Hong Kong Day 1 – Temple Street~

3 Nov 2010

Supposed to be on half-day leave but boss told me not to rush for my flight, plus I have already finished my work, so I decided to spend the half day at home (:

It’s good because I get to make sure for the 386248th time that I did not miss out anything…hehe.
Ready to go!

Supposed to cab down to Queena’s place to pick the silly couple up to airport as well, but Gui forgot his jacket and gotta go home to take -.-“
Well, at least he brought the right passport this time round. ROFL!

So while waiting for him, b1 called and offered a ride.
I rejected because the airport is not very near and I really HATE making use of people!

And guess what, he started scolding me, saying, “Fuck! Don’t act lah! I drive you down lah!” and so on…Zzzzz.
He just hurled all vulgarities at me till I gave in and just agreed -.-“

I told him I’ve never seen someone so desperate to drive to the airport before =.=|||
But thanks anyway, really.

I don’t think anyone else would be so nice and enthu to drive to the airport for nothing, though it came with a price of getting scolded for nothing and risking my life…lolololol.

On the way to pick the silly couple…
Me: You know how to go Jing Hang’s house or not?
B1: *superrrr proud* OF COURSE LAH!

B1: Turn where ah? Here?
Me: Next one lar! Wah lao! Don’t know say don’t know lar! Act 一个会!-.-“
B1: *laughs at himself*

So finally picked the silly couple up and off we went to the airport!
I told b1 he gotta drive imba fast because we were running late by then, and he really drove imba dangerously fast…Zzzzz.

He didn’t reach in his “I can reach airport in 10 minutes” timing though =.= Cause Gui and him were arguing about which route to take –faint!

So finally we reached the airport, safely =/
Checked in and off to Mac for lunch~!

The guys talking about their weekly gambling activity -.- B1 is such a bad influence to my clique!!!

Time to board our plane! (:
Thanks Weezee once again for the ride!!!

Despite all the criticisms about budget airline, especially Tiger Airway, I think we still gotta be thankful because without such airline for the “commoners”, this trip wouldn’t be made possible! xD

Witnessed the start of silly couple’s silly act!
And it lasted throughout the trip! xD

I thought it wouldn’t be a perfect getaway to be sandwiched between 2 couples, but apparently I was rather entertained by them instead…LOL.
At some point, I was also glad that I’m travelling without a partner…hehe!

Boarded the plane and I got the window seat again!

Flying over seas and coast to coast~~~

Second time on the plane!
Gui kept laughing at me because it’s his third time -.- He went Thailand for army…Zzzzz.

I don’t know is it because of budget airline or what, but I don’t really like long-distance travelling, be it flight or coach =/
But then again, I love to go on holidays and I guess there’s no way other than flight? LOLOL.

I don’t know why people can always sleep so easily in coach/flight…
I stayed up for almost the whole 4-hour flight :S

The other couple – my Sis and Victor, vigorously playing Tap Tap on my iPinky…LOL!

Finally reached Hong Kong at around 8.30pm!
But we still gotta take a train to the customs…

And because I was busy snapping the above picture, we missed the train and got separated from the silly couple D:
But luckily the train has an interval of every 1 minute…

Reunited with them and off we went to get our first HK stamp on our passports! xD

Gui said Queena is the 大老婆 and I’m the 小老婆 =.=”
Then throughout the trip, he kept saying very wrong stuff and then claiming that Queena is getting jealous…LOLOL.

Went to purchase the Octopus card aka our EZ-link card to take train!

But thanks to Queena’s colleagues, the 3 of us didn’t have to buy (:
We were using theirs~

Boarded the express train, which looks super high-class, to reach another station before changing train for another time.

I was saying that maybe only the trains from the airport is so high-class, like how Changi airport washrooms tend to be cleaner =/
And indeed I’m right! Not only is it more high-class, the price is also many times the normal trains…LOL.

Sis and Victor enjoying the comfy ride~

My Sis was like so delighted to see this Hello Kitties display!
I told Queena that sometimes I think my Sis behaves more like a kid than me, and she agrees…LOL!

Finally reached Jordan station, where our hotel is located at!

I keep comparing Hong Kong with Taiwan and I think Hong Kong streets and traffic are busier, which makes Taiwan easier to navigate around.

But it didn’t take very long for us to find our hotel too…
Though we gotta walk past a few sleazy places to reach =/

Again, that gives Taiwan a plus point as it’s a safer place in my opinion.
In Hong Kong, every street is like our Geylang :S

Anyhow, this was where we stayed for 6 nights – Evergreen Hotel!
Kudos to my Sis for going through all the trouble to book it (:

The room is not very spacious but from what I know, all the hotels in Hong Kong are like that.
Well, it’s not like I mind since we are out of this place most of the time~

Since we only reached our hotel at like 10.30pm, everyone was tired by then…

But that’s not the end of our day 1 in Hong Kong! (:
We headed down to Temple Street, which is a famous night market located just 5-minutes walk away from our hotel.

I wanted to take a photo of the night market and this stall owner decided to disturb me by doing this…Zzzz.
I kinda hate people disrupting me when I’m taking photos!

Now a better one (:
The night market is basically just 2 rows of stalls along this stretch of road. Quite a small night market I would say.

But before we started shopping, we decided to fill our famished tummies first.
It’s quite a disappointment that street stalls aren’t as common as in Taiwan night markets, so we settled in this zi char place…

Ordered 5 dishes in total since there were 5 of us (:
I might not remember all of them though…

Super salty beef~

Even though I’m not a fan of oyster omelette, I find this pretty nice!
But it’s damn damn damn oily =/

Deep-fried sotong~
One of my Sis’s favourite (:

Sweet and sour pork ribs!

Last but not least, my favourite broccoli!

Time to do some shopping~!
But some of the shops were starting to close as we walked, since it was close to midnight.

Saw a pretty shades but I know it’s overpriced!
I didn’t know how to bargain yet since it’s my first night there, neither do I wanna get conned…

In fact I didn’t really buy anything because of that reason!
Language barrier is also part of the reason, though not the main, since most of them can speak Mandarin.

On the other hand, my Sis had already gotten her first few loots in Temple Street since she’s better at bargaining…
Managed to finish the night market before it closed! (:

Went back to hotel to rest and prepare for the early outing next day~
Took such a longgggg time to fall asleep!
I still love my Pooh Pooh bed~! D:


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