First rehearsal at floating platform!

Super lateee for practice today but luckily everyone was already eating by the time I reached, so there was no embarrassment of barging in in the midst of the briefing or something =/

Did a short practice before we headed off to the floating platform~
Cause there were changes AGAINNNNNN -______-

And it’s not really very minor changes, so we were all rather confused by it. It takes time for us to get used to them anyway, so I really don’t know how the leader(s) can see it as low energy level -.-“

It’s not that we were not energetic, it’s that we were lost! Zzzz.
Really really hope there are not much changes in the following weeks to come, especially next week! -Fingers crossed-

Off to the floating platform and we sat for 1 minute at F1 Pit Building before walking a long way to the floating platform -___-

It’s really quite a long walk~
I still prefer (and miss!) waiting in the indoor stadium where it is air-conditioned and also much nearer to the stadium =/


Yes, they are twins (:

Finally reached!
It’s my first time stepping onto the floating platform, let alone performing on it!

I love how we are surrounded by all the pretty tourists’ attractions! (:

Felt like we are watching NDP performance~

We had only 1 hour to do our own practice on the stage, getting used to the markers and so on…
Then it was back to F1 Pit Building for dinner~

Don’t really like it (it’s rice!!!) but I was famished by then, so didn’t have much of a choice =/
I skipped the lunch provided because I was late and too paiseh to eat…oops.

Soon it was time for the full-run, which means it’s like the actual day performance~
Only 1 take; 1 chance (:

Gigantic screen behind showing us!

I don’t know about the overall performance, but I thought it was pretty okay~
The in-charge said we put up a good performance too, though it’s according to his standard…hehe.

Under my umbrella~ Ella~ Ella~ Ay, ay, ay~

I realised I’m dancing with something that I’ve always find unglam and auntie – umbrella! =X
I still think it is, but I guess it’s different when it’s a dance prop? Haha~

Managed to catch pretty fireworks as well! It never fails to bring me joy! ((((:
Cause baby, you’re a firework~~~

Super smoky after the fireworks...LOL

It’s weird but I miss reciting the pledge and singing the national anthem! Hahaha!
I know right! We all used to hate them back in school days, since it’s like a daily chore~

Anyhow, despite the exhaustion of running up and down during the practice, I’m totally in love with the practices! Feeling a little sad and worried that I gotta miss the practices next weekend x.x

Can NDP practices don’t end?! Haha!
I think I said something similar for Chingay before xD



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