Canon Rilakkuma Camera!

It was a lonely week (and will continue to be) because more than half the office has gone on leave😦 Luckily we had Ally’s birthday meal in advance at Astons on Monday!

 photo 20160816_133915_zpsyyesjxhq.jpg

Sinful lunch~

Oh I realised salmon really gives me migraine these days! Tested and proven for 3 times 😨 It didn’t used to be like that! Salmon is my favourite! –CRYYYYY!!!

Was still quite free for the week, so I finally took a stroll around the whole building, level by level~ It’s my first time to actually explore this old building after close to 3 years now…haha! Didn’t even know our neighbour actually has this nice little “aquarium” outside the office (:
 photo 20160816_161354_zpsk54brdl7.jpg
 photo 20160816_161410_zpstaw7bbf7.jpg

Impromptu decision to go for Hot Basics class for the first time! Not bad, quite a good “training” for Hot Stretch class~ Not too xiong, not too easy either; still sweated quite a bit!

 photo 20160816_191626_zpshsfu6cop.jpg

Real Food omelette again!

 photo 20160816_213009_zpska1hqvoh.jpg

Night stroll! ((:

 photo 20160816_222114_zpslly95alz.jpg

Rainbow bridge!

 photo 20160818_134004_zpsmgkfbmif.jpg

New item on the menu – Thai Tom Yum Noodle!

Went for random shopping at Sheng Shiong and found huge palm-size strawberries!!! Couldn’t resist splurging on them~ Surprisingly they were pretty sweet! 😋
 photo 20160818_164828_zpskwue4k5v.jpg

 photo 20160818_164242_zpsv74kasvr.jpg

For comparison! =O

 photo 20160818_214355_zpso4y1hydi.jpg

Dessert after gift-shopping!

It was the time of the month and I was just nice craving for something chocolatey! This promotional item from awfullychocolate was really YUMS!!!!! And super worth it! 😍
 photo 20160818_214516_zpss1kf6qdj.jpg

The melt-in-your-mouth chocolate was damn good too!!!!!! OMGGGGG~
 photo 20160818_215613_zpsxuivxujg.jpg

Spent Friday night with yoga again! Yes, went twice this week! Because I was too busy to go last week and too free this week 😅 Great session though! Sweated like pig!

And finally it was Saturday! Went for a haircut (in an attempt to save shampoo for upcoming Aussie trip 😆) before bringing Kumakuma out to collect my PRIZE!!!
 photo 20160820_124425_zpsr2v8t46w.jpg

For those who don’t know, I’ve won a Canon EOS M10 camera (Rilakkuma edition) through a Facebook contest!😀

Cho~ happy because I think it’s my first time to win something! Okay, except for some Geláre vouchers which I also won through Facebook contest~ But this is like a camera worth $999! And it’s RILAKKUMA!!! It’s definitely my first time winning something so expensive!
 photo 20160820_125202_zpsw89rygke.jpg

I had a really unlucky July, so this surprise really made my day month! Hopefully it really means my luck is changing for the better! 🙏 🙏 🙏
 photo 20160820_124627_zpsxxfxjq5t.jpg

Thank you, Canon! Thank you, Alvinology and Asia361!❤ This one not advertorial ahhhh 😅
 photo 20160820_124708_zpsazcwn9hx.jpg

First time win something like that, so must take more photos! Hehe!
 photo 20160820_124937_zps8dddwspf.jpg
 photo 20160820_124921_zps8kb6ynpt.jpg

 photo 20160820_142142_zps59wlbwzp.jpg

Kumakuma and his new friend!
Same same but different ((:

Off for lunch to a 老地方 and I was famished! Wanted to order everything! Hahaha! The olive beancurd is sooooo niceeeee that I really wanted to order 1 more piece! Too bad I was full after my noodle (which I gobbled up before taking photo) >.<
 photo 20160820_132219_zpsnezduh5y.jpg

Killed so time at the library (favourite place to kill time!) since it’s still way too early for the NDP Thank You party~ Somehow I find it weird to call it a party now – actually only the first year felt like a party to me 😐 I should be glad that at least Orto is better than the past few years I guess.

