NE3 2015 & Queen’s 26th!

The Saturday started a little differently and with a little more calories this week with the addition of a breakfast before the usual lunch! :P Then it was window-shopping at IKEA to let the yummy carrot cake digest a little before a yummy lunch! Hehe!

 photo 20150725_113933_zpszb1yns3r.jpg

In a cheesy mood again! (:

Off for NDP and this week, we didn’t practise as hard, probably for fear of participants’ complaints, time constraints and etc. We merely touched up on the last formation, did the finale changes, and that’s it. We didn’t even run through the whole performance once!

I just feel that practice makes perfect and it was evident in our last week‘s performance that all this is worthwhile! So I think there’s no way we should forgo such an important full-run. Once again, people who signed up for this should be prepared for this, period.

Got caught by Miss Full-Of-Props to pose for a photo in her shades when I was going to change =/


Errrr…I think I look better without? xD

Off to Suntec and there were so many last minute shit to handle that I hardly have time to have a bite! All the props distribution could have and should have done so way in advance before we moved off to Suntec but yet we had to do it so last minute!

Firstly, participants are everywhere by now, some in toilets, some taking photos here and there and it’s just difficult to get everyone to gather! Not like they have walkie-talkies??? Secondly, how the hell do we find all the tree trunk people when they are not even in their formation at this moment?! It’s not like we have photographic memory and we recognise who’s in the tree trunk and who makes up the branch. Lastly, even if we asked, I think it’s a well-known fact that they are just these handful of participants who cannot understand your question/instruction? Like they would raise their hands and then tell you, “I am the tree branch” when you have clearly and repeatedly asked for only the tree trunk to raise!!! That is the main reason why I think there are many things that should be done in a constraint area when we have everyone around and we can also give clearer instructions -.-”

Anyhow, not many pictures taken this week partly due to the busy bee flying around~ Only managed to take one before the show when I automatically went to press the camera mode on Kelly’s phone and demanded requested for a selfie! Hahaha!
 photo IMG-20150726-WA0005_zpsaselsyr8.jpg

As expected, the performance wasn’t as good as last week because we didn’t even run through in the afternoon. Knowing some of the participants, there are bound to be blur kings and queens roaming around like lost cats~ Meow.

Only managed to take 2 photos after the show too! D:
 photo IMG-20150726-WA0004_zpstw2sk2jj.jpg
 photo IMG-20150726-WA0000_zpsr9ddqcxa.jpg

And then one more back at Suntec when Ah Lyn finally managed to take a photo with her Ma, (biological) Kor & Jie! Haha!
 photo 11754447_10153463374846774_3783215622208333651_o_zps9lrui5c6.jpg

Supposed to be my virgin trip to Hard Rock this week but we didn’t manage to get a reservation so it was off to WineBos instead! Well, where ever that satisfies my alcohol crave :P
 photo 20150725_224608_zpsnlcyz9tl.jpg

 photo 20150725_222546_zps6lg139mw.jpg

Sweetest and nicest red wine ever! Love it!

 photo 20150725_224630_zpsunbwvsno.jpg

Four cheese pizza! YUMS!!!

 photo 20150725_223637_zpsytiwzpfi.jpg

And 4 ambassadors of Converse xD
Still can’t believe they custom-made these pink Converse shoes for us this year!

June joined us after her durian feast because she’s leaving for Aussie again and I didn’t have time to meet her up before she leaves~ Okay, I admit that this was more of a drunk/high moment instead of a touching one…hahaha! I don’t think I have drunk a lot (only 2 bottles???) but somehow I was getting a bit high and also sleepy at the same time *_* How ironic.
 photo IMG-20150726-WA0006_zpsvjayhnxx.jpg

Was even down with a bad hangover the next day that I spent half the day rolling in bed and then rolling around the living room because I was supposed to be watching TV, but my head hurt so badly that all I wanted to do was to sleep the whole day off…hahaha!

Finally dragged myself out in the evening for Queen’s birthday! And finally tried Supply & Demand as well~ I think they have pretty good food there! Love the Morning After pizza, which we gobbled up, hence no photo x.x

 photo 20150726_190437_zpsstbq1mku.jpg

My sea bass!

Had a good time bonding with le Clique when the guys decided to try Roomraider, which is like the escape room game that I played with Kai Bin and gang! It’s all their first time playing except for TCC and me…haha!

