初 (:

Had a horrifying Monday because I completely forgot to set my alarm clock!!! Woke up like 30 minutes before work and it was so unbelievable that I started thinking if it’s public holiday or still weekend -_- Cause it has hardly happened to me!

I mean there are times when I woke up in shock thinking that I have missed my alarm but actually it’s my alarm hasn’t rung yet, so when it really happened this time, I just thought it was another “false alarm“! Mad rushhhhh but I am thankful to have my angel cum all time-saviour again! ((:

This week marks the official end of《长辈》and I can’t believe how fast this project went! As compared to the previous, I think this went quite smoothly~ Now it’s the start of another new project and I heard it’s gonna be a challenge! Till then, we shall see D:

 photo 20150518_173649_zpszb8ppppr.jpg

The APs really love to nap at my sofa! xD

 photo 20150519_134409_zpsa0r5cqsy.jpg

Always a right choice for lunch! <3

 photo 20150518_201730_zps1mberttb.jpg

Cafe-hopping at Les Patisseries! ((:

 photo 20150518_195307_zps0hcyoenx.jpg

Yummy mango cake with fresh mangoes inside!

 photo 20150518_200339_zpsnrmljnaw.jpg

Waffle’s great too; crispy on the outside and soft inside :D Yummy!

TCC member birthday discount deal again! But this time Ah Lyn’s~ Got tricked to order this flavoured nachos :( I think we were tricked by the mushroom bites too! If that’s the case I think it’s really unethical for them to lie to us on the ingredients! Hmfp!
 photo 20150520_200506_zpsskywzuhq.jpg

 photo IMG-20150525-WA0023_zpsezjlkjwj.jpg

Mentaiko seafood bites!

 photo IMG-20150525-WA0026_zps75kdhwhz.jpg

All-day breakfast set!

 photo IMG-20150525-WA0022_zpsojwyuj3q.jpg

Egg-drop spaghetti bolognese which I didn’t quite like =/

 photo IMG-20150525-WA0025_zpstsmxfefc.jpg

Seared Mor’o’miso salmon that got me so full~

So full after the snacks and our mains that we totally forgot we still have a cake!!! Ahhhhhhh~~~ Luckily it’s small and more importantly, YUMMY!!! :D
 photo IMG-20150525-WA0024_zpsozl63euc.jpg

 photo 20150523_110724_zps7amprore.jpg

Just like the first time <3 :D

 photo IMG_20150521_100808_zpsgjjleijg.jpg

Healthy breakfast on the not-so-hungry morning! (:

 photo 20150521_132633_zpsgqti5kug.jpg


 photo 20150521_134153_zpsyvyqvl43.jpg

Yummy but super sinful mee siam x.x

 photo 20150521_134303_zpslo1cprmi.jpg

The nicer it is, the more sinful it is! Haha!

Just because I mentioned that I am craving for cake in the afternoon, I got my favourite rainbow cake at night!!! Hehe! *happy girl* ❤❤❤
 photo 20150522_203538_zps9dykd1yd.jpg

 photo 20150523_105850_zpsip3tkybo.jpg

#anighttoremember ((:

 photo 20150523_105748_zpsdu47yqan.jpg

Chrysanthemum tea, anyone? xD

The next day was spent trekking with the volunteers since there was no project this week~ But I shall blog that separately as there are too many photos!

Finally managed to run all the name-changing errands on Sunday before practice! Although I did not manage to update the record for all accounts, at least I finally started and covered some! Extremely appreciative of the time ((:

Super nice mango pomelo as recommended by Yinning! So glad that we walked past if not I would not remember her raves! And it’s indeed like one of the best I have eaten! A pity they ran out of durian paste for what I want :(
 photo IMG_20150524_131113_zps9kr5sawk.jpg

Off for practice at Kranji Camp again and this week was rather chaotic…sigh! Cause there were some last minute changes again which “ruined” our homework and it doesn’t help that Eric was away this week! D:

In fact we had very limited time to do the formations this week because first half of the practice was spent on rehearsing the dance steps… So by the time we were down to do the formations after dinner, we were only left with like 1.5 hour?

