10154937916051774_191826607766545370_n_zpseikcirpy.jpg

And then we got photobombed by a NDP auntie 😐

 photo 16711568_10154937915761774_7439035898516772049_n_zps0o6kjqpa.jpg

With our beloved Uncle Tan!

The annual photo that Lyn will request for…hahaha!
 photo IMG-20170212-WA0000_zpst0vez0mu.jpg
 photo IMG-20170212-WA0006_zps88d3qimy.jpg

Looking at our past photos makes us realise that Uncle Tan has aged… And becoming skinnier and skinnier 😔

But he’s still always so positive and cheerful! Never once seen him 发脾气 before! Respectable ✌
 photo 20170211_182511_zpsru8lcbz8.jpg

Thought the wind’s gonna mess up my hair but it turned out not bad! I like that wind-blowing effect! Hahaha! Photosssss credit to Eric!
 photo 20170211_182516_zpspbs4ibkp.jpg

Took the chance to ask Eric help me take some more professional shots with my float! 三两下功夫就拍得酱美 👍
 photo 20170211_182808_zpsap8ctfaa.jpg
 photo 20170211_182937_zpstflotnan.jpg


With Mr Photographer!

 photo 20170211_183104_zps8t5eqcej.jpg

Leng Leng said she wanna make up for the failed selfies 😂

 photo 16712017_10154937916451774_8927445187712242761_n_zpsqfmial1y.jpg

Full length shot!

 photo 16711734_10154937916631774_5042658013403411228_n_zpsqpwwvuv1.jpg

Jealousy 😏

 photo IMG-20170212-WA0003_zpsoakswdnd.jpg

With the angel! 👼

 photo 16508986_10154937917361774_4186541551649659312_n_zpseffxkvyw.jpg

With the devil 😝

 photo 16640669_10154937916231774_2172818530954008058_n_zps9dw4j202.jpg

Too much 自摸? 😶

More pics before she kanna chased away to 开工~
 photo IMG-20170212-WA0002_zpssqy0qkt4.jpg
 photo IMG-20170212-WA0005_zpsff32b6un.jpg

Having fun with Lyn’s “light sabre“! 😂
 photo IMG-20170212-WA0009_zpsjv0kt2bu.jpg
 photo 16681998_10154937917081774_3302318240626468117_n_zpsccosyoaw.jpg

 photo 16711753_10154937917186774_3650463619571835653_n_zpswijd3ldg.jpg

Geh geh wanna be inside…

 photo 16508481_10154937917241774_3046682135161136621_n_zpsvrwsbblj.jpg

Borrowing Lyn’s phone to selfie because I like her camera! 😝

Finally a shot with this busy woman!
 photo 16712056_10154937917801774_6561506151127897337_n_zpsbrsaii5v.jpg
 photo 16728987_10154937917951774_5613220413943161286_n_zpsiip8n5kc.jpg

And then this siao charboh rushed out shouting my name again! Almost did not have the chance to take photo with her this year because their group is always on standby by the time we reached 😦
 photo IMG-20170212-WA0001_zpsqandnv1q.jpg

Chanced upon WY’s cute mum and aunt! Took 418729137912 shots because the photographer-auntie was a perfectionist…
 photo 20170211_190902_zpszxmxwd9n.jpg

I was determined to take a picture with the cute wipe-table Japanese boy but he looks so scared –CRY!!!!!!!!– Like can’t wait to run away 💔💔💔 Why you break oneesan‘s heart~~~
 photo 20170211_191409_zpskkkuvdhf.jpg

Annual pic with the 慈祥-looking ex-in-charge! So glad to still see him here because Mickey-san did not come back this year, so we couldn’t take an annual pic together this year 😔
 photo 20170211_191517_zpsf4a9145p.jpg

Still felt that I had not taken enough pictures, so I dragged Mojo around to take photos with me. End up I kept bumping into people and she had to take photo for me instead of with me 😶

 photo 20170211_192412_zpsrnj2fbte.jpg

With Ah Eng auntie!

 photo 20170211_192436_zpsnomdjvdb.jpg

She asked me to hold the cute 😅

 photo 20170211_192612_zpsljlztfyh.jpg

With 胡须佬!

 photo 20170211_192744_zps4dh5skql.jpg

With Halim!
No time to QC my messy hair because I scared he chase me off…haha~

Nice shot with SK and KL to make up for the ugly shadowy one the previous night~ The Malay auntie who took this shot is awesome!
 photo IMG-20170212-WA0012_zpsophexbwp.jpg

So we got her to take another for us with the same background! But she said, “The background is nice, but got someone (sitting) not very nice behind.” 😂
 photo 20170211_193139_zpswjirhdwm.jpg

 photo 20170211_193148_zpsad3lymwf.jpg

Trying to siam the unglam auntie~

 photo 20170211_193328_zpsj8wjamuf.jpg

Found 2 of my favourite 老师s 💖

 photo 20170211_193721_zpsi6wnwu71.jpg


 photo 20170211_193427_zpstqdd3gss.jpg

As the night falls~

 photo 20170211_193602-01_zpsepujcmvx.jpg

In love with Chingay!!!

