Mamemo’s 60th!

Spent the remaining long weekend at the Changi Treehouse Villa for Mamemo’s 60th birthday celebration 😊 Finally the day for this major event in June – one that we had been planning since the start of the year!

Greeted by Mr Moo

Thanks to our cousin, we managed to get this place because only SAF people can book~ It was not bad, but I think it looked better in the pictures we saw initially. Maybe because it was still new then. Not much facilities though – no pool and not even mahjong tiles for loan anymore, cause they converted the storeroom into office instead…hmmmm. But at least it was pretty spacious!

Level 1 living room

Level 1 kitchen + dining area

Spiral stairs to level 2!

Level 2 bedroom #1 – supposedly for Mamemo and I

Level 2 bedroom #2 – Sis, Vic & Isaac

Went down early to get the decos up! Used up all my breaths blowing these 2 balloons up 😧

Cousins, aunties and uncles started arriving! It’s been really long since we last gathered. Even for CNY, we might not see everyone because I hardly go for visiting now, and even if I do, everyone comes at different timing~

Buffet is here too! All set to go! 😀

Everything was good with the food, because we decided to splurge on Neo Garden to please the fussy elderly’s taste buds. Just that Mamemo kept fussing that there’s gonna be not enough food when there are plenty left!!! In the end we know what she meant – not enough for them to tabao…Zzzzz. Didn’t know we are responsible for their next few days’ meals 🙄

赌博不分男女老少 😝

Eldest cousin being the 庄

Time for cake-cutting~!

The longevity bun basket was done by le pig brother by the way! Cause Sis wanted to buy one but being thrifty as ever, le pig brother said he can make one with the empty hamper basket at home, and get his own buns and decos 😱

Wanted to wait for le pig brother to arrive first, but Mamemo was so in a hurry to cut the cake and we have no idea why! Everyone was still so full from the buffet and I had even checked with my aunts and uncles, none of them are in a rush, but Mamemo kept making up stories that who and who is leaving and who and who wanna eat cake!

Whatever lah. Birthday woman biggest. At least she seemed very pleased with the cake from Prima Deli~ It’s huge and prettyyyyyyy! Taste good too!

Trying to take some shots of the cake and… As usual, spot the fat hand!!! Not difficult to guess whose hand is that 😓😓😓

Spot the ‘dent‘ in the cake after the fatboy tried to steal some cream again! 😭

Happy 60th Birthday, Mamemo!

With the 4/5 brothers!
The eldest had passed away…

With the 4/5 sisters!
The youngest could not come.

The cousin that watched us grow up! Sis said she has not seen the cousin’s husband before and I was like, “Weren’t you one of the sisters for their wedding?!” Hahahaha! Can’t believe she forgot!!!

So funny because the eldest cousin’s daughter, who is also my little niece started crying because she wasn’t in the group photo above 😂 Her haircut makes her look like 村姑 but she’s funny when she talks! Like a 小大人~

Me: 你昨晚在这里睡啊?(My cousin and family stayed 2 nights before we took over.)

Niece: *nod head*

Me: 你喜欢吗?有没有去骑脚车啊?

Niece: 我不会。我要那个 *does a kicking action*

Me: Huh??? 什么?踢球啊?

Niece: *continue doing the action* Sooter…

Me: Soccer??

Niece: Sooter!

Me: Ooohhh! Scooter 啊?

Niece: *nod head* 我要可是 Papa 不要买给我。

Me: 等你长大一点像你 Kor Kor 才买啊。

Niece: *exclaimed* 我已经很大了!!!


The little one and the not-so-little one 😆

Forcing out a smile after crying…hahaha!

The eldest cousin that watched us grow up and brought us to pasar malam to buy many things…hehe!

四舅 & family

小姨 & family

And le pig brother arrived just in time for this! 💖

Big big group photo! (((:

Lighting the candles up!

I think Mamemo was really happy to have so many people celebrating for her for the first time~ Though initially she kept telling us to cancel when we had already planned and even booked the place 😓

Cake-cutting with the precious gem! 😀

Finally finally finally 忙完 as people started leaving after the cakes and etc~ Time to take a stroll around the villa to explore! But actually there’s nothing much there, really 😐 They should improve on their facilities.

Played the kids’ Monopoly and Bingo with Isaac and he lost interest because he wasn’t winning 😑 On the other hand, I think Mamemo enjoyed the Bingo game that she kept asking Isaac to bring the game over to our house next time…hahaha!

Anyway, the birthday woman decided not to stay in the end after changing her mind for like 2327498273 times. Want, don’t want, want, don’t want…Zzzzz. But yay! I had the whole King size bed to myself and no snoring sound except my own! HAHAHA. Watched TV till I fell asleep 👍

Checked out and went airport for lunch~ I was thinking just nice, can catch the final Sanrio Characters’ Meet-and-Greet session, but still missed it by 10 minutes in the end 😔 Cause the Facebook timing stated 1pm but actually it was only starting at 2pm…

Managed to take photos of/with the exhibited characters though! Did not get to the previous time~

Pompompurin so cute!

My Melody!

Selfie with Melody!

He’s the main reason I wanted to catch the Meet & Greet~

Yes, yes! My tee!


Little Twin Star!

Pororo Park with Isaac!

Had an awesome 2 weeks in Aussie and I wish I have the time to share all the pretty pics! But I think I should finish last year’s Aussie entries and this year’s Japan trip first 😐 I have been making full use of this entire 1-month break that I hardly have time to even blog about the daily happenings~

Anyway, just something to rant. You may have noticed that all the images on my blog have turned into this ugly grey image and this is what that has gotten me so arghhhhhhh today! Apparently, Photobucket, which I have been hosting my images on since 2008 (9 freaking years!) have decided to change its stupid policy for third-party hosting! And you now have to pay $399 (USD by the way) to continue hosting your images and linking them to your blog. What a fu*ker move! And there is no warning, nothing! This is no different from deleting the whole archive from my blog, isn’t it?!

