4D3N Kluang-KL-JB trip!

I’M BACK!!! 😀

Though a little rush, we managed to cover 3 places in 4 days!
So glad that this KL trip came true eventually (:

Day 1 (27 Aug) – Singapore to Kluang

I always get very paranoid about forgetting to bring thing(s) when I go on trips =/
So this time round, I kept checking since I had ample time…lolol.

TCC was caught up with his army stuff, so we could only set off in the noon.
Lunched with Soon Song before meeting the rest! (:

On the way to Kranji MRT!
It’s Shi Min’s first overseas trip with us by the way! Cause she always go with other friends. In fact, this trip is part of her birthday gift, cause it’s in her wish list…LOL.

But who knows before we even reached Malaysia, we already had an eventful start xD
And we realised this always happens for clique’s overseas trip!!!

Flashback: During Taiwan trip, we almost missed our flight because Soon Song stupidly thrust his whole passport into the scanning machine and it got stuck inside! ROFL.

This time round, as we were scanning our passports, Gui got held back at the Singapore custom! Cause he brought his brother’s passport instead!!!

It’s hilarious because all of us refused to believe him and insisted that he’s joking!!!
Until the security staff told us he really took the wrong passport! ROFL!

The funny thing is when we were travelling to Kranji, we were joking around that we forgot to bring our passport, or we brought the wrong passport … and it really happened!

Gui even said he had a shock when the machine stated “Failed, Goh Jing Ming” and he was like “GOH JING MING (his brother)?!” LMAO!!!
The police also told him that this is a serious offence =/

He was damn apologetic cause the trip got pushed back as he waited for his brother to cab down with his passport. He kept asking us to go ahead first -.- But of course we can’t.

Waiting for him to cross the custom~
Si Kai looks damn scary here!!!!!!!!

It was quite a long wait, cause his vain pot brother actually “dolled up” first before coming out –faint!-
The guys entertaining themselves with Queena and Shi Min’s iPhones~

After waiting for about 1 hour or more, Gui finally reunited with us and we were off to Kluang! (:

The coach from Larkin terminal to Kluang~

Making use of the 1 hour plus ride for a nap!

The poor nurse was on night shift before this trip, so she barely had any sleep =/

I don’t know why they can sleep so comfortably in the coach :S
My neck was already aching when I dozed off for a while!

Sharing our candies and chocolates xD

Watching my remaining 太阳の歌 episodes!
(My hair is damn cui in all the photos for this trip D: )

This person was so soundly asleep that he/she was falling off the seat! LOL.

Looks kinda scary actually =/

Finally reached Kluang and we split into 2 cabs to reach Soon Song’s hometown! (:
Around this period last year, we were there too! Feels soooo good to be back again!

Once we reached, the excited Mei Feng started cursing and shouting, totally spoiling the “quiet” impression she gave to Shi Min…ROFL.
So happy to see the familiar faces of his cousins and relatives again!

But this time round we did not stay in buddy’s grandma’s house, since there are 7 of us…
Instead, we rented an apartment (within walkable distance)! (:

Mei Feng bringing us to the apartment~

Our rented apartment!
The sun was scorching hottttt by the way!

Living room~

The supposedly “Mahjong area” =.=

Dropping by Liping’s house, which is just in between!
The back alley looks like a potential place for those illegal activities…lolol.

Waited for some of his relatives to come back to fetch us to the mall…
Had light dinner there at
Soon Song’s grandma’s house as well (:

Off to the mall for shoppingggggg with Liping, Mei Feng and her friend!
Liping was so much quieter this time round; last time she used to stick to me and chit-chat a lot…hahaha.

Queena was the biggest buyer at the end of the day!
I think she bought 2 pairs of shoes in that small mall alone O.O

On the other hand, I did not find anything that I fancy except for a pretty hair clip…
Or rather, I just feel uncomfortable shopping in such a big group! =/

Finished shopping and we were heading for late dinner when we passed by this mobile food van which is known as “lut lut” (路路) there!