Found a very free Leng Leng walking around so I dragged her around to be our photographer 😂😂😂 Yay! Can take photos with different floats together!
 photo 20170211_194025-01_zpsw8cuthd7.jpg

Spot Uncle Tan trying to photo-bomb! HAHAHA! So cute~
 photo 20170211_193846-01_zpshwci6ciq.jpg
 photo 20170211_193854-01_zpsziiyjqcf.jpg
 photo 20170211_193819-01_zpsg7xwssuv.jpg
 photo 20170211_194201_zpsupkydeyp.jpg
 photo 20170211_194122_zps5agwpql0.jpg

Peilian finally joined us after being released from kidnapper SL! She came back with a grumpy face, just like Mojo the previous night when she got kidnapped too…hahaha!
 photo 20170211_194234_zpstvubybyh.jpg
 photo 20170211_194239_zpstcu0phvi.jpg

Can I blend in as 三姐妹?:P
 photo 20170211_195101_zpsw5kytmoq.jpg
 photo 20170211_195232_zpswmwgpi9x.jpg

 photo 20170211_195356_zpsbsfa0fdx.jpg

Looking retarded in our dance poses! 😂

 photo 20170211_195402_zps2psreoka.jpg

Peilian’s leg dropped down first 😆

I was just looking for 教授 for our annual shot and then he came to me and said, “Eh 你今年没有找我拍照啊?你每年都跟我拍的嘛。” Hahahahaha! 少不了你,老朋友!:)
 photo 20170211_195756_zpsfwzjmlwa.jpg

 photo 20170211_195858_zps1uilwtad.jpg

The 3 hunks

 photo 20170211_200228_zpsqlrtgy0i.jpg

With 龟公 again but got photobombed!

 photo 20170211_200235_zpsq7wuo4ze.jpg

龟公 Desmond trying to blend in with youngsters? 😆

 photo 20170209_195329-01_zps6nt6kfxh.jpg

Here comes the kidnapper!

 photo 20170209_195334-01_zpsxfggwpno.jpg

LOL at Peilian’s expression! 😂

With our float~! ❤
 photo 20170209_195500-02_zpsoito7tqw.jpg
 photo 20170210_201533-01_zps9wpmjxwn.jpg

Tattoos for the night! 😀
 photo 20170211_201050_zpsiw5ia2lq.jpg
 photo 20170211_201110_zpskaj217he.jpg
 photo 20170211_201130_zpsxtpjtpwk.jpg

 photo 20170211_201337_zpsabe5algf.jpg


Was about to 出场 when Veron and gang came over to take pictures together~ They have joined another group this year to try out. Super blur because we were moving off!
 photo IMG-20170212-WA0010_zpsn56gburi.jpg

Try to even find me in this 😂
 photo IMG-20170212-WA0011_zpsskyyfgxd.jpg

I was pretty proud of myself for the performance because I made no mistake again and I think I did better than parade 1! 😀 But something drove me really mad halfway through the performance and I couldn’t stop replaying what happened in my mind! Luckily I did not get distracted by the thoughts and kept on trying to put on a smile during the performance, even though it became harder than ever.

I was just shocked beyond words when SL, who was positioned in front of me, actually walked BACKWARDS to tell me, “Eh..Tony Tan leh” at the VIP area! Firstly, it’s really, really unprofessional for a performer to walk AWAY from your position, let alone TALK during a performance! Secondly, it’s the VIP area – the area where you are most likely to be filmed! Even if you won’t be caught on camera, it’s still unprofessional because the audience did not PAY to come and watch you TALK! They came to see a parade that is supposed to be proper and not having people chatting away! Thirdly, IT’S JUST TONY TAN! What’s the big fuss?!?! I have seen him how many times at NDP! If it’s Lee Min Ho then yea, maybe you can try telling me. Zzzzzzz!