Totally 杀人放火 and ridiculous price/policy! If it has been implemented on new photos, fine, I can accept it. But now you are “deleting” all our past history from our blogs, our precious memories and etc, then telling us you gotta pay to bring back those memories. FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK. Can totally imagine everyone boycotting Photobucket from now on (who the hell is gonna pay $399?!) but that’s still not gonna solve our problem. Seriously, seriously, ARGH! Yes, yours truly wrote a long email in, even though I don’t think they are gonna give a fuck. Hosting on WordPress for now but I still want all my archives with proper images back 😭😭😭

Enough of ranting; no one will understand how much all these mean to me anyway. Back to life after Aussie trip~ Had our first rehearsal at the platform but as usual, came with a lot of waiting and waiting and waiting…Zzzzzz. Bored max and floor was also dirty max 😒

Supposed to be a replica of a photo from few years ago that we took together with WY, but she has now grown double the size 🙊

I think this is a better replacement! This is Tiff’s cousin, always kanna bullied by me us! 😆 She has this funny Malaysian accent (even though she is true blue Singaporean) that I can’t help but keep mimicking…HAHAHA!

Finally our turn to head down to the big stage to have a feel once again~ Ran through our performance twice and I made a terrible mistake on the first run by running to the wrong marker! 🙊 Actually I knew I was at the wrong position, but I couldn’t find the correct one (because the person leading us turned at wrong turning point) and everyone stopped moving already, so I kanchiong-spider and stopped randomly somewhere…HAHAHAHA.

Lyn kept shouting for me to come over but I didn’t hear and couldn’t find her either! All I heard was Celestine kept saying, “你不是这里的!” And I kept replying, “我知道! 不要 expose 我!” 😂😂😂 I think this is my first time dancing at the wrong position – usually I will still manage to correct myself in time, but this one seriously too kanchiong-spider already! Shall not 靠人 next time…hahaha! Second run was okay, at least! Phew~

Take a break, have a wefie!

Watching the Red Lions perform~ 难得 we get to watch it live!

Finally visited this year’s Geylang Serai! I had many opportunities to go actually, but I still waited till then to go with the rest~

Shiok buy because it’s freaking hot!


Wanted to try the Thai milk tea ice-cream but it’s super small! LOL at the girl’s reaction 😂

Thought we found a bigger one which makes it more worth the price ($7), but actually only the brown cup was big, the white cup inside that is holding the ice-cream is small 😑 The Nutella ice-cream was nicer! Thai milk tea wayyyyy too sweet~

Found a victim to help us finish up the ice-cream 😝 Cause she is the well-known tam jiak gui (look at her face!!!)! HAHAHAHA. Knew it since day 1 when I met her – she finished up my Japanese cracker!!! LOL. Day 1 and not shy already 😂

Nua-ed till I got bored on the Sunday and decided to head over to Sis’s place~ Finally used up my Starbucks voucher and got myself a huge cup of hot chocolate 😐 Love-hate relationship for hot chocolate because it always save me from cramps (dear future husband, please remember this), but it also gives me sore throat.

Caught Wonderwoman finally! Love it~! Especially when the theme music comes out 😂 Still ringing in my head when I talk about it now…hahaha!

Finally finally finally tried my Sunday Folks too! Finally is becoming my favourite word because I am highly-impatient to wait for such things, especially when so many people have tried/seen/been something/somewhere except me~ Not to mention a lot of places that I wanna visit have closed down eventually and I hate that! That forever-no-chance feeling 😔

Anyhow, I have been not very fated with Sunday Folks because I went there a few times but never get to dine in due to the queue. Glad to have free weekdays that I can skip the queue and try the highly-raved waffle! 😊 So good!!! Just like Creamier‘s but this is soft-serve ice-cream~

Sea salt gula melaka!

I got tempted by the chocolate cake (because of the alcohol content!) so I decided to order a smaller waffle 😅 But upon the first bite, I suddenly recalled that I have tried this before during my first visit with Kai Bin & Co! It was too crowded that time so we only bought ice-cream in cone for takeaway plus this cake! Wow~ Didn’t know taste bud can bring back memories instantly; amazing! It was so good too, the cake 😋

The usual Tuesday hangout for cute drummer~ He looks good in his new blonde dye! No pictures because I am already seeing him every now and then on Instagram 😜

Can’t remember the last time I had Tequila Sunrise 😊

I think one of the most fulfilling things I did during this break (apart from the Aussie trip) is bringing le loveboy out on my own! It’s something I have been wanting to do but I thought my kia si Sis might not allow 😂 Now that he has already grown up + it’s school holiday + Sis has given the green light + I got the Pororo Park discount voucher from Army Open House , it’s the perfect time to execute this mission! Hehe!

But of course I had my worries too~ Like what if he starts bawling and I can’t handle, or run too fast that I can’t get catch up and he got lost? What if he wants to shit and I gotta clean his backside for him which I have no experience in? 😖 Or what if he has reached the age of refusing to go to the female toilet with me because he’s a “big boy” now, then I also can’t go into the gent with him?

Yea lots of “what ifs“, but Sis already told him he gotta clean his own backside 😂 I also set some rules and regulations for him which is to hold on to my hand at all times and not run around, plus the golden rule – “Once you cry, we are going home!” I’m not sure if it’s the rules or what, but he turned out really obedient the whole day! Obedience rating: 10/10, comparing to his usual days!

