Hong Kong Day 4 – Macau!

6 Nov 2010

It was yet another rainy day, so we couldn’t go to Disneyland either~
Decided to go Macau instead! (:

It was the only day that Gui was really looking forward to because he couldn’t wait to hit the casino -.-“

Waiting for my Sis at the lobby~

Went to this porridge shop which we KIV-ed the previous night when we walked past (:

Many famous artistes have visited before~

My pepper-flooded porridge! xD

Queena and Victor decided to try the noodle instead, which turned out to be a huge portion of superrrr oily noodle!

Set off to take the ferry to Macau!

Got our ferry ticket! (:

Our ferry~!

The ride is about 1 hour and ironically, I fell asleep so much faster in the ferry -.-“
Slept almost all the way till we reached Macau!


Took a bus to visit one of Macau‘s famous landmark – Ruins of St. Paul’s!
But once we alighted, we were attracted by this confectionery store selling Portuguese egg tarts!

Each of us bought one to try and I think it’s one of the best thing I tried for this trip lor!

Despite the fact that I’m not interested in the casinos at all, it wasn’t really a wasted trip for me because Macau is such a pretty place! (:

How can I resist taking a photo with the pretty buildings!

So this became more of a photography day for me (:
More pretty photos to come!

Traditional roasted chestnuts stall!

I think I don’t see this in Singapore right?

Love this shot! Though Queena thinks that the Watsons is kinda turn-off…LOL!
But I’m indeed a big fan of Watsons! Hahahaha!

Retake! Love it too! ((((:
(Shit! I’m tempted to change profile picture AGAIN!)

Gui was grumbling and sulking non-stop because he couldn’t wait to get to the casino -.-“
He kept whining like a kid that we bluffed him, cause he didn’t see any casino…LOL.

Stopping by to get their bubble teas and light snacks~

Although they bicker all the time and Gui behaves like a 大男人 24/7, they still have their sweet moments of course! xD

Walking past rows of souvenir shops in order to reach St. Paul’s!

Finally reached the famous church that was burned down by a fire in 1835!

It’s such a nice building!

Climbing up to take photos from the top view! (:

The sweet silly couple! ❤

Front view – where we came from~

One last photo of Ruins of St. Paul’s!
I’m proud to have visited it before! (:

The kind of houses that can also be found in Taiwan~

Walked back to the stretch of souvenir shops and we decided on this shop which has been holding the highest sales record in Macau for 8 consecutive years! It must be famous! (:

Other than the Portuguese egg tarts, Macau/Hong Kong is also famous for their almond biscuits, peanut candies and wife’s biscuits aka 老婆饼 (:
But I still prefer 太阳饼 much much much more! Hehe.

The shop was so crowded and each item comes in different packages -.- So I spent a hard time deciding what to buy.
Done with shopping! But I got so paranoid that I did not buy enough!

Off to take bus to Venetian – a big shopping mall where Gui’s long-awaited casino is also located at -.-“

But we waited super super super super super super long for the bus!
Like almost an hour or so?!

Gui got tired of waiting and we girls also got tired of holding the souvenirs, so we were “borrowing” his legs xD

Where is the casino??? =(

Finally reached Venetian!

Caught another sweet act!
I’m like a paparazzi…LOL!

Everyone was like chiong-ing to the casino…Zzzz!

We set a duration – 4hours for Gui to spend in the casino, since not all of us are keen in gambling…
Gui was so excited and he kept chasing we girls off -.-“

So Queena and I went to play Jackpot to kill time, which we both can’t figure out why people love to play that so much since it’s obviously a money-sucker =/
Every time I punch the button, I feel like I’m just trying to use up my money.

Then in less than 30 minutes, Gui came back to us and said he had lost everything – HKD 1500!
I was shocked beyond words.

But like a typical gambler, he took some more money to try to win back -.-
Well he did, just that he lost even more in the end due to greed, and I shall not say how much that was.

Guys are just damn stubborn and I was really furious because I never liked gambling!
But he was also damn guilty and sad after that. Sigh~

Anyway Queena was like my casino tour guide when we walked around the place while waiting for Gui.
I really find gamblers so hopeless because they can even gamble on the number of buttons!!!

I was amazed (not in the positive manner) that they have this real retarded game of cupping a pool of buttons and then guessing the remainder after dividing the un-cupped buttons by 4!

It’s like the ultimate retarded game and it makes me feel that human beings are hopeless to such extent!
I was like “WTF. Like that also can gamble?!

I even told Queena that next time they might start plucking flower petals and guessing the remainder!
Or leaves from a tree for a bigger gamble. Zzzzz! Retarded to the max!

Couldn’t wait to leave the retarded and highly-polluted place!
Felt like my life was shortened by a few years just by staying in the casino for 2 hours. They should ban smoking inside! -.-“

Dinner time and we decided to head to the food court, since everywhere else is high-class restaurants~
The food ain’t cheap in the food court either.

So shiok to have a hot pot of kimchi soup during such cold weather!

Then bumped into my Sis and Victor there as well!
We went on separate ways again after dinner and shopped around the mall.

Pretty place!
The ceiling looks like my room’s ceiling…muahahaha~

Yea we were walking around the casino and mall with the heavy souvenir bags D:
So people who received my souvenirs must appreciate okay! LOL.

All the shops are the branded kind so we only window-shopped~
Of course enjoy the beauty of the interior design too! (:

Silly couple on the bridge!

That’s not a real shop house by the way~

Finished the place and met up with Victor and my Sis again…
Then we took the hotel’s shuttle bus back to the ferry terminal (:

Oh we saw fireworks on our way back!
I don’t know what’s the occasion but I guess we were lucky!
I was equally lucky to see fireworks in Taiwan too! -proud!-

Waiting for our ferry~

The more I thought, the more I felt that I did not buy enough! =/

Again, the silly couple dozed off easily~

But look what’s each of them holding! LOL.
The ferry ride was such a giddy one this time round and I had to force myself to sleep to avoid feeling nauseous =/

There was free Wi-Fi at the ferry terminal but it was too late for me to realise! D:
It was so hard living without Wi-Fi for 7 days by the way! LOL.

Queena and I got so excited whenever there is a chance for Wi-Fi that we got suan-ed by Gui -.-“

Gui: I’m very excited for Kai’s chalet… It’s like finally another gathering…

Me: You mean another Mahjong gathering? Or gamblers gathering?

Gui: Okay what. We play Mahjong then you girls can go to the beach walk walk … see which spot got Wi-Fi.


Took a mini bus all the way back to Jordan to avoid walking the long distance to the MTR station!

It’s damn funny because the trains there are called MTR instead of MRT, but Queena forgot about that…
So when she tried to tell the bus uncle that it’s better for us to drop near the MRT, he heard it as 油麻地 (another place!)…ROFL!

He was like so serious, “没有没有。。油麻地和这里差很多哦!
So next time if you happen to go Hong Kong, remember that they call it MTR okay! xD


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