Anyhow, Lyn’s away and everyone else is too busy, but luckily I still have Bevan to accompany me! Just nice he doesn’t know how to go while I know, cause it’s somewhere on my to-visit list, just that I didn’t expect to visit under such circumstance. It’s supposed to be a romantic place😦 Now become like a void deck wedding~
 photo 20160820_182537_zps6y47mb8g.jpg

Food, performance, mingle, lucky draw and some activities like prawning competition. Wanted to caption this photo “Most patient moment ever” but after much observation, errrrr not that patient after all 😂
 photo 20160820_193614_zpsl5p2qovn.jpg

Got bored at the last 5 minutes so I also took a rod to try my luck~ Zero catch! Haha! Well, at least I didn’t kill any of them then. I actually fed them instead! All the prawns here are way smarter than the ones at Kranji resort, so all managed to eat and escape 😐

 photo 20160820_190814_zpsxiz908wu.jpg

Participants challenging Lily to drink! Hahahaha!

 photo 20160820_190846_zpsgtvybw4c.jpg

She looks like an alcoholic here xD

Time for my turn! To celebrate officially end of duties aka ORD loh~!!!
 photo 20160820_220403_zpsh8tu6m3d.jpg

Lights~ Not the kind of effect I want. Will be nice if they look a bit more like bokeh though (:
 photo 20160820_224510_zps6pafg7rw.jpg
 photo 20160820_224451_zpsyus410w4.jpg

Spent Sunday doing a little packing for the trip and also having some Isaac-time cause Sis came over~ The negotiation turned out way smoother than we had expected, kudos to le pig brother! Apparently, Mamemo only listens to him because she is scared of him 😑 So using Bro’s name is usually useful in such situations!

Decided to cross the border alone in the late afternoon because I was bored and I figured that I wouldn’t have time the next week. Needed to get my Doraemon and Hello Kitty mooncakes!!! It’s been a long time since I went JB alone; quite fulfilling cause I finally managed to explore the whole of the new mall plus the renovated City Square~ I can shop and walk fast at my own speed so I managed to finish the 2 malls in less than 4 hours (:

 photo 20160821_214456_zpsjolni2zj.jpg

Loots of the half-day!

Europe Day 14 – Rome!

3 April 2015

Down with just 2 more days! Had the same breakfast before heading out to visit Basilica of Saint Mary!
 photo 20150403_102423_zpsybl1rilz.jpg

As usual, notice the detailed ceilings?
 photo 20150403_102715_zpsqwgcatim.jpg
 photo 20150403_103654_zpsz65b2uhc.jpg

This is the largest Catholic Marian church in Rome by the way, hence we stayed a little while more~
 photo 20150403_104243_zps3neyculx.jpg
 photo 20150403_104457_zpschg7c5qu.jpg
 photo 20150403_102949_zpszitepkgz.jpg

 photo 20150403_103355_zps2m2vy4ye.jpg

Nice ceiling again!

 photo 20150403_103754_zps6igy4t0s.jpg

And pretty stained glass window~

The years of hard work spent on the interior (:
 photo 20150403_104512_zpsaqy26dtq.jpg
 photo 20150403_104547_zpstgaakhfs.jpg
 photo 20150403_105047_zpsw99nwrvs.jpg

 photo 20150403_105700_zpsfbwsyqm4.jpg

Seriously, who will wanna receive this postcard ah???

Next stop, which is another well-known spot of Rome – Vatican City!
 photo 20150403_144914_zpsqe1bmslp.jpg
 photo 20150403_144538_zpswkua8vrj.jpg

 photo 20150403_131023_zpsrhxacm5f.jpg

Spot the Pokeball!

 photo 20150403_125424_zps1kauss21.jpg

Candid of le pig~

Now it’s time to explore the interior! But sorry, it’s gonna be lots of ceiling again because I am impressed by how much work they put in, climbing the ladder and all! Hahaha!
 photo 20150403_125947_zpspoczqz30.jpg
 photo 20150403_130009_zpsjasis7p8.jpg
 photo 20150403_130149_zpseietxwor.jpg

The ceiling resembles the one in Rome’s Pantheon!
 photo 20150403_130332_zpswbs1arnu.jpg
 photo 20150403_130337_zpsfoal6buu.jpg
 photo 20150403_130825_zpsglcdmvaw.jpg

 photo 20150403_131934_zpsszrurotn.jpg

Looks like Spongebob’s friend – Patrick!!!!!

Ceiling, ceiling and more ceiling! xD
 photo 20150403_132659_zpsw8w87c0q.jpg
 photo 20150403_132824_zpsajlqalui.jpg
 photo 20150403_133258_zpsedmx4vmh.jpg
 photo 20150403_133719_zpsn4rsxw2f.jpg
 photo 20150403_134148_zpslv3znzpo.jpg
 photo 20150403_134547_zpsumxjt7us.jpg
 photo 20150403_134621_zpsdpipvlei.jpg
 photo 20150403_134917_zpssndyc8my.jpg
 photo 20150403_135254_zpsd2utjjje.jpg

 photo 20150403_140926_zpsvjjwamod.jpg

Spotted my horoscope!

 photo 20150403_142048_zpsy4oavbp1.jpg

Will be a nice artistic shot with wider lens!

