Charlie Brown Cafe!

Impromptu date with Ah Lyn because she said she wanna have a solo date with me xD
Decided to bring her to Charlie Brown Cafe to use my voucher which I have almost forgotten about…hehe.

Just nice, it’s a cute cafe which probably suits this cute girlfriend of mine, and I had been wanting to try too! Even the menu is so cute!

And there are many Snoopy stuff in the small cafe located at 313 Somerset (:

Just that they were pretty short-handed and we were hearing lots of complaints shortly after we arrived. There was this girl yelling at them a couple of times because they had waited 1 hour for their pizza =/

In the end I realised the girl is actually 1 of my ex-colleagues in Sentosa!!! LOL.
She was like, “Sorry that you see my ugly side just now!” and I told her that it’s okay because I’ve heard about their (the Charlie Brown Cafe)’s ugly side~

Indeed, the family sitting beside us was telling us how horrible the service is and how long they have been waiting. In the end they even went to buy breads because their son is extremely hungry :S

Oh and they served us coffee for the first time and then latte when we did not order any drinks at all! The unsatisfied family was telling us that we should have just drank it…hahaha!

It’s obvious that none of the customers was actually enjoying their meal after such a long wait… But we decided not to be too affected yet and spent the time appreciating the cuteness of the cafe instead (:

Our table!

With Snoopy 😀

Even the ceiling has got cute Snoopy and friends lights!

Cute gift from Lyn again! It’s Rilakuma in bee costume! Hehe.

We were pretty lucky in the sense that we only waited about 30 minutes for our pizza! It’s still quite a long wait but as compared to the rest, I guess it’s considered not bad (:

Margherita pizza~
We didn’t really know what is it because we only decided on it when the staff was reciting their pizza menu to us at the cashier… Despite it being the accidental healthier choice (vegetarian), it tastes pretty good!

And here comes our crepe!
Lyn was disappointed that Snoopy was disfigured even before we touch it D:

Carefully trying not to disfigure Snoopy further xD

And I get to eat Snoopy’s head~
Rest in peace x.x

Photo-taking session with Snoopy! 😀

Our solo date with a third party again! xD

This weirdo was sooooo reluctant to take photo alone and she was giving me this -_____- face because I said she’s the same height as Charlie Brown! LOL! Sooooooo cute!!!

Finally a proper shot! xD

My turn!
Okay I admit that I was standing on the platform! LOL.

Me with 2 Charlie Browns! xD

What a cute date! Hahaha!

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


One thought on “Charlie Brown Cafe!

  1. Luckily at least my name is not Steven. Besides… We are doing different things for different purposes.

    I don’t see how I look like Steven Lim. LOL~ But it’s ok.

    The blog started not from Singapore. You’d need a certain cultural support to understand.

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