Initially, TCC was still afraid that too many cooks will spoil the broth or that we would end up quarreling due to different opinions and all. But I think we ended up working quite well together and I also managed to solve a number of clues! :D

The theme we chose was Prison Break and it was pretty fun! First we were split into 2 groups and we had to help each other get out of the locked rooms~ After which we would solve different clues together before we could free ourselves from the “cell“.

The clues are not that difficult in my opinion, even though we were only left with like 2 or 3 minutes by the time we escaped. The 45 minutes passed pretty fast somehow but still, we successfully accomplished our mission this time round, which I didn’t the previous time! Hehe!
 photo IMG-20150727-WA0000_zpstb2t77rd.jpg
 photo IMG-20150727-WA0002_zpsxcgk8txf.jpg

 photo IMG-20150727-WA0003_zpsneswxcwa.jpg

The guys just hate us -_-“

And because we have like 5 out of 7 of them on leave/afternoon shift  on the next day, the guys decided to go for a drinking session and we ended up in this uncle bar~ I was still “traumatised” by the hangover earlier in the day so I wasn’t in a drinking mood. How rare, I know…hahaha!

 photo 20150726_234201_zpse0gdmusv.jpg

Another one whom I had not seen for a long time~
Busy repairing MRT :P

Spicy Breakfast!

 photo 20150724_095625_zpsvuw732j3.jpg

A brand new week after the long weekend! 落叶归根~

It’s been a noisy week in office because it’s the period whereby we have directors and APs in again! Gonna miss these noises once again soon and all the laughter they brought me (:

That’s my cute AP trying to describe to us how badly X and Y kissed in a scene with my Brown and Cony…hahahahaha!!!!
 photo 20150722_181153_zps5qgxoerr.jpg
 photo 20150722_181159_zps73bjwntk.jpg

Caught Ant-Man with the recommendation of fellow colleagues and I quite like it! I mean I didn’t really know who is Ant-Man but after watching it, I think it has pretty cool power of making himself become mini like ant, and that ants are rather cool! xD

 photo  20150722_134857_zps9e41is5w.jpg

Long-missed yam duck rice!

Swiss roll-craze day! Because coincidentally, both my AP and my director went to buy the Swiss rolls (without knowing that each other has bought) after this funny director kept hinting them to do so the previous day! Hahaha!
 photo 20150722_153452_zps0brcnvcf.jpg

You may have seen him on TV before yearsssss ago but yes, he’s one of the directors now and it’s our first time working with him. Gonna miss all his epic expressive descriptions and maybe his 毒舌 as well…hahaha! Seriously made us laugh till our stomachs cramped! xD

He even posed to my camera after knowing that I was secretly snapping him and then he asked, “这样笑我的脸有没有小一点?” HAHAHAHA!
 photo 20150722_153419_zpspelgbe0b.jpg

 photo IMG-20150722-WA0003_zps4ufhutyl.jpg

Swiss rolls party in the pantry~!!! :D

 photo 20150722_203740_zps02th61s0.jpg

Exploring Changi Village! (:

 photo IMG_20150727_110908_zpsfkurbef3.jpg

Strawberry waffle with ice-screammmmmmm!!! ❤

 photo 20150723_114354_zpsv5dqrkvo.jpg

Ally’s OCD

 photo IMG-20150723-WA0012_zpswbh62whk.jpg

Breakfast for my AP and dear colleague!!! xD

Because both of them actually ate it the wrong way – they cooked it the soup way! FAINT!!! So they were like kinda happy to find out that each other was equally dumb…LOL.

Breakfast prepared by yours truly! :P
 photo IMG-20150724-WA0004_zps3htdixev.jpg
 photo IMG-20150724-WA0006_zpsx4loa9ah.jpg
 photo IMG-20150724-WA0007_zpsg3n6rrgg.jpg

And then the challenge started~ They liked the noodle, but the spiciness started to kick in…
 photo 20150724_103244_zpsfjih3umm.jpg
 photo 20150724_103247_zps4onnxhaz.jpg

As a result, my cute AP started tearing! Hahahahaha! But she still loves it!
 photo 20150724_103159_zps1n1fmzyh.jpg

The egoistic colleague claimed that it’s not thatttt spicy, yet he wanted the milk that he specially prepared for this challenge, but we confiscated…LOL.
 photo 20150724_103219_zpsgfmmsomt.jpg

And as a result, Mr Sexy Lips + Miss Teary Eyes! xDDD
 photo IMG_20150724_104250_zpsd594ii85.jpg

Finally went all the way to get my Mao Shan Wang durian macarons and I couldn’t wait to lay my hands on them because I had been looking for durian macarons for the longest time!!!
 photo 20150724_162247_zps0biwlxkj.jpg