Back to the exterior and we saw lots of people queuing up~ We did not know what’s going on but the queue was really long!!! We almost wanted to queue as well but after asking one of them, it’s actually people queuing to go in for some pastor/pope’s service ._. Heng we asked.
 photo 20150403_144223_zpsbzxcl3di.jpg

So happy to see a post office there! And it’s the van kind, pretty cool! Managed to get a stamp to post my one last postcard I think (:
 photo 20150403_150702_zpsdk5zpbaz.jpg

Saw a Sakura tree again on our way to the train station! Okay, I don’t know if it’s really cherry blossom but whatever, it’s pink!!!
 photo 20150403_152812_zpsouriv2sj.jpg

And guess what, it has my birth date with it😛
 photo 20150403_153039_zps50vxloi0.jpg

 photo 20150403_153010_zpsvrmbmhw9.jpg

30.03 (:

If you realise, most of the nights we didn’t really explore anywhere because either the shops are closed or the churches are. The only ones open are restaurants and bars, which we could only walk past and admire, before going back to the same fast food chain that we went every day, because that’s the cheapest food.

It’s not that we are too poor to eat, but the food in Europe are just really expensive. We grow up eating cheap food and we don’t believe in splurging on food, at least not for every meal. Food is something that we can compromise on, in other words, so we rather save and scrimp every day to spend on other things.

I even remember that there was once during our trip (I forgot in which city) when we splurged on some McDonald’s nuggets or something because we were too hungry, then Bro happened to drop one on the floor (Europe is quite dirty by the way) but he picked it up and eat because it’s too expensive to waste! LOL! You may find it disgusting but I find the moment hilarious and so significant~ Like how extreme we went xD

So on the last few days in Rome, Bro actually suggested that we should splurge on a good meal, if we have got money left! I was kinda looking forward to that meal because I would love to try too, for the experience! Haha! So on our last night in Rome, we went fine-dining at this popular area full of restaurants~ The kind that is beside the fountain and has got busker performing for you! It was difficult choosing which restaurant to try, and they were all quite competitive, but in the end we settled for one that looks quite decent and has no service charge.
 photo 20150403_184049_zpsuxoxvx92.jpg

We sat outdoor of course – alfresco style, but the interior of the restaurant is actually damn pretty too! Chanced upon it when going to the washroom😀
 photo 20150403_165736_zpsczurg4xx.jpg

Oh in Italy, the people usually eat a full course meal, from appetisers, entrée, main course to dessert. And their entrée is like either pizza or pasta kind! I really can’t imagine how they finish the main course later on, which is usually more of the meat~ Obviously being very Singaporean, we jumped straight into the main course…hahaha!

 photo 20150403_175220_zpsad2th2ue.jpg

Drinks to start off first! (:

 photo 20150403_175347_zpsvocwfik6.jpg

Fine-dining of course must drink wine right!

Bro got himself a mixed grill platter, and from the look of it, you can tell that it’s not very nice already -_- Quite normal taste, if not the meat is too tough.
 photo 20150403_180520_zpsn9hjcdc2.jpg

My lamb shank was not any better; I can hardly find any meat. And it’s so dry, as you can tell from the picture! Although I can’t recall the price, I remember this meal wasn’t cheap (I think around S$80+), and it was definitely not worth the price at all! Quite disappointing😦 Our supermarket microwaved food actually tasted so much better~
 photo 20150403_180512_zps8dbbr6mu.jpg

Expensive experience! But still an experience (:
 photo 20150403_180552_zpsfyzqxkb0.jpg

To make up for the unsatisfactory meal and unfulfilling stomach, guess what we got again!😀 Chocolate and mango flavour I think!
 photo 20150403_190327_zpsdy9g664f.jpg

Ahhhhhh I miss my gelatos~~~~ >.<
 photo 20150403_190421_zpsawt9yvcl.jpg

Europe Day 13 – Rome!

2 April 2015

It’s the third last day of the trip and we went to so many places on this day that I had a hard time recalling where is where. Put in lots of effort Googling before I finally got the names of most of them~

Anyway, our guest house came with breakfast (yayyy! Can saved $$$) and we had this bright dining area that I quite like!
 photo 20150402_095948_zpsjveac681.jpg

No fanciful breakfast but just cakes and snacks~ Good enough because I like cakes and sweet stuff😀
 photo 20150402_095415_zps3obqsrph.jpg
 photo 20150402_095434_zpsouxxznpi.jpg

First stop of the day – Neptune Fountain!
 photo 20150402_122630_zpso25rkwhz.jpg
 photo 20150402_122745_zps65q0m6kf.jpg

This is another fountain – Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi (Fountain of Four Rivers)~ There are really many fountains in Rome and most of them come with clean drinking water! I still don’t dare to try it because I think we are all used to boiling our water first 😅
 photo 20150402_124047_zpss0cmk2sq.jpg
 photo 20150402_124155_zpsuowisjjf.jpg
 photo 20150402_124436_zpsqhqdbpuu.jpg

The obelisk of the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, with Chiesa di Sant’Agnese in Agone on the right~
 photo 20150402_123039_zpsaiouk5da.jpg
 photo 20150402_123440_zps6gdde1k8.jpg

I think Church of Sant’Agnese in Agone is one of the prettier churches we have seen in Rome (:
 photo 20150402_130334_zps8rw19fzs.jpg

 photo 20150402_123515_zpssyxfxz7u.jpg

The area where all the artists gather~

 photo 20150402_132323_zpsorztgus5.jpg

Back to the Pantheon!