Seriously ANGRY! I even had to push her forward because if not we would be 2 obvious persons standing there talking. I’m sure it was caught by many audience, even if it wasn’t caught by the camera. It’s just pure un-professionalism and I can’t take it. I don’t care you are which NDP auntie’s daughter, I had to say my piece because it’s something that I condemn. And I will condemn such people from joining my group in the future too. Yes, I am a perfectionist on the performing ground; I may not always be perfect but I will never stop trying to be perfect as long as I know I am performing for the audience out there and not for myself.

Enough of rant. Here’s a credit to Shrine for spotting me and capturing it on video! Hehe! It’s weird and awkward watching yourself dance, but yet there is this sense of 自豪 there, like fuckyeah, I did it!!! All the challenging moves that I had been struggling with!

Had our humble 庆功宴 again after the parade with free-flow beer and drinks!
 photo 20170211_212651_zpsvqunnl7g.jpg

 photo 20170211_212759_zpss9gybeu6.jpg

Love Japanese bento!

I almost have no supporter this year because Limin couldn’t make it in the end… But thankfully Eric gave me his tickets and I could invite another friend! Gave the opportunity to Shrine and his dad for some bonding time and it was their first Chingay experience! 😀
 photo 20170211_222135_zps8rerdgdh.jpg

Shrine said he really enjoys the show and doesn’t mind watching it again, but I think his dad still prefers watching it on TV 😅 Oh..and he thought my tattoos are real! HAHAHA.
 photo 20170211_222008_zpsuvyx9sbs.jpg

Thank you, my friend! Not a fantastic videographer but it was still a precious moment captured. My 台下十年功 all in that video 🙂
 photo 20170211_222032_zpsqqkxo34s.jpg

There are some things that may not mean a lot to others, but it means a lot to me. There are also some things that may seem insignificant, but I do mind a lot. In fact, I believe anyone will. I wish I am titanium too.

Chingay 2017 – Parade 1!

Packed food from home because I gotta leave early for Chingay! Looking 丰盛 but actually all leftovers from steamboat + 拜天公 😅
 photo 20170210_110032_zpshs9a27re.jpg

Totally regretted reporting to JAS instead of reporting straight because it was mad rush! Couldn’t get a cab nor Grab either and thankfully there was some delay, if not I would have missed the bus at JAS!

If only we had known earlier than there would be any makeup or face paint this year 😓 But at least I made it! And saved money too..haha~ On the way to F1 for the official parade 1!
 photo 20170210_181917_zpsalcdxjkf.jpg

Skipped the dinner and went straight to take photos! Didn’t wanna wait till the sky turns grey like the previous day~ Must still take all the mandatory shots!
 photo 20170210_191857_zpsohx9vsr4.jpg
 photo 20170210_192050_zpsntibgbls.jpg

 photo 20170210_192135_zpskszbyxlf.jpg

Wefie with the fishermen! 😄

 photo 20170210_192413_zpseue0ypiv.jpg

To make up for the sweaty wefie yesterday~

 photo 20170210_192538_zpshflaogoa.jpg

小天使 found!

 photo 20170210_192557_zpsydg1pneh.jpg


 photo 20170210_192646_zpsv3veb0ke.jpg

Showing off my tattoos! 😂

 photo 20170210_1930180_zps7xygaeqa.jpg

With 财神爷!!!

 photo IMG-20170210-WA0016_zpsauaok303.jpg

Lyn said 财神爷 didn’t let us win TOTO cause his “bowl” is empty liao 😔

Chanced upon some familiar faces from my NDP Chinese group! But messy hair due to the wind and also shadows on my face 😦
 photo 20170210_1932190_zps9iwwrpiy.jpg
 photo 20170210_193243_zpsnuroosor.jpg

 photo 20170210_195744_zpsmmp4n3ex.jpg

With 师母!

 photo 20170210_195947_zpsai8nqhtq.jpg

With Ah Tiff again!

Joanjoan and I spotted this cute Japanese boy some time ago and we love to watch him dance! Mojo said he looks like he’s wiping the table 😂😂😂 Super cute one! The chubby cute~

Tattoos given by 教授! One on my fat arm, but I forgot that it will be covered by the arm sleeve 😭
 photo 20170210_194859_001_zpspiici3n2.jpg

 photo 20170210_194459_zpsfpppoxrn.jpg

True love tattoo on hand!

 photo 20170210_193748_zpsfsp4eg7b.jpg

True love for JAS~! ❤

 photo 20170210_201624_zpsfqsgpxdo.jpg

Die die wanna show off my tattoo~

 photo 20170210_201620_zpsemddud4m.jpg

Chingay 2017~!