Went to his grandparents’ house to fetch him and once I stepped out of the lift, his head popped out from the door already! Hahaha! Apparently, his grandma said he has been waiting excitedly~ Vic also said he has been in very good mood since morning, like looking forward to the day 😊

But obstacle #1 – I didn’t know the way back to the bus-stop 😂 Wanted to open Google Map but surprisingly, le fat boy said he knows the way and he really brought me to the correct bus-stop! Dropped by to visit 外婆 and get free pancake!

It’s peanut butter which Sis, Bro and I all hate the max but he loves it!!! Look how happy the glutton is 😆 But I only let him have a bit of the pancake because I know this glutton will finish up everything if I don’t stop him. Told him to save it for later and thank goodness I did, cause I knew he’s gonna tell me he’s hungry later on!

Sitting obediently with his penguin bag, which I made him carry himself the whole day too (except at the park) 😊 He was so intrigued by the new digital display in the train that he kept questioning me about it. Yiyi doesn’t like the new display so Yiyi is not as fascinated by it~ Love this pic by the way; looking cute and most importantly, obedient!!!

And ta-duh~! We finally reached City Hall! But I was faced with obstacle #2 – sharing a cubicle 😐 Still not very used to having someone watch me pee, so I made him face the door, which he agrees to…hahaha!

Then came obstacle #3, which was one of my worries – he really wants to shit!!! 😱 Thank god he really cleaned himself up after I instructed him to keep wiping and wiping~ Finally done with all the business and time to continue our journey!

Passed by this Water Cycle at Marina Centre and I thought I should bring him to see, since he lovessss all these water stuff for some reason. He can stand there and watch the water go round and round for a long long time if you don’t ask him to go 😐

Indeed, he was intrigued once again and we even spent some time figuring out together where does the water gets “filled” 😅 He just loves this huge Water Cycle so much! Took a picture for him and he struck this obiang pose for me 😂😂😂

Really like China boy!

After much detour, we finally arrived at the Pororo Park! 😀 Le fatboy got so excited when he saw the park and ran super fast towards it. As expected, “pak!” Ended up flat on the ground! 😂

I think he fell really hard on his knees, cause he ran so fast + the ground so hard + he so fat, so the impact must be big~ He kept rubbing his knee and gave a painful face, but yet didn’t dare to shed a tear because of my golden rule…HAHAHA. I think if Sis was there, he would have started bawling and asked for 抱 or sayang, but not in Yiyi’s parenting rule!

Parenting rule #1 – If you wanna do something you’re told not to, then you gotta suffer the consequences. You wanna run, I let you run, but if you fall, you don’t come and cry to me.

Parenting rule #2 – 自己跌倒自己爬 – something that I was taught since young.

I mean of course I feel xim tia (心疼) to see his pitiful face while he was rubbing his knee and couldn’t get up, but this is literally a painful lesson that he has to learn. If not next time every time he faces an obstacle or setback, just cry for help??? How long can we help them for, right? So I made him sit on the floor until he could get up, then we walked over to the park~

My first visit to this place and I was pretty looking forward too! Cause I wanna take photo with Pororo 😆

Isaac was stuck at this Hinoki pool for a long time because he said it’s new~ It’s a bit like playing at the beach, but the “sand” is all these little Hinoki bricks that is supposed to have “an aromatic and relaxing benefits on the mind the body“.

Burying my feet!
Oh check out my cute songs! 😍

Too fat to be buried 😂

Went to the next station – the supermarket and Isaac kinda made friend with an Indian boy, who later tried to follow him everywhere 😂 Then I made them tidy up the place by pretending that they are staff doing stock up before the supermarket opens…HAHAHA. They really had fun sorting out the plastic fruits and vegetables! Don’t think they are even so enthu when cleaning up their own toys at home 🙊 The park should thank me eh!

With his favourite Crong!

With the little fox Eddy!

With the ugly dragon – Tong Tong!

Next stop – the ball pool!

Taking a break in the pool of balls~

Then it was time for the train ride that he was waiting for! His new friend insisted on sitting beside him 😆

Then it was finally the Pororo Sing-along that I was looking forward to! Finally can see the cute Pororo and take picture with him! Hehe!

Pororo is so cuteeeeeeeee~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caught peeping at Pororo!

My wish of taking photo with Pororo is granted! 😁

The timid cat did not dare to go into the playground on his own, so he kept asking me to crawl along with him 😑 Imagine me crawling around that playground with minimal space, yet trying to catch up with him! Thank goodness he made some friends at the playground later and even formed a “gang” with boss and assistant boss (Isaac).

They were supposed to protect their “base” in the playground from the enemies – kids that they don’t like…hahahaha! So amusing! The “boss“, who is some older kid was ordering them around. So they just kept running round and round with unlimited supply of energy! Finally I can take a break and just sit down and watch 😝

With his “gang”~

Went for next Pororo Sing-along session because Isaac wanted to go together with his gang. Initially the staff said it’s the same thing, but luckily we went for it again because this time there is Isaac’s favourite Crong! 😁

Supposed to be durian session with Trinity but everywhere we called ran out of stock 😔 Really craved for it so much ever since I was in Aussie! Changed to ice-cream session in the end and nope, I did not choose Mao Shan Wang~ Rum & Raisin is still my #1 favourite for ice-cream, especially Udders’!

Had a debate about the recent Oxley saga. Oh well, at the end of the day, we all know who’s gonna win anyway, so I don’t understand why we bothered to debate so much 🙄
Back to office to brief le new colleague and made salad for myself again! Miss it! And settles my dislike of lunching alone outside~

Finally dragged my ass to renew my yoga package and had my first Hot Vinyasa after 1.5 month. That explains why I am super broke now 😭 Not working + Mum’s birthday + trip + yoga~

Accomplished another on the to-do list on Friday – sing cheap K! Haven’t sung for so long because the promos are always fot weekdays afternoon only~ Finally got the chance for $8 nett K with free-flow ice-cream, tibits and drinks! 😍 Miss the soy bean milk there!

