I really wish WordPress has got the Facebook privacy function which allows you to block certain people from viewing your stuff.

Anyhow, it has been really hectic these 3 days preparing for our big project!
Saturday back to office till 10pm.
Sunday at Japanese Association till 4am!

And today is finally our big day and I’m so glad that everything went pretty well! ((:

Sunday (7 March)
Went back to office to prepare all the stuff we need for the shoot before transporting them to JAS at 7+pm.
Then at there, we continued working on our banner, which is really our proud piece of work! ((:

I guess my boss was especially proud, since he really did lots of work for this banner!

We were supposed to leave the place by 12am, cause the staff gotta knock off.
But there was too much left to be done for the banner!

So we managed to convince the staff to let us stay till we finish, and we had our cranky late night again!

Reiko getting cranky already~ Lololol.

Finished touching up the rainbow, and Reiko said my touching up skill is impeccable! LOL.

With my rainbow! ((:
Drawn by Wilson and painted mainly by Reiko and I!

After pasting all the wordings onto the big board, we still have the LED light to settle =/

But Wilson also took the time to set up all the lights and cameras (:

Hahaha. Can even see my slippers xD

I guess this period of time when I went through “thick and thin” with my colleagues, we became much closer!
Though it’s still not like how Xuannie is so close with her colleagues, at least I don’t feel so “out of place” anymore.

Probably it’s due to generation gap, since they are all like 8 years older than me.
But these days we have been doing all sorts of crazy things in front of each other and that just naturally pulled us closer! (:

The craziest is of course Reiko! Hahaha.
Randomly posing like she is advertising for green tea~

Then started acting and singing randomly while carrying the rainbow…LOLOL.

As we were working, my boss was working non-stop too.
In fact, he did much more than us =/

Adjusting the height of the banner, which took quite some time too.

Wilson was in the control room controlling the height of the banner~
Look at the clock! 1.20am! =/

There was one time when we were calling for Wilson from below, but there was no response.
Then Reiko and I spotted a man in the control room, looking and smiling to us from a distance away from the window.

Reiko thought that is Wilson and kept calling him, but he did not respond!
He just kept smiling to us from far! It’s super freaky! Like Wilson got possessed!

But in the end we realised it’s the security guard =.=”””
Wilson went to the smoking room…Zzzzz.

What an unintentional prank at such hours!

Anyhow, after putting up the LED light onto the banner, we realised a major problem!
1 part of the light was damaged while we were bending it to fit the banner!

It’s quite obvious cause the lights on the top and left side of the banner kept running (which is the effect that we want), but the lights on the right were static!

And the damaged part was quite unstable … the lights kept going off!
Worst thing is, every time the lights went off, we gotta lower the banner to fix it!
Then make it go up again and this just kept repeating and repeating…

We kept thinking of ways to salvage the situation, cause it will be weird if there is no light on the right!
So we just kept trying and trying to fix it…

Climbing up and down; up and down…

In the end we decided to use a more static light for all 3 sides, so that it will not be so obvious that the right lights are not running.

It was around 3am when we were solving this problem…
All of us were damn tired!

But it’s true that 台上一分钟,台下十年功!

Just when we happily settled the LED light, the lights on the right went completely off! =X
It was unstable all the while, but we always managed to get the lights back with Reiko pressing on the “special spot”.

But this time round, the lights just refused to come back D:
So we had no choice but to remove the lights on the side and leave the ones on top running.

Who knows it turned out quite well too! (:

Settled the banner which means we settled everything!
Even the costumes were being prepared already, but it looks super scary! ROFL.

Monday (8 March)

Had 4 hours of sleep before waking up just 1 hour before call time! =/
Then morning-called Wilson the director as well…hahaha!

Calvin was doing freelance camera work for us today! (:
It’s actually my first time working with him and it’s after we’ve graduated! Haha!

So last night when I know I was gonna need more sleep, I decided to long-pang his cab, since my house is in between his house and JAS, and he can claim also.
I told him I will be waiting at my bus-stop at around 8.50am, thinking that he will cab down and then fetch me on the way.

Who knows he misinterpreted my message as I will book the cab, so he WALKED down to my house!
Despite it being AMK to AMK, it’s Avenue 10 to Avenue 1 =.=”

Gosh. Why will I be so mean to ask him to travel down when it’s his free cab =/
Make me guilty only.

So anyhow, we reached JAS being slightly late, which Calvin kept saying he doesn’t like to.
But I kept telling him we are all rather flexible, cause as expected, the director was much later than us! ROFL.

Aiyer. But we all had such a lateeee night!
And I’m glad my boss is always very flexible and understanding about this (:

I usually don’t have a fixed role for shoots, cause I don’t usually go for shoots in the first place =/
Yea so I was basically doing anything from makeup to audio to operating static camera…lolol.

My lovely slate from Kai Bin ((:

But this shoot is so much less stressful because I didn’t have to work with people whom I dislike.
Those very 假厉害 and look down on you kind.

Everything just went pretty smoothly and we even ended earlier than scheduled! (:

I was so scared that Calvin will be damn bored for such non-challenging shoot cause it’s just an exercise video =/
But in the end he was the one warming the elderly up! Hahaha.
Big thanks to him! (:

Wrapped up at 6+pm and by the time we packed up everything, it was 7+ already.
So glad that this shoot is over! Well, not exactly =/

We still have some extra shots to be shot at the client’s place and also EDITING!
Ahhhhhhh. Wilson asked if I wanna be the main editor for this project and I reluctantly accepted.
Reluctant cause I am not confident enough, as usual D:

But oh well, I’m sure he will help me and everything will be okay right right right!
And the most challenging part is over ((:

Today I suddenly have this thought that I don’t feel like I’m actually out in the working industry at all.
I feel more like I’m in an internship! Cause I totally don’t have much stress!

Instead of meeting crazy deadlines and handling difficult clients like all editors, I’m more like learning and helping.
It’s like even if I encounter difficulties, there is no client or producer or boss to scold me.

And I am actually not supposed to make mistake, cause I am WORKING and getting paid for what I do.
I’m not an intern who is here to pick up skills…
But instead the producer/boss/colleague will always be helping me and telling me, “It’s okay” (:

It’s not like I’ve made any major mistake or even any significant mistakes that I can remember lar
It’s just that I feel very fortunate!
My internship really traumatised me too much that I’m appreciating every bits and pieces now ((:

Display in JAS for the Doll Festival (which is over by now)~

Then my boss insisted on taking a photo for me cause he said Doll Festival is for girls! Hahaha!

I really feel very “protected” and doted on by them.
Though sometimes they over-疼 and don’t let me do many things, cause I’m like a small girl to them =/

Like today after the shoot, they all went back to office but kept asking me to go home and rest.
It makes me feel guilty and kinda … useless?
Like I didn’t contribute much D:

Anyhow, it has really been a tiring weekend + Monday!


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