The not-so-formal rehearsal~

So glad that there was no hangover from the previous night and my throat condition wasn’t as bad as I had expected! Thanks to someone’s remedy first thing in the morning of course! Haha!

Usually I wouldn’t really care if I’m having cough/sore throat, I will just 以毒攻毒~ But not when I know I will be singing with the girls (and the only man) before our rehearsal!

Had a hard time completing the mission of organising this outing due to some issues… But I’m so glad that everything went well eventually and I kinda made the man’s wish come true! Hehe.

Brought them to my usual cheap K place and I was so worried that the sound system and environment would not be good enough for them luh! You know I’m always paranoid and stressed when organising such outings x.x

So anyway, the 3 of them were so shy (they don’t sing often!) even when the man had started the ball rolling~ Then I’m also quite shyyyyy when singing with people for the first time! :S

Nonetheless, I started to warm up a little and 越唱越爽!Hahaha!
I can never understand people who don’t sing; how can you miss out such joy in life! xD

Luckily WY also started singing, followed by Tiff, while Lyn continued to sing without a mic -______-|||
I don’t even know why they kept saying that I sing very well and so on -.- So they would stop singing halfway when singing with me!

Lyn even said something like, “听到她唱我都不敢唱啦!” x.x
So towards the end, I decided to skip all my songs and let them sing instead, if not it will seem as though I’m hogging the mic luh! Hahaha!

The gentleman insisted on treating us and I’m glad that I chose this cheap place instead of KBox because I knew this was gonna happen -.-“

Him: Do you all accept cards? *passes her the card*

Staff: NETS or Visa?

Him: Visa…

Staff: Hmmm… We only accept NETS leh…

Him: NETS also can~ *passes her $50*

Staff: *takes his note* This is NETS meh?

Kanna suan-ed everywhere xD

Off for rehearsal and I received a hug once I reached, so blissful! Awwww~
As expected, we were asked to reach early to waitttttt again~
Should have sang a while more! Haha!

Oh there was media coverage and a few of them were asked to perform a short part of our dance! So now you can have a glimpse of our funny moves…hehe.

It’s a not-so-formal rehearsal because the focus of it was more of a gathering than the short training itself~ We even joined the Muslim participants in their break fast ceremony! (:

But something happened which made me feel real bad even till now x.x
I was going to take drinks for the girls when the in-charge suddenly shouted for us to sit down, so I hopped back to my seat…

Then this girl turned around and reprimanded me for skipping over her food, which I swear that I didn’t know I did! I apologised many times but she got so angry that she decided to forgo her dinner! D:

She gave her plate of food to another person and I offered her my food a few times, but she refused to take it. I don’t know what’s the belief about having your food crossed over by someone, but all I know is I feel really baddddddddd!

On the other hand, Lyn was damn pissed on my behalf because the girl was giving attitude even though I had already apologised. And she kept nagging about her even though the fierce girl was just sitting right behind her! =X

But it’s really funny seeing this Miss Nice getting angry because she is protective over me…hahaha! And she was even angry when she could see that I kept thinking about it! So cute luh! ❤

Well anyway, Clarence got us our drinks eventually and even veggie! I think he overheard us whining about the people not wanting to give us veggie (I don’t know why!), so he took extra and came in to give us…hehe! Extra privilege for having the trainer who 疼 the 4 of us so much, I hope the others are not jealous xD

Went out to the field for a short training to refresh our memory for Tuesday~
I was already extremely late to meet Kai Bin and gang, but we still had a lucky draw session (for actual day tickets) x.x

By the time we finished, it was already 9 plus…
Rushed down to Marina Square to join the girls and I’m glad that they had waited for me even though I had missed the bowling session with them (:

Chit-chat session + cam-whore session! Hehe!

As usual, we were curious about Shuning and Chii Hian’s love lives and started questioning them~
But somehow the conversation ended on me sharing mine instead! Why ah?! Hahahaha!

I remember saying something like last time I didn’t care about being treated as a “princess” or not, but now I’m like totally enjoying the luxury of being pampered! Haha! So enjoy your princess moments, girls! xD



当我们同在一起 😀

Finally got my Polaroid album! In my favourite shade of pink some more! ❤Photobucket



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