Christmas road trip!

Since it’s meant to be a relaxing trip, I decided not to rush this entry (like how I usually would).
I also didn’t take that many photos~

So anyway, this was how I spent Christmas this year! 😀

25 December 2010

Set off early in the morning at 5+am to meet my Sis and Victor for our road trip!
Cause we wanna avoid the jam =/

Tired, of course.
But I think Victor is more poor thing; he gotta drive for so many hours and cannot sleep!

Whereas I fell asleep every now and then and by the time I know, the sky was already bright!

I asked Joanjoan along for the trip because it’s gonna be a shopping trip and I can’t think of anyone better! ❤
Really hope that she wasn’t bored! D:

Poor Victor … still driving =/

Stopped by A&W for brunch! (:
I realised Joanjoan and I seemed so “budget“, cause we shared almost every meal…LOL.

But it’s more of because I/we prefer smaller meals so that I/we have rooms for more things, like …
The waffle! xD

Oh we were travelling with Victor’s friends as well – 2 other families…
Met most of them a few times during our movie outings (:

They were actually using this walkie-talkie to communicate (the directions and etc) as they drive, cool right!

Finally reached our first destination – Sunway Lagoon!
It’s actually Joanjoan and my first time visiting! Sua gu much.

But we also kinda 害 everyone gotta go with us (despite of their reluctance) because the 2 of us had bought the tickets online :S
It’s not exactly our fault though, cause even my Sis was fed up and pissed with their impromptu changes in plan…

I guess that’s one of the bad things travelling in a big group =/
But at the end of it, I felt kinda guilty because I think everyone wasted the money!

I was rather looking forward to the theme park rides but to my disappointment, we only took 2 rides in the end D:
The queue for the rides were rather long and we decided to take the exciting ones only…

First stop – Mine train~

My Sis’s friends were saying how scary the ride was and when my Sis asked me, I was like, “Errrr it’s nothing much. Don’t even have 360-degree turns like roller coaster…
Yes, they do not even have roller coasters there! How can?!

Nonetheless, it was a good excuse for random screaming. LOL.

Heading towards our second ride – Tom Hawk, which is something new to me (:

It’s actually this viking-like ride which will go 180-degree and stop for a while before coming down another 180-degree!
So basically it goes 360-degree but in slow motion kind, sounds exciting right!

But it’s actually more of a scary ride than an thrilling one! LOL.
When it went 180-degree and stopped there, it felt as though we were falling face down from high up there!!!

And Joanjoan was soooo scared (despite trying the ride somewhere before) that she was giving this “OMFG I WANNA GET DOWN!!!!!! I’M GOING TO PEE IN MY PANTS!!!” look and kept saying she’s veryyyyyy scared when we were on top!

I was also damn scared, but I was even more scared that she would burst into tears anytime!!! LOLOL!
I kept telling her, “你不要哭 hor! 关眼睛就 okay 的!有 cage 的,不会有事的!你不要哭 hor! 你会不会哭?!?!” ROFL!!!

That’s the “cage” I was talking about by the way~
It was indeed a rather horrifying ride! I still prefer my fast and furious roller coaster rides! =/

We chose this over the viking ride because we thought this is gonna be more exciting, since it goes 360-degrees…
But 1 of my Sis’s friends told me that the viking ride is even more exciting, and it goes 360-degrees too! O.O

Viking VS Tom Hawk

And what makes the viking ride more exciting is that it doesn’t have the “cage“! OMFG.
I can imagine my heart dropping down from the top, followed by me :S

And I found this funny photo on the net…ROFL!

So that was basically the only 2 rides we took in the theme park =/
Headed towards the water park, which is equally disappointing!

The sun was so on and off and the rule was retarded.
We locked everything in the locker then we realised that we actually gotta RENT the floats to play some of the rides! :S

Totally retarded! Like so many people wanna steal your giant float home like that.
Our Wild Wild Wet leaves their floats everywhere please -.-“

So we missed out most of the fun and ended up soaking ourselves in the tsunami pool =/
Even the sun was disappointing! At least if we managed to get a nice tan then the tickets would probably have been worthwhile, but nope, not even a slight change in tone! Argh.

