Wheel of "Fortune"

Ended work earlier than usual because I had finished my stuff and there was nothing to do until the clips were being uploaded (:

Joined Soon Song, Shrine and Gui in AMK cause Shrine wanted to shop for his workwear~ 1 more working adult in the Clique! Congrats!

I was kinda tired because I couldn’t fall asleep the previous night -.- But I haven’t met the guys for a while, plus I kinda like choosing clothes for the guys, especially Shrine! Haha!

Somehow I know what looks good on him and what doesn’t, which is why I ended up choosing his clothes a few times! And most of the time, what I like is what he likes too, so … good taste!!! LOL.

Oh by the way, I always think that guys look good in formal wear!
But then again, most will complain that it’s warm and so on -.-“

I think Shrine looks pretty good too~
Okay, minus the specs =/

And the slippers! ROFL.

So in the end he got 2 shirts and 1 pants from G2000, which entitled him for a spin on the Wheel of Fortune!

He was like kinda awkward when the wheel was spinning cause the staff totally bo chup us while we were 自 high-ing, getting all excited over it…LOL.

And in the end…
$20 worth of fortune!!! xD

The guys were saying that this is one of the best prize, but not until Shrine was given a Aurora voucher! Because all the jewellery are like $200+ or $300+? LOLOL.

Anyhow, left the guys to decide what movie they wanna catch because I was too tired to join. Need an early sleep~

(via x1923.tumblr)


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