Located by the roadside, at the back of the shopping mall…
It might not be a very hygienic location, but there are still many people eating and we decided to give it a try too!

Many choices of food for you to either boil them, or fry them~

Soon Song’s cousins – Mei Feng and Liping were teaching us how it works and what is nice (:

You can either boil it yourself in the mini hot pots, or you can get the stall owner to boil/fry it for you, which will take damn long =/

Enjoying our first lut lut experience! xD

I admit that it’s quite unhygienic because I had a bite on my sausage and it was not well-cooked, then Mei Feng told me to just throw it back into the shared hot pot =/

Nonetheless, we don’t mind risking our stomachs to try out such new experiences in a foreign place xD

Off for dinner at 皇城 again!
The place has got nice mee hoon kueh, but I did not eat since I had tried it before last year when buddy’s cousins brought us there (:

Had strawberry ice-blended instead! ^^
I love ice-blended but I alwayssss have brain freeze!

Off to sing K with his cousins after that! 😀

TCC was emo-ing cause Mei Feng snatched his mic when he was singing his very first song…lolololol.

With buddy’s prettiest cousin – Liping! ((((:

She’s pouting because she kept saying that she looks ugly in the photos…hahaha!

Mei Feng couldn’t stop teasing Si Kai about being his crazy admirer xD
She was singing some love song while looking at Kai on purpose…ROFL!

The cousins who can’t stop bickering! xD

I’m pretty close to Mei Feng among the cousins because we went out together when she came to Singapore! (:
She’s soooo crazy and I’m always laughing with her around! LOLOL.

With the other 3 cousins – Li Feng, Li Ping and Bao Zhen! (:
The last time I met them was 1 year ago!

With Ah Kai and his 有牙齿就没有眼睛 rule again…LOL.
the timid boy wanted to change his tee off in case it gets him into any “trouble”…hahahahaha!

Mei Feng suddenly chose many club songs and turned the room into a club!
She was trying to get Gui and Si Kai high~!

And she started doing weird dances…ROFL!

Back to emo songs!
The silly couple wore their cute couple wear from Shi Min by the way! Super love observing this silly couple! xD

Si Kai’s “invisible mic” illness came back again =.=”
But at least this time round he was singing with his Heineken bottle…

Gui doing some weird dance! ROFL!

Kai and his Malaysia girl…tsk tsk tsk.
He hasn’t settled the Singapore one yet! ROFL.

After 2 hours of singing…

Shi Min had already dozed off…LOLOL.

It was around 1am and luckily Soon Song’s relatives came to fetch us back (:
Shared room with Shi Min, Mei Feng and Bao Zhen because they decided to sleep with us in the apartment! Hehe.

Day 2 (28 Aug) – Kluang to Kuala Lumpur

Was woken up by Si Kai early in the morning =.=”
He was singing and shouting loudly, trying to get people up to play Dai Dee with him! LOL!

His tagline – “Wake up your mind, your soul, and your body!
He even got actions for that…ROFL.

So I joined TCC and him for 4 rounds of Dai Dee and I won 3 consecutive rounds! xD

The usual forfeit – push-ups!
But for me, it’s sit-ups…hahahaha!


TCC’s turn!

Si Kai lost the last round again and did close to 100 push-ups by then…LOL!

Look at how TCC was shouting at him with those army commands xD

Soon Song woke up the earliest to go and get our coach tickets to KL.
Then he bought brunch back for us too ^^

My ham and egg sandwich!

Tried it last year as well when I was there and I remember it’s the best ham and egg sandwich I ever had! Not the common kind of ham and egg sandwich in Singapore! (:

Si Kai was lying in our room in super unglam position and when I tried to take photos of him, he covered up with blanket!

So I was trying to pull the blanket off and the photo turned out super wrong! ROFL!

