Making full use of the holidays!

I can’t believe the 4 days of holiday just passed soooooo fast! Time always passes fast when you’re enjoying yourself! D:

Well at least I had made full use of my 4 days meeting up with friends, shopping, reading, spring cleaning and resting as well! Haha! How to enjoy the next day without ample rest right? (:

So Sunday was spent packing my room due to the addition of a new shoe shelf and drawer set in my room, courtesy to my brother again! Hehe. Will take pictures when everything’s done!

Spring cleaning can be so damn exhausting but it’s also partly because of my late nights lately (definitely not complaining!) and my head was spinning throughout the day~ Popped a pill before heading out to meet Clique for bowling!

Soon Song is finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back from hometown and he brought his little cousin along as well! It’s his first time bowling by the way! Haha!

Awwww don’t you just miss Soon Song’s pose?! xD

With the little one! Haven’t met him for quite some time and he always gotta warm up all over again when he meets with us…haha!

He was doing pretty well for a first timer I must say! Because most of the time our scores are quite close and he even won me for the last round I think! T.T

My scores went downhill during the 3 games…haha! But it’s okay, just playing for the fun of it. The guys on the other hand were being sooooooo competitive as usual! Tsk tsk.

Finished the games and it was just nice Shi Min’s knock off time~
So we ended up at the hawker centre, talking about politics and religion!!! LOL. Sign of growing up huh, no longer talking about games..haha!

Crossed the border the next day with Joanjoan because I was desperately in need of some shoppinggggggg! But we weren’t pinning high hopes after the previous loot-less trips =/

Got these cute chocolates while waiting for Joanjoan!

This just reminds me of Lyn immediately because she’s always so blur and her favourite word is probably, “Huh?” Hahahaha!

Famished by the time we reached City Square because we went in pretty late this time~
Settled in Seasons (aka their Swensens) for lunch and we were disappointed by the service, the portion, and the quality of food!

My baked rice totally felt like some zi char mui fan -.- I have no idea what this liquid/gravy/“zhup” is…Zzzz.

Thank goodness we ordered ice-cream and that’s the only thing that didn’t go wrong (:

吃饱饱, time to shop!
But as expected, we were both empty-handed after finishing the first level, which is 1 of the only 2 levels that “have more potential items” =/

Nonetheless, I managed to find a top which I love in the end and I met a nice sales person again! She suggested and even asked on my behalf whether I wanna pay together with the customer before me, since it’s 2 for RM 50…hoho~

I remember during the previous JB trip, the sales person from the other shop also gave me discount even though I did not fulfill the requirement…hehe. Lucky me!

Got myself a pair of shoes (AGAIN!!!) and I even have to “help Joanjoan spend a bit of her Ringgit *cough cough*” as a result…hahaha! I totally forgot that I didn’t have much money left and I happily tried and decided on that pair of shoes! Shopaholic symptom! xD

Geylang Serai to 凑热闹 and Pasir Ris Park to 吹海风 after that! I like such bliss and comfort, and at the same time being so carefree ((:

(via 10mileslefttogo.tumblr)


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