Queen's 22nd in advance~

Finally HP-ed! My brother was like rushing me to watch it because he thinks that it’s not that nice and he wanted to know my opinion as well~

Well, it’s indeed below my expectation since this is like the so-called “last episode” and we will usually expect a lot from it. But there wasn’t really any exciting or heart-racing moments that I can recall of…hmmmm.

Maybe those who have read the books would have enjoyed it more because I’m always lost after the previous instalment…hahaha! Oh well..that’s what Wikipedia is for right? xD

Travelled down to Peperoni Pizzeria after that to celebrate Queena’s birthday in advance~ After a year or so of telling them about the gigantic pizza, TCC and I finally brought them there! (:

We ordered 2 family pizzas to be shared amongst 9 of us! It’s pretty thin actually~

Fruitti di Mare & (I-forgot-what -again)

I don’t know if the guys were full from the pizzas or not because I think the portion is just nice~ TCC was only 50-60% full though =X

Since the birthday girl wanted to eat ice-cream, I brought them to Island Creamery~

It’s supposed to be a popular place but somehow the guys did not finish their ice-creams; even the staff was shocked by the amount left. But I think they ordered the wrong flavours in the first place…haha!

Cam-whoring while they were eating…hehe.
I do look kinda pale though, as commented by Queena =/

Anyway, for those who wanna check out the big pizza (:

Peperoni Pizzeria (Hillcrest)
6 Greenwood Avenue, Hillcrest Park
Opening Hours  Daily: 12pm – 12am

(via yanilavigne.net)


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