Super unglam!
And he actually misplaced Shi Min’s sweater at his armpit! LMAO!

Waiting in Liping’s house for the 霸王车 aka the cab to fetch us to bus terminal (:

The coach to KL!
The journey was about 3-4 hours~

This little girl kept looking at Queena for I don’t know why!
I fell asleep and woke up, and she was still looking at her! LOLOL.

By the time we reached KL, it was late afternoon.
But at least it is more accessible cause they have the so-called MRT!

Soon Song’s brother was supposed to come and fetch us, but he was still sleeping :S
So we decided to travel to our hotel on our own…

Looks so familiar, yet so foreign =/

Soon Song said the train is where most pickpocket incidents happen, so I was so paranoid throughout the journey -.-”

First time taking a Malaysia train! xD
Oh it’s freakinggggg hottttt outside by the way!!! I kept saying I’m going to die of heatstroke…lololol.

Silly couple and the busyyyy lao da!

Feels so tourist-ish!
I doubt we will usually point at our MRT route map like this, since we can even memorise most of it xD

View of KL from the train (:

Changed to monorail in order to reach our destination~

The monorail station was damnnnn packed and we really gotta make use of our kiasu Singaporean spirit when boarding and alighting – SQUEEZEEEE~! -.-”

By right our hotel is within walkable distance from the station, but we didn’t know how to get there =/
Took cabs and got conned -.- RM 15 for a 15 minutes walk distance!

But at least we managed to reach our hotel – Dorsett Regency safely (:

It turned out to be quite a decent hotel!
I wasn’t expecting something so good since it’s a budget trip…hehe.


Our room! Yes, the 7 of us shared this room!
Of course we are not supposed to do that, but we sneaked in xD

Looks pretty inside too~!

The bathtub reminds me of Taiwan!
I wanted to soak myself in the tub but I realised it’s not gonna be very clean when we have 7 people showering into it! LOL!

The cleannnnn bathroom which is probably the only place we girls dare to relieve ourselves =/
We tried to avoid using the public toilets because they are damnnnn dirty!

Slacked around for a while because we were expecting Soon Weng to come…
He is studying in KL and knows the place much better than us~

Played 1 round of Dai Dee with the guys and I won again!
So I laughed at them (mainly at Si Kai, cause he lost many times to me!) and the guys were 不负气…ROFL! They insisted that I play 1 more round with them! Sore losers…tsk tsk tsk!

But actually I had a feeling I would lose that game, so I refused to play initially…LOL!
In the end I just played and I really lost =.= So TCC started snapping pictures of me doing my sit-ups forfeit and Soon Song said it looks as though he’s shooting porn…LMAO!!!

Remember that I just mentioned in my previous entry about the difference between the guys around me and those I met in at work?
This is an example of their childish side! LOLOL.

They kept fighting when we were about to leave the hotel!
Oh man.
Will they ever grow up??? I’m worried!!! LOL!

On the streets of KL!

Soon Song’s cousin and my Sis both warned us that KL is a very dangerous place =/
If you’re carrying a handbag, your hand might be chopped off by the passing motorist-robber! So I was telling Soon Song, if someone where to rob my camera (hung around my neck), is he going to chop off my neck?! ROFL.

We were heading to a place which can no longer be found in Singapore…

And that is A&W!!!
Don’t you just miss that?!

They used to have it in Singapore, but all closed down when we were still little =(

Waffle! (:
But Shi Min and I agree that Gelare has better ice-cream waffles.

The nostalgic root beer and root beer float!

It’s probably been a decade since we all last had A&W!
Anyway, this is supposedly just a light dinner because we wanted to explore other food in the mall…hehe!

The crowd gathering to look at the tallest man and woman, and the shortest man of maybe … Malaysia?

I don’t think it is world’s tallest/shortest because I remember the shortest man is from Nepal.

