Why was I not online, why I did not blog, why I did not reply sms???
Here is the reason – Boys Over Flowers! xD

Yes yes! I am chiong-ing this right now but I doubt I can finish! =((((
I am only at episode 7…Zzzzz. (Cause I stopped to blog and etc -.- )

In case anyone still doesn’t know and is wondering why am I so free, it’s because I am on MC today! xD
Was already considering that since last night when my flu was kinda getting irritating. Then this morning when the alarm woke me up, I decided to just go ahead with MC because I know the office aircon is only gonna make my nose worse =.= And if I were to complain about it, nice Reiko will switch off the aircon for me, which I don’t want. Cause my other colleagues will need the aircon :S

So anyhow, sms-ed and informed Reiko, since she is the boss’s daughter, then continued sleeping.
At around 11 plus, Isnor sms-ed and asked where am I, and said it’s already 11 plus. So I told him about the MC and he said I should inform the others the next time as well. Yea then I apologised for that and told him that I thought Reiko would be in office as well.
In the end, Reiko suddenly sms-ed me in the noon and clarified that she had actually informed everyone in the office about my medical leave, but she doesn’t know why Isnor still went to sms me on purpose to ask me. She said probably he is too bored…erps~~~

So once I woke up, I started watching Boys Over Flowers! Got so hooked on to it that I was kinda lazy to go and queue for a MC =.=”
Eventually, I still went, of course. But I brought my laptop with Boys Over Flowers loaded up to episode 10! LOL! Cause I thought it would be a long wait in the polyclinic so might as well make use of the time xD

Was quite lost when I reached the polyclinic cause it has been quite long since I last went there. Due to the Swine Flu, there were people taking temperature and questioning you outside the clinic itself. The questions include whether you’ve been overseas for the past weeks, and whether you have symptoms like fever, runny nose, cough and sore throat. So when I told the person I’ve got runny nose and cough, he actually gave me a shocked face for a second…HAHAHA.

Went into the polyclinic and waited for my turn for registration, so started watching my show too..hehe.
The wait was like 15-20 minutes? Not sure. Was too engrossed in my show…lolol.
Yea then after registration, it was another wait at the consultation room area.

Oh everyone was given a surgical mask but most of them didn’t put on, so I did not put as well. Until the nice lady at the registration counter told me to put on, and the way she phrased it was just too nice for me not to obey…LOL.
I look like some serial killer =.=”
Photo 37

Okay so while waiting, I was watching my show and this uncle sitting beside me kept watching my show too =.=”
He just kept leaning more and more and I felt like asking if he wanna share my ear piece as well…HAHAHA! Okay damn bitchy xD

But actually I was more afraid that he might be a Swine Flu victim :S
Okay maybe he was afraid that I might be one too. Cause he sat away from me after that. Or maybe just because I didn’t offer to share my ear piece after so long…LOL.

Oh there was this indian woman who created a scene in the clinic. In fact she already created a scene when I was at the registration area. She was like yelling at the staff, “NOW!!!
I think it’s because she brought this little girl who is having fever to see the doctor, and she wasn’t happy with the waiting time. She said the girl could have fainted or something if she goes on waiting like this. But the thing is of course everyone is sick that’s why they are there lar~ If all of them request to see the doctor first, then what’s the point of queue number in the first place? And it’s not as though the staff did not try to help. They offered to get the nurse to examine the girl first but that indian woman said, “I paid to see doctor! Not nurses!”
So she just went on saying who is going to be responsible if the girl faints. Please lor~ It doesn’t even mean that only kids then will faint =.=” Anyway she just kept on shouting at the staff there, totally disturbing my show…Zzzzz.

When it was my turn, I was still into my show and gotta hurriedly keep my laptop…lolol.
I was actually feeling perfectly fine except for the cough and runny nose, so when the doctor said I have got slight fever, I actually gave her a rather loud, “Huh?!”
LOL! And she said if the fever persists after 3 days, I gotta go for blood test -faint-
I don’t have Swine Flu lar! =.=”

So she asked how many days MC do I need and I asked her back the same question, “How many days do you think I need?” HAHAHA!
Of course I didn’t say in the rude way =.= But yea…she gave me 2 days! Shall see how tomorrow then (:
Collected medicine, settled payment, walked to AMK Hub and it was just nice to meet Queena in time…lolol. Cause she wanted to borrow camera from me, so met up with her to pass her that.

She went home and I was thinking of where to go. In the end I decided to go home to continue watching my show! Haha!
The show got my tears started flowing again and I was just hooked on to it for hours! You know, I even didn’t bother to charge my phone immediately when I know it’s flat. And when I finally went to charge it, I actually forgot switch it on! HAHA! It’s like totally defeating the purpose of charging then xD

Although the storyline of Boys Over Flowers is more or less the same as the Taiwanese version, I still like it ((:
But right now, surprisingly the one that I prefer in terms of appearance is actually him. (I forgot his name =.=”)

I only like Jun Pyo (aka the Dao Ming Si in Taiwan version) for his actions, cause I still prefer Jerry Yan acting as this character…hehe.
I just dislike his curly hair :S

But I’m sure I’ll like him more when his hair becomes like this! xD

Oh another comment … I think Ji Hoo’s beng-ish face is not suitable for the Hua Zhe Lei character … at all =X
Okay that’s all xD

P.S. The real medicine is actually your own mood! 😀


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