Food Shoot!

9am shoot again! x.x
But I was greeted by Germain early in the morning…LOL.

Not as in real person, but this!
I even screamed “My friend!!!!!” when I saw this banner…hahahaha!

Lots of food today because it’s a food shoot!

But most of them ended up being thrown away because we already had lunch =/
So Wilson decided to collect them and feed the strays instead… (I’m still afraid it might attract the ants and cockroaches instead!)

Epic moment – Digging into the bin for food!!! LOL!

Not to eat of course!
But because we accidentally threw off a noodle that we still need for shoot!

But it’s really epic to catch Reiko digging into the bin because she’s a hygiene freak!!!
She’s always paranoid about the utensils in food court and so on, so it really shocked me to see her digging into the bin! LOLOL.

The sin!

Sharing an important quote! (:

Finished the shoot earlier than expected and thanks to that, I get to get my fringe fixed! Hehe.
If not I might have to wait till I don’t know when then I’ll be near that area again~

Anyhow, mad sleepy (due to crazy 9am shoot) that I overslept by 1 station! -___-



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