Big Poohpooh! ❤

Yet another impromptu date with Ah Lyn! (:
We seriously had no idea where to go or what to do, except that we both wanna play lanterns at night…hehe.

So we met up in Bugis after much waiting because someone couldn’t make up her mind whether to join or not -.- I mean if your answer is gonna be a disappointing one, why bother to give false hope in the first place?

Sometimes I really feel so arghhhhh with indecisive people! It doesn’t help that Aries aren’t very patient people -.-“

Anyhow, we went ahead with our plan and despite being aimless, we managed to spend a good time together! Haha! I always believe it’s about the companion and not so much of the activity itself (:

Brought the little girl to Tom’s Palette because I like to bring friends there to try the unique flavours…hehe. Ordered Granny’s Smith (which I still think is the best!) and Salted Caramel!

Window-shopped in Bugis Junction and we saw so many bee stuff! Now Lyn is damn alert when spotting bee stuff too…hahaha!

And this is damnnnnnn cute can?!

Oh and because 11/9/2011 marks 6 months since earthquake struck Japan, I decided to commemorate the day by wearing my I love Japan tee! Then we saw a bag of the same design!!! Hehe.

Tried 我爱台妹 for the first time and the mushroom is so niceeeee~
Off to get our lanterns and candles after that! (:


Pooh lantern for me and Mickey lantern for Lyn!

We even bought koala mooncake! xD

Then as usual, Lyn wanted to go to the arcade -.- She said her “friends” there miss her! She’s referring to the plush toys in the machines by the way~ She’s a big fan of those kiap-bear-bear machines!

I find it hard to understand why she can save on a $1.60 Old Chang Kee but rather spend so much money playing these –faint!– Really like a little girl~

I left her to play anyhow while I just sat aside and was busy WhatsApp-ing… Then about 10 minutes later, she came back with a giant Pooh for me! 又感动, 又想晕 on the spot~~~

I’m definitely touched because no one has ever caught such a big plushie for me before! She was rather surprised when I told her that this is the biggest soft toy I ever had…haha! Cause I think her house is filled with these~

She only spent $8 to catch this Pooh by the way! If not I’ll be bad guilty luh!



❤ my big Poohpooh!

Oh Clarence was asking Lyn to catch him a Doraemon in Facebook and we decided to trick him with this! LOL. He was happy until he realised that it’s something he can never carry home…hahahaha!

Carried my big Poohpooh around and definitely attracted many stares~ But it’s not that I care right! Haha! I even told Lyn that they are just envious, and a couple of them were indeed aww-ing over it! Hehe!

Heading to City Hall~

We didn’t really know where to go and what to do after postponing our lantern day since we couldn’t think of an appropriate place in town area to play~

So we just took the train aimlessly and walked to Marina Square in the end! Bumped into Mr. Hershey halfway and he’s sooooo cute!

I was hugging Poohpooh so hard in case he falls and I didn’t realise that he zhao geng! Haha!

Accompanied the girl for her late dinner in Mac while I continue to be so obsessed with my Pooh xD


Poohpooh carrying Pooh lantern! 😀

Not bad! Aimlessly 就逛了一天!Hehe.
中秋节快乐 everyone!!! (:

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


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