Shopping time!
The place which my Sis highly-recommended! Cause the things in KL are relatively more expensive, and Sungei Wang is the only cheap mall (:

But we didn’t have much time to shop because by the time we finished our A&W meal, it was 7+ I think.
Nevertheless, I still made use of every minute and second to shop as much as I can! xD

Was shopping with Shi Min and she complained that I went into every shop -.-”
That’s why I prefer shopping alone!!! I like to make full use of shopping trips and go into every shop so that I did not miss out any good deal! Hehe!

Oh then I was so engrossed in shopping that I almost lost my camera!!!
I left it in the fitting room and only realised it like 5 minutes later!

Initially I thought I left it in another shop’s fitting room, but luckily I did not!
So I was praying hard while waiting for the person in the fitting room to come out…

Actually I didn’t hold much hope to get back my camera…
Cause even if it was in that shop, many people could have used that fitting room within that 5 minutes!

Luckily when the fitting room door opened, I spotted my camera inside and the lady just walked out nonchalantly too!
~! Can’t imagine losing my camera, especially during trips when all the pictures are inside!

Anyhow, we did not manage to finish the mall before the shops started closing D:
But we covered the 2 levels with the most boutiques~

Met up with the rest of them and saw Si Kai, TCC and Soon Song in their new outfit from head to toe! LOL!
They definitely bought a lot more than me; I only bought a top, a bottom and a belt =/

We were so engrossed in shopping that by the time we finished, all the restaurants in the mall were closing…
The only place I could find was Secret Recipe, so we decided to settle for super-late dinner there :S

Badddddd decision.
Super bad service; bad food; bad drinks … actually everything is bad once service is bad lar.

Soon Song and his Oreo milkshake, which is so “genuinely Oreo” that he found one whole piece of Oreo biscuit inside; un-crushed =.=”

Supposed to share Shi Min’s Mozzarella Baked Fish with her but it’s too disgusting! :S

On the way back to hotel (:

The guys played with cards again while waiting for each other to shower~

We joined the beds together so that we can squeeze more…
But in the end, Si Kai volunteered to sleep on the floor =/

Then we started scaring him with ghost stories and before we even finished the sentence, he said, “不要讲!” ROFL!
Super timid yet so ah beng! xD

I purposely wrote a “Hello!” on the bathroom mirror and it made his hair stand on end…LOL!
I shouldn’t have admitted that I’m the one who wrote it…hahahahahaha!

Day 3 (29 Aug)- KL to Johor Bahru

Was woken up by the 9am alarm and somehow everyone went back to sleep after switching it off! LOL!
So I decided to wake up and be the first to shower (:

The rest were still sleeping after my long shower =.= So I used the time to finish up my 太阳の歌!
Bet they would probably freak out if they happened to wake up and see me weeping…LOLOL.

Soon Song spotted the Petronas Twin Towers from our room!

We did not visit that though~

City view from the hotel! (:


Decided to go out for breakfast before checking out ^^

Si Kai made friend with some cab uncle, who then recommended this coffeeshop to us for cheap food…LOLOL.


The food was not very nice though :S

Soon Weng finally came down to find us and went back to the hotel with us (:
Learned many KL vulgarities language from him…ROFL!

Soon Weng: Diao 给人推~
Me: What’s 给人推???
Soon Weng: Let people push!

We all burst into laughter because he actually gave me the direct translation!!! ROFL!
So till now, we have no idea what it means! xD

Checked out and left for JB! (:
But before that, we gotta go through the train and monorail ordeal again…

Looks like our MRT station right!
But ours is much safer =/

The bus terminal to get tickets for our coach to JB~

It’s damnnnnnn damnnnnnn HOTTTTTT~!
Managed to get tickets for the 2.30pm coach!

Start of the longggg coach journey!
1 of my favourite photos of this trip! (:

And this was after 1 hour…LOLOL.

I only slept for the first hour and couldn’t fall back to sleep at all =/
The journey was 4-5 hours long by the way!

