Sheena's 21st & Farewell Party!

Received this very last minute invitation when I was in JB but I’m still truly honoured to be invited! It’s actually Sheena (1 of Queena’s sisterssssss)’s early 21st cum farewell party, because she’s leaving to study abroad next month~

So I was actually invited by the birthday girl and their mother! They wanted to invite Clique as well, but because the number has exceeded, they decided to just invite me…hahaha! So sweet of them! (((:

They even exempted me from the gift since it’s really last minute and there’s no way I can shop for a proper 21st gift in less than 24 hours! LOL. But I still managed to get her a humble gift because I really don’t wanna go empty-handed =/

The party was held at 1 of their uncles’ place and I kinda expected it to be that “rich” uncle’s place that Queena often raved about; finally have a chance to see it! Haha!

Only the relatives were there and everyone was making themselves at home, so Gui tried not to leave me out by accompanying me to eat even though it’s his 38764986th round…hahaha!

The gifts table!

I wasn’t that wowwwww by the house (I even thought oh it’s not that uncle’s house) until I joined them inside to watch Iron Man~ They have a big living room with gigantic screen that even has a K-system! =O

But I was too shyyyyyy to sing in front of so many strangers…haha! Unless Gui starts singing as well, but he refused to reveal his crazy side…LOL.

Random shot taken by Zeena Ong -_____-|||

With the birthday girl! Actually her birthday is in November (according to Facebook), but since she wouldn’t be in Singapore, they decided to throw a party in advance (:

The compulsory Polaroid shots for every guest!

Keeping himself occupied with his iPhone~

I realised Queena’s family is full of females! I mean other than her 4 sisters, her cousins seem to be mostly girls as well, even the newly-added one!

Everyone was fighting to carry her, including the fatherly Gui xD
Breastfeeding in progress? LOL.

Sheena training to be mother~

But Queena took over eventually because she’s more experienced in a way even though everyone saw it more as she’s abusing the baby! Hahaha!

She was forcing the baby to finish the milk because MILK POWDER IS EXPENSIVE! Look at the baby’s annoyed face…ROFL!

I love baby’s foot luh! The toes are so miniature!!!!!!!

The hand too!!!!!!! So cute!!!

I know Gui has always liked kids all this while but he looks really fatherly with one! And he kept doing this “Lion King” thing by carrying the baby high up into the air; every time he does it, he would say, “Lion King~ Lion King~“…LOL.

I don’t know what’s this Zeena Ong doing; playing blind mice???

Time for cake-cutting! 😀
Seeing Pine Garden‘s cakes is somehow so nostalgic; reminds me of last year when we had so many 21st parties and Pine Garden‘s cakes! LOL.


Happy Birthday (in advance), Sheena!

After much experience from all the 21st parties, we were more organised in a way~ So to prevent history from repeating itself (the 21 on the cake melted during Queen’s!), they quickly gathered everyone for the photo-taking session! Haha!

With the dearest mummy! (:
I’ve always admire her for her capability and openness! I like modern mums~~~

Family shot! 😀

Tenna, Vanna and Zeena were fighting to take over their uncle’s DSLR and eventually Tenna got it…

Tenna: Omg. How to use ah? Just take only right? Then why he took so long (for a shot)?

Me: Must focus first…

Tenna: How to focus???

Me: You need to half-press it…

Vanna: in don’t press all the way, press it halfway first! You’re so stupid! Let me take lah!

Zeena: I take I take!

Tenna: No! Only I know how to take!!!

Me: *LOL* But you just asked us how to use!!!

Hahahahahaha! These girls seriously make me laugh with their cute arguments! xD

My turn! Hehe.

Time for the candles and song! (:

The birthday girl and her mummy look so happy! Haha!

Somehow they skipped the tradition of biting the candles out initially, then 1 of the uncles put the 1 candle back and pressed it deep down xD

Can see someone’s trying to attack from behind~ Hahaha!

As usual, guests started leaving after eating the cake and the Na sisters were helping to clear the remaining food! Gui was shocked by their appetites…LOL.

Queena: Li Rui! Sit inside and let Vivian sit!

Zeena: Why!!!

Queena: Sit inside!!!!

Zeena: *reluctantly moved* But I’m your sister leh!

Vanna: But we like her more than we like you!

Awwwww~ I’m sure she didn’t mean it but it’s still so sweetttttt! 😀

Time to open the presents! And because there weren’t many people left, Queena shouted for Gui to go over just to give Sheena some “moral support” while she opens her presents…LOL.

Gui offered me a ride back since Queena was staying back to help clean up~ I had a hard time deciding between that or taking 1 of the uncles’ van with the Na Sisters =/

Settled for Gui’s bike in the end even though I think bikes are damn dangerous luh! The last time I took it was like 14 years ago or more, on my dad’s~

And I think Gui totally regretted offering me the ride…LOL.
Throughout the journey from Woodlands to Ang Mo Kio, I was like, “Eh slower slower!!!” “Eh you exceed 70km already!” “Wah this is a big turn, turn slower!!! Slowerrrrrrrrrrrr!

Anyway those dramas always make bike rides look so romantic but I think it’s totally not lor! Taking in polluted air + messy hair; I think I still prefer car…hehe.

Me: Eeeyer, those drama always make bike rides look so romantic~ But why no such feel with you ah?!

Gui: We know each other for how many years already! Still want what feeling?!




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