Mr Popper's Penguins flew away~

So I did the crazy thing of setting my alarm at 7.20am again to try my luck for the Spot & Win contest again…LOL. I was telling Reiko and Joanjoan that I wanna win back my whole phone cost back! Hahaha!

But nah. I expected that I won’t stand a chance (even though each person can win more than once) because I took too long to find the last picture D:

I shall be happy with just that 100 bucks then~
Finally don’t have to wake up at such crazy hour again because it’s the last day of the contest!!! Haha!

Anyhow, was excited to meet Xuannie after work because we are finally catching Mr Popper’s Penguins! But no, we did not D:

They were only left with the first row and we were soooooo sad! There was no other movie with suitable timing nor could we think of anything else to do…

I feel even more sad for Xuannie because she came all the way down from home!!! Why everyone wanna snatch the show with us these busy people when the show has been out for so long! D: D: D:

So in the end I just accompanied her for dinner and we had a long chat as usual ❤
I was rather shocked by her hair by the way! She cut it short! Omg! When will I ever find such courage?

I just helped you announce using the easiest way! LOL!

Chatted about the same old dilemma again and I realised we have been discussing about this since like when ah?! Ever 烦恼 dilemma! Guess that’s like part of being 22 x.x

Xuannie tempted me to get durian strudel (despite her being a durian-hater) and said I can eat half then bring the other half home for my brother…hmmmm

Sounds like a plan! xD

Strudel ❤ ! Oh my brother gobbled it down within a minute =/

Never ending catching up session and we continued chatting in MOS Burger! Haha! So despite the failed movie session, we actually managed to have a good chit-chat session, as usual 😀

Colin is officially a free man now, I believe~

Waiting for Xuannie~

Oh did I mention that Xuannie is tempted to change her iPhone to Galaxy S2 now? LOLOL.

(via loveyourquotes.tumblr)

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