1.5 hour and we had to use it to brief those who did not turn up last week, redo the last minute change (which took most of our time) and to do the new circle formation! Time wasn’t working well with us, racing off every minute and I did not even realise it was close to the end of the practice! Sigh!

Was still doing the changes before 老师 suddenly came to help us with the circle formation because we were lagging behind and I was pretty lost, cause I didn’t even know about it. Yet I was supposed to lead for the circle and I was still in a complete lost mode, unable to find my various markers :( The circle is seriously difficult!!! 8 damn markers to find within such a short time…argh!

So at the end of the night, I was exhausted, demoralised and angry. Angry for not having enough time, angry for the last minute change, angry that Eric wasn’t there to help us, angry with the participants behind for forgetting my instructions last week (just when I just praised them!), and mainly angry with myself for the incompetency of not completing what I had expected to and not being able to lead the circle formation well!

It’s true that I put a lot of pressure on myself and it’s something that I can’t help. It’s an Aries thing, I believe. But when I’m given a responsibility, I really wanna give my best and when my best doesn’t turn out the best that I had expected, then yes, I am not satisfied and will be thinking and thinking what went wrong. I will just keep thinking till I fall asleep!

Didn’t wanna rant because I didn’t wanna seem like a “sore loser” getting annoyed over my own incompetency and crying over spilled milk, but I still ended up ranting on and on~ Zzzzzz. As a result, I got an ice-cream treat so that I can “cool down“…hahaha! Cute~

 photo 20150524_210855_zpsye3rrjsc.jpg

3 cups promo made us greedy! :P

The supposedly “better shot” that avoids that couple in the background~ Hmmmm. Really better meh??? I think my shot like nicer leh! LOLOL.

 photo 20150524_211019_zpsnxe55e22.jpg

Apple tea, lychee & durian! :D

 photo 20150525_090541_zps2iy3ai9x.jpg

Surprise in my bag…hehe!

Mama’s Day & Vic’s Birthday!

Celebrated a belated Mother’s Day (for the very first time..haha!) and it was a simple lunch over at Dian Xiao Er before my practice (:
 photo 20150517_115324_zpshlzwjgr8.jpg

Just lunched there recently with Sis so we already know more or less what to order. The salted egg yolk fried lotus is a must-have!!!!!!
 photo 20150517_120020_zpscslybsay.jpg

 photo IMG_20150520_162909_zpsxsphg4v1.jpg

Shades Of The Day – Isaac’s funny shades! xD

Took the opportunity to celebrate Vic’s birthday in advance too since Isaac was “cravingggg for a birthday cake” again -_- Who actually craves for birthday cake?!?!
 photo 20150517_123411_zps5tmyefle.jpg

 photo 20150517_1235550_zpsss3elp70.jpg

外婆节快乐 :D

 photo 20150517_123456_zpsbzmvqw8j.jpg

Happy Birthday to Papa!

The mischievous boy was purposely making things difficult for me to take a proper photo again, so all the shots he’s either not looking into the camera when Sis is, or he’s looking in but Sis is not looking -_-”

So I had to like photoshop Sis’ head over to this and even for the picture of my mum and him! Hahaha! Thank god for Photoshop!
 photo 20150517_123738_zpsppllw7lv.jpg

 photo 20150517_123851_zpsvfjhl2mp.jpg

Singing the birthday song :D

 photo 20150517_123854_zpsrpivt1vs.jpg

Making wish together! Hehe!

 photo 20150517_123901_zpskpwlahbd.jpg

“Ready to blow?”

 photo 20150517_123904_zpsfccakel9.jpg

Little one with big breath!

Then as usual, he was snatching with the birthday person to cut the cake -_-”
 photo 20150517_124053_zpsb4vl26bi.jpg
 photo 20150517_124044_zps23de3chj.jpg
 photo 20150517_124050_zpsvfntpah6.jpg

Went off for NDP practice and continued on our formations! But we are more prepared this time round because we had done our “homework” and with the individual formation papers that we have prepared for them, it also made things easier for them (:

So I had enough time to nag and nag at them to train them on when to move to what formations and etc, which is damn important to me. I am starting to like my Group 2 because at least they are quite cooperative, and I haven’t encountered any problematic or rude ones so far. *fingers crossed*

