Au Revoir~

Off for short trip!
Was pretty looking forward but not until I realised all the things I’ll be missing out on D:

Goodbye NDP practices x 2~
Goodbye to the durian that we’ll be given during practice this weekend~
And goodbye Galaxy S2 launch (which is supposed to be Saturday!!!) x.x

Will enjoy this trip nonetheless, since I’ve been waiting for a getaway (:

(via happythings.tumblr)

2 thoughts on “Au Revoir~

  1. Hello, my name is Omar. You don’t know me and sorry if this seems a bit strange. I fount your blog while looking for yoga pictures on google for a project I am working on. I have no idea why I kept reading but it seemed interesting. The thing is I cannot figure out where you are from. I lve in China and besides India I have not traveled much in Asia yet. Again I hope it is not too strange. I am on Facebook ( Omar I. Velez) my city is Shijiazhuang so that might help narrow down the Facebook search. Bye.

    • Hi Omar, for a moment I don’t know if you’re for real or this is just a typical spam comment that I often receive, but it’s such an honor if I really have someone out there who is interested in my boring life! (:

      I am from Singapore; you might not have heard of it before because it’s a small dot on the map. It’s a small country in Asia, but definitely not part of China.

      By the way, you can actually find me easily in Facebook by clicking on the Facebook badge on the right of my sidebar 😀

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