After visiting The Pantheon in Paris, we had kinda expected what it’s gonna be like inside, so we did not stay as long for this one in Rome xD
 photo 20150402_131212_zpsn13x94k5.jpg
 photo 20150402_131303_zpswkmojsmi.jpg
 photo 20150402_131827_zpst8sbvh9m.jpg

Ceiling shots again!
 photo 20150402_131115_zpssowkcvuk.jpg
 photo 20150402_133047_zpswpsf2fmx.jpg

Next destination – Basilica of San Ignazio!
 photo 20150402_134430_zpsfdqz5r3r.jpg
 photo 20150402_135012_zpsnhfcy5yx.jpg

Like I’ve mentioned, by Rome, we had already visited so many cathedrals that I lost count, so we were already kinda immune to them ._. No longer so wowwww but just snap and go kind~
 photo 20150402_134933_zpsyjlqnpb8.jpg
 photo 20150402_135429_zpssgkl6mqp.jpg
 photo 20150402_134531_zpsr3kbhpgz.jpg

Still like the ceiling paintings though (:
 photo 20150402_134642_zpsn6nfgsrz.jpg
 photo 20150402_134752_zps2kmjwrrr.jpg
 photo 20150402_134844_zpshkr1rorm.jpg
 photo 20150402_135125_zpsxuindeci.jpg

Next stop, which is yet another church – San Marcello al Corso!
 photo 20150402_140445_zpstyokvq5g.jpg
 photo 20150402_140830_zpseyjtvfen.jpg
 photo 20150402_141013_zpswbxhhtat.jpg

 photo 20150402_141118_zpsyzgmxtol.jpg

Mandatory ceiling shot~

 photo 20150402_140658_zpsveb5fend.jpg

Virgin Mary & Jesus

Chanced upon Santa Maria in Via Lata but I think we did not go in? Can’t find interior shots of it so we must have just passed by only~
 photo 20150402_141300_zpsiz2irsqe.jpg

Altare della Patria next! I forgot if we actually went in, but I doubt so?
 photo 20150402_141600_zpsn44zdnrg.jpg
 photo 20150402_142308_zpsw9t8yszd.jpg

And I totally can’t recall where I took this. That’s the problem when I’m not the one planning the itinerary! Haha! But I remember it’s in a museum where photography is not allowed (there are a few places we visited that are like that), and these are photos that I secretly snapped~
 photo 20150402_143843_zpsgw82lnaq.jpg
 photo 20150402_144632_zpseeztnv6a.jpg
 photo 20150402_144936_zpsspv9diwc.jpg

Back to church-hopping again and arrived at Basilica of Sant’Agostino!
 photo 20150402_160826_zpsqhpul69w.jpg
 photo 20150402_125837_zpsknzdgnjo.jpg

Interior of Basilica of Sant’Agostino~
 photo 20150402_161300_zps9sk2elml.jpg
 photo 20150402_161937_zpsd4zqpxvp.jpg

We realised that most of the churches in Europe has a big organ inside!
 photo 20150402_161742_zpset4a2mqc.jpg
 photo 20150402_163000_zps7wncsitf.jpg

All the churches look more or less the same by now but I suppose these are all still taken within Basilica of Sant’Agostino?
 photo 20150402_162546_zpsmkvazxo6.jpg
 photo 20150402_161708_zpsnobw78co.jpg
 photo 20150402_161023_zpsrsrgyh6o.jpg
 photo 20150402_162826_zpsecf4oryc.jpg
 photo 20150402_160958_zpsd9bpywyg.jpg
 photo 20150402_161555_zpsyrqaaltc.jpg
 photo 20150402_161833_zpspuvylce4.jpg
 photo 20150402_162232_zpsevokkc4u.jpg

Taking a break from churches as we arrived at The Palace of Justice, which is their Supreme Court of Cassation! The exterior is quite nice ya~ It’s not open to the public hence we only took photos outside (:
 photo 20150402_164711_zpsi635quqs.jpg

Finally some nature shot! Quite pretty; I like the feel of it!
 photo 20150402_164433_zpsjq8yuywx.jpg