I didn’t know that Joy’s Baking has been selling it for the past 2-3 years until I saw it on Facebook recently~ YUMS!
 photo 20150724_162334_zpsamdrsa8j.jpg

The husband and wife shop owners were really friendly and helpful by the way! They even tried to help me Google for buses and shortest routes back to my office after knowing that it’s quite a walking distance away! Luckily I managed to find my way back (:

 photo 20150724_162413_zpsg6scgtmr.jpg

Looking yummy already! It’s a bit on the sweeter side though~

 photo 20150724_162402_zps9zgf4uif.jpg

Even Elvin wants it! xDDDD

Friday night was a reunion night for Trinity because I haven’t seen this idiot for the longest time!
 photo 20150724_214640_zpsku5yq7ud.jpg

A short K-session before Gui left for his gambling session while buddy and I came up with the impromptu decision to eat durian, since the famous Balestier stall is just nearby! Thank you buddy for the Mao Shan Wang treat! :D
 photo IMG_20150726_221150_zpskrhg7vfl.jpg

Most Torturous Moment

It was a rare reluctant-to-go-out Sunday that I just felt like resting at home after one whole day of outings and another whole day of NDP~ But was booked for the day by Ah Lyn, who wanted to bring us on some adventure and we didn’t wanna disappoint her.

I didn’t quite know what this forest adventure thing is about by all I know is it’s freaking far (like Bedok reservoir???) and it’s all the camp stuff that I haven’t tried before (I didn’t go for all these camps back in school) so it’s probably gonna scary + dirty + muddy and all – that’s how I imagined it to be. But I did pre-warn the girl that if it’s too scary, I may not wanna do it =/

Dragged my lethargic body all the way down to the east to meet the girls and then it started drizzling just as we were walking into the reservoir! My heart rejoiced a little but I could see the disappointment written all over Lyn’s face…hahaha!

She was really excited about it whereas Tiff and I were like, “Hmmm okayyy, what is this about?” Our reluctance grew even more after learning from the little girl that there wouldn’t be any staff at every site to help us or ensure our safety! =O

Which is why the first 45 minutes was spent on briefing, teaching us how to put on our harness and going through a trial on how to hook on the different hookssss to different parts of a site~ I admit that I was in a zonk-out mode so I wasn’t digesting the information well, and that makes me worry if I can remember all the safety procedures and where to hook what!

After all the briefing and training, we were ready to go on our first site, which seemed pretty easy, except that the tree is also pretty tall. There are a total of 4 sites, so every site starts off with climbing the ladder up to the tree, then from there, you will have to go through different obstacle courses to get across to the other trees, or to get higher up the tree before you do a flying-fox down to the next site.

I don’t have photos of the first few sites because our phones were locked in the lockers, but I got this photo of the first site from ms-skinnyfat‘s blog to better explain why I gave up after the first site -.-”
 photo PhotoGallery83.jpg

The first site is by right the easiest, and on the first look, I was also like, “Okay, I think I can do this.” I was even the first to go amongst us. But the moment I was halfway up the shaky ladder to the tree, I was like, “Fuck. I can do this, but I DON’T WANT TO!!!

Firstly, the ladder is shaky – I hate shaky bridges, shaky ladder or anything shaky. Secondly, the height – this is already a pretty low site but still, I’m not looking down. Thirdly, the harness that was keeping us safe was also restricting our movements up the steps, which means I needed extra arm strength to get myself up the ladder and I was in an ultimate low-battery mode with a bad cough + period + empty stomach!

So when I finally got myself up to the platform, I did a mini flying-fox swing over to the next tree, where I landed on the spider web that you see in the picture above. And then I was supposed to climb up the spider web to the next platform on the tree beside before I can complete this site and do the flying-fox to the next.

But the spider web which seems easy already drained me of all energy by the time I finally climbed to the platform with the help of the instructions from Lyn and Tiff because I refused to look down! I don’t know if I have ever climbed this spider web thingy before but I think if I am like 10 years younger, I may have enjoyed it and climbed like a spider-girl, but now it’s just one word – shagged. The only part that I enjoyed the most is the flying-fox, because it doesn’t require much strength! Haha!

Yea so after my first site, I told the girls that’s it, I’m not going up another. I didn’t like it up there; I didn’t have any more energy to do all these; I am tired like shit; I have sand all over me and even in my undies because I landed on my butt for the flying fox -.- My rationale is that I have fulfilled my promise of coming and I’ve tried also, but it’s just not my kind of thing.