And despite my fierceness, which I can’t help it because sometimes I need to shout so that everyone can hear, and when I shout, I am naturally fierce (LOL), and sometimes it’s because I am in the midst of doing something important and I get interrupted by trivial questions, so my tone will be less patient, but they are still nice to me (:

One of them even offered to give me pen when I merely complained that I lost mine when I lent it to the participant the previous week…haha! I just hope they remain as cooperative and more importantly, patient because managing 90 people is not an easy task, let alone I have to remember my own formations and dance steps as well >.<

Thank goodness I have kidnapped Lyn over to my group and she’s able to help me remember my markers while I was busy watching over the group and didn’t have time to practise. So to reward her, I drove her for the very first time! Hahaha!

But only to Woodlands Waterfront again because that’s the easiest route :P Though someone was getting less patient this week because the thirst was taking over -.- Tskkkkk.

Had our mini picnic there with the Hong Kong goodies from Ah Lyn! :D
 photo 20150517_215647_zpspaw8htvw.jpg

 photo 20150517_215940_zpsflvrm1bw.jpg

Indeed a classic dessert! <3


So much goodies again!!! ((:

Eat and eat and eat!

So following the cable car promise, I finally fulfilled my Whole Earth treat promise as well! Hehe! It’s the promise made after I received my first ever bonus, and it was a meal of gratitude for being there throughout this whole journey, be it ups or downs, rain or shine ((:

Ever since Naïve closed down, I have been missing its Tom Yum soup and olive rice and had been wanting to try Whole Earth, since they are affiliated~ The prices are indeed on the higher end in comparison but I still wanna try! The Tom Yum soup was indeed very much like Naïve‘s and I totally love it!!!
 photo 20150513_194933_zpsv7sai6pv.jpg

Another must-have was the olive fried rice, which is also as good as Naïve‘s! (:  photo 20150513_194657_zps35q4mq4u.jpg

Was tempted by the cereal monkey head mushroom but the mushrooms turned out a bit dry after deep-drying, but the cereal was so yummy that I finished everything! Hehe! Super sinful, I know!!!
 photo 20150513_194929_zpsv2qrmxzx.jpg

The Thai mango and tamarind fish was nice too, but a little too thick to really enjoy the taste fully~
 photo 20150513_195521_zpscefwy802.jpg

It was still a good meal and I am happy to have fulfilled my promise! :D Off for movie – The Age of Adaline!

I was attracted by the unique storyline the first time I saw the trailer and of course another reason was Blake Lively ❤_❤ So pretty please~

But I think it’s more of a girl’s movie than a guy’s because it can get a bit draggy towards the end. Still like it nevertheless as it’s quite different from the clichéd romance movies (:

I’ve been running for so long. I don’t know how to stop.

 photo 20150511_145944_zpsfobcshf6.jpg

Yoguru after lunch! :D

I was talking about wanting to control my diet and the next moment I was holding this…Zzzzzz. Why you no stop me~~~

 photo 20150515_213604_zpsvsdfbya2.jpg

走在一起是缘分,一起在走是幸福 (:

 photo 20150515_083941_zpstc9oa9yk.jpg

1-year old postcard from Ah Lyn!
#failedplan xD

 photo IMG_20150515_101350_zpsz5efswa4.jpg

The super unlucky Friday :(

Was in the mood to grab some good breakfast and after wandering around, I finally decided on Mac’s sausage egg Mcmuffin. The ones before me ordered the same and got their Mcmuffin but when it was my turn, they ran out of eggs! -CRYYYYYY!!!!-

But that wasn’t the worse because I could get the one without egg~ The worst part came when I was walking halfway to office, there was a sudden downpour! At first I thought it wasn’t that heavy because I was under the trees, until I was like 200m away (just 200m!!!) from office and there was no more trees shelter… I finally experienced the full force of the super heavy rain!

Started running but it was way way way too heavy, thankfully there was a shelter just beside me! >.< But still kinda drenched and hair looked like shit~
 photo IMG-20150515-WA0007_zpsnna3sciu.jpg

Sought help from colleagues and poor Joey who thought he was lucky enough to reach the building just right before the rain, but ended up coming to send umbrella to me! Sucks being a guy but super touched because he agreed with no hesitation at all!!!

