NE Show 2! :D

Took so many nice photos today! 😀 😀 😀
NDP is getting more and more fun because I’m surrounded with more fun and lovely people! Hehe!

Late for practice again and decided to skip the pizza lunch again =/
Usually I would join Hidayah and gang when I reached, but this time round I couldn’t find her, so I was with Lyn and gang the whole day…

Felt kind bad cause I don’t wanna like pangseh either side, so I would usually only join the girls at the floating platform when we were split into our groups. I don’t wanna be seen as the kind that forget about old friends once I found new ones x.x

Anyhow, it’s our first full-dress performance today and we were supposed to tie our hair in plaits/bun as well! Luckily the in-charge told us not to spend too much time on our hair for today’s show, so I escaped with just a ponytail…hehe.

So sweet to see my partner braiding for a girl! xD
He even saved the seat beside him for me in the bus! Even sweeter! ❤

And the whiny mummy’s girl finally got her mum to tie the french braid for her…haha!

Rushed to change into our costumes because the queue was damn longgggg~
Felt so uncomfortable in the costume because I hate office wear / formal wear! =/

Furthermore we were already perspiring before we even danced!
Nonetheless, we practised 2 rounds at the field before setting off to floating platform! (:


Dinner of the day! (The rice is damn sticky~)

Last minute preparation and we didn’t even have time to go out to cam-whore this time! Haha!
Tailor at work! xD

Okay, actually we managed to do some cam-whoring before practising for 1 last time! Hehe.


We all look like some property agents!!! LOL!

With Lyn!
She forever so niceeee! (:

And with the lamest instructor/choreographer – Clarence! Actually I don’t exactly know his role, but doesn’t matter; he’s a funny chap! Loves to disturb us and his lameness is like MAX level luh -____-


You can trust us with your property! xD

Did our usual final run-through and the blazer is seriously Zzzzzzzzzz.

All the property agents heading to the floating platform! xD

With the cutie pie! (:

I believe we all put up a great performance this time (even though I wasn’t at the audience seat)!
Well, at least I think I had put up 1 of my best shows and I sooooo enjoyed it! ❤

Just that our performance felt so short when we are the ones performing on the stage!!!
So each time it ends, I will experience this mixed feeling of pride and sadness as well x.x

Oh I didn’t notice this cubes (which are supposed to be 1 of this year’s highlights I think?) until Gek Peng mentioned! Hehe. So I took this specially for her since I do not have spare tickets for her to see it live…LOL.

With Rafiqa!
Okay I admit that I have difficulties remembering all their names and I often have to search through Facebook! =X

Lots of cam-whoring with the girls again! 😀

But before that, of course we have to take photos with the “man behind the show“! Haha!
Without him, we wouldn’t be able to put up a good performance right! (:

We even have a secret code with each other! xD
都说是 secret 了!

❤ Lyn! Hehe!
I was just kinda high after the show and I guess the girls finally saw my crazy side…LOL.

特务 J!

❤ them too!!!!! ((((((:

Like this! 😀

I don’t know why I was leaning backwards! LOL!

I kept laughing whenever I see this!
Poor Clarence was finally joining us in the cam-whore fun, but the lousy photographer made him look like some extra trying to 抢镜头 and he totally felt like bashing him (the “photographer”) up! LMAO!

So he decided to go in front to strike his act cute pose! xD

Life becomes so much more fun with THEM around! ❤ ❤ ❤

Got back home and my brother was done with decorating my room!

Using the mini postcards from Shuning! Hehe!
Love to see new stuff around ^^



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