Lyn tried to “encourage” me to continue by continuously saying that I thought Aries don’t give up so easily, Aries like excitement and blah blah blah~ But I think I have to clarify a few things that despite the strong-will of an Aries, we only persevere when we have to. But if it’s something we are given a choice and we don’t like it, I don’t see the need to persevere on.

And yes we do like excitement, I enjoy the thrill of roller-coaster rides and drop tower but that’s because they are all the quick-death kind! Like even if anything happens, it would be a quick death for me. But I definitely do not enjoy anything that’s like walking on the rope, not knowing when you are gonna fall and die! Even in life, I just don’t like that kind of not knowing what’s gonna happen anytime feeling, so I will always choose to opt out from it. Yea I am not a very patient person, even for death xD

The staff was also kinda shocked when I chose to give up after the first site, because it costs freaking 46 bucks for this adventure! But it’s free for us, thanks to Lyn’s Sentosa staff privilege, which is why I can opt out so easily the moment I know I’m not liking it…hahaha!

 photo 20150719_151203_zpsxrpeofu6.jpg

The “I wanna go home” look x.x

The girls went up on site 2 and Tiff went up first this time round, reluctantly (LOL). I don’t have pictures of the site but site 2 is basically what I called – walking on the ropes, literally. There is the easy route and the difficult route and I don’t even wanna talk about how scary the difficult one seems.

The girls took the easy route and the first part consists of walking across from one tree to another on this twisted ropes that kinda rotate when you walk on them and you gotta find your balance. Tiffy was screaming and screaming while she was on it and she kept screaming things that don’t make sense like “You’re supposed to step on the boards” but yet she’s stepping on the ropes instead! And she just kept screaming that sentence repeatedly in a really scared voice. Poor girl! When I asked if she regretted going up, she shouted, “YES!!!” That’s when I told Lyn I am not going up for sure! LOL.

After completing the twisted rope obstacle course, the next obstacle to complete site 2 was walking on yet another rope, but this time round it’s just 1 rope, and it’s a really really long one! Tiffy was once again screaming while walking on the rope and asking why it’s still far away because the distance between the 2 trees is indeed pretty far! Lyn was obviously scared too but she managed to complete every obstacle at a much faster speed than us~ The advantage of being young.

The girls wanted to skip site 3 initially because it involves 9 obstacles to go through and the staff actually told us that if we wanna skip it, we can go straight to site 4, which is the last site~ The girls tried to psycho me to go on site 4 with them once they completed site 2, and I half-agreed because after that I can go home and I couldn’t wait to! Hahahaha!!!

But in the end, they decided to go for site 3, which surprised me, because I thought Tiffy wouldn’t wanna go either! Unfortunately, after Lyn went through the first obstacles and Tiff was halfway on it, it started raining! The girls were in a dilemma of whether to continue the remaining 8 obstacles, or to give up, which means to walk back all the way again then climb down the tree~ They chose the latter in the end as the rain got heavier and the staff said there are expecting a thunderstorm =/

Took the chance to rest before the girls tried to psycho me up on site 2 again -.- They didn’t mind doing it again with me, taking the difficult route this time round while I take the easy route~ I agreed reluctantly since I have regained some energy by then. Lyn went first this time round and despite talking about bravery and stuff the whole day, she backed out on the difficult route after going up and so all of us took the easy route…hahaha!

But the moment I stepped up the ladder again, I regretted once again!!! It was so damn tiring (and scary) just to climb up the shaky ladder and I kept asking the girls if I can just come down and not continue! Of course they kept asking me to carry on and I finally climbed up that damn tree. Did the twisted rope thingy with the help of tips from Lyn and it wasn’t that scary after all~ Then it was the walking on the rope part which Lyn claimed that it’s easier than the twisted rope, so I confidently stepped on it and fuckkkkkkkkk, it was a lie!

I have never been so tortured before in my life and that was probably the longest 5 minutes in my life everrrrr. Okay, I don’t know how long exactly I took to get across the trees but it just felt like forever. I was basically and literally walking on a thin line, high up in the air, tied with harness but the harness hanging from the rope above kept hitting on my forehead (and even eye) as I was trying to strike a balance!

TTA 032_CG

Just a picture to let you guys have an idea

It was damn damn damn irritating and I had to arch my back and walk while trying really, really hard to balance because once I lost my footing, I will be like hanging in the air and it would be difficult for me to get back on the rope again. I have asked the staff previously like what if we are stuck up there, not being able to complete the site, and her answer was that there’s no way out down, you can only hang there and rest, regain energy then try again to complete it.

