My girlfriend is back!

Never thought I’ll have the chance to watch Mr Popper’s Penguins again after the failed attempt with Xuannie, but I did! Like finallyyyyyy, I know~

Such an accomplishment!
But it wasn’t as niceeeeee as I had expected =/

It’s like a penguins’ version of Alvin and the Chipmunks, so kinda clichéd~
But it’s funny nonetheless! And the penguins are cuteeeeeeee!

Head down to PS followed by Bugis to get some stuff which includes a pair of shoes!
I need those shoes because mine are worn out, but I didn’t really need the new top which I bought eventually despite the constant self-reminder that I’m just going to spend on what I need x.x

Anyhow, it’s a cheap buy, so hurray~!
Off to meet Momo and Wenlin at Paya Lebar because we are heading down to the airport!

Accompanied them for their dinner/supper first since we still have time (:

The nostalgic foodcourt~

Then Xiao Qian joined us and we headed up to wait for Yinning’s arrival!
Cam-whored while waiting~ Hehe.

Momo's perm looks more normal now...haha!

Momo’s 鬼脸 is damn 鬼-ish can -____-

We were still wondering why we did not see any of Yinning’s family members, then it struck us that what if none of them is coming, and the initial idea of 4 of us sharing cab … oh no~

Anyway, we decided not to think so much about it and I went to check the status of the flight instead. Informed the girls that the plane has landed, and just when we were heading to the gate, Momo spotted Yinning!!!

What a close shave because we could have missed her if we continued sitting there and chit-chat! And she was close to tears when she saw us and exchanged hugs ❤

Finally back after 1 year!!!!!

So much catching up to be done and we decided to accompany her for late dinner (:
The poor girl was so tired but hungry~

But what we were worried about initially came true after all – her family did not come and we can’t squeeze into a cab with 5 people! =/

So we decided to try our luck for buses~
Snatching to push the trolley because they think it’s cool…LOL.

Cam-whored with Momo again! Cause she tried to make funny faces behind me again and I told her she should just cam-whore with me…hahaha!

Sadly, after much waiting, we were told that all the last buses had left D:
Resorted to booking a maxi cab in the end which cost a flat rate of 50 bucks…omg.

But it was quite a luxurious ride and we felt like movie stars in a limousine! LOL.
Would be even better if there is some champagne xD

Even bearbear has a seat! Hehe!

Yet another big reunion! 😀

The uncle was so proud of his “limousine” that he tried so hard to photograph us in the best way that shows off his car..hahaha!

Helped to carry all the stuff up to Yinning’s house and I seriously can’t imagine if we did not go down and she gotta carry all of them by herself?! Gosh.

Accompanied her to the coffeeshop opposite her house for dinner because she misses the bak chor mee there…haha! She hadn’t had it for 1 whole year!!!

Happy girl with her bak chor mee! (:

Mad sleepy because it was already close to 2am x.x
But it’s all worthwhile because it’s good seeing her after 1 goddamn year!

(via randomfairytale.tumblr)

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