The Fearless Getaway Trip!

Stayed over at Joanjoan’s house on Thursday because we gotta wake up super early the next morning! ((:

I can’t believe I took bus to her house with my absolute naked face after facial!!!
Quite an achievement…hahahaha!

Attempted to blog Reiko’s birthday entry at her house but I didn’t manage to finish it…
Dislike the feeling of overdue entry, especially when it’s super overdue (to me) this time round =/

Day 1 – 9th July 2010

I only slept a couple of hours before waking up at 4.45am to prepare!
Super tiring~

Used putting on hose (aka stocking – in case anyone thought I mean water hose like Joanjoan -.-) as an excuse to trick Joanjoan out of the room xD
Then I prepared the small cake which I hid in her fridge over the night!

Actually the cake was meant to be the 12am surprise!
But just when I was preparing the candle in my bag at 12am, Joanjoan said, “
Let’s go and sleep now!” D:
So the plan was “postponed” to the next morning before we set off…haha!


Happy 21st birthday to my stickiest, smelliest and dearest Joanjoan! 😀

Set off with the 爱心面包 which Aunty May prepared for us ❤
Then cabbed down to fetch Chienny before heading down to Golden Mile Complex together ((:

I had been so excited for this trip because it’s my FIRST-EVER Genting trip in my 21 years of life!
Unbelievable? Believe it!

Most importantly, it’s the first VJC overseas trip! ❤
I suggested this trip because we need some good bonding time other than meeting up for birthdays!

Joanjoan and I even went to different travel agencies to check out and compare prices due to budget issue.
Surprisingly, Grassland and Five Stars are the cheapest ones! (:

That’s our Grassland coach!
Of course this photo wasn’t taken when we were boarding; the sky was still
darkkk when we boarded at 6.30am!

We were the earlier ones =/

Joanjoan giving weird face! Hahaha!

The ultraman Chienny, who dozed off immediately because she did not catch a wink the previous night =/

We were surrounded by aunties who really can’t stop talking!
I think they are all used to waking up early to go to the market for gossip session =.=”

Playing Ip Man 2 in the coach~

I preloaded my iPinky with many episodes of 溏心风暴 but I was too sleepy to watch!
Only slept for like 3-4 hours the previous night =/

Yet I couldn’t really fall asleep in the coach…Zzzz.
Slept and woke; slept and woke throughout the 7 hours journey … so in the end I only slept for like 1-2 hours more.

The brunch venue which everyone should find it quite familiar (:

Cam-whoring in the washroom! xD
I was complaining to Joanjoan that I don’t know how I can survive with the toilet hygiene standard there, but luckily Genting one was much better!

Finally reached our destination at around 2pm!
Somehow the journey didn’t feel like it was 7 hours long, maybe because we were travelling in the day (:

Waiting to check in to our hotel…
So many people! D:

We were trying to block off the man behind us…ROFL!

We were contemplating on whether to go for lunch first, since our queue number was kinda far away.
But just when we were about to leave, the queue number started to jump faster =.=””””

Nevertheless, we decided to go ahead with lunch and use the SMS-system to check for queue number status.

Too hungry to walk around, so we settled in this foodcourt-like place.
It’s quite stupid because although it’s a foodcourt, there is service charge -.-”

The stupid SMS-system didn’t work =.= So I rushed through my meal and headed back to the reception first.
Chienny was shocked that it’s still not our turn yet (!!!) when Joanjoan and her joined me after their lunch =/

Finally got our room!!!
Level 27 – the second highest storey…haha!

The big bed which we requested for (:
(Queena! Next time can try to request

Cam-whore first! xD
A lot of cam-whore photos for this trip by the way…HAHAHA.

VJC oh yea~!

Didn’t wanna waste too much time so we set off for our Day 1 activities right away! (:
But before that …

Big eclairs, big muffins and big croissants~

I know I had Matcha on Thursday, but Chienny tempted me! xD
Joanjoan thinks it’s nice too!

Day 1 itinerary was Indoor Theme Park, which I already bought tickets online!

Collected our “tickets” which are wristbands ((:

Chienny already warned us that the indoor theme park is kinda boring, but we decided to just try it out (:
So first up – Ferris Wheel!

We couldn’t take a group photo so we took in pairs xD
Stiff-face Joanjoan and I!

Chienny with weird-face Joanjoan!