So I really really didn’t wanna lose my footing but my legs began to shake badly in the centre! And it was still such a long way to go!!! Argh! Seriously seriously regretted agreeing…Zzzzzz! After I finally finished that site and flying-fox down, I was firm that I WILL NOT go up again!!!

It’s like even if you have the courage but you have no energy, you can hardly complete it. Same likewise if you have energy but no courage, there’s no way you can do it too! It’s definitely more of a torture than a fun adventure to me, I’m sad to say~ And later on when we had a brief conversation with a guy who started the adventure with us at the same time, he shared the same sentiment as me. “I don’t like it… I don’t like it…..” He said. And I could totally get him. A pity he was here with his adventurous partner, so he had no choice but to be spontaneous…hahaha! Poor guy~ I was really thankful that I didn’t have to continue and neither do I have any more energy to!

So the girls decided to carry on and headed up on site 3 once again~ But the moment Tiffy stepped up the ladder again, it started raining again! That means another break as we sought refuge under the shelter and I fed the mosquito -.- Really wanted to go home badly because I was so exhausted, sticky and even more sandy after the second flying-fox butt land! I think camp is just not my kind of thing~

Anyhow, the girls went up on a third time after the rain stopped. But it drizzled halfway again and they decided to just complete it this time round, so finally, site 3 was cleared! One step closer to home! :P

Off to their last site and it always starts with a ladder-climb~ By this time I have officially raised my white flag, and went to take out our phones in the locker…hahaha!
 photo IMG-20150719-WA0052_zpsvaq6pu32.jpg
 photo IMG-20150719-WA0053_zpskmriyikj.jpg

The scariest thing about this site is actually this 2-second free fall thing from the top platform to across! I actually think I don’t mind the 2-second free fall challenge, since it’s a quick death, but the free fall swings you to a spiderweb opposite, so no way I am going~
 photo IMG-20150719-WA0046_zpsvpefocex.jpg

Lyn was supposed to go first but because she was really really scared of the free-fall, she spent some time persuading Tiffy to go first while they were up there! LOL! Even the staff who happened to be there was laughing because Lyn has tried the Macau bungee jump, yet she’s freaking out on this -_-”
 photo IMG-20150719-WA0056_zpsdrrbkik4.jpg

The persuasion failed eventually and so there you go, Lyn! :P
Her scream was seriously funny!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Trying to climb to the tree beside~
 photo IMG-20150719-WA0041_zpszmgegmsr.jpg

But I guess she had used up all her energy on screaming during the free-fall that she had no more energy left to climb the spiderweb too! She kept trying and trying and trying but she just didn’t have energy to move anymore~
 photo IMG-20150719-WA0058_zps7n3jymri.jpg

The staff asked if she wanna give up and that means to let go, rest while hanging in the air, then try to climb again, which she did…
 photo IMG-20150719-WA0059_zpsmqnafsjh.jpg

Hanging up there after first failed attempt~
 photo IMG-20150719-WA0063_zps7yn36gsk.jpg

Then she tried again for the second time, then gave up again~
 photo IMG-20150719-WA0064_zpsznxhui8t.jpg

The staff even tried to help her by pulling the spiderweb closer to the tree but she still couldn’t do it, because all of us have not eaten at all! And because a hungry glutton is an extra angry one, she kept scolding us to “diam! (Shut up!)” whenever we tried to help her by giving her advice on the direction -.-”
 photo IMG-20150719-WA0062_zpsfix1njqt.jpg

Poor Tiffy waiting up there for her turn and yet she couldn’t go because Lyn’s still stuck on the web like a dead fly xD
 photo IMG-20150719-WA0060_zpsip4zzikd.jpg

And after several failed attempts, the staff finally resorted to using the “helpline“, which is to activate this pulley system. Lyn thought the pulley would help her to get down and end everything once and for all, but when the staff started pulling her upwards, she was like, “Huh?! She’s helping me up ah! T.T” LOLOL.
 photo IMG-20150719-WA0038_zps7cyjrrsx.jpg

 photo IMG-20150719-WA0066_zpsopuwphwz.jpg
 photo IMG-20150719-WA0067_zpsdftxgqjg.jpg

And then it was Tiffy’s turn~ No video because she omitted it…haha!
 photo IMG-20150719-WA0035_zpskj7mhe3x.jpg

