Back to Brands berry essence again! ❤

Super love it!

I always have this thought that oh I wanna go home to do this and this and this, but I always ended up in front of my laptop again =/

Re-watched 家好月圆 on Channel U and tried to convince my brother that it’s damn nice! As much as I want him to really watch the whole series, I ended up revealing lots of spoilers! LOL.

But then again, he likes spoilers anyway -.-“
Most importantly, it’s kinda a good bonding time spent! Hehe.

Bro: This year is what zodiac ah?

Me: Rabbit~

Bro: Huh! Then Sis’s baby will be rabbit leh!

Me: Yah…everyone wants rabbit baby lor!

Bro: But it’s not good if it’s a boy; then he will be the timid kind…

Me: Then what! Rabbit then don’t give birth liao is it?! -_-

Bro: So when is it due?

Me: End of Oct…

Bro: Huh why end of Oct!


Bro: *LOL*

The other day…

Bro: Why didn’t you wanna get iPhone?

Me: Cause I already have iPod touch…

Bro: It’s different mah…

Me: Aiyah…basically the same, except for the phone and 3G part.

Bro: Then what’s the difference between this phone and iPhone? Also the same what…

Me: Different operating system mah… This is Android-based~

Bro: Yah lah…it’s only the OS that is different what. Everything else is the same mah. So, why didn’t you wanna get iPhone then?


Bro: *LOL*

I don’t know why people always laugh when I get agitated. Like purposely annoying me to laugh at that…tsk!


2 thoughts on “InnerShine~!

  1. Everybody want Dragon baby 望子成龍
    I read a lot of ppl in the forum getting married this year cuz they wanna make Dragon babies! crazy =x

    But i think Rabbit is better.. more 温顺 and friendly =D

  2. Yah!!! A few of Queena’s colleagues also hoping to chiong for dragon baby :S
    Hopefully rabbit boy will be more obedient too! Unlike dragon~

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