A simple Friday (:

Boss suddenly announced that it’s company lunch again and we had Sakae at J8~
I know it’s rather ironic, but I ordered this seafood bibimbap in a Japanese restaurant! =/

It’s pretty nice though! And boss ordered other side dishes like sashimi salad and enoki beef rolls as well because he knows I like! But we were too full to finish them x.x

Did a little shopping at Bugis after work since there was still time before movie with silly couple, TCC and Shrine…hehe. In need of some new clothes again! But there wasn’t much to buy, only got a new bag~

Off for Zookeeper in AMK!

Had not been meeting Clique for quite some time because I missed both Shi Min and Gui’s birthday celebrations due to NDP. Nonetheless, if I can make it, I will make it (:

Didn’t really know much about the storyline of Zookeeper but it’s quite a clichéd one… Not as nice as I had expected but the monkey is mad cuteeeeeeeeee~! So is the gorilla! Hehe.

The moral of the story is pretty true though, and I think this quote can kinda summarise it (:

(via leilockheart.me)


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