MacBook Pro Not~

Felt really broke these 2 weeks because we had been eating good food for lunch =/
I really don’t mind having coffeeshop food a few times a week, but I feel bad especially when people forgo their plans or desire (to lunch out) just because of me…

So a simple trip to Thomson Plaza on Wednesday landed us in Sushi Tei, which means at least 10 bucks for lunch again aka 4 days of lunch at the coffeeshop x.x

Then I was determined to be on budget for the next 2 days! I was planning to announce that I’ll be having the coffeeshop food for lunch, but Wilson announced before me…LOL. Yay~! So it was $2.20 lunch! xD

Went to the library before meeting Zee because I know how slowwww he can be -.-“
Mad lucky because I spotted this just when I was about to leave the library empty-handed!

I’ve been wanting to read this book since it’s like one of my favourite movies ever but it’s always on loan! But I spotted it on the just-returned trolley! 😀

Totally couldn’t believe that I was so heng when I laid my hands on it! I even asked myself, “Is the movie really call The Notebook???” Hahaha! But it is!

And all I can say is everyone who has watched this movie loves it! So I bet the book’s gonna be good to! So looking forward to finish it! (:

Accompanied Zee for his dinner before heading to his place because “I promised to tryyyyy fixing his Mac”. Actually I only said I will lend him the OS X installation disc lor -____-

I don’t know how he always get me into this whole “Oh you got yourself into this kind of shit” thing. Can someone remind me how I even know such a mafan person? -.-“

Funny right. I only heard of guys helping girls fix computer, never heard of the other way round -.- But suay enough, I happen to know this lazy ass who just keeps saying he doesn’t know how to do it despite the step-by-step instructionZzzz.

Since I like the satisfaction IF I manage to fix it, I agreed to help him.
Did a AHT and it took freakinggggggg longggggggg! It wouldn’t have been as torturous if I had my iPinky with me…argh!

Anyhow, the result shows an error, which probably means gotta replace the whole hard drive or something. Despite of that, I decided to try reinstalling the whole Mac OS, and it was yet another torturous wait D:

"About an hour?!"

Left before it was done because I was meeting Shi Min to collect my Taiwan buys~
In the end I think I did not manage to fix it; wasn’t pinning high hopes after the AHT anyway.

Nonetheless, it would have been good if I managed to fix it!
I always solve the Mac problems (minor ones) in office and I like the satisfaction of that…haha.

Khiew Mama was damn nice; she not only bought 太阳饼 for me but even asked Min to choose a nicer bag because she knows I don’t like to carry unglam chicken rice plastic bag…hahaha!

2 words to end the day off – MAD TIRED.



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