Some make me sad too~ 😔

Sang 2 hours of K followed by another 2 hours! 爽快! 随传随到~ 👍

Funniest Yoda ever! 😂

Durian spotted at Chinatown!!! 😔

TGIF night at Timbre+ again and I got myself a free mug of Jim Beam Highball! It was some dice game and if you get 2 same number (out of 2 dice), you get a free drink 😅 The girl selling the drink was so much more excited for me that she exclaimed so loudly, while I was still kinda in shock and surprise because I usually don’t have much luck in such thing~

Started my Saturday with my last organic passion fruit from Mommeyyyyy’s farm! Miss eating it everyday 😔

Finally tried the cute Minion potatoes from Mac! Everyone has been posting it on social media while I was in Aussie, luckily it’s still available in SG when I’m back 😁

SO CUTE!!!!!!!

Love the banana ice-cream too!!!
Makes me miss my Korean banana milk~

First full-dress rehearsal! Can finally reveal the ugly costumes for this year. But my pants was obviously 1 size bigger and the supplier just refused to change or alter for me 😒 Asked me to fold instead. Wanna do just do a good job lah! Seriously~ That’s why I always rather bring it elsewhere to alter.

Japanese male VS female!

Since we were told 有什么就穿什么, and I always follow the rules (rightttt), I wore only my top then. Kanna called the Japanese porn star as a result 😒 Cause I’m supposed to be Japanese male this year~

The correct VS the incorrect
But everyone said without pants look nicer 😝

NPark Concert @ Fort Canning!

My dance partner is finally back from Taiwan!!! With lots of goodies for me as usual ❤
 photo 20170526222525_zpsaseddtoz.jpg

And finally got my hands on these 2 pink 纯萃。喝!All thanks to Ah Lyn~! 😀
 photo 20170528111717_zpsob4nabx2.jpg

Decided to take a 1-month break before starting my battle again in July~ Yes, finally my turn! Haha! Have been shamelessly staying in office during non-peak periods, but this time round I decided to take because everyone is on leave and I don’t wanna be alone in office every day 😴 #boreddieme

Found an ad-hoc job and went for interview right away on the first day of break! HAHAHA. Damn efficient, I know~ I always believe that 工不难找,钱不难赚,as long as you are not fussy and willing to work for it! 💪

Although it’s just a 2-day job, it can still help to supplement my upcoming trip expenses a little, and it’s definitely better than staying at home. Money doesn’t come when I stay at home~ I have learnt since young that money doesn’t fall from the sky, so I will always work hard for my own income and expenses.

I despise parents who give their kids everything they want, 要什么就买什么,not even as rewards. Become the habit of 衣来伸手,饭来张口; that’s why kids nowadays think that they can get anything and everything they want without having to work hard for it. And one day when the parents can no longer support them, the kids will not be able to survive on their own.

 photo 20170529135436_zpsw0kedkgw.jpg

Lunch before interview!

So… this was how I spent my next 2 days of break – GUARDIAN SALES!!! 😂
 photo 20170530142057_zpsokewesdy.jpg

Okay to be honest, when I applied for the job, it says, “Supermarket packers“, so I imagined it to be inside the warehouse, don’t have to 抛头露面 kind~ Imagine I bump into someone I know (or my boss!!!), how am I gonna explain?! Hahaha!

The job turned out to be more of retail assistant, because of the location I chose. Like if I have chosen somewhere else, I might have landed up in a supermarket, helping the cashier to pack the stuff. But because I chose J8, for the ease of my travel, I ended up in the Guardian~ But it wasn’t too bad, at least I don’t have to deal with the stress of packing the wrong things together, like sanitary pad with food (which actually to me it’s okay 😒).

I was on morning shift on the first day and there were some screw up from the recruitment agency’s side. Reported at 9am but was told that the person I am looking for is at Novena outlet instead? And even if I am at the correct outlet, my shift should only start at 10am???

Freaked out and tried to call the agent but to no avail! No answer, no reply, nothing! In my mind I was thinking, “Shit. Don’t tell me I woke up so early for nothing!” But since it’s just an ad-hoc job, I also didn’t care much. I will insist they still pay me from 9 to 5, or I will just go home and sleep! 😒

So after wasting 30 minutes getting free pay, the agent finally replied that I can just start work while they settle it internally. But since my nice manager said the official store opening hour is 10am and he has nothing for me to do yet, I was told to just walk around the store 😂 Another free 30 minutes pay!

 photo 20170530131108_zpsgutot3rl.jpg

Day 1 lunch – MOS Burger!

Time passed slower for the morning shift because there’s not much crowd, plus it was raining~ Was asked to give out flyers to attract more people, so that was basically how I spent the first half of my shift. Was praying every second that I don’t bump into anyone I know!!! HAHAHA. Thank goodness I did not~ Except 1 NDP auntie whom I dislike, but she didn’t really look at my face; she was looking at the flyer.

Second half of the shift was serving customers in the store, giving basket and etc, cause my colleagues said I am clearing the flyers way too fast and they need to save some for evening and next day 😂 Too efficient already…hahaha!!! But I have pretty nice colleagues and manager to work with, so it was still rather fun~

Meeting up with Shrine and buddy at night and got free TWG macarons from the latter! He’s supposed to get me Lady M for my super belated birthday but he has been procrastinating and trying to bribe me with these macarons instead 😒
 photo 20170530203601_zps2gckzcxm.jpg

Was on afternoon shift for day 2 and time definitely passed faster with the crowd, since it’s the last day too~ Same duties of giving out flyers and serving customer – encountered a really ridiculous one that kept asking why that particular toothpaste doesn’t have the ingredient she wants 😑

She even told me to ask the pharmacist, cause she’ll know better, which I did and then she started arguing with the pharmacist:

“They used to have it (that ingredient) inside. I have bought this before!”

