Wasn’t expecting a ride this morning but the kind soul happened to be passing by my house again and offered me a 顺风车, which claims to be 一路顺风保平安 -_____________- Super LAME!!!

It’s good to have a ride to work of course, especially when I get to rest my eyes instead of having to spend that not-very-short bus journey reading~ But I don’t wanna get too used to such luxury either! (:

Finally opened the gift from boss and it’s so prettyyyyyy inside! ❤

Was taken aback by Joanjoan’s SMS that she wouldn’t be joining kickboxing class this term~ But I won’t wanna see her tire herself out either, so yea… I shall be a solo fighter again! (:

Mr Lame was asking why I continued joining despite Joanjoan’s absence and I was like, “Because I like to see you and get suan-ed by you“; probably the nicest words I’ve ever said to him, though it’s obvious sarcasm…haha!

But seriously, I’m not even there to hang out with friends or make friends -.- In fact I feel damn anti-social whenever I’m there alone because I will automatically switch to a very aloof kind of mode =/

It happened for the start of my NDP journey as well…haha! I would sit aside on my own and try to be low-profile… But the low-profile is definitely gone now, thanks to my hair -.-“

Anyway, these 2 new Caucasian students came to chat with me and it’s kinda obvious that I didn’t make the effort to keep our conversion alive… But I seriously hope they wouldn’t think that I’m rude or proud! I’m just always damn nervous speaking to angmohs because I really suck at catching accent -______-“

Well anyhow, conclusion is, I’m still there because I enjoy doing it!
Did a total of 40 roundhouse kicks (instead of the usual 20) and the female coach was 1 of my partners for the trio-teaming! =O

And she might become my permanent partner now…omgggggg.
I feel sorry for my injured toe now =/

Like totally!
(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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