Unlucky Day~

I think once in a while, you will encounter such a day whereby things just won’t go smoothly, or a series of mishaps happen consecutively… 7 Sep was just one of these days -.-“

Fought war with at least 10 cockroaches early in the morning! Really hateeeee fogging because it may have killed thousands of mosquitoes, but it left hundreds of roaches crawling up your rubbish chute!

So suay enough, I happened to be home alone in the morning and I was utterly disgusted by the 4-5 black bugs in the kitchen! The even more suay thing is – ran out of pesticides at home!!!

I reckon that there is no way I’m gonna let these disgusting things crawl their way to my room or any further into the house, so I decided to fight this solo war with them!

But at the same time, I wouldn’t even wanna touch them, so the only way was to drown them by splashing tonnes of water! I was basically washing the kitchen early in the morning and right after I have showered!!! Argh!

Finally cleared them and went to prepare for work~ But after I went back to the kitchen 5 minutes later, I saw another 4-5!!! ARGHHHHHH! So it was war part 2!

After that I just gave up and ran out of the house! I didn’t have so much time to stay at home killing cockroaches okay! What a morning!!!

Rewarded myself with Starbucks Matcha even though I was a little reluctant due to over-spending these days x.x

Out for a shoot in the afternoon and we’re finally not filming in hospitals but someone’s home instead! Haha! The only downside is – we had to close all the windows to reduce noise and it became so hot and stuffy =/

Anyhow, I made a new friend there named Samuel! He’s the kid of the house owner and he just suddenly came over to hold my hand, then pulled me over to play with him! =O

He happened to be a big fan of Transformers and his dad actually bought him this mad complicated Optimus Prime which I was challenged to transform x.x

The war between the animals and the Transformers~
Well, being the Transformers fan, obviously all the animals died in the end =/

Oh and we built the tallest truck! Even has a cactus on top xD

I may not loveeeeee kids (especially when they throw tantrums), but ironically, I have 小孩缘~
And I can never bear to really scream at them or disappoint them, so usually I’ll just play along with them (:

Headed down to Bukit Timah area in search for a shop selling baby clothes which I read online, since there’s bus there. But sadly, it was a wasted trip because the shop has closed minutes before I reached! Suayyyyyyy~

There’s totally nothing else to shop there because it’s such an ulu mall -.- So I decided to head back but I couldn’t find the bus-stop; the road is one-way! Argh. In the end I decided to just walk like 3 bus-stops to King Albert area, because there’s definitely bus there! Zzzz.

Finally got onto the bus and I figured that I still have time to go home to put my stuff before heading for kickboxing. Happily took a nap in the bus and when I woke up, I was surprised to see a shopping mall…

It’s weird because I know bus 74 route extremely well, and the mall looks totally unfamiliar! After taking a clearer look, I saw Tanglin Shopping Centre! –Faint!– Since when bus 74 goes to town?!?!

So I quickly alighted and realised that I took bus 174 instead!!!!!!! But I really saw 74 instead of 174!!!!!!! Argh!!!! What a day!!!!! In the end I didn’t even have time to go home -.- Headed straight for kickboxing and luckily I wasn’t really late!

Partnered the 2 left-handers and everyone said good luck to me (cause everything is opposite) x.x
Well I think it’s still better than partnering the coaches, or the ah neh whose odour literally “takes my breath away“~~~

Watched all 3 buses zoomed past me while I was walking to the bus-stop, but I had kinda resigned to fate after all the series of suay incidents -.- At least they are all not the superrrrr suayyyy kind luh~

(via loveyourquotes.tumblr)


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