Overdue German dinner photos~

I think you can judge how busy is the person by looking at his/her table…
And my table was in a complete mess today! =/

Playlists, stationery, disc, Ovaltine; all over!

So many stuff to do, but I’m glad that I’m juggling well between my own work as well as Wilson’s (:
Oh including the task of changing the heavyyyyyy water dispenser bottle!

Reiko insisted on asking Superman to help us but I refused =/

Me: No! It’s okay, I can do it! We shouldn’t always depend on others…

Reiko: *LOL at me* But he’s not just any other person!

Me: He is! And we have always been asking him for help for everything…

Reiko: But I bet he understands that Wilson’s not around to do this, so he wouldn’t mind helping us.

Me: Then he will think that we are weak! But we’re not!

So I insisted on doing it due to my usual “I-don’t-wanna-owe-anyone-anything” principle and well, I did it~ 😀

I don’t even know if having such principle is good or bad…haha! But I realised it has always been with me since young; I just don’t wanna take advantage of people.

Anyway, so many things to handover, so many things to settle~
Though it’s just a day, I feel so bad! I dislike having to let others settle my tasks, even though it might not exactly be my task =/

Overdue photos of our German dinner from boss’s camera! 😀

Enquiring about a certain alcohol but as expected, this female staff doesn’t know either. Not being sexist here (since it doesn’t make sense), but the male staff usually have better knowledge about alcohol =/


My eyes look damnnnnn small! It was quite an impromptu shot! Haha!


Everyone taking photos of the Cheers~! shot! Hehe.


Boss took lots of videos of us as well and it’s so funny watching yourself! But they really serve as great mementos! 😀

I don’t even know what was this shocked face for!!! Hahaha!
Like some birthday surprise expression xD

Reiko looks as though she’s sniffing some glue or what! LOL!


Love this group photo!!!!! ❤

We were on our way to the car when we passed by this hotel and boss decided to snap a few more photos here! xD

The hotel staff who helped us take the group photo even said, “Enjoy your stay!” to us! LOLOL.

And yes, if you haven’t noticed, our theme of the day was checkered!
We decided to make it a little more fun by including a dress code…hehe!

(via leilockheart.me)


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