Played a few water rides before it’s time to meet up with the rest~
Stopping by to take photo with Chienny~! xD

Oh then we spotted the Sunway Lagoon mascot!
The person has horrible photography skill but I salvaged it with some cropping (:

Luckily Joanjoan and I bought the tickets online, which are cheaper, if not it would really be a waste of money! =/
Could have used to time for more shopping~
But at least now when people ask about Sunway Lagoon, I can proudly say that I’ve been there before too! Hahaha!

Victor – the new-age gentleman! xD

We decided to change in the shopping mall and bath later in the hotel, since the shower suites in Sunway were bound to be crowded.
And probably damn disgusting also :S

Fell asleep again during the ride to hotel, which is in KL~
I woke up upon hearing my Sis exclaiming, “Here! Here! Here! Ancasa Hotel!” xD

Oh 1 of the friends drives a noisy WRX and to prevent people from stealing his car, he actually incorporated the Mr Bean’s idea of removing his steering wheel! ROFL!
That’s Lao Shu (nickname) and his detached steering wheel xD

The nice Christmas tree in the hotel!

When I was taking photo, there was this old lady who approached me and asked if I know how to use her phone’s camera…
I figured out since it’s a Nokia phone…

Then when I was about to take a picture for her and the Christmas tree, she took out her (probably deceased) husband’s photo from her bag and posed with it.
It’s touching to see her love for him and so on, but I must admit that I was a little freaked out at the same time :S

Checked in and Joanjoan and I shared a room of course! (:
Luckily I’ve got her for this trip, if not I might have to share a room with 1 of their friends…


Joanjoan figuring out how to on the TV? xD

View from our room (:

Showered and then headed out for late dinner at the area near our hotel~

Settled in this claypot stall which is full of red lanterns!

Is Victor too sleepy, or too hungry? LOL.

Old school letter box!

I understand if it’s the 福 word being upside down, which means 福到…
But upside down Christmas tree???

Our claypot rice finally came!

But the men were off to buy stuff and were not back yet to help us mix the rice =/

1 of them: 很难弄 leh… 我们等那些男的回来 lor
Me: 等他们回来我们会饿死。我不靠男人吃饭!(pun intended)

And here comes the man~


Oh Lao Shu also came back with a big packet of noodle wrapped in newspaper! LOL.
RM24 worth of noodle! :S

I don’t usually like bean sprout, but I kinda ate a lot of them that night…hahaha!
❤ veggie! (:

After our full dinner, it’s time for some shopping! (:
Went to the night market nearby but it’s like another HK ladies market~

Everything is really overpriced to scam you and the place is full of imitations…
Even Tiffany & Co. has imitation! -.-“

Back to hotel for an early rest~
Taking a photo with the Christmas tree before Christmas ends! xD

Oh we didn’t realise the similar outfit until my Sis asked why are we wearing the same thing…LOL.
Then even at the night market, 1 of the Malay salesman was like, “Wah~ Same same ah~ Buddy buddy~” Hahahaa!

We decided to join our beds together because one thing I love about trips is getting to sleep with your girlfriends! ((:

And then taking silly shots xD


She was preparing to throw the pillow at me but she was too slow! LOL.

Alright! Time for Sadako to sleep! xD

26 December 2010

I was woken up early in the morning by a phone call -___-

Man: Hi Mam, room service. Do you need us to deliver the breakfast to your room?
Me: *half-asleep* Errrr I thought we have to go down for the breakfast?
Man: We can deliver it for you. We have a fat waiter, a medium one, and a thin one, which one do you want?

That’s when I realised it’s yet another prank call from Lao Shu!!!
I was tricked a second time by him lor! Zzzzz.

Anyway, I had a really good sleep, surprisingly.
I thought I was sleeping at home! Hehe.