Real pic with the fishermen; not photo-bombing this time 😛
 photo 20170210_201749_zpsg1h0xq1r.jpg
 photo 20170210_201753_zpssekhctmq.jpg

Ready for the parade! 😀 Actually I was extra nervous because of all the mistakes the previous night… So scared that I would dance wrongly again but I know the more I am stressed about it, the more I’m gonna make mistake! I just can’t work under stress!
 photo 20170210_195902_zpsy56wmlhu.jpg

 photo 20170210_203255_zpsav7ir0a2.jpg
 photo 20170210_203318_1_bestshot_zps8hufjq3j.jpg

Thankfully, there was no blank-out moment nor any mistake made! I was seriously soooooo stressed when performing, cause there are audience and I kept thinking I really can’t afford to make mistakes! I ask for perfection whenever it comes to performances and I may not be a good dancer, but I wouldn’t wanna be a bad one either, affecting the whole group and ruining the performance.

Usually I will be more stressed for Chingay because the audience are closer, so I will practise harder at home. But this year I didn’t really practise at home at all, partly because of time, so I only watched the video tutorial.

Really happy that I got all the confusing moves right! There are so many challenging dance steps this year and the arm swing was one of them right from the beginning… Then there are those quick hand movements followed by a quick squat and up, which everyone had a hard time catching because it’s damn fast! But I got it eventually!!! And every time I managed to catch it, I will give a wide smile because I genuinely felt happy that I managed to get the beat right…hahaha!

Managed to capture some pretty fireworks while waiting for the NDPeeps to finish their duties 😊
 photo 20170210_212949_zpscldaqooz.jpg
 photo 20170210_212957_zpso5t1j2p0.jpg
 photo 20170210_213009_zpsc2yvpmjy.jpg
 photo 20170210_213240_001_zpsoykrpkle.jpg
 photo 20170210_213304_011_zpspzcsjmjq.jpg
 photo 20170210_213314_zpsdbzsak4n.jpg

Was pretty exhausted after a whole day of work plus all the rushing, followed by 6 continuous times of dancing 😪 But the little girl was hungry again, so we went around trying to find places that still have food. I think Singapore really has very boring nightlife. Walked so damn long before we finally found SGbar that still has its kitchen open for us~

 photo 20170210_232416_zpscfy3xgiw.jpg

Not hungry, just thirsty…

 photo 20170210_232741_zpsbssbfmmt.jpg

1-for-1 cocktails!

 photo 20170210_232718_zpsf3t20qxq.jpg

Choya Martini, Lychee Martini & my favourite Midori Sour!

 photo 20170210_232954_zps14ftw8hu.jpg

Snacking the calories back~

 photo 20170210_233742_zpsux5v9wpv.jpg

Pizza again! 😂

 photo IMG-20170211-WA0002_zps3zytanro.jpg


Baby Roderick & last full-dress!

So in the end, I still caught Jackie Chan’s 贺年片 – Kungfu Yoga 😐 I don’t know if it is any worse than Journey To The West, but it’s definitely not any better~ Don’t remember a part that really cracked me up. In fact I kept focusing on the poor computer graphics – the lion, the CGI background and etc…

Wanted to bring 3 eggs along to meet buddy and Shrine for lunch but there was an egg-plosion 😭 3 eggs became 2 eggs left! Worst part was the cleaning up; there were so much eggs all over the oven!!!
 photo 20170207_123219_zpsn2gtz4ue.jpg

Managed to finish early these few days because we go by episodes, so once we finish the targeted number of episode, it’s the end of the day~ But that doesn’t mean can pang kang right away 😦 Was still hoping to visit Uncle Y again to pass him some CNY goodies but in the end I only managed to leave early to visit Karen at the hospital.

Welcoming R&K’s new born – baby Roderick to NDPeeps and to the world~! 😀
 photo 20170207_170551_zpssndj6k2u.jpg

Newborns always fascinate me, like what’s on their mind and etc. I mean they have been in this constricted space for the past 9 months and suddenly they arrive in this big world with so much to see! Reminds me of the movie – Roomhehe.
 photo 20170207_170545_zpsvl59evdz.jpg

What’s more fascinating is – you noticed the red patch on his head? Apparently Karen has the exact same red patch on her forehead too! OMG~ Genetics are so amazing! And he has dimples like Ronald too! But his are deeper and cuter 😍 Super 羡慕 one!
 photo 20170207_170552_zpswf0i4tzb.jpg

The nurse trying to feed him some soy milk, since he refused Mummy’s milk~
 photo 20170207_165944_zpsyybx6iry.jpg
 photo 20170207_170119_zpsz14g7ede.jpg

So cute watching him drink! Cause he kept spitting them out! Hahaha!

 photo 20170207_170641_zpsm4niywyy.jpg

Yay~! 抱到了!

 photo 20170207_170740_zpsylrtsmkg.jpg

Congrats to Ronald & Karen!

