Shuning's "eeyer" 22nd!

I think I have a serious problem with time management lately, or my brother would probably say that I’m just going out too often lately =/

Me: Do you think I should wash my bedsheet this week or next week?

Brother: This week.

Me: But I might not be home so early and I’ll be too tired to put on the bedsheet again =/

Brother: Then next week luh! Obviously! Or are you going to tell me that next week you might also not be free? -___-“

Me: Yah!!!!! *LOL!*

Oops! Hahahahha!
So due to poor time management, I spent half my day blogging and was extremelyyyyy late to meet Kai Bin and gang as a result!

I was supposed to meet them at 5.30pm but I only left home 1 hour later! Gotta cab down in the end; the literal price of once-I-blog-I-can’t-stop! Seriously spending money like I’m burning incense papers lately! =/

But timing was just right because the girls just went into Saizeriya!
Waited a while for Limin to arrive before we finally decided on what to eat~

But 明明只有五个人,为什么叫了八道 ??? Because I have scary friends! T.T

Shuning and I ordered the same baked rice, while that’s Kai Bin’s western set~

Limin ordered both spaghetti and risotto so that we can try =/

And on top of that, they also ordered 2 pizzas to share! Omggggggg~ There’s a reason why I always get so full going out with them –faint!

And there’s a reason why Chii Hian’s food is not up there, because she wanna pose with it -___- Like machiam her birthday ah! Tsk tsk tsk!

Now here is the real birthday (in advance) girl! (:

And just when we were halfway, or rather, 3/4 way to finishing our meal…
TA-DUH~! Here comes the special guest + surprise! xD

I actually invited her boyfriend because she’s always hiding him from us! 😛
But sadly, her first reaction was, “Eeyer! Why are you here?!” LOL!!!!!!!!

She was indeed surprised; very. But why sounds like in a bad way ah?! Hahahahaha!
Poor Nick! He actually went through all the trouble only to get such a response! xD

He’s seriously poor thing, gotta settle everything alone~
But not bad, still able to crack jokes during such kan chiong spider moment! Why guys always so calm ah?!

But I think I acted pretty calm too, cause Shuning did not suspect anything at all despite me constantly using my phone! And then Nick asked for help, but to prevent arousing any suspicion, I threw everything back to him again! =X

Really all thanks to him for the successful surprise!!!
And happy birthday my pretty one! (((((:

We offered to take photo for the 2 of them but Nick actually said friends come first…haha! Good! Shuning, 你这个男朋友我 approve! xD

Now the couple’s turn! 😀

Make a wish~

Welcome to Double-Two! Hehe.

Oh this silly girl actually just conveniently put the knife on top of the cake after cutting…

Nick: Why you put the knife on the cake???

Shuning: place to put mah…

Me: No place to put then you just anyhow put on top of the cake?! Why don’t you just put on your head then? -______-|||

So diao luh!

But I still love her for her siao-ness! ❤

Shopped around the mall for digestion because we were all damn full =/
But most of the shops were already closing!

Individual shots with birthday girl + Ultraman before we call it a day! 😀


The lovebirds deserve a bigger shot on their own…hehe.
But it’s out of focus! Oops =/

(via leilockheart.tumblr)


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