Finallyyyyyy reached JB and Soon Song’s daddy came down to drive our bags back ((:
We all agree that his dad is so cute…hahahahaha!

父子装! xD

Feels damn good to be in City Square because I’m so familiar with that place by now! Hehe.
I could even list the restaurants, shops and washroom locations…LOLOL.

But this time round, we made a quick decision for dinner because we had already decided to dine in Kim Gary! (:

Assorted mushrooms~

And the minced beef fries which we will always order (:

Queena and her big bowl of spicy noodle!

Gui and Si Kai were demoralised by their current weights throughout this trip because everyone (including Soon Song’s cousins) kept saying that they have grown fatter…
Yet Gui had 2 sets of meal for dinner -.-”

And Si Kai was also behaving as our usual bin…LOLOL.

Did some quick shopping with Queena and Shi Min after that, cause the guys were kinda broke after the KL shopping =/
Managed to buy a tee and a half-jacket before the shops started closing…

So it was time to go home~
Not our homes of course, but buddy’s home! (:

All of them fell in love with Soon Song’s daddy’s house, cause it’s really big and nice!
I’ve already fallen in love with it last year xD

I miss this room!!!
TCC told me to blog that I used to be able to sleep on this big bed alone, but now I gotta share with Shi Min…LOL!

The master bedroom!
But my camera lens doesn’t do justice to the size of it!

Silly couple’s room!
Looks like those newlywed’s room right?! xD

Taken from upstairs! (:

The dining room and kitchen!
His dad is living alone in this big house, can you believe it?!

Then Soon Song’s dad asked if we wanna patronise his massage parlour, but some of them were too broke from all the shopping =/
On the other hand, I still have lots of money left and was already hoping to give it a try, cause I never had massage before!

So his dad suggested that he can drive us (those who wanna go) down because they open till 2am!
Then the rest of them can just stay in the house since the car can’t fit 7 people anyway (:

On the way there, I suddenly popped the question asking buddy’s dad if he wants me as a god-daughter…LOL!
So we started laughing and raving to him that I know Soon Song since I was 5 years old!

Gui: 还是不要~ (It’s still a NO.)

But his dad said 可以啊 in the end lor! xD

Reached the massage parlour!
It only opened like few months ago (:

This photo looks damn funny with the cleaner walking past…ROFL!

My 招牌动作 at buddy’s daddy’s shop~!

They only have room for a maximum of 3 people, so we decided to split into pairs instead.
I chose to be in the same room as Gui! Partly because I know Queena would like to witness Gui’s funny reactions during the massage too! xD

He’s already acting before the massage! LOLOL!
And it turned out kinda wrong…HAHAHAHA!


Super 爱演!!!

My turn! xD
I was damn nervous cause we were there for foot and shoulder massage, and I know it’s gonna be damn ticklish!!!

Even got a TV in each room!

Then Soon Song’s dad showed us around upstairs, where the body massage area is~


The boss and his staff! (:

The start of the massage! –excited and nervous!-

We gotta soak our feet into this warm hot water first before we start…

Look at Gui’s nervous expression! LOL!

I kept laughing at his expressions and snapping photos of him!!!
Especially when the masseur massaged sensitive areas on his feet…ROFL!!!

Of course I was suffering as well!
I am damnnnnn sensitive and I was controlling so hard not to laugh!!!

I even asked if I can bite the towel! LMAO!
Then the masseurs went next door to tell Soon Song and TCC, and said that I’m the first one to do so :S

But my masseur is quite nice because he kept asking me if I’m okay and trying his best not to make me feel ticklish…LOL!

Gui’s masseur who was amused by Gui’s reactions too! xD

Super funnyyyyyyyyyy~!!!
He said he regretted to be in the same room as me cause I kept taking photos of him…HAHAHAHA!

Enduring~! xD
It’s not really painful … it’s more ticklish for me actually!

Soon Song’s dad took over my camera when we were massaging…LOLOL.