Tiff also had some difficulty climbing because I think they were all really exhausted by then…
 photo IMG-20150719-WA0070_zpsidve7r1l.jpg

After the first failed attempt, she finally managed to get to the platform too!
 photo IMG-20150719-WA0078_zpsdzsh1wru.jpg

But that was not the end of it of course… They still had to go through some obstacles before the site is completed!
 photo IMG-20150719-WA0020_zps3qt0qp81.jpg

 photo IMG-20150719-WA0031_zpsyty0gyte.jpg

From wooden planks to wooden logs~

 photo IMG-20150719-WA0028_zpstszgbmdm.jpg

Short legs but going fast

 photo IMG-20150719-WA0024_zpspmoy2jl6.jpg

Though with a sibei scared face…LOL

You can see how shaky the wooden logs are!!! Thank goodness I didn’t have to go through!

 photo IMG-20150719-WA0030_zps6jkfywue.jpg

Probably the easiest obstacle

Finally on the last stop – flying-fox!
 photo 20150719_173557_zps7lvpvrft.jpg

But then once again, Lyn was persuading Tiffy to go first -_-”
 photo 20150719_173509_zpsoq0rlbi1.jpg

Negotiation failed again so it was Lyn’s turn again! Hahaha! She always managed to land nicely even though she’s damn scared to do the flying-fox -.- That’s like my only favourite part lor.

Tiff, on the other hand, always landed on her butt like me! Somehow we just always start to rotate halfway during the flying-fox =/

Finally done with the day! FINALLY TIME TO GO HOME!!! Hahaha! I was brutally tortured on this day =X
 photo 20150719_174037_zpshyfnhimb.jpg

Memorable NE2 2015!

Was down with a bad cough but still trying to keep my energy level up high especially when it’s an important week! And a memorable one too (:

Was looking forward to the fish bee hoon that I haven’t had for a really long time but sadly, the stall was not opened yet! –CRY!!!– Super sad and had to make do with nasi lemak instead despite of the cough x.x
 photo 20150718_094009_zpssegptjhk.jpg

Dessert with le bear after the not-so-satisfying breakfast!!! :D
 photo 20150718_105012_zpsyzuqhrgr.jpg

 photo 20150718_103336_zpsaw2irrkp.jpg

Brownie with ice-cream!

First piggyback in the middle of Grandstand mall, ignoring the eyes of the public for once ((((((:
Off for NDP and we had a hardcore practice under the super hot sun! Despite the new uneven tan lines (Zzzzzz) and sunburns on many, I think it was all worthwhile and we really need such training every week!

Was really touched when one of my group’s participants suddenly passed me a bottle of brand-new Chrysanthemum tea after knowing that I am not feeling well! I usually try not to 辜负 people’s 好意 so I accepted it in shock initially, despite already having a weekly bottle from Lyn (I am so well taken care of by everyone! ❤)… But after realising that she actually bought it for herself because of the hot weather and she’s giving it to me because I needed it more, I told her to keep it for herself because it was really hot and I don’t want my members to fall sick too!!! Really touched by her sweetness nevertheless ((:

And right after the sweaty formation practice, we headed into the auditorium to brush up dance steps – something which we need too! But because all the trainers were out training with the core group, Pris and I had to take on the stage to do the dance demo because there was no one else >.<

But I’ve said before that I only like to teach something when I am confident of it, so at least by now I know all the steps by heart and can confidently demo without being afraid of teaching the wrong things~ All I wanted was really for the better of the night!

After everyone’s drained of energy, we finally moved off to Suntec where we recharged and got ready for the night! It was an important night as I have mentioned because it’s the week we have all invited our friends/family to watch our 十年功!

After inviting so many friends for the past few years, this year is extra special for me because I finally get to invite these people whom I have been hoping to come watch me perform some day – family! Well, not the entire family, but good enough with my dearest Sis and family, especially my dearest dearest dearest loveboy!!! <3

 photo IMG-20150718-WA0022_zpswnwez7mw.jpg

Uber chubby and cute shot sent by Sis! :D

I mean for the past few years, Isaac was still a baby and all so it was quite impossible for Sis to come~ But finally the boy has grown up now and is able to enjoy the show so I really wanted them to come! Really thankful for the pair of extra tickets that made this possible! Thank you for always giving in your share to me to fulfill my wishes ❤❤❤

Had one extra ticket left since Sis + Vic + Isaac only makes up 3 persons so I didn’t know who to give to… But I do know a hardcore NDP fan who really wanna watch this year’s show, so I tried my luck and asked if she’s okay to go alone and she did! Hahaha! Thank you for coming, Miss 乌拉 :D
 photo IMG-20150718-WA0023_zpsjszauhbv.jpg

Despite bringing my selfie stick every week, I haven’t got the chance to use it at all because every week is so busy! Could only depend on people who came up to me for photos so I can have some pictures to share as well! Hehe.