And from far, we can see our next destination – Castel Sant’Angelo!
 photo 20150402_165314_zpsqjtp4ee5.jpg
 photo 20150402_165625_zpsh1au9394.jpg

Again, I think we only took photos outside because you gotta buy a ticket for most of the attractions, and we figured that we had enough of paintings and historical monuments ._.
 photo 20150402_165719_zpsuarivexs.jpg
 photo 20150402_170148_zpscekc9swm.jpg
 photo 20150402_170345_zpsjkbx9z7v.jpg

Back to the pretty Sant’Agnese in Agone again!
 photo 20150402_175600_zpszdn4baei.jpg
 photo 20150402_175536_zpsmhpiphg1.jpg
 photo 20150402_174650_zpsgghtdjjx.jpg

I think it was closed in the morning when we passed by, that’s why we came back again in the late afternoon~ But the interior isn’t as impressive as its exterior though.
 photo 20150402_173812_zps3b2fzi6i.jpg
 photo 20150402_173554_zpskf4mwybh.jpg
 photo 20150402_173835_zpsympqjblj.jpg

The flowers’ market aka Campo dei Fiori Market! A pity most of the stalls were closed by then. Love the pretty and vibrant colours!😀
 photo 20150402_180435_zps9pxcuxpr.jpg

I think we ended the day pretty early because we had run out of places to go ._. Rome is really quite boring!

Europe Day 12 – Rome!

I’m quite dreading to blog about Rome because it’s quite boring to me ._. But oh well~ It’s the last city so I might as well finish up and fulfill my resolution for this year! Hahaha!

1 April 2015

Bade farewell to the cat, the 2 nice owners, the cozy room and Florence before we took a train to Rome. Arrived after less than 2 hours! Oh those who are taking the train, always remember to validate your tickets manually. I am glad that I read about this on some blog beforehand, so I did all my ticket validation, which is like punching a hole on your card using the machine so that you won’t reuse the ticket. You will be fined if your ticket is not validated; there are train conductors checking~

We witnessed a PRC group being fined when we were on the way to Cinque Terre or somewhere. The train conductor was nice enough to reduce their fine amount, but they were still unhappy and kept arguing that they didn’t know about it -.- Damn annoying. But the point is no chance will be given, so please do your research and always verify when unsure!

Didn’t take us too long to find our Rome accommodation; all the accommodation I booked are very conveniently located! But it’s on level 2 again and we had to take this very old school lift to transport our luggage up. Gotta close the lift door on your own kind! 😱 I took it once for the sake of the luggage and decided to take the stairs for remaining days 😐
 photo 20150401_211535_zpsfzlgknzl.jpg

It’s not an AirBnb house this time but a little like guest house~ Our room is not very big but comfortable enough🙂 Finally can have our own single beds!!!
 photo 20150401_131956_zpscy0xo3pq.jpg

More importantly, it comes with an ensuite bathroom! Yayyyyyy!
 photo 20150401_132003_zpsqdjb2mg3.jpg

Settled down and headed out to our first stop pretty soon; it’s none other than Rome’s signature Colosseum!
 photo 20150401_144117_zpsykpxzxk6.jpg

It’s huge, so you gotta stand pretty far in order to take a full shot of it. If not you can only take parts of it like below~
 photo 20150401_143848_zpsuquxwepq.jpg
 photo 20150401_143732_zpsgmoknjs7.jpg
 photo 20150401_144543_zpshabq1zyz.jpg

 photo 20150401_144318_zpsrgt11437.jpg


 photo 20150401_151229_zps0wie8v5c.jpg

The interior~

It’s basically all the rugged views made up of stones and rocks ._. But I think those who watched the Gladiator movie (e.g my brother) will be intrigued by the place~ I, on the other hand, felt like I have been taking the same pictures over and over because all the views look pretty much the same – ruined and rugged!
 photo 20150401_150553_zpsdsr9h0pn.jpg
 photo 20150401_151145_zpshieet2jz.jpg
 photo 20150401_150728_zps0kngks9u.jpg
 photo 20150401_151211_zpsvkxkbep7.jpg
 photo 20150401_151336_zpsb9dmvd4m.jpg
 photo 20150401_151348_zpsbuvptiwj.jpg
 photo 20150401_151414_zpsfgfiw0ey.jpg
 photo 20150401_151405_zpsw23jippj.jpg
 photo 20150401_151441_zps48umosrr.jpg

The history of it makes it a little more interesting though (:
 photo 20150401_152457_zpsuz8bd2sv.jpg