Helping them to capture some 写真集 of baby Roderick changing~

He was crying so loudly when the nurse was trying to strip him!
 photo 20170207_173040_zpskeqdlvag.jpg
 photo 20170207_173034_zpsso4iicaw.jpg
 photo 20170207_173059_zpshajl2dxp.jpg

But he calmed down once he was being wrapped up again. Aiyo~ So cute one! 说变就变 😅
 photo 20170207_173109_zpsth0rfdlj.jpg

Looking handsome in his cap! 😊
 photo 20170207_173203_zpsguor2nbv.jpg
 photo 20170207_173201_zpspdtadvhd.jpg
 photo 20170207_173212_zpsqvdju1mb.jpg

Smiling away! Can you see his cute dimple?! Aiyoooooo~ 几羡慕!!!I want dimples too~~~
 photo 20170207_173204_zpskme1bx6k.jpg

 photo 20170207_173225_zpselombpnh.jpg

See you again soon, baby Roderick!

Off for eyelash appointment before dropping by Min’s house to collect my angbao 😛 Got the cutest angbao of the year!!!
 photo 20170207_224509_zpsnf0kuq4f.jpg

Started the annual 3-day Chingay marathon with our last full-dress! By the time I reported to F1, the sky was already turning grey and everyone had started to get busy, so did not get to take many photos 😦 Only ugly wefies~

小黑驾到~! For a sweaty face contest 😐
 photo 20170209_192842_zpszph8fgdj.jpg

The 3 连拍 of how Leng Leng got busy…LOL.
 photo 20170209_194204_zpsjgjc52cv.jpg
 photo 20170209_194314_zpsj8znt8ic.jpg
 photo 20170209_194352_zpsi3vfebom.jpg

Ah Tiff seems more free, so caught her for a wefie! Even my 小天使 was nowhere to be found…hmmmmm.
 photo 20170209_194541_zpsciltd6tk.jpg

Watching the sensei perform always makes me feel so proud of our contigent! 😊 Their dance choreography really nice!

Our completed float!
 photo 20170209_194105_zpswos63riy.jpg

No flowers or Sakura this year because our theme is fishermen, hence only fishes and fishing net 😁
 photo 20170209_194115_zps6h8urwbo.jpg

Our lit up float at night!
 photo 20170209_195314_zpspwpjbd7a.jpg

Trying to take a wefie with the float and guess who constantly tried to disturb us again…
 photo 20170209_195637_zps1zatw0wr.jpg
 photo 20170209_195648_zpsopfy80s9.jpg
 photo 20170209_195643_zpsnnzsecgy.jpg

Peilian looks like she is punching her 😂
 photo 20170209_195645_zpsnf2fotfo.jpg
 photo 20170209_195654_zps0vvuqpi8.jpg

My phone takes really ugly selfies ever since I changed the front cam 😔 Still look better with the rear cam!
 photo 20170209_195403_zpscztq67db.jpg
 photo 20170209_195409_zpsidx2mvfq.jpg
 photo 20170209_195452_zps25jac1q8.jpg

With the 龟公! 😂 He gotta put up with our weird conversations because he’s the only guy..hahahaha!
 photo 20170209_195816_zpsjcajk5qg.jpg

Quite like this pic!
 photo 20170209_195935-01_zpsmsm9rnxe.jpg

Finally a Star Shine group pic, but it’s blur 😣 We are wearing different costumes because we are being split into 2 groups – the ground group (us!) and the platform group doing the slower dance~
 photo IMG-20170209-WA0024_zpsysqnsd1c.jpg

And off we go~!
 photo 20170209_203526_zps2864kmge.jpg

The excited yet nervous moment each year~

Extremely disappointed in myself because I made so many mistakes!!! 😣 Mojo and I even blanked out for a moment during the first sector! And it got worst when we reached the standing audience area where people are video-ing right in front of us – I got extra stressed and nervous that I made the terrible mistake of turning around before everyone did! Major major obvious mistake!