“But it is really not stated in the ingredients here.”

“You should ask them why they don’t have it now! I am a nurse, I know. They used to have it.”

“And I am a pharmacist. I am just trying to help you here. There is really no such ingredient inside. *walks off*”

I was like 😐😐😐… Speechless and don’t know what to do. So in the end I decided to walk off as well and leave Madam Ridiculous on her own~Kinda miss encountering such memorable incidents and meeting all kinds of people, though I know this is the kind that I hate. It’s just an experience; there are still many nice ones out there too!

 photo 201705312051450_zpshuor6ehv.jpg

Day 2 dinner: Yami Yogurt!

Was kinda busy so dinner break got delayed till 8pm. Since it was too late to eat anything heavy, and I was tempted by a customer walking past the store with this in hand, I decided to get one too! Hehe! First time trying the yam flavour, love it!!!

So that kinda marked the end of my 2 days of work~ Quite interesting and fun, made some new friends too 😀 Wouldn’t really call it “work“, cause like I told them, “我是来玩的“…hahaha! Just wanna kill time by finding things to keep myself occupied! I just cannot imagine staying at home the whole day week, let alone the whole month!

 photo 20170601205532_zpsjty1ya56.jpg

JB on the 4th day of break! 😁

 photo 20170602183103_zpszghxsd5s.jpg

Creamier on the 5th day!

Impromptu TGIF night with le volunteers~ Just 3 of us but we had so much to gossip talk about! 😝 The cute FZ got so much updates from us within a night! Hahaha!
 photo 20170602202324_zpsnhjcxltp.jpg

The staff spilled my drink and I shrieked, not because she spilled on me but because I lost 1 or 2 sips just like that 😩 酒是珍贵的!
 photo 20170602202109_zpsy7rtts3y.jpg

Had a super awesome Saturday attending the NPark concert at Fort Canning! My first NPark concert after so many being held!!! Finally got the chance to go and finally got my dream picnic too 😍
 photo 20170603165641_zpsiwmoqhrc.jpg
 photo 20170603165646_zps0wlri72n.jpg

 photo 20170603171001_zpsf8gposci.jpg

My ideal picnic, with lots of food and drinks to share 💖

So excited about the picnic because I get to make my salad and egg mayo sandwich…hehe! More excited about the bands because Shagies was one of them and I hadn’t heard them sing for such a long time! 😀

 photo 20170603175617_zps07pi6fnj.jpg

Chilling on the grass while waiting for the concert to start~

 photo 20170603175958_zpssvjkrgip.jpg

Enjoying the blue sky before sunset! (:

We went pretty early to chope a good spot (but a bit far from the stage) and the crowd started flowing in~
 photo 20170603175531_zpsx61nefih.jpg
 photo 20170603174559_zps91aztuls.jpg
 photo 20170603174656_zps1xwo2xrl.jpg

 photo 20170603184954_zpsmtjwk53t.jpg

So many people! 😱
Luckily we came early~

And it’s time to ROCK N ROLL~!!! The concert theme was retro, so many popular rock songs were being played 👍
 photo 20170603192644_zpsqw6gjrdr.jpg
 photo 20170603214708_zpslirqk4bx.jpg

Warming the crowd up with the 家喻户晓 YMCA! 😀

 photo img20170603wa0020_zpsdfrrn1td.jpg
 photo img20170603wa0019_zpsi6pdzdoc.jpg

Got caught getting high 😆 Super love the atmosphere! Love live bands, love the songs, and love the high-ness~! I truly think I will enjoy concerts in general if I were to attend one! Can jump the whole night…hahaha!
 photo img20170603wa0014_zps0s0addpf.jpg

 photo 20170603220155_zps09fdvjbp.jpg

The not-so-high one 😅

Another 2 popular rock songs – We Will Rock You & It’s My Life!

All sweaty after all the jumping and whacking!!! Hahaha!
 photo img20170603wa0015_zpso4papnwh.jpg
 photo img20170603wa0017_zpsgrndx6zl.jpg
 photo img20170603wa0016_zpsdk2eimuw.jpg
 photo img20170603wa0018_zpsyzclyap2.jpg

I think this was the Shagies? But they did not come with saxophone~ Such a pity!
 photo 20170603223333_zpsbcged6vm.jpg

HIGH 翻天~!!!🎶🎶🎶
 photo img20170603wa0021_zpsgilwoiri.jpg
 photo img20170603wa0022_zpsqbeexqmv.jpg
 photo img20170603wa0024_zpsxawn9evi.jpg
 photo img20170603wa0023_zpsdjwaghqa.jpg

Favourite song of the night – You Give Love A Bad Name!

Awesome AWESOME night!!! ❤ Enjoyed it tremendously! Thank you all for fulfilling my concert and picnic wish…hehe! Makes me really wanna go to a concert now! JJ can you faster come to Singapore~~~

One last NDP practice and off I go to Aussie! Mommeyyyyyyyyyyyyy here I come~!!! 😀 MAD EXCITEDDDDDD.

AOH & Little Twin Star!

