I didn’t know there’s a new mini neighbourhood mall in Serangoon Garden until we went there for lunch! Quite a nice place and we settled on this ramen place after browsing around (:

Had an impromptu date after work and I had a big surprise when my dearest Ah Lyn scared me from the back! Some angel actually brought her to meet me and I was so so so delighted to see her!!!

Missed her like crazy and I gave her a big hug after that! ❤
Love surprises and love this particular one even more! Hehe!

Went to Bedok Simpang for the first time for the highly-raved cheng teng – 夜来香! ((:

Nice and refreshing!!!
But I was so full after eating this big bowl of cheng teng x.x

Headed down to Downtown East next and settled in Pastamania~
Got forced to share pizza even though I was really full! D:

So heartbroken to see my dear Ah Lyn in tears! T.T
Hugged her so many times and gave her 1 last hug before she left for home! I’m gonna miss her again!

On the other hand, fighting tears from Downtown to Simei to home is so %@$%#%£$@#Zzzzz.



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