NE Show 1!

So it’s the start of the National Education show but sadly, our costumes are still not ready yet! D:
But to make us look uniform, we were given an ugly orange tee and an uglier cap to wear…Zzzz.

Practised for a few rounds again and the sun was a total killer~
Actually I don’t mind about the sun, I only dislike perspiring and being sticky!

But as usual, the in-charge cares so much for our welfare and we spent the remaining time in the air-conditioned auditorium…haha! Set off for Marina Bay after that! (:

My cutie partner asked to sit with me again even though his best friend is back this week! Hehe.
And then he started asking me how do I take care of my complexion (and my hair); felt so honoured xD

He’s only 15 by the way! So I was teaching him all the basic anti-ageing stuff which I mentioned that he doesn’t need now, but he said he wants to look like 15 when he’s 20! LOL. If only I know how to do that too?! Hahaha!


F1 pit building again!

Super hungry because I was late (again) and did not take the pizza that was given out during lunch =/
Sadly, dinner was rice againnnnn~

After dinner, the girls asked me to join them outside for cam-whoring again! xD

And of course they were amazed by my camera’s cam-whore function…whahaha~
(The irritating wind kept messing up my hair!)

Trying different ways to make the ugly cap look better =/

Our instructor came over to join us too!
Not for cam-whoring, but to be our photographer…hehe!

He was so proud of his shots luh! Tsk tsk.
But the wind was irritating!!!

Unglam shot of him! Haha!
He can be rather fierce when he’s serious, but most of the time he will just joke around with us (and can be bitchy too)! xD

The kids started practising again after their dinner~
Really cute watching them!

This is another cutie from my group and she lovessss my luminous green jacket so much that last week she asked like 5 times why didn’t I wear it…haha! She loves to disturb me and I feel like her nanny sometimes xD


1 of the ones I gonna miss after NDP!

I don’t know how to describe this without sounding too thick-skin, but I just feel so loved by everyone there! Lyn and gang never let me feel alone; the kids (including my partner) love to talk to me; the in-charge and instructor remember me and joke around with me despite being my first year with them; my group leader is blur but always nice to us, and always helping me to keep my handphone during performance!

Awwww~ Being loved just makes me love everyone and everything there as well! 😀 😀 😀

Set off for our first NE show performance~!


Colourful Balloons ❤

Waiting for our turn! (:

And that hand belongs to him; the one that is full of nonsense -____-
But I can’t deny that his nonsense has brought us lots of joy over these months!

Had a mini hiccup at the start of the performance – ran to the wrong marker!
Usually I will look out for my marker plus the first guy in our row. But because we were all wearing caps, I mistook someone else as him!!! LOL.

Luckily it was just 2 markers away and I quickly ran back before our dance starts…oops.
Other than that, everything was short and FUN as usual! Pretty confident with all the steps now! (:

Attempted to take a picture of the fireworks again and I managed to capture one just before we ran out for finale!

Oh I was captured on the big screen for a moment when I was doing some retarded actions of waving the flag in a rhythmic way! Damn paiseh! -_______-

The in-charge warned us not to dance after the finale because he thinks that we are too attractive and people from other groups might start dancing with us and disturb us -________- So when everyone was getting high with the music, we were like nerds sitting down~

Took the chance to cam-whore instead! Hehe.
This is the girl standing right in front of me! Everyone (including me) thought that she’s from China initially, and she was somewhat offended! LOLOL. Who woouldn’t? =/

And this is the girl standing behind me (for now)~
Because there’s a girl in between us who has been absent for 3 weeks -____- I don’t even know why such people join…Zzzz.

With my cutie partner and his best friend as well! 😀

And not forgetting my first NDP friend – Hidayah!!!
We hang out a little lesser now because we are in different groups and her position is a distance away from mine D:

Feel a little bad because I’ll then hang out with the girls more since 2 of them are from my group~
But I love all of them!!! Hehe.


Special lollipop treat again! xD

(via littlemisscomplicated.tumblr)


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