First time going for Army Open House! Definitely not initiated by me because I ain’t one who goes crazy over white uniform~ I just know it’s gonna be a super hot event and indeed! All of us got fifteen shades darker with ugly sleeve tan lines 😐
 photo 20170527103154_zpsdphxdplv.jpg

 photo 20170527102806_zpsmiaykro7.jpg


 photo 20170527103305_zpsl9h7tvni.jpg


Both which I will get to see during NDP, so not very fascinated by them~ More interested in the free gifts! 😛 Got Pororo Park discount vouchers, not bad! Just in time for school holiday!
 photo img20170527wa0063_zps43ziqy3k.jpg

The red cap is fugly but the rest insisted on taking pictures with the caps on. I only took them for the residents~ Oh did anyone notice my tee? Damn 配合 for the event okay! 😝IMG-20170530-WA0014
 photo img20170527wa0015_zps3c87doyb.jpg
 photo img20170527wa0005_zpsk5r1husc.jpg

 photo img20170527wa0064_zpsilssbcts.jpg

Out in the sun again~

And because it’s scorching hot so someone decided to have extra protection. Double layer, double quality paper protection! 😆
 photo 20170527113754_zpsq0hsyadn.jpg

Getting a feel of how is it like being in the big vehicle! Feel like a minion!
 photo img20170527wa0056_zpsf67oagxf.jpg
 photo img20170527wa0043_zpsyp2fcwrl.jpg
 photo img20170527wa0044_zpslcke7fal.jpg
 photo img20170527wa0052_zpsjxtczmzw.jpg

SO HAPPY TO SEE MILO TRUCK!!!!!!!!! It’s so rare to see it nowadays unless there’s another Nathan Hartono~
 photo 20170527114615_zpslfb4qwhd.jpg

Love the childhood Sports Day nostalgia! Haha! I drank like 5 or 6 cups 🙊
 photo 20170527141135_zpsp5b4xjal.jpg

 photo 20170527115511_zpstg6tk1hw.jpg

Aren’t they so cute?!

 photo img20170527wa0061_zpshgut6krj.jpg

Found the perfect outfit for Lyn! LOL.

 photo img20170527wa0060_zpsh2lzsuro.jpg

Watch where her baton is going 😆

 photo img20170527wa0062_zpsmgngknoz.jpg

I was trying to act fierce but major fail 😂

Off for our M3G ride! I like how they have such activities to engage us so that it won’t be all just about photo-taking and look-see-look-see~
 photo img20170527wa0037_zpsf7tunhnr.jpg

That face because the life jacket is so damn stuffy and warm!!! 热死了热死了~!
 photo img20170527wa0066_zpseef2l8ul.jpg
 photo img20170527wa0038_zpsqwitfcqc.jpg

Finally our turn to set off! 😀
 photo 20170527132137_zps80o84hof.jpg
 photo 20170527132152_zpsafkzio0j.jpg
 photo 20170527132149_zpsxuscwkeb.jpg

难得 we get to be on the water to take photos with such open view~
 photo img20170527wa0034_zps8neza8o6.jpg
 photo img20170527wa0036_zpslhkbohg2.jpg
 photo img20170527wa0042_zpsdvcnsn30.jpg

Can even do Titanic! 😂IMG-20170530-WA0013
 photo img20170527wa0035_zps5daapeno.jpg
 photo img20170527wa0032_zps89r91cj1.jpg
 photo img20170527wa0033_zps0xak1xdb.jpg

Done with the sea ride, now the land ride – Bronco!
 photo img20170527wa0030_zpsrxxtdkuq.jpg

This was more fun because the driver drove real fast and Kelly and I had a good time screaming while being swayed around 😂 Had to hold on real tight because we were standing and the driver kept making sharp turns! Fun!
 photo img20170527wa0031_zpsdu2kxxkk.jpg

 photo img20170527wa0029_zpszpczmhz9.jpg

The culprit behind the wheels 😝

 photo 20170527143057_zpslg7fotbu.jpg


 photo img20170527wa0040_zpsntrn5xla.jpg

Happy NS50!

 photo img20170527wa0059_zpsyvxgt2gs.jpg

Look who we bumped into~

 photo 20170527142902_zpsjqhsyn0a.jpg

Goodbye AOH, you have burnt us all!

Late lunch in Marina Square and we got attracted by the Faber-Castell fair 😅 How random, I know~ But they were teaching the kids how to draw animals from different alphabets and it’s quite interesting! Some drawings from the kids really cracked me up…hahahahaha!
 photo 20170527161945_zps6obcl8s1.jpg

I forgot what’s the satay-looking thing is supposed to be. But it looks nothing like any animal but a satay!!! 😂
 photo 20170527162137_zpszpyzotlv.jpg

Off to the airport to meet R&K for the Little Twin Star meet-and-greet! But first, it’s Roderick meet-and-greet first! 😅 So weird and damn rare to see Eric with a baby! Haha! LOL at Roderick’s sian face!
 photo 20170527184049_zpsi47zoinh.jpg

And then when the little one carried the tiny one, he gave a frown 😂
 photo 20170527183749_zpslvacogq2.jpg

Finally time for Little Twin Star’s appearance!

The whole session is pretty short, no performance or anything that I was expecting 😐 But they are so cute!!!
 photo 20170527190705_zpsewzjscue.jpg
 photo 20170527190603_zps0ey8ns2h.jpg
 photo 20170527190605_zpszxd00ec4.jpg

Changed to my Hello Kitty tee for this Sanrio event! Did anyone realise my effort??? 😝
 photo 20170527190952_zpszpu5civ1.jpg

Kiki was so much more friendly than Lala because he kept posing to our cameras so that we can take free selfie with him without spending like $60 at the airport!
 photo img20170527wa0022_zpsnb9yvmnh.jpg

So many poses! Lala only cares about 接客 – those going up on stage for photos~
 photo 20170527191050_zpsn1v6fk43.jpg

The biggest Little Twin Star fan! She even brought her plushies collection! 😅 I think my Sis used to love them too…haha!
 photo 20170527191928_zpsz8rvpcdi.jpg
 photo 20170527191328_zpsihfea2ad.jpg
 photo 20170527191348_zpsqu6vs1vn.jpg

Super love Kiki! Kept photo-bombing us…super cute!!!
 photo img20170527wa0028_zpsewo0rqbb.jpg
 photo img20170527wa0027_zpsyit3jkw8.jpg
 photo img20170527wa0026_zpsca74tvwb.jpg
 photo img20170527wa0025_zpsdb8vb6rz.jpg

Goodbye Kiki & Lala~!
 photo 20170527192504_zpsviydn8li.jpg
 photo 20170527192514_zpspjopo363.jpg

Dinner at Tampines Hub again! $2.80 mee sua…yum yum~!
 photo img20170527wa0021_zpssdnrzj66.jpg

Movie Days!

