Hong Kong Day 7 – Goodbye Hong Kong!

9 Nov 2010

Slept in till 10 plus since we weren’t rushing for anywhere, so it’s better to have a good rest! (:

The plan was that Gui would get breakfast for us from the macaroni place which he had been whining about going back, while we girls shower, prepare and so on.

We did not bully him by the way -.- He was the one who said he would wake up early to go, so we merely asked him to dabao for us too xD
But eventually he couldn’t find the place, so he came back empty-handed…LOL.

Did our last last last packing before checking out and leaving our baggage at the lobby~
Then we tried to find our way to the macaroni place, which we eventually did! (:

We promised Gui that we would bring him back and we really did okay! Hehe!

We got this isolated seat which is between 2 walls! LOLOL.

Our drinks even gotta be served later because there was no space for them! xD
Our yummilicious breakfast~!

Despite the isolated seat, the staff were very attentive (:
One of them even chatted with us and joked about our 1-season country…hahaha!

Headed to Mong Kok again for the last shopping! xD
We had like 5 hours to shop before heading for our flight, so of course must make full use of the time! Hehe.

Went to Ladies Street first because Queena wanted to get kid’s apparel for her cousin~
Saw a few shoes which we saw in Tsuen Wan the previous day and the prices are like double -.-“

I still prefer Argyle Centre the most, which was our next stop!
On the other hand, Gui really hates the place because he claimed that 99.9% of the stuff are for girls, so he spent his time in the arcade again =/

Actually it’s rather true…
In fact Hong Kong is just a place for ladies, like I said!

So I shopped around with Queena; this time round more thoroughly than the previous (:
Also found a small gift for my brother – a customised key chain!

Despite it being a very small gift, I’m glad that I had found something for him, like at least something that represents him (:
Though I had zero confidence that he would like it or use it…

But it’s hanging with his bunch of keys now ((((((:
It means a lot to me because it’s really stressful trying to find something for him!

Gui found us in a shop selling stockings and was shockeddddddd that Queena and I shared a dozen of stockings…LOL!
He’s super against girls who wear stockings by the way -.- But every alternate shop there is selling that and it’s just tempting, especially when the dozen we bought is damn cheap! xD

So Gui started his nagging at Queena again for being such a shopaholic, which I have to agree to some extent that she is! LOLOL.
It’s like every grey apparel just tempted her! HAHAHA!

Gui: I need to send you to some shopaholic counselling!
Me: Then you also need to go for some gambler counselling! Wah I can imagine next time she go for shopaholic counselling and you attend gamble counselling! Jialat!

but Queena wants me to mention that Gui bought 2 shirts from Argyle Centre as well despite saying that it’s 99.9% for girls! xD

We were intending to walk from Mong Kok back to Jordan (2 stops away) to explore the places…
But we totally forgot about that, plus we didn’t have much time left anyway~
Gui was damn glad that we did not do that lor…ROFL.

Reached Jordan shortly after and we decided to have some light snack at this cafe – 妹仔记 which we walked past every day, before travelling to the airport (:

Queena and I tried the bird’s nest egg tarts and they look so appetising~

But I find it quite bland and the bird’s nest is just the bottled kind poured on top =/

Collected our luggage from the hotel and took a straight bus to the airport…
The last view of Hong Kong!

The bus journey is about 1 hour long, but it’s pretty convenient since the bus-stop is really near our hotel (:
The silly couple managed to fall asleep again while I did not even catch a wink!

Finally reached the airport~!
Finally some Wi-Fi available too!!! Like after 7 days! D:

I was totally stuck on to my iPinky and Gui to Queena’s iPhone that we didn’t even care much about dinner! LOL.
Settled in Burger King eventually and I was still online throughout…hehe.

After dinner, we went to this souvenir shop – Wing Wah (榮華), which Queena’s colleague recommended and we finally found it in the airport!
I just realised it even has a wiki page; it must be really famous =/

It’s a more high-class kind of confectionery shop I would say.
But I decided to spend all my remaining money on more of these 土产 since I really didn’t buy enough in Macau!

I bought like 6 boxes of wife’s biscuits and other stuff, while Queena bought 5…
But the bag was sooo heavy that it might be even heavier than my hand-carry bag!

Gui nagged from Hong Kong to Singapore of course…LOL!
He said we bought the whole shop…hahahahaha!

Another 4 hours flight to get back to Singapore and it was around 1am by then…
I was joking with b1 that how I wish there is someone who is so enthu to drive to the airport to pick us up, but too bad he’s already in Australia~ Hahaha!

Never missed my room and bed so much before!!!

1 full luggage (extended), 1 full hand-carry bag (filled with souvenirs) and another 3 bags of souvenirs cum gifts! (:

Started packing cause I really need to sort out the souvenirs for my colleagues =/
And it went all the way till 4am…Zzzzz!

Despite shopping being my main motive for this trip, I think I did not really buy as much as I had expected leh.
3 jackets, 2 tops, 4 skirts, 1 vest, 3 undergarments, 3 accessories, 3 pairs of shoes, 1 bag and countless pairs of stockings and socks; not a lot right? :S

I still think I spent most money on these!!!
So my dearest friends who received/will be receiving these, must appreciate okay! xD
Like crumbs on the floor also must pick up and eat kind okay! ROFL!

Over all I think Hong Kong is rather overrated, although given another chance, I would still have gone for this trip! (:

It’s just that people always say Hong Kong = 买东西,吃东西~ 买东西,吃东西~
But it turned out that 买东西 – I feel like I’m being scammed whenever I see the huge difference in prices of the same item…

Plus they are selling mostly winter wears now D:
Then as for 吃东西, the food ain’t that great either~

So I still prefer Taiwan, which according to Gek Peng, is the common preference amongst the people she asked too!
Nonetheless, it was a good getaway trip since the last time I really flew was Taiwan! :S

Every holiday trip is ❤ by the way! 😀


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