Chienny and I!
No Joanjoan = no weird face =P

Artistic shot of the birthday girl! xD

Top view from the Ferris Wheel (:

It was my virgin Genting trip so I just wanted to take photos with and of everything! Hehe!

VJC @ Genting! (((((((:

I was kinda excited to take photo on the carousel because it’s so prettyyyyyy!

But it’s for kids only! D:
Could only take a photo like that…

The indoor theme park is indeed not the thrilling kind, but we just tried almost everything since we already paid for it.
So we sailed on the
Venice Gondola~

That’s Lovers’ Bridge aka 情人桥~

Joanjoan making her 招牌 irritating face! LOLOL.

Next was the Reindeer Cruiser~

Some of our rides are 2-seaters so we gotta split up =(
Joanjoan in her Reindeer Cruiser!

Chienny looking very relaxed (or bored)…LOL.

Top view of restaurants and shops (:


Joanjoan wanted to visit the Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum, which I don’t mind because it’s one of the shows I edited back in MediaCorp! xD

Visiting the museum makes me miss the best producer – Chee Tat, my Ripley’s editing buddy – Ting Ting, the unbelievable (but at times scary) stuff in the show, and Alan Wu’s “Unbelievable? Believe it!” !!! xD

I didn’t take photo of every single thing there, only took those more interesting ones (:

These African fertility statues is said to have brought babies to about 2000 couples!
I didn’t even dare to touch them =/

Turtle shell violin!
How cool!

I was so damn afraid that the figure will suddenly shoot something out from the camera like those Jack-in-the-box! LOLOL.

“These doors were removed from Strangeways Prison in Northern of England. The prisoners at Strangeways Prison had no sunlight, no contact between each other except when their food was passed through the central sliding slot.”

I took a peep into the peephole and saw this hanging rope :S

Vampire Slayer’s Kit!
“Created in the 1980’s, this kit was to be used by travelers in Transylvania should they meet up with vampires!”

Wreaths made from real human hair!
“During the Victorian era, funeral wreaths made from the hair of a departed loved one were placed on the coffin funerals.”

“Dubbed “Ubangis“, the women of the Sara tribe in Chad, Africa, have their lips pierced when young, and as they grow older, they insert wooden plates in them to make them unattractive to raiders.”

It feels so ouchhhh!!!

A gigantic chair made by some super rich man~

I’m gonna be lucky from now on! xD

I can’t believe that there is really someone who can pop his eyes off the sockets!
Damn scary~! =X

The giant shoe from the tallest man! (:

And that’s the giant hand VS my hand~

Made up of many many recycled items!

Gold plated car!

It’s really made up of many many gold coins!

I took this because kill-Shimin likes to say I only post glam photos of myself =P

Mirror effects! (:

This is cute!!! Hahaha!

Eaten by shark! =O

Shortie! D:

This was taken in a slanted room, but couldn’t really see the effect from here =/

Walking through this will make you giddy!
The black background will keep rotating and rotating!

Like this! (:
Nice nice background~

Trapped D:

Joanjoan is still better at making faces…LOL.

Continued with our indoor rides~
Our dragon Rio Float (:

Oh we played bumper cars too! 😀
I was super nervous (yet excited) cause it’s my first time playing!

But there were those intimidating Malay guys in front of us =/
Who knows at the last second I was the one who banged 1 of their cars and just before he could bang back, it’s over! LOL.

SUPER FUN luh!!!
I can’t control my car very well but I had fun banging people! xD

Waiting for the indoor roller coaster ride…
It’s not
thattttt thrilling but it was more fun than the other rides! (:

We wanted to catch the 4D Motion Master but we missed the showtime by 10 minutes =/
So we decided to go for dinner first and go for the next show~

Dinner at Kenny Roger! (:
I sneaked out to the washroom and then ran around the mall in search for a cake!

Finally got one and I was preparing it while walking back to the restaurant…
Attracted many stares and even the vampire from the Haunted House came to help me! LOLOL.

I thought he was gonna scare me and I gave him the “Stop” hand sign.
But he ended up helping me to carry the cake box while I was lighting the candles…hahaha!

I actually asked if he wanna help me carry the cake to Joanjoan instead, which will be a better surprise!
But I don’t think he understood what I was saying. You know how vampires don’t understand human language? xD

Pretty shot of the cake! ((:

Planning for 2 (in fact 3) birthday surprises (including Reiko’s) in a row is not easy at all!
I even brought choco pies there in case we couldn’t get a cake! xD

Happy Birthday (again) Joanjoan!