Continuing with my salad craze~! I’m not sick of it somehow, even till now! If it’s not the veggie’s lifespan VS the free time I have to make, I wouldn’t mind eating it everyday 😋
 photo 20170514214625_zpsanep4kte.jpg

Made 3 sets this time because even the EP got tempted by my salad…hahaha! So he requested for me to make him one but insisted on paying me after that 😐 Earned 10 bucks just like that~
 photo 20170514214759_zpsxssd2u9o.jpg

Maybe I should consider selling salads since everyone loves it (even Shrine who used to HATE veggies). I’m very generous with my ingredients because I like everything 多多 😛 Like eat pau the filling also must 多多, eat chilli also must dip 多多, eat prata also must dip curry 多多…hehe~

I’m pretty sure my salads will 大卖!Already got so many orders on Instagram, which I really don’t mind making if they self-collect. Maybe I should consider engaging Deliveroo…HAHAHA.

 photo 20170516174105_zpsibnunnzf.jpg

Last of my favourite caramel pudding Kit-Kat~

Caught a few movies lately (which explains the title), starting with Gifted. I love it! So smart, so impressive, such good acting and also so touching~ Cried because I can totally understand how the girl felt 😥

You DO NOT make a promise if you can’t fulfill it. A promise is more than 2 pinkies hooked together; it contains lots of faith, assurance and maybe even all the trust that one can have, given her age.

With or without a promise, it’s really really sad to be abandoned by a loved one, but a broken promise just makes everything worse. Yes, the sadness is mutual, but the promise was made to the girl, not the uncle. So who should be the one feeling heartbroken and betrayed?

Sudden craving for Greendot‘s hotpot! But the soup for 1 pax isn’t as shiok, because it’s not hotpot style~ Still nice, but I will wanna go back for the hotpot next time when I am hungrier! 😀
 photo 20170516193824_zpsu5wwfnyz.jpg

Caught another movie – 喜欢你~ Not bad for a romance comedy. I like the female lead, who is also one of the leads for 《七月与安生》😊 She’s not very pretty but I like her bubbly character.

 photo 20170517215020_zpsuzjcelpw.jpg

Wednesdate with #SuperSonicSG

 photo 20170519135623_zpszj2ixcts.jpg

Miss this aglio olio ((:

A mishap in the train on a Friday night~ THIS woman below lost her balance and somehow her thin and pointy heel scratched right onto my calf…
 photo 20170519190622_zps4ionaiv5.jpg
 photo 20170519192136_zpsai3uhiuo.jpg

I have no idea how she managed to scratch until so high, but the moment I felt the sudden “kick“, I gave a pretty big reaction because the pain was @#$%&#@%!!! So much that the Indian guy beside the lady noticed me and kept staring at me sympathetically later on. Whereas the lady in crime was pretty oblivious – said sorry and continued looking at the tablet.

And the shittest part is you can’t do anything. Even if she realised I was bleeding (which she did not), there’s nothing she can do right? And she already apologised. Such accident happen often in train – sometimes you get stepped by heels when you’re in slipper, sometimes you get squashed under sweaty pits, but you can’t really ban people from wearing heels in train or ask people not to sweat right? Yea so I could only lan lan keep wiping the blood off~
 photo 20170519192222_zpsxyxhdqn3.jpg

Belated birthday treat from Min! Did not have much appetite because I usually feel bloated during the time of the month, so I had a hard time deciding where to eat~ Finally decided on Tony Roma’s because I kinda miss the spinach dip and I can’t think of where else has that!

On the way up to Tony Roma’s, Min got attacted by Genki Sushi, which is highly-raved by her sisters. I didn’t mind trying that to since it was always long queue when I wanted to try a few times. So we came up with a plan to order a bit at Genki to try, then go up to Tony for my spinach dip~

No longer such a fan of salmon sashimi but still can’t resist mentaiko! Anything with mentaiko just tastes so good~! 😋
 photo 20170520132625_zpszzlc1dp0.jpg

I think one of the highlights of the restaurant is how the food is being served. They have this cute train to deliver your food to your table! Thought of Isaac right away cause I think he’s gonna love it 😊

Our bullet train is here! 😁

Just right after we finished the meal, about to stand up to settle the bill, I suddenly felt really unwell. It started with cramps, followed by the feeling to shit, then I started perspiring like crazy, before feeling all giddy!

Went to the washroom right away while Min settles the bill and I just felt like passing out! Didn’t help that the queue at the ladies was pretty long and I really felt like asking if I can go first. But I still queued in the end even though everything started to look blurry – a scary feeling I never felt before, not for such a long duration at least.

Continued perspiring like crazy and the pain in my stomach felt worse and worse. All I felt like doing was to lie down! So I started thinking of all the possibilities of me fainting in the cubicle, what if Min can’t get in to save me if the door is locked, what if I got carried out with my shorts undone and etc. Yea imagine I was feeling so horrible already but my mind was still running with all these thoughts 😐

Sat in the toilet for quite a while and I just couldn’t stand up. The cramps was so bad that I have lost all my strength! Really so damn scared that I would pass out inside that I kept biting my lips to keep myself awake!

