Special Guest + Shuning 归队!:D

Having a busy schedule definitely makes me much much much more forgetful because I totally forgot about my morning shoot!!! The weekend was so busy that the shoot did not cross my mind for even a second!

In fact I only recalled when I woke up at 9am (1 hour before the shoot) and saw Reiko’s SMS…holy crap! It was completely slipped off my mind and I was almost ready to wake up as usual to head to office =/

Thank god the shoot was at 10am instead of the crazy 8am or 9am…Zzzz! Prepared within the shortest possible time (for me) before rushing out for a cab!

It was sooooooo difficult to book a cab at such timing, let alone having the luck to flag for one! Finally booked one with a nice and hip uncle, who sacrificed his porridge craving to take up my booking…LOL.

He’s so tech-savvy that we started discussing about iPhone VS Galaxy S2~ He even has an iPad! Haha! Now you know cab uncles don’t just mean those who know about good food xD

Anyhow, was slightly late for the shoot but lucky me again, the doctor wasn’t there yet and she didn’t arrive until 30 minutes later =/
So we prop up the place, with the help of our special guest – Reiko’s friend from Japan!


With Kei! (I hate my eyes! Omg. Looks like cat!)

Had fun interacting with him and I even impressed him when I greeted and introduced myself in Japanese. LOL. He was surprised when I started blabbering those standard but good-enough lines once I reached, then I revealed that that’s all I can remember…ROFL.

Shoot went pretty well (despite it being in 100% Malay) and we managed to wrap up by 12 plus! Then boss came to pick us up and brought us to this special place for lunch (:

Kei was sooo impressed with the place that he started making those awed sounds like you know how Japanese in variety programmes react when they try those really nice food? LOLOL.

It’s a really nice Chinese restaurant and the dim sum is awesomeeeee too!!!

I forgot to take picture of the xiao long bao before I dug in but I swear that it’s not XIAO long bao at all! It’s at least 2-3 xiao long baos combined together and the soup inside is totally different! It’s damn sweet and niceeee~

Even the dumpling in the shark fin dumpling soup is gigantic xD


Meat pastry! (:

My colleagues are big fans of these claws and Kei likes it too!
But definitely not my kind of thing =/

Reiko trying very hard to take an “artistic” shot of the claws…LOLOL.

Dessert time~!
Each of us chose our own dessert and I was hoping Kei would take up the challenge and order the durian dessert, but he chose the safer path – red bean pancake instead…haha!

And because I really wanna see his reaction of his virgin durian experience, I decided to order the durian one! xD

I’m glad that it’s real fresh durian inside because yes, I’m a big fan of durian, but I also want Kei to taste something good for his first try! Hehe.

He was sporting enough to try half of it and this was his first reaction!


Stunned!!! LOLOLOLOL!

I even took a video of his virgin try! He even said the smell is disturbing at first, but ultimately he enjoys the taste of it! Hoho~

And now Reiko’s turn! (She has not tried before either!!!)
Her expression was so funny that we made her pose a little longer so that we could take picture!

But in the end she did not try it because she wants to eat her mango pudding peacefully…LOL. Well, at least I succeeded in getting 1 Japanese to try and enjoy the uniqueness of durian! xD

Kei left for his own itinerary after that while we went back to office~
It’s really nice meeting him! He’s so polite and niceeeeeee! (((:

I suddenly burst into laughter reading this label on the bottle and Reiko was like, “?????”
The “untouched by man” just sounds funny! LOL.

Back to AMK to meet my lovely girls for a big reunion~
Because Shuning is finally back from China after 6 months!!!!! ❤

Started the interrogation when the girls were having their MOS dinner xD
Totally curious to know all the background stories since she’s such a shy girl and it’s her 初恋! Hehe.

I remember there was once I was trying to train her to not be so shy and I purposely 十指交扣 with her… Guess what, she burst into laughter!

I was like, “Omg! I can’t imagine when your first boyfriend finally muster the courage to hold your hand and you just LOL!” Well I’m glad at least that did not happen eventually…hahaha!

I was still afraid that the girls would be too full after their burgers because we were planning to have fondue! I have this 50% off coupon for Andersen’s family fondue and was planning to use it during this big reunion…hehe.


$36.90 for this! (Before discount of course)

But there are 10 flavours of ice-cream!
Super over dosage of ice-cream luhomggggggg.


欢迎归队! 😀

Group photo time!


Oops! Limin is still tidying her hair! LOL.

And now she got cut off =/



The big reunion!!! 😀 😀 😀

Us: *continue our interrogation*

Shuning: Oooooo~! 分礼物咯~!

What a 烂 way to 扯开话题!

Loveeeeeeee her pressies though!!!


Limited edition Beauty Diary masks! ❤

And I totally screamed when I see these bears on the case!
It’s the same bear as the smelly bear in my house! ❤

Our gifts!!!
Thank you Miss Loo! 😀


Oh yea…we were talking about the touching MV of What Are Words and discussing whether how many guys/men will actually do this. Somehow I wasn’t the only one with zero confidence; all of them doubted!

I was somehow unable to full screen it on my phone, so I shall share it here once again (:

Like totally!
(via yanilavigne.net/)


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