Gutes Essen und Guter Wein!

Check out what I brought for my budget lunch today! I can smell Japan in it~~~ xD

Cup noodle from Japan!

Super budget but super niceeee please~!
And we were all looking forward to a good dinner after work anyway! (:

Finished amending my 28 clips before leaving and I love this accomplishment!
But my eyes were no doubt mad tired after that~

Headed to Paulaner Bräuhaus for company dinner cum drinking session cum Wilson’s pre-reservist party! Haha!

It’s a German bar and we chose the second level because there is live band at level 1, which is bad for chatting =/
The ambience at level 2 is pretty good!

Actually I think my colleagues were more excited about the drinks than the dinner itself xD
Reiko was already thinking of what to drink when we were in the car! LOL.

They all had beer while I had my usual cranberry vodka…hehe.

Reiko was amazed by the cam-whore function in my camera and she started trying it out (with the pepper)…LOL.

Her glass of beer looks so cute and mini beside the men’s!



Ordered some food to share as well and luckily I stopped my boss before he ordered more…


Smoked salmon salad! ❤

This platter of ham, sausages and pork knuckles is meant for 2 persons, but the 4 of us couldn’t even finish!


The gentlemen serving us xD

Despite being damn full, they decided to go for a second round of drinks and I joined in as well. So we ordered a bottle of red wine! (:

But it only came with one glass…
And the reason is? They ran out of glasses!!! LOLOL.

I find it such a joke the way the staff replied, like we’re supposed to find a way on our own -_-

Reiko: Can we have 3 more glasses please?

Staff: Oh we ran out of glasses…

Like hello?! Does that seem like it’s our fault???
I really dislike people telling you a problem and not providing you with a solution, like you’re supposed to solve it for them -.-“

Photo-taking while waiting for the glasses~
Boss wants to 抢镜头 too! Haha!

And I guess that’s his version of the peace sign; it’s still a 2 right? xD

Finally the glasses are here~
Time for some good wine! (:

I’m not the kind who knows how to appreciate wine or beer or any other alcohol; I just drink =/
But according to the wine experts (my alcoholic colleagues), this red wine is good!

The gentleman serving us again~ Hehe.
He’s gonna be gone for 2 weeks, which means no one to make coffee for Reiko! Hahaha!

Won’t you come on and come on and raise your glass~~~


Drunk? xD

Group photo of course! ((((((:

And I brought my Polaroidcamera to use up the last 2 pieces as well! 😀


1 for me and 1 for boss to keep! (:

Passed by the live band at level 1 when we were leaving and I had the urge to stay for a few more drinks and some good music! LOL. But of course I did not~

Can’t wait for Yinning to be back to join me in 1 month’s time!
Though I doubt I have the energy to stay up as late now….hehe.



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