With the only guy from my group (excluding Eric)!


With Carlo!

Carlo and I used to be closer, especially during that 2012 year, when I addressed him as my Eurasian prince~ But in the recent 1-2 years, I could feel that he had not been as friendly to me, probably because of someone’s backstabbing or just some misunderstandings.

I didn’t bother asking or refute, neither did I get as shallow as saying things back about the person behind his/her back because that’s the last thing I want – to get involve in all these meaningless stabbings over jealousy or fame or whatsoever. What matters more is I am being myself and I continue to do so. I don’t degrade myself just because of one person; I don’t see the need to defend senseless rumours as well.

I have real and true friends who care for me and that’s what more important, so I really didn’t bother at all about all these insignificant people (not referring to Carlo, but the ones guilty of saying things behind one’s back). Neither do I see the need to be affected. But I was really glad when Carlo came to me and asked me for a photo, I guess as long as you stay real, people can judge for themselves eventually (:

Anyhow, off to Padang to get ready for my performance and guess who I caught watching the army tanks driving past! Hehe! I was so afraid that I wouldn’t get to take a picture with him after the show (in case he throws a tantrum halfway), but luckily I managed to see him before the show when Sis brought him to the washroom! Grabbed the opportunity to snap a photo with him first! Thank goodness he was smiley~!
 photo IMG-20150719-WA0003_zps4fd82lzs.jpg

He couldn’t recognise me initially, or maybe he was scared off by my face paint (who wouldn’t! With such ugly face paint -.-), but after a while he was all cheeky again! Hehe! With my dearest family members! ❤

 photo IMG-20150719-WA0002_zpspzvl4w15.jpg

Naughty boy purposely pouting away as usual~

The show went pretty well and in my humble opinion, it’s a vast improvement from the past weeks, all thanks to the hardcore training in the afternoon! After our last formation, I was thinking in my mind that I think we did quite well this week and then it was all confirmed when 老师 gave a thumbs-up to everyone! :D

Our hard work finally paid off! But of course there are still rooms for improvement and this is still not the ‘perfect standard‘ that I have been hoping for since the first year I joined PA~ I don’t know if we can ever achieve that, because like what 老师 said, we don’t have young students with plenty of energy, neither do we have cute little kids to tug on the audience’s heartstrings, but I still hope that some day, we will get there (:

Anyway, like every other year, we would be busy looking for our friends or family whom we have invited this week to take photos with us. This year is no different, except that I have an extra responsibility now, which is to take care of my group~ So I was stuck between going, which is in a way breaking the “rule“, or staying to fulfill my duty.

We couldn’t go far anyway, but thankfully Sis and Siew Eng managed to come over to the centre instead, so I managed to take a picture with them! :D But even that, I was stuck between role VS friendship, because Lyn’s sis was still stuck somewhere and I couldn’t leave her in the lurch without helping her take photos~ It’s kinda our annual tradition to help each other do so.

In the end, she didn’t manage to take any (because her sis was still stuck) and I was also “reprimanded” in a way for not setting a good example. Oh well~ When it comes to friendship (义气), it really becomes a tough choice. But like what Step Up Revolution taught us – “Sometimes, it’s good to break the rules.:P

With the cheeky monster! Just look at the cheeky face and you can imagine him going around poking his balloon sword at random strangers -_-|||
 photo IMG-20150718-WA0026_zpszlbozo3a.jpg

With Siew Siew as well! :D Really thankful for her hardcore support in agreeing to come alone!!! Thank you for all the Bangkok gifts as well! <3
 photo IMG-20150718-WA0027_zpsypx1okkm.jpg

So thankful that they stayed till the end since 4pm despite of the hot sun and sweat! It took me some effort to make this come true and despite the initial hiccups and disappointment, I am glad that they managed to come eventually :D
 photo IMG-20150719-WA0000_zpshwjyjt3o.jpg

A rare shot of the naughty one smiling so sweetly! Thank you for the wonderful memories! ((((:
 photo IMG-20150719-WA0008_zpsxflj3awi.jpg

Trick Eye Museum (Part 1)!

Still haven’t gotten hold of the 500 over photos that we took, so I shall post what I have first! (:

Finally used the tickets that I bought months ago!
 photo 20150717_1322270_zpsw8grqarb.jpg

It was said that the estimated waiting time is 90 minutes but I think we got in within like 20 minutes? The queue moved pretty fast actually, it’s more of having to wait for your turn to take photos with the stuff that you want and facing with annoying people cutting your queue.

Speaking of that, there is something about this whole “we should let the kids go first” mentality that I just cannot accept. It’s not a rule of the museum, but that somehow seems to be the thinking of some parents. I don’t quite get this because to me, if your kids can have so much energy to be running around, I don’t see why they can’t have the energy to queue up and wait for their turns.

It’s all about upbringing to me, just because your kid can’t wait, doesn’t mean that he/she gets to go first. This is not about queuing for toilet and bladder control. This is about waiting for something that you want. Patience is a virtue, and even for people who have no patience like me, I freaking know how to queue up, period.

Now, let’s move on to the photo of the day~! Got Lyn to wear the OMG shirt that we bought in JB because I was planning to wear my CHILL shirt so it’ll be like “OMG!” “Chill~~~” you know you know?

But who knows her first photo in the museum turned out to be with this replica of her, wearing the same-colour shirt, same pants, and even same sneakers!!! Indeed OMG!!! xD
 photo 20150717_133836_zpsytosmodu.jpg

Trying to show the OMG words on her shirt but I think the first shot’s expression looks more OMG…hahaha!
 photo 20150717_133942_zpsxfem41xl.jpg

Oh and let me officially introduce Tiffy’s official closet boyfriend that is finally out of the closet! As in the
secret boyfriend” closet, not any other closet ah~ He was our photographer for the day! Sweet sweet shot! (:
 photo 20150717_134738_zpst4dif5j7.jpg

 photo 20150717_135339_zpshhmwbweu.jpg


 photo 20150717_134430_zps58xe8vzf.jpg

Because he said, “May I?” :P

 photo 20150717_134501_zpstq6favkt.jpg

Something about this looks funny but I can’t figure what xD

Look me some effort to get onto this giant baby so I must take a few more shots!
 photo 20150717_135530_zpsvqzqchjj.jpg

 photo 20150717_135602_zpsndo8a2tb.jpg

Baby riding!

 photo 20150717_135542_zpsh4ov1pj6.jpg

Tare Panda~

 photo 20150717_140110_zpsauggjnzh.jpg

OMG she did it!

 photo 20150717_140200_zpsr6ddwem1.jpg

Picnic by the sea <3

 photo 20150717_1404270_zps3fvgkzjz.jpg

Back in Paris! :D

 photo 20150717_140411_zpss4mhosnf.jpg

Okay..I am really bad in posing =X

 photo 20150717_140613_zpsk9koz7q5.jpg

LOL at Tiffy’s face!

My failed Sadako version because there were too many people around and I was damn paiseh, so didn’t adjust my hair properly! Hahahahaha!
 photo 20150717_140755_zpsyhr2pxbc.jpg

 photo 20150717_140905_zpsismyyo4f.jpg

See no evil!
My original idea~

 photo 20150717_140922_zpsjufgienc.jpg

Touch no evil too? =O
The girls’ modified idea~

 photo 20150717_141741_zps4pkqsjec.jpg

Dolphin & Bee Show!

 photo 20150717_143102_zpsgzrmolrw.jpg

The zhao geng ballerina O.O

 photo 20150717_143431_zpsqa6qwgdl.jpg

The not-that-innocent girl’s idea xD

 photo 20150717_143529_zpsa8m8jxv2.jpg

The most graceful that I can be liao~

 photo 20150717_143601_zpsuzuksxvp.jpg

The “cartoon” version xD

 photo 20150717_151428_zpsqkykbjl6.jpg

Buying matchsticks from the 卖火柴的小女孩

 photo 20150717_150437_zpsc5ach9sp.jpg

Literally 发花痴

 photo 20150717_150501_zpsnwij63o9.jpg

Every girl’s weakness ((((:

 photo 20150717_143911_zpsxt800z4w.jpg

Keep calm and balance xD

 photo 20150717_153113_zpsfxya1uqu.jpg

With Big Bad Wolf! :P

Overall I think it’s a nice cam-whore place so you need to like taking photos then you will enjoy the place~ They are other cooler stuff in there that I do not have photos of yet, but I think we had quite some fun thinking of nonsensical ideas for the shots! :D