Kiss Goodbye~

The first weekend without NDP! But somehow it was still quite a packed weekend =/
I even had to pangseh my brother because I had agreed to this auntie (from NDP)‘s BBQ invitation~

Yea it’s the auntie that wanted to take a photo of me but I insisted on taking with her instead (:
Then everyone started teasing that she probably invited me so as to match-make with her son…Zzzzz!

She invited a couple of us and we took this as an opportunity to meet up too! Hehe.
Met up with the girls at E-Hub first so that we can spend more time together! (:

My girlfriend is damn cute…haha! She was trying to board my train~

But I got to know that WY is actually jealous that the 2 of us are so close now x.x
Now I feel real bad because the 2 of them stuck to each other like you tiao before I got to know them. Though poor Ah Lyn gets pangseh at times because WY has got other friends as well…

Nonetheless, I can understand how WY feels. But it’s rather saddening when she claims to feel “extra” to be with 3 of us -.- Cause we are supposed to come in 4! 一个也不能少!

So I kept pushing Lyn to her instead, to the extent that Lyn started getting angryyyyy with me…sigh~

Spotted this R2D2 handphone strap which totally reminded us of Cla’s comparison of Lyn with this robot (because of the height)…LOL!

Roamed around a little before ended up in the arcade and Lyn started kiap-ing toys again! She even got a Pooh for me, because she knows I like Pooh! So sweettttttt~! But now I need to find something to hang this on…hmmmm.

We intended to head to the chalet earlier so as to help out a little, but WY’s mum reached before us and said the chalet door is locked! So we went to check out and it was indeed empty and locked! We even started wondering if we came on the wrong day! LOL.

The biggest problem is that we do not have the auntie’s number; I’ve been contacting her via Facebook x.x
Then in the end when WY called her mum, her mum was like, “Oh I have her number ah~” –Faint!-

Just then, this guy arrived with some food and was opening the door while talking on the phone about “asking her not to cook anymore“… So we presumed that he’s the auntie’s son and auntie was probably late because she was still cooking! Haha!

Waited for quite a while before we realised that auntie had actually reached some time ago =/
So we hurried back to the chalet again and she was so delighted that we came, even though it was only a handful of us…hehe.

Eating time~

The girls! ❤

My dear girlfriend was so protective over me that she almost caused my plate to overturn TWICE! So I told her we better keep a distance from each other until I finish my food…LOL. Sometimes too much love can cause disaster xD

1 of the group leaders – Johnson was there as well~
He’s a real happy-go-lucky chap; forever see him laughing away…haha!

Auntie: *offers him otah*

Johnson: I ate already! I ate already! Oh eat again ah? Okay lor!


With Tiff!

Then I suggested taking this cheesy shot xD

Ah Lyn and WY!
I really wish they can stay as close as last time! (:

The 4 of us! ❤

The girls were complaining that I should wear my specs as well, since all 3 of them are wearing…haha!

Then we decided to go out and take one without specs on, but somehow the girls forgot about it and put theirs specs back on -_____-|||

I think we all look better without specs leh~

Piggyback time! 😀

The lightest but also the most difficult to piggyback one… Cause she didn’t cling on to us; she just left herself dangling while adjusting her hair! -________-“

Ah Lyn looks so cute here! Like primary school kid xD
Oh did I mention that she paid student fare and the bus captain did not suspect at all! LOL.

But despite the petite size, she’s a supergirl! Hehe!

Really love the girls and I truly hope everyone will make the effort to keep this friendship going! (((((:

Rushed off for my appointment and I felt kinda bad that I only stayed for a while x.x
The girls even wanted to leave along with me, but I convinced them to stay and “give auntie face“~

Then Ah Lyn was so scared that I wouldn’t come back to meet them, so she confiscated my camera! Hahaha! And that is also why I have this photo – they actually went for the Sesame Street Meet & Greet Session! xD

Was running late for my appointment and I decided to alight at Lavender to cab down x.x
Really spending too much on cab recently! Argh.

Told the uncle I have to reach by 7.15pm and he decided to drop me beside OG to save the hassle of making a U-turn. Then I just ran my way from there to avoid the penalty of being more than 15 minutes late =/

Appointment done in an hour and I rushed down to join the girls again for our K-session at Kallang Leisure Park! WY did not join us though D:

Sang all the way till 3am even though I’m having a cough and my singing was cui to the max!
But it was a great great Saturday spent! ❤

It’s funny how Lyn’s jaws literally dropped when she saw the bill! I wasn’t surprised since it’s KBox and we sang for 5 hours plus! But it was on the house again anyway x.x

Fulfilled the hug and kisses wish!

I hope my kisses weren't too much of a disappointment xD

I didn’t know they have hugs too! Wasted my hug~ Hahaha!



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