So Galaxy S2 is finally in my hands~
But somehow I’m not excited anymore!!! LOL.

Ever since the person called me in the afternoon to inform me that the stock is here, I didn’t show any sign of excitement at all =/

In fact Reiko was more excited for me; she was the one who urged me to go get the phone during lunchtime in case it runs out of stock again…haha!

So we went to NEX for lunch and I got my phone while they were eating~
Still no excitement at all! Maybe because I kept thinking of the big hole in my pocket!!! ROFL.

Then when we were back in office, I started blabbering to Reiko that I’m wondering if this is an impulse buy..

Me: I’ve never spent so much on a phone before (I usually get the $0 ones and the cheapest plan)!

Reiko: But you get to enjoy more things now!

Me: That’s why! I should be the kind that is happy with what I have now! I don’t wanna be going after all these stuff that I don’t need because there are always so many things out there that we want. It’s endless!

Reiko: Hmmmm…true~

Me: Omg do you feel like slapping me now?! Because if I’m you, I’ll feel like slapping me!

Then I just blabbered on and on till she even asked if I’m a little regret buying now and I said yes! =/

This is indeed such a big leap! Not just the price but the technology part as well. Not that I’m any caveman or not tech-savvy enough, just that my previous phone is non-3G and there are just so many things to get used to :S

I guess I just don’t like letting things manipulate me..haha! (Which is also why I don’t understand why smokers can let such a tiny stick manipulate them…Zzzz.)

Big leap in terms of size as well…
From my small and convenient sturdy-looking phone to this huge one with fragile-looking screen =/

So now I have to start worrying about dropping my phone or worse, losing it – endless worries that I don’t need to have for my old phone! Having something too good is not a good idea either :S

So I haven’t stopped complaining ever since then especially about the size and how troublesome it is to change a phone. Gotta transfer contacts, reset alarm, set up email, explore here and there; just so much work to do!

Next I gotta find time to shop for screen protector and case…grrrrrr. I would rather sleep seriously! -.-“

Nonetheless, it’s not exactly true that I regretted buying luh.
I guess I’m just 心痛 over the price (and the monthly bill!!!)…hahaha!

But then again, if I wanna get a 3G phone, I might as well spend on a better one right, let alone this is like 1 of the best Android phones so far~ So nope, I shouldn’t regret! No regrets!

But my old phone is still working fine!!! Okay, just shut up.

Spot the worm on my broccoli.

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


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