Panoramic shots and lots of selfie with my selfie stick~
 photo 20150401_151458_zpsnlxknrkm.jpg
 photo 20150401_153101_zpsmx4w0bio.jpg
 photo 20150401_151753_zpszrmn7mj1.jpg
 photo 20150401_152959_zpsxxoblz6z.jpg
 photo 20150401_153329_zpsttm7bp4p.jpg
 photo 20150401_153250_zpsvndaxedn.jpg
 photo 20150401_153028_zps1wde79gx.jpg
 photo 20150401_153123_zpsichumqak.jpg

Under the roof~
 photo 20150401_152736_zpsuoukpimz.jpg
 photo 20150401_152829_zpskngeegoi.jpg

The ruins make the view outside looks nicer! Haha!
 photo 20150401_153935_zpsoejxrpme.jpg
 photo 20150401_155223_zpslt7hulnm.jpg

Artifacts from hundred of years ago including animal remains!
 photo 20150401_154526_zpsjby7ueze.jpg
 photo 20150401_154515_zpsfr0nqplr.jpg

 photo 20150401_161719_zpswzgbvvrc.jpg

One last shot with the Colsseum!

Moved on to the next destination and guess what le pig brother is bringing me to see? (He “planned” Italy’s itinerary.)
 photo 20150401_164608_zpslovorfxa.jpg

It’s not the fountain above, though I think it’s maybe famous as well. But the real reason we are here is because of this stairs!
 photo 20150401_164707_zpsamxtvyzq.jpg

This long flight of stairs made up of 135 steps is apparently known as the famous Spanish Steps! People just sit around to rest, eat and chat there and to be honest, there’s nothing really special about it ._. But it’s just famous.
 photo 20150401_170037_zpsgddmmxlu.jpg
 photo 20150401_165415_zpsvm3ukliv.jpg

 photo 20150401_165516_zpsopq96ama.jpg

Spot me!

 photo 20150401_170647_zpsa8k3j13p.jpg

 photo 20150401_170411_zpsn27rx7rp.jpg

Column of the Immaculate Conception

In Piazza del Popolo for the the tallest obelisk in Rome –  Popolo Obelisk!
 photo 20150401_172738_zpsnccsrk1z.jpg
 photo 20150401_173000_zpsyasyegol.jpg

The churches of Santa Maria dei Miracoli and Santa Maria in Montesanto~
 photo 20150401_173722_zpslz5av9n7.jpg

 photo 20150401_172650_zpsfvomfvpd.jpg

Santa Maria in Montesanto

 photo 20150401_172719_zps0crop0ow.jpg

Santa Maria dei Miracoli

 photo 20150401_173554_zpsgtaa4caf.jpg

Errrr…forgot what’s this ._.

The Roman architectures or structures are not that impressive to me, so I was kinda more attracted by this lady entertaining the kids with huge bubbles!
 photo 20150401_173255_zpsethc18a4.jpg

It’s really a joy watching them because I love bubbles too!😀 Secretly wish I can join the kids and chase after the bubbles…hahaha!
 photo 20150401_173257_zps28l7pt81.jpg

Love these happy candid shots more than the still buildings actually =X
 photo 20150401_173310_zps0gfjrmz4.jpg
 photo 20150401_173309_zpslp89uozr.jpg
 photo 20150401_173313_zpsx5hcyjyr.jpg
 photo 20150401_173311_zpsdkgi82v6.jpg
 photo 20150401_173328_zpszvpuzsp1.jpg
 photo 20150401_173327_zpsiw9h8klm.jpg
 photo 20150401_173958_zpsis9tts1c.jpg

I think this was a church that we just randomly walked into to check out but I don’t remember the name~ Too many churches in Europe!
 photo 20150401_180524_zpsdp1yr83n.jpg

Did a little shopping at the huge H&M there but I think I bought nothing. On the other hand, le pig brother was listening to these buskers and bought a CD from them. It’s the pirated kind of CD packaging and I laughed at him and told him what if he brings it back and realised it can’t be played 😂  He was like 😨😨😨
 photo 20150401_180915_zpsfvokp852.jpg

Apart from busking, there are also lots of street arts going on and they are all very impressive!
 photo 20150401_181248_zpsgohhzvvq.jpg

We spent a while watching this guy do some painting from scratch using spray paints and Bro was so impressed that he almost bought one. It’s really damn pretty and awesome, but it’s like 10 euro for one (around S$15). This guy is way too talented!
 photo 20150401_181643_zpsdlziklzw.jpg

Another tall structure but I don’t remember what is it~ photo 20150402_155238_zpsqdgljjyo.jpg

When we talk about attractions in Rome, I believe many will mention Trevi Fountain as well. Unfortunately, prior the trip, Nad has already told me that it’s under renovation when she went a few months ago… We still wanted to visit nevertheless, because it’s an attraction not to be missed when you’re in Rome after all~
 photo 20150401_191019_zpsys7k5rkk.jpg

