Rubber bands :S

Okay I have a confession to make – I hate rubber bands, especially the commonly found red kind =/

I’ve always wanted to make this weird confession but find it too random to do so…LOL.
But the main point is I really hate them! Which is why I always hate tying half-eaten food at home, cause it means I gotta touch the rubber band…ewww~!

They smell disgusting (I know it’s the rubber smell!) and I hate it even more when I see people tying hair with it! (Aunties and some Indian women love to do that!)

So every time I see a rubber band, I always wonder where did this particular rubber band come from and what has it been through before getting here =/
Like whose hair has it been on before and it could be 1 of those kutu (head lice) heads! Omg! The thought of it is disgusting enough~

I mean it’s so commonly found that someone might have just picked it up from the floor to tie your packet of chicken rice! Then it’s being passed on and on from there, from a kutu head to your chicken rice and to I don’t know where~

I'm soooo disgusted :S

Okay, so today Reiko was desperately looking for a rubber band to tie her hair for her workout session after work… After we both searched our bags for a long time, she gave up hope and decided to use the red rubber band!

I was strongly against it and started telling her stories of where the rubber band could have been before! So she started digging into her bag even more desperately, trying to find an alternative…LOL.

I even went around the office trying to find something for her but I only found this kind of paper clips! ROFL!

Seriously, I would rather she use this than the red rubber band! Omg!
But luckily, she found this black rubber band (for hair kind!) in a random compartment of her bag eventually!

I don’t know how to describe the triumph we were feeling after such a long search!
But we were both damn happy that she didn’t have to use the disgusting red rubber band anymore!!!

Okay I admit that I was much more happier than her!
Cause I really hate the red rubber bands!!!

Super random, I know! Haha!


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