I'm quiet! :D

Saturday used to be very precious to me, like I’ll dread it if anything falls on it…
But lately it doesn’t seem to be like that anymore, and I’m rather contented that NDP practices are gonna keep my Saturdays occupied (:

Victor said I’m too free, but the fact is Saturdays 本来就 free what! Haha!
It only depends on how you wanna spend it and of course you will wanna spend it doing something you enjoy~

To me, participating in NDP is totally not a waste of time because I really enjoy it and it’s fun to me! It’s like playing computer games; it might be a real waste of time to me, but as long as they enjoy the process of going from stage to stage and ultimately completing it.

It’s just a matter of different people enjoying different kind of things, so it’s hard to get others to understand your passion for certain things, unless they share the same passion (:

Anyhow, Sis happened to drop by and offered me a ride!
-ness because travelling all the way down to the ulu pandan Kranji camp is such a pain in the ass =/

Managed to find my way from the MRT station by my usual anyhow-walk method! Haha!
And this is the first time we are having a combined rehearsal with the students~

Watching them practise...

I don’t know what was wrong with me but despite having like 9 hours of sleep, my mind was in a half-asleep mode! During the first run-through, my mind kinda went blank and I was already making mistakes from the first step! =/

It’s like my mind got reformatted or something after 1 week…Zzzz.
But luckily things got better when we tried for the second and third time…

Then after around 1 hour of practice, it was dinner time~! (:

The army guys were occupying our tables and seats, so we had to sit by the roadside and eat x.x

Back to the parade square to practise the finale after that…
After which it was the final run-through of the whole show, and we waited quite a while because our item is the last =/

During the wait, 2 people actually came up to me and said I’m very quiet!

One of them: You’re very quiet hor?

Me: Huh okay lah =/

One of them: I always see you like very quiet, don’t talk much kind…

HAHAHAHA. I know right, such a joke~
So we kinda chatted and I made another new friend this way! (:

Danced with our umbrellas again and my partner is damn blur but cute as usual…haha!
He alwaysssssss signal me for the merry-go-round part (because I always forget!) but he always holds my hand with the wrong hand!

Then sometimes he will walk the opposite direction from us!
Last week I was like, “Eh here lar!” and he gave me that oops! face before running over to join us…LOL.

Couldn’t stop yawning for I don’t know why~
But seems like all my NDP friends are complaining in Facebook about being tired =/

Floating platform next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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