I think Joanjoan looks cute in this picture! (:
The nerdy specs is 1 of our birthday gifts for her by the way…

The “after” of the cake! =X
We were really FULL!!! (Luckily it’s not the usual 1/2kg cake!)

Went for our 4D Motion Master show after that!
But we queued super long for it!

The stupid staff actually told us to “relax and come back 10 minutes later”, since it’s not the showtime yet.
But he let other people in! O.O

So we went in as well and saw the long queue…Zzzz!
Super annoying! Why couldn’t he just let us go in and queue earlier then -.-“

Anyway the show theme is Haunted House, which I did not dare to wear the 3D specs for 99% of it…haha!
You can really see the scary stuff reaching out for you!
I won’t wanna have nightmares and end up kicking Joanjoan and Chienny =P

End of Day 1 activities and we went back to our room to recharge ourselves for the main day – Day 2! ((:

While waiting for Chienny to bath, Joanjoan and I practised kickboxing using the pillow! LOLOL!
Damn hardworking right! xD

The 3-in-1 shampoo+conditioner+soap =.= I won’t wanna use it lor.
Confirm make your hair like some dry grass!

Preparing to sleep!
Yes yes. I know I have horrible dark eye circles D:
So stop complaining about me putting on makeups! It’s a NEED, not a WANT!

P.S. Chienny is an angry sleeper! xD

Day 2 – 10 July 2010

Had enough rest but not enough to cover back for previous night…
Nonetheless, woke up before 9am to prepare for the exciting day! ((:

Went to get our tickets for Outdoor Theme Park!
It’s not as cheap as indoor tickets but definitely much more fun!!!

The misty outdoor (:


The ever-stress Chienny scratching her head, not sure which ride to go first…hahaha!

So we decided to go for this Rolling Thunder Mine Train, which is a less thrilling roller coaster, but thrilling enough to make you scream! xD

But before that, we gotta walk through this scary-looking cave~
See that ghost there?!

The only passengers with us were these kids =/
But this ride is definitely more thrilling than the indoor one!

Ready for our first ride! ((:
Joanjoan screamed the most classic line during the ride – “
Wah can smell the (KFC) chicken!! Damn nice!!!” LMAO!!!

Everywhere started to get crowded and we gotta queue for some time at every station :S
But it was mostly worthwhile!

This was one of our most exciting rides – Corkscrew!!!
Somehow my guts on Day 2 was at its max and I was so excited to try everything! xD

Chienny was kinda looking forward to it too!
And Joanjoan freaked out when she knows there is these 360 degree turn parts…ROFL!

Waiting for our turns next!

I thought my heart gonna fly out through my mouth, but it’s not as scary as I thought! Hahaha!
damnnnnnn FUN though! We totally screamed like mad! xD

Oh this time round Joanjoan shouted another classic line, “I screamed till my saliva is is flying out!

Watch the short video of the ride and catch that 360 degree part!

I wanted to play Go Kart because after the luge ride in Sentosa that time, I am addicted! xD
But we queued
superrrrrr long for this and it turned out to be just round and round the same route -.-”

I still enjoyed it anyway! =D
Last time I don’t even dare to play because I’m not confident to control it myself..

I admit that I’m still not very good at driving because even Chienny commented that I’m a scary driver…ROFL!
She was behind me all the while and I kept changing lane every other second…HAHAHA!

I even almost collided with another kart at the first round when overtaking her but I swerved at the very last second…LOLOL.
funnnnn luh~!

Oh I bought the picture taken when I was playing Go Kart because I got too much money left!!! xD
I was deciding between the serious look one and the smiling one (but small eyes!) and I chose the latter in the end…haha!

With our First World hotel! (:

Pirate ship was next!!! (((((((:

Funny expressions xD

Chienny didn’t wanna take because she might feel giddy, so only Joanjoan and I went! (:

Preparing for the climax…LOLOL!

Screaming at the top of our lungs!!! xD
Super love this shot too….HAHAHA!

I wanted to take a photo of Chienny who was sitting below but the pirate ship was moving!
So I ended up taking the wrong person…ROFL!!!!!!!!!!

Break for lunch cause Joanjoan was super hungry!
Just nice because it started drizzling outside! D:

Cam-whore in washroom first xD

Chienny recommended this place with nice noodle! ((:


I had Tom Yum bee hoon which is super shiok for the cold weather outside! ^^

Joanjoan self-proclaimed that I wanna take a photo of her owl necklace, which she bought in Day 1…ROFL.

