2 towns in a day~

The good thing about going out alone – you’ll never be late -> which means you can nua till whatever timing you like ->which means you can sleep till whatever timing you want! xD

Hence I woke up after an awesome 10 hours of sleep, nua-ed till late noon before heading out…hehe. I even had the luxury of doing a proper hair mask (it’s usually a rushy one lately) and finish all my household chores!

Oh I kinda love walking around Chinatown acting like I’m one of the tourists as well…LOL.
Snapped photos of people line-dancing and once again – I’m so gonna learn this when I’m old! (:

Wanted to get Polaroid films and I think the blur uncle was reading the Hong Kong price off the package -.- Can you imagine my jaw dropping when he said the box of films is $80?! ROFL.

I didn’t even know to laugh or not when I reconfirmed the price again!
In the end I did not buy it, in case he insisted that that’s the price…hahaha!

It’s either the films have increased price or all the shops are overpricing them (not to the extent of 80 bucks duh), just that the prices are relatively higher now D:

Off to another town – the real town for appointment!
Bought macarons back for my brother as promised! It’s a self-promise made when he was scrimping in Japan~

I wish I bought this whole stall =/
(via picsandquotes.com)

Cause he claimed that he did not eat before when I have a vague impression that I did buy for him before -.- I mean how can I not let him try things that I think it’s nice right?! Hmmmm.

Anyway, this is gonna be a super broke month!

(via leilockheart.me)


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