Wala Wala~

Boss da-bao prawn noodle back for us and my lime was as big as the Rocher! O.O

Dropped by town to get something before heading to Holland Village again! Haha! But this time round it’s more of an alcoholic night than dessert night (:

Second time to Wala Wala but first time to really drink in there! Cause the first time I was still underage…Zzzz. Glad to be back and I super love it when people bring me to places that I wanna go (without me asking)! Hehe.

Apple Martini first!

Then my all-time favourite - Butterscotch ❤

Feel so bad whenever I just sit there and watch another person pay -.- Like some slut leeching on others…Zzzz. But I’ll get killed even by just offering to pay…tsk.

Anyhow, really never ever expected to have a HTHT! Let alone one that resulted in 2 pairs of teary eyes x.x

It was a great night spent nonetheless! So indulged in drinks and conversations that I didn’t even realised it was past 12am! Got chased off Wala Wala eventually…haha!

(via leilockheart.me)

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