It got pretty cold due to the drizzle and it was so misty outside!
Trying to take a photo in the mist but failed badly =/

This was how misty it was!

The rain kinda stopped and we headed out for our rides again! (:
But every ride has got long queues!!!

With the waterfall!

The carousel for adults!
But it’s not as pretty as the kids’ one =(

The ride has stopped by the time we changed seat to this, but we insisted on taking a photo xD

Explored the Dinosaurland!

In the dinosaur’s mouth~

The boat that will take us into the dark cave~

Can feed the fishes on the way (:


Going into the dark cave, which we had no idea what is inside…

It turned out to be some dinosaurs-education ride with fake dinosaurs RARRR-ing inside =.=”
I was expecting more, like the dinosaurs will scare you or something.


Chienny’s boredddddd pose…LOL.

It started drizzling again once we got off the boat! D:
So we hurried to Crazy Space Lab place which is the only sheltered place.

Queued for quite some time again and this impatient kid kept on pushing Joanjoan because he didn’t wanna wait =.=”
So Chienny used her 美腿 to block him from cutting queue…ROFL.
Nice! I like! We super hate annoying kids! =P

The Crazy Space Lab was a damn stupid ride because we basically sat there and got rotated and rotated and rotated -.-”
I don’t even know what’s up with this alien…

The rain got heavier by the time we got out =/
So we rushed back to the mall and shopped around a little.

Bought pop corns and I have this bad habit of picking all the coated ones and throw away all the white ones xD
Luckily Chienny helped me eat many of the white ones…haha!

Back to our room to put our pathetic shopping loots and it was too comfortable to leave…hahaha.
Anyway there really isn’t much to buy there, so I did not get anything for anyone =/

The rain stopped again and we were out in a mistier theme park!

Tried the Pirate’s Train since the queue is not too long…
But I must say, it’s the stupidest ride among all =.=”

We were expecting fake pirates and stuff to come out and scare us as we ride the car into the dark tunnel…
But nothing like that happened. We basically went on a ride through a dark tunnel; no more -.-“

After such a disappointing ride, it’s of course time for something exciting again! xD
Another roller-coaster – Cyclone!

Chienny thinks that this is more scary than Corkscrew because it’s an open-air car!
And take a look at the complex route which involves many steep slopes!

I think Cyclone is equally thrilling as Corkscrew! (:
Despite not having any 360 degree turns, the long steep down slopes of
Cyclone can really make you scream like mad!!!

You can feel yourself falling forward and it’s just damnnnnn FUN! xD
It made me wanna try even more exciting rides! Haha!

Something like this!!!

I was looking forward to this ride but the queue was very long!
So finally the queue got pretty short after a rain! ^^

Chienny didn’t take again because if pirate ship can make her giddy, I guess this is much worse xD
So she became our photographer cum videographer!

Super excited for the ride! ^^

Spot us going up! xD

Chienny took a video of our ride but even I couldn’t spot myself! ROFL!

We cancelled out those non-thrilling rides like monorail and etc and we were not left with many rides.
But there is this one ride which I was most looking forward to but the queue was always damn

I guess the most exciting rides always got the longest queues~
Everyone wanna have a feel of jumping off a building!

Nice shot! ((:
Look how tall it is!!! It’s really THRILLING!

I wanted to try it BADLY and I know I won’t be able to leave in peace without trying this out!
So Joanjoan agreed to take it with me although she was
damnnnnnn scared! Hahaha!

We queued for super super long before it’s finally our turn!
But who knows we got separated! D:

The staff insisted that 1 of us must fill up the last seat and so Joanjoan gotta go ahead first =(
And I took the next ride myself too~

Going up!

Only the first second contains footage of me…haha!
But take a look at the speed! You can really feel your butt flying off the seat as it’s coming down!!!

But I think the roller-coasters are slightly more thrilling since this thrill only lasted for 2-3 seconds (:

So just when I thought we were gonna call it a day and mark Corkscrew/Cyclone as our most exciting ride(s), Chienny asked if we wanna try this Flying Coaster! It is not included in the outdoor ticket, so we decided to let the price decide xD

The ticket is not very expensive and of course I was super on for it no matter what! xD
So we headed for this last ride which is another roller-coaster but in superman style!

Man! It was SCARY!
I seriously think Flying Coaster rules Cyclone and Corkscrew because I totally screamed my lungs out!!!

