Want & Right

I know right, this space has not been as “active” as it was and that’s because I’m really busyyy~ Then on days when I’m not so busy, it also means that there’s nothing interesting to blog about…hehe.

But nope, that doesn’t mean my life has turned any duller because it has in fact been pretty good lately (:
As good as this durian swiss roll delivery!!! Haha!

Don’t you just love occasional surprises? Especially when it was 2 in a day 😀

Changi Village to 吹海风 and HTHT again! ❤

So glad that I wasn’t fighting my tears again, perhaps I have had enough of doing that. Time does heal everything, doesn’t it? (:

Felt like I’ve learnt a lot from the long lecture as well. Love is not how much you can gain, but how much you can give. Love is not about saying “I love you” everyday, but how much you are willing to do for the person.

对我而言,只要知道自己是真心的,就算别人, 甚至对方看不见或感受不到,也无所谓吧 (:

Looks like aurora! Okay self-deceiving x.x

There are many points of time when you are stuck between choosing what you should do, and what you wanna do… Seems like there’s no perfect decision when it comes to this, it’s always easier said than done, and it’s always easier advising others.

‘What you want.’ Now the problem with that expression is that it’s frequently at odds with what’s right.

– Something Borrowed (film)

(via whenthestarscollide.tumblr)

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