PPGs' reunion! :D

I have been waking up at weird hours before my alarm rings and it’s killing me!
Because I can’t seem to fall back to sleep after that and will end up feeling terribly tired in the day x.x

Then I’ll start telling myself that I can always rest tomorrow, but it never happened because I’m pretty packed these few days! I even have to change my appointment a few times before finally settling on a day…

But sadly, after going all the way down to Marsiling, I was told that my appointment is 12.30pm instead of 1.30pm, and she had cancelled my name without informing me at all?! Zzzz!

The thing is I clearly remember booking 1.30pm because I can never wake up in time for 12.30pm! Argh! But there was no way to argue that through since her next customer had already arrived and I could only take it as a wasted trip D:

Travelled down to Dhoby Ghaut earlier instead since I would be meeting PPGs there~
Got the movie tickets and then went for a little shopping before the rest of them arrived (:

Despite hearing comments about the lame ending, we went ahead to watch Wu Xia because there were no other movies that interest us and there’s Donnie Yen! Hehe. It’s the time spent together that matters anyway!

There was one part when the ultimate bad guy (his father) kinda roared and the whole house shook, I totally LOL-ed despite it being such a serious scene!!! LOLOLOL. Damn 夸张 can?!

But I really dislike watching NC-16 movies because it’s always sooooo gory!
I like to watch Donnie Yen fight, but not with all the bloodshed and ear/arm being chopped off :S

Since I had already known the ending, I wasn’t expecting much. The girls, on the other hand, were rather amused by it! Hahaha! What a way to die; losing to Physics xD

Off to Wisma for dinner at this cafe – Coffee Stars that Nadine recommended (:

Ordered different food to share so that we can try a variety!


Phat Thai~


Tuna salad ❤


Thai curry noodle~


Leaf-wrapped chicken~


Two-face soup (Pumpkin & spinach)~

Don’t ask me which is nice because everything is really nice!!!
I’m not saying it out of courtesy for sure! (:

Enjoying our food~

The pretty girls!

These were not the leftovers of course, because we finished everything! Hehe.


Bangkok gifts from Nadine and Xiao Qian! 😀


The PPGs from City of Townsville! ❤

I was feeling very tired the whole day and experiencing this massive migraine attack towards the end x.x
I guess the girls could see that I was very tired, because I didn’t do much talking either; very sorry!

Dropped dead on my bed right after I showered!

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


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