Joanjoan said she screamed till she was out of breath and I was still screaming…ROFL!
Everything was so fast till I couldn’t even see the track and the next moment I was flying down a steep track already!

And just when I thought it was going to end…
We flew down another steep slope!!!
OMFG. Totally screamed till I thought I would lose my voice! LOL.

So that ride kinda marked a super shiok end to our thrilling day! xD
Joanjoan: “
Screamed till I’m hungry now -.-” Hahaha!

So we headed for dinner at this Shanghai restaurant ((:

I happily chose this isolated table at the corner, claiming that it’s more romantic~
Who knows it’s actually the staff’s dining table…ROFL!

Ordered dim sums to share because we didn’t wanna end up being too full like the previous night =/
The food is pretty good by the way~

I decided to order this once I saw it – Durian crepe!!!

Prawn roll~

Xiao Long Bao!

Joanjoan and Chienny’s glutinous rice =/
I don’t like~

Yam balls!

Mango and prawn rolls!

Not sure of where to go next because we kinda finished the mall =/
So we dragged Chienny to the casino because I haven’t been to one before!

We went to one which is not so strict and we weren’t even checked!
So Chienny managed to get in despite being the only underage one left xD

We were only there to play jackpot and we only spent RM20 in total!
By right we won RM10 in the second round, but we didn’t transfer the credits to our card D:

We didn’t know how to and we thought it has been transferred.
Who knows when we went to the next jackpot machine, there was no credits left in our card…

Super wasted! And I think a stupid uncle transferred our credits away =/
But nevermind~ Take it as we didn’t win anything then.

Chienny was bored anyway, cause only Joanjoan and I played.
So we left shortly after and went back to our room (:

I wanted this super girlfriend-ish shot! xD
Our last night there~

P.S. Chienny couldn’t hear the alarm which is right under her pillow!

Day 3 – 11 July 2010

Our check-out time was 12pm but we decided to check out earlier to explore other resort! (:
Packing up~

We ended up in Genting Hotel, which is some high-class hotel =/

We were actually there to sing K, since there’s nothing much to shop there~

But it only opens at 12pm!
We the
kiasu Singaporeans were there at 10+ am…haha!

So we decided to go have some breakfast first~
But we passed by a few shops and ended up shopping! xD

Chienny and I bought BB cream from Beauty Credit! (:
Then we finally went to have our breakfast at this place with pretty and appetising pastries!

Super tempted by this strawberry tart even though it costs around RM10..hehe.
It’s awesome!!!

The pies are niceeee too!
The bacon one~

And Chienny’s mushroom one~

Just nice it was about time for K! ((((:
Luckily we went 10 minutes earlier because there was already a queue when we reached!

Got our big room!

I’m so glad that we kinda managed to do everything that we want to – tried all the thrilling rides; virgin casino trip; and singing! ((:


Chienny’s super proud of her jersey xD

We only sang for 2 hours but it’s enough because we gotta rush for our coach at 3pm (:
One last VJC group photo before we leave!

As planned, Chienny and I went to get our last cup of Genting Starbucks before leaving xD
Yes, it’s
crazyyyyy to be drinking that 3 times in a week!!!

And I even ordered Venti (large) this time round, which I couldn’t finish eventually =/

Boarding our coach =(
Happy times always pass so fast!

The Matcha made me wanna puke during the first half of the journey :S
I shall just stick to Tall (small) next time!

Anyway I felt really uncomfortable and I couldn’t sleep either -.-”
So I ended up watching 溏心风暴 and sniffling like an idiot! It’s damn touching!!!

Everyone should be familiar with this place too (:
Dinner break!

I wasn’t hungry so I only had kaya balls, which I insisted on having despite a long waiting time~
I can hardly find them in Singapore! But Malays make better
kaya balls =/

Bought some snacks back for my brother and we were back to continue with our 7+ hours journey~
Finally reached Singapore at 10+ pm!

But we waited superrrrrrrrrrr long for a cab!
Even booking one doesn’t help because there was no cab near us!

Only managed to get one by around 11pm D:
Totally exhausted when I reached home!!!

But I really enjoyed this trip so much and all thanks to Joanjoan and Chienny for making it possible! (((((:
Really had a great time screaming and getting things off the chest! Hahahaha!

Thank you Joanjoan and Chienny for their patience too because I kept asking them to help me take photos! Hehe!
Photos are wonderful memories, so is this trip! ❤


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      And you just admitted that you’re sticky xD

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