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Recently I said to someone, “I feel that my responsibility as a friend is to make you feel happy. Things that will make you stressed or unhappy, I don’t wanna mention it.

True enough, I’ve always felt that I’m like born with this “duty” to make people around me happy. Of course I can’t possibly please everyone, but I will still do things once in while that I hope can make someone’s day and let them know that they are being loved too (:

So last year the Santa Claus delivered durian puffs and pancake, and this year it was macarons! Hehe. Got it specially for my favourite Na sister – Vannaboink because it’s her birthday and we both love macarons!!!

Wanted to deliver it the night before when I got it but then came the impromptu Wala Wala session, so I had to trouble Gui the next day =/
He vroom-ed down to collect it from me before I headed off for kickboxing~

Wednesday class is becoming pretty crowded but I’m glad that also means Mr Lame has less time for his lameness -.- I think this is the first time he did not suan me AT ALL during class…Zzzz.

Have been hearing some many sad love stories lately that only reminds me that Happily Ever After is so Once Upon A Time~ Can’t agree more with this.

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


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