Still so many steps that I am not 100% confident of because the steps are challenging this year, with lots of arm/leg coordination. And the actual parade is the very next day… This has never happen before when it’s already the last rehearsal! Vivian See, what’s wrong with you! I am definitely not allowing any mistakes during the actual performance!!! 😠

CNY visiting & more lohei!

Starting the weekend with a good brunch~! Had a hard time deciding on what to eat because there were so many that I wanna try 😣 Settled for this mee sua in the end because it has two of my favourite – mee sua & monkey head mushroom~
 photo 20170204_121352_zpsnpedhyxa.jpg

 photo 20170204_121516_zps0ntbs1dq.jpg

盐酥鸡 as side dish! YUMS!

Had one last practice before we are off for the 3 consecutive days of Chingay next week! So stressful dancing in front of the sensei group by group… Reminds me of our NDP auditions which I hate. Was asked to smile more but no audience in the hall how to smile??? So weirdddddd smiling to the air. I know my smile will come once I am on performing ground 😛

All the locals! Except the one squatting in front I think?
 photo IMG-20170204-WA0006_zpsuzbnoumn.jpg
 photo IMG-20170204-WA0004_zpscvew9jjr.jpg

Off to Queen’s 娘家 for visiting! Wanted to get a chocolate cake for my favourite Na-sister but it started pouring 😫 Had to take Grab in the end because I didn’t have an umbrella…

Time for spam shots of 二筒’s 裸照!I don’t get to see him very often so gotta spam lots of photos each time I see him! He’s such a good boy – got passed around the whole day but did not grumble at all. Everyone loves this 小宝贝!
 photo 20170204_173201_zpswqne9lo6.jpg
 photo 20170204_173203_zpspwo2nwq3.jpg
 photo 20170204_1732030_zpslsdphiaz.jpg

Isn’t he so adorable?! Those big eyes 😍
 photo 20170204_173428_zpsefxamoiz.jpg
 photo 20170204_173421_zps9uovelfe.jpg
 photo 20170204_173423_zpsmt24oyof.jpg

Joined the gambling den and I lost at least 30 bucks 😦 Everyone was losing, except WJ, who was the 庄~ He won like $700-$800 for the night!!! There were more than 10 players but you can kinda figure out how much each person lost. I also gave up hope on recouping so I decided to save my last 4 bucks.

Time for lohei! Hopefully can help to lo back some losses, for them I mean, since I stopped playing.
 photo 20170204_203644_zpsp2yo3gvp.jpg

 photo 20170204_203854_zpswild1cbx.jpg

4th & biggest lohei this year!

 photo 20170204_203916_zpsrkmntsri.jpg


 photo 20170204_204028_zpsyd8wtwjc.jpg

And lots and lots of 黄金!!!

I think this is the messiest lohei I ever had because there were so many people! I was shouting because the food were flying everywhere after just a few lo! LOL! Super high~

Super yummy and juicy lohei with all the pomelo, but I ate too much London Fat Duck and Queen’s parents’ good food!
 photo 20170204_204144_zpsnqz0s0tf.jpg

The gamblers continued their Black Jack rounds and look what Gui did on the table 😂 A middle finger pointing at the 跩庄家 to weaken his luck! LOL!
 photo 20170204_212640_zpsursnepr1.jpg

Spam shots of 二筒 again! He was so happy to see the cow blanket that I borrowed from the sisters that he kept crawling on me! 😍 Maybe he mistook me as a cow. Errrrr….
 photo 20170204_222805_zpsolfzchpo.jpg
 photo 20170204_222806_zps8izyeo07.jpg
 photo 20170204_222825_zpsbzaq7g2q.jpg
 photo 20170204_223027_zpsa9l5mbme.jpg

So happy because there are some many Kor Kor, Jie Jie & Yiyi to play with him!
 photo 20170204_223716_zpselnih5cy.jpg
 photo 20170204_223705_zps1m1npohh.jpg

Sunday was spent for visiting too! But first, it was welcoming the most important visitors to our house! Our reunion lunch was postponed to this day because Sis and family were in Perth~ Prepared all the steamboat stuff early in the morning to prepare for their arrival but I forgot to take picture 😐

