Cockroach's coming~

Instead of grapes, I brought strawberries this time! ❤

Bigggg strawberry!
Reiko said this is like the iPad while the small ones are like iPhones…LOL.

Nothing much to do at work because the race only starts upon the approval of our client x.x
I can’t wait for it to start actually; would rather be busy than trying to find things to kill time~

Anyhow, we dropped by the client-who-has-just-given-birth‘s place after work to pass her our gifts and she lives in a pretty condo! But the apartment itself is pretty small and we all agree that space > design =/

I can’t imagine myself practising roundhouse kicks in the cramp living room and knocking into this and that. Nonetheless, I love this part which resembles the Starbucks in United Square! (:

Look alike right?!

Anyway we only stayed in her place for less than 5 minutes…haha!
We didn’t even get to see the baby because she was about to sleep x.x

Off to Toa Payoh to meet Clique and surprisingly, it was almost full attendance!
Cause even President Khiew came O.O

But as usual, she was late and the guys were shocked to be greeted by her middle finger. LOL.
And she anyhow dug out a nail polish from her bag when I complained that she did not buy anything for me from Bangkok -___-“

Yea I know it’s O.P.I nail polish (which is supposed to be good) but I don’t even paint my nails…Zzzz. Unless someone paints for me, then that’s a different story…haha!

Shi Min wanted to try the food in Lorong 5 and luckily we managed to find seats pretty soon, despite having 8 people~

I tried this Beancurd Gula Melaka (brown sugar) which I recently discovered that it’s 1 of the delicacies in Malacca! (:

I was waiting for the guys to finish their food when something disgusting and traumatising happened – a damn cockroah flew past my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMFG totally. Initially I thought who was playing with my hair and when I swept it, it flew to Soon Song’s shirt! Like omgwtfbbq. I was totally disturbed by it and I couldn’t wait to leave the place! But the guys were still drinking their beer D:

Anyway, while walking to the bus-stop…

Me: So what did they ask you during the interview?

Shrine: They asked me, “How do you think you can help this company with your stupid face?” lor.

Us: -_________-“

Shi Min: Huh? Stupid what?

Me: *repeat* “How do you think you can help this company with your stupid face?”

Shi Min: Huh really meh?!

I really don’t know now she’s just purely 好骗 or totally naive! LMAO.

Went to Thomson area after that because Soon Song wanted to bring us to try Scoopz (:
Shared the waffle with Shi Min after she agreed to eat 3/4…hehe.

Cockroach’s coming~
Cockroach’s coming~
Cockroach’s coming~
Please start running~
Love your hair!



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