What a 勉强 face!!! LOL!

I wanted to go next door so badly to visit the other 2!
So I got his dad to help me take photos of them xD

Seems like they were enjoying and laughing at us instead! D:



Maybe because they both had the lust-xury of being massaged by 2 pretty ladies instead xD

Then here comes the funny and embarrassing part!
The masseurs finished massage our feet and I thought “Phew~ It’s finally time to move on to shoulders…”

Who knows they came back and Gui’s masseur started massaging his thigh!
And the moment my masseur laid his hands on my thigh, I burst into laughter immediately!!!

I literally LOL-ed and couldn’t stop, and both Gui’s masseur and my masseur just stunned there!
They didn’t know what to do and decided to skip that and move on to shoulders instead…LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

Superrrrrrrrrrrr embarrassing!!!
But I could totally see that coming, because thigh is such a sensitive area!!! :S

The shoulders massage was kinda ticklish as well!
Then my masseur kept asking me to relax my shoulders…LOLOL.

But it was a shiok massage!
It’s our virgin massage experience but TCC and Soon Song said that it’s probably the last time as well for Gui and I…ROFL.

And like the LOL-incident wasn’t embarrassing enough … I actually almost walked out of the place in their slippers!!!
I was happily walking out when the 2 masseurs shouted for me and said that’s their slippers and my shoe is still inside! LMAO!

Embarrassing to the max!!!!!!!!
I totally have “no face” to patronise ever again! D:

Back home and Soon Song’s dad drove Soon Song, Shi Min and Queena out again to get roti prata, cause somehow I did not receive their order =/
Si Kai wanted to join too, but they left without him when he was peeing…LOL!

Their prata supper~

Gui treating himself at home =.=”

I was damn sleepy but was waiting for lao da to conduct the meeting for next day’s itinerary =/
So I rested on the King size bed in the master bedroom and refused to get up…LOLOL.

Then Si Kai started snapping photos of me!
What a pervert! LOL!

The bed is damnnnn shiok by the way!!!
But of course the 3 guys gotta share it~

Group photos! ❤
Si Kai gave sad face because I bit him damn hard xD

I don’t know if I should say that Si Kai spoiled the pictures or made them cuter…LOLOL.
And I just realised … Queena’s pose VS Si Kai’s expression is damn hilarious!!! HAHAHAHA!

My most nonsensical but cutest CLIQUE! ❤

It’s bed time! 😀

Shi Min decided to go over to snatch the guys’ bolster, cause I insisted on having the one in our room.
Then the timid Si Kai had a shock when she walked in…ROFL!

Day 4 (30 Aug) – JB to Singapore!

Had a gooddddd sleep and finally a night without a dream =.=”
I had 2 different dreams the previous nights and both happened to be 2 different things that can be said to be my biggest problems…lolol.

Anyhow, Soon Weng came back from Singapore the next morning and he drove out to get brunch for us, along with Soon Song (:
Played dai dee with the guys again and did many sit-ups! LOLOL.

Then Soon Weng drove us down to Sutera Mall, before heading back to drive the next batch down~

Silly couple, Shi Min and I started shopping first while waiting for the rest to join (:

But Gui and Queena went back to Singapore shortly after the rest reached, cause Gui got a flight to catch at night.
He’s going to Thailand for army training~

So the rest of us continued shopping and I left Shi Min to the guys and shopped alone xD
Bought 2 bags and that summed up my loots for the trip!

Was a little disappointed that I did not buy many clothes or find the shoe that I want though…
But actually I really have no space for them anymore! =/

The mall only has 2 levels, so I managed to finish it!
Joined the rest after their KFC meal~

Shi Min felt like eating Shilin mee sua and tapioca and we all kept asking her to just buy…
Then after she bought them, she got suan-ed non-stop for her big appetite because she just finished her KFC meal! LOL!