Look, who’s this cheeky monster who refused to pose properly for a picture again?
 photo 20170205_165122_zpsnd9y2twc.jpg
 photo 20170205_165200_zpskvdknnzd.jpg
 photo 20170205_165202_zpsn7yfwxaf.jpg
 photo 20170205_165208_zpsdrrimc5i.jpg

 photo 20170205_165229_zpsvn0yfmcn.jpg

Doing the wrong pose on purpose 😓

 photo 20170205_165230_zpsdhao0qjp.jpg

Act shy 😳

Such a fat cheeky monster! Always so clumsy and chor lor, no longer the cute little baby~ But still Yiyi’s loveboy luh 💖
 photo 20170205_165417_zps2cbgrkkt.jpg
 photo 20170205_165415_zpsqsmma894.jpg
 photo 20170205_165419_zpswgjce49g.jpg

Supposed to drop by Shimin’s house but I figured that it’s way too rush in the end, because I still had another visiting with NDPeeps 😩 Had to push Min’s house to another day since I know auntie will be at home everyday, my angbao won’t run away…HAHAHA.

 photo IMG-20170205-WA0004_zpsmfkjb1se.jpg
 photo IMG-20170205-WA0005_zpsfoie26y5.jpg

Our pisa feast! I think we had the most number of pizzas together 😂 Always eating pizzas, even during NDP!
 photo 20170205_181828_zpshjv8iucu.jpg
 photo 20170205_181854_zps5lbjxjga.jpg

Missing of R&K because Karen is due soon, but Mommeyyyyyy joined us this time! 😀
 photo IMG-20170205-WA0006_zpsozgnc1zj.jpg
 photo IMG-20170205-WA0008_zpslp9ytrcv.jpg

 photo 20170205_194947_zpsbyfdptcp.jpg

5th lohei! 😋

Always so much laughter with this bunch! ❤ Happy to be spending another year together!
 photo IMG-20170205-WA0010_zpsjzzactec.jpg
 photo IMG-20170205-WA0011_zps7o29trs3.jpg

And this marked the last lohei of the year~ So sad, gotta wait till next year to eat again.

 photo IMG20170205200530_zpsnfcaemnu.jpg

With Mommeyyyyyyy 😘

 photo 20170205_211542_zpsxrjhuzaw.jpg

Desserts from Lyn & Leng!

 photo IMG-20170205-WA0012_zpsqqfxhzaf.jpg

Damage for the night 😛

Loheissss 💖

Back to work and of course, nobody really had any mood to work 😂 Thank goodness we have passed our “rush-hour period” and had a day to relax before the directors started coming in the next day! Also had a good company lunch to signify 开工大吉~!
 photo 20170131_121737_zpsdcdlleux.jpg

 photo 20170131_121752_zpsjqj3byz7.jpg

Lohei with abalone is rare for me 😐

Made a terrible mistake video-ing while lo-ing, which explains the handphone cover in shot! Hahaha!

This year we had our CNY lunch at Lai Wah Restaurant – some old school Chinese restaurant in Bendemeer. Apparently, boss said this used to be the restaurant that most people held their wedding banquet at because there weren’t many restaurants back then~

And apart from this being a CNY reunion lunch, it’s also a welcome lunch for Eve, who’s joining us back again after her 环游世界!Gonna get used to opening the door and seeing someone sitting inside with legs wide open again 😂

 photo 20170131_123116_zpsz6yrrhyj.jpg

Shark’s fin as 2nd course

 photo 20170131_124123_zpsxpovvpit.jpg

年年有鱼 for 3rd course

 photo 20170131_124224_zpsdxkh2ioh.jpg

金鸡报喜 for 4th course

 photo 20170131_124719_zpsnmziyqli.jpg

Yam ring as 5th course

 photo 20170131_125612_zps0p7vsa8d.jpg

Prawns as 6th

I think I missed out 1 or 2 dishes because I was way too full by then~ I ate a lot for the lohei because I was super hungry! Plus I love to eat lohei 😍
 photo 20170131_130010_zpsubtzgnxy.jpg

The amount of leftovers… In the end the almost untouched noodle was given to the carpark auntie downstairs. Not bad, not wasted!
 photo 20170131_130014_zpsta5lztcy.jpg

Had nothing to do for the remaining day because we had kinda finished what we can for our drama. Was just lazing the day off with our super full tummies~ In the end, Ping and I decided to go and get some kitchenware and utensils for the pantry!

Went from City Square to Mustafa; bought stationery, storage baskets, tissue boxes, plates, bowls, utensils, dish rack and etc. Yet when we asked for a ride back, what we got from boss was, “Don’t be spoilt.” @#$%&@£%#!!!!! I don’t remember it being written in our contracts that we gotta help to buy all these stuff.

The worst part was we were trying so hard to find the cheapest and most valuable items, but they got disqualified one by one because it’s not class enough~ And we were suan-ed for being too aunties. Seriously 好心没好报!Should have just grabbed all the most expensive items!!!

