Reiko turned 13! :D

Super busy day! Not really busy with work (oops!), but busy planning Reiko’s birthday surprise! 😀

I kinda love and hate planning these because albeit it is kinda fun, whatever I plan ALWAYS fail! So I would rather not be the one planning (not an excuse) since it’s like a curseZzzz.

Anyhow, we kinda discussed yesterday that we will celebrate over lunch because it’s kinda boring to be always celebrating in office... But who knows boss had got last-minute meeting, so we gotta switch to plan B – celebrate in office when boss is back~

Nonetheless, we went ahead for lunch (without boss) at NEX‘s Kabe No Ana!
It’s a Japanese restaurant serving nice pasta (:

Even the desserts look sooooo pretty~!

Ordered some sides to share as well even though there was only 1 big-eater aka Wilson =/

Already aiming the food…haha!

My Singapore Delight which is so nice (even after it has dried up)!
The gravy is the chilli crab with egg kinda gravy~

Then Wilson presented the birthday girl with her present – a Lomo camera!

The flash is soooo cute! Even comes with different coloured gels!

So we spent lots of time figuring out how to get the camera started and took lots of pictures as well! But too bad I wasn’t expecting the celebration to be held there, so I did not bring my camera and my handphone went low-batt D:

Our pastas and side dishes – salad and terriyaki chicken~
Can see that my pasta had already dried up by then =/

Change of plan again because boss said he won’t have time to get a cake before he comes back to office, so we decided to go back to plan A again, which is celebrate in the restaurant!

I was responsible for the cake, so I went to get it on the pretext of going to the washroom, as usual…hehe. I even left my wallet there (but secretly took my Master) to prevent her from suspecting!

Was kinda worried that the restaurant staff might screw up (after so many bad experiences), but thank god he is soooo nice and cooperative! So he came out of the other door right when we were calling for the bill, and Reiko was rather surprised by that! xD

Took lots of photos again (not in my camera!) and boss was so delighted to know that we are still around! Haha! So he came over to join us and had his late lunch as well 😀

Back to office and I passed Reiko a mini gift as well! Not exactly a birthday present because I did spend last night searching for one, but I couldn’t find anything for her x.x

Then I chanced upon this place selling soaps and recalled that she loves all these fragrant soaps!
Got her a kiwi one which I think it smells nice (:

Despite being the birthday girl, she bought gifts for us as well! 😀


Love her outfit!

Gift presentation xD

My turn my turn!


Group photo with Kinko in it as well 😀


I still think the hairband looks too girlish for me....hmmmmm.

Anyway it’s potato chip chocolate, which I’ve not tried before!
Sounds special right! (:

Was pretty determined to amend and send 2 projects to clients before leaving~
But the second one took damn longgggg to render and when it was finally done, the mail server screwed up!!!

Totally WTHHHHHH because it’s like I spent soooo long waiting for the render to complete and you’re telling me that I can’t send it after all?!?!?! So I just kept trying and trying till I finally solved the problem by like 8pm…Zzzz!

Joined Soon Song and Shrine at Kovan before TCC joined us as well~
Then by the time the guys finished eating, it was Shi Min’s knock off time and we accompanied her for her dinner.

She brought us to this Ice Edge Cafe which is a pretty nice place to chill and coincidentally, Billy and gang were there! Got to know from Icey that my Sis and Victor would be joining them as well~ Super qiao since it’s a new cafe at an ulu location (:

Shi Min was giving us a headache because she is supposed to be on a diet (I know right, WTH) -.- So she was indecisive about what to eat and so on…Zzzz.

In the end she gave in and ordered the Fish & Chips, but she was afraid to finish it up -____-

Pretty dessert~!

But I wasn’t in an ice-cream mood, plus I was trying to save moneyyyyy =/
I think going out and not spending money is really tough…sigh~


Crapping as usual xD

Soon Song: (asking me to prepare something, which I forgot what…) You will need it one day anyway~

Me: Why not you prepare your coffin now? You will need it one day too…

Soon Song: I intend to be cremated…

Us: *LOL*

Shi Min: Cremate also need coffin what!

Me: I can imagine you lying on the floor during your funeral!


Sis happened to be leaving when we were leaving too, so she offered me a ride, together with the 2 AMK-ers… Yay~! No long bus ride home! 😀

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


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