The pretty Trevi Fountain now looking like a construction site😦
 photo 20150401_190626_zpslcaszhmu.jpg
 photo 20150401_191100_zpskanrj1sr.jpg

I think it would have been really prettiest tourist attraction site if it’s not under construction. Saw the pictures on Google and it’s really nice! Oh well~ At least we visited!
 photo 20150401_191643_zps0uhmpt2n.jpg

 photo 20150401_194529_zpsl1ryzjod.jpg

Pinocchio seems to be very famous in Italy! xD

Spent the night walking around randomly and we chanced upon The Pantheon~ Yes, another Pantheon but it’s the Pantheon in Rome, though it looks quite similar to the one in Paris!
 photo 20150401_200012_zpsdnixd14k.jpg

Did not go in because it was closed by then; saved it for the next day instead (:
 photo 20150401_200657_zpsu00dop3f.jpg

Peranakan Staycation! 💖

Last year this day, I was swimming in my private pool, enjoying my post-NDP retreat~ No budget for that this year, so I made do with a staycation instead! Need a break badly, from work and from the months of hard work 😪 I needed something to look forward!!!

So glad that the project is finally over and I could have my well-deserved break! Despite OT-ing till 9pm, it didn’t stop me from looking forward to the staycation every minute 😍

Started off with breakfast and errands first, but there was a little mishap~ This poor bird got stuck in front of the car bumper and sat here for the next 10 minutes when it finally got out😦 Was so afraid that it might not survive because even the uncle said, “我看很难了。。。” 😩
 photo 20160812_121111_zpsdxh9orts.jpg

Even when I was squatting so close, the bird refused to fly off. I think it had a concussion or just didn’t have strength to fly after getting stuck for so long. Attempted to feed some biscuits and that was when it suddenly flew up to the tree! YAYYYYY!!!! Can still fly!😀 But it stood on the same spot on the tree for the next 10 minutes again… Really hope it survives!!!

Off for my staycation! TA-DUH~!!! 🎉🎉🎉
 photo 20160812_131359_zpsu3ah4sht.jpg

Prior to the stay, I was still worried that the room wouldn’t turn out as nice as I had expected. I did a lot of research and reviews seem pretty good, but there are always “what if“~ Took a peek excitedly right after I checked in and thank goodness, the room was AWESOME! Super spacious and even has enough room for a couch!
 photo 20160812_131704_zpsxwnwzycb.jpg

And bathtub right beside the bed! Can watch TV will soaking 😍😍😍 Exactly what I was looking for!
 photo 20160812_131554_zpsajtqg4fu.jpg

Definitely pleased and satisfied with the 41m² room!😀 I think I made a pretty good decision! Hehe!
 photo 20160812_131545_zpsrnsflchg.jpg

One last look before I mess it up 😆 I am actually missing it already! I think this might be the thing I wanna splurge on again if I ever win a lottery~ HAHAHA!
 photo 20160812_131622_zpseezqgjdx.jpg

Now the bathroom! Only spent 2% of the time inside because there’s already bathtub!😛
 photo 20160812_153107_zps6vavvxfj.jpg
 photo 20160812_153053_zpsp9lgnwoe.jpg

Oh the room is a Peranakan Club room, so all the stuff inside are Peranakan style by the way (:
 photo 20160812_131643_zpsu4rcdgys.jpg
 photo 20160812_131744_zpssez3w69z.jpg
 photo 20160812_131913_zpsitvygeps.jpg

 photo 20160812_131656_zpseffdqeul.jpg

No Bali swan but got SG swan! xD

 photo 20160812_131713_zpsitl06dw9.jpg

Selfie first!

Complementing the premium stay with a good honey wine from New Zealand! Buddy gave it to me some time ago and I finally had the chance to open it (:
 photo 20160812_153612_zpsyuucqtwq.jpg

Nua-ed quite enough before heading out for a late lunch date~
 photo 20160812_172324_zpsnulhdmob.jpg

 photo 20160812_172335_zpsenzmwgry.jpg

Very milky fish soup!

Had a short walk to explore the surrounding and to digest a little before heading back to the hotel for the cocktail evening! Because it’s a premium club room, I get to enjoy the club benefits which include free-flow wine and house pour! Weeeeeee~😀
 photo 20160812_190249_zpsvo8b2bdd.jpg
 photo 20160812_190258_zpshiogffip.jpg

Comes with some light snacks as well! 😍
 photo 20160812_190307_zpstj1o3z5h.jpg
 photo 20160812_190317_zpscfn3hi8p.jpg

 photo 20160812_190049_zpsqs7tnvsa.jpg

I love petite things so that I can try more items! Hehe!

 photo 20160812_190104_zpsqnvtdrkh.jpg

Cute crème brûlée!


