NDP Preview!

Somehow I wasn’t that excited for the preview, probably because I know it’s gonna draw the end of our NDP journey even closer x.x
But ironically, I’m feeling the post-performance excitement now! Hehe!

Despite not being as excited initially, I was all ready for it!
Even my pulse is beating for the country, damn patriotic luh! HAHAHA!

For once I wasn’t late for practice, thanks to the free ride! Hehe!
It’s not exactly a FREE ride because I paid a high price of getting suan-ed like don’t know what D:

“你是…很少坐车 huh?”
Because I did not put on seat belt -___________-|||

And then I was complaining about the costume…

“I don’t even wear long pants lor! My friend whom I’ve known for years was even shocked to see me in one!”

“So what’s your reason for not wearing pants?”

“Because… (before I finished…)”

“It makes you look shorter right?”

“Yah!!! Omg! You don’t have to be so straightforward right! (T.T) At least let me say it myself and I won’t be so … arghhhhhh!”

“*LOL* Okay okay! Let’s do it again! So what’s your reason for not wearing pants? *LOL*”


Had Mac for lunch and Tiffany wasn’t around to help me eat some McWings D:
But I managed to give away 1 in the end as well as the corn! Hehe.

Then these 2 aunties sitting opposite us were rather intrigued by me somehow! Not being BHB here but they started asking me questions like how old I am and so on, then 1 of them even requested to take a photo OF me! LOL!

I refused and insisted that I take together with her, because it’s just so weird for someone else to take a picture of you for no apparent reason! Lyn even joked that the auntie wants to match-make me to her son…hahaha!

Supposed to change right after lunch but we were all damn reluctant, cause it’s gonna be so hot! And I really hate wearing the costume! So we slacked around a little first until we could not procrastinate any longer =/


Taking group photo! (:

Watched through our videos for last week’s performance and we were trying to spot each other! Mad embarrassing! But luckily I was standing behind, so I guess I wasn’t caught much on camera! WY on the other hand appeared many times…LOL.

Mass group photo after that and it was so hard to squeeze everyone in! =/
Did it nevertheless and we got our Swensen‘s ice-cream cake!


Unfortunately, it's chocolate AGAIN!!!!

Set off for the F1 pit building after that! (:
I did not sit with my dear partner this week but I sat with another lovelie of mine!

I always feel like a nanny towards her and her cousin; gotta help them wear tie, take this and that…damn ah-sum! Haha! But it’s okay, cause I love to take care of them ((((((:

Trying very hard to cam-whore with the 2 at the back! LOL!

Trying to give a variation to my face -____-“

1 last shot!

And guess what’s for dinner…
KFC! -______________-“

It’s just madness because we were just given 4 McWings for lunch and now KFC chicken + drumlets for dinner?! Seriously mad cow chicken disease!!! My brother was damn thankful to have them though, cause I da-bao the remains back…haha!

While eating, some minister came to visit us to show support and of course we had to welcome him and so on… Then there was a point when he looked right at me and smiled (probably my hair attracted his attention -.-), so obviously I just smiled back right?

Lyn: You know him ah???

Me: Yah my father -_________-“

She’s damn cute and innocent can?! Hahahahaha!

Rushed to the washroom to do the last minute 打扮! Hehe.
Refused to tie the same plaits as last weekbecause I really can’t stand it -.- But I might have to do it again on the actual day, since it’s the only 1 of the 3 approved hairstyles =/


Casual hairstyle for today! ^^

Lyn and I were done and waiting for Tiff and WY to finish their makeup~

Super love her because she’s so cute and nice seriously! ((((((:


All ready for the preview show! 😀

We did not really practise at all for the day until our usual final run-through at the F1 tracks…
Felt rather uneasy because I would rather we practise than to conserve what energy! =/

Set off to the floating platform and this is the cousin that I mentioned earlier on (:
She loves to stick to me and play with my hair as well! She even wants me as her girlfriend…haha!

It can be rather exhausting to handle the little ones sometimes, but they just make me feel so loved when each of them is trying to pull me towards their individual side! Haha! And I even had 2 of them each holding 1 of my arms, escorting me to the floating platform! xD

Performance was great but it wasn’t my best shot in terms of energy level…
Perhaps I was too worried about forgetting the steps that I forgot about high-ness!

But something hilarious did happen during the finale!
I was trying to capture the fireworks with my Polaroid camera but gave up after an epic failed shot (I was tricked by the confetti). And because the fireworks always happen right before we run out for finale, Lyn and gang were rather kan chiong helping me to squeeze my camera back into the pouch!

In the midst of doing that, the fireworks started and people in front of us started running out! So Lyn and I ran along with them, only to find out that those are not our people; they aren’t even in our costumes!!! LOL!

So we ran back immediately and right after we reached all the blue suits people, everyone started running out! So we ran out again but at least with the right group of people this time round…ROFL!

What a memorable preview! xD

Escaped from the kids before I got kidnapped by them again!
If not I would be missing out all these! Hehe.


With WY's mum, aunt and other participants!


WY's mum and aunt's sweet shot! xD


With Leng Leng!


And of course just the 4 of us ❤

Took the chance to use my Polaroid camera of course!
Everyone was rather fascinated by it (somehow) and I was still afraid the kids would be bugging me to let them take as well =/

Wasted 1 Polaroid on the fireworks and another because I stood too far from the girls x.x
Used up 6 shots just like that…sigh~

But at the end of the day, each of us has got 1 for keepsake! (((:

I wanted to use up the films to take with other people like Hidayah as well, but we didn’t have time for that because they were rushing us to go back D:

Then when I wanted to take with her solo, this guy popped by and asked if he can join as well…LOL.

I literally dragged Clarence across the floating platform to help us take this shot! xD

And then together! Hehe!



Back to the F1 pit building to collect our stuff before heading to Flyers (in our costumes) because Lyn wanted to take photos with her sister and friend! Kinda embarrassing but it’s more awkward if she has to wear it alone…haha!

Hide-and-seek session with Clarence:

Me: We are walking back to F1 pit now!

Him: I’m also walking back now… See you all there!

Me: Eh we meet you straight at Flyers!

Him: I am beside Flyers now…

Me: We are at the ticketing counter area!

Him: I am at ticketing counter area leh! How come I don’t see you all?

And it’s because we were already heading to change! LOL.

Messy communication + made him wait for us; felt damn bad luh!
But we already made it the fastest by changing together in the handicap toilet! >.<

So he finally got his well-deserved treat from us!
Of course he tried to treat us again, but we managed to get the uncle to accept our money instead…hehe.


We had cheng teng instead because we just had ice-balls last week (:

Oh he claimed that I’m the most drama one that he has ever come across after so many years of NDP, but look who’s speaking! Got him to help us shuffle the Polaroids so that we can pick and he pretended that he’s playing cards -_______-|||


几 lame 一下!!!

Only 1 and a half practice more D:

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


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