Morning KL~!

Watched Ice Age 3 (I love it by the way!), prepared and then headed down for the breakfast provided by the hotel (:

It has more variety than our HK hotel, but the food is also so-so only.

Finished our breakfast and waiting for my Sis and Victor~
Why Joanjoan gave a -____- face?! LOL!

The 2 other families had already left for Genting for some gambling early in the morning, while the 4 of us stayed in KL because it’s a shopping trip and not a gambling trip for us (:

Took train down to Sungei Wang for cheap shopping~!

The previous time when I went with Clique, I did not manage to finish the mall D:
So this time round, I was determined to finish it!

We took sooooo long to finish 1 level and by the time we finished the second, Joanjoan already 脚酸! LOL.
But we continued shopping and the only time we stopped was to buy kaya balls! xD

The stupid man tried to scam me by asking for RM3.50 and pretend to give me 2 more kaya balls when the price stated there is only RM2.50! -.-“

That’s the thing I hate about them – super dishonest!
Another Malay girl also tried to scam me when I asked her how much is a shirt and she said RM20 initially…

Then when I was about to pay, she said RM25. But too bad, I found the price tag – RM19! -_____-
Wah lao. Please lar…you think I first time in our dear neighbouring country ah?

But also thanks to them, we get to have our cheapppp clothes! xD
Joanjoan and I actually shopped a total of 7 HOURS straight (from 11.30am to 6.30pm)!!!!!!

Scary, isn’t it!
But I did not buy much leh D:

Went for dinner near Sungei Wang~
Joanjoan and I were not really hungry because we survived on junk food for lunch – Famous Amos and kaya balls =/

My Sis’s favourite fried sotong xD

The thing you can’t miss when you go to Malaysia – stingray!
Cause it’s overpriced in Singapore!

I think Victor loves prawns! xD
Every time he suggests ordering prawns, I’ll be like, “Don’t need to remove shells one right?” LOL!

Oyster omelette~
They ordered without eating the oysters :S

They call this “mamee pork ribs” – I don’t know which mamee/mummy it is…
But anyway, it’s nice!

And of course my favourite broccoli! ❤
I realised every time I’m asked to choose a dish, I’ll choose this…hahaha!

Went back to hotel pretty early for a good rest again (:
Surprisingly, I managed to sleep more during the trip than at home…hehe. 8 hours of sleep for both nights!

But before that, Joanjoan and I had our mini fashion show, trying out our new clothes! xD
Super girlfriend-ish! I like! Hahaha!

We bought this rabbit tee which I thought the designer must be randomly drawing whatever that comes to his/her mind, cause all the drawings are rather funny and “anyhow“!

But I just have to get it because it has a BEE!
I know the butterfly is ugly =/

Joanjoan bought 1 as well but of a different design!
In fact, she bought 2 and I regretted so much that I did not get 1 more! D:
(Alamak. She covered her own shirt…LOL)

Only RM10! Super cheap!!! And my Sis said the rabbit is called Miffy by the way~
So it’s actually not some random drawing! O.O

Loots of the day!
It’s really not much … 3 blouses, 1 dress, 1 shorts and 2 tops~

Joanjoan is the real shopaholic!
She bought like 6 shorts in Sungei Wang! And that’s just the shorts! =/

While waiting for the rest to confirm the next day’s plan, we did another girlfriends’ activities!
I brought facial masks so that we can do it together and Joanjoan bought eye masks too! ^^


Okay I know we look worse than Sadako now.

The gamblers were having second round of gambling in their room and asked us over, but we were too tired D:
So we stayed in the room to watch Fame instead~

Seriously, the hotel TV has more shows than what I have at home =/
(I don’t have SCV by the way.)

26 December 2010

Did some last-minute packing before we went down for hotel breakfast again (:
Oh then I bumped into Xiao Hui and Hui Fang!

They happened to be staying in the same hotel as us for the past 2 nights!
Such a coincidence!

