Miss Beeee-zy's Sunday~

Planned 1 week in advance to celebrate Joanjoan’s belated birthday by having a K-session~ But who knows I had this last minute extra practice (plus costume collection) for NDP and gotta scrap the plan D:

Really feel damnnnnn apologetic because it’s Joanjoan’s birthday; such a joyous occasion but it turned into only a simple lunch x.x
Furthermore I kept changing the schedule (which might affect their schedules as well)!

I guess I just gotta fully ultilise my Sunday again by squeezing everything in. So as much as I’m damn passionate about NDP, I guess I have to strike a balance as well (:

Solution: Go a little late for practice then! It’s a win-win situation since I didn’t have to pangseh the birthday girl completely and I also get to collect my costumes…hehe.

Headed to Billy’s place with Joanjoan to get our hair done first~
She was colouring her hair and I was touching up mine (like finally!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Then headed to J8 to meet Chienny before settling in Swensen’s for lunch!
I was looking forward to have their all-day breakfast again but they have changed it to a breakfast-only set D:


Mushroom & cheese omelette instead (:

Joanjoan wanted ice-cream so we ordered this Sticky Chewy Chocolate ice-cream to share~ But actually Chienny and I were about to raise our white flags after our main course…hehe.


Happy Birthday Joanny Monster! ❤

Took this using my camera cam-whore function but somehow when I attempted to use my phone’s front camera (which is also like the cam-whore function), the 2 of them giggled non-stop at their own faces -_______-


❤ ❤ ❤

So so so sorry that I gotta go off right after the meal x.x
But really appreciate them for suiting to my schedule and understanding my beeeee-zy-ness!

Reached like 2 hours late but I know that the actual practice would only commence at 5pm =/
Everyone was still lazing around when I reached, just that they had all collected and tried their costumes~

So I hurried off to try mine and I had got biggggg shirt and pants (despite the costume-fitting session) -___- Requested to change the size and the costume person was rather unhappy that I came so late~

Everything was super kanchiong-spider after that because everyone was already heading out for practice! Luckily Tiffany and gang came to help me but it’s sooooo embarrassing that I gotta try the costumes right there x.x

Anyhow, at least everything has been settled for now and we gonna perform in our costumes next week! Went on the floating platform for our practice and it started drizzling even before we completed 1 round =/

So we changed location to the car park area~

It’s rather cramp there especially I was dancing right beside the pillar x.x
Nonetheless, at least we made full use of the time!

Finally the rain stopped!

Took a short break before we were out practising on the platform again! (:

Practised for like 1 hour plus and did 2 full-runs before we were done for the day!
I thinkkkkk we can put up a good show next week! Hehe.

Pictures of our umbrella dance during NE 1! 😀

(Credits: NDPeeps)

(Credits: NDPeeps)

Went out with the girls after that because Lyn wanted to try the ice-ball aka the old school ice-kachang!

Nope, we weren’t at Bugis Street!
We were at the old school food court at Singapore Flyers~

There were only 3 because I did not eat; I was joining purely for bonding purpose…hehe.
I don’t like red beans anyway =/

This thing that used to be selling at 10 cents is now $2.50! Amazing right! Haha!
Anyway the girls commented that the modern ice-kachang seems to taste better…LOL.Photobucket

Initially I was still a little worried that it might be kinda awkward to go out with them because the 3 of them are closer after all and I might be kinda extra~ But the girls did not make me feel left out for a single moment!

I also took chances to bond with them and we decided to head to Marina Square next because Tiffany was hungry~ Stopped by to take photos every now and then and we felt like tourists! xD

Attempted to take with the lighting behind but failed =/
Well at least all our faces are clear! Haha!

Less than 1 month to Singapore’s 46th Birthday aka NDP 2011! 😀

Lyn and Wee Yee MIA-ed for a longgggg time because the latter wanted to remove her contact lens. So I accompanied Tiffany for her Yoshinoya dinner~

But who knows after she was done, the 2 of them were still not back yet! =O
We waited for pretty long before calling to check on them, and they were in the arcade! -faint!-

But they came back with many mini-plushies and gave this Aries Minnie specially to me! How sweet~! Just because I happened to ask all of them for their horoscopes right before that xD

We were heading to take train after the long day when we came past this ice-cream place at Citylink that was having 1-for-1 promotion. So the girls got tempted and were hesitating to go for it or not…hahaha!

I wasn’t in a ice-cream mood because I just had it in the afternoon and I know I will be eating ice-cream the next day as well! But since it’s 1 for 1, I guess I have to 凑人数…LOL.

In the end we ordered 2 medium ones with 6 flavours to share~
Then Lyn ended up treating us because she did not collect money from Tiffany and WY too! =/


Had a greattttt time with them despite it being a tiring long day! 😀

We even discussed about clubbing together because Lyn has never been to one before! Haha!
Perhaps after our actual NDP or something, then we will bring her to 见识见识 (:


(via thepapercranes.tumblr)


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