Chilling at the lounge watching TV~

Back to the comfy room for more wine! Finally tried the Moscato that I got from Nad! It’s the same bottle as the one Shrine broke -_- This is the second bottle I bought.
 photo 20160813_153046_zpsqqxtar6r.jpg

Soaking in the bathtub while sipping on my Moscato and watching the drama that my dear colleagues and I edited! It was definitely a beary happy and shiok staycation! 😁🐻
 photo 20160812_222605_zpssslamid2.jpg

Nua-ed so much in bed the next morning till almost missed the breakfast! 😱😱😱 Only left with 20+ minutes but luckily still had food left! Partly because the breakfast at the lounge is exclusive to the club members only😉

It even has a Nespresso machine and I had my virgin try on it! I just wanted to play with the machine 😅 Looks not bad right! Made by barista See!
 photo 20160813_105447_zpsaqnggznw.jpg

Trying not to eat too full because I still had cup noodle~~~
 photo 20160813_104909_zps1sacetbn.jpg

Requested for a late check-out at 4pm because I couldn’t bear to leave the room! Haha! Nua-ed till I finally bade farewell to the big room after more than 24 hours and left for our post-NDP gathering! Took the chance to celebrate the August babies’ birthday too! Because Eric is too secretive with his date of birth and we only know it’s August >.>
 photo 20160813_170704_zpshrol1jcp.jpg

 photo 20160813_170724_zpsdb0lkz9n.jpg

The 2 Leos~

Since we had celebrated for Cla already, it’s Eric’s turn to cut the cake!
 photo 20160813_170813_zpsjtvbljqt.jpg

I think he hasn’t celebrated his birthday for a long time lor, like don’t know how to cut cake ._.
 photo IMG-20160813-WA0017_zpsldjzrhwo.jpg

Great bonding over 3 hours of karaoke session! In the exact same room as where we had our very first gathering, also organised by yours truly (:
 photo IMG-20160813-WA0019_zpsdvey6nxj.jpg

 photo IMG-20160813-WA0015_zpsclzqynti.jpg

Gotta serve ourselves cakes once again D:

 photo 20160813_202103_zpssdu5ywgv.jpg

Dessert after dinner!
Rum & Raisin + Hazelnut!

Finally full strength of all 9 people! Had a good discussion for our upcoming Aussie trip and also took the chance to lay down the “rules” and etc. It’s something that I am most worried of since it’s such a big group travelling together, so bound to have conflicts… I just hope everyone can get least give me some “face” as the organiser, if not I will be really 难做人。。。Hope it will be a happy trip for everyone!!!
 photo IMG-20160813-WA0013_zpsz62x3gio.jpg

I am super looking forward to finally a trip after so many months since my birthday retreat! Probably the highlight of the year and also the highlight for my bank account ._. Can’t wait to be up on the hot air balloon though! Hehe!

Kept thinking that the next day is Monday already but luckily it’s not! I still have a Sunday…yayyyyy! But it was spent on treating yet another August baby! Hahaha! It was Shimin’s belated birthday lunch treat and she was craving for Mac & Cheese~ Settled for Chir Chir Chicken after we realised Pique Nique has closed down =O
 photo 20160814_134539_zpsasfxxdnr.jpg

Not the best Mac & Cheese because it was more of cream than cheese. But we were all famished!
 photo 20160814_134532_zps9etwelpu.jpg

I totally had no confident of finishing these chicken, yet the greedy buddy insisted on ordering another Toppoki plate -_- In the end I was already full after a few mouthful of Mac & Cheese + 2 pieces of chicken! That’s the max for me! I don’t understand why they gotta serve such a big plate of chicken and have only 1 size…Zzzzzz. Isn’t it scary to eat so much chicken each if there are only a few of us?!
 photo 20160814_134536_zpsg46qm3a7.jpg

Went to run some errand plus search for Miss President’s ROM outfit. Yes, she’s getting hitched! Now it’s gonna be extra stressful because I’m the only female in Clique that is still on the shelf 😭

Checked out the mooncake fair and had all the free samples for durian mooncakes but I still like Peony Jade‘s the best >.<  Not sure to splurge on it again this year since I am really, really tight on budget right now…

Anyhow, treated the birthday girl to her very first Godiva ice-cream because everyone has been raving to her about it, including me…hahaha! I told her she gotta try it at least once before she dies😛
 photo 20160814_183518_zpsnplk2o7g.jpg

Didn’t wanna splurge on this but peer pressure😦 9 bucks is indeed damn expensive for an ice-cream, but the quality is really good! I wouldn’t mind splurging on it if I am in a really bad mood~
 photo 20160814_183543_zpssglj9fsw.jpg

But of course I wasn’t. I had such a happy weekend!❤