Having our third set of kaya balls! :S
Cause I wanted to try the Malay’s one, since I think they make better kaya balls~

But in the end, I think the Chinese ones downstairs still taste better =/
So I got Shi Min to finish it up…LOLOL!

Our rubbish bin Si Kai was also shocked by Shi Min’s appetite! xD

Then we decided to sing K again because it’s damnnnnn cheap!
Each of us only paid RM6 for 2 hours of singing!


Shi Min was there to listen to us sing, as usual =.=”

When it was time to sing Superman (Hotshot theme song), Si Kai stood up and gave a super zhuai face! LOL!

Singing Superman with him…LOLOL.

Didn’t take many photos this time round because it’s always the same shots =/
Shi Min, on the other hand, took many more photos because it’s the first time using her camera from the silly couple…hahaha!

Wearing Ah Kai’s jacket, cause the room was freezing cold~!
I’m gonna be BHB and say that … this jacket looks quite nice on me and I wanna get something similar! LOL!

With our no.1 eater!

Si Kai singing super 深情-ly again~
Singing to who huh? LOLOL.

Oh we were randomly playing 九九乘法表 and Si Kai suddenly came up with a SiKai乘法表, which got us into teasing him again…ROFL!

We wanted to cab down to City Square but we had 5 people =/

Soon Song: We have 1 kid (supposedly Shi Min)…

Cabbie: Where?

Soon Song: –pointed to Si Kai, who was a distance away with his back view facing us

Si Kai: –turned around … and he was smoking

What a failed lie!

Then the cabbies tried to rip us off by offering about RM12 more than usual!
Luckily Soon Song’s dad came to fetch us (:

But before sending us to City Square, he brought us for dinner first!
And it’s the same place which he brought us to last year!!! ^^

Kinda similar to the Hong Kong Street which my Sis and brother-in-law always bring me to as well (:

Another big feast after all their undigested KFC, mee sua, tapioca and snacks! LOLOL.

Luckily TCC shared the hokkien mee with Shi Min, if not both their tummies are gonna explode! =/
Cause I was already damn full when I did not order any rice or noodle!

His dad ordered many food – stingray, satay, salad you tiao and rojak~
He wanted to even more lor :S


And he came back with a bigggg plate of fruits as well!
超饱的!I can be full eating just the fruits lor =/

Then a cat went underneath Shi Min’s chair and brushed her legs…
And we all burst into laughter when she did an electrocuted action…LOL!!!

She literally shook her whole body and it’s just hilarious! xD

After that, she got paranoid with everything around her.
She even wanted to hit her own shadow! LMAO!!!!

Left for City Square!
Since there were 4 of us squeezing behind, we made full use of Si Kai’s chest as a cushion for Shi Min to lie on xD

1 last photo before we got off Soon Song’s daddy’s car! (:

It was pretty late again by the time we reached City Square.
So we only shopped a little and then bought many food back to Singapore for my brother! (:

Glad that we are back in a piece; un-robbed, un-raped, and un-chopped! xD
A big THANK YOU to buddy for this trip because without him, this trip wouldn’t come true!

He planned everything and gotta worry over the itinerary, as well as our safety (:
I’m sure everyone enjoyed this trip and it’s definitely another great eating bonding opportunity for all of us!

Holiday is ❤ !
Next up – HONG KONG!

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  1. But too bad. TCC can”t go to HK with us! LOL.

    SK damn suay? I didn’t know he wanted to go buy prata.
    And the next morning, he actually wanted to follow Song and Soon Weng to buy breakfast, but they also left without him! HAHAHA.

    • HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I didn’t know that!!! I only heard about the prata one…he said he go pee first and nobody waited for him…LMAO!

  2. wah e tallest guy and woman were real? LOL.

    so fun this trip……………………………………………………………………….

    • Hi Michael, I’m sorry but I don’t really know where’s the exact location. My friend’s dad drove us there and I only it’s in JB, not KL. But I did a Google search and it seems to be at Jalan Temenggong 11 (:

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