Kickass kicks!

I’m starting to feel the stress of taking over Wilson’s job! I have to work from home every night to do something rather simple, yet very crucial! Haha!

But I’m loving it because it makes me feel important! LOL.
Just that with great power comes great responsibility, so I’m kinda the one that will affect the daily operation of our TVs in the hospitals now =X

Reached stadium early enough for a jog, which had not happened for a longggggg time. Cause I am always caught up with work and I’m usually thankful enough if I wasn’t too late for class =/

Anyhow, since Chong commented yesterday that I haven’t been posting pictures from my kickboxing class, I decided to take some today! Haha!

Joanjoan and her skipping rope; waiting for conditioning training to kick off (:

She said I make her legs look very nice in this photo! ROFL.
Not until I spotted something, which I have helped to photoshop and salvage =P

Getting ready for my partner’s roundhouse kicks!

And once it starts, I get very serious!!!!!! That’s what Mimi pointed out too! LOLOL.

But of course gotta be serious luh! You gotta know when to resist the kicks!
Just that I realised I look damn ugly when I’m serious….HAHAHA!

I forgot to ask Joanjoan to take it when I was doing the kicks, so she only took it when I was holding for my partner. But now I think they will probably turn out damn unglam!!! Haha!


It’s my burning passion causing it! xD
Cause kickboxing / muay-thai is ❤ !!!

(via littlemisscomplicated.tumblr)


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