Puked and diarrhoea once before I finally decided to get out because I can’t possibly just sit inside the whole day and make Min wait outside. But the moment I stepped out, I went back into the cubicle again for a second round of diarrhoea 😣 And then I waited a long while again before I got the strength to stand and get out~

Was feeling so damn cold even though I was still perspiring. Cramps was still killing me so I got Min to help me buy hot chocolate and Panadol. I have no idea what is the real cause – whether it was really the cramps or was it food poisoning from the otah I had in the morning, since that was what I puked out. But anyhow, the hot chocolate and panadol saved my life eventually and we could resume our rare date!

Gave my spinach dip a miss because I had kinda lost my appetite for that. Exchanged the treat for a high-tea treat at Tiong Bahru Bakery instead, since Min wanted some dessert 😁

 photo 20170520180940_zpscznbau0j.jpg


 photo 20170520180530_zpsrzge6itd.jpg

And something chocolatey!

Had the loneliest NDP practice on Sunday not only because my partner – Lyn was not around (again), but both Tiff and Eric were absent too! I wonder how I used to survive the breaks in the first year, but I think I still had Hidayah back then at least; my first friend made in NDP~ But now that I am so used to having people to hang out with during the breaks and during the practice, it really makes me dread going if none of my closer friends are going.

Oh well, thank goodness I still survived it, sharing my tea break food with the 慈祥-looking auntie aka one of my favourite aunties from my group last year. She was so happy to see Eric and I this year that she gave me a hug and said she really miss having us as AGLs, cause we always take good care of her…awwwww~ That’s because she has been really nice and cooperative to us too! 😊

But really touched by her words! I am pretty surprised that anyone would say that to us. I think everyone’s probably thinking we got kicked off from the positions rather than it being the other way round. But whatever. The last thing I really care is what these people think. I am pretty happy with how things are this way 😏

Went to queue for the latest craze in Tampines One – Le Castella because Mommeyyyyyyy and Wayne loves it and I wanted to test out the shelf life first before buying for them~ Took me 1 hour before I got them in my hands! 😱

 photo 20170521203213_zpsddczkhtl.jpg

Fresh from the oven!

 photo 20170521203337_zpsbpax3tkn.jpg

Each batch makes 10 cakes!

I remember Wayne showing me the video he took in Taiwan, where he first tried this cake. He was so amazed by how huge the cake is and how the staff made precise measurements with a ruler before cutting the cake up 😅

 photo 20170521212201_zpsf5l4s4al.jpg


 photo 20170521212243_zpsua2eyiai.jpg


Actually there’s nothing so fantastic that is worth the 1-hour IMHO. But it’s just very soft and the egg smell is very nice, so kinda have a nostalgic taste to it. Still happy to have tried it, so no regrets for the queue! Hehe!

Spent the next week in solitude again, having the whole office to myself.  I may like to be in my own room all the time during work, but being all alone in office is a pretty unbearable feeling. Like sometimes you just wanna talk or rant or share something at that moment, but there’s no one. Not to mention, the time passed really, really slowwwwwww~ Just couldn’t wait for my turn to go on the long break!

Finally my turn to touch on these balls, but I must still say that I am not a fan of colour grading 😐 Makes me doubt my own eyes after a while~
 photo img20170526110749090_zpsjwvwyfxp.jpg

Caught 《春嬌救志明》and it was okay~ Wasn’t terrible.

Having these for free thanks to Harry’s members rebates! 😀 Favourite lava cake~~~
 photo 20170523203806_zpsbowfd3ia.jpg

Failed Boomerang 😦 But could be more encouraging to give a <3~

An Obean nearer to me now! Super love my mee sua 😋 Too bad they don’t have the kway chup nor soy milk~
 photo 20170524144506_zpsg0ob3s4s.jpg

Private screening of《危城》and they have 2 of my hotties – Eddie Peng and Louis Koo! But the latter is a bad guy which makes him so scary 😭

Decided to check out the free J-Pop class with Min since I had used up my yoga package 😔 And then it turned out that the dance instructor is none other than Keiko sensei!!! The former JAS Chingay choreographer that appeared several times on my blog!

So good to see her again and she’s still so cute and active! 😅 But she’s so passionate about choreography that she ended up teaching us one instead of the usual non-stop dancing with music kind of class…haha!

Went to talk to her after class and she was surprised to see me too! She still remembers me from my poly days when I first joined 😊 Did not get to take photo with her for the past 2-3 years ever since she stepped down, so definitely must take one now!
 photo 20170525210110_zpsqmiaodma.jpg

No plans again for the Friday night so I had an impromptu date with my little boyfriend! Supposed to visit Ping and her newborn but I ended up playing with Dylan more 😂 Dylan is cuter because he’s a toddler now! Baby only sleeps~
 photo 20170526205912_zpsfdzywv0o.jpg
 photo 20170526205913_zpsedgdgcmx.jpg

Played London Bridge with him by using the mattress to build a “bridge” and he loves it so much! Kept going “again!” “again!” “again!” until I started to regret because the mattress quite heavy to “build” 😂 Was perspiring after a few rounds! Haha!

Good bonding session and definitely a good distraction for the jealous boy while Mummy is busy with Darius didi~ I love how babies/kids place their hand on me or hold on to my finger, I don’t know why everyone wanna place the attention on the boob 😓
 photo img20170526213400_zpsiqmc06jj.jpg

Oh he called me “auntie” a couple of times 😭😭😭 and I kept correcting him to call “Jie Jie“! After some play time, he started calling me “干妈” instead…LOL. His 干妈 is supposed to be Ping’s 2 好姐妹, and now I became one too after just a few hours of playing…hahaha!
 photo 20170526210021_zpsbegvpfdn.jpg
 photo 20170526210024_zpszbeivce3.jpg
 photo 20170526210031_zpsu31tbi6m.jpg