Went back up to our room because Joanjoan reminded me that I left my Yakult in the fridge…
But they had cleared it! They cleared my Yakult and Maltesers before we even checked out! D:

Last photo in our room!
Yes! We decided to wear our new tees! xD

It’s time for the other 2 families to chiong shopping, so we drove down to Berjaya Times Square, which is not very far from our hotel.
And all the ladies followed my Sis to the shoe store because she is member there…hahaha!

They tried manyyyyy pairs of shoes and caused a mess at the cashier area…LOL.
My Sis was damn sad when all the shoes did not have her size =/

I managed to psycho Joanjoan to get the pair of shoes that she was contemplating (because she was rather broke)…
My Sis had 30% birthday month discount and it’s really cheap! Hehe.

So in the end, the ladies bought a total of 12 pairs of shoes!!!
Only 2 belong to Joanjoan and I by the way! Hahaha! It’s really crazy!

Then we split up with them and shopped on our own~
Finished like 3 or 4 levels but there weren’t much cheap stuff to buy D:

Pretty Christmas deco~!

Saw this shirt which says VJJC and it’s so us – Vivian, Joanjoan & Chienny!!! ❤
But I did not buy it =/

I was hoping to find the Miffy tee instead because I really wanna get 1 more!
But to no avail –sob

Met up with the rest for lunch~
Had weird inspirations while waiting for them…LOLOL.


Yoga in front of Christmas tree! xD

Joanjoan had lots and lots of presents! (In her dream~)

Spot me! ROFL.

Close-up of it…HAHAHAHA.
Supposed to be another Sadako pose but I look like I’m puking! xD

Joanjoan and I shared a meal again and then chiong-ed off for shopping again, cause 1 of them said the upper levels of the mall have got cheap clothes!!! LOL.

And indeed! The treasures are way on top, which is so stupid!
I felt like we wasted our time walking around the first few levels -_____-

The clothes are more or less same price or even cheaper than Sungei Wang!
And we had a hard time finishing each level again~

Initially we thought 2 hours is too much for us to finish the remaining mall, but it turned out that we didn’t really have enough time!
But we still kinda managed to finish the place, more or less (:

We even went to change another S$50! HAHAHA.
But again, I did not buy much! Just that I finally bought shoes and bag…hehe.

Happy happy~!
But will be happier if I could find the Miffy tee =/

Anyhow, the journey back was like a car race and I kept waking up to see…hahaha!
Victor even asked if I’m scared or giddy and I was like, “No. Cause my friend(s) drive even more dangerously” :S
(You know who you are.)

Drove down to JB because Lao Shu suggested eating the abalone noodle for dinner…
But it turned out that they went to the wrong stall =/

Joanjoan and I were not hungry again because we had junk food in the evening – Auntie Anne! Hehe.
So I brought her to try Lok Lok!

Oh it’s either we got scammed, or Lok Lok is just rather overpriced =/
But I still like street stalls!

Went to for a car wash after that and we were all exhausted by then…
It was already close to midnight and the damn car washers were still taking their own sweet time! -.-“

The longest car wash ever.
Victor even joked about driving the car off with all the foam…HAHAHAHA! Imagine a foam-covered car at the custom xD

Finally reached home at 1+ or 2am~
I can’t even remember because I was too tired that I dozed off again! =/

Happy to be back home with lots of loots!
Not as much as I had expected, but it’s better than none! (:


2 thoughts on “Christmas road trip!

  1. Hi. How much are shoes? What’s the name of the store you went? Is Bergaya Times Square better than Pavillion? In terms of style and prize? How much is cheap an expensive to spend in ringgits??

    • Hi Ana, the shoes shop that we went was Summit. The shop was having sales so the cheapest is around RM 20? If you go for brands, then Pavilion will be a more suitable place for you. But if you are just looking for cheap clothes (e.g. RM 15 – RM 25), the upper levels of Bergaya Times Square is the place to hunt for these!

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