In the end we had to take our own Uber ride back because I was with a preggie and we had so much to carry! Didn’t help that the Uber driver kept getting lost and it took us longer to wait for his arrival than to have walked back…Zzzzzzz. So annoyed! And everyone had left by the time we got back 😫
 photo 20170131_182433_zps0nftfjor.jpg

Welcoming the directors and APs with a neater pantry~! It was definitely a noisy week because all 3 directors are females this time, so are the APs! Imagine the small office with more than 10 females at the same time…HAHAHA! Even le boss had to ask us to close our doors 😛
 photo 20170202_100901_zpsrtmqxwqo.jpg

 photo 20170131_194805_zps6g2kyxcv.jpg

Visiting 财神爷 at Loyang Tua Pek Kong before movie!

 photo 20170131_201323_zpsntomc5ad.jpg

Selfie with 财神爷!
Why you no come my house~

There ain’t many movie choices for this week except for all the 贺年片,most of which do not have very good reviews~ It was Jackie Chan VS Stephen Chow and I chose the latter because I have heard more bad reviews for the former 😐

I think Journey To The West is not thatttttttt bad; at least I laughed at a few parts, especially the 蜘蛛 joke 😂😂😂 So funny!!! But of course many parts were super lame and I think some religious people might get offended by how they constantly try to smear the reputation of 唐僧…hmmmm. But it’s a comedy after all~ Not the worst movie I’ve watched lah; I’ve got more on the list.

 photo 20170201_090046_zpshhl3ztmf.jpg

Made my own mushroom floss sandwich because I have been craving for it!!! 😍

Had the third lohei on 人日 because the directors suddenly said we should have one over lunch!
 photo 20170203_132104_zpszh6nuus4.jpg

Lohei with abalone again at 好彩薄饼~ Why all so atas one, use abalone for lohei! I am happy enough with the cheapo lohei from NTUC, still very yummy ah! 😀
 photo 20170203_132136_zpsj80lucxl.jpg

Was extra cautious with my phone this time so as not to make the same mistake! Haha! And we mentioned about missing footage because it happened again! So déjà vu~

 photo 20170203_132235_zpsvp8feehi.jpg

The aftermath

I said I only wanna eat the lohei, partly because I wasn’t hungry and partly because I didn’t wanna splurge on lunch. But in the end everyone was having fun with the popiah wrapping and I got tempted to play as well!
 photo 20170203_132924_zpsyw6vgxqt.jpg

Popiah wrapped by yours truly! Not bad right 😛
 photo 20170203_133402_zpsewu7aoyp.jpg

And then I got tempted by the salted egg yolk prawns… So much gravy! How to not get me tempted?!
 photo 20170203_134628_zpswd5v1gtr.jpg

Same for the salted egg yolk fish skins! 😭 Sucker for salted egg yolk~
 photo 20170203_1347370_zpsqc6sw2w1.jpg

One of the comment we received most about our office is that it’s very homely, so I’m not surprised when everyone starts treating themselves at home 😂 (It’s not middle finger FYI.)
 photo 20170206_162826_zpstel4s4iq.jpg

After so much good food and so little exercise, I am finally back for yoga! Felt so shiok after a good hot stretch because I have been feeling aches all over!
 photo 20170202_210411_zpslk0hcrok.jpg

 photo 20170203_213805_zpsf1jtjj5w.jpg

TGIF @ Whisk & Paddle!

 photo 20170203_213320_zpsoxjddgac.jpg

Nachos with free-flow cheese dip is da best!

I was already eyeing for the passion fruit tart as my main course because I already splurged for lunch and I didn’t wanna splurge again~ But before I even ordered, the staff came to inform me that there is 1-for-1 for the passion fruit tart! YAY~!!!!!!
 photo 20170203_213014_zps22hutqxt.jpg

 photo 20170203_213034_zpsbdundi0z.jpg

The plate is quite pretty too! ((:

 photo 20170203_220307_zpsn0a1uddj.jpg

Too full for this Cha Yen dessert 😕

And because it was 立春,we decided to jump on the bandwagon of queuing up at the ATM to deposit money! 😆 It’s my first year doing so, because I am too impatient to queue, but le pig brother reminded me that there’s not just DBS in Singapore!

So thank god for UOB and OCBC! Because look at the queue at DBS ATM!!! 😱 And this is past 11pm by the way~
 photo 20170203_230731_zpsezdcznvs.jpg