What a long day~

I realised with NDP practice taking away 1 day off my weekend, I have to fully utilise my Sunday by squeezing everything in it (not that I’m complaining).

Feel so bad that I have to reject a friend’s outing for the third or fourth time! Ahhhhh. I swear that it’s not on purpose~ So hopefully everyone can understand if I’m not too free recently =/

JB trip with Joanjoan had been pushed back since the start of school holiday because we didn’t wanna be stuck in the crazy jam (together with the stupid new system)~ So now that holiday is finally over, it’s time to fulfil my promise! (:

Indeed there is a huge difference between going during holiday and on a normal Sunday -.- The bus zoomed all the way to City Square without much delay and we managed to reach in about an hour!

But there wasn’t much sales around again D:
Only 1 shop attracted us with its 2 for RM 50 clothes… But since Joanjoan managed to find 2 pieces that she likes, I decided to KIV mine as it’s not that cheap then~

Was planning to touch up the roots of my hair there but in the end I realised it’s probably wiser to let Billy do it, even though that means I gotta wait 1 more week x.x
Can’t wait to cover up the black roots!

So I was worried that I will have lots of Ringgit left because I never learned my lesson of changing only after I have finished spending what I have! Luckily Joanjoan managed to find her birthday gifts there! Hehe.

Got her a bag and a watch for work! (((:
It has become our habit to choose our own birthday present now and I think it’s such a win-win situation, since it makes life easier for us too! Haha!

Decided to go back and get the top which I KIV-ed because I did not buy any clothes D:
Loots are getting lesser and lesser with each trip and I just don’t like going back empty-handed (though I bought beauty products)!

Then the guy in the shop is so niceeeeeeee!

Him: You don’t wanna get 1 more ah?

Me: My friend already bought 2 just now, and I only found 1…

Him: *while keying the price* Okay lar…I give you 25 also.

Me: Huh?! O.O

Him: Yup. 25 (:

So niceeeee!!!
I doubt the female staff will give me such deal! Although I’m a female, I must say that usually the guys are less kay gaohehe.

Since it was still early, we decided to head to Bugis to use my Frolick vouchers! (:
Still not sure if it’s the right choice, because first the queue for the bus was crazy, then our bus broke down halfway! LOL.

What a longgggg journey to get our yogurt!
But Joanjoan said it tastes better than Yami….yay~! 😀

Went back home to get TCC’s super belated present before rushing out to meet Clique for Transformers – Dark of the Moon!

Bee-bear card xD

Like everyone, I was damn excited when I saw Transformers 3 trailer and I couldn’t wait for it! But when my brother asked me how’s the movie, I didn’t really know what to comment =/

It’s not that it’s bad or anything; it’s still mind-fucking and exciting as ever. But I was telling my brother that the flow of the story is always the same, except for even more explosions (what do you expect from Michael Bay’s film?) and more robots?

Perhaps I was expecting more, after having enjoyed the prequels so much. In my opinion, the sequel should always get more and more exciting, instead of remaining stagnant =/

The part when Bumblebee almost got destroyed, I think I remember something similar from Transformers 1, so it didn’t move me as much. Though I totally know how Sam felt to watch Bumblebee die in front of him when Bumblebee is always there to save his ass.


Then comes one of the most crucial moments when Optimus Prime is almost killed but was saved by Carly’s sudden courage to confront Megatron, and Megatron was also easily convinced like that; way too easy.

Anyway, I think replacing Megan Fox makes Transformers 3 even more turn-off because I really hate the female lead‘s lips. And what’s with accepting another man’s Mercs when she claimed to be so in love with Sam -.- Disgraced.

I think her lipstick has just made it worse.

(via leilockheart.me)


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