Felt so bad because his pants ended up being 3/4 wet, shoes soaked in rain water and even with the umbrellas, we were both pretty much drenched by the crazy splashing rain! T.T

Night cycling with buddy! But I was down with a headache due to the rain so we did not go far; only cycled 1-2 rounds before we took a “smoke break“! xD Beng and lian enough??? Hahaha!
 photo 20150515_215048_zpshfzc4hsr.jpg

 photo 20150515_215041_zps28zattyl.jpg

Retarded face of 21 years.

 photo IMG_20150516_002221_zpseqody5kp.jpg

Burning midnight oil to do formation papers x.x

Saturday was spent with PPGs and we went to so many places in a day! Actually we did not have concrete plan for the day except for the morning brunch, but we just wanted to spend the whole day together because we can’t remember when was the last time we did that!

We usually only get to meet at night especially when Nad was busy flying, so now that she has an abundance of time, we all made arrangements to specially spend this whole day together (:

 photo 20150516_133632_zpsqjtcepjs.jpg

Brunch at Sin Lee!

Apparently it was quite a popular place tuck under the HDB block in Tiong Bahru, and it was already almost full house when we reached! We ordered all the recommended dishes to share and the taste is good, but all have rooms for improvement~
 photo 20150516_130254_zpsfiebngln.jpg

Aburi Broccoli Salad – nice but way too oily =/ But I guess they have to compensate for the water loss when “flaming” the broccoli~
 photo 20150516_125619_zpstpc1av9i.jpg

Mentaiko Crab Mantou – can’t really taste the mentaiko, which is supposedly our favourite! But taste wise it’s still not bad, just quite oily too.
 photo 20150516_125843_zps3bxnzzu9.jpg

Salted Egg Sweet Potato Fries – still prefer Nov 8‘s one with normal fries! And the salted egg yolk is too “gao” for our liking; prefer the more flowy and liquid kind.
 photo 20150516_125937_zps2sjvy4cl.jpg

Fried Chicken Waffle – I never quite understand the concept of serving chicken with waffle (waffle is for ice-cream!!!) but the chicken is not bad, while waffle is just too tough and kinda burnt =/
 photo 20150516_130247_zpszmr77pb7.jpg

Overall it wasn’t really a disappointing brunch, but just overrated, especially for its price. It’s on the higher end and personally, I prefer brunch that is more like Eggs Benedict and all…hehe~ No plans in mind so we decided to head to Philips fair again to take a look!

We were there 2 years ago and I remember Yinning and Xiao Qian each bought some stuff back. But everything is more or less the same and the prices weren’t thattttt attractive, so we went off empty-handed =/

Headed over to Serangoon Gardens for dessert since Yinning had some time to spare before leaving for her tuition~ We were pretty much cabbing around everywhere impromptu-ly! Hahaha!

 photo 20150516_154050_zpskjnoks4k.jpg

Durian mousse! <3

Planned to head over to Xiao Qian’s house next for froyo party since her parents are away :D So we went to get ingredients after Yinning left and then the girls suddenly came up with the idea of cooking our own idea!

So instead of getting ingredients for just the frozen yogurt, we started buying for our hotpot dinner as well! Indeed a super impromptu day! xD

 photo 20150516_173241_zpswczsgrya.jpg

Convinced the girls to take bus this time and …
Supergirl found Superman! :D

Brewing the soup for our hotpot! Hehe! Luckily we can all take some level of spiciness, so it was a spiceeeeee girls night while the poor boyfriends were all rotting at home >.<
 photo IMG_20150516_184115_zpsyqvjo0cc.jpg

Brought the super spicy Korean ramen to let the girls try as well! :D They agreed that it’s mad spicy but addictive…hahaha! I am starting to like the shiok-ness more~
 photo IMG_20150516_192211_zps88pv6mhs.jpg

Ready for our hotpot! Just waiting for Yinning to join us after her tuition class..hehe!
 photo 20150516_195001_zpshmjwkwyu.jpg

Looks super yummy right! Korean hotpot with ramen and cheese~~~
 photo 20150516_195102_zpsvh41af9f.jpg

Super full dinner as you can see how big a pot that is for 4 girls! LOL. Watched Hong Kong movies together while we let our stomachs rest before Miss Housewife made froyo for us! Hehe!
 photo 20150516_213328_zpsy9ibeopk.jpg

 photo 20150516_213358_zps7jxgiyvg.jpg

Froyo in the making!

 photo 20150516_233210_zpsedldmzfu.jpg

Yummy strawberry froyo! <3

Brunch with Bitches & Chubbypuff!

After the crazy late night at Winebos, I was indeed reluctantly to get up for my recce for the upcoming MINDS outing~ I even told Elvin, “If you don’t see me there, you know why!” Hahaha! But eventually, I still went for it and reached just around the time as everyone did, all thanks to my ever-救星 ((:
 photo 20150509_112508_zpsusa9cdgg.jpg

Feels different being there in the day…hmmmmm. Not to mention that the sun was really hot!!!
 photo 20150509_114324_zps0wouic6p.jpg

 photo 20150509_123609_zpsaiki3nyp.jpg

Pretty flowers bloom for you and me (:

 photo 20150509_120854_zps5ehw1rav.jpg

My sweaty teammates!

Off for brunch with the bitches and they actually agreed to come down to Botanic Garden for my convenience! Hehe! And baby Dylan came along too!!! ❤_❤ But as usual, he was sleeping like a koala again~~~
 photo 20150509_130902_zpsjjtcft0z.jpg

 photo 20150509_130945_zpsajrs45v1.jpg

The mochi cheek kanna squashed xD

 photo 20150509_140507_zpsywsgpx7l.jpg

2nd visit to Food For Thought!

And when the chubby cuddle puff woke up, everyone took turns to carry him and thankfully he was in a good mood, so no grumpy moments at all! Hehe! Super cuteeeee please~ And super like Momo! Indeed a little MO-chi! :D
 photo 10575252_10152896576997029_4470850674122350992_o_zpsmxfvcobb.jpg

Well-trained cam-whore by Mummy~ Always knows how to look into the camera! Hahaha!
 photo 20150509_150516_zpsbdfhsbe9.jpg

 photo 20150509_150533_zpstdvwllxu.jpg

Getting entertained by Daddy & Mummy (:

 photo 20150509_150510_zps8nhqwuap.jpg

Michelin baby thighs xD

Smiling so happily! :D
 photo 20150509_150507_zpsmyfxxzq6.jpg
 photo 20150509_150457_zpsyco1ti2s.jpg

And cheers to a successful full-attendance meetup with the bitches! Like finally~~~ With the addition of 1 more chubby member! Hehe!
 photo 11187758_10152896577092029_1050303534940344676_o_zps759nktdo.jpg

It was a rush-rush day having so many stuff all squeezed in one~ Rushed off for MINDS and we brought the residents out to the park for some exercises! (:
 photo 20150509_171732_zpsj4d8gwqs.jpg

But we were accompanied by these hairy creatures…
 photo 20150509_171811_zpsga3dh8or.jpg

Many of them in fact! And they don’t look like normal caterpillars! Their colours are so much more vibrant somehow and their hair is much longer and less dense…hmmmm.
 photo 20150509_171821_zps8pa0nh9y.jpg

Intrigued by this caterpillar dancing in the air >.<
 photo 20150509_172532_zpsntkm0eaz.jpg

It was hanging down from the tree and it kept coming down lower and lower, dancing from left to right and I just can’t imagine walking into it!!! OMGGGGG~
 photo 20150509_172526_zpsvppdcmyf.jpg

Sweet belated birthday present from Chris! He just happened to see the biscuits and got them for me because he knows I love Rilakkuma! How sweet! (:
 photo IMG_20150510_102234_zpskcroctao.jpg

And “cigarettes” that I had fun sharing with everyone :D
 photo 20150510_121423_zps00s2wmzf.jpg

Did not join the volunteers for dinner this week and I thought I would have a happy Saturday night, but the happy night took a turn for the worse :( Splurt out probably the most ridiculous request which sounded more like begging because I guess I am really at my limit… Like I really don’t know what I should do anymore…sigh~ Thankfully the night did not end on a melancholic note.
 photo 20150509_213947_zps5ha272kc.jpg

Yummy Asam “fish” curry before practice! :D I thought it was very nice already until I was told that there is even nicer one! =OOOOOOO

Started on our formations this week but because there were some major changes, our effort previously were all futile! :( Didn’t have time to do “homework” for the new formations so everything was pretty messy, at least to me. Felt like I was messing up more than helping out~ We couldn’t go far either.

No dance practice at all this week because we were focusing entirely on formations :( I wanna danceeeeeeeee!!! The formations make me 眼花缭乱 @.@

But of course I’m glad that I am attached to Lily and Eric, who really guided me a lot and are patient enough with me! So I also wanna try my best to help them as much as possible (:

Photos with some big shot for this year’s NDP! I was busy discussing the formations that I missed out his intro…hahaha! But still can photobomb right! :P
IMG-20150510-WA0026 IMG-20150510-WA0027

Drove myself to Woodlands Waterfront *proud face* and it was fun, yet still super nervous to be behind the wheels! Although auto is so much less stressful than manual, it was still pretty scary to be driving at night!

But everything went well, except the last parking part whereby I almost bumped into a car when I mistook the accelerator as brake! Heart attack moment! Oops~ Luckily I braked fast enough, if not that will probably be my last time driving =X


Happy to be back again! Hehe!

Winebos Night!

 photo IMG_20150508_093647_zpsgyiwcki6.jpg

Durian strudel ♡♡♡

Finally sang K together again and it was a night of emo songs~ Could feel all the negative sad ions floating around and eyes getting emotional along with the songs x.x

But drank up all emotions on Friday night with fellow volunteers over at Winebos! We had like so much wine because the prices are pretty reasonable and they even have this “buy 2 bottles get 1 free” promotion! Perfect for big groups like us! :D

 photo 20150508_212811_zpsrtdses66.jpg

1 white (finished and thrown), 1 red and 1 Moscato!

 photo 20150508_212111_zpsfnebwui9.jpg


With the 2 小妹s – Feng Zhu & Miss Piglet (she really looks like Piglet!!!)
 photo 20150508_224607_zpselvdjghh.jpg
 photo 20150508_2245410_zpsp4qu3i1f.jpg

Had lots of fun and laughter throughout the night and the alcohol basically made us crazier! We didn’t even need games! Hahaha! Another CHEERS shot~!
 photo IMG-20150508-WA0019_zpsfik0gltr.jpg

The 2 stressful ones who have been busy with the upcoming camp were 借酒消愁-ing xD
 photo 20150508_224648_zps5yq9t9op.jpg

 photo 20150508_224717_zpsxg7bwbac.jpg


 photo 20150508_224808_zpsfzvxvprv.jpg


Ordered another 3 bottles after Mr Mah joined and he was getting entertained by our high state by then -_- High, not drunk, I clarify! Okay, maybe 1 or 2 were gone at the end of the night, but the rest of us were more of caretakers~
 photo IMG-20150508-WA0015_zpsarikxfni.jpg

Celebrated the semi-drunk new TH chairperson’s birthday as well! :D
 photo IMG-20150510-WA0014_zpsmi3xnzud.jpg

Finally 人到齐~ CHEERS shots again!!! xD
 photo IMG-20150508-WA0014_zpsgxzz6jdu.jpg

 photo IMG-20150508-WA0013_zpscibtkekw.jpg

Photobomb-ed by Jenelle -_-“

 photo 20150508_224511_zpsqsfzxud4.jpg

The scary snapper~

He snapped this super lian picture of me outside the washroom while I was taking care of Miss Piglet, who puked 38261873 times. So I was constantly talking to her and asking nonsensical questions just to make sure she doesn’t K.O inside…hahaha!
 photo IMG-20150512-WA0001_zpsp7dxpnmc.jpg

Nevertheless, this was probably one of the craziest nights we had and it’s good that we are serious when we need to be serious, but we can also have crazy fun together! Awesome bonding time! :D Group shots when we are at our highest, though it doesn’t show…hahaha!
 photo IMG-20150512-WA0010_zpst79cwxho.jpg
 photo IMG-20150512-WA0011_zpsteqfcyz5.jpg

Mad tired though and I totally cannot imagine waking up for next morning’s recce! KO-ed like once I hit my bed…Zzzzzz.