Birth of Princess Nana. R

“Do you need a lift?”

“Huhhhh…will you really pass by?”

“Haha… No, purposely detour to fetch you! Of course lah!”

So much for being nice and trying not cause trouble for others~
But anyhow, that’s how I got a ride to work! Haha!

Just nice because I made desserts for my dear colleagues and I wouldn’t wanna keep them out of the fridge for too long! (:


Smallest but for the most important one~

Boss just came back from Japan after settling some family matters and he even got us gifts! 😀

Mine is this Japanese jelly and once again, I have to go through this I-can’t-bear-to-unwrap-this feeling x.x

And this is a set of gifts for the smoker! xD
Portable ash tray plus some tar filters thing~

Went NEX for lunch and Reiko was sooo attracted by the Build-A-Bear shop! So she decided to make one, not knowing that it would take so long..haha!

Choosing the bear skin first!

Then the staff would add the stuffing and let you see if it’s enough~

Done with making the ice-cream bear!

Nope, not yet. It’s just the beginning actually~
Because it’s still a “dead” bear without its heart!


Choosing a heart for the bear...

And after a long indecisive moment of which heart to choose (even though they look more or less the same..LOL), she finally settled on 1! Now this is when all the funny procedures started…

Instead of just putting the heart into the bear, you gotta go through this standard procedures of rubbing the heart against your cheeks, nose, heart and etc, followed by your bear’s! xD

Even gotta make a wish! Hahaha!

Finally putting the heart in!

So you thought this is over after you got your bear’s back stitched, but no! You still gotta give it a shower!!! LOLOLOL.

The procedures are all so funny (and awkward to some extent) that I can’t imagine how Siew Eng went to make her Yaya alone!!!

After showering, of course you gotta dress up your bear and Reiko chose a pink panty…haha! But given the way she struggled to put the panty on, I can imagine if it’s a real baby, it would be dead by now =X

Done! Ice-cream bear with a mismatched panty! xD

And that’s my 13-year-old colleague for you~

Here comes the last procedure (well, not really), but the one that took the longest – Making the birth cert!

Because as expected, our Miss Indecisive had a hard time thinking of a name for her bear! Hahaha! Thank goodness boss is a rather patient man, be it as a boss or as a father; that’s what I admire about him! (:

Finally done! The birth of Princess Nana. R! 😀

Thought it’s finally done? Well, not until you’ve said your Bear Promise! xD

It’s really kinda cheesy but interesting, isn’t it!

Oh I saw this BFF collections and immediately thought of Joanjoan and Chienny! Cause it’s just nice, 3 of us…hehe.

Not that I would wanna make one because then we’ll be fighting who should be which, and I definitely don’t wanna be the purple one with whiskers! LOL.

Back to office for desserts!
Actually boss bought Beard Papa‘s cream puffs for us but because Reiko told him that I made desserts, he was so excited and decided to keep the cream puffs for tomorrow! Haha!


Crème Caramel!

Glad that everyone loves it and boss kept exclaiming that it’s good and how much he loves Crème Caramelhehe! But they didn’t believe that it’s damn easy to make one =/

Rushed off to Iluma to meet Xuannie for Bridesmaids!
After that failed session the previous time, we learned our lesson and booked the tickets this time round! Haha!

Hilarious show! If I wasn’t in the theatre, I would have really LOL-ed, like not holding back at all kind! Though I did for some of the scenes…haha!

It’s not the kind of film with fantastic plot but it’s still good enough to make your day, and that’s what I loveeee about chick flicks! Every other scene just cracks me up!

Annie: You read my journal?

Brynn: At first I did not know it was your diary, I thought it was a very sadddd …  handwritten book.


Helen: *sobbing away* Why are you laughing?

Annie: This is the first time I’ve seen you look ugly, and that makes me happy!


Ended in MOS again with Xuannie and we had a short chat before leaving at 11! She calls me evil because I said something like matchmaking her with some guy 是害了那个男的 Oops!

But if there’s anyone more fierce than me ah, you should know I was purely being honest! xD

(via honeymeltz.tumblr)


2 thoughts on “Birth of Princess Nana. R

  1. oh! the tot of siew siew making yaya is still ok. Momo make one for me 2 yrs ago. Imagine him and his fren (2 man), going through all these procedures with no girls with them.. LOLS

    • Omg! Hahahaha! You must really appreciate this bear